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Rewards of Merit, Premium Award for Regular Attendance and Good Deportment, 1856. Andrus, Gauntell & Company.Ithaca, NY.1856
A "Premium Award" given a student at public school in Ithica, NY for Regular Attendance and Good Deportment for the past week. The card is sweetly decorcated with both an out border and an inner one around the award. Along with two illustrations of a bust of a man.  The Principle's name, M.R. Barnard, is printed on the bottom right. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/4". The front of the card is missing some surface litho, particularly in the center, which makes the student's name hard to make out. The back has a square stain, most likely from past tape.
Sunday School Centenary Offering 1866 Dickinson College - In Original Box.
A 1 3/4" in diameter medallic token given to Jesse Jones by Mother in April 1866. Side This is The Mrs. Susanna Wesley teaching her son John feed my lambs from the Dickinson college Sunday school Centenary offering religion and science 1866 made by Warner and Sons manufacture of metal Masonic marks badges wedding rings jewelry etc. 326 on Chestnut St., Philadelphia. With the original circular paper box. Inscribed on inside of top lid "Presented to Me by Mother in April 1866 - Jesse Jones". Some oxidation on coin; light wear on box..
M. P. Stickney Watercolor Handmade Reward of Merit - Floral Vine Border Decoration for Nethaniel Kimball. ..c1850s
A 2" x 2 1/4" record of merit that reads "Nethaniel Kimball by excelling those of his class in spelling merits the approbation of his Instructor - M. P. Stickney.  Delicate watercolor border decoration with eternal vine and  purple and pink flowers. .
A Water Color Chart for honor pupils c1910.
A 25  1/2" x 20 1/2:"  art board with an impressionist-style watercolor basket of flowers at center with "Honor Pupiles" on either side.  The bottom half of the board has two rows of names - next to the names are accumulations of gold stars demonstrating the   achievements of the individual child. The majority of honor pupils are girls.  Few names lacking.