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2 Children's Activity Game Greeting Cards featuring Nurses and a Doctor. ..c1950s
Two (2) different children's greeting cards; one a birthday card puch out nurse and hospital room scene and the other a get well card with a punch out game, featuring a nurse and a doctor.Largest 7" x 5" when folded. .
Junior Joys for Girls & Boys - Women's Work Calendar and Little Polly Flinders Paper Doll
A 14 3/4" x 10 1/2"  children's page from People's Popular Magazine.  It is the Junior Joys for Girls and Boys.  This is the Girl's page.  It features the story of The Sad Bird-House and a 5 1/2" x 2 3/4" "jolly calendar" for little girls to trace or draw outlining women's work by day of the week i.e. Monday is wash day, Tuesday is ironing day.  At the base of the page is Polly Flinders, a 1 3/4" paper doll with 3 outfits and a doll plus a  she also has an anthropomorphic or dressed bird with a sinlge outfit.  Edge wear and toning.
 Be a Li'l Miss Designer Dressmaking Kit No. 898. Neptune Plastics, Inc..Brooklyn.c1960
An unused  large format book titled  Be a Li'l Miss Designer - With this revolutionary new Colorful Self-Sticking Plastic Dressmaking Kit - No Glue No Sewing No Mess! Manufactured by Neptune Plastics, Inc. Brooklyn 16, NY.No. 898. Includes 4 different colors, 6 different styles (patterns), one 13" Model Doll that stands by itself, 4 storage bags for parts and many additional suggestions.  "Unlimited Hours of Fun for Girls of Every Age"  When opened the inside cover depict images of the various models and instructions.  Affixed with plastic spirals at center is a plastic wrapped card that includes the doll, the patterns and the material including ruffled trim pieces.  The back cover further promotes the product  Instructions on reverse read "Choose your outfit -- cut out paper pattern - cut plastic to shape of pattern -- cut ruffles to size.  Dress model with self-sticking clothes and ruffles. Dolls include Miss Holland, Miss Hawaii, Miss Western and Miss America.  Measures 13 1/4" x 10 1/2". .
2 Sisters -  Naive Handmade Paper Dolls. ..[1950s]
Two (2)  pen and ink and watercolor paper dolls depicting sisters. The older sister is 5" with 9 costumes for school and play.  The younger sister is 3 1/4"  with 6 costumes.  Each includes night ware.  Well drawn and colored in an array of 1950s fashions. .
 Dolly - Box Insert - J. & P. Coats Mending Floss. J. & P. Coats.New York, NY.c1910
A 3 7/8" x 1 5/8" uncut paper doll sheet inserted at the base of the box for mending floss. It is captioned CUT ME OUT - I Want to be Your Dolly. Reverse includes a poem and instructions to send 4 cents in stamps for 24 Hot Iron Patterns to embroider dolly's dress.  Also includes litho on paper covered pressed board mending floss box including lid.. Dolly Says Please, oh! please make me a dress Or I must stay in bed, Be sure and sew it carefully With J. P. COATS Thread
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Eve Arden, Authorized Edition. Saalfield No. 158510..1953
Smart costumes for the statuesque actress for various roles she played.12 5/8" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls:2.  Doll Size: 11 1/2"<. No of Costume Pages: 4.
 Home Play and Play Equipment for the Preschool Child . Children's Bureau Publication, No. 238 (US Dept. of Labor)..
A 22pp booklet with illustration of children at play on cover promotes play as a way of learning. Contents includes Play a way of learning - playing along, with other children, Parties and Christmas, Imitative play, Pretending, Training the senses; Play equipment - Toys, Books and pictures and Outdoor play equipment; Suggestions for further reading.  The Outdoor equipment section includes diagrams and instructions on constructing a sand box, play plank and sawhorse, swing and climbing bar, and finally swing, rings and trapeze.  Back cover depicts image from photograph of children at play with a sand box, play planks, a packing box and a wagon. Measures 9 1/4" x 6". .
Burges Johnson Pictorial Review Theater - Cut-out Play No. IV - Cinderella with narrative and stage instructions.. Pictorial Review.New York.Feb. 1914
Two (2) 16" x 11" sheets from the Feb. 1914 edition of  Pictorial Review.  Grace G. Drayton Illustrator. The first page is seven (7) captioned characters from Cinderella to be cut out.  Self stands. On the previous page is the narrative for “Cinderella - A Story Play to Accompany the Cut-out Pictures on the Opposite Page”.  Written in two scenes with extensive dialogue and stage directions for each character.  This is followed by a note beginning Dear Children: Here is your chance to play "Cinderella" in a real theater, with Actor people to move about on a real stage"...   The reverse of the character page  has an advertisement and instructions on how to acquire the actually Pictorial Review theater for the price of One Dollar.. Irregular margins.
 Art Supplement - Play House. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896
A 9 1/2" x 8" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for June 14, 1896 depicts children and animals to occupy a series of play houses designed from wooden crates. Multipart characters and animals to be placed into slots corresponding with numbers and letters on the individual cut-outs.  3-D scene created when cut and completed.   Commentary on reverse advises this part of a series of 6 supplements accompanied by a handy Pamphlet with a complete story (not included in this listing)..
 Art Supplement - Coaching Party - Grit's Story Companion. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896
An 8" x 9 1/2" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for July 26, 1896 depicts eleven (11) cut-outs to be inserted in the slots on and about the coach.    Commentary on reverse advises this is a Grit's Story Companion. One of a series of 16 supplements presented by an illustrated family newspaper popular in every art of the United States and Canada..
 Art Supplement - Theatre to be used in Exhibiting the Boston Sunday Globes Series of Historic Tableaux. Boston Sunday Globe.Williamsport, PA .1896
The Forbes Co.  Boston, MA. Supplement for March 15, 1896. It is the two-fold theatre to be used with the series of five historical tableaux.   Patriotic decoration with scene of Capital building at side.  Uncle Sam is in the audience.  Also includes a few cut pieces from one of the tableaux. Measures 7 1/2" x 22" when flat..
2 Bright Eyed Girl Paper Dolls w 6 Costumes & Accessories - Alberta & Albertas. ..[1920s]
Two (2) approximately 7" hand made paper pen and ink and watercolor paper dolls.  Depict bright eyed school aged girls who have that 1920s look with short skirts and big hats. Six (6) interchangeable costumes including four (4) dresses and two (2) coats. The dresses hod objects including a book, a doll and bottle and a football.  Each with a hat or two.  The coats do not have hats but each holds a muff, plus one handbag. Made on card stock.  .
Ethel Hays (illustrator) Cinderella Paper Dolls. Saalfield.Akron OH.1950
Measures 12 1/2" x 10 3/4" with four (4) 7 1/2" paper dolls on the back cover - Cinderella, Prince Charming and the not so ugly step-sisters.  Note the Cinderella on the front cover looks like a statuesque movie star.  Six (6) costume pages with costumes for Cinderella before and after, her step-sisters and the prince  and of course an array of slippers with "question marks". .
 Art Supplement - Noah's Ark - Grit's Story Companion. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896
A 9 1/2" x 8" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for July 12, 1896 depicts seven cut-out pairs of animals and an elephant to be inserted in the slots at base surrounding the ark.    Commentary on reverse advises this is a Grit's Story Companion. One of a series of 16 supplements provided to all subscribers to help promote the paper's giveaway of " the Best Fiction of America and England. .
French Paper Dolls - Pauline Baby and Annete. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1895
A 7 1/4" cut-out two-sided Annette the nurse paper doll and baby Pauline.  In original envelope with additional two-sided costume a cloak for baby Pauline.   Printed on heavy stock.  Note that these are only so-called "French Paper" doll, just an advertising promotion by McLoughlin of a nurse in French regional attire.  The set is believed to be complete. See Howard pg. 191..
Boston Post Sunday Supplement - Camping Out in the Main Woods - A Panorama. American Lithographic Co..New York.1996
An unusual uncut light card stock single-fold 9 5/8" x 21" (when open flat) supplement to the Boston Sunday Post.   It depicts a 7" x 10 1/4" background scene of the wilderness camp with a man who looks to be Theodore Roosevelt standing at the side. Includes three (3) pieces to apply including a piece of background to produce a 3-D panorama, a tent and a campfire with two men.   The reverse is blank. .
 Uncut Indian & Cowboy Cutouts. The Platt & Munk Co., Inc...[1950s]
A 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" pressed board box with applied litho with images of "Indians and Cowboys" in traditional attire on the box top and side aprons.   Includes 8 uncut  sheets with 60 pieces of Native American in traditional attire presented in what appears to be historically accurate images (vs. stereotypical).  It also includes 7 uncut sheets with 45 pieces of "cowboys", again presented in what appears to be historically accurate images.  Printed on one side only.
Emma C. McKean Boxed Set - Animated Alice in Wonderland Dolls - 7 Wonder Scenes - No cutting Necessary. Milton Bradley Co. No.4109..Springfield MA.
A 7" x 11 1/4" pressed board box with applied litho depicting Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mouse and the Mad Hatter at the tea party.  Content includes four (4) die-cut dolls.  The tallest is "big" Alice  at 7 1/2" and the smallest is the Queen of Hearts at 3 1/4".  Also includes "little' Alice and the White Rabbit.   Each of the has one to four costumes designed into the scenery - with a die-cut slit at the top of the costumes to allow placement of the doll behind the scene. Each scene has a narrative the base.  Scenes numbered 1-7. Reverse is blank.  Set is complete..
Mother Goose CutOut Picture Book . National Art Co. .New York.c1930s
A four leaf book including the covers. Wraps  Images of Little Bo Peep on the front and Little Red Ridinghood on the back.  The inside covers of have the Little Bo Peep rhyme and story of Litte Red Ridinghood.  A costume page for each character. Directions included.   The head of the Bo-Peep on cover is die-cut for proper placement of the costumes.  Each has die-cuts for costume tab placement.  Measures 13 3/4" x 7 1/2".  .
 J & P Coats - 10 Dolls with Hats - 5 Dolls & Costumes + 3 Hats and Envelope. J. & P. Coats.New York, NY.c1895
Includes 5 die-cut paper dolls, 3 with matching costumes and hats. Two additional costumes from the set of 10. Advertising on reverse of all.  Original envelope presented by the merchant; marked Series No. 3.  Each holds and object. Although designed as individual sets the costumes are interchangeable. Each measures 5 1/4".. J.& P. Coats' Spool & Crochet Cottons offered two different sets of five paper dolls in color lithography.  These dolls were meant as  a child's plaything, but more importantly as an advertisement for the company's thread. The merchant gave the customer a doll set which the company provided free of charge to purchasers of their thread.  The set shows the doll holding an object, and the same object but is pictured differently. America's Early Advertising Paper Dolls. Lagretta Mtzger Bajorek, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen PA 1999
 Winkie Wiggle Dress-Ups - Eyes Wink, Ears Wiggle w 4 Costumes to Cut out and Fit. ..1922
A 13 1/2" die-cut rabbit paper doll with a die-cut eye hole and grommeted ears- allowing both the eye and the ears to move.  Easel back.  Includes four (4) uncut costumes.-- US military, golfer, hunter and tennis player. Housed in a pressed board box with blue and white checked litho.  No maker identified. .
My smallest doll's room - Furnished Nursery with several dolls for dressing and nice toys for same. In six different designs. Germany, c1930s.. ..
An uncut four-fold paper doll set with its original envelope. It is the Furnished Nursery with Several Dolls for Dressing and nice toys for same. It is one of six different designs for the My Smallest Doll's Room. Made in Germany 10300. When uncut measures 3 ¼” x 13 ½”. The two fold scene has six "slit marks" for placement of the dolls, their costumes and accessories. light toning on envelope
Gretchen's Home. William G. Johnston Company.Pittsburgh PA.1920s
A die-cut litho on heavy card stock home with a quasi-tudor style.  Complete in a glassine sleeve with directions for building affixed to the sleeve.  Besides the pieces for the house includes a 2 1/2" figure; Gretchen to be cut-out and stood next to the house. Unused.  Sleeve measures 14" x 10 1/2".  The series has four houses and includes  Gretchen's Home, Rita's Cottage, Chiquita's House and Toytown.. William G. Johnston and Company, founded in 1857, was a well known Pittsburgh printing and book-binding firm in the late 1800s and early 1900s. William G. Johnston, the son of a prominent Pittsburgh printer was born August 22, 1828. He attended the Western University of Pennsylvania (now, the University of Pittsburgh) before organizing a party to head to California during the 1849 gold rush. In 1857, Johnston founded the William G. Johnston and Company at Wood St. and Second Ave. and later erected a new building at 900 Penn Ave. and Ninth St., Pittsburgh, to house the company. Johnston died on June 1, 1913.
 Set of 6 Diamond Dye Paper Dolls w 6  Dresses. J. Ottmann Lith. Co..New York, NY.c1895
A complete set of 6 die-cut easel-backed paper dolls, each holding an object plus 6 die-cut dresses also holding an object.  The costumes are interchangeable among the dolls. The base of each dress indicates which dye color was supposedly used to dye that particular dress.  Each with a different advertising promotion both front and back of the dolls and costumes. Each measures 5 1/4".  The set was mailed free for two two-cent postage stamps. .
Ella Hall . McLoughlin.New York.1892
One sided printing. 4 3/4" cut paper doll with  five (5) d dresses and no hats.  Also includes a portion of the envelope front. Top section with the name of the doll has been cut away.    Note the original doll only had four costumes.  The fifth is believed to be a variant from a later printing.. Not pictured, nor described in Howard.
3 Cabinet photos - Interior and Exterior of a doll house. ..c1900
Two (2) 5" x 7" cabinet cards. The first depicts the exterior of a doll house complete with mom and dad and children at play.  The second depicts the interior with furnishings and characters.  It appears dad is about to fetch a pail of coal..
Violet Moore Higgins The Magic Circus. Stanton & VanVliet Co..Chicago .1918
64 pp. Applied litho on board. Four (4) full color page paper doll or circus animal cutout and characters including Molly May Fall, The Ringmaster, Tik and Tok and many others. Four (4) full color page paper doll or circus animal cutout and characters including Molly May Fall, The Ringmaster, Tik and Tok and many others. All of the illustrations are in tact for this copy. The printed cardboard pages are dispersed throughout the book, each containing two to three characters and accessories. There are instructions for any assembly needed in order to put the character together. There are also easels provided at the back of the book with further instructions, they are also all in tact. Also includes full page black and white illustrations.  OCLC - None found (Sept. 2018). While the author wrote and illustrated this story, she is generally more known as an illustrator. She lent her skills to various comic strips and other children's books.
Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat Let's Play Store No. 971. Saalfield Pub. Co..Akron, OH.1933
Grocery store themed punch out activity book activity. 7 pages of grocery store pieces and 206 total pieces that, when assembled, create a complete grocery store including produce, shelves, money, customers, and more. Each character and food stand has a corresponding easel back stand  Characters include the Store Keeper, a child with a hat, a boy and a woman. A myriad of tiny display pieces to help develop fine motor skills including tiny box, jar and bundle facsimiles to be placed on shelves.  Measures  10" x 13 1/2". .
Chiquita's House. William G. Johnston Company.Pittsburgh PA.1920s
A die-cut litho on heavy card stock home with a Spanish style.  Complete in a glassine sleeve with directions for building affixed to the sleeve.  Besides the pieces for the house includes a 2 1/2" figure; Chiquita to be cut-out and stood next to the house. Unused.  Sleeve measures 14" x 10 1/2".  The series has four houses and includes  Gretchen's Home, Rita's Cottage, Chiquita's House and Toytown.. William G. Johnston and Company, founded in 1857, was a well known Pittsburgh printing and book-binding firm in the late 1800s and early 1900s. William G. Johnston, the son of a prominent Pittsburgh printer was born August 22, 1828. He attended the Western University of Pennsylvania (now, the University of Pittsburgh) before organizing a party to head to California during the 1849 gold rush. In 1857, Johnston founded the William G. Johnston and Company at Wood St. and Second Ave. and later erected a new building at 900 Penn Ave. and Ninth St., Pittsburgh, to house the company. Johnston died on June 1, 1913.
Betty Campbell Boxed Set - The Costume Party Dolls to Dress w A Story of the Dolls and Their Masquerades by Susan S. Popper. Sam'l Gabriel & Sons Co. No. D137.New York.[1940s]
Two (2) 8" die-cut paper dolls; one blond, Phyllis and one brunette, Patricia. with wooden bases (one lacking). The costumes  for Blond Phyllis include American Costume of 1860 - "Betsy Ann" American Costume - "Jenny Lind" Czechoslovak Costume "Magda" Chinese Costume "Ming Toy" Spanish Costume "Dolores" Gainsborough Costume "Blue Boy" Costumes for Brunette Patricia include English Costume of 1860 - "Lady Sybil" Hungarian Costume "Katuska" Japanese Costume "O-Tama-San" Lawrence Costume "Pinkie" Indian Costume "Little Faun" Dutch Costume "Hilletje" Each of the costumes has a separate sheet with the head and hat of the doll to place over the head of the paper dolls.  All are uncut with the exception Hungarian "Katuska" and "Jenny Lind". That said, the background portions of the sheets have been retained.  Each page in captioned with the name of the character. Includes a 32pp (unnumbered) booklet by  Susan Popper explaining what a costume party is and introducing each of the characters and explaining their costumes. Measures 5" x 4". The 10 3/4" x 16 1/2" pressed board box has an applied litho cover depicting all of the characters descending a staircase. .
Madame Pompadour - seated penny paper doll.  McLoughlin.New York.c1875
A 4 7/8” cut paper doll designed after the real Madame Pompadour.  Note she is in a seated position. A penny paper doll from the Mulligan Guard Series.  Includes  the seated doll, her 3 costumes and 3 hats. Complete cut set. The cover from the fold-out has been converted to an envelope or sleeve by sewing a piece of lined paper to the reverse on two sides..
Jennie June. McLoughlin.New York.1892
Two-sided printing.9 1/2" cut paper doll with  five (5) two-sided dresses and  four (4) hats    With original envelope with directions for making the doll on envelope flap. . Not pictured, nor described in Howard.
Nancy Pritchard White Nursery Rhyme Puppet Book. Jack Built Toy Mf'g Co..Los Angeles.1957
An 11" x  13" litho on press board spiral bound book.  Edited and Illustrated by Florence and Bob Dalton,   There is  one die-cut stage page with proscenium on the front  and directions  for use on the reverse or “the behind the scenes”.  There are also eight (8) quarter page nursery rhymes pages with the verse on the left pages and an image of the backs of the heads of the audience on the right.  The stage is designed with three slots to insert the base of the stick puppets.  It includes 16 stick actors and prop puppets with a die-cut  character(s) on top of each stick. They are stored in captioned slots on the inside front cover that also displays instructions.  .  The verses include Little Miss Muffett, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Jack Be Nimble, Georgie Porgie, Little Bo-Peep, and Hey, Diddle Diddle.  Night scene on back inside cover.    . Scuffing and surface wear. Complete.
Fern Bisel Peat The 8 Ages of Judy. Lowe.Kenosha, WI.1941
A 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" uncut paper doll book with seven (7) different paper dolls.  Each of the punch out dolls with age appropriate accessories depicts Judy at a different age. .Eight (8) pages of costumes.  Each page and doll page with printed signature Fern Bisel Peat.   Light edge weaer..
 A 6 3/4" Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll w 9 Costumes & 5 Hats. ..c1910s
A 6 3/4" young woman paper doll with day dresses,party dresses and a night gown,  The five (5) outfits with hats are a mixture of day and evening wear.  One of the outfits is a coat with a ruffled base.  Two dresses with intact tears that have been reinforced with archival tape.  Three tabs lacking; otherwise fine.  Reverse is blank..
S.O. Beeton, Publisher Naively Dressed Print from Women's Fashion Magazine - High Fashion of the Day . Englishwomen's Domestic Magazine.London .1864
A fashion plate from the January 1864 edition of the publication. A child has created costumes for the print with the inclusion of paper hands, lace and braided trim.  Voluminous gowns for both.  A little girl in the background playing with a parrot.   Housed in an oval 12" x 9 3/4" gold painted wooden frame.. The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine (EDM) was a magazine published by Samuel Orchart Beeton from 1852 to 1879, with a supplement written by his wife, Mrs. Beeton, between 1859 and 1861: these supplements were later collected as her Book of Household Management. His intention was that it should "tend to the improvement of the intellect". The magazine published articles on middle-class domestic issues, fashion and fiction.
 Photo Album - Colonial Afternoon in Honor of George Washington Bicentennial. .Franklin, MA.1832
A 16 page photo album.  Wrappers. Second Grade, Thayer School.  With  seven (7) original mounted photographs of children and teachers dressed in "colonial" attire; some with powdered wigs.  One photo is a class shot with a young man presumably Washington with a tricon hat at center.  another depicts the children dancing a minuet.  Another with Colonial women knitting in front of a giant American flag.; Betsy Ross holding the 13 colony flag and much more. Photos measure 5" x 7". .
2 2-Sided Articulated Dollies Up to Date with 8 Front and Back Costumes. Misch & Co..London.[1910]
Two (2) 12" card stock articulated or jointed paper dolls that move at the neck, shoulder, hip and knee. The limbs and head are attached to the body form with unique circular inserts.  The costume bodices slip beneath the arm joints and the sleeves slip over the arms.  This was originally part of a boxed set with two sets of dolls and a car. Designed in England, printed in Germany. . Photocopy of poem found in original box titled Up-to-Date Domes.
The Forbes Litho. (Boston None Such New England Mince Meat - Complete Set 5 Ethnic Paper Dolls with 10 Costumes. Merrill-Soule Co..Syracuse, NY.1895
An ethnic set offered by the company consisting of five easel-backed cutout dolls lithographed on card stock.  The costumes are created by using the process created by Forbes, used most often in the Boston newspaper Sunday Supplements.  It consists of building the doll and the costume on "easel" attached to the head piece.  Each doll has two costumes with hats and accessories and represents two ethnic groups.  They are American/French Russian/Spanish Japanese/Chinese Turkish/Indian German/Swiss The reverse of each costume piece and accessory name the associated country.  All are cut.  Also include fragments of original mailing envelope.. The dolls were sent by the company in exchange for five heads from the outside wrappers of the woman holding pie, plus ten cents in sliver or mailed free for twenty heads of the None Such New England Mince girls. There slogan was "It pleases the young It pleases the old and every Grocer in the land is sold".
Ruth Upham (Illustrator) Walking Paper Doll Family. Saalfield No. 1074.Akron OH.1934
A rather unusual uncut book with an affluent family of six, plus a nurse for the children and Bim the cat and Pal the dog.   Each of the punch-out characters  has only one leg attached with a second to be attached according to instructions using a needle and thread.  This allows the dolls to both "stand alone" and "walk".  Total of three (3) character pages and four (4) costume pages.   All of the costumes and accessories were designed to give the appearance of wealth and privilege  to the degree of each child's costume is holding a different toy.  Unique in many ways the characters are quite tall, Father is 15" tall.  The book measures 15 3/4" x 10". .
 Movie Theatre for 'Fighting with Buffalo Bill', A Package of Fun and Entertainment for Children. Jacobsen Hodgkinson Corporation.New York.c1926
An uncut paper movie theatre with the characters from "Fighting with Buffalo Bill" a 1926 American Western film serial (totaling over four hours) staring Wallace MacDonald, Edmund Cobb and Elsa Benham.  The paper theatre consists of the original carrying envelope, a movie theatre set with a curtain, a landscape  background, one sheet of characters, and one single fold instruction page that includes a verse about men roaming the plains. On the character sheet there nine characters that one can cut out a and fold at the dotted line in order to make them stand on their own. Of these nine characters, four stand-alone men, one stand-alone woman, three men on horses (two of which are Native Americans) and one man standing behind a teepee. The scenes and curtains are in black and white. The characters are black and white images from photographs, presumably of the characters from the movie.  The envelope the movie theatre comes in, incorrectly states that there are 10 characters to play with. This was presumably a printing mistake as the 10 has been crossed out and a 9 was written in. 4 black and white pages, all pages are uncut. Measures 12 3/4" x 10 1/2". Unfortunately this film is now considered to be 'lost film' (a film that is no longer known to exist in any studio archive, private collection, or public archive).
 Boxed Set - Little Friends. Socolu, (S* C) No. 407.Germany.c1930s
An 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" litho on pressed board box titled "Little Friends" with acute accents instead of dots on the "i"s.  Cover illustration depicts children at play, with one child particularly protective of her doll as others look on. Includes three (3) of four (4) unused 6" paper dolls with costumes and accessories.  All are die-cut with original connective ladders in place.  The Dolls are A, C, and D.  Each costume and accessory is coded on the tab to indicate which accessories go with with costume.  .
10 French Tissue Stereoviews - Children in Adult Situations from the Scenes Enfantines Series. BK.Paris.[1860s]
Ten (10) different French tissue stereoviews of obviously posed children in adult situations.  Each is numbers and captioned. Part of a larger series.  The highest number is 122. Captioned in French  including (translated) the hawker an arrest at the cabaret the dance the candlestick the village drum Each of the albumin stereoviews has a hand colored tissue on the reverse providing color to the scene when held to the light. Pinprick embellishments to make buttons, chains and certain types of clothing glisten.  Each measures 3" x 7". .
2 finely executed paper dolls with 2 costumes and 2 hats done after 1850s Brave Boy and Little Girl . All Two-sided.. ..c1940s
A 7 3/4" male and slightly shorter female two-sided paper dolls.  They are drawn in the style of the Brave Boy and the Little Girl  He in dashing finery with a sword and feathered hat, she in her outing attire with her dog at her side.  Both with creative license, but well executed in the style of. .
Boxed Set - Au Bon Marche - Vehicles with Children Les Enfants en Voiture (4 Equipage Varies)
A 4" x 6 1/4"  box with applied litho label.  It includes four (4) different easelback litho on card carts being pulled by animals.  The carts are designed to "seat" (paper slates on reverse) two (2) children each.  There are a total of eight(8) children. Can be arranged in any order.   Each cart with animals approx. 5 1/2" long.
Doris Davey after Helen Waite My Dolly's Home (a paper doll house with characters). Arts and General Publishers Ltd..London.1921
12 pp. story. 26 leaves "doll house". 2 leaves characters to cut. Applied litho on board. Illustrated by Margarethe Stannard. A charming  interactive children's book.  Begins with  a 12 pp story titled Betty's Adventure - The Story of My Dolly's Home". A story of Betty, her mother, her nannie and Betty's Birthday doll Priscilla.  The story also references the character's to be used "In Dolly's Home". This story with relevant in-text black and white illustrations is the basis for pretend play associated with the 26 leaf "house" that follows printed in full color with illustrations on both sides.   Fine design with die-cut pages and die-cuts within a page. Most of the pages are a room or yard scene and include a door that opens to the next page.  The last two leaves of the book are the uncut characters to cut-out and interact with the house including Cook, Alice, Nurse, and Dolly's family and her dearest friends including her self, parents, brother and cat and dog.  Dolly's Home is rather elaborate - gated with a fountain,  formal parlors, play rooms, dining room, nursery, a crochet field and much more.  The inside back cover has an applied envelop for placing the characters once they have been cut.  Measures 9" x 11 3/4"..
Uncut Grace Lee. McLoughlin.New York, 30 Beekman St..c1868
A hand colored two-sided paper doll on 5 3/4" x 3" card. An uncut thread-stitched booklet with six uncut costumes and hats.  All with elaborate detail and hand colored embellishments.   The inside of the folder includes printed Directions for Making. From the Paper Dolls, Book Form., Series No. 3
The Christmas Boy Paper Doll - Two-sided doll with 7 costumes. Unknown .Germany.c1850s
A 4 1/4" two-sided paper boy doll and his seven (7) two-sided costumes that include background scenes.  The boys costumes correlate with occupations/activities and include: Arbalist (crossbowman) scholar with a book a masquerade costume a huntsman a professor with a globe an ice skater recreating with a stick and ball (hat included) . This is the same male doll as that found in the Christmas Doll boxed set.  Interestingly the three (3) outfits (masquerade, scholar and ice skater) in the Christmas Doll are identical but images but printed in different colors.
Paper Dolls and How to Make Them . Anson D.F. Randolph.New York.1856
This how to book was aimed at the fairly new phenomena of paper dolls. 22 pages, followed by multiple plates, some colored, designed to be copied to make dolls and clothing. Brown cloth with title imprinted in gilt on cover. The majority of the book is text written for a young girl, with instructions on constructing their very own paper doll, from suggestion of materials to make the dolls, to ways to adhere various items. Of the original eight plates that were included with the book, three remain, Plate l, Plate II and Plate VI. 5" x 7". .
The Liliputian Writing Set
Uncut Lithograph Sheet - Les Toilettes Du Bebe - Boxed  Paper Doll set
A 19 1/2" x 25 1/2" uncut sheet for the litho associated with Les Toilettes Du Bebe.  The cover art depicts a scene of 5 children,mother and nanny playing with paper dolls, is labeled "Les Toilettes du Bebe", Also includes  two 6 1/2" two-sided paper dolls with ten (10) two-sided numbered costumes, hats and wigs.  All with egg wash finish. Several of the costumes feature detail of the child clasping a toy or doll. The cover image is signed B. Collbert (Colibert?),lithographed by Jannin,and published by the premiere French game maker Saussine.
Elizabeth S. Tucker (Artist) Famous Queens and Martha Washington Paper Dolls. Frederick A. Stokes Co..New York, NY.1895
This pressed board box with applied litho cover depicting all 7 of famous queens, along with Martha Washington. With applied label promoting G. A. Schwarz Toys, Phila.  Each of the cut paper dolls is approx. 7 1/2" tall, single sided and identified on the reverse of each doll, costume or hat. Each women has 3 costumes and headpieces or bonnets. Included in the set are Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Margherita, Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen Isabella, Queen Victoria, Queen Louise, and as stated previously Martha Washington. The original art used for this set was drawn and water-colored by Elizabeth Tucker. An single fold introductory pamphlet is included with a statement of accuracy and directions for use It describes in some detail the cutting an placement of the  costumes and accessories. Box measures 10" x 8".   Also includes original clipping promoting the paper dolls from the Ladies Home Journal, Dec. 1895. . Touted as historical features of great value, which will at the same time entertain and instruct any child. Especially recommended for Kindergartens and schools of children.
Poupee Modele Magazine Supplement - Theatrical troupee paper dolls and costumes -  22 dolls 32 costumes.[1880s]
Poupee Modele Theater Set, including four side panels for theater, ten (10) cut female actors, five (5) cut male actors and seven (7) cut Greek gods and goddesses.  Costumes include: eight (8) queen costumes eight (8) female historical costumes two (2) religious costumes. six (6) male military costumes, eight (8) male historical costumes The dolls are all cut, two-sided and measure approx. 4 1/2" tall.  The theater panels are 7" tall.  Includes two (2) wooden stands..
Anon. Manuscript Adaptation of The History of Little Fanny . ..c1810s
Wraps. 8 pages. Each page is a different scene from the original book of the History of Little Fanny, Exemplified in A Series of Figures. This manuscript adaptation paraphrases the original toy  book with different original watercolor costume for each scene.  it focuses on the morality lessons.  A single head and neck is moved from scene to scene. Includes five (5) of the seven (7).  Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". . come all ye little ones, and quick draw near. A gift I offer for the approaching year. A little doll who boasts a pretty face, And wondrous strange! her clothes a moral trace"
 48 complete sets of Lion Coffee "Nursery Rhyme", "Occupations" and "Doll House". Lion Coffee, Woolson Spice Co..Toledo OH.c1992
This series of picture story cut-outs or paper dolls each have 4 pieces that when constructed create  a scene from a "Nursery Rhyme", depict the activities of an "Occupation" or a room in a "Doll House", all with children in adult situations. Each series has 16 scenes. The pieces are between 2 1/2" and 6" in height and most scenes are no larger than approximately 6" x 6".   The sets include: Nursery Rhymes - Old King Cole, No.1, Old Mother Hubbard No. 2, Mother Goose No. 3, Little Red Riding Hood No 4, Little Boy Blue No.5, Little Bo-Peep No. 6, Jack and Jill No. 7, Woman Who Lived in a Shoe No. 8, Humpty Dumpty No. 9, Rub-A-Dub Dub No. 10, Little Jack Horner No. 11, Mary Had a Little Lamb No.12, Simple Simon No. 13, Ding-Dong Bell No. 14, The Queen of Hearts No. 15, Sing a Song of Sixpence No. 16 Occupations - The Miller No. 1, The Barber No. 2, The Gardner No. 3, The Carpenter No. 4, The Tailor No. 5, The Mason No. 6, The Shoemaker No.7, The Photographer No. 8, The Butcher No. 9, The Blacksmith No. 10, The Cooper No. 11, The Baker No. 12, The Printer No. 13, The Bicycle Maker No. 14, The Milliner No. 15, The Grocer No. 16 Doll House - The Bedroom No. 1, The Lawn No. 2, The Nursery No.3, The Bath Room No 4, The Library No. 5, The Park No. 6, The Dining Room No. 7, The Furnace Room No. 8, The Garden No. 9, The Lake No. 10, The Butlers Pantry No. 11, The Hall No. 12, The Laundry No. 13, The Kitchen No. 14,  The Stable No. 15, The Music Room No. 16.. The name Lion Coffee and a set number appears on the front of each piece, while on the reverse side there is an advertisement, and title for all three series.  Set numbers are also printed on the reverse side of the "Nursery Rhyme Dolls" and "Occupations" series.  The "Doll House" Series advertisements states that a set was given free in each package of Lion Coffee.