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Rimmels Almanac - National Flowers. E. Rimmel.London & Paris .1876
16pp including 6 full page illustrations. The first and last 2 pages are the Daily Almanac for the year. The interior pages feature information on  Philadelphia Exhibition,  Perfume for Handkerchief, Toilet Waters, Complexion, Toilet Soap, Hair Products, For the Teeth and Sundrie.  The elaborate fanciful illustrations feature the flower women of Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain and Turkey,.  Measures 3 1/2" x 2 5/8". .
Florence Fleming Noyes 2 Circulars - The Noyes School of Rhythm for Children - Summer Camp. Cobalt, CT .1927
The first single-fold brochure has an image from a photograph of the gateway to the camp. In its fifteenth season.  It asks the these questions "Have you thought what kind of a summer you would like your children to have? Would it be something like this? That they be outdoors most of the day, in the meadow of an old Connecticut farm that slopes to a lake with wooded hills beyond? That they start the day with a Rhythm class in a big, open Barn overlooking the sparkling lake below? That they spend quiet, cool hours in an old shed, with clay, paint or dyes, which take on new meaning after Rhythm work? That they find evenings and rainy days perhaps the best of all, when they gather around big logs crackling and blazing in the fireplace in the Barn? And many more.  This is followed by comments from pleased parents at summers end., A second image of children in gossamer white gowns playing in a field. A pictorial map and basic info about the separate camps for Women and Girls and Men and Boys. The second is eight fold out pages with extensive information on the camp, testimonials, order of the day pricing, pictorial maps, peaceful images from photographs and gossamer gowned women "in a masque".  Pages are 8 1/2" x 5".. Created by Florence Fleming Noyes in the early 1900’s, Noyes Rhythm is a movement system that brings ease and strength to your body, while opening you up to great creativity in art and life. Many people, all ages, dancers and non-dancers, have come to Noyes Rhythm to relieve stiffness, tiredness, and loss of inspiration. The work combines a system of physical techniques and improvisatory explorations, encouraging subtle internal awareness, all supported by live music. The techniques build core strength, release unwanted tension, and encourage coordination, alignment and balance. Our movement always reflects the elements of nature. It is an organic approach that asks us to feel the breath of the forest, the ripples of the water, the rolling gait of the bear. We can get beyond our physical limitations and move together in universal rhythms. The Noyes system also affects our whole selves by inviting us ‘shed’ what we don’t need and find fresh resources for our spirit. Combining the grace and spontaneity of childhood with the clarity and discipline of maturity, Noyes Rhythm work connects us to the same strength that flows through all living things. A religious service mainly of song and often of a joyous informal nature.  The school is still in existence.
 Boxed Set - Larkin Household Paper Doilies in 4 Sizes. Larkin Co..Buffalo, NY.c1890s
An 8" circular boxed set of graduated size embossed die-cut linen paper doilies for household decoration and craft design.  The box cover has an applied doily replicating the pattern with the addition of the  embossed logo and Larkin Co. Buffalo USA imprint.  The sizes measure from 4" to 7 3/4".  Approximately 50 items in the set appear near complete. Housed in a pressed board circular box with  applied paper and label as described above..
Family Album Containing 32 Illustrated color Belgium telegrams for 2 Weddings 1940s-1950s.
The brightly colored telegrams are congratulations on the marriages of Jean Pier Stockhelm to Laura Jane spooner of Memphis and a second wedding, that of Nicole Fraipont to Michael Stockhelm. Also includes wedding pictures, children's pictures from the 1940s and 1950s.  Housed in somewhat worn leather album.  Measures 10" x 8".
1818 Hand penned and illustrated booklet - Um 24ten Weinmonat  -24 Wine Month (October).
Hand constructed booklet with wall paper covers. Pen and ink line drawings and text. Calligraphy script.  German language. Whimsical imagery. Perhaps a birthday book.  Laid paper.  (
Child's drawing book with forty-four (44) graphite drawings. C1880
Thirty-one (31) school girl drawings of girls and women in Grecian bend bustle style costumes. Many of the images have been named by the artist. Thirteen (13) additional drawing by a different hand, most likely a boy, Native Americans, Soldiers. All naive. Three (3) finished in watercolor. Delightful. Measures 7" x 4". Fragile.
Album of 17 Original Watercolors Done in the Same Hand. The subject: Things Floral, The Alphabet of Angela - Language of Flowers c1870s-80s.  1870s
Somewhat naive yet elegant watercolors, all with a floral or nature theme. Each is captioned in pencil. The first is captioned Preparing for Winter showing a young girl gathering sticks. There are single floral specimens, garlands and mixtures of both. Includes flowers as Inidan Azilie, Persian Tulip and Pomegranate. A bouquet in a vase is captioned The Alphabet of Angela. Of additional note are two Flower People translations from the Language of Flowers. The first is Rose and Beauty and the second is Elgantine  Poetry. Measures 8" x 6"..
Hand Made Birthday Album - A Tribute to Our Grandmother on her Eightieth Birthday, January 12, 1886.  from her ever affectionate Grandchildren.
Velvet covered album with handmade works demonstrating penmanship, stitchery, watercolor and pencil drawing, etc.  Each created by a different child.  Includes an Acrostic Prayer surrounded by a watercolor of the Holy Bible, Three (3) pen and ink drawings of a sail boat, a pier, a sack of flour, Charcoal of harbor scene, Three (3) watercolors of birds, nests, foliage and flower, sAn embroidered horseshoe on silk.  Measures 5" x 8".  String tie has been replaced.  Otherwise fine.