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Divided Proverbs, A new, Amusing, and Instructive Game for Everybody, But Especially Intended for Teachers and Students of the English, German, French and Spanish Languages. Published and for sale by The Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati, O.   Copyright
2 sets of cards--each printed in 4 languages. Set 1 is the first half of the proverb; Set 2 contains the conclusion to the proverb.
Johann Strauss Kinderspiele Polka Française, für das Pianoforte, op. 304 [Children's Games, French Polka for the Pianoforte]. Wien, C. A. Spina..1866
7 pages, cover has a floral decoration along with the image of six children dancing in a circle. The inside cover contains a list of of other songs published by Johann Strauss and his two brothers Josef and Eduard. In German.  Measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/4".. Inscribed. Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on inside front cover.
McLoughlin Bros. Game of Bear Hunt Board 1870
The front has an applied label depicting a bear and cubs in the woods with a hunter in the tree.
Neues Carricaturen Spiel [New Caricatures Game]. .Germany.1870
A 15 1/2" x 12" hand-colored lithographic German board game with anthropomorphic characters. Originally illustrated by Jakob Schmitt some time between 1820-1830, this is a reprint on thick board from around 1870. There are are forty-one (41) numbered squares, half of have characters in them. Square #41 is the large drawing in the center that depicts anthropomorphic characters at a banquet. There are instructions at the bottom, in German.. Minor edge wear and toning due to age.
Peterli rat! c1890s German Lotto Style Counting Game c 1900
A 10” x 13” boxed game with applied litho label.  It is Peterli rat! – Lustiges Gesellschaftsspiel fur grosse u. kleine Kinder (social game for children young and old). c1900.
Promotional Brochure - Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game. Exciting and Entertaining to Adults and Children. ..
A single-fold promotional or instruction booklet for Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game.  Cover image depicts a properly attired  Mom and Dad playing in the parlor while the family looks on.  Includes Directions  and suggests using a dining-table about 6 feet by 4 feet; the larger the table the better.  This is followed by two pages of Rules.  Two are in bold - There is no Second Service as in Lawn Tennis. No volleying is allowed. Presented by the "H" company, with a logo a diamond surrounding the "H".   Measures 6" x 3 1/2".  The game was invented to bring lawn tennis indoors..
Whirl-  Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game
A 9" x 7" litho on card game board with a volvelle with numbers and a spinner at center.  The number indicated by the spinner corresponds to a fortune on the reverse. It also points to a stunt to be completed by a party attendee. The volvelle is moved between each turn and the spinner is respun.  There are a set of printed instructions on the reverse plus a corresponding set of numbers between 1 and 20 for boys and for girls and provides the player with a fortune relevant to love or life.   | The stunts include tasks as "Leap like a frog and give a croak to Throw ten feet never fail Three potatoes in a pail".   Fortunes from "Hitch your wagon to a star And some day you can buy a car" to You'll meet a boy who's tall and slim And quickly fall in love with him".  Fun and whimsy.