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Helen Jill Fletcher The See and Do Book of Dolls and Doll Houses. H. S. Stuttman Company.New York.1959
128 pp. Brown hard cover book, with illustrated book cover. This book gives detailed instructions on how one can make both their own dolls and their own dollhouse filled with homemade doll furniture. The book jacket states, "One does not have to be gifted to make a doll or doll house or doll clothes.... Mother and child together- and even brother and father, for there are boy dolls too- will find making a doll or doll house a game that the whole family can enjoy." The book starts with a simple rag doll, before showing the reader how to take that design and change it into dolls from all around the world, such as a French doll, an Eskimo doll, and a Chinese boy doll. The book continues on to different types of dolls, such as twig dolls, and sock dolls, before moving on to doll clothes and finally doll furniture. The furniture is all made from various, cheap and easy to find materials. Such as a canopy bed that uses a bit of fabric, empty candy box and four pencils. The book is full of black and white illustrations (often with the background of the drawing showing an accent of color) that show the reader how to put together the various items. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4".. The book jacket shows minor edge wear due to rubbing. It also has a few small tears along the edges.
 Hallmark Dolls, 1990, A Collection of Ten (10) Remakes of Historical Dolls. Hallmark..1990
A collection of 10 Hallmark cards made to be paper dolls. Each doll represents a toy doll from a different era, from wood dolls, to baby dolls, to rag dolls to porcelain dolls to paper dolls. Each doll opens up as a card would. Along with the dolls came a folded sheet that has a short description of each doll in the collection, the doll's name, when the real doll might have been made, and the artist name who recreated the doll. It is unclear if each doll card in the collection was supposed to have one of theses sheets, but if so, there are three (3) out of ten still left. There are six out of ten envelopes in this collection. Card Size: 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" Number of Dolls: 10 Doll Size: 6 1/4" No. of Costume Pages: 1 .
 New Glamour for The "Glamour Girl", a Glowing Daylight Fluorescent Color Bath Beauty Letter Opener. Coast Industries.Los Angeles, CA.1952
Materials featuring a 'Bathing Beauty' novelty letter opener and the two pieces of advertising materials that go along with it. In the 1950s a company by the name of Coast Industries came up with a product called 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock', which was a phosphorescent pigment mixed with an adhesive and used to decorate plastic objects. This pigment glowed in the dark and came in three colors, bright blue, brilliant green, and bright yellow. The company coated this product onto a variety of plastic molds, such as the 'Bathing Beauty' Letter Opener, that were then sold in bulk to companies to use a promotional materials. The letter opener itself is made from a clear plastic that has been shaped into the silhouette of a female body. The 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock' had been adhered to the form so that it looks like a bathing suit. A double sided flyer containing information on the bathing beauty and a return envelope is included. The backside of the flyer showcases another one of the company's items that could be covered by the ''flok-kraft fluorescent flock', a piggy bank that would tip its hat every time a coin was inserted.  The novelty letter opener no longer glows in the dark. Measures 8" x 1 1/4" (letter opener), 8 1/2" x 11" (flyer).. The date is inferred by magazine ads found, which date to 1952, in 1954, the company's address changed.
Promotional Brochure - Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game. Exciting and Entertaining to Adults and Children. ..
A single-fold promotional or instruction booklet for Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game.  Cover image depicts a properly attired  Mom and Dad playing in the parlor while the family looks on.  Includes Directions  and suggests using a dining-table about 6 feet by 4 feet; the larger the table the better.  This is followed by two pages of Rules.  Two are in bold - There is no Second Service as in Lawn Tennis. No volleying is allowed. Presented by the "H" company, with a logo a diamond surrounding the "H".   Measures 6" x 3 1/2".  The game was invented to bring lawn tennis indoors..
Illustrated Letterhead with specifications for "turned stuff" for hoops with handles. The Princess Hoop Manufacturing Co..Bound Brook, NJ.1882
The letterhead has two vignettes printed in red of children with hoops with handles identified as The Normandy and The Princess. It is for the Princess Hoop Manufacturing Co, office of J. L. M. DuFour and I. R. Edgar.  The letter is written to Messrs H. B. Smith & Son of West Chesterfield Ma. Mr. DeFour is requesting samples of  "runed stuff" numbered from 1 to 12 including prices by product and specifications for dimensions on each model and desired quantities.  Also includes illustrated postally used cover.. A letter with both graphic appeal and interesting content requesting samples for a wood turner to create a variety of hoop handles.
W. H. Cremer, Junior St. Valentine's Day and Valentines: A Few Words on the Subject and Parisian Toys Before the Investment. .London, England.1871
This book is comprised of three parts. The first part tells the story of St. Valentine, and how we, as a society, got from St. Valentine, to Valentine's Day. This section is 15 pp. The second part of the book, entitled, 'Parisian Toys Before the Investment', tells the story of W. H. Cremer's trip to Paris to purchase toys for his store's inventory during the Franco-Prussian War (also sometimes called the War of 1870). He discusses the tenor of the city as the country went to war, and the difficulties he found in getting some of his toy inventory as well as leaving the country with all of the toys he had purchased. This section of the story consists of 8 pps. The third, and last section of this story are 'Notices from the Press', which are essentially the press reviews for  illustrations and toys, particularly those of Easter Eggs, that Cremer has done in the past. This last section is 10pps. The book ends with four pages of advertisements for toys and books. All the pages are have black and white illustrations, and are gilt edged. The front cover are a peachy color with a gilded stamped title and decorative elements. Measures 6" x 4 3/4". OCLC 3 (June 2019).
A Collection of Ephemera Relating to Ives Toys and Their Model Trains
Alba W. Currier Handmade Game of Jack Straws with Instructions. ..1929
A handmade game of Jack Straw, though more commonly known as pick up sticks or pick up straws. The game can also be referred to as spellicans or spilikins. This hand carved wooden set was made by Alba W. Currier in December of 1927, the game consists of one hook, and 35 wooden straws. There are 5 plain sticks and then 9 sets of 3 carved sticks. Each set is different and are carved into pitch forks, 2 different types of shovels, rifles, spears, axes, hoe, pipes, and birds. Lastly there is one horse head, one donkey head and one Indian head. The donkey and the horse have pencil-drawn features, like their eyes and mane, and the donkey is labeled O.U.D. The game also comes with hand written instructions on how to play and the point value for each type of straw. The birds are worth the most at 60 points each. The longest straw (the donkey) is 5". .