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 19th Century Autograph Album belong to William from Westerly, RI. ..1880-1898
An autograph album from the later 19th century with a beautiful and unique cover. On cloth boards, the front and back strip is embossed with scrolls and floral designs. It is silver stamped with accents of red and black. The pages are gilded edged and the title page of the album has a wonderfully colored butterfly and fan in pink, purple, and green, along with the text 'Autographs'. The album belonged to a boy named William, often referred to Willie, and the autographs within the album date from 1880 to 1898. The majority of the pages of the album are filled with only autographs, date and location. Most of them are from Westerly, RI, though there is a few from Chicago, IL. The later portion of the album also has some poetry (including an acrostic poem) and a few illustrations. Some of the more interesting notes are quoted below: "Remember, I say when you look on these pages, That writing in albums is like working for wages." "Live so you will not be afraid to die." "Watch your thoughts and words and deeds; If you would reap a good harvest, sow good seeds. Little by little the coral insect builds up a reef; Little by little, in God's Book, we fill a leaf. In noble name and happy heart, may you excel; Eternally in the "New Jerusalem" may you dwell." "I am not old enough to write my name in your book, Uncle Willie, I get my Mother to." And on the last page of the album: "Last in your album, Last in your thought, Last to be remembered, First to be forgot." There are three illustrations in the album. One of the illustrations is a bird in flight carrying the name card of the artist. It was done in ink. Another is again the name card of the artist, but with a tree branch behind it, in ink. The last is one is painted in green, red and pink. It shows several small flowers in various stages of bloom. Measures 6 1/4" x 4". To view this album, please click on the following link: The covers show some minor edge wear due to rubbing, mainly on the corners and the back strip. The color of the embossing has also been worn off in some places. One of the interior pages has tape repair. Minor soiling due to age. Text block is semi detached from boards.
 Friendship Letter with eternal ring plaited hair from Emma to John Van Syckel. .Mount Pleasant, NJ.1818
Affixed to the top of the single-fold note lettersheet is a quadruple plaited eternal ring of hair with an applied ribbon demonstrating the affection of the writer known only as Ella.  The letter reads. Friday June 17, 1818 Dear John, Should misfortune on you fall and the cold world pass you by and still proudly stand the test and meet each Scornful eye or should any dare to whisper a word tho name & would it back to those from Whence it came. Ever Yours Ella Accompanied by an envelope addressed to John (illegible last name) Mount Pleasant, New Jersey. Letter sheet measures 6" x 4". Letterfold. .
 Intricate Canivet or Nun cut Cutwork, with decorations on both sides. ..c1780s
A 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"  intricate and delicate cutwork presumably from France, created by nuns in the 1780s or 1790s.  Note the razor slits and pinprick at base. Watercolor decoration with  AB or NB seated on a green grass with flowers above.  The reverse has the Eye of Providence above a Flaming Heart atop the landscape.  Intended to foster good will. .
 Octavo - Double Lace Valentine with applied image with "Real Hair".  Endearing verse. . ..1890s
A 7" x 4 5/8"  single fold double (front and back) lace-paper valentine. The same pattern both pages with trellised floral scene and center cartouche. The front page has a rather unusual applied color lithograph of an angelic young girl with applied "real hair".  A single silk lace at base. (since it is asymmetrical there may have been a second leaf that is lacking).  The inside page has a printed verse in the cartouche I love THEE STILL I love thee still--I love thee still, As truly as when first we met, Ere grief o'er life had breaath'd its chill, Or sorrow's tear my cheek had wet. I love thee still, I love thee still, Thy changeless constancy and truth; thy name yet wakens pleasure's thrill, Star of my birth and joyous youth. Given the angelic appearance and the verse may be in memoriam. .
 Original Pen & Watercolor Eternal Knot of Love Extra Illustrated with a man and a women, pairs of hearts and hands and flowers and lovebirds c1840s
A 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" hand penned  and watercolor eternal knot of love with a continuous intersection verse committing one's affection.  Of particular note in this love knot is the paired illustrations in the central grid.  They include pairs or couples;  a man and a woman, hands, hearts, love birds, roses, forget-me-nots and trees.  Floral  embellishments amidst the   wandering and twining verse reads: This is love and worth commending still beginning never ending like a love knot that is twining in a round still up at squaring in and out whose ever angle more and more doth entangle still hath a measure still in moving never fair but always loving twining arms extending kisses each partaking others blisses true love is a precious treasure loves aching weeping still together both in one bliss in either never breaking ever bending this is love worth commending. . Letter folds. Single separation on fold line. Light toning.
 Pompous Bobbing Head Gent, doing the grand stroll - the subject of ridicule. R. Canton.London.
An 8" x 5" hand colored lithograph with women looking askance  at a strutting gent.  His head and mustache can be moved from side to side with a mechanism on the reverse. It is captioned "Tis a sort of thing a fellow can't understand, That when he really does the grand, The girls should pass him by and laugh, AS if he were good game for chaff  But you with scorn can pass them by Although to make a butt they try, Your style denotes a taste refined,a  And not to vulgar ways inclined"..
 The Lady's Own New Sentimental Valentine Writer. or, Poetry of the Heart, being a New and Elegant Collection of Valentines, Addressed to Gentlemen. Turner & Fisher.New York, Philadelphia..c1845
32pp. Pictorial hand colored wrapper.  Includes 88 numbered sentiments for writing valentines for any (male) individual. Perhaps numbered for the ladies of leisure to advise her writer which valentine to pen.  Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Significant wear with old repairs to cover.  Not found OCLC (5/2018)..
 Tiered Peach Lace Paper with applied Silk Flower, Elaborate Design; Near Gaudy. ..1850s-60s
A 4 1/2" x 7" hinged lace paper on cover only.  A somewhat overly decorated lace paper tinted peach colored.  There are symmetrical archways on the right and left; each with a gold embellished scrap with a man on bended knee aside a woman.  Scrap applied on a purple wafer.  Fountains at base with green wafer with applied silver greenery. The die-cut stars at top are backed with large blue wafers with an applied "Ever Thine" scrap.   The crowning bit is a 3" red silk flower  with an applied Cupid poised with bow and arrow.  . The type of elaborate design attributed to Esther Howland; not implying in any way this is by Howland but in the style of.
 Valentine Greeting  from Pretty Young Girl reminiscent of a Paper Doll Holding a Doll No.2. [McLoughlin Bros.].New York, NY.1870s
A 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" single fold valentine with color lithograph of a young girl holding her dolly(the girl has the appearance of a McLoughlin paper doll) at top.  Embossed floral and filigree border decoration.  Verse at base reads This little letter which I send, I hope you will receive; And keep it for the sake of one, Who never will deceive. Inside page and back cover blank.  .
 Valentine Greeting  from Pretty Young Girl reminiscent of a Paper Doll No.1. [McLoughlin Bros.].New York, NY.1870s
A 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" single fold valentine with color lithograph of a young girl (with the appearance of a McLoughlin paper doll) at top.  Embossed floral and filigree border decoration.  Verse at base reads Here's a greeting for my little dear, Upon this morning made for cheer-- When heartily our praise we tell To children that we love so well. Among the bright and modest girls, with rosy cheeks and flowing curls-- All have a pleasure just like mine, As I send you this VALENTINE".   Inside page and back cover blank.  Pencil inscription on back cover. .
"Valentine Dandelion"  Single-fold Card w Watercolor of Valentine with Dandelion Themed Valentine Prose & Handmade Envelope. .North Brookfield MA.1880
A handmade single-fold valentine  "To my true love, Henry" with a watercolor of a dandelion on the cover followed by the beginning of a verse "I am the image of the sun Reflecting back his glory And dandelion is my name Well known am I in story... The verse continues on the inside page and concludes with "...with loving smiles of lightsome hue  And tender glance alluring.  God bless us all and keep us true And make our love enduring.  Yours Truly, Valentine Dandelion".  Measures 5" x 4".  Found with a hand made envelope addressed to Henry A. Cooke, North Brookfield MASS.
15 Paper & Fabric Hand Made Multilayer Whimsies - Red White and Blue. ..c1865
In two (2) shapes and sizes.  The first are 2" in diameter sawtooth cut circles with graduated circles of white paper and red fabric.  The larger are 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" heart shapes.   All of the layers are stitched in place with thread..
1866 Pocket Diary of a Traveling Alarm Bell Installer in Pennsylvania and New York
A pocket diary of an identified traveling tradesman whose territory was northwestern Pennsylvania and the southern region of Upstate New York along the Pennsylvania border. It is unclear exactly what type of tradesman the author of the diary is, however throughout the journal there are references to installing bells, or cutting plates (otherwise known as strike plates which metal spokes would hit to create a bell sound), Thus the supposition that he is an alarm bell installer. Often traveling by stage coach, though sometimes rail, the man spends his days drumming up business in the towns he visits, making observations on the town, its people, and surrounding country. |When not working, he visited friends and becoming enamored with young women he meets along the way. His promotion efforts, observations on the towns and calls on young woman are the highlight of this diary. The author is a prolific journaler making an entry for almost everyday of the year. However, these entries start to become shorter in the summer, until the majority of the entries listed only his location. . Some of the Pennsylvania locations he travels to are: Westfield, Elkand, Bingham Township, Muncy, Towanda, Rochester, Williamsport, Carlisle, Milton, Danville, Ashville, Harrisburg, Potter County, and Tioga County. Some of the New York locations he travels to are: Elmira, Troy, Auburn, Binghamton, Norwich, Springtown, and Port Byron. Additionally, in December of 1866, he does make a trip to Cleveland, OH, and stays there much of the month. There are two notes which are out of place in the diary - an inscription "My fathers diary when in the army". and The second a phrase "Williamsport, PA, Married", first written on August 30, and then crossed out with "Mistake" written above it. "WIlliamsport, PA,Married" is written again written on the next day, August 31, but there is no other information provided. Both the entries leading up to the date and after make no mention of a wedding or new bride, or anything similar. Excerpts follow, note that his entries are riddled with spelling errors. Instead of using the term [sic] to denote this, the correct spelling of the inferred word will be placed within the brackets.

"I stade [stayed] to the Troy House for the first last night and had a splend [splendid] time hear [here] and my buisness [business] havent ben [been] very good hear [here] to day much more than any other place that I ever have ben [been] in my life but I have had some plesent [pleasant] ours [hours] with the young ladies in the house and they are quite plesent [pleasant]. I think to sit down with and talk with to, spend some ours [hours] with them and I have ben [been] having loots [lots] of fun all day." - January 25, 1866.

"I have just ben [been] up and put in a bell on Water St and just one cutting plates to send a way and sent a sample to Towanda, PA." - January 29, 1866

"Stade [stayed] Elmira, I even ... ... and have ben [been] quite buisy [busy] all day and this eavning [evening] I ben [been] set up with Mr. & Mrs. Frank and my company is Miss Hamilton and I have had a plesent [pleasant] time there but she was some what fritened [frightened] but I talked to her and she got so she dident [didn't] mind it and I dident [didn't] get a moment sleep and I dident [didn't] feal [feel] as if I wanted any. I must close, so good morning." - April 9, 1866

"I am stying [staying] at Mr. Haders and I have found every thing all gay hear [here] and I have ben [been] out on a walk this afternoon and I had a splendid time with some French gurls [girls] and one of them fell in love with me but I don't think it will do but any good and got back in good reason and wrote severl [several] letters and I retired at 9 Pm, so good night." - April 15, 1866.

"Myncy [Muncy] PA. I am hear [here] and found a quite old place and found my business all right but it seams [seems] not to be growing any, it seams [seems] to me a loss for such rich men to live in a place and then to not help build it up. I sold a good many geiftrs [?], so good night." - July 6, 1866.

"Danville, PA. I came over hear [here] and found to quite a plesent [pleasant] town and feal [feel] quite gay and find that there is very nice rowling [rolling] hills carried on hear [here] and the best part of the town is up on the South Hill, Market St has got some quite nice dwellings on it and one of the welthest [wealthiest] men in the place lives there.... and loots [lots] of business don [down] hear [hear], I feal [feel] as if I was going to start I could make a good more hear [here]." July 30, 1866.

"Ashland, PA. I have ben [ben] up to the coal mines to day and saw them pull mules down 288 yards from the top of the ground and I have had quite a plesent [pleasant] day, so good night." - August 19, 1866.

"Carlisle [PA]. I think this is the prittest [prettiest] leaid [laid] out place there is in the stae and built up the best of place in this state, every thing is so plesent [pleasant] hear [here]." - October 22, 1866 At the back of the diary is a slot to hold a pencil, and the remnants of a small folder to hold loose bits of paper. Black covers. Gilt edged interior pages. Measures 6" x 3 1/2".
1903 Comic Post Card - Girl Giving Boy a Big Kiss with Billowing Smoke Outcault
1903 Comic Post Card
2 vinegar valentines - Maids and Bobbys - 1 original art. Unknown.England. c1870s
One printed and hand colored and one original art Penny Dreadful valentines with the same theme -- the maid is smitten with the Bobbie and he is smitten with her fare - from mutton to beer. The first, single-fold,  with the maid having the upper hand atop the wall reads "I love you, I love you, and who shall dare? To say that for cold meat I ever did care,  Ah! Juliet, dear Juliet, your Romeo's near, And would not object to a nice mug of beer". The second, a well executed original watercolor piece depicting the subservient maid offering the Bobby  hot mutton is captioned "What Robert, at your old games still?  Well, you can't be blamed 'if cooky will', For love tempt you with nice roast mutton But Robert I fear you're an awful glutton". Reverse and insides of both blank. The original art measures 7 1/4" x 4 1/2". .
3 Tier Die-cut Valentine –Rose Basket, Cherubs with Hearts & Arrow & Sail Ship Masts 8”
Three part 9” die-cut valentine with baskets of roses, cherubs and sail boat masts.
9 ¾” Decorative Edwardian Flue Cover w Angelic Cherubs in Clouds
A stove flue cover with a lithograph of a pair of winged cherubs or angels sitting in the clouds.
A Dandy judged a Bull-dog. ..
A 6 3/4" x 4 1/2" penny dreadful depicting a true dandy, complete with top hat, watch fob and walking crop.  It is captioned "You are indeed a vulgar creature, With Bull-dog stamped on every feature". .
A somewhat risqué welcoming woman amongst the roses  "As roses other flowers excel..."
A single-fold 10" x 8" valentine with a handcolored lithograph image in the shape of a heart. A stately somewhat voluptuous woman amidst large rose blossoms.   The verse begins " As roses other flowers excel...Twist happy Man and Wife".  Inside pages blank.  A crown watermark with "J & M 1927 below.
A Stately Woman being criticized for being outdated. ..[1860]
An 8" x 5 1/4" color lithograph illustration of a statuesque and properly lady borders by embossed whimsical anthropomorphic heart characters surrounding the margins.  It is captioned: "Stepped from a pedestal to take the air", You'd think she had, she looks so statuesque, Or ancient Heroine from who knows where, Who had a passion for the picturesque "tis idle to compete with Venus de Medici, Put on some Crinoline I do beseech ye!".
A Victim of Woman's Rights
A 9" x 7 3/8"  hand colored lithograph.  It is titled "A Victim of Woman's Rights".  It depicts a gentleman in an apron with his hands in the wash tub while a disapproving wife looks on.  It is captioned "That's right, Old Dad, stir up the suds,  And haste to purify the duds; But ere I'd have a wash-tub lover, I'd take and whitewash him all over".   Letterfolds and discolorations.
A Vinegar Valentine
A pulp paper comic valentine, also known as Penny Dreadfuls or Vinegar Valentines.  It is captioned “A Pick-Pocket”
Anonymous A Ballad of St. Valentine. ..
No publisher, place of publication or date. An 8 pp. heavy stock Valentine gift book with embossed die-cut covers. Four of the eight pages are full page chromolithograph illustrations. Appear to be the work of Frances Brundage. The remainder of the pages are rhyming verse. Front cover has Art Nouveau influenced poppy border. c1905. Measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/2". Condition: overall excellent..
Art Nouveau Style of Woman with Flowers, Leaves and Vines with 'Love's Message Right from My Heart.'
Nouveau Style of Woman with Flowers, Leaves and Vines
Barmaid Vinegar Valentine - Oh what a bob! and what a Chin! . ..1850s
A single-fold hand colored vinegar valentine or Penny Dreadful.  It depicts a women with exaggerated facial features and hair behind a bar pouring a pint.  It is captioned: Oh, what a bob! and what a chin! What eyes! and what a nose! What charming smiles! what winning ways! What graceful talk that flows! Like rum-and-milk from those sweet lips, That for lovers' kisses were made! Oh, what a shame such a lovely girl Should over be a Barmaid! Inside and back cover blank..
Baseball Valentine - "I Hope I HIT The Right Spot in Your Heart"
Baseball Valentine
Big Red Poppies, Flaming Heart, and Cupid - Art Nouveau Style
Big Red Poppies, Flaming Heart, and Cupid
Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) 100 Years of Bridesmaids 1892-1992 No.33782
A collection of 9 loose sheets of paper, featuring a doll and eleven different bridesmaid dresses, one design for each decade from 1892-1992. The illustrations are done in black and white. It appears that this collection was made as a wedding favor, by Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) for her wedding. Sheet Size: 11" x 8 1/2" Number of Dolls: Doll Size: 1 No. of Pages: 9 (1 title page, 1 doll sheet, 7 costume sheets) .
C1870s German Friendship Card w Hidden Message behind Victorian Scrap of Foppish Suitor
Lithograph card with embossed gold embellishment borders.  Captioned Aus Freundschaft at base.   Applied 3 ½” scrap of foppish young boy in proper riding attire opening his purse and presenting a letter.
Caricature of reserved Miss with Bulbous Nose. ..1880s
A 7 1/4" x 4 1/2" black and white image printed on gray stock depicting a proper women with an uncharacteristically large nose.  It is captioned "Often when I fain would kiss  Your sweet lips of ruby hue, This sad thought doth spoil my bliss That, - your nose is ruby too!"  Reverse is blank..
Charming Valentine - Roses with Applied Silk Purple Ribbon and Leaves with Scrap Center of a Young Girl on a Forest Stage
Roses with Applied Silk Purple Ribbon
Cherubs, White Doves, Broken Arrows, and Lots of Forget-Me-Nots Fold-down Valentine with Red Honeycomb
Cherubs, White Doves, Broken Arrows,
Civil War Era - Hand colored valentine - Strolling Couple. .American. .1860-1870
A single-fold 7 3/4" x 4 7/8" lithograph valentine printed on plain paper.  Image depicts a strolling somewhat sorrowful appearing couple. Decorative floral and filigree border. The verse below reads: That arching brow and clustering hair-- That face all void of art-- The speaking glance, and modest air, Are pictured in my heart. 'Twas Love alone the image drew, That image dear to me; And as an offering kind and true. I send it now to thee." Inside is blank. . Given the appearance, appears to be American, Civil War era.
Civil War Era Valentine -  Dresden Peach and Cuddling Couple
Civil War Valentine
Cloth Image of Stitched Verse, ‘To the One I Love’ with Green Ribbon
Cloth Image of Stitched Verse
Colorful Edwardian Valentine Card - Side View of Woman, Verse "To One I Love"
Colorful Valentine Card
Cupid's Bower Hand-colored Advertisement. ..
An 8" x 10 3/4" advertisement for "Cupid's Bower". Official title - Cupid' s bower, or The poetical garden of love: a collection of original valentines calculated to convey the sentiments of the heart in language neat, chaste, and expressive.  It features a courting couple at center seated on a bench as he applies a floral wreath on her head.  This is surrounded by four (4) vignettes of courtship - with Cupid playing a hand in each scene.  Hand colored..
Dandy Walking with Pretty Maiden Who Flirts with her Fan - St. Valentine's Greetings
Dandy Walking with Pretty Maiden
Delicate Devotional Watercolor Cutwork - Flaming Hearts - Circle of Roses, Leaves and Thorns
A 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" delicate hand made paper devotional or "Nun Cut"  Flaming hearts surrounded by roses and thorns Verse reads " O God ... will Again". Vivid watercolor decoration with gold and green border decoration.  Reverse is blank.
Desert Rough Cuts: A Haywire History of the Borego Desert
64 pp. illustrated paper covered boards. A humerous history of the Borego Desert. There are twenty (20) chapters with titles like "Gold is Where You Find It", "Music and Booze", "Petrified Pete". There are also thirty-six (36) B&W woodcuts (including the two on the covers). Slight cover wear & rubbing. The covers have faded in places with a small water stain on the top right of the front cover. Binding is loose in some areas. Measures 9 3/4" x 6 1/2",
Double Woven Hearts with Blonde Lock of Hair
A 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" double woven heart with a lock of blond hair , held in place with a satin ribbon.  The yellow heart is polished paper. Both hearts with sawtooth border.  Not identified.
Driving To "Love Land"
Driving To "Love Land"
Elaborate Lace Design with Scrap Flowers and Girl, 'A Lovers Gift'
Elaborate Lace Design with Scrap Flowers
Elaborate Lace Paper Octavo
A 7” x 4 ¾” embossed die-cut valentine with elaborate gilt enhanced lace paper in a mirrored shape hinged to the front.  Embellished with feathers and a silk flower.
Elaborate Lace Valentine with Winged Cherubs, Love Birds, Scrap Pansy and Applied Silver Foil Leaves
Elaborate Lace Valentine with Winged Cherubs
Elegant 6" Open-out Valentine  Dresden Chariot Pulled by Love Birds - Cupid Leads the way
Fine embossed die-cut Love Token with Hidden Message printed on Silk. ..1800
A deeply embossed card created in two layers with three different types of material.  The top layer is a deeply embossed light olive color.  The scene depicts a deity or lovely woman and two cherubs in a garden scene. Entwined vine border decoration with roses cascading above. A center cartouche cut-out exposes a deeply embossed Cupid with arrow in hand on a bright orange coated stock. Finally the lower right corner lifts to expose a German language poem of love and friendship printed on silk.  Inscribed on reverse in German and dated 1800.   Measures 5" x 3 3/4". Elegant and fine..
Fold Down, Honeycomb - Boy in Gazebo Surrounded by Love Birds and Lots of Forget-Me-Nots
Boy in Gazebo Surrounded by Love Birds
Folded Paper Pocket Love Token - Miss A. Hill with Plaited Hair. ..
A paper pocket with four sides and a back paper closure.  Borders edges in light blue watercolor. An watercolor eternal wreath of flowers adorns the cover  Miss A. Hils is penned in the center. May love & friendship peace unite, and fill our days with sweet delight; And when, O when we close our eyes, May we be blessed above the sky... It concludes "Remember me your Friend. Enclosed is a finely plaited circle of hair. Measures 2" x 2". .
Friendship Album: Sketches, Watercolors, and Poetry, 1915-1916. .United Kingdom.
A friendship album from the United Kingdom full of quotes, poetry, and twenty-two (22) original artwork pieces, from 1915-1916. The covers are leather with the word 'Album' gilded onto the front cover.  The pages are gilded-edge as well. Some notably poetry in the album is the "Hey, diddle, diddle," poem by Mother Goose, and an original poem entitled "The Taxi". Below is a line from that poem: "Hark the Taxi's at the door- Tick! Tick! Tick! Every tick a little more- Tick! Tick! Tick!" The art work in the album showcases a wide variety of skill levels, and mediums, such as ink, pencil, color pencils, and watercolors. Of note is an ink drawing of a Colonel, a watercolor of a Swedish maiden in clogs on the waterfront, an ink drawing with a poem about a little naughty bear, an watercolor and pencil drawing of "A Song for Five Fingers", a watercolor of a fairy at play, a watercolor of "Little Black Sambo", and a beautiful abstract watercolor of ballerina with a colorful tutu, Also Included is even a needle and thread with the line "A stitch in time, saves nine." Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show minor wear due to age and rubbing. Bind is loose, with a few pages semi-detached. There is edge wear on the bottom of the backstrip, and the top is missing a portion. That missing section continues onto the back cover.
Friendship Token with 2 Pair Paper Woven Hearts with Plaited Hair and Verse. ..
A 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" scrap of paper with a pair of woven paper hearts with a plaited hair adornment are found at the top and bottom of the page.  Above the top ornament is penned Hannah P. Roberts and B. Wheaton in the loop of hair at base. The verse reads This little token of respect My youthful friend I give to thee Great not the give er with neglect But do  friend remember me Hannah.   Reverse is blank. .
Gentleman Romancer on his Knee Holding a Flower Towards Scornful Maiden
Romancer on his Knee Holding a Flower
Girl Writing to her Sweetheart on Valentine's Day
Girl Writing to her Sweetheart on Valentine's Day
Gril Blowing Hearts Sending out Valentine Messages
Gril Blowing Hearts
Heart Shaped Art Nouveau Valentine with Nesting Birds
Art Nouveau Valentine with Nesting Birds
Heart Shaped Tuck - From Heart to Heart Brundage Kids at Blackboard
Heart Shapped Valentine Card
Illuminated Calligraphy with Flora Embellishments - Our Darling Elsie
A 13 1/2" x 10 3/4" card with illustrated  calligraphy reading "Our Darling Elsi __ Mors Janua Vitae--Talitha cumi"  Translating to Death is the gateway to (everlasting) life -- and Little maid, arise (a Syriac or Aramaic expression.  Crests of Agnus Dei and IHS.  Adorned with dried forget-me-nots, daisies, fern and lily of the valley.   Well executed in vibrant colors. Reverse has pen and ink of The Ruin - Mt. Edgcumbe.  with a Milton verse.  Dated Aug. 24, 1887.
James Whitcomb RileyOld School Day Romances  Bobbs-Merrill Co.Indianapolis 1909
38 unnumbered pp. Pictorial cloth cover, frontispiece, color illustrations and decorations by E. Stetson Crawford, illustrations repeat throughout the book, red, black, and gilt monogram on end pages. Children's poem about school day romances that "are the dearest, after all!." 9" x 6 1/2"
John Greenleaf WhittierAutographed Cabinet Card, Manuscript Sign Verse and pen and ink of "The Captain's Well" 1870s-1880s
A grouping of materials related to Whittier.  The first is a cabinet card with Whittier's signature at base.  The second is a 4 3/4" x 7 1/2" page from an autograph album with what seems to be an original verse penned and signed by John G. Whittier, Amesbury 1878.  The reverse has an drawing by Alice C. Boynton, Boston MA. The third is a 4" x 4 1/2" piece of shingle with a pen and ink somewhat naive drawing of "The Captain's Well".  It is captioned "And I knew in that vision beyong the sea, The very place where my well must be". Penned on the reverse "Picture of the 'Captian's Well' at Amesbury on a shingle from John G. Whittier's House in Amesbury". This is being sold only as an illustration, there has been no attempt to confirm that the wood shingle is from Whittier's home. The final item is a snippet from a letter penned by Whittier..
Lace Paper
A 5” x 3” elaborate and intricate lace paper with Cupid in a sail boat as the center cartouche.  C1860s.
Laughing Mechanical Boy Hiding a Surprise Valentine – Made in New Jersey
Laughing Mechanical Boy
Leather Charm String Valentine - Pyrography. ..1910s
A 19 leather strip charm string valentine.  Each of the hearts has a pyrography border.  The text reads "If of me you'd cease to think my heart would shrink -- and shrink -- and shrink -- and shrink -- and shrink.  Light wear. .
Letters of John H. Wells to Miss Julia Tracy, 1828-1829. ..
A collection of 5 letters from John H. Wells to his fiancé Julia Tracy. Letters are very neutral, only implying affection when signing off. They depict the planning for marriage, preparing a house, what arrangements to meet again, and generic descriptions of what is occurring during his life. Wells does mention interesting topics such as the Anti-Masonry movement, items needed to set up house, wedding planning, religious sentiment, and contain a sketch of a house floor plan. The letters are sent to Tracy in Middletown, CT and come from Wells in Puluski and Richland, NY.
Letters of Mary Adeline in Holliston to Lovina Emerson, 1848-1849. ..1848-1849
Two letters from Mary in Holliston, MA to her friend, Lovina Emerson, in Southboro [sic], MA. The letters detail the life of Mary and her close relationship with Lovina. The letters are almost two years apart and show the changing lifestyles between the two. Mary is teaching while Lovina is starting a family. They have mutual friends that are discussed along with the happenings in their hometown.
Lord Byron Miniature - Printed Music and Verse - The Kiss Dear Maid! . Rock & Co..London..c1840
A 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" letter sheet with intricate embossed border design. Lithograph of the music and first two verses for "The Kiss, Dear Maid!"  Music by Beethoven. Verse by Lord Byron.   Reverse is blank. Rock & Co. London embossed at base. Presumably a love token..
Love Poem - "With an early Rose" Finely illustrated whimsical Flower children
Single fold sheet with elaborate border decoration and love poem. The banner across the top accompanied by the Scottish flag read "Beneath Religion's Cloudless Sky, the Virtues Bloom, The Vices  die".  This is followed by an address line to Miss _____________ and a poem "With an early Rose" a four stanza verse comparing the life of the rose to the beauty and virtue of life.  Of particular note is the elaborate border design with fairies or flower children amongst the flowers of many varieties from roses, to lilies, blue bells, lily of the valley and more.  All in vibrant and strong color.  Blank within.
Lucinda M. Titus Keepsake - Rings of Hair with Remember Me message. ..[1850]
A 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" folded paper with two rings of hair held in place with a textured paper diamond. The hand penned sentiment reads "When this you see please dear cousin think of me - Lucinda M. Titus". Most likely Lucinda M. Titus, born 1836, Groton MA.
Magic Show - Small Boy Wearing Top Hat Presenting a Magic Valentine Trick
Small Boy Wearing Top Hat Presenting
Man in Black Tuxedo holding Music Sheet Singing "I Love You."
Man in Black Tuxedo
Manuscript Reward of Merit and Token of Remembrance - Presented to Anna Frantz - Received  at the age of 17.
May happiness thy steps attend In this role of tears my friend And when this vale of tears is shed And we are numbered with the dead Oh! may we reach that happy shor Where we shall meet to part no more "Frantz"  (most likely a sibling).
Marcus Ward Valentine - Man and Woman Standing on Bridge with Mountains, Flowers and White Swan
Ward Valentine - Man and Women Standing on Bridge
Mary in Blue Dress Touching Flowers on a Path, Sheep and Lamps Playing in the Field
Mary in Blue Dress Touching Flowers
Matlida J Peterson's19th Century Autograph Friendship Album
Matilda J Peterson was born in 1866 in Ligonier, Pennsylvania and died in1958 (according to a note at the back of the album). This album was given to her by W. A. Peterson for Christmas in 1881. The album is partially filled with short notes, generally in verse and two different versions of an ink drawing of a bird on ferns. At the beginning of the album, Matilda or Tillie as she is called, addresses her friends: "My album is a golden spot Where all my friends may sow, Where thorns and thistles flourish not, But flowers alone may grow. With smiles for sunshine, tears for showers, I'll water, watch and guard these flowers." Between 1882 and 1887. Tillie’s friends wrote in this album, the majority of which were her classmates at Ligonier High School. Below are for examples: "All going to Brother McKinley’s church, and you to stay at home and get dinner." “Remember a ‘Miss’ is as good as mile, when asked to be ‘Mrs’, Consider a while.” “Love and ware are two great compeers, War sheds blood and love sheds tears; War has spears and love has darts, Ware breaks heads and love breaks hearts." “Our school days will soon be o'er, The day is drawing nigh, When we shall part as before, Perhaps not to meet till on high. But, may we meet in a school room, That is grander far than this, And be much happiness in that room, For the hard lessons we learned in this.” The album itself is brown cloth over boards with stamped decorations. The front cover has two horses, gilded flowers (gold has mostly faded) and green painted basket weave in the top right corner. The back cover has a stamped bow made from ribbons and tassels. It appears as though Matilda hand colored in the titled page of the album, which simply states “Autographs” with a gold ink. Measures 7” x 4 1/4"
Mechanical Fly Boy Valentine Holding Hearts in Sky above Waiving Kids
Mechanical Fly Boy Valentine Holding Hearts
Mechanical Turtle on the Beach Being Ridden by US Navy Boy
Mechanical Turtle on the Beach
Metamorphic Valentine - Rifleman's Call. Mansell.London.
Single-fold 7" x 4 3/4" with lace paper cover and solid cartouche.   At first view one sees a lithograph of a rifleman with a verse titled "The Rifelmans Call".  It reads Roused by the bugles pealing call Into the warlike ranks you fall, But when your sailor calls, I hear, Bys some back door you disappear." The bottom half of the rifleman flips up a gent with a tipped hat and a list of "Town Traitors" appears.  Marked Mansell. Back page embossed "Collection of Helen Benson Matthews"..
Motorcycle Side Car of Valentine Love
Motorcycle Side Car of Valentine Love
Nister - Double Heart Valentine with Winged Cupid Holding Torch, "My Heart is Burning As You See."
Nister - Double Heart Valentine
Octavo - Elaborate Lace Paper Elegant Woman holding a Hand Fan in a Garden. ..
A 7" x 4 7/8"  single-fold valentine with a delicately die-cut lace paper cover.  A page of yellow backing paper is affixed inside the valentine with an applied forget-me-not visiting card.  The lace paper depicts an elegant woman with finely die-cut and embossed petticoats and detailing on her dress. The woman is in garden setting with a fountain and the image from the visiting card in the background.  Lace paper vignettes include cherubs, birds and roses. Two applied floral wreath scraps adorn the upper portion of the card.  A rose and leaves adorn the base. Blue and orange wafers at top.  The inside and back cover are blank. .
Octavo - with Tiered Lace Paper and Theorem Style Floral Design. ..1850s
A 7" x 4 3/4" single-fold valentine with a lace paper cover.  The lace paper cover has a solid center cartouche with large format leaves and flowering vine surrounding the cartouche.  A hand painted lyre shaped vine and two applied hand colored flowers adorn the cartouche (in the style of a theorem stencil) . Printed caption reads "Constancy, Love, Fidelity, Truth".  The hinged top layer is an elaborate lace paper two scenes in nature with a ram in one and a sheep and a Cupid or cherub in the other backed in purple. Applied green coated stock greenery and Dresden flower.  The sides are adorned with pink bouquets and the base with gilt lace paper garden scene. Inside and reverse blank. .
Octavo Lace Paper
An octavo size valentine with lace paper cover backed with fine silk mesh and watercolor red roses with green vines and gilt embellishment.  It depicts a woman standing in a garden setting.
Octavo Lace Paper
A lace paper only applied to what was once the top of a valentine.  It is unidentified, but elaborate lace paper with gilt embellishment.  This is topped with an applied silk ribbon border and a center cartouche with embroidered silk roses captioned “To My Friend”.
Octavo Valentine with Elaborate Windsor Lace Paper with Hidden Message. ..1840s-1850s
A 6 7/8" x 4 3/4" intricately cut lace paper of elaborate garden scene with a man and woman across the courtyard.   Marked Windsor, bottom left. A 3" x 2 1/4"  applied lace paper hinged door with applied hand colored floral array and Dresden arrow pierced heart.  When lifted, an applied scrap reads "Gift of Friendship" Backed with yellow tissue guard. A penciled note within reads "O let my friendship in the wreath though but a bud among the flowers.  Its sweetest fragrance round the breathe twill serve to soothe they weary hours.". Back cover blank. Marked 2 1/2 (in blue). .
Open out Die cut Flower Cart w Love Birds Roses & Red Honeycombs
Die cut Victorian push cart with roses, love bird and honeycomb.
Plaited Hair & Hearts - Friendship note between cousins. ..c1820s
Single-fold 5" x 3  3/4" sheet with sentiment and circle of plaited hair and decorative hand cut paper hearts.  The verse reads: "Dear Cousin will you accept this book, Ts all I have to send, And as often as you read it Please Remember your friend.  Eliaz Ann Nittleton To her Cousin Ann Nettleton." Paper cover lacking. . Bristol CT - Married 1839
Quarto Lace paper Valentine with attached Hand painted fringed Affection's Book-mark
A 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" lace paper valentine  with an applied 8" x 1 1/2" silk bookmark with hand pained flowers and the caption "Affection's Book-mark" A silver Dresden scrap at top and applied silk pom-pon and fringe at base. Garlands of individually  hand applied flowers and silk fronds. Intricate lace paper.  Marked Dobbs lower left on lace paper. Inside is blank.
Raphael Tuck Valentine – Kneeling Revolutionary Gentlemen with Open-out Parcel
A Revolutionary era gentleman on bended knee with a large package captioned ‘From Heart to Heart’.  It opens to reveal a row of love birds and blue birds amidst vining roses.   A small paper honeycomb at front.
Rivet and Parchment Valentine - Flower Pixie  Surrounded by Purple Pansies
Rivets and Parchment - Colonial Girl
Rose O'Neill - Kewpies Valentine Post  Card "Box Full of Love"
O'Neill - Kewpies Valentine Post  Card
Scherenschnitte Watchpaper Love Token Cutwork. ..[1850]
A 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" cutwork or scherenschnitte love token with symmetrical hearts with sawtooth cut border decoration.  A token of love and friendship,  Most likely Pennsylvania Dutch. Endearing..
Set of Mechanical Valentines - Girl Polishing her Nails, Boy Brushing his hair. Is this a  Valentine Date?
Girl polishing her Nails, Boy Brushing his hair.
Silver Winged Cherubs - One holding a Bird the Other is Holding a  Book with Verse
Silver Winged Cherubs
Small Mansell  Lace Paper Valentine with Blue Accented Dresden Adornments and Dresden Skep c1870s
Lace paper valentine with gaudy inside page displaying through lace. Popular 1860s - 70s style.
Snuffer Vinegar Valentine - A Snuffer I abhor. ..1838-1842
A single-fold hand colored vinegar valentine or Penny Dreadful with embossed decorative border.  It depicts a seated gentleman with a Cossack style-hat and exaggerated nose.  He is holding a box of "Blackguard".   It is captioned: A Snuffer I abhor? Don't say you me adore. Your presence I abhor, And your offer I ignore. Inside page and back page blank..
Sot with a Vixen Wife. ..[1870]
A 7" x 4 1/2" penny dreadful with die-cut embossed edges.  An image of what appears to be an inebriated fellow  sneaking in as his stern wife looks on.  It is captioned "It may be quite jolly and nice  When single and given to roam, But if married just take my advice - Beware of the vixen at home".  Reverse is blank..
Special Birthday Greeting in Box with Hidden Message inside with Lace, Lovely Girl, and Flowers
Special Birthday Greeting in Box
Stipple engraving of cupid blowing bubbles.
An 8 1/4" x 11" stipple engraving capteioned at base "Cupid Blowing Bubbles.  London. Pub. June 8, 1808, by H. Sintrenich (Pupil of Bartolozzi) 29 New Bond St.  Whimisical imagery. .
The Album Writer's Assistant: being choice selections in Poetry and Prose, for Autograph Albums, Valentines, Etc.J.L. Patten and Co.New Yorkc. 1880
60 pp. Printed brown paper cover, Advertisements on end paper, string bound binding. A sampling poems and prose to be included in friendship albums or valentine's. An aid to help those those that have "found it utterly impossible at the moment  either to draw from the well of their own thoughts the sentiments they desired to express or to call to memory any appropriate quotation." OCLC: 7 (8/24/2016) 6" x 4 1/4". worn cover, binding coming loose
The Gift of Friendship and Casket of Literature for 1848.  A.T. Wilbur Edward A. Rice Lowell 1848
288 pp. Applied marble hard cover, 21 plates, engraved and hand colored lithography. Book contains writings, poetry, music sheets, and plates. Name plate at back says Rhoda S. Clarke. 9" x 5 1/2" hand drawn/colored picture at front of book and name label on back inside cover, foxing, binding loose on front cover
Tiny Valentine Card – Applied Scrap Dutch Girl, ‘I Will Be Ever Ever True.’
Tiny Valentine Card – Applied Scrap Dutch Girl
Tuck - Pretty Pink and White Bonnet with Head View of Girl Valentine Card
Tuck - Pretty Pink and White Bonnet
Tuck Valentine - Pansies with Silver and Gold Embellished Leaves and "Good Wishes.".
Pansies with Silver and Gold Embellished Leaves
Two Valentine Cards - Young Girls at the Beach Style
Valentine Cards - Young Girls at the Beach
Valentine Post Card - Boy Holding Spoon and Fork "Can She Cook?"
Boy Holding Spoon and Fork "Can She Cook?"
Valentine w Kitten Stands on Honeycomb Ball of Yarn 7”
A die-cut kitten stands atop a double opening red honeycomb ball of yarn.
Victorian Die-cut Paper Doll Valentine c1890s—Your Voice is Music…
A charming paper doll valentine – a 10 ¾” die-cut chromolithograph scrap torso of a young lady holding a song sheet.
Victorian Remembrance  with Plaited Hair from 25 different people - Blond Hair 1870s
A 10" x 8" sheet with a variety of designs of plaited hair from 25 different people held in place with miniature Victorian floral scraps. From a single loop or strands to elaborate weavings of multiple hair chains and loops. Intricate fine weave.  Of particular note is that all of the hair in this work is blond with the exception of one light brown strand at the lower left.  Housed in rustic tramp art frame.  This would have most likely been a family remembrance piece..
W. H. Cremer, Junior St. Valentine's Day and Valentines: A Few Words on the Subject and Parisian Toys Before the Investment. .London, England.1871
This book is comprised of three parts. The first part tells the story of St. Valentine, and how we, as a society, got from St. Valentine, to Valentine's Day. This section is 15 pp. The second part of the book, entitled, 'Parisian Toys Before the Investment', tells the story of W. H. Cremer's trip to Paris to purchase toys for his store's inventory during the Franco-Prussian War (also sometimes called the War of 1870). He discusses the tenor of the city as the country went to war, and the difficulties he found in getting some of his toy inventory as well as leaving the country with all of the toys he had purchased. This section of the story consists of 8 pps. The third, and last section of this story are 'Notices from the Press', which are essentially the press reviews for  illustrations and toys, particularly those of Easter Eggs, that Cremer has done in the past. This last section is 10pps. The book ends with four pages of advertisements for toys and books. All the pages are have black and white illustrations, and are gilt edged. The front cover are a peachy color with a gilded stamped title and decorative elements. Measures 6" x 4 3/4". OCLC 3 (June 2019).
Wafer box with 9 Wafers & Photograph
A 1 5/8" in diameter paper covered wafer box with an embossed seal or wafer at top center Contents includes 9 wafers 1/2" in diameter that would have been affixed to the back of the letter perhps with the seal.  Also includes is a 5/8" circular cut-out photograph of an elderly women.  Wafers of various styles, all embossed.
Ward - Small Girl Holding onto Big Yellow Flowers Blowing in the Wind
Small Girl Holding onto Big Yellow Flowers
Young Girl w Pink Lacy Parasol Stands Beneath Horse Shoe with 4 Leaf Clovers and Forget Me Not Garlands
A sweet young girl in yellow and blue finery stands beneath a horseshoe wound with forget me not garland accented with four leaf clovers.