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Who Knows? A Scripture Game.  Published by Milton Bradley Co. Springfield, MA.
Scripture Game of WHO KNOWS by Mrs. J. A. Thurber 1869. Biblical parlor game.
SDP Liberal Alliance The Time has Come, A British Political Booklet - SPD - Liberal Alliance. Hebden Royd Publications.West Yokeshire, UK.1987
A political propaganda booklet for the SPD - Liberal Alliance, a British political party, most likely dating from the 1987 UK General Election, were their slogan was "Britain Untied: The Time Has Come."  The cover of the booklet features a photo (and letter inside) from David Steel and David Owen leaders of the Liberal Party and SDP respectively. The rest of the booklet features messaging about their goals, particular in the arenas of education, heath and community care, and housing. It often bolds various lines starting with the phrase "the time has come". Such as "the time has come to get Britain working again", "the time has come to fight for our welfare state" and "the time has come to find a new role in the world." At the end of booklet is a small cut out donation form for the Alliance Election Fund. Yellow covers. Measures 11 3/4" x 8". The SDP - Liberal Alliance was a centrist political and electoral alliance in the UK first established in 1981 between the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Liberal Party. The alliance ended in 1988 when the two parties officially combined into the Social and Liberal Democrats (later renamed the Liberal Democrats).
John L. Smith Letterhead from J. L. Smith, Map Publisher with letter re map pricing. J. L. Smith Company.Philadelphia, PA.68
A piece of business correspondence from a J. L. Smith of J. L. Smith Company, map publishers located in Philadelphia, PA. The company created and published maps as well as selling stationary. The letter is addressed to a Mr. Oswald Tilghman, and dated March 8, 1900. At the top right corner of the letterhead is a black and white illustration of a well dressed man pulling down a map on a wall from a roller. On the left side is a list of all the items sold by the company such as: wall maps, pocket maps, historical maps, atlases, globes, spring map rollers, walnut map cases, profile paper, and tracing paper. The letter is regarding a business transaction in which Smith is informing Tilghman, that the quoted price of $8.50 is for maps printed at a quantity of 1,000 or more. The letter is signed by Smith at the bottom.  Single sided. Printed on company letterhead. Measures 9" x 5 3/4". John. L. Smith (1846-1921)  had served in the Civil War in the 118th Pennsylvania Regiment, otherwise known as the Corn Exchange Regiment. After the war he worked under Rufus L. Barnes, another prominent map publisher from Philadelphia, from 1865 to 1868 when he then purchased the business from Barnes. His offices were located at 27 South Sixth St. for the majority of if not all of the time he was in business. Smith was very successful in his business and retired in 1920, but unfortunately died in April 1921 of a heart attack.