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Alphabets for Embroidering on Canvas, No. 36. ..1860s
Price: $50.00

Concertina style booklet with 7 pages. Five (5) pages of upper case elaborate letters plus 2 pages of decorative element. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Light foxing within; cover wear and repair. .
Needlework Copy Book Toilette Present for Ladies No. V. ..1860s
Price: $50.00

16 pp. Decorative wraps. Sets of alphabets and numbers in various fonts, both upper and lower case. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Cover wear..
1961 Handwork or Sewing Decorating Technique Student Sample Book , Belgium . .Bocholt, Belgium.1961
Price: $175.00

Large format with pen and ink cover decoration. Includes ten (10) pages with seventeen (17) different samples. Each sample is captioned identifying the work and is accompanied by a magazine cut-out showing an example of the work on a garment. 11 x 14 . Meticulous work. Minimal cover wear. .
Thea Hutchinson Album of Kindergarten Art . ..1895
Price: $225.00

A 9" x 9 1/4" hand made album consisting of 18 pages with items applied on both sides. Created by Thea Hutchinson in 1895-96.  It includes an array of work including pin prick art (4), embroidery samples (8), watercolor drawings on shaped paper (6),folded paper (7), Woven paper mats (7), geometric shapes applied to paper (11) applied leaves, drum constructed of paper, watercolored mimeographed sheets (5)  and more.  A few items of note include the woven paper log home, an embroidered and watercolor American flag and a drum constructed of geometric paper strips.  Some items inserted, while most applied to pages.   Heavy cover wear. . Fredrich Froebel's (1782 1852)  Kindergarten methods include play-based, child-centered, holistic education, along with parent involvement, educational paperfolding, use of music, games, and movement activities for education. Froebel saw mothers as the ideal first teachers of humanity. Women, he believed, were best-suited to nurture children and became the Kindergartners (teachers) for his schools. Froebel laid the foundation for modern education based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities. He created the concept of the "kindergarten".
Charlotte nostrand Decorative Arts Project - Finnish influence on today's styles . ..1940
Price: $250.00

Heavy board with yarn bounding.   Typewritten commentary describing each watercolor illustration beginning with fashions from 1810 through 1870 (Plates I-IX) depicting Finnish garb or "Sulkava". The remaining plates (X-IVX) are modern adaptations of the earlier styles.  The final plate is cut paper silhouettes.  A well executed and informative project completed by a University of California student.  Measures 12 1/2" x 9 1/2"..