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Mary Ann; or, how a child can give itself to Jesus and Little James.   American Tract Society New York c 1867
32 pp. Applied marble cover, two stories 16 pp each. Two stories, Mary Ann no. 51 , discusses a new Sabbath school in New York and Little James no. 52, which describes a boy who memorizes Dr. Watts' First Catechism before he could read. 4 1/2" x 3" cover worn, foxing and staining on pages, pencil inscription
Reuben Kent at School; or, Influence as it Should BeAmericna Sunday-School UnionPhiladelphia1844
87 pp. Applied marble cover, 3 plates,  embellishments at end of some chapters. Reuben, originally hesitant about going off to school,  learns how his Bible studies can influence his daily life. 6" x 4"
The Wagon Boy; or Trust in Providence. Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.1856-1857
16 pp. wrapper with 6 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the second series, No. 9. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856, and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. This book tells the story of little boy named Richard, who as a reward for good behavior at school is taken on a hunting trip by his father. What starts out as a great day takes a sudden mournful turn. There sewing repair on the binding, as well as a stain on the top left of the cover, which continues throughout the book, however it does not impact the text or images. There some slight toning and soiling as well. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/4"..
The New PlanetAmerican Sunday School UnionPhiladelphia1847
23 pp. Brown illustrated printed paper cover, frontispiece. A mother describes planets, the moon and sun by referencing the first chapter in Genesis to her child. The child  questions a conversation overheard of his father and his peers discussing a new planet. Advertisement for "Attractive and Useful Books For Boys" on back cover. OCLC: 2 (8/29/2016) 6" x 3 3/4". some wear and staining on cover, foxing throughout, inscribed
The Youth's Dayspring. January, 1851American Board of Commissioners for Foreign MissionsBoston1851
16 pp. Green illustrated printed paper cover, monthly periodical, Vol. II, no 1 for January 1851, contains 2 illustrations. Inside cover lists ordering information and donations to Children's Educational Funds. Content titles include: The New Year, Julia the Heathen Girl, Hindoo Blacksmiths, Blacksmiths worshiping their Tools, The Hindoo Pilgrim, More Blessed to Give than to Receive, The Temple of Siva, The Great Pagoda of Tanjore, The First Siberian who Loved Jesus, The Rejected Idol,  and A Thought for Older People. 6 3/4" x 4". Slight staining, small tear on back cover
The Cottage Girl; or An Account of Ann Edwards and Ann and her Mother; or, the Sin of Falsehood.   American Sunday-School Union Philadelphia c 1848
51 pp, Marbled cover, The Cottage Girl 35pp, Frontispiece of female praying at bedside, full text; Ann and her Mother 16pp, full text with one image on first page; bound together, June 2016 OCLC-2. 5 3/4" x 3 1/2" heavy cover wear, light foxing throughout, the two individual books are bound together
A Teacher's Gift.  Asa Bullard Taggard & Thompson Boston 1863
48 pp. Brown blind stamped hard cover, frontispiece, illustrations. Moral stories for children with religious education and hymns mixed in. Some story titles include "A Teacher's Gift" " Flowers and Weeds" "Things that have Wings" and "The Penknife" 4 1/2" x 3" inscribed, binding loose, water stain on cover
The Sunday School Visiter Volume I..   General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union New York 1835
431 pp. Applied marble cover, leather gilt spine, bound volume of Sunday School Visiter magazine, index in front. Monthly magazine, January through December, fully bound. Each month contains articles, miscellany, stories, instruction, reports, and communications. 6 3/4" x 4 1/2" wear on cover, binding cover ripped on first page, foxing throughout
The Sunday School Visiter Volume II. .   General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union New York 1836
431 pp. Applied marble cover, leather gilt spine, bound volume of Sunday School Visiter magazine, index in front. Monthly magazine, January through December, fully bound. Each month contains articles, poetry, stories, instruction, reports, notice of new works, and communications. 6 3/4" x 4 1/2" slight cover wear, foxing throughout
Rev, Joel HawesMemoir of Normand Smith; or the Christian Serving GodAmerican Tract SocietyNew York1839
72 pp. Apllied marble cover, full text. Memoir of Normand Smith, born in Hartford, CT in 1800. An advertisement at the start of the book explains that this is not a eulogy but "an example for the imitation of others, who move, as he did, in common walks of life." 6" x 4"
Memoir of Mary Lothrop, Who Died in Boston, March 18, 1831, Aged Six Years and Three MonthsAmerican Tract SocietyNew York1832
108 pp. Applied marble cover, frontispiece. The story of Mary Lothrop, who was taught to be pious and obedient. She talks with her mother about why her little sister died, her entry to school is discussed, and how her heart fails in the end, all while keeping her religious faith. 6" x 3 1/2"
 Books For Little Readers: Sir, Who Have You Been Talking With? . Thomas Nelson and 1850
8 pages, bound in tan paper wrapper with decorative border and circular vignette, printed in blue ink. Engraved quarter page illustration. One book from an 11-book set. 3 1/4" x 4 1/2". OCLC- 2 full sets; 0 individual (Aug, 2018) .
Mary's Book of HymnsAtwood & BrownConcord1847
16 pp. Blue illustrated printed paper cover, illustrations in book, cover lists "S.H. Colesworthy: Portland" as publisher,Seventh Series-no. 7. Hymn book with short religions lessons on behavior for children. Titles include Industrious William, The Violet, To a Little Girl that has Told a Lie, and A Naughty Boy. 4" x 2 1/2" . light staining on cover
My Mother's Gold Ring. Founded on Fact.Ford and DamrellBoston1833
24 pp. Blue printed paper cover, full text, sewed binding, Number one of series, seventeenth edition. "first of a series of stories, of which it possible may be the beginning and the end" from to the reader. A story of a woman and her misery when her husband begins drinking. 5" x 3 1/2". some wear and staining on cover and on pages
American Sunday School Union The Fearful Child .American Sunday School Union . American Sunday School Union.Philadelphia.1857-1859
8 pp. wrapper, with 3 woodcuts. Written for the American Sunday School Union, and revised by the Committee of Publication. Apart of a series published by the American Sunday School Union, called Child's Home Library. It tells the story of a little boy over coming his fear of the dark. Some wear, cover is tearing at edge, slight toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"..
American Sunday School Union Little Henry. American Sunday School Union.Philadelphia.1857-1893
16 pp. wrapper, with one illustration. Apart of a series published by the American Sunday School Union, called Child's Home Library. The book tells the story of Henry, a little boy, who learns that even children can do the Lord's work, in every day small acts of kindness. Ends with a hymn. Slight foxing and toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"..
Little Prayers for Little Children.   American Sunday-School Union Philadelphia c. 1840s
8 pp. Blue illustrated printed cover, illustrations. Prayers are for "In the Morning" "At Night" "A Prayer for a Child who is in trouble" and "A Thanksgiving when a Child has recieved a favour from God" 3" x 2" inscribed, slight staining
Picture Books for Little Children: Picture Lessons in Prose, no. 16The Religious Tract Society London
16 pp. Illustrated printed paper cover, each story has illustration at start, book number 16, mid to late 1800's. Titles include: Remember. -- What a child ought to be. -- What a child ought not to be. -- What a good little boy is. -- What a good little girl is. -- Things to give. -- Things to keep. -- Rules for the playground. -- The golden rule. -- The morning ride. -- The new armchair. -- Yes and no. -- Love to Jesus. -- A bad bargain. OCLC: 1 (8/29/2016) 5 3/4" x 3 1/4" . cover worn and torn, edges flaking, cover not attached to binding, pages intact with some foxing
The Fatal Blow; or, the Effects of AngerAmerican Baptist Publication SocietyPhiladelphia
31 pp. Applied marble cover, frontispiece. The story of a group of boys and the devastating effect that can occur when not obeying the gospel. OCLC: 2 (9/7/2016) 5 3/4" x 3 3/4"
W. Fisk, D.D.. Discourse on Predestination and Election, preached on an Especial Occasion at Greenwich, Massachusetts, 2nd ed.. E.&G. Merriam.Brookfield.1831
32 pp. soft cover with string tied spine. Second edition of Fisk's Discourse based on predestination and election. 9 1/2" x 6". edges worn, staining and toning, tears on edges but no text is lost
 The Victoria Tales and Stories Suitable for the Young: George Mills; or, The Idle Boy. Frederick Warne and Company.London.
16 pages, engraved frontisepiece. Cover is a purple wrapper with a decorative border. "Price One Penny" printed on top of border on front and back cover. Children's story with religious and moral lessons. One of a set of twelve, part of a series of such sets, each labeled with a letter to identify it in the larger series - unable to determine which set this volume belongs to. Back cover has, inside the decorative border, a list of all 12 titles in this particular set. 4 3/4" x 3". OCLC-1 (Aug, 2018).
The Potato. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: Printed By B. Clay.London.1862
" Printed under the direction of the committee of general literature and education, appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge". 16 pages, bound in green  paper wrapper with decorative border; engraved frontisepiece. Tells the story of the potato, focusing on it's history in England and it's relevance in one's relationship with God. 3 1/2" x 2 1/4". OCLC-1 (Aug, 2018).
Catherine D. Bell New Stories By Cousin Kate: Set To With A Will. T. Nelson and Sons.London.1861
16 pages. Written by Catherine D. Bell under the pseudonym "Cousin Kate". Engraved frontisepiece, and decorative elements on page 4. Tan wrapper printed with red ink. Ornate decorative border includes a biblical parable and illustrations.  Story of a young boy learning about the value of hard work. 4 1/2" x 3". OCLC-1 (Aug, 2018) .
 No Time To Serve God. Truscott, Son & Simmons.London.
"Printed under the direction of the committee of general literature and education, appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge". 18 pages, bound in blue paper wrapper with decorative border; engraved frontisepiece. Inscription dated 1864. Tells the story of a young woman learning to prioritize God above all things. Includes unusual footnote on page 14: for the line "Dreadful! dreadful! he did not serve God, and he is dead!"(asterisk), the corresponding note says "Fact". 3" x 5". OCLC-0 (Aug, 2018) .
The New Parasol, and other Books for Young Children. American Tract Society.New York.c. 1840
various paging (each story has it's own set of page numbers), embossed cloth cover, illustrations, eight (8) stories included. Contents: The New Parasol, Christ's Parables, Easy Questions, The Little Hand, Our Father, Heathen Nations, Christ's Miracles, and The Little Substitute. OCLC: 6 (11/23/2016) 4 1/4" x 3". cover worn, faded, some staining, inscribed
The Picture Book; with Stories in Easy Words: for Little Readers . Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.1856-1857
8 pp. wrapper with 6 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the first series, No. 7. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856, and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. The books tells the story of a little boy who goes to visit his sister and what he sees along the way. The cover is a light pink with some soiling. There are some very faded stains on towards the edge, it does not effect the text or images in the book. Measures 3 1/4" x 2"..
Little George; or Temptation Resisted. Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.1850s
16 pp. wrapper with 7 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the third series, No. 4. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856 (like this book), and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. At the end there is a poem entitled, "Schoolboy Days." The book tells the story of a young boy named George who is tempted by a classmate to steal a farmer's fruit. The cover is pink with a light faded stain on the top left, and a few splotches on the back. The string used to bind the book is loose, and can be seen through the binding. As a result the pages are the book are loosened from the cover, but they are still attached. There is a stain on the top left of the first few pages, but it has faded and doesn't not effect the text or images of the book. There is some soiling and toning throughout. Measures 4 1/2" x 3"..
The Sunday School Hymn BookAmerican Sunday School UnionPhiladelphiac. 1828
128 pp. Illustrated and printed paper cover, frontispiece, full text. The Hymn Book contains hymns on the categories of creation and providence, redemption, gratitude, prayer, The Scriptures, worship, Lord's day, morning and evening, opening and closing year, for teachers, God's omnipotence, the importance of religion, time uncertain, call to repentance, repentance, death of a teacher, death, death of a scholar, judgment, and miscellaneous listed numerically with a full index in back. 4 1/4" x 3". wear on cover, foxing
The Cheerful Heart; or, "A Silver Lining to Every Cloud." Little Anna Stories.. Lee and Shepard.Boston.1854
152 pp. Embossed cloth cover,gilt spine, frontispiece, 2 illustrated plates, Little Anna Series. Chapters include Daisy Valley and its Inhabitants, Death in the Valley, The Hermit, and Conclusion. OCLC: 4 (11/23/2016) 6" x 4". slight wear and staining on cover, pencil marks  on front end paper,
The Lord's Prayer: Children's Coloring Book, c1940s. ..c1940s
This is a handmade coloring book, depicting "The Lords's Prayer". The interior pages were created using a mimeograph, then the outlines were colored in by a child. The name Virginia is written on the back of the majority of the pages. The pages were then bound together using brad clips The imagery is a reflective social commentary  Mostly likely this book was made during Sunday School. 9" x6". Very minor edge wear, The interior pages are slightly toned due to age.
Selina Bunbury Little Dora Playfair; or "I Won't Go to School". Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Printed By Gilbert and Rivington.London.18511869
"Printed under the direction of the committee of general literature and education, appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge". 18 pages, bound in  yellow paper wrapper with decorative border; "Class 1" printed in the bottom right corner, within border; contains 3 engraved illustrations. Story of a young girl who refuses to go to school until misfortune shows her the error of her ways. 5" x 3". OCLC-3 (Aug, 2018).
The Barbary Doves. Benjamin Pardon.London.1850
Produced by the The Religious Tract Society. 32 pages; green paper wrapper, cover has decorative border. Engraved frontisepiece, decorative elements on title page. Story focusing on religion, morality, and devotion to God. 2 3/4" x 4". OCLC-1 (Aug, 2018).
Rufus Merrill The History of Joseph . Rufus Merrill & Co..Concord.1843
16 pp. wrapper with 9 woodcuts. The book tells a brief history of Joseph, and ends with a moral for the children. This is apart of a series called "New and Amusing Toys". This book is number 12 in the second series. The cover is green with some tears in the corners. The back cover lists all the books in the series. The corners are slightly folded throughout, along with a little bit of foxing. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"..
Robert and his School.   Lane & Tippett New York 1847
24 pp. Blue paper illustrated printed cover, no title page, book begins with illustration and story. "For the Sunday-School Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church" The story of Robert and his lack of enjoyment at school, he encounters the parents of his friend Frank, a successful student, and is quoted the lessons of the Bible. Robert is very impressed and changes his ways. 4 1/2" x 3" slight foxing
My Own Picture BookTruman and SmithCincinnatic. 1835
16 pp. Red illustrated printed paper cover, engraving throughout, 'by a friend to youth.' Short descriptions with illustrations, mostly biblical but also one with playtime and one with elephant, writing addressed to "William." 4 1/4" x 2 1/4". wear on cover, foxing, binding coming loose
Katherine M. YatesCollection of Katherine M. Yates booksSherwood Pub. Co. New York1906-1922
5 books written by Katherine M. Yates: Through the Woods, 1906. 33 pp. Color printed cover. By the Roadside, 1908. 39 pp. Color printed cover. Along the Trail, 1912. 62 pp. Color printed cover. On the Hill-top, 1919. 45 pp. Color printed cover. In the Valley, 1922. 53 pp. Color printed cover. This copy was published by The Harmony Shop, Boston. All are part of the Marjorie and the Dream series. They are stories for "the little girl or boy within, who never has grown up, and never will grow up." each book- 7 1/4" x 5"
Charles Foster Kent. The Historical Bible: The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History from the Creation to the Death of Moses. Charles Scribner's Sons.New York.1912
251 pp. Cloth cover, fold out map on reverse of title page, 2 additional maps. Contents: The Old Testament world -- The Babylonian background of early Hebrew history -- The Egyptian background -- The early Palestinian background -- Israel's religious heritage -- The oldest history of Israel -- The later parallel histories -- The story of man's creation -- Man's sin and its consequences -- The story of Cain and Abel -- The traditional origin of early Semitic institutions -- The story of the great flood -- The traditional origin of the nations -- Abraham's call and settlement in Canaan -- The promise of a son to Sarah -- The destruction of Sodom -- Birth and sacrifice of Isaac -- Securing a wife for Isaac -- Jacob and his brother Esau -- Jacob's experiences as a fugitive -- Jacob's return to Canaan -- Joseph sold by his brothers into Egypt -- Joseph made governor of Egypt -- Joseph and his brothers -- Joseph's loyalty to his kinsman -- The oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt -- Moses's childhood and training -- Moses's call to deliver the Hebrews -- The Egyptian plagues -- The exodus -- The revelation and covenant at Sinai -- Man's individual duties to God and man -- Moses's work as judge and prophet -- The life of the Hebrews in the wilderness -- The attempt to enter Canaan from the south -- The journey from the wilderness and Balaam's prophecy -- East-Jordan conquests and Moses's farewell. 7 1/2" x 5". rubbing on cover, some water staining, foxing, inscribed
Anna Letitia Barbauld. Hymns for Children in Prose, by Mrs. Barbauld. S Babock.New Haven, CT.c1837
8 pp chap book. It has an illustrated green printed wrapper, with string tied binding.  The author, Anna Letitia Barbauld, was a prominent English poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, and children's author. Her two most influential books for children were "Lessons for Children" and "Hymns in Prose for Children" as they were considered revolutionary in children’s literature as the books gave special for the consideration given to the needs of the child reader. Barbauld demanded that her books be printed in large type with wide margins so that children could easily read them and, even more importantly, she developed a style of “informal dialogue between parent and child” that would dominate children’s literature for a generation. Her work has even said to have not only influenced the poetry of William Blake and William Wordsworth. This particular edition is a part of a collection of 'Toy Book' published by S Babcock, and is a selection of the Hymns published in the original volume.   Measures 2 7/8" x 1 7/8".
The Little GravesMahlon Day
8 pp. illustrated printed paper cover, cover and title page are the same, one illustration at beginning of text. Three short writings, "The Little Graves," "The New Grave," " and "Lines" referencing the death of young siblings. 3 1/4" x 2" . wear on cover
Gems of Sacred Poetry.   American Tract Society New York c. 1850
256 pp. Blind stamped brown cloth hard cover, gilt spine, miniature book, index in back-first by subject then by first lines. Collection of sacred, religious poetry. 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" faintly inscribed "Mrs. Louisa Witson Jan. 22, 1851"
 The Mother's Assistant and Child's Friend, July, 1856, Vol. XXXI No. 1 . ..1856
32 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal for children which includes readings, music, poems, and plates. This specific journal features a plate and writing on the Resurrection of Lazarus, a Summer Song, a writings on Indiscriminate Novel-Reading, What is Family Religion?, Christian Sympathy, and My Mother. . edge wear, toning, inscribed
 The Mother's Assistant and the Young Ladies Friend, January 1855, Vol. IX No. 1. Stone & Halpine..1855
35 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal featuring writings, plates, and music. This Volume features a New Years Address, a plate and reading on Christ Preaching on the Mount, writings entitled The Family Constitution, Honor Your Parents, Mary's Grave, Books for Parents, and The New Year's Wish. 10" x 6". toning, edge wear and chips
The Fourth of July. A Tale.. American Tract Society.New York .n.d.
36 pp. Printed soft cover, hand sewn binding, illustrations. Two inscriptions dated 1829 and 1830. Two women, Kitty Potter and Sally Milman, talking of what they will see on the Fourth of July. Sally uses her religious teachings to point out the wrongs that her friends and neighbors do. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". cover worn, inscribed, foxing, hand sewn repair on cover, tears and creases on pages
Gelett Burgess The Maxims of Methuselah: Being the advice given by the Patriarch in his nine hundred sixty and ninth year to his great grandson at Shem's coming of age, in regard to women. Frederick A Stokes Company.New York.1907
108 pp. with applied litho covers. Illustrations, decorations and cover design by Louis D. Fancher. The book is a humorous rendition, in scriptural verse, of the great patriarch's views on the wiles of women. There are four charming color illustrations, along with red boarders on each page. Measures 7" x 5" . The covers show edge wear and some minor damage due to rubbing. The front's endpapers have minor tear and there is a signature form a previous owner.
The Traveller's Story; or the Village Bar-Room . J. S. Redfield.New York.c1850s
16 pp. wrapper with 7 woodcuts. Apart of the series entitled "Redfield's Toy Books", four series of twelve books each. This book is number 6 in the thirds series.The book tells the story of a man's return home after twenty years, and how a village bar-room brought about the ruin of his neighbor s family. There is an inscription on the inside front cover from the original owner. There is toning throughout and a few stains. Measures 4 1/2" x 3"..
Thos. HoustonManual of Hymns; A Collection of Hymns for Social and Family WorshipChittenango, N.Y.1845
Red textured cover, interfoliata. Compiled by Thomas Houston and Alfred Bellamy, Printed by John Dow. A collection of 122 hymns "appropriate for social and family worship." Headings include Invitations of the Gospel, Christian Acts and Exercises, Missions, and Family Worship. Interfoliata is torn from another book with the inscription "Oct. 23, 1845 Mrs. S Curry a Life Member." OCLC: 5 (9/12/2016) 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Mrs. Sherwood Soffrona and her Cat Muff. T. Mason and G. Lane.New York.1837
26 pp. Printed paper cover, frontispiece, illustrations. The story of a young girl and her rescue of a cat. Soffrona and her 'sister' Sophia were sitting by the water when some boys tried to drown a cat. They chased the boys away and took the cat home. The young kitten was not able to eat. Soffrona was so worried about the kitten. The next day she and Sophie went to deliver a warm petticoat to the woman down the road. The woman was upset because while she was out collecting sticks for her fire, some boys snuck in and stole the kitten of her cat. Soffrona was thrilled and let the kitten out to find her mother. The story contains many religious teachings. OCLC: 2 (Dec. 7, 2016) 4 1/2" x 2 3/4". staining on cover, foxing throughout, inscribed
 Children's Church, St. Timothy's Parish, Roxborough, A Hymnal Program. Rectory St. Timothy's Church.Philadelphia, PA.Feb 1867
Single fold Hymnal Program from St. Timothy's Parish located in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Roxborough. This program was for "Children's Church", and featured several prayers, including one for both entering and exiting the church, as well as several hymns, such as: "Glory to thee, My God, This Night", "Nearer, My God, to Thee", and "Jerusalem The Golden". On the cover of the program is an engraving of the church. Vignette of the church exterior on front cover.  Measures 8" x 5 1/2".. Services dedicated to youth, teaching children how to pray.
Mrs. C.W. Denison The Child-Angel. A nson D.F. Randolph.New York.1860
16 pp. Printed soft cover, full text, originally printed in The Mother's Journal. The religious story of sweet little three year old Antoinette who befriends Loose Ben, the sixteen year old slouching, dirty fire-maker at the Nelson Hotel. Antoinette asks Ben if she loves and prays to God. He responds yes but later confesses that he lied and until that morning did not. Ben has a change of heart. Little Antoinette is then spoken of as in her coffin and covered in roses when Ben finds her again. 4 1/4" x 2 3/4". slight wear, foxing
Helen Jackson Palm Card Promotes ex-Nun Helen Jackson Books;  Convent Cruelties or My Life in a Convent. .Toledo, OH.1919
Card stock. An image from a photograph of Helen Jackson, dressed in a habit with prayer book in hand on front. The reverse promotes her books with a special announcement on presumably a new book "Convent Cruelties or My Life in a Convent". The narrative states her autobiography  is an important link of the Protestant reform movement and a true depiction of her life in the convent.  Other books include Convent Horror, The "Black Convent" Slave and Secret Confession to a Priest.  Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". .
 History of the Bible. Phinney & Co.Buffalo, NY.1857
192 pp, blind stamp covers. A brief history of the bible originally intended for a juvenile audience. Along with the text there are nearly two dozen black and white illustrations, the majority of which are portriats of the interregnal figures of the bible. Such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Joseph. There are approximately five illustrations of various scenes from the bible such as "Samson and the Lion" and "The Crucifixion." . Measures 2" x 1 3/4". Moderate cover and edge wear due to rubbing. The back strip shows heavy wear. The front cover is partially detached from the text. The last interior page (it's blank) has a water stain on it, as well an signature from a previous owner.
N. E. Sanitarium, Training School for Missionary Nurses Graduation Invite for the Missionary Nurses Class of 1905 . .Melrose, MA.1905
A three page invite for the graduating class of 1905 for the New England Sanitarium, Training School for Missionary Nurses. Located along the border between the two Massachusetts towns of Stoneham and Melrose, the sanitarium and nursing school were apart of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The sanitarium would later become known Boston Regional Medical Center before it closed in 1999. This formal invite to the graduation of the  class of 1905 has thick stock paper covers, with yellow string binding. The front cover of the program is has gilt school seal and text. The interior pages features the event details, the school motto- "Not I, But Christ"- and includes a list of graduates, eleven total- three men, and 8 women. Measures 5 1/4" x 4".
Edward Young, D. D. The Complaint; or Night Thoughts, and the Force of Religion. Oliver L Sanborn.Portland.1839
Edward Young was an English poet from the 18th century, whose most well-known poem was "Night-Thoughts."  Although Night Thoughts is long and disconnected poem, it abounds in brilliant isolated passages and it found an enormous amount of success. It was eventually translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Welsh and Magyar. In France, in particular,  it became a classic of the romantic school. The poem is thought to be about the deaths of his daughter and son-in-law, and it deals with themes of morality, immortality and death. "Force of Religion", the other poem in this book is said to be about the execution of Lady Jane Grey and her husband (also known as the Nine Day Queen). Stereotyped: Allison & Foster 288 pp, Cloth covered board with gilt edges. Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/4".. Cover shows moderate wear, particular to edges due to age and rubbing. Back strip has moderate to heavy wear. Minor foxing and soiling on interior pages.
Isabella Child The Child's Picture Bible. Durrie and Peck.New Haven, CT.1853
192 pp. Decorated cloth binding, with gilt edges. 48 woodcut engravings. Miniature book. The book starts off with a note from the author herself to the readers: "In this tiny book, my dear little friends will find a great many pictures drawn from the most interesting parts of the Old Testament. I intend to say a few words about each, to explain the meaning; but there is not much room, so I must be very short. I hope my young readers will want to learn more, and will gladly turn to their Bibles [so] that they may do so." The illustrations in this book are wood engravings, and with over 40 images there is nearly one every other page. While certainly simplicity images, mainly due to their relatively small size, they are charming renditions of some of the most dramatic scenes from the Old Testament. The image of the Tower of Babel, is stamped onto the cover. The last page of the book lists other "miniature juvenile" produced by the publisher.   Measures 3 1/8" x 2 3/4". Covers are soiled and show some cover wear. Additionally they are partially separate from text block. The back strip is damaged on the bottom edge. The interior pages show minor foxing and soiling due to age. There is an inscription done by a previous owner on the front interior cover.
 Newcomb's Picture Stories, Scripture Series, No. 1 Creation. Clement & Packard.New York.1841
10 leaves. In verse. Hand colored. Tells the story of creation, how chaos became light, how animals and plants came to be, and eventually how man and woman were created. Each page has a hand colored engraving on it. On the back cover is a letter written direct to the parents of children that states, "We ask the aid of those parents who regard the highest interests of their offspring. And, in the beginning, we would remind them, that the success of the attempt depends very much on parents. If they will make the scenes here represented the subjects of frequent and familiar conversation with their children, filling up what is lacking in the instruction here communicated, they will ... increase very much the interest and value of the book." Measures 7 1/4" x 4 3/4".  OCLC  - 2 (March 2018) . Covers detached. Sewing repair to binding, though it is extremely loose. Soiled and toned due to age.
The Birth of Jesus.   Folding book Ltd Amsterdam
Applied board cover, peep show book-can fold out into full circle that has pop ups, color illustrations by R.T. Cowern. The story tells the tale of Jesus in a visual way by creating a 3D image. Detailed with pop up and cut out images. 7" x 5" slight wear from folding and unfolding, a few small tears in pop up
A Lady of Cincinnati The Child's Bible. with plates. Fisher & Brother.Philadelphia.1834
192 pp, embossed cloth board covers. Miniature book. Stereotyper: Joseph A James  Written by a 'lady of Cincinnati', this item is a rendition of the bible simplified for a child audience. There are 27 beautifully detailed  black and white illustrations in the book. Inscribed on end paper front cover  and was given to a student by their teacher (Reward of Merit ?). There is a a lock of hair inserted in-between two pages (68 & 69). Measures 2" x 1 3/4". Covers are soiled and have a few stains. In particular there is one on the front cover. Covers are partially separated from the text block. Interior pages are toned and slightly soiled due to age. Missing last page (191-192)
 Aesthetic Movement Influenced Pledge Card, Abstain from Drinking, Smoking and Opium. ..1870s
A pledge card given as an agree to abstain from alcohol, smoking, and drugs. The deeply embossed card depicts an innocent young girl holding an overflowing bowl of liquid and a bouquet of ribbon tied wild flowers, design influenced by Aesthetic movement. Printed next to the image is: "Trusting in Gods Help, I solemnly promise to abstain from the use of alcoholic drinks, as a beverage, and from the use of tobacco and Opium in every form." Measures 4 1/2" x 3..
 A Bound Collection of 1879 Picture Lesson Paper, A Sunday School Publication. Nelson & Phillips.New York.1879
A bound collection of Picture Lesson Papers from 1879. Each  issue has 4 pages, and was meant to help teach children during Sunday School. Each issue has a small lesson story with a corresponding black and white engraving, as well as a poem or song, and additional questions the teacher can ask in a review session. All issues in 1879 are Volume 10 of the publication, the bound collection contains the issue numbers: 2-4,6-8,10-15,17-23,27-30,32,35-40, 45-46, 48, which date from January 12, 1879 to December 28, 1879. Inscribed on the front endpapers is "Willie Mitchell, Detroit, MI, 1879". Marble covers, measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/2".
B. H. Rand Rand's Introduction to Penmanship: New Series, In Eight Numbers, Number 8. B. H. Rand.Philadelphia, PA.1855
A copy book, apart of B. H. Rand's series, "Introduction to Penmanship". This copy book is full of practice penmanship, both  in regards to letters of the alphabet and signatures. These exercises are often on the margins of the pages, or over top of other text as the pages themselves are often full of lyrics to a variety of songs, such as "Zula Zong" (spelled Zuola Zong), "When You and I were Young Maggie", and "Home Again". These songs appear to have been either religious in nature or folk songs, most of which appear to have been published circa 1860-1870. These copy book appears to have been used by numerous people to practice their signatures. The majority of the names within the book appear to be connected to the Hemphill family of Due West, South Carolina. The signature most often found in the book is James Calvin Hemphill (1851-1927), but members of his family to appear also appear (mainly siblings and in-laws): John Lind Hemphill (1838-1899), Robert Reid Hemphill (1840-1908), and Eugenia Cornelia Brewton Hemphill (1847-1935). It is also possible that the book originally belonged to James' father, Rev. William Ramsey Hemphill as towards the end of the book there is what appears to be an original 5 page sermon on the bible verse Hebrews: Chapter 4, Verse 9, "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God". Additionally there are two short, single page essays on on respect and the bible verse, Revelations Chapter 21, Verse 7. Lastly, one of the last pages has an incomplete alphabet of words. Each letter is given four or seven words that start with the corresponding letter. For example the letter 'M' has: Money, Monkey, Music, March, May, and Mr. This alphabet only goes until the letter 'P'. Brown printed wrappers with penciling. String binding. OCLC 3 (March 2020) Measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". Maj. James Calvin Hemphill was born on May 13, 1851 to Rev. William Ramsey Hemphill (1806-1876) and Hannah Smith Lind Hemphill (1808-1895) in Due West, Abberville County, SC. He had several siblings: John Lind Hemphill (1838-1899), Robert Reid Hemphill (1840-1908), Isabell Hemphill (1845-?), and Mary Elizabeth Hemphill (?-1840). He graduated from Erskine College in 1870, where is father was a professor.  He married Rebecca Mariner True Hemphill (1855-1923), in 1878 and it is unclear if they had any children together. James was a journalist, mainly for South Carolina local newspapers, but at one point was a Washington correspondent. He was perhaps most well know for his attempts to discredit then Presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson. He died from injuries resulting from a fall from a train car on November 20, 1927 in Abbeville, Abbeville County, SC.
The English Version of the Polyglott Bible: Containing the Old and New testaments, with the Marginal Readings.. G. & C. Merriam. Springfield. 1844
1115 pp, 856 for the Old Testament and 259 for the New Testament. Red gilt and blind stamped hard cover, illustrations and 6 plates (2 of which are frontispieces for each testament), three chambers on spine, gilt stamp of praying woman on front and back cover, gilt forage. "The form in which this volume no appears is altogether different from anything which has before been given to the Public, but its originality will be found pre-eminently to consist in a laborious and entirely new Selection and Arrangement of References, in which it has been endeavoured faithfully to exhibit the Scripture as its own Expositor" -Preface. 4 1/2" x 3" inscribed, some staining on cover and toning
S D Wyeth Sacred History, The Earliest Republic in the World. Fisher & Bros. Fisher & Denison .Philadelphia, Baltimore.1865
192pp. cloth stamped boards. Miniature book.  Jewish High Priest frontispiece.  The book starts with an introduction to parents and Sunday school teachers and it was designed to teach children lessons of religious, historical and political truth. There are a total of eight chapters, most of which span the stories from the Old Testament. Interspersed throughout the book are over a half dozen black and white illustrations. Measures 2 1/4" x 2".. Covers are slightly soiled, and faded due to age. Binding is damaged, the covers are partially detached from the text block. The interior titled page has a small hole in it.
"Kalaka", Promoting Carpooling Poster
Printed by the US Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, the Advertising Council and the Pima Association of Governments. The poster plays off the story of Noah's Ark, and the idea that he was the first carpooler. The poster states "We Have it on High Authority that Sharing the Ride is a very good idea. Kalaka "Babylonian for Carpool". The poster is colorfully illustrated with a wooden ark pairs of animals in various colors. On the ground by the ark is a illustration of Noah, in a yellow rain coat and boots. Semi-gloss paper. Measures 22" x17".
 1932 Illustrated Catalog from the Mennonite Publishing House With Blank Order Form and Envelope. Mennonite Publishing House.Scottdale, PA.1932
120pp. Yellow paper wrapper. Small illustration of an alter with a bible on top on the front cover, black and white photograph of the Mennonite Publishing House on the back accompanied by a list of services they provide and their address. Catalog includes anything a Mennonite may need, whether they are ministers, teachers, or lay people. The majority of the items are texts, such as bibles, Sunday school books, and pamphlets, some of which are accompanied by small color or black and white illustrations of their front cover. Also includes educational materials like black boards and maps, and administrative items such as ledgers. All items have a thorough descriptive narrative providing its price, size, and relevant details. Catalog includes a two-sided  'Order Blank' and envelope with the company's name and town on it for purchasing. Measures 9" x 6". .
Recreation Department Pictures of a White Mountain Camp, A Summer Resort Brochure. The Outlook Company.New York, NY.[1910]
Fryeburg-on-the-Saco was a summer resort open from July 1st to October 1st in Fryeburg, ME. While technically it was a summer resort, it was a particular resort that is hard to accurately define. This is something the place recognizes itself, and indeed starts of the brochure with: "A Camp? Perhaps that term describes it as well as any one term can. The fact is that its uniqueness prevents the accurate use of a name which could be applied elsewhere. An assembly, a settlement, a summer school, a family of families -each of these names and a dozen others succeeds in standing for only one side of the life which is pleasantly associated in the minds of many with the banks of the Saco and the shady trees of old Fryeburg." The camp was also home to several organizations such as the Fryeburg School of Method, the Fryeburg School of Theology and the Church, the Maine Chautauqua Union, and the Sunday School Institute and Bible School. The camp contain several buildings, Normal Hall for classes, Grove House for its offices, an auditorium where daily lectures or concerts were held, cottages for the guests, and a dining hall. The camp's drinking and bathing water all came from one well on the property that was fed by a mineral spring. Throughout the brochure are fifteen (15) printed photographs of the grounds, building, Saco River and White Mountains. 24 pgs. Green printed wrappers. Staple binding. Measures 7 1/2" x 6".
Cora Massie Stephens  Flyer for the  Tabernacle of Witness, An Engraving. W. E. Stephens.St. Louis, MO.1895
A flyer for the sale of "The Tabernacle of Witness", an engraving done by Cora Massie Stephens (1856-1943). The engraving was being sold by William Edward Stephens (1850-1918), Cora's husband and owner of W. E. Stephens & Co. (eventually renamed Stephens Lithographing and Engraving Company). The flyer is divided into two sections. The first section has a black and white print of the engraving, along with the text "Every Sunday School, and Every Pastor, Superintendent and Christian Worker should have a copy." This flyer was attempting to sell a larger and more colorful version of the engraving then was sold previously. The version for sale was 32" x 47" and has been "lithographed in ten colors and three bronzes, on heavy lithograph paper". The second section of this flyer included testimonials from a several past customers praising the quality and composition of the engraving. At the bases of the flyer, in red, is the text "Special Discount of 25 per cent. [sic] to Delegates to the Eighth International Convention". It is unknown what convention the flyer is referring to. With the flyer is two envelopes, the first one originally held the flyer and is emblazoned with the word "Important!". The second envelope is slightly smaller than the first and was meant as a return envelope and has the company's address on it. Measures 12" x 9" (flyer), 6 1/2" x 3 3/4 (envelope).
 Lg Format Song Sheet - Praise Meeting at the Lyman Viaduct. Sunday School Committee of the Baptist State Convention.Colchester, CT.August 1, 1877
A 14 3/4" x 9 5/8" song sheet and announcement for the meeting to be held at the Lyman Viaduct and assessable by rail via all stations on the Boston & New York Air Line, the New London Northern, and Connecticut Valley Railroads  Dr. E. J. Walker of New Haven - Conductor; and Mrs. C. J. Post of Middletown - Organist. Printed verse includes songs such as Jesus Sought Me, Jesus' Loves Me, Oh, Where are the Reapers, Sweet By-and-By, Only an Armour-Bearer and many others.  The reverse is blank. . The Lyman Viaduct is a buried railroad trestle built over Dickinson Creek in Colchester, Connecticut in 1873. Along with the nearby Rapallo Viaduct, it is one of the few surviving wrought iron railroad trestles from the first generation of such structures Praise meeting - a religious service mainly of song and often of a joyous informal nature.
Baptist Orphanage of Virginia twenty-second Annual Catalogue of the Baptist Orphanage of Virginia. The Orphanage News Printing Department.Salem, VA.5418
The annual report of the Baptist Orphanage of Virginia, including a list of trustees, officers, board members, and perhaps most interesting a list of all the orphans and which orphanage they are located at. In 1914 there were 100 boys, and 87 girls, for a total of 187 orphans being helped by the Baptist Orphanages. Also included in the catalogue is the charter, rules of the corporation, a short historical sketch of the beginnings of the organization, a list of matters of interest, a report from the President, and charts of the expenditures and donations. Lastly there are printed photographs of each building on the campus and a short description. 48 pgs. Green printed wrappers. Staple binding. OCLC 2 (Dec 2019, doesn't say which years) 9" x 6 1/4".
Carl Brandt Pictorial Windows And Mural Paintings, For Churches, Building and Private Residences, Artistic Leaded Glass and Glass Mosaic, A Trade Catalogue. Brandy Art Studio.Denver, CO .[1900]
Carl Brandt was a glass and mural painting artist who studied in the Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany, who was starting a new studio after moving from Chicago to Denver, Colorado. The trade catalogue consists of testimonials from past clients and six printed photographs of past works Brandt has completed. While some of the examples provided by Brandy were works done on commission, it is unclear if the others might be available for purchase in his new studio. In addition to the printed photographs of Brandt's work, there is also a printed photograph of a portrait of Brandt himself, as well as a small biography. The from cover has a light blue decorative border stamped on it. 16 pgs. Printed grey wrappers. OCLC 3 (Dec 2019). Date taken from testimonials. Measures 9" x 6".
Edited by An Association of Clergymen The Family Circle and Parlor Annual  Vol. V, No. 10. J.E.D. Comstock.New York.June 1846
Illustrated wraps. Pgs. 334-363.  Engraving of Bay and Harbour of New York from Staten Island.  Hand colored engraving of Lily of the valley and balsam flowler (sp). An original poem The Return of Spring by H. A. Del Oriend.  Numerous articles including The History and Adventures of a Penny by Mrs. A. B. Whelpley,  An Exciting Scene; an authentic narrative by an eye-witness and Scripture Natural History; the apple-tree,or citron (with wood engraving) . Index and advertisement on back cover. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4". .
 Camp Spaulding Brochure. Young Men's Christian Association.Concord, NH.1923
A brochure for Camp Spaulding, a Christian summer camp for young boys and girls in Concord, New Hampshire. The camp focuses on offering "real opportunities to gain a greater appreciation of the wonders of Nature and a reverence and loving thought for the Great Spirit within and around us." Each year the camp hosts two sessions, one for girls in July and one for boys in August with each week of camp costing $9.00. The brochure features nine printed photographs of the facilities and past campers, and one black and white illustration of a camper's blanket which features a design representing the camp's fourfold law. This 'law' is more like a code of honor, and it was for the 'Stone Face Tribe', a social group within the camp for those who participate in woodcrafting. This code is meant to enforce the more desirable characteristics of fortitude, beauty, truth, and love. This design is also stamped the back cover of the brochure. Also within the brochure is a post card application to Camp Spaulding. At the end of the brochure is a list of 'What to Take' for both boys and girls, as well as information on the camp uniform. This list has been marked up by the previous owner. This camp is still in existence today, but is now operated by the YMCA. 12 pages. Black stamped wrappers. Staple binding. Measures 8" x 5 1/2".
 Married Chap Book: Children's History of Beasts, No. 3 and  Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns. Sanbornton Press.Sanbornton, NH.1835-1836
This married chap book is actually the front cover of one book, and the text block and back cover of another. Both were published by Sanbornton Press. The front cover of the chap book has a picture of a lion on the front and is for "Children's History of Beasts, No. 3" published in 1836 (OCLC 3, Oct 2019), and the text block is for "Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns" published in 1835 (OCLC 9, Oct 2019). The text block is complete (when comparing it to OCLC catalogue). It features an engraving and description of the following animals: Ny-Ghau, Racoon, Antelope, Zebra, and Kangaroo. Next are two sections entitled "Address to Children" and "Advice to children", which starts with a short letter to children and then continues on to list five pieces of advice for them. Such as "When you go to the house of God... consider the solemnity of the service." Next is a short poem called "For a Little Child", followed by three hymns: "The Little Pilgrim", "Heaven and Earth" and "Good Every Where". The back cover is most likely a part of the "Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns" as it features an illustration of a zebra and antelope, both of which are described in this book. 16 pages. Green illustrated wrappers. Measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/4.
Paul Davis March for Soviet Jewry Poster. .New York.30808
A  poster advertising the "March for Soviet Jewry" that took place in New York on May 6, 1984, otherwise known as Solidarity Sunday. The purpose of the political march was for the people of New York, including the Jewish people of New York to show their support for the Jews in the Soviet Union who were facing a variety of human rights abuses at the time. The poster was designed by Paul Davis and shows an image of an older Jewish woman wearing a red head scarf. Above the portrait is the quote, "Take my picture. Show my face. Tell everyone I am still here." This march inspired the "Freedom Sunday for Soviet Jews", which occurred in 1987, in Washington, DC. Measures 22 1/2" x 15".
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Pilgrim Grand Pilgrimage of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Pilgrim, Newsletter. Brooklyn Eagle Job Department.Brooklyn, NY.1887
The Brooklyn Tabernacle is a evangelical non-denominational mega church in Brooklyn, NY, which was established in 1849, and is still in existence today. This newsletter is advertising the Brooklyn Tabernacle's Annual Grand Pilgrimage, which in 1887 was to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Newport for six days. The tickets cost fifteen dollars, and included the entire cost of the trip. The front cover has a black and white image of a steam ship named "Pilgrim" which the church members would use to travel to Martha's Vineyard. Below the image is an itinerary for the trip. Within the newsletter is a more information on Martha's Vineyard itself as well as an open letter from the pastor of the church, Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage. The majority of the newsletter is made up of advertisements. It is unclear if these companies were sponsoring just the trip or the church as a whole. 16 pages, staple bindings. Measures 13 1/2" x 10".
Mattie Pounds Work and Workers in the Mission Fields of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions. Christian Woman's Board of Missions..1902
36 pp (including covers printed on crinkled paper). The front cover has a stamped red board design of Fleur-de-lys with a gild title. This is the 3rd Edition of this book, and was prepared by Mattie Pounds the National Superintendent of the Young People's Work. Each page of this book has numerous black and white photographs "showing pictures of some of the missionaries, mission buildings, natives, idols, customs, etc." What is particularly poignant about some of these photographs are the images of the 'natives' at work or in orphanages, or their 'heathen' idols. At the time of publication there were missionaries in six countries: the United States (located in multiple states but mainly the south directed towards African Americans), India, Mexico, Jamaica, China, and Puerto Rico (then called Porto Rico).   Measures 10 3/4" x 7 3/4". To view additional images: The binding staples have caused slight rusts stains at the center of the middle interior page. Minimal toning due to age. The publishing date of this book is inferred using the members of the board, and the missionaries listed in each location.
Satanus Diabolus Handbill Placed In Hymnbooks - Letters from Hell to President Bartlett, No. 3682. ..1887
A satirical letter written to criticize President Bartlett, the president of Dartmouth College. The letter is written from the devil to his servant, President Bartlett and critiques his reason behavior and decisions in regard to a 'Unitarian affair'. The letter is signed 'Your Master, Satanus Diabolus' which is Latin for 'Satan Devil'. Below are some quotes from the letter: "But some of your doings of late have given me pain... Now the ridiculous figure you cut at Senior Biblicals the other morning was enough to move a hardened crocodile to tears. The way you raged and stamped and yelled "take off your hat" reminded me of a senile buffalo in a fit of the tantrums." "And when you gave your three reasons, in such a magnanimous tone, why you had decided to allow students to attend Unitarian services, you did not mention the fourth very imperative reason, viz. :that the Trustees fell on you as wolves on a lamb (I beg pardon of the lamb for the comparison)." Single sheet. Measures 9 1/4" x 5".. An excerpt from Old Dartmouth on Trial: The Transformation of the Academic Community in  Nineteenth Century America by Mary Tobias ....An in 1887 a student (or students) placed a "Letter from Hell" in the students' hymnbooks, which they opened during required chapel services; it was addressed to President Bartlett and singed "Santanus Diabolu".
Josiah Brewer. A Residence at Constantinople, in the Year 1827. With Notes to the Present Time. Durrie and Peck.New Haven.1830
384 pp. Leather cover, fold out map at back of book depicting "part of Turkey with Greece" with and inset of "Plan of Constantinople", dedication page to the "Members of the Boston Female Seminary, for the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews", second edition. "I went to the Mediterranean particularly with the view of investigating the condition of the Jews", the book follows his travels from leaving Boston to Gibraltar, Malta, Smyrna, and Constantinople. 7 1/4" x 4 1/4". wear on cover, foxing and some staining throughout, inscribed
Baldwin Place Home for Little Wanderers Seventh Annual Report of the Baldwin Place Home for Little Wanderers. J. E. Farwell & Company, Printers.Boston.1872
The Baldwin Home for Little Wanderers was an orphanage in Boston founded in 1865 by ten Bostonian business men with the goal of taking care of children orphaned by the civil war. The Home was never meant to be a permeant home for the children, but rather act as way station where the children could be prepared for a new life with a new family. In fact it was apart of the famous Orphan Train movement. The item itself is the Seventh Annual Report from the Home, and and features a list of the board, a report on finances for the past year, and its constitution and by-laws. At the time of the report the home is said to have helped over 3,000 children. What is perhaps the most interesting about this report is the Historical Account of the Origin, Plan and Success of the Work. In this account it describes the home's mission, what kind of children they accept, the type of charity work they do beyond the Home itself for families, its day care, and accounts of so called interesting places. While the home took in any child regardless of age, they did have a few restrictions, such as "disease of either the body or mind, that shall prevent them from being adopted", or if the child was born out of wedlock. The Home believed that a "terrible malady runs through every vein and sinew like a deadly virus" for any child born out of wedlock. The report takes this one step further by providing 'proof' of this fact through two experiments the Home conducted. First, they took "a few into our nursery and with all the care that could be bestowed they could not be saved. It was found that their presence was detrimental to the health of other children. Then in order to test the experiment if possible, more thoroughly, rooms were obtained outside of our Home , and two well-known practical nurses were employed, and ten placed under their care, and every child died." The Home also provided day care for infants, what they called day babies, to help out working mothers. They describe the only alternative avenue for these working mothers "is to tie them [their children] up in chairs, and lock the door, and then away to her work." Another interesting section of this report are examples of letters sent to the Home from both the children who were placed with new families, and their new parents, basically stating how good the child is or how good the new home and family is. The Home itself is still in existence today, and it is now known as the New England Home for Little Wanderers (NEHLW). The front cover has a black and white engraving of the exterior of the Home. 24 pgs. Pink printed wrappers. OCLC 1 (Dec. 2019). Measures 9" x 5 3/4"..
A Mass Meeting!  Of the Friends of the Sabbath School Cause, A Broadside
A broadside for a meeting to discuss the "Sabbath School Cause". The meeting took place at the Langdale Grove on the Georgetown Ridge in Dearborn County, IN, on a weekend in August. All were welcome to attend, "Let all come -- come for the cause of education -- come for the benefit of youth -- come for the men and women of a future age." However people had to bring their own "provisions for each day". There were several men, mostly Reverends, who were invited to speak at the event, such as B. W. Chidlow, H. Hoyt, Esq. of Boston, Rev. Mr. Golliday and Rev. J. B. Sparks. Single sheet, single sided. Measures 12" x 11".
Die Geschicte vom Münchner Kindl.(The Story of the Munich Child)von E. Escherich. Illustrirt von W. Schade.  Verlag von Philipp Hergl in München . ..
Title page with printed signature of illustrator dated 1891.  Embossed heavy stock covers. 16 pp. embossed die-cut shape book.  Die-cut in the shape of a boy monk.   Profusely illustrated in color throughout.  A young boy’s adventures in a monastery while living among the monks.  Printed in German.  Measures 12 ½” x 7 ¼”.   . edge wear on covers
Convent Life Exposed -- Great Lectures on Romanism - Opportunity to Hear the Eloquent and Brilliant Ex-Romanst, Margaret L. Shepherd.
A single-fold circular with an illustration of nee Sister Magdalene Adelaide promoting her lecture series speaking against Catholicism.  Private Lectures in the afternoon for Ladies Only, gentlemen welcome in the evening. "Mrs. Shepherd Challenges any Bishop or Priest to attend her Lectures and deny, if they can, the statements she makes -- Did you ever know the Romish Church to say a Good Word about any Woman who Dares to Leave her?"  4 Lectures being held at the Music Hall, Providence R.I.   Subjects include The Priest and the Woman in the Confessional. Reasons why Protestants should not marry Roman Catholics (Ladies Only) The Nuns who are the Brides of Christ, and Private Life in the Nunnery (Ladies Only) Does Secret Convession and Parochial School Education Make Good American Citizens? Purgatory Indulgences and Relics.  Sacrilegious Frauds for Obtaining Money and Building Up Religious Industries.   Admission 15 cents. Also includes testimonials and press notes of Margaret L. Shepherd.  Back page also promotes her books.  Measures 12" x 9 5/8".
Anonymous Quotes & Thoughts on the Sermons of Reverend Moses Drury Hoge from 1894 to 1898. Confederate Army Preacher & Orator
A tiny pocket journal, written by an unknown individual whose entries mostly consists of quotes from sermons delivered by Reverend Moses Drury Hoge (often referred to in the journal as Dr. Hoge). Along with the quotes, are the writer's thoughts on these sermons. Dr. Hoge was a well-known preacher and orator for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. After the war he rebuilt his church in Richmond, VA, and travel extensively to preach.
 A Pair of Letters from Emily to her Family discussing her trip to Yorktown, particularly her experience at a "Colored Meeting" . Yorktown.January 1869
A pair of letters from Emily to her family keeping them appraised of her trip to Yorktown [NY] in January 1869. The two letters are written within a day of one another, with one addressed to her parents and one to her brother. The family's last name is not mentioned. The letters are jam-packed with the events of daily life. She is somewhat ill perhaps with consumption and speaks often of her health.  Additionally religion plays a significant role in her writing.  Of note in the letters is Emily's description of a 'colored meeting' she went to, which was a church service for African Americans. Emily writes about how the 'spirit' moved the church members to what she perceived as frightening noises and groans, and that due to this she wouldn't feel comfortable going to another service. The letters also discuss Emily's health and her fear that she might have bronchitis. As well as updates on her family. Measures 7 3/4" x 4 3/4". Below are a few excerpts from the letters. "I went to a colored meeting one evening and does seem to me I could not go again, they hold it late about 10 o'clock and the spirit moves them to such noises and actions, sometimes they would screech [sic] and shot and sing and groan till it seemed like confusion confounded. I pitied [sic] them for there is no white-folks church to learn from and I was almost frightened so I did not get to sleep until late that night." -  Emily to her parents, January 12, 1869  "Samuel saw an old French Dr. on the boat- when he went to B. - and told him how I was, said he should call it a dry consumption. He said worse than Dr. Powers. Sad I ought to stay here a year and then not stay where it was a cold winter. Said he thought if I could have the chills it would change the course of the disease... I think our little bute [sic] is getting to be a little fast, got so she runs away  from school (well seems to me I should have one of the boys go out to help her from running away - Little boys I mean) It seems Emilus likes me best and don't hesitate to tell of it - I know Abbie must feel bad to have him say anything. " Emily to her Brothr January 1869.  Marginalia in every blank space. From a margin note: "I was selling a negro some woolen pips and he stole one out of the box right under my nose-- I did not know enough not to hand him the box - so I let him pick out one and he got 2". A stream of consciousness with abrupt changes in subject matter from sentence to sentence, as expressed in the second quote above.
Constitution of the Tolland County Female Society for Promoting Revivals of Religion
12 3/8 x 7 3/4"  that begins BELIEVING that evangelical revivals of religion lay a foundation for the upbuilding of the Redeemer's kingdom, and are in their very nature calculated to multiply benevolent institutions of every description; and being desirous to aid in advancing the general interests of Zion: we the subscribers form ourselves into a society and adopt the following Constitution. Includes 14 Articles with the object of the Society being to seek out Missionaries who are qualified, by the blessing of God, to promote and advance rivals where the state of religion is low, and to lead anxious souls to Christ --and to not limit the labours of its Missionaries to the County of Tolland.   Reverse is blank.
Copy Book of Religious Hymns.  Cover illustration - Pen Mightier than the Sword. Benjamin B. Mussey & Co..29 Cornhill, Boston.c1850
This blank book was published by Benjamin B. Mussey & Co. sometime in the mid 1800s. The unknown owner of the book used it to copy hymns of a religious nature. There are six hymns in total in the book,
Anonymous Woman Commonplace book - Religious, Poetry, Prayers and minor Accounting. ..c1850
A journal from the mid 1850s by an unknown individual, but one who is  very devout. The journal starts off as a diary, where only a line or two was written every few days. For example "Sewing Circle", "Attended Church and Sabbath School", and "Heard Dr. Jewett Lecture about temperance." As the journal progresses the entries start to grow in length. The author discusses everything from travel (to the countryside) to books  that they have read, including the History of the Reformation Began by Martin Luther. In addition to the diary, there is also poems and prayers written in the book as well. These tend to be written in pencil, and have faded a bit. On the inside covers are scribbles of math, and the first page of the journal is an accounting slip which references boarders and the dates they were stayed. There are two inserts of scrap paper, one has accounting on it, and the other a cutwork pattern, a simple sketch of a branch with leaves that has been partially cut out . Board covers with applied marble, 40 leaves. Author used both pencil and ink. Near complete, few blank pages. Measures 7 1/2 x 6 1/2..
Henry B. Bear Scientific Demonstration of Theology, Prophecy and Revelation!. .Preston, OH.1900
56 pgs., brown wrappers. Henry B. Bear was a Millerite - a person who believed in William Miller's teachings that Second Advent of Christ was coming in 1843-1844. Bear became disenchanted with Millers teachers and eventually joined the Ohio Shaker Community. He published this book to spread his knowledge that he "arrived at after half a century of meditation, research and study of the scriptures." The book is divided up into the following sections: 'The Subject of Good and Evil', 'The Remission of Sins, What Does it Affect?', 'Heaven, What is It?', 'Hell, What is It?', 'Baptism: Is Water Baptism Essential to Salvation?', 'The Prophecies of Daniel and St. John Demonstrated', 'Daniel's Interpretation of the Image', 'Dedication and Release', 'Revelation of the Godhead', 'Revelation of the Christhead', 'Advent of Jesus Christ', and 'The Female in the Christhead'. Staple binding. Measures 7" x 4 3/4" .
Fine Trinket Box with Delicate Cutwork Under Glass– Naïve Alter boy . ..
3” x 4 ½” x 2” glass topped trinket box with straw decorated exterior and paper lined interior. Depicts a Naïve Alter boy with a Cross among the Flowering Trees, Vines, and Shrubs.  All handmade paper cuts.  Boy with halo dressed in real fabric dress with lace topper. . some wear on straw, slight staining inside box
3 Autograph Albums - Campmeetings. .Oak Bluff.1874-1883
These three albums are being offered as a collection. Two of these albums are near complete, while the album with the latest dates is sparse, with only 25 of the 100 or so pages used. One album has a board cover in brown cloth, with "Autographs" gilt stamped on the cover and spine. The other two albums have leather board covers, with "Autographs" stamped in gilt, and additional gilt decorations on the cover and spine.   One of the albums was owned by Edward Roth, who spent the majority of his life practicing medicine in and around Martha's Vineyard. The majority of the autographs in this album date from 1883 when he departed to San Francisco and he is wished well on his travels across the continent. He practiced for several years in San Francisco before returning to New England, first to Yale, and then Martha's Vineyard. Along with the autographs there are several newspaper clippings for important family events, such as his marriage to Miss E. L. Beetle and the first birthday party of his son Edward Roth Jr. There are also 3 hand drawn illustrations as well. Along with the notes regarding the death of the signers, there are also a few denoting whether or not they were since married . Two of the albums are 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"; the third is 7" x 4 1/2". Includes signatures from a wide variety of people, including signatures from local authors such as SC Wheeler, the Roth family, and crew members of the USRC Samuel Dexter, a ship famous for it's role in the rescue of the SS City of Columbus in 1884.  . The first so-called campmeeting in what became known as Wesleyan Grove was held in 1835. In subsequent years the congregations grew enormously, and many of the thousands in attendance were housed in large tents known as "society tents." A congregation from a church on the mainland would maintain its own society tent. Conditions were cramped, with men and women sleeping dormitory-style on opposite sides of a central canvas divider. All with cover wear; loose or partially detached covers.  Some soiling from handling.