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 Die-cut Dance Card in the Shape of a Cadet, University of Vermont Military Ball. The Hall-Cosler Co.Bloomington, IND.
Dance card in the shape and image of a military cadet, from the University of Vermont's Military Ball, held under the auspices of Scabbard and Blade Society at the University Gym, on November 10, 1924.  Sixteen dances in the order of dance. Names penciled in. With original leather string. Card stock covers and pages. Measures 5 1`/4" x 3".  Dance card separated from covers. .
 Multipurpose die-cut hand fan - advertising and program & more - The Michigan Delegation with it's 38 Votes  - 1940 Democratic National Convention. . ..July 15-18th,1940
A 7 1/2" x 3 3/4' four blade fold out hand fan with grommet at base give away at the 1940 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.  The cover is printed in blue and gold and boasts Michigan's 38 delegates, followed by a blade promoting the state highway commissioner of Michigan & Democratic  Candidate for Governor with an image from a photograph of Murray D. Van Wagoner.  This is followed by a blade that promotes Michigan as the Playground of the North" and the fourth that provides spaces for writing the names and addresses of the Michigan Delegates.  The reverse of the blades proves spaces for convention notes, convention rollcall and the convention program. .
Exceptional Metamorphosis Overlays of a Man and Women with 97 Overlays - Clothes Make the Man. Netherlands.1808
Comprised of 3" x 2 2/4" portrait cards of a nude woman and man in an undershirt.   The women has forty-six cut-paper watercolor overlays and the man has fifty-one cut-paper watercolor overlays.   In all ninety-seven different possible portraits, spanning professions, fashions and extraordinary hairstyle One of the female overlays (no.10) is dated 1808. . Each with a half-length or head and shoulder drawings with cut-outs to expose the face of the portrait.  Some with more intricate cuts to provide accessories for the costume or change the character of the face.   Somewhat unusual is the fact that the set represents both female and male faces in two separate base portraits.  Housed in a paper covered pressed board box with a separation at center.  The box most likely is not contemporary to the piece and added at some time in the 19th century.  Each is numbered.  Changements Inattendus, metamorphic (or protean) games are examples of early optical toys which demanded an act of interpretation, a way of looking that searched for hidden images in every day items. As part of the growing 18th Century interest in recreational science, metamorphic games also have a classical precedent, with Ovid's Metamorphosis the most famous and enduring of all the tales of transformation. "Understanding such ways of seeing - the modes of human perception - opened the way to the 'philosophical toy', devices that played with the vagaries of visual capacity and conjured images." (Quoted from Marina Warner in Eyes, Lies and Illusions, exhibition catalogue pp.113, 218-19).