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Julia Letheld Hahn Promotional Booklet for The Child Develpment Readers. Houghton Mifflin Co..Boston.1935
31 pp  booklet with examples of pages and teaching instructions from The Child Development Readers.  Content includes In the Store, An Orientation Picture Story, Hurry! Hurry!, Taking Pony Boy Home, Good Times in Paul's Room, The Camp, A Dictionary Page, Milk to Drink in Lapland, Our Weekly News, Shopping for Toys and a page from the unit on Cotton.  All examples from the Primer, First, Second and Third Readers.  Captions at the base of each page indicate it's book and location.  Color illustrations throughout.  The back cover lists all of the Child Development Readers.  Measures 8" x 5 1/4". .
 The First Seven Year of Penny; A Doll Book. Abbott Pub. Co..Kenosha, WI.n.d c.1950.
Eight (8) punch-out paper dolls—one for the ‘baby’ and one each for ages 1-7 years. 4 pp. of age relevant pages and accessories.   Minimal cover wear. .
Fern Bisel Peat The 8 Ages of Judy. Lowe.Kenosha, WI.1941
A 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" uncut paper doll book with seven (7) different paper dolls.  Each of the punch out dolls with age appropriate accessories depicts Judy at a different age. .Eight (8) pages of costumes.  Each page and doll page with printed signature Fern Bisel Peat.   Light edge weaer..
 9 Different Picture Story Book Get Well Greeting Cards featuring Activities, Rebus, Inventions Behaviors and More.. ..
A grouping of  9 different 1940s and 50s get well greeting card booklets, each with a different slant on hospitalization and recovery.   They all measure approximately 6" x 5" and have multiple pages with 18 pp (including covers) the longest.  They include: 12 Rube Goldberg style inventions for the bedridden including automatic back scratcher, medicine tester, book holder, "ah" recorder, etc. Sorry Yer Sick - with a barnyard themed picture story The Tale of Little Nell -  comic enactment of Nelly, the Villian, Marmaduke and poor old Pa. A Big Dose of Fun for the Convalescent -  Crossword puzzles, number and word games, tricks and quips and best of all---an envelope on the inside back cover with an answer booklet. A diary to cheer you up (ready made) Good Luck - Fix-em Shop -a doctor and nurse repair a patient as though it were a wrecked car "getting gears adjusted". To One Who is Ill - The Answer to the Big IF - picture story describing why you should hurry up and get well. The House that Cheer Built for a Convalescent -  The house that Jack Built style book.  Characters include Cheer, Friend, Germ, Doc, Nurse, Wish, Luck, Card and Pal. A Rebus -in letter form to "Deer Convales - Ant" exceptionally  charming. .