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This year's holiday Paper Doll & Toy catalogue features materials from three of America's premiere private paper doll collections. There is something for everyone and remember in this season of giving don't forget yourself...
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 5 3/4" Watercolor Victorian Young Lady "Gibson Girl" w 4 Outfits and Accessories. ..1905
A 5 3/4" charming teenage Victorian paper doll.  Done in the style of a "Gibson Girl" including three (3) dresses and a hat plus a coat with a hat.  The coat holds a walking stick. Reverse is blank. .
 American Beauty, Paper Dolls with Dresses worn by White House Ladies. Merrill Company.Chicago, IL.1951
This book has two (2) punch out dolls and contains fifteen dresses and corresponding hair pieces of paper dress replicas of actual outfits worn by America's First Ladies between 1789 and 1951. The First Ladies who have dresses featured in this book are: Martha Washington, Dolly Madison, Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, Mary Lincoln, Julia Grant, Frances Cleveland, Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson, Grace Coolidge, Lou Hoover, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bess Truman. The two dolls themselves do not appear to be designed to resemble any particular First Lady. No. 1548-15. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 11 1/4" .
 Ballerina paper doll book with real stage costumes. Merrill Company Publishing, 1950s
Ballerina paper doll book featuring real stage costumes from famous ballets like "Petroushka", "Sleeping Beauty", "Arabian Nights" and "Giselle", each labeled to let you know what role and what ballet that costume comes from. Book Size: 12 1/4" x 10 1/2" Publisher: Merrill Company Publishing Date: 1953-60 Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: Alicia - 9 3/4" Valerie - 11 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6.
 Becky and Betsy stand up dolls with wrap a round dresses. Merrill Company Publishing, 1952
Becky and Betsy paper dolls with wrap-a-round dresses. Includes 4 stand up dolls in total - two Beckys and two Betsys. Both the dolls and outfits are numbered. Includes a total of 6 wrap-a-round dresses as well as several more traditional costumes for everyday wear, which can be paired with furs, muffs, hats, fans, and flower baskets. Book Size: 12 1/2" x 10 1/4" Publisher: Merrill Company Publishing Date: 1952 Number of Dolls: 4 Doll Size: about 10" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Betty Blue and Patty Pink, A "Look-Thru" Book - Wrap-A-round Dresses. Merrill Company.Chicago, IL.1949
This book has four (4) punch out dolls. Two of the dolls are named, Betty Blue and Patty Pink, and the other dolls are just numbered, 3 and 4. Each doll is attached to a stand. The outfits for the dolls are either mostly blue or pink, and are labeled with their corresponding doll number. Some of the outfits are wrap-a-round dress. The front cover is a "look-thru" cover, which means that it has two die cut holes into it in order to see the faces on the dolls on the interior page. No. 1556-15. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 10 1/2" 12 3/4" x 10 1/2". .
 Boxed Set - Little Friends. Socolu, (S C) No. 407.Germany. c1930s
An 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" litho on pressed board box titled "Little Friends" with acute accents instead of dots on the "i"s.  Cover illustration depicts children at play, with one child particularly protective of her doll as others look on. Includes three (3) of four (4) unused 6" paper dolls with costumes and accessories.  All are die-cut with original connective ladders in place.  The Dolls are A, C, and D.  Each costume and accessory is coded on the tab to indicate which accessories go with with costume.  .
 Boxed Set - Parker Brothers' Improved Paper Doll Outfit with Jointed Dolls and Rich Designs in Finest Crepe Paper  - A Doll Outfit DeLuex. Parker Brothers, Inc.Salem MA.1917
An 8 3/4" x 13" paper on pressed board lidded box with applied litho cover depicting two girls playing with paper dolls. Includes four (4) jointed paper dolls, cut printed clothing, four (4) rolls of uncut crepe paper to cut and design costume, some sheet crepe, hat and dress patterns, lace paper and a 4pp pamphlet providing examples for children to use in designing costumes. . Note, the larger two paper dolls appear to be from 1920s set.  The smaller two are embossed and die-cut
 Cheerleader teenage paper dolls. Stevie Books, Stephen Publishing Co.
Cheerleader paper doll book with two teenage doll cut outs. Dolls on the front and back cover, each set against a bright striped background with images of the doll performing different cheerleading moves. Costumes include furs, gloves, formal wear, and jewelry, but the book does not appear to include cheerleader outfits. Book Size: 11 3/4" x 8 3/4" Publisher: "Stevie" Books, Stephen Publishing Co., Sandusky OH. Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 10" No. of Costume Pages: 4 .
 Cinderella & her 6 Costumes. Clark, Austin & Smith.New York NY.1858-1860
A 4 5/8" hand colored paper doll and her six (6) costumes. The doll is printed on heavy stock. The costumes are printed on the front  with a plain back that slips over the head to keep the costume in place . Believe this to be a mixed set of both Clark, Austin & Smith and McLoughlin Bros. paper dolls.  Both sets are identical, with the exception of the McLoughlin set having one additional costume. The doll is definitely Clark, Austin & Smith, as there is no back ground base.  The sixth dress from the McLoughlin set is the gown with the outstretched arm wearing an evening cape and gown. Guess this is the best of both worlds.
 Fine 6" Watercolor Paper Doll of Elegant Woman with Watercolor Wedding Gown Plus Dress w Mantle & Muff.1860s
A 6" finely detailed watercolor of an elegant woman paper doll. Captured in every detail down to the earrings and bracelet.  Also includes a well executed wedding gown and veil  and a watercolor dress with an applied polish stock mantle or cape. Adorned with watercolor muff and color.  Reverse is blank. .
 Glamour Models Paper Dolls. Stephens Publishing Company.Sandusky, OH.[1946]
This book has four (4) uncut dolls named Sherry, Cynthia, Marilyn, and Pamela. Each doll has one sheet of outfits and accessories. The outfits are a mix of casual, formal, sporty, and sleep wear. Pamela even has a wedding dress. The covers do depict the dolls in what appears to be a photo studio. No. 177. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 8 3/4" 12 1/2" x 10 1/2". .
 Hollywood Dollies - Series 1. Hollywood Dollies, Inc..New York NY.1925
A series of life-like miniatures of famous motion picture stars in original costumes worn in pictures. This is the First Series, including eight (8) different paper doll stars, each with three (3) actual movie costumes with accessories.  They include Colleen Moore,  Rudolph Valentino, Tom Mix, Mae West, Norma Talmadge, Douglas Mac Lean, Norma Shearer and Reginald Denny.   Elaborate costumes as seen in the early movies.  The reverse is blank. Each measures 10 1/4" x 14 1/4".  Scarce.
 June Allyson, MGM Star. Stephens Publishing Company.Sandusky, OH.[1946]
This book has two (2) punch out dolls of June Allyson (1917-2006) an American stage, film and television actress with a 'girl next store' image. She is most well known for her parts in films such as Two Girls and A Sailor (1944), and Too Young to Kiss (1951), and her CBS television series The DuPont Show with June Allyson. There are eight (8) costume pages ranging from casual to formal wear with accessories. In between the outfits are little sayings, such as "For making sand castles or snowman", " Casual but sweet". and "For work, for play, for dreams". The covers feature a printed signature. Authorized Edition. No. 119015. Uncut.   Largest Doll Size: 8 3/4" 13" x 10 1/2" .
 Nanny and the Professor TV show paper doll book. Saalfield Publishing , 1970.
Nanny and the Professor paper doll book, based on the ABC TV comedy of the same name, which ran for 3 seasons in 1970-1971. Front cover shows the Nanny with the three children she takes care of hiding on the landing. Below the children is a portrait of their father, the 'Professor'. Costumes include the Nanny's iconic cape (as shown on the cover) as well as costumes for everyday use, for when the kids to play baseball or tennis, of for trips to the beach.   Book Size: 12 1/4" x 8 1/4" Publisher: Saalfield Publishing Co, Akron OH Date: 1970 Number of Dolls: 5 Doll Size: smallest is 6 1/2", tallest is 10 1/4". No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Polly and Her Playmates - B. Gartrell - Punch Out Dolls. Merrill Company.Chicago, IL.1951
This book has four punch out dolls, (two on both the front and back covers), and their names are: Polly, Becky, Melinda, and Belinda. Each outfit is labeled for its corresponding doll, and some of the outfits are wrap-a-round dress. No. 1556-15. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 9" Pages: 8 12 3/4" x 10 1/2". .
 Schoolmates paper doll book. James & Jonathan, 1960.
Schoolmates paper doll books with 4 dolls, a Jack and Jill on both the front and back cover. Front illustration shows school kids boarding a bus in front of a school. Pages are decorated with scenes of working on a farm, playing baseball, hunting, etc. Outfits include uniforms and clothing for sports, work clothes, winter wear, a native American outfit with a headdress, as well as accessories like toy planes, baseballs, and a toy gun. Book Size: 13 3/4" x 11" Publisher: James & Jonathan Date: 1960 Number of Dolls: 4 Doll Size: 9"  - 9 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Shakespeare’s As you Like It  Seven Ages of Man Paper Dolls Promote Kirkman’s Soap. Kirkman’s Borax Soap.Brooklyn, Buffalo. [1895]
Includes a 4 1/4" self-standing die-cut paper doll of an infant. Captioned 1st Age - The Seven Ages, Shakespeare. The reverse reads "First Age- THE INFANT. Baby's clothes its little stockings -- its cunning little undershirts -- its sweet snowy dress -- should all be washed with Kirkman's Borax Soap. Don't use cheap and nasty soaps in washing the dear child's things. Shakespeare's verse reads At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. The remainder of this advertising set includes six (6) different costumes and hats. They include The School Boy, The Lover, The Soldier, The Judge, An Old Man, and The Ancient. Each captioned with age appropriate information re the Borax soap on reverse.  Also includes original promotional sheet from Kirkman's Soap.
 The Fairy Tale Series of Dressing Dolls, Artistic Series VIII. Raphael Tuck & Sons Co., Ltd. London
A 10" x 6"  double-fold box with center opening on reverse  with embossed illustration of Little Red Riding Hood.  A 9" die-cut paper doll with attached head.  The costumes are designed to tuck beneath the head. There are four (4) different costumes and hats. Each piece identified on reverse gown and hat.  The costumes include Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep, Mother Goose and Little Red Riding Hood. .
 The Girls' Delight Paper Dolls - Number 4 w 4 costumes, envelope & accessory. Clark, Austin & Smith.New York.1858-1860
A 5 5/8" tall paper doll.  The arms, head and upper torso are color printed, the remainder is blank by design.  She holds a folded fan in her hand. Four (4) elaborate hand finished costumes and one shawl.  With original envelope. Story with moral printed on front.. NELLIE - a young lady of the "upper ten," --- with dresses, &c. sufficient in number and elegance for a prince of "the blood." Nellie has reached the age when mothers must "look out" for their daughters, unless they wish some youngster to come along and snatch them away, and take them off out West, or some where else, just as it happened to my friend Nellie. A nice young man saw her, "was captivated by her many charms -- as will he might be -- and now she is gone.  Her mother has just discovered that she cannot spare her. MORAL.  Mothers must beware of "the Beaux," before it is too late. Illustration - Howard p.23
 Triplet Dolls. Stephens Publishing Company.Sandusky, OH.[1946]
This book has twelve (12) cut out dolls with stands. Like the name of the book implies, there are four sets of triples in the book, so while there are twelve different dolls each triple set is almost identical with a few minor changes to the facial expressions and hand placements. The dolls names are: Molly, Dolly, Polly, Tina, Ina, Nina, Bunny, Honey, Sunny, Laura, Flora, and Cora. As for the costume pages, each outfit comes in threes, so the triplets can be dressed in the exact same outfit. No. 176. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 6 1/2" 13" x 10 1/2" .
 Uncut Grace Lee. McLoughlin.New York, 30 Beekman St..c1868
A hand colored two-sided paper doll on 5 3/4" x 3" card. An uncut thread-stitched booklet with six uncut costumes and hats.  All with elaborate detail and hand colored embellishments.   The inside of the folder includes printed Directions for Making.  . From the Paper Dolls, Book Form., Series No. 3
 Uncut Paper Doll Sheet - I'm Well! You Well? her name is "Happiness" The Sterizol Co. Ossining, NY.[1920]
An 8" x 6 1/4" uncut advertising paper doll sheet with 6" "Happiness" with three (3) dresses and hair ribbons.   A coupon at the base allows you to send for an extra sheet of Dresses, Rompers, Pajamas, Cloak and Hats for the doll for two (2) sets.The reverse of the costumes promotes the product Sterizol, a mouth wash..
 Uncut Sheet of Boys with Clothes Paper Doll . Goode Bros..Clerkenwell Green, London.[1880]
Pretend Play, Paper Dolls, Fashion, Social History A 14 1/2" x 19 3/4" uncut lithograph paper doll sheet with six 5" boy paper dolls with self-easel stands and 26 garments and numerous hats.  Costumes are two-sided, however dolls are only single sided. Appear to be from various locales in the United Kingdom.   Reverse is blank. .
A Group of 15 Beach Going Action Figure Watercolor Paper Dolls - Art Deco Influenced. 1930s
A group of 15 "action figure" watercolor paper dolls, each with an easel back stand that can be pinned into any foam core base, allowing them to stand in groups at play.  Activities include couples dancing, volleyball players and folks lounging on the beach. The tallest figure is 7".  Art Deco influenced design and color palette. .
American Biscuit & Mfg Co., Kansas City Uncut Advertising Paper Doll - Fine Chocolates have Flowing Cream Centers. Forbes Lith..Boston.[1895]
A 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" uncut Forbes multiple part interlocking paper doll depicting a little girl, her doll and a chair.  Captioned at top "LOOSE BROS, Fine Chocolates have Flowing Cream Centers, a Novelty Picture Card in every Carton of LOOSE BROS. Crackers.  Also includes instructions for construction.  Reverse of chair promotes the product..
Anon. Manuscript Adaptation of The History of Little Fanny . C1810s
Wraps. 8 pages. Each page is a different scene from the original book of the History of Little Fanny, Exemplified in A Series of Figures. This manuscript adaptation paraphrases the original toy  book with different original watercolor costume for each scene.  it focuses on the morality lessons.  A single head and neck is moved from scene to scene. Includes five (5) of the seven (7).  Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". . come all ye little ones, and quick draw near. A gift I offer for the approaching year. A little doll who boasts a prety face, And wondrous strange! her clothes a moral trace"
Bessie Bliss, McLoughlin Bros. 1875
Two-sided printing. 7" cut paper doll with with four (4) two-sided dresses and hats With original envelope with directions for making the doll on reverse of envelope.

Flap on envelope is lacking. Surface wear, discoloration to face of Bessie front of cover. Else fine.

From the Series No. 2 - Medium Sized Dolls found in the 1875-76 Catalogue of Toys Books, Paper Dolls, ABC Blocks, Games, ...
Boxed Set - Gentle Gladys with Dresses and Hats. No. 6 of Dainty Dollies Series of Dressing Dolls. Raphael Tuck & Sons Co.
A 9 1/22" x 5 3/4" litho on paste board box depicting Gentle Gladys on the cover. Includes the 9" die-cut Gladys with attached head and easel back and her four (4) costumes and hats.  The costumes are designed to tuck beneath the head. Each piece identified on reverse gowns and hat ___ for No. 6.
DeMorest's Illustrated Monthly Magazine Promotional Paper Doll and 4 Costumes. DeMorest.New York.1895
An 8 3/4" tall paper doll printed on card stock by Demorest as a promotional give away.  The costumes were found in the magazines and cut from the pages. .
Doris Davey after Helen Waite My Dolly's Home (a paper doll house with characters). Arts and General Publishers Ltd. London.1921
12 pp. story. 26 leaves "doll house". 2 leaves characters to cut. Applied litho on board. Illustrated by Margarethe Stannard. A charming  interactive children's book.  Begins with  a 12 pp story titled Betty's Adventure - The Story of My Dolly's Home". A story of Betty, her mother, her nannie and Betty's Birthday doll Priscilla.  The story also references the character's to be used "In Dolly's Home". This story with relevant in-text black and white illustrations is the basis for pretend play associated with the 26 leaf "house" that follows printed in full color with illustrations on both sides.   Fine design with die-cut pages and die-cuts within a page. Most of the pages are a room or yard scene and include a door that opens to the next page.  The last two leaves of the book are the uncut characters to cut-out and interact with the house including Cook, Alice, Nurse, and Dolly's family and her dearest friends including her self, parents, brother and cat and dog.  Dolly's Home is rather elaborate - gated with a fountain,  formal parlors, play rooms, dining room, nursery, a crochet field and much more.  The inside back cover has an applied envelop for placing the characters once they have been cut.  Measures 9" x 11 3/4"..
Ella Hall . McLoughlin.New York.1892
One sided printing. 4 3/4" cut paper doll with with five (5) dresses and no hats.  Also includes a portion of the envelope front. Top section with the name of the doll has been cut away.    Note the original doll only had four costumes.  The fifth is believed to be a variant from a later printing.. Not pictured, nor described in Howard.
Fine Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll - Marie Antoinette w 3 costumes and hats. ..c1900
An elegantly designed 6 1/8" handmade watercolor paper doll in the style of Marie Antoinette and her eight (8) elaborately detailed costumes, six (6) with accompanying hats.  Predominantly court dresses; one is "playing a guitar". Reverse is blank.. "Marie Antoinette paper dolls - Costumes copied from portraits and paintings" penned on envelope the paper doll was found in.
Fine Statuesque 7 1/2" Watercolor Paper Doll with 14 Lovely Outfits
A 7 3/8" watercolor paper doll of a finely executed statuesque Victorian woman, presumably of means given her fourteen (14) fine costumes. Clothing for all occasions from formal to lounge wear. Some of the costumes hold objects as a feather fan, a parlor fan and a tennis racket. Reverse is blank.

A small bit of paper lacking (accident while detaching from a backing board...) A small piece of card stock is affixed to the reverse of each item (instead of risking additional damage from backing board removing a small piece was cut away and was left in place.

Among the finest we've seen with fine attention to detail.
Finians Rainbow paper doll book based on Warner Bros musical starring Fred Astaire. Warner Bros - Seven Arts Inc 1968.
Finian's Rainbow paper doll book based on the 1968 Warner Brothers film of the same name. Front cover illustration shows two of the main characters - Sharon McLonergan and Woody Mahoney marveling at a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. In the bottom corner, there is a small mark of certification that says "commended by Parents' Magazine" Includes 5 punch out dolls for Woody, Susan, Finian, Og (a leprechaun) and Sharon. Each page has costumes for one of the characters, which include everyday outfits, plenty of ascots for the men, and a wedding dress and tux for Sharon and Woody's wedding. Book Size: 11 3/4" x 8 1/4" Publisher: Warner Bros - Seven Arts Inc Date: 1968 Number of Dolls: 5 Doll Size: 10" - 10 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
Handmade Pith Paper Woman with Overlay Costumes - 8 Nationalities. [1860s]
A 3 1/8" somewhat naive watercolor paper doll drawn and cut from pith paper and applied to a plain paper backing. Also includes eight (8) different costumes of various nationalities including Old English, Bohemian, Polish, Circassian, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Prussian.  Each in traditional attire with head ware. Each captioned at base.Reverse is blank.  Overlays measure 5" x 3 1/2".
Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat Let's Play Store No. 971. Saalfield Pub. Co..Akron, OH.1933
Grocery store themed punch out activity book activity. 7 pages of grocery store pieces and 206 total pieces that, when assembled, create a complete grocery store including produce, shelves, money, customers, and more. Each character and food stand has a corresponding easel back stand  Characters include the Store Keeper, a child with a hat, a boy and a woman. A myriad of tiny display pieces to help develop fine motor skills including tiny box, jar and bundle facsimiles to be placed on shelves.  Measures  10" x 13 1/2". .
Indians 48 punch out figures by Pocket Books Inc and Simon & Schuster  1956
Indians punch out figures ready to be assembled to make your own camp with tents, animals like buffalo and horses, warriors and other tribe members. Part of the "Giant Furniture Books" series. Figures are dancing, fighting on horseback, and one figure is labeled 'Mother' to go with the baby.

Book Size: 13" x 7 1/2"
Publisher: Pocket Books Inc and Simon & Schuster

Date: 1956
No. of Pages: 5 pages

Jennie June. McLoughlin.New York.1892
Two-sided printing.9 1/2" cut paper doll with  five (5) two-sided dresses and  four (4) hats    With original envelope with directions for making the doll on envelope flap. . Not pictured, nor described in Howard.
Kleine Madchen Puppe - Madmoiselle Pouppe - Frantoccina da ragazze - The Little Girl's Doll. Unknown.Germany.c1850s
A 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" paper covered pressed board box with applied hand colored litho cover depicts a group of little girls  in an outdoor setting. Applied gilt border decoration  ox top.  The content includes two (2) identical 4 1/2" two-sided paper dolls of the same young girl. The set is intended to have to dolls. Also includes 8 two-sided outfits.  Each holds an object - including a stick and  hoop, a dog to walk, a doll in her image, a vase of flowers, a book, needlepoint, a little lamb and lastly a garland of flowers overhead.  The shepherdess costume includes a hat.  Other hats lacking. Finely detailed costumes.  Hand finished details.  .
Light neck bend.  Ankle repair.  Separations to envelope. Small area of paper loss lower front.  The base has been glued by a previous owner to create "a pouch" for storing the doll and costumes.
Two-sided printing. 5 1/2" cut paper doll with with five (5)two-sided dresses and two (2) hats. With original envelope. Instructions within. Also includes advertisement for other McLoughlin Toy Books, Games &c.

Lottie Love.  McLoughlin Bros. c1875
Two-sided printing. 7" cut paper doll with with four (4) two-sided dresses and no hats With original envelope with directions for making the doll on reverse of envelope.

4 hats lacking. Discoloration upper right corner envelope front. Flap lacking on envelope. Else fine.

From the Series No. 2 - Medium Sized Dolls found in the 1875-76 Catalogue of Toys Books, Paper Dolls, ABC Blocks, Games, ...
Madame Pompadour - seated penny paper doll.  McLoughlin. New York. c1875
A 4 7/8” cut paper doll designed after the real Madame Pompadour.  Note she is in a seated position. A penny paper doll from the Mulligan Guard Series.  Includes  the seated doll, her 3 costumes and 3 hats. Complete cut set. The cover from the fold-out has been converted to an envelope or sleeve by sewing a piece of lined paper to the reverse on two sides..
Noah's Ark Animals - Diecut Animal Pairs - Raphael Tuck
A 7 3/4" x 10 1/2" printed box entitled "Noah's Ark Animals. It includes twelve (12) pair of embossed die-cut chromolithograph scrap. The animals are joined to allow them to stand. The tallest are the elephants, camels and deer at 7" high. Other animals include cows, horses, lions, bears, dogs, antelope, tigers, donkeys and cats.

Original Art - Watercolor of Lovely Woman with 14 Overlay  Costumes. .France.1830s
A 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" watercolor bust of a women - side profile on a 9 1/4" x 7 1/8" card stock.  This is accompanied by fourteen different overlays of costumes for women ranging from high fashion to region costumes.  Intricate designs, all with hats.  The hats may be adorned with flowers, upswept hair, feathers or ribbons.  The costumes are intricate with fine details including ruffle features, polka-dots and variegated pinstripes.  All fashions are well executed.  The overlay watercolor drawings are busts and include only the hat and bodice,  each with a cut-out for the face of the woman.  Appears to be French..
Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Co., Minneapolis Minn Uncut Pillsbury'Best Forbes Paper Doll and Kitchen Pamphlet. Forbes Litho. Boston.[1895]
A single-fold pamphlet printed on card stock.  The outside page is a multi-part Forbes interlocking paper doll with two (2) complete costumes and a kitchen. It appears she is baking a cake.  The reverse promotes Pillsbury's Best flower. When open flat 6" x 6 3/4". .
Radial Paper Dolls Advertising J & P Coats spool Cotton and Crochet Cotton. J. & P. Coats [1895]
Includes Two (2) different paper dolls, each with three (3) heads that rotate on a grommet.  The dolls are two-sided, so essentially you have 6 different dolls.  Also includes an original envelop and one (1) two-sided dress. Doll 6".
Uncut Advertising Paper Doll Promoting Hoffmann's "Old Time Coffee" with 2 Costumes and Hats. John Hoffmann & Sons Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin [1895]
A 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" uncut paper doll printed on card stock.  Depicts a 5 1/4" self-easel paper doll and two (2) costumes and hats.   Promotional info on body of the doll for Hoffmann's Old Time Coffee.  Reverse is blank. .
Watercolor Children Paper Dolls with Governess. [1905]
Affluence abounds in this pretend play family of three (3) watercolor children with costumes and their governess or nurse. The infant has three (3) watercolor outfits.  Note how the governess can securely hold the baby given the position of her arms. The older girls have four (4) and five (5) costumes, each with one hat.  Alas, the governess on has the clothes on her back - no fancy outfits. She measures 8" and is constructed in three pieces for proper placement of her arms. . A paper strip on the back of the costumes to allow for placement on the doll without tabs. Reverse is blank. .
Watercolor Paper Dolls - Members of the Royal Court - w 1 Costume for 2 Dolls. ..
Two (2) handmade watercolor paper dolls.  The first is a 4 3/4" regal woman, the second a 3 1/2" page. Each with a single costume.  The lady with a fine dress and hat with flowing scarf.  The page or attendant has a hooded costume and walks a dog. The final costume is for both characters--the woman wears the dress as the page carries her train. Reverse is blank. .