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Art and Decoration in Crepe & Tissue Paper. Dennison Manufacturing Co...1913
96 pp. Printed soft cover, photographs, illustrations, crepe paper samples. A trade catalog filled with information about crepe and tissue paper. Vividly colored samples of papers, decorating with papers instructions and photographs, advertising for other materials to use with papers, includes index at back. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". tear on cover, cover handled
 Macullar Parker Company, Fashionable Clothing for all Occasions, 400 Washington Street Boston Selected Views of Boston. Moses King..1898
printed unpaginated booklet containing black and white photographic views of c. 1898 Boston. Included are two views of the Macullar Parker Company buildings. Macullar Parker is noted as having "the best clothing for men and for boys... made in our own workrooms on the premises". Each image includes title an location. 5 3/4" x 8". slight staining
Gloria Water Promotional Flyer with Testimonials c1890 ..
Claims the product is the wonder of the age for imparting Brilliant Transparency to the Skin. Miss Edna L. Smythe, South Bend, Indiana, Manufacturer and Proprietor. Reverse includes testimonials. Measures 10" x 6 1/2". .
Boston Theatrical Guide. Theatrical Guide Pub Co Publishers.Boston.c. 1905
A small booklet that gives an overview of the various theaters in Boston. 24 pages, paper wrappers with stapled binding. Some of the theaters included are the Boston Theatre, Castle Square Theatre, Percy Williams' Orpheum, and many more. Each theater gets a diagram with the layout of the seats and stage, included are the prices for each section. Interspersed are advertisements for all types of local business, including Crosby's Restaurant, which sponsored the creation of the booklet. 7 3/4" x 5 1/2".   .
Hidden Object Puzzle promotes Candy Store; a century ahead of it's time (no game app required). ..
A 6" x 3 1/2" stock puzzle card promoting a candy store.  The tope portion with hidden objects appears to be a young girl in a somewhat surreal scene above mountains, a stream and dead streets.  Captioned at top Hidden Away in this Curious Picture is a cat, a serpent, a lizard, a fly, a mule, an elephant, two birds, a rat, a boy, a dog, a fish and five other objects.  Caption at base reads "To find the best Ice Cream call at CURTIS Candy Store.  Reverse is blank..
Bruce Patrick Jones Leyendecker: The Look, A Tribute to Joseph Christian Leyendecker. ..2010
Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951) was a German-American illustrator who was considered to be one of the foremost American illustrators of the early 20th century, best known for his poster, book, and advertising illustrations. This paper doll set by Bruce Patrick Jones is done in the style of Leyendecker as a tribute to him. It contains two cut out dolls. A Leyendecker was most known for his advertisements for men's fashions, there is only one outfit for the female doll and four outfits for the male doll. One is a football jersey, the second is a business suit while holding an old fashion telephone, third is a jacket and cane, while the fourth and last look is a tux which also features a woman dancing with him in a red dress. Comes in an envelope with a clear window. Envelope Size: 12" x 9" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 10" No. of Costume Pages: 4 folded pages (booklet stapled) .
 Promotional Brochure - Chevrolet Offers you Modern Mohair Velvet Upholstery - At No Extra Charge. Evans-Winter-Herb.Detroit, MI.1930s
A tri-fold brochure promoting the wonders of modern mohair velvet upholstery for your new Chevrolet.  Promotional points include New (no one has had Mohair Velvet upholstery in the past, Beautiful -  for centuries people have admired velvet; now there is a new twist, Durability - includes an illustration of the machinery used to create the fabric and finally Easy to Clean - dust it or use plain soap and water. The brochure concludes with why high quality upholstery in your car is important - it is the most personal item in your car and if the upholstery doesn't look beautiful it wont wear well (??!!). Measures 6" x 3 1/4".  .
 3 Pamphlets- How to Treat Seed Corn,Seed Potatoes and Truck and Garden Crops with Bayer Dipdust and Disinfectants.
Three (3) different 2-fold promotional brochures for Bayer seed treatment products, each with illustrations of the product or products being treated.  They include How to treat Seed Potatoes with Dipdust, How to treat Truck and Garden Crops with Dipdust and How to treat Seed Corn with Seed Corn Disinfectant.  Each guaranteed to produce larger yields with cleaner and better crops.  The pamphlets includes images from photographs and illustrations along with narratives explaining usage and promoting the products. Each measures 6" x 3 1/2" when folded.  Surface wear.
Promotional Brochure and Sample Card for  Dixon Silica Graphite Paint  Printed in French - Fine Chromolithograph Imagery.
A two-fold promotional flyer for Dixon Silica-Graphite paint.  The chromolithograph front cover depicts vignettes of its various uses accompanied by relevant captions.  January 1905.  The inside pages promote the products durability, ease of application and varied uses as an especially durable product.  This is followed by four color sample paint chips; all in shades of graphite. It concludes with the economics of using the product.  The back cover includes a vignette of the factory in New Jersey.  Presented by Wanner & Cie, Paris.   Robert & Cie, Lithographer. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 3/4"
Die-cut Promotional Book in the shape of a Shoe Heel Promoting Wire Grip Fastening Co. . .Boston.n.d.
4 pp. booklet die-cut in the shape of a shoe heel. Promotes the Wire Grip Slugger, a machine forcing solid steel or brass wire into heels and soles of shoes and the Clinch Nailing Machine that inserts nails into shoes at a rate from 250 to 300 per minute. L. Barta & Co. Printer. Boston. .
Rogers & Company Engravers and Printers, Chicago and New York building series number one. Rogers and Co..New York.
Printed folded paper with color silk screen image, number one in series, red and black text and border.  "The first number of a sequential series picturing progress in the erection of the great new building to house Rogers & Company New York", the front page features  a screened image of two builders and steel beams and two horses. Image is black, white, blue, and red. The inside has one page with Number One and a red lined border and the company logo. The back explains what the series is about and why it was created. 15" x 11". staining- mainly on edges, some wear
To Escape Optiphosis, Advertising Brochure for Curtis Lighting
"Glare is the gangster of light," this brochure claims in its opening salvo. It continues on to declare "It beats upon your brain with the bludgeon of brilliance. It strips you of stamina, rifles you reserve and plucks your power, and makes off with you energy." Serving as an advertisement for Curtis Lighting, this brochure features their product 'X-Ray Reflectors', which is an indirect lighting element that cuts down on the glare you would get from direct lighting. The small brochure continues on to say that it helps with optiphosis, which according to 'lighting engineers' and optical science is any illness that can be caused by a harsh glare, such as headaches, loss of productivity, and nausea. The brochure itself is printed in black with green accents used in the designs or illustrations. The front cover has a wonderful art deco influenced illustration of eyes with light beams hitting their pupils. Single fold brochure. Measures 7" x 3 1/2" (folded), 7" x 7" (unfolded)
Leaflet - Massey's Patent Revolving Boot & Shoe Heal Protectors. Massey Revolving Shoe Heel Co..New York .1880s
An 8" x 5" two-sided leaflet describing the merits of this heel protector.  It boasts: It will save from 25 to 50 percent in boot & shoe bills.  It will, in a great degree, prevent slipping on ice.  It will support the ankle and keep the foot erect.  It gives a neat finish to the shoe, and maintains it. etc. Includes pricing starting at 50 cents a pair. The reverse provides instructions for adjusting the protectors with detail on removing the entire heel, worn layers, etc. and how to rotate the heel.  Illustration depicts installed product and internal view. .
 Promotional Card and Measurement Card - The Flynt Waist, or True Corset, Boston 1876.
A 2 1/4" x 4"  illustrated advertising card for The Flynt Waist "Universally endorsed by eminent physicians as the most Scientific Waist or Corset known.  Identified images of the high-necked garment, low-necked garment, Flynt Hose Support, Flynt Extension and Nursing Waist, Misses' Waist, how we dress very little people and shoulder brace. The reverse  is to be completed by the potential costumer and includes nine questions required before the individual corset can be fitted.  Unused.
 Business Card – Arthur A. Waite, Children’s Chalk-talker . ..c1880s
A 2 7/8” x 1 1/8” with trompe l'oeil corner giving the illusion of the corner being flipped forward. Printed in black and white, as a chalk board. The card reads Arthur A. Waite, Children’s Chalk-talker? John 3:16 in the upper right corner. It is for Arthur Waite, who began his career as a mesmerist and medium and converted to Christianity around 1870 and deemed himself an artist evangelist.  He delivered evangelizing sermons to children using illustrated chalk-talks. .
 Can't Be "Beet" Die-Cut Beet shaped advertisement for Bay State Papers. ..
Red Die cut "beet" advertisement for Bay State Papers, each page explains why their store can't be beat. A new store with "no stairs to climb", a sample box showing their complete line of boards, quality envelopes, ruled goods, and stationary, calendars, assortment of items such as folders, dance orders, invitations, tickets, flat writings, ledgers, bonds, and covers. 6" x 4". papers are detached
Palmer's Manual of Cage Birds Presented by Solon Palmers Perfumer & Toilet Soap Makers. Solon.New York.1879
A 32 pp booklet providing information how to catch  and tame birds, bird food, cages, breeding, extensive information on diseases and remedies followed by general remarks, the canary, breeding, singing, molting and varieties.  The remainder of the book focuses on Palmer's products including perfumes, soaps, lotions and other remedies.  Illustrated covers.  Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4". .
Save the Staff of Life to Feed the Staff of the Nation
With the slogan "We need both Bread and Bullets" across the front cover, the Ward Baking Company helped the Council of National Defense in its conservation of wheat during the World War I. This pamphlet explains the need for rationing bread on the home front. Printed in brown and green the cover depicts a soldier with a rifle over his shoulder standing in a grassy field. Measures 4" x 2 ½".
Eye Appeal means Buy Appeal - Ajustrite Dress Form. Gerstein Bros. Mfg. Corp.New York.
A 12 1/2" x 8 1/4" printed cardboard form to be used to improve the appearance of a dress on a hanger.  No. 100 Model M.  It is an Ajustrite Dress form "The weight is on the tape. String tie at top that attaches to a hanger allows for proper placement of the form.  The belt from the dress is used to create a streamline waist.  Illustration and narrative instructions at base.   Reverse is blank..
India Refining Co.  India Refining Co. Recipe Advertising Cards . .Philadelphia, 1915
No-Stickee is a product created by the India Refining Company, which specialized in vegetable butters. The three separate recipe cards are to advertise the No-Stickee product to use with candy, promising to not only make candy stable and cut easily, but to also prevent it from sticking to teeth. Each recipe card has a different candy that includes use of the product. One is pink, one white, one blue, and the print is on one side. Each measures 5 3/4" x 5 1/2". . India Refining Co. produced a "Science in Confectionary" booklet which included recipes that were altered for the use of their product. The three recipe cards seem to be taken from or inspired by the booklet.
Erskine Reed The Children's Missionary Subscribers Appeal . Executive Committee of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church.Nashville, TN.August 1896
A single-fold pamphlet announceing a subscription contest for the publication. The contest was for children and aimed at finding new subscribers for the periodical, and was most likely an insert in the August 1896 issue of The Children's Missionary. The single fold insert contains a printed copy of a letter written by Erskine Reed, the Treasure of the Foreign Missions Office at the Presbyterian Church, which entreats children to sign up new subscribers and offers "three prizes to those getting the largest list by Dec. 20 1896, mentions of which you will see in the Sept. issue." The front of the insert features a black and white engraving of a young girl holding flowers set within a circle with a decorative border and the caption "The Regions Beyond". There is an additional larger border with a large growing of lilies. Single fold, double sided. OCLC 5 (May 2020). Measures 6 3/4" x 4" (folded).. Published monthly between 1894 and 1906, the Children's Missionary contained Presbyterian missionary stories from around the word.
Read for your Life!  Consumption can be Cured by Dr. Schenck's Treatment. Dr. J. H. Schenck & Son .Philadelphia.[1880]
32 pp. wraps. First page titled "A Positive Cure for Consumption" explaining consumption, the origin of consumption, the tubercle, the various stages, the symptoms including cough, wasting away, hemorrhages, night sweats and hectic cheeks, poor appetite and bad digestion and diarrhea and of course, how Schenck's product will cure the same.  Measures 7" x 5". .
 Business Cards - Dentistry - Surgeon and Mechanical, Veterinary. .New York.c1900
Two (2) different business cards for very different dentists in New York. One for a Veterinary Dentist operating on diseases of the teeth  for coughing, frothing at mouth, discharge at nose, hide bound, scouring, running at eyes, tossing head, driving on one line, cribbing, bolting, baulking, shying, etc. The second card  for R. Bogardus is for a surgeon and mechanical dentist in Brooklyn. Reverse is blank. Larger card measures 3" x 4 3/4". .
 Pamphlet - Prof. Shaw’s Antiseptic Solution – An Invaluable Household Requisite! For the Preservation of Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Jellies, James, Honey Preserves, Sauces, Syrups, etc.(Spiritus Acetose). Union Job Printing Co..Detroit.c1878
single fold with insert for Prof. Shaw's Antiseptic Solution. The main pamphlet details how the solution can benefit user in making and preserving cider, wine, beer, raw meat, butter, eggs, cheese, baked beans, buckwheat batter, preserves, syrups and molasses, honey, paste and mucilage, soda, water, and for house hold usage. The insert is a notice for cider makers. 8" x 5 1/2".
 Songs, Jokes, Definitons of Dreams, Language of Flowers, Etc. Etc,. Grafton Medicine Co..St. Louis Mo..
A 32 pp booklet printed by the maker of Dr. Henry's World's Tonic and Blood Purifer and Dr Henry's Root and Plant Pills. Available for two three-cent postage stamps. An array of popular interests of the day including wood-cut engravings with children's verses, songs with music and verse, Language of Flowers, Marriage Guidance, Facts about the Bible, Language of the Handkerchief, Definition of Dreams and of course many testimonials for the products.  Back cover is a wood cut of a stylized bird with a talk bubble that reads "Quack"  creating a potent while chanting a verse about quackery and why you should use Dr. Henry's instead. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4"..
 Heinz Baby Food Promotional Information - For Your "Star Boarder"  - Heinz Baby Foods in Glass!. ..c1940s
A package of promotional materials sent to new mothers by Heinz Baby Foods.  Includes 9" x 6 1/2" single fold promotional brochure promoting the ready made foods for quality, flavor, color and texture. It includes information on how the food is obtained, quality control and research, 'the Heart Land" and company  experience.  It also lists all of the cereals, strained foods and junior foods.  Additional sheet with check list of foods plus Juices. Includes original envelop and two product coupons. .
Kinney's Shoe Store  Bowling: Summary of Rules and Regulations Kinney's Shoe Store Advertising Booklet. ..1942
The booklet, as promised, gives an overview to the rules and regulations of bowling for the 1941-42 season. 13 pp. wrappers with stapled binding. Some of the topics discussed are "Pinfall - Legal and Illegal" "Scoring the Game" Foul - Definition Of" and other general rules, as well as some advice for the newer bowler. Each topic has a description which varies in length, along with some small, generally humorous illustrations. There is also a section on the greatest bowling match in history, which is Jimmy Blouin vs Jimmy Smith. The back cover advertises "the famous 'Jimmy Blouin' bowling shoe" with an illustration and guide to the various features of the shoe that make it so great. Measures 6" x 3 1/2". . Published by Permission of American Bowling Congress
Armour's Star   Armour's Star Frankfurters Links of Goodness - Mechanical Hot Dog Bun. ..1905
The front panel features a drawn colored illustration of men, women, and an automobile waiting in line for Armour's Star Frankfurters. The inside panels features a colored illustration of a pop-up roll revealing a frankfurter inside a bun. Below the pop-up are a few paragraphs promoting the hot dog. The rest of the inside panels are dedicated to six recipes that utilize Star Frankfurters in them. The recipes listed are: Star Frankfurters and Potato Salad, Star Frankfurter Rolls, Cooking Star Frankfurters, Star Frankfurters and Baked Potatoes, Casserole of Star Frankfurters and Potatoes, and Roasted Star Frankfurters. Next to the recipe is another colored illustration depicting a plate of frankfurters and an unopened a package. On the back cover the numbers 120722 are printed along with "patent pending." Measures 5" x 3" (folded), 11 1/2" x 3" (unfolded).
 The Neighborhood House, Minister to all the Needs of the People. The Neighborhood House.Curtis Bay, MD.1916
10 pages (including covers) staple brochure printed for the Neighborhood House in an effort to help generate funds for the charity. Founding in 1906 the goal of the Neighborhood house was to support the community of Curtis Bay by providing school and social activities, not just for children, but also women. They offered kindergarten, several boy's, girl's, and women's clubs, as well as Industrial School which had classes in Cooking, Sewing, and Basketry. The funds solicited by this booklet would go towards the cost of equipment and repairs as well as a gymnasium and better grounds.  The book includes 5 pages of photographs of the school and the classes. Additionally the front cover has a picture of the school and the back cover as a picture of Curtis Bay, with the caption "An Industrial Community." Measures 7"  x 5"..
The Royal Wine & Liquor Coof Cleveland Ohio offered two (2) California products with Guarantee Bond..
California products, the Gutedel Wine and California Port; each with a Guarantee Bond promised to pay $500 to "any chemist of acknowledged ability and repute, who shall prove by a chemical analysis that the contents of this bottle, is not in accordance with the statement made on the label..." The certificate is housed in a deeply embossed wrap simulating the bottle label, with additional guarantees within. .
Probabilities - An Edwardian era guide to signals used by the Government Weather Bureau, the implications on house paint and other Prognostications indicating changes in the weather. Lowe Brothers Company.Dayton, OH.c1910
An 8 pp booklet with full color covers and in-text illustrations throughout.   The purpose of the booklet is to education predominantly homeowners on reading and understanding the weather and more importantly how Lowe Brothers has created paints to withstand any weather conditions. It also includes lists of prognostications such as "If larks fly high and sing long, expect fine weather" and "In winter, when the sound of the breakers on the shore is unusually distinct, frost is indicated".  Additionally it includes tips regarding selection and use of house paint finally - How to Foretell Results when Painting, which concludes that Lowe's High Standard Paint will give the best results. .
Ginn Basic Readers Cut Outs/Paper Dolls - Teaching Aid . Ginn Basic Readers.Boston.1950s
The five dolls consist of three children, Tom, Betty, and Susan, along with two animals Flip, the dog, and Pony, the horse. The included instruction sheet gives suggestions as to how the paper dolls might be used in a classroom to ready children for and begin reading. Along with the Ginn Basic Readers books of course. Some possible skills that can be learned using the characters matching them to chalkboard outlines, practice eye-hand coordination, developing language growth and listening ability. The characters also pair up with characters in several of their beginner reading books is but a fun coincidence and coincidentally be used as physical representations of stories and exercises. The original envelope is also included. Dolls vary, largest measures 10" and the smallest 6".   .
 New Glamour for The "Glamour Girl", a Glowing Daylight Fluorescent Color Bath Beauty Letter Opener. Coast Industries.Los Angeles, CA.1952
Materials featuring a 'Bathing Beauty' novelty letter opener and the two pieces of advertising materials that go along with it. In the 1950s a company by the name of Coast Industries came up with a product called 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock', which was a phosphorescent pigment mixed with an adhesive and used to decorate plastic objects. This pigment glowed in the dark and came in three colors, bright blue, brilliant green, and bright yellow. The company coated this product onto a variety of plastic molds, such as the 'Bathing Beauty' Letter Opener, that were then sold in bulk to companies to use a promotional materials. The letter opener itself is made from a clear plastic that has been shaped into the silhouette of a female body. The 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock' had been adhered to the form so that it looks like a bathing suit. A double sided flyer containing information on the bathing beauty and a return envelope is included. The backside of the flyer showcases another one of the company's items that could be covered by the ''flok-kraft fluorescent flock', a piggy bank that would tip its hat every time a coin was inserted.  The novelty letter opener no longer glows in the dark. Measures 8" x 1 1/4" (letter opener), 8 1/2" x 11" (flyer).. The date is inferred by magazine ads found, which date to 1952, in 1954, the company's address changed.
William G. Talman & Co. - Coopers. .New York.[1850]
A 1 3/4" x 3" lightly coated stock business card for Wm. G. Talman and James F. Shay.  Reverse is blank. . Cooper - a maker or repairer of casks and barrels.
Dr. H.H. Green's Sons, Dropsy Specialists Green's Dropsy Remedy Information and Account Book. Franklin Printing & Publishing Co..Atlanta, GA.1899
36pp. Illustrated wraps. Images from photographs of the "sons" on the front cover. A combination promotional booklet and calendar and notebook.  Approximately 2/3 of the booklet is dedicated to product information and testimonials on the Dr. H. H. Green's Sons' treatment and relief of dropsy (edema) and their other products.  The remaining pages are combined calendar month pages for 1900 and 1901 and blank lines for notes.  The top of each page has a small promotion such as "Green's Sons' Chill Specific will cure you of the worst case of chills".  Measures 5 3/4" x 3 1/2".  .
 Information to the Public - Dr. R. C. Flowers Remedies  - Liver and Stomach Sanative, Lung Cordial, Catarrh Remedy,  Pain Destroying Elixir, etc.... ..1884
24 pp. Illustrated wrap with image of R. C. Flower on the front cover and "Hygeia of the 19th Cent" on reverse.  A free to the public narrative introducing the company, the science in the preparation and skillful combinations.  This is followed by detailed information  on each of the companies numerous products with only the use of different type face for embellishment.  It concludes with Testimonials.  The inside back cover is a price list and includes Liver and Stomach Sanative, Lung Cordial, Catarrh Remedy, Blood Purifier, Pain Destroying Elixir, Nerve Pills and Magnetic Plasters.  Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4". .
 Business Cards - Cancer Specialists - Cured without Knives. .Mound Valley, KS and Allentown, PA.c1900
Two (2) different business cards for cancer specialists, both claiming to cure cancer without the use of knives. Dr. Baynham also advises he also does not use caustic and plaster.  Reverse is blank. Larger card measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/2". .
E.L. Koller. Modern Styles-Decorative Ornament, series 40, International Textbook Co. Scranton, PA, 1930
75, 65 pp. Blind stamped leatherette flexible cover, gilt lettering on spine, marbled end papers, colored edges, color and black and white images, 2 color fold-outs of color shading and inscription design. Contains two sections; Modern Styles and Spacing and Decorative Ornament. Includes illustrated and printed examples of the topics discussed. OCLC: 5 (9/28/2016) 7 1/2" x 5" . slight wear on cover edges, water stain on bottom right page at beginning of book-does not impact ability to read
 Die-cut Promotional Book in the shape of Foot Promoting Wayne Knitting Mill, Full Matchless Fashioned Hosiery. "Something on Foot".. ..1990
6 pp. booklet die-cut in the shape of a foot with a portrait of a family member on each toe. It is titled "Something on Foot" Wayne Knit Hosiery  Matchless. The profusely illustrated booklet promotes hosiery for every member of the family. Also includes sizing and pricing information. The back cover is the sole of a foot. Measures 2 5/8" x 7 1/8". Minimal edge wear on fold. .
 The Greely Plum, printed in plum colored ink.. ..
A single fold 11" x 8 1/2" circular promoting The Greely Plum, presented by O.K. Gerrish. Large illustration of plums on front page accompanied by Gerrish's promotion.  Followed by an attestation that Gerrish is the agent for the Greely plum, with the remainder of the inside and back pages are testimonials by satisfied customers.. Light wear and letter folds
 Sapoli-o-lic" Promotional Booklet features Selections from E.M.S. Pinafore . Enoch Morgan  Sons Co. (E.M.S).New York.1879
An 18 pp booklet using altered selections from HMS Pinafore to promote Sapolio polishing and cleansing soap.  Illustrations from the  comic opera  and altered verses to include Sapolio thoruhgout interspersed with testimonials for the product.  Also inlcudes words and music for The Merry Maiden and the Tar and I'm Called Little Buttercup.  Measures 5" x 3 3/8". .
 Ypsilanti Vegetables, Slaw, and Kraut Cutters Catalogue . John Chatillon & Sons.New York .c. 1921
This tri-fold, catalogue advertises for a variety of different types of cutters. Over the six panels are the types of Ypsilanti cutters that are being offered. There are five categories of cutters: Kraut, Kraut: "B" Line Special Quality, Two Knife Slaw, One Knife Slaw and Vegetable. Each category has multiple design options underneath it with different sizes, and for kraut cutters number of knifes. Additionally there is information about how many cutters per crate and total weight. There is one illustrative example of one design per category to give a visual idea of the cutter. The John Chatillon and Sons company was generally known for their manufacturing of quality scales of different sizes and purposes.  Measures 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"..
Committe on Regatta First Union Regatta Public Invitation Handbill. .Haverhill MA.1886
The First Union Regatta, under the Pentucket Yacht Club is open to all and has a free entries fee. Taking place on the Merrimack River in Massachusetts, the race starts at Taylor's Wharf and has multiple classes. The regatta includes all Yachts that are under and over 19 feet, to be started at different times. Printed on one-side. 9" x 5 3/4" .
 Die-Cut "Austen's Forest Flower Cologne" Business Trade Sign or Show Card. W.J. Austen & Co. .Oswego, New York .c. 1878
This non-embossed card is advertising the Forest Flower cologne made by W.J. Austen and Co. The die-cut features a girl and a boy, each holding a based of flowers, standing around a large rendition of the perfume bottle. Meant to convey that it has captured the true smell of the forest flowers, it encourages anyone to buy it. Measures 9" x 6 3/4" .
Dr. W. Handy A Valuable Simple Recipe, for the Relief of Salt Rheum, and other Skin Diseases. .Providence, RI.[1870]
A recipe homeopathic medicine that would supposed provide relief for 'salt rheum and other skin diseases". Salt Rheum was the popular term for any cutaneous (skin) eruptions, like eczema. The recipe involved the use of molasses, water, and various roots such as yellow dock, Spanish sarsaparilla and Prince Pine, that would simmer over heat for two days until a syrup would form. then iodide of potassium was added. This medicine was to be taken oral every day, with the exception of the Sabbath, when one should take a cool bath instead. This recipe and others could be obtained at Dr. W. Handy's in Providence, RI. The recipe itself is printed on a small flyer and is surrounded by a decorative print border. Single-sided. Measures 6 3/4" x 3".
Dr. V. M. Pierce Your Fortune in A Tea Cup. World's Dispensary Medical Association.Buffalo, NY.1916
32 pp. Pictorial wraps. A booklet of mostly advertisements for Dr. Pierce's patent medicine that was meant to treat a variety of ailments of women. The first few pages of the booklet provides two methods instructing the reader on how to read one's fortune in tea leaves. For example, two dots side by side mean an engagement, while a cross in the tea is a sign of sad tidings. The second method requires a different positioning of the cup with a different value set of results. The rest of the booklet are advertisements for Dr. Pierce, or poems or advice directed at a female reader. Some of the titles of the pieces are "What She Saw in the Looking-Glass. A Change for Good.", "How You Can Be Your Own Beauty Doctor", "The Blood is The Life", "Cheerful Women!", and "Doctor Pierce's Compound Extract of Smart Weed (or Water Pepper)". The booklet often switches between discussing actual illness, such as ovarian tumors, kidney problems, and hemorrhoids, to more cosmetic issues like pimples and acne. In the article "Cheerful Women", it states "Despondency is a thing of evil results. Worry produces nothing but wrinkles and wretchedness ... Don't worry. Worry is the greatest foe to the happiness of any household. An anxious, despondent face, a fretful, complaining voice will make every one uncomfortable. A woman's nerves are more truly the cause of worry than outside troubles."  The cover depicts three witches on broom sticks flying in the air over a scalding hot cup of tea, with the tea from the cup swirling around the witches. . Measures 5 1/2" x 4"..
Eraus Brodie Circular for The  Miraculous Cure for Corns. Rhoads & Harris, Wholesale Druggists.Philadelphia.[1900]
In small printed across the top of the page "magna est veritas et praevalebit" followed by The  Miraculous Cure for Corns.  A narrative from the inventor follows on how the cure was invented and how a corn can negatively impact one's life.   Followed by Directions for Use and Memoranda including - This Plaster must not be carried in the pocket or kept in any warm place... Made in London, distributed in Philadelphia.  Reverse is blank. Measures 9 3/4" x 7 1/4". .
Charles B. Dickinson Business Card - Keep Smiling Card promotes Chiropractor. .Columbus Ohio.1916
A 2 3/8" x 3 1/2" lightly coated business card  that reads "KEEP SMILING" in bold type face.  Surprisingly it is not for a dentist but a for a Doctor of Chiropractic  A chart on the reverse displays how subluxated spine effects each vertebra and the different organ or part of your body impacted. "Chiropractic Adjustments Will Remove the Cause of Disease". .
 Aunt Matilda's Selected Receipts and Useful Information. I. L. Cragin & Co. .Philadelphia, PA.[1890]
An advertising booklet for Dobbins Electric Soap, a laundry soap produced by I. L. Cragin. The company used 'electric' in the title to in order to capitalize on people's fascination with electricity at that time. The soap itself was formulated with a very alkaline base, which actually gave it a bit of a 'sting' which reminded people even more of electricity. This booklet starts off with several pages of advertisement for Dobbins Electric Soap, particularly emphasizing how the soap is so strong, one doesn't need to be rough with one's clothes to clean them. The booklet spends the rest of its pages alternating between Aunt Matilda's recipes and testimonials from customers who have used the soap. Some of the recipes included are: Pea Soup, Pepperpot, Broiled Salmon, Roast Duck, Chicken Croquettes, Lobster Salad, and Lemon Pie. It is unclear if the title of the booklet was meant as a play on words or a spelling mistake, after all it is full of recipes and 'receipts' from Dobbins' Electric Soap's customers in the form of testimonials. On the inside front cover, I. L. Cragin states if you buy 15 bars of their soap, and mail in the wrappers as proof, they will send you a dollars worth of "first class sheet music for free!" Also there is an advertisement for S. E. Brackett, a grocery and general store in Leeds Junction, ME, that states if you buy 7 bars of soap from them you can get seven "beautiful Shakespeare cards". 32 pg. Printed wrappers. String binding. OCLC 6 (Apr. 2020) Measures 4 1/2" x 3".
A Treatis on the Frank Sidalls Soap and Its Methods of Using for Bathing, Shaving, Treatment of Skin Disease and The Frank Siddalls Way of washing ClothersFrank Siddalls Soap.Philadelphia.c1905
10 pp. paper wrap.   Begins with why Sidalls Soap has better effects on the skin, use in burns and scalds,as a disinfectant, for all housework and most importantly the Family Wash.  It begins with a disclaim "Each little direction in the Frank Siddalls Way of Washing Clothes is important or it would not be given. Folded 14" x 11" tipped in two-sided chart with woodcut illustration of a happy famly washing and explicit information on use of the soap with specific information on the reverse for different audiences including Ladies, Men and Physicians. The product could also be used for washing dogs and as a dentrifice.  Larger version of the chart illustration inside back cover. . staining and wear on cover
 Art Nouveau Blank Advertising Menu Sheets, B. Leon Croizet Grande Fine Champagne and St. Meme Cognac, ca. 1900. ..
Blank Advertising Menu printed in red ink by Imp, Bataille-Paris. Features Art Nouveau woman in flowing gown holding flower and decorative flowers. B. Leon Croizet Grande Champagne and St. Meme Cognac. "The Cognac region in France is divided into six districts, with the Grande Champagne district being the most prestigious as the course of grapes grown for cognac. Leon Croizet established his Cognac House in the Grande Champagne Region in 1805.[3] Prior to that he was sommelier to Napoleon I's (Bonaparte) High Command. Croizet is one of three vintage cognac houses that has continuously sold single vintage cognacs." ( 9 3/4" x 6 1/4". slight discoloration on top corner
Berendsen Silk Co. Bangor, PA Martha 4 Foot, An-kle -Fit  Stockings, Will not Run. Robischon Corp. .New York.c1922
A two-fold advertising pamphlet promoting the all silk stocking guaranteed not to run.  The cover illustration depicts a woman in party attire with floor legs hatching from an egg.  Annotates a list of complaints received including It will not run It outwears 7 or more feet It fits about the anckle It's High-Point heel narrows the ankle It is not cloudy or streaked... Also includes care instructions should they require repair (??) ..  The back page further  promotes the product. Measures 4 1/4" x 3 3/8"..
1/2 Cent Per Share: Andy Lowe Gold Mining Co. A. A. Hall & Co.Colorado.1925
4pp. Picture of gold rock on the front page, with long, 2" banners, parallel to the top edge of the page - written "Andy Lowe Gold Mining Co" and "The Days of Old - The Days of Gold - The Days of '59" in large letters, printed in black and yellow ink. Also printed on the cover is "Staked by a '59 er as a first choice Gold Claim in the Rocky Mountain Region" and "Property located in the Rich Clear Creek Mining District Colorado." In the bottom right corner, a picture of a bar of gold  printed yellow and black have the words "Authorized Financial Agents A. A. Hall & Co, 711 - 17th Street, Denver Colo." - they, presumably, are the publishers of this circular. The remaining 3 pages are full of articles advertising the Lowe Co. mines, pictures of the Colorado landscape and of the owners, along with smaller advertisements and testimonials  from people who have invested in the company.   Measures 11" x 15" when folded.
 Prospectus for The Automatic Store Service Company Circular No. 2 . The Automatic Store Service Company.Boston, MA.1890
4 leaves, staple bound document with brown paper cover with the company name printed on the back. Circular No. 2, printed following the success of the first. The product in question is Church Spring Actuated Cash or Parcel Carrier  - parcel delivery; runs uphill from the starting point., a conveyor belt of sorts. First page boasts of the amazing investment opportunity the Automatic Store Service Company is offering, stressing in particular that their product in no way infringes any earlier US patents. To support their claim, page two has excerpts from three letters, each from a different patent lawyer, all saying that they have looked through patent records and can affirm that the Automatic Store Service company isn't infringing on any existing patent. Then there are almost two pages of one sentence testimonials, and finally an additional paragraph reiterating the different investment opportunities they are offering. Measures 9 1/4" x 6". .
 Spring & Summer of 1872, image of a Skep Beehive Printed in Red Ink. King, Weikart & Warren.Alliance, Ohio.1872
A broadside advertising the store called the Bee Hive located in Alliance, Ohio and owned by King, Weikart & Warren. It was store that sold a variety of dry goods, with this specific broadside advertising their hosiery department, dress goods department, black alpaca goods, white goods (such as gloves and handkerchiefs), trimming department, domestic good department (cotton goods), and their shawls department. Supposedly everything was offered at rock bottom prices, that would beat any competition out there. The top of the broadside has an illustration  of a skep bee hive with bees flying around outside of it. Measures 12 1/2" x 6"..
 The Munsingwear Family Cut-outs. Munsingwear.Minneapolis, MN.c1917
An uncut 7 fold concertina style flyer with color photographic images of people depicted in their underwear as paper dolls ,each adult with one costume, the children have two each.  The costumes  closely reflect traditional gender roles --the boys play baseball and "Indians" and the girls play with dolls and frilly fans. The narrative on the reverse promotes the product  and all of their best selling points with relevant caricature illustrations and the exterior of their factory with the caption" Munsingwear Stands for Perfection in Underwear.  Measures 6" x 3 1/4" when folded.  25 1/2" long when open flat.. Tag line: The children will enjoy playing with these pretty paper dolls.  Men Women and Children of all ages enjoy wearing Munsing Wear - Let it cover you with satisfaction.
 Ticket for the Harvard-Dartmouth Tennis Match. .Hanover, NH or Cambridge, MA..5971
A small ticket for the sale of tickets to the May 1916 Tennis tournament between the men's tennis team of Harvard and Dartmouth. It is unknown if these matches took place at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH, or at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, however Harvard did win, 8 to 1. This score has been penned onto the ticket. The matches were set to start at 1:30, and tickets were 10 cents each. Printed on one side on a stiff board, cut into a small rhombus shape. It has a small hole on the top where a green sting has been threaded through. Measures 2" x 2" .
 Miniature Die-cut Universal Sad Iron Catalogue. .Milwaukee, WI.c1894.
A 1 3/4" x 2" miniature die-cut novelty catalogue compliments of Universal Sad Iron Co., Milwaukee, Wis.  6 pp. with promotional and pricing information. Additionally soliciting agents and canvassers.  Grommet binding with string tie. Covers and pages rotate. .
Dr. Ackers Testimonial Booklet - The Story of a Year and how lives were changed by Dr. Ackers English Remedies. W. H. Hooker & Co...
16 pp. booklet with illustrated wraps- image from photograph of Mrs. Morton D. Harlan, before and after taking Dr. Acker's Remedies. Parenthetically her after photo looks suspiciously like it could be a photo of her daughter.  The inside cover depicts an image from  a photograph of Dr. Acker followed by his story of how he started his journey in 1855 in a tenement in London.  It proceeds to tell his story.  This is followed by the story of Mrs. Harlan and is titled "From Despair to Gladness" with the expected results from the remedies.  The remainder of the book tells of others with such titles as "His Terrible Experience" , "Why Do People Suffer?" etc. The lower portion of each page is a running series of unrelated "facts not generally know" giving the booklet some value beyond the testimonials.  Products include Dr. Acker's Remedy, Blood Elixir, Dyspepsia Tablets, Baby Soother and PIlls.  available through W. H. Hooker & Co. NYC.  The last page is an illustration of the exterior of the Hooker & Co. building.  The inside back cove r is images of the products. Measures 5" x 5". .
 Promotional Card - The Eureka Nebulizer  - Special Treatment of the Ears, Nose, Throat and Lungs. O. Q. Holman.Le Grange, IL.c1900
A 5 1/4" x 3' heavy stock card depicting a five chamber device on the front and boasting "Far better than the Pulitzer Air Bag and Catheter in the Treatment of the Ear"... The narrative on revere advises it is for the treatment of Chronic Bonchitis (sic) incipient Consumption and all Catarrhal Affectations of the Head Throat, Lungs and Deafness.  It claims forced inhalations arrest an array of respiratory conditions, healing of ulcerations, restoration of the physiological functions of Osmose and more. .
 Champagne Binet Blank Advertising Menu, ca. 1890's. ..
Single page blank advertising Menu for Champagne Binet featuring decorative broder and image of man examinigin champagne bottle in cart, women and man socializing with champagne, and a woman sipping champagne. Binet Champagne is a French champagne house, it was founded in 1849 by Louis Binet. ( 10" x 7".
1915 Catalogue The Tablet & Ticket Co., Willson's Paper Letters and Figures (Gummed). .New York.1915
Printed soft cover, photographs, tables, and illustrations throughout among text. A Catalogue for The Table and Ticket Co. for 1915. Booklet includes advertising, photographs of work for samples, testimonials, explanations of products, and accessories like storage boxes. One page has handwritten notes in margins explaining prices. 9 1/2" x 7". wear on edges, crease from folding catalogue in half
"Kalaka", Promoting Carpooling Poster
Printed by the US Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, the Advertising Council and the Pima Association of Governments. The poster plays off the story of Noah's Ark, and the idea that he was the first carpooler. The poster states "We Have it on High Authority that Sharing the Ride is a very good idea. Kalaka "Babylonian for Carpool". The poster is colorfully illustrated with a wooden ark pairs of animals in various colors. On the ground by the ark is a illustration of Noah, in a yellow rain coat and boots. Semi-gloss paper. Measures 22" x17".
Hal J. Ross Amusement Co. Walkathon Contest Announcement and Coupons - Battle of Champions European Type On Fall (Danceathon) . Hal J. Ross Amusement Co. .California .1935
The Ross Walkathons were some of the most popular events held during the age of dance marathons and it has come to Bell, California. The advertisement features four tickets that allow for entry, along with one paid admission fee. Promising a new entertaining features that can only be seen, not described, people are encouraged to come and see the spectacle, their treat. Featured are also signed images of photographs of the Long Beach champions, the top three couples also have the number of hours they lasted are listed as well. Measures 12" x  8 3/4".   .
 Cartoons of the War with Spain Book Prospectus - The Larkin Soap Manufacturing Co. Supplement to Club Premium List. Belford, Middlebrook & Co.Chicago.1898
4pp. The book prospectus is promoting the purchasing of a book with hundreds of cartoons selected from papers around the world on the topic of the war with Spain. The prospectus includes four examples of the cartoons that are provided in the book, along with  a short pitch about the importance of the cartoons on cultural understanding of the recent war. There is also a physical description of the book, with size, page number, weight, and look. On the back is various quotes from newspaper reviews of the book, all favorable. This book was being made available through Larkin Soap as a premium. Measures 10 1/2" x 7". .
Uncut Jewel Stoves and Ranges Advertising Card with Paper Doll . Jewel Stoves and Ranges.Detroit .c. 1895
The Jewel Stoves and Rangers were manufactured by the Detroit Stove Works, one of the largest working out of Detroit. One side of the card has one girl doll that is to be placed in the tea party scene below. There are instructions on how to cut the doll and where to cut in the scene so that she is able to sit in the chair across from her doll. It has the logo and a sentence about the company. The reverse side is text that focuses on being the largest stove plant in the world and the quality of their product. Measures 5 1/2" x 4". .
Birmingham Musical Festival Committee Birmingham Musical Festival Broadside, A Charity Fundraiser. B. Hunt and Sons.Birmingham, England.September 1849
A broadside for the  Birmingham Musical Festival, more often called the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival, which was the longest-running classical music festival. It was founded in 1787, it is several day musical festival, that ran in September every three years. The money raised by the festival originally went towards the construction of a General Hospital and after its completion, towards it's upkeep. The festival last took place in 1912. This broadside advertises the dates of the 1849 festival, September 4-7, the ticket prices, opening of doors, general directions, dress ball information, entrances, and carriage information. J. F. Ledsam, chairman. Measures 14" x 9".
 Promotional Cards Depicting Scenes from Veiled Prophet Grand Ball, St. Louis c1900; One promotes Blanke & Bro. Candy Company. ..1870s
Five (5) different 5 1/4" x 4" heavy stock cards depicting various scenes from a Veiled Prophet grand ball including the procession of the Veiled Prophet and his followers, the Veiled Prophet surrounded by his  court, the sublime Veiled Prophet welcoming the envoys, the entrance of he Veiled Prophet and retinue at Grand Ball and finally The Veiled Prophet.  The last card is also promoting Blanke & Bro. Candy Company.  St. Louis.  Reverse of cards blank.  Copyrighted by J. Curtis Waldo.  A. Gast & Co. St. Louis (printer)..
R. J. Levis, M. D. Handbill Advertisement for Levis Metallic Splints. .Philadelphia, PA.[1890]
A two-sided handbill promoting the 'Levis' Metallic Splint' which were made from copper and as such much lighter and comfortable than the other options of the day, which were mostly made out of wood. The circular was advertising a set of 21 pieces for $15 and features splints to be used for various finger, arm, or leg injurious. The splints in the set came in both child and adult sized. There are seven illustrated examples of the splints in use. The creator of this splints was Richard J. Levis, a Civil War doctor who was a surgeon at the Pennsylvania Hospital. While the there is no date on the circular, Leach & Greene appear to have been in business at the Tremont Street location in the late 1880 to the early 1890s. Some of the same illustrations found on the circular were also used in a variety of medical supply catalogues around the same time. Single sheet, double-sided, green paper. Measures 9 3/4" x 5 3/4".
 Why I Live in the Neighborhood Gardens, A Flyer for Apartments. Neighborhood Gardens Apartments.St. Louis, MO.[1935]
This single fold pamphlet advertises for the Neighborhood Gardens which is an apartment complex located in St. Louis that was first built in 1935, and is still an existence today. The front page of this pamphlet lists eighteen (18) reasons why someone would want to live there, such as: "I get so much for my money in these modern apartments", "I like the sound proof, attractive walls", "every living room is sunshinny [sic] and airy and opens on a balcony," and "Neighborhood Gardens has been built for folks who care; for folks who need and want this kind of housing." The inside of the pamphlet has three black and white printings of linoleum cuts of the exteriors of the apartment complex. The back side has four floor plans of some of the apartments available along with a list of the amenities at the complex and what is in the local neighborhood. Single fold. Black and white. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" (folded), 11" x 8 1/2" (unfolded)..
 Wolf Miners Safety-Lamps, Fidelity International Agency, Sole Agents for America. .New York.[1900]
A product list for Friemann & Wolf of Zwickau a German company that made a variety of safety lamps for miners. They also made a variety of attachments for the lamps, such as magnets for locking, and an apparatus for filling the lamp. The product list was produced by Fidelity International Agency, who were the sole agents for the Friemann & Wolf's products in America. The product list is printed on the back side of a double-sided tri-fold brochure. The front side has two black and white realistic illustrations showing miners using the lamps. Also, in the center is another black and white image, this time more artistic then realistic, showing an old-fashion miner with using lamp, and has information about the agency. Additionally, there are gilt gold metals, representing when the lamps won a gold metal in Paris in 1900 during an unnamed exposition. There is an loose insert as well, that on one side lists the world wide agents who sell the lamps, and the other side has another black and white realistic illustration of miners using the lamps. Measures 7 1/2" x 5" (tri-fold, folded)..
 Guide to Health - Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Remedies "There is no punishment too severe for those who deceive the sick...". Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Remedy Co..New York.1900
32 pp. Illustrated wraps with image of Munyon attesting to his products on the front cover and Munyon with a witch promoting Witch Hazel Soap on the back.  The inside cover is a price list of Cures and Specials.  The booklet begins with General Directions, information on Munyon's Special cures and proceeds through types of diseases including a summary of the effectiveness of the drug, the symptoms and the treatment. Covers most things from rheumatism, to diarrhea and female troubles.  Measures 6" x 4". .
 Fan Shaped Souvenir from The Kyoto Fan Makers Association, Golden Gate International Exposition. .Printed in Japan.1939
A single-fold souvenir die-cut in the shape of a full hand-fan when open.   Cover illustrations depicts Japanese sights including Mt Fuji on the front and a teahouse scene with women preparing food with men looking-on on the reverse. The narrative discussing hand fans is written in verse.  Serene border decorations.  The four (4) sections are: Grace and Beauty Dignity and Calmness Home and Fan Kyoto and Fan Kyoto and Fan begins Fan-making is one of the few machineless industries thriving in Kyoto today, - in the machine age of ours No industry requires more dexterity than fan-making. Every process is done by human hands. Measures 5" x 8 1/4". .
 Engraved trade card with a dried sheaf of Italian wheat and a sicle promoting Le Moult's Natural Flower Preserving Laboratory, c1876. ..
A 4 1/2" x 3" engraved advertising trade card depicting a funereal arrangement with "At Rest" atop a sheaf of wheat.  Caption at base begins "There is a reaper whose name is Death..."  The reverse identifies Le Moult's Natural Flower Preserving Laboratory, New York City and promotes the use of their quality preserved and everlasting flowers that provide permanence and are suitable for  the grave and outdoor exposure. Tag line reads "Funeral Flowers Preserved in their Natural Beauty, a specialty. 4 1/2" x 3". light surface wear
 Liquor Catalog and Price List, The Yellow House, Curacao, D.W.I. Die-cut in the Shape of Luggage. .Curacao, D. W. I. .c1935.
A 20 pp catalogue die-cut in the shape of a piece of luggage with litho on alcohol labels on the luggage.   The catalog includes scotch, aperitifs, sherries, rye, bourbon, Irish whiskies, ports, gins, rum, cognacs and brandies.  The title page reads "The Yellow House" (La Casa Amarilla) Curacao- NWIPrice List of Liquors in Bond.  We deliver to the ship free of chard.  Your name and Cabin No. tagged on each case.  Place your orders early.   Measures 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". An extensive array.. Today the Yellow House is a Duty Free Perfume and Costmetic Retailer.
Georges Apchain Georges Apchain Musical Instruments Catalogue . Frederick W. Binzen & Company.New York.9771
The catalogue offers not only the sale of instruments, but the accessories and necessities in order to care for a variety of types. There is brief instructions for care of woodwind instruments. Following is a wide variety of woodwinds, from different types of Cabart oboes, to piccolos, to English horns. Short narrative descriptions with the various styles are offered, along with their price. Then there are accessories for almost all instrument types, from mouthpieces, to violin cases, to music stands, and tuning forks. There are illustrations of some of the products throughout to give a visual idea of the items being sold. 9 1/4" x 6".   .
Eben H. Norris and Buckton Nendick Denison's Make Up Guide: For Amateur & Professional. T.S. Denison & Company.Chicago, IL.1923
Part stage make-up tutorial, part catalogue, this guide attempts to cover as many possible characters and necessities that could be wanted to put on a performance.  64 pages, the first 24 are dedicated to the make-up design for possible characters, for example from a basic "Old Man Type" to "The Indian" or "The Chinaman". Each design comes with suggested make-up material, which all can be conveniently found in the remaining pages. The material are divided into sections, like grease paint and wigs. There are illustrations throughout, mainly in the materials part, with visual representations of the wigs, beards, and props. There are also advertisements for plays that can be purchased separately through the publisher. Measures 7" x 4 3/4"..
C.W. Griffiths & Co.  C.W. Griffiths & Co Notice of Business Expansion and Advertising broadside. .Boston, Massachusetts .1859
A small format broadside. C.W. Griffiths & Co. is announcing the growth of their business having leased a space that will allow them to expand their manufacturing. The larger area will allow them to not only continue with the goods they already make, but it also means that they will be enabled to manufacture a much larger variety. Some of the goods they have are ladies' dress caps, crape collars, inserting and half mourning sets, capes, and other such apparel. Also a stock of Pattern Bonnets The goods are listed using various font size and style. Reverse is blank.  Measures 11" x 8 1/4". .
K. Nagashima Japanese Tea Advertisement on Rice Paper. The Morey Mercantile Co..Shizuoka, Japan.13636
An advertisement, written on rice paper, for Solitaire Tea which was a green tea produced in the Shizuoka region of Japan. Solitaire Tea was produced by the Morey Mercantile Co, based in Denver, CO, and it was first launched In 1902. It was a part of the Solitaire Brand, the company's premium quality store brand, which provided various spices, coffee, tea and canned fruits and vegetables. This advertisement is a letter sent directly from  the tea agent located in Shizuoka, Japan in May 1937. The agent, K. Nagashima, describes the tea garden from which Solitaire Tea comes from, "the hillsides are now entirely covered with green tea bushes, just sprouting their first crop of leaves that are very young and tender." The letter closes with the slogan for the tea, "Solitaire Tea once in a consumer's teapot makes a friend for life." The letter is written on rice paper, on top of which is a letterhead for the Solitaire Tea brand. It depicts two boxes of tea and at the center a Japanese woman sitting in her garden making tea. At the base of the letter is an illustration of a Mt. Fuji, the volcanic mountain located in the Shizuoka region of Japan. Under the mountain are small green hills, a river with a bridge, and finally in the foreground a tea garden with its tea bushes neatly lined in a row. The letter comes with an envelope, addressed to Mrs. H. A. Weinrech of Loveland, CO. On the envelope there is a depiction of a box of Solitaire Tea and the small illustration of the mountain with the tea garden that is also found at the base of the letter. The envelope is enclosed in a rice paper envelope that has been self sealed. Letter measures: 7" x 2 3/4" (folded), 22" x 7" (unfolded). Envelope measures: 8" x 3". The Morey Mercantile Co. was established in 1884 by Chester Stephen Morey (1847-1922)  and it sold a variety of coffee, spices, tea, canned goods, matches, writing tables, and cigars. Chester's son, John William Morey (1878-1956) took over the company in 1922 just after his father's death and grew the store into one of the largest grocery businesses in the West. In 1956, John Morey sold the business to Consolidated Foods Cooperation, but unfortunately died soon there after. In 2014, Chester's great-great-grandson, Mark A. Ferguson, open a restaurant in Denver, CO called Solitaire in honor of his family's history.
 New Year's Piano Advertisement and Puzzle Competition. C. H. Lichty.Reading, PA.1895
A single fold New Year's flyer by C. H. Lichty who was a musical instrument dealer in Reading, PA. Lichty was mainly a dealer in pianos and as such the two main adverts are directed towards women. The first one, while not directly referencing women in the text of the advert, does so by the illustration (a female angel holding a Wegman piano under one arm and reaching for a harp with the other) and the feminine adjectives used. Such as "a harp for weeping... the purity of the tones". The second advertisement in this flyer directly attempts to sell to women with the title "Music's Charms are Her's", and states "Thus even homeliness (sp) acquires the power of irresistible beauty when incarnated in the person of a brilliant organist. Her play commands homage." Accompanying this text is an illustration of a woman playing the piano surround by men (some on their knees) applauding her skill. Also in this flyer is a poem for a "New Years Greeting" and on the front is an engraving of C. H. Lichty himself. Also included is an insert for a puzzle competition Lichty was offering. On one side is a world puzzle for the customer to solve where they needed to find the six celebrated musical masters hidden in the puzzle. On the other side was the instruction for the competition, and a list of prizes - first prize was a Keystone State Guitar worth $15. Measures 8" x 6" (folded), 12" x 6" (unfolded). Insert measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4". Charles H Lichty was born on July 1, 1856 to David Lichty (1827-1898) and Elizabeth Bearce Lichty (1838-1869) in Dryville, PA. He married Clara Louisa Herr (1859-1934) in 1877, and had five children together: Herbert Lichty (1878-?), Luther Lichty (1879-1963), Arthur C Lichty (1884-?), Vera Lichty (1890-?) and Bryon Lichty (1892-1969). Charles and his family lived in Reading, PA, where he sold various musical instruments, but mainly pianos. He died on July 9, 1918 in Berks County, PA.
 Illustrated Broadside Special Offer on Children's Trays - Sales Promotion. The Newark Tray Co..Newark, NJ.1882
A 12" x 9 1/2" illustrated broadside  promoting a sales competition for The Newark Tray Co. Illustrations of two trays; one depicts a child feeding chickens, the other children on an archery range. The "Announcement Extraordinary" is to store owners to call the attention of their clerks to the prizes that were being awarded by company.  Prices range from $10 - $200 and are to be awarded at various times during 1883.  Reverse is blank..
2 Cards  Nouveaute Seam Binding with vibrant blue Labels . Nouveaute.c1880s
Two (2) cards wrapped with different cotton lace seam binding with original Nouveaute labels printed in vibrant blue  on coated stock. The binding was used .
Commercial And Industrial Association Montgomery, Alabama: A Guide to its History, Landmarks, Industry, and Culture. Brown Printing Company.Montgomery, Alabama.c1900
36 pp, staple booklet. This short book details the history, people  and culture of Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. The book starts off briefly describing the city's location, population, health, water supply and climate. Next it continues onto several landmarks of the city, such as the local schools, Carnegie Library and local hospital, providing a brief description and photograph of each. The book continues on to describe the agricultural and industry found in Montgomery, claiming that Montgomery "is the center or one of the richest agricultural sections of the United States and offers the greatest inducements, not only to the planter of cotton, corn, hay, rice, sugar cane, etc., but also to the general farmer, the truck gardener, the fruit grower and stock raiser..." and that "any factory employing for raw material, cotton, cotton, seed, coal , iron, clay, hard woods, pine, leather, hides, vegetables, or fruits, will do will to locate in Montgomery." The latter half of the booklet is full of advertisements from local businesses such as the 'Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company', 'Winter, Loeb & Co. Wholesale Grocers', 'Alabama Cotton Oil Company', and 'Union Trust and Savings Company'. The book contains over twenty images (not including those used in advertisements) of Montgomery, AL. Measures 9" x 4"..
 Advertisement for G. W. Dudley Singing and Voice Lessons. G. W. Dudley.Boston, MA.September 1875
A single page advertisement for singing and voice lessons taught by George. W. Dudley. He offered 20 lessons at $60 or 10 lessons for $35 with half the tuition due at the time of the first lesson. Dudley was a member of the South Boston Choral Union, who taught his students in the "Dr. H. R. Streeter Method", which was a method of voice building by the mechanical formation of the human voice. Dr. Horace Streeter even published book of this theory entitled "Voice Building" in 1871. Single sided sheet. Measures 8" x 5".
 The Pratt & Cady Company's Patent Straight-Way Values, A Flyer. Ripley & Kimball, Agents.St. Louis, MO.[1881-1887]
A single fold circular for a Straight-Way Valve made by the Pratt & Cady Company. These valves are meant for use in radiators, though whether they are meant for commercial or residential use is unclear. This new style of valves makes "them much shorter and stronger than the former style, at the same time retaining all the advantages of access to the seats, for seating and repairing through the small angle opening." The flyer itself features four engravings of the valves. The two on the front are gold foiled and depict the outside of the valve. The two fine illustrations on the interior section of the flyer are cross sections of the valves done in black and white. There is additional gold foiling on the border and other decorative design elements. Included in the text of the flyer is a more detailed description of the valves and a price list. The flyer is dated based on newspaper advertisements by Ripley & Kimball that show that they were in business together from October 1881 to February 1887, when the business changed partners and became Ripley & Brouson. Single-fold, double sided. Foiling detail. Measures 8 1/2" x 5" (folded), 10" x 8 1/2" (unfolded).
A. C. McCardell A Pair of Chromolithograph Advertisements for Soda Fountain "Health Promoter Syrup"  - Menu-style. Examiner.Frederick, MD.[1900]
Each advertisement printed on heavy card stock has a chromolithograph illustration on the front and the menu of syrup flavors on the reverse.  Both illustrate a woman wearing a Greek style dresses, and one is holding a branch of grapes while the other is holding flowers in one hand with a bunch of wheat and a scythe in the other. The advertisement on the back sides are the same for both- a list of the variety of health and soda drinks provided by A. C. McCardell. Some examples are: Pear Phosphates for impaired vitality, chocolate for nourishing and refreshment, Moxie for weakened energy, and Sarsaparilla for the blood. Also sold by A. C. McCardell were a whole line of Fruit Syrups and Ice Cream Soda, as well as Mineral Waters from Vichy (for Gentlemen), Deep Rock (for kidney trouble), and Bedford (for "sick headache"). Each item Measures 7" x 5".. A. C. McCardell was a whole sale confectionary company located in Frederick, MD owned by Adrian C. McCardell (1845-1932). He sold a variety of sugary products, though these two items focus on the items he sold that were for "health".
Portuguese Promotional Premium Lotto Games for Bayer Pharmaceuticals .
Three (3) different 4" x 6" printed lotto cards depicting characters experiencing one malady or another.  Each maladyis resolved by placing a corresponding card on the space with a peppy character who has taken one Bayer product or another.   Lacking two overlay pieces.  The reverse of the lotto cards promote the product.
 VendOmeter News journals and pamphlet, 1928. ..1928
Three (3) VendOmeter journals January-February 1928, Vol. 2 Nos. 1-2: features the "New Automatic Vendometer Serve-Yourself Drinking Fountain", photographs of the New York Executive Offices, and articles on company. March-April 1928, Vol. 2 No. 3-4: features information about their first store "In Process of Construction at 42nd Street & Sixth Avenue New York", articles on production, upper management, and company relations. September 1928, Vol. 2 No. 3: the new store is open and "operating Sixteen Hours Daily", information on public response, manufacturing, and production. Also included one (1) pamphlet on the story of VendOmeter with a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Rice Electric Refrigerator. 11" x 8 1/2".
 Exhibition Card, An Exhibition of American Posters . C S Pratt.New York.October 1895
Charles Pratt was an early promoter of the poster arts in the United States. He had a store in New York City and in the fall of 1895 he arranged the first ever exhibition of artistic posters from American printers and published. The exhibition took place in his own store on 6th Avenue, and anyone wishing to showcase a sample of their work could sent a selection of the posters to Pratt where they would be exhibited free of charge.   This folded exhibition card both advertises the exhibition and Pratt’s store itself. Printed in two colors, black and red, the front cover depicts the image of a young woman on a street looking through a store window. This miniature poster was designed by J. Brevoot Cox especially for the exhibition.  Measures 4 ½” x 3 ½” (folded), 7” x 4 ½” (unfolded) . Minor toning due to age. The two halves of the folding card are separated. There is minor damage to the back of the card from where it was pasted into a scrap book.
Monday's Child Interpreted by Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. 1880s
Seven (7) 4" x 2 3/4"  embossed advertising trade cards promoting Clarks ONT thread. One for each line of the Monday's Child verse depicting an illustration of a young girl relevant to the verse.  It also includes Clark's response to the verse e.g. Thursday's Child is Sour & Sad - Tho' Thursday's child be sour and sad Clark's ONT will make her glad. the reverse promotes the product..
E.R. Grabow Company  New Ocean House. E.R. Grabow Press.Swampscott, MA.1912
The New Ocean House Hotel is being advertised in this booklet, encouraging people to come to experience the luxurious place. 16 pp. wrappers with stapled binding. Art nouveau decorated embossed cover. There are short passages that describe the grounds and amenities that can be found at the hotel, including being lit throughout with electricity. Accompanying the descriptive passage are pictures of the hotel, both the interior rooms and the landscape outside. There is also one color illustration of the hotel, as well. Meant to be informative and inviting for the entire family to make a reservation with the resort. The hotel itself ultimately burned down in a fire and was never rebuilt. Measures 8" x 4 1/2". .
Prospect House Public Invitation with note on reverse re new building. Reformer Press, Brattleboro. c. 1877
The advertisement is for the Prospect House that was located on Spofford Lake in Chesterfield N.H. The sheet has a brief summary of the amenities of the House and the opening date with the intent to generate interest to visit. It is printed on one side, and on the reverse blank side there is the drafting of a note in references to the Prospect House. There are two versions, one a slightly revised copy of the other, both seem relatively unfinished. They incorporate information that can be found on the advertisement, as well as details gathered from other sources, such as the plan to build a large hotel, twenty-five summer cottages, and the use of a sixteen horsepower steamboat. 10" x 7".
The Maine State Sanatorium Association for Pulmonary Diseases The Maine State Sanatorium Association for Pulmonary Diseases The Maine Sanatorium: Greenwood Mountain. Tucker Printing Company .Portland.1905
The booklet is intended to give an introduction to the Maine Sanatorium in the Greenwood Mountains. 32 pages, paper wrappers with a stapled binding. The Sanatorium was established for the treatment and cure of people with pulmonary diseases, specifically tuberculosis. There is a brief history of the Sanatorium, as well as a description of the premises and the amenities. There are also images from photographs throughout of areas like the dining room, the living spaces, and the sleeping place. Information regarding the prices and treatment plans are included as well. 7 3/4" x 5 1/2" .
A.W. Scribner  Our Annual Sketch Book: Souvenir of the Exhibition . Heliotype Printing Company.Boston.1889
The sketchbook combines advertisement and a year end exhibition to show the work of the students from a free evening drawing school. 10 pages with paper wrappers. The inside front and back covers have the names that correspond with the works of art that were being presented, as well as the graduating class. Each page has several, highly decorative and elaborate advertisement works from various local businesses in or around North Adams, Massachusetts. 7 3/4" x 4 3/4"    .
Patriotic Paper Label - Williams' Genuine Yankee Soap. J. B. Williams & Co.Glastonbury CT.c1860
A 4 1/2" x 6 3/4" paper label promoting Williams' Yankee Soap. Patriotic in nature depicting an American flag with red, white and blue printing. Formerly Williams & Bros, Manchester (established 1832).
 Typographic Messenger, Volume 5, No 4. - Scale of Sizes and Prices of  Printers' Cards. James Conner's Son Publishers.New York.October 1870
A magazine meant for professional or enthusiasts who were devoted to the typographic arts. This particular volume was printed in October 1870, and is Volume 5, No. 4. The front cover of this issue is an advertisement for Printer's Cards sold by John Robinson from New York. There is a diagram that shows the various cards he has per sale and their cost.  Some of the interior pages start with the 'History of the Art of Printing', quarter page to full page illustrated advertisements, generally for printing press, paper cutters and different type faces (Gothic #5, Wood Type, etc.) and decorative device border examples. Of note is a full page price list advertisement for The Newton Copper Type Company and Philadelphia Printing Ink Works. Pink covers. 20 pp. Pages are numbered 50-64. Measures 13" x 9 1/2".
The Maine State Sanatorium Association for Pulmonary Diseases The Maine State Sanatorium Association for Pulmonary Diseases, The Maine Sanatorium: Greenwood Mountain, . Tucker Printing Company .Portland, ME.1905
The booklet is intended to give an introduction to the Maine Sanatorium in the Greenwood Mountains of Herbron, Maine. The Sanatorium was established for the treatment and cure of people with pulmonary diseases, specifically tuberculosis. There is a brief history of the Sanatorium, as well as a description of the premises and the amenities. There are also ten (10) printed photographs throughout of areas like the dining room, the living spaces, and the sleeping quarters. Information regarding the prices and treatment plans are included as well. 32 pages, illustrated paper wrappers with a stapled binding. Measures 7 3/4" x 5 1/2" .
 Theater Understudy Notice, M'lle Poinsot is Replaced by M'lle Piccolomini, The Daughter of the Regiment. Theatre d'Orleans.New Orleans, LA.December 10, 1858
The item is a notice to the public by the Theatre d'Orleans for the performance of "The Daughter of the Regiment", a opera comique by Gaetano Donizetti. In the notice it states that "M'lle Poinsot is too unwell to appear this evening... [she] is suffering from such a severe indisposition that it will be impossible for her to fulfil [sic] her professional duties... M'lle Piccolomini, anxious that the public should not be put to any inconvenience, has most obligingly offered her services, and without necessary rehearsal." Anne Poinsot and Marietta Piccolomini were both European soprano opera singers on tour in America in 1858-1859. Poinsot had just recently finished her stint as the Prima Donna from the Grand Opera House in Paris, while Piccolomini was most famous for her role as Violetta in the opera La Traviata. One-sided sheet. Measures 9 1/2" x 5 3/4".
 Plough's Black and White Birthday and Dream Book. Plough Chemical Company.Memphis, TN.1927
An advertising booklet for Plough Chemical Company,  a maker of cosmetics. 32 pp. Pictorial wraps. In addition to advertisements for their various products they also provide the horoscope for each astrological sign, as well as a method of interpreting one's dreams. They list a variety of different objects, places or events one might see in a dream, and what that means for you and your future. For example: Angel -  A good change from your present occupation, Clothes =  unsatisfied hopes and great disappointment, Dungeon - Loss of honor o a woman, Eyebrow - You will fail in an undertaking, Flying - Marriage calamities, Furs - Prosperity in business, Jay bird - Interesting gossip; visit from friends, Lemons - You are jealous of your lover, Office - Danger ahead, Pawn Shop - Disappointment and loss of friends, Razor - Contention and disagreement, Squirrel - Pleasant visits, and Worms - Intrigue against you is on foot. Numerous black and white illustrations of make up, women putting on make up and celebrity portraits for those endorsing the products. Staple binding. OCLC 2 (Jan 2020) Measures 6 3/4 x 4 3/4.
Dr. V. M. Pierce Dream Book, Bridal Superstitions. World's Dispensary Medical Association.Buffalo, NY.[1920]
A short booklet by Dr. V. M. Pierce, that in addition to advertisements for his various patent medicines, also has information on dream interoperation and bridal superstitions. Occurring to the booklet, in dreams different objects meant different things, and even the same object in different contexts could mean various things. For example, "A Bear - To dream that you have seen a bear means you have a rich, cruel, and audacious enemy. If it is running, happiness for you.", "Blood - If you see blood, it's a good sign. You will fall heir to riches. To lose blood signifies sorrow and disappointment.", and "Hills - To dream of climbing and traveling over hills signifies good." The bridal superstitions listed are both to tell if someone will be married soon, and how to ensure a blessed marriage. For example, a white pigeon near a house means that someone within will be married within a year, also, when leaving the church after the wedding ceremony, one must be sure to step out with the right foot first, or risk bad luck. The majority of the book is actually taken up by testimonials of different woman who were cured using Dr. Pierce's products. Some of the titles of these testimonials are: "Nerves in Bad Condition, Could Not Sleep, Back Ached - Took Favorite Prescription" "Was Confined to Bed Four Weeks - Now Does Housework Easily", and "Stomach Too Weak to Digest Food, Medical Discovery Gave Relief". At the back of the booklet are two tear out pages, one is a blank form for the reader to fill out so that they might get a free medical consultations, and the other is to order the book "The People's Common Sense Medical Advise, Complete Edition." The front cover features an image of two women consulting an old man with a book on symbolism in dreams. 32 pgs. Staple binding. OCLC 8 (Jan 2020) Measures 5 1/2" x 4".
 Plan for Fenwick Hall, presented by The New Saybrook Co.. Kellogg & Bulkeley. Lith.Hartford, CT .[1871]
An 11 2/4" x 9 1/4" plan for the Fenwick Hall, a Victorian wood frame hotel in Old Saybrook CT. It depicts an illustration of the exterior of the hotel and the plan of First Floor including a dining room and grand salon with captions identifying each room.  Reverse is blank. This was presumably a promotional piece for potential guests.. William M. Bates (1834-1914) was a hotelier and the driving force behind The New Saybrook Co.   The land for the hotel had previously been a salt farm owned by colonist George Fenwick, governor of the Saybrook Colony and his wife, Lady Alice Fenwick. It was sold to The New Saybrook Co. in 1870.  Fenwick Hall was named after Lady Fenwick.  A year later the railroad between Fenwick and Hartford opened, drawing the families of wealthy Hartford industrialists, financiers and insurance company executives to the shore.
 Fairy, Children's Vehicles - Velocipedes, Tricycles, Trailer Carts, Biplane Flyers & Bicycles. Colson Corporation.Elyria, Ohio .[1930]
An 8 pg. folded brochure for Fairy Children's Vehicles, a company that made a variety of children's vehicles, such as velocipedes, tricycles, trailer carts, biplane flyers (Scooters), and bicycles. The front cover of this brochure has various two color illustrations of children, boys and girls of varying ages, playing on Fairy's products. A fold-out catalogue. The initial narrative describes how our impostor brands aren't as durable or reliable as Fairy and that "children are very hard on their playthings... [Fairies] are made to withstand this abuse and should damage occur, service is instantly available from any of the branch warehouses and service stations." The remaining pages feature larger, more realistic illustrations of the actual item sold along with some general information such as model number or wheel size. Some captions gender specific  "for boys under seven" or "for boys over seven". At no time do they ever state that their vehicles could be used by girls. Even in the illustrations of children playing on the front cover, the girls are either the wagon being pulled by a boy or on gentler velocipedes or scooters.   This brochure was compliments of the Cremieux Hardware Company in Chicago which appears to have been an authorized seller of Fairy products. 8 pgs fold brochure. Measures 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" (folded), 22" x 6 3/4" (unfolded). Fairy children's vehicles was a line produced by the Colson Corporation located in Elyria, OH. In the 1920s they had opened around seventeen stores in major cities all over the US to sell and repair their products, however once the Great Depression came, the company fell into receivership and was broken up into smaller companies.
A.D. Haines Two (2) Leaflet Promotional Eye Charts Presented by Rochester NY Optician. .Rochester, NY.[1930]
Two (2) different 8 3/4" x 4 1/4" promotional flyers presented by Dr. A. D. Haines, Eye and Ear Specialist.  Each titled Test Your Eyes! with a different graphic at top to quickly determine the need to seek the care of an eye specialist. One also has a sentence of fine print to determine the need for reading glasses.   This is followed by different witty promotional verses encouraging individuals to have a  their eyes tested free by Dr. Haines. The reverse again with different messaging - one further describes his practice and assurances and the other discusses astigmatism..
 A Circular for 69,000 Acres Farming Land, Securing $20,000, 6 per Ct. 30- Year Bonds. Bank of Warsaw.Lyon County, KS.[1885]
A circular advertising the sale of bonds for farmland in Lyon County in Kansas.  The circular promoted the desirability of the land by emphasizing how close it was to several important railroads, such as Missouri Pacific R. R. and the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., as well as the low debt the township itself carried (meaning taxes would be low). The back of the circular provides information on the laws that detail how a bond can be issued and how the state of Kansas ensures the legality of the bonds. Single page, double sided. Measures 10" x 6 1/4".. There was around 69,000 acres available in Agnes City Township, which was located 30 miles southwest of Topeka, KS. Each bond was issued with 6 percent interest over 30 years and was financed by the Bank of Warsaw, located in Warsaw, NY.
Chicago Garment Rack Co.  Chicago Garment Rack Co Catalog Number Eighteen . .Chicago.c. 1925
Advertising "Many New Merchandising Ideas" in this booklet, the catalogue offers anything a clothing store might possibly need in order to display their items. 83 pages, stapled in paper wrapper. From bargain tables to automatic adjustable dress forms to garment racks, this little catalogue offers it all, including small, decorative palm trees for the store. Included with the items are illustrated representations, some are of just the products, others include garment and possible use of displays. There are also brief descriptions of the items along with prices, as well as any available options for the product, if offered. The booklet has anything that would be required to create a clothing store, except for the clothes. Measures 6" x 4 1/2"..
 Casino de Paree Menu and Wine List, . ..
Die cut cover with raised gold decorative feathers and print, looks into cover of menu which features a semi nude woman posing with scarf, detailed supper menu and wine list, dinner specials and suggestions, and advertisement for Billy Rose Music Hall; Pol Roger Champagne and Seagram's. Casino de Paree, 54th Street, West of Broadway, New York. Menu titles include Appetizers and Relishes; Soups; Sea Food; Entrees; Sandwiches; Chinese Dishes; Salads; Cold Cuts; Cheese; Desserts and Ice Cream; Coffee, Tea, Etc. Wine lists titles Champagne; Bordeaux; Burgundy; Wines; Cocktails; Mixed Drinks; Cognac and Liqueurs. 12" x 9 1/2". folded cover not attached
Double-Side Book Promotion for The Child's History of the United States by Charles Morris and Beautiful Stories about Children by Charles Dickens. International Publishing Co.Philadelphia.1901
A double sided advertising sheet for the International Publishing Company located in Philadelphia. The front side advertises for a book entitled "The Child's History of the United States" by Charles Morris. This poster showcases five of the illustrations that would be found in the book (Ponce De Loen: Hunting for the Fountain of Youth in Florida, Capture of Major Andre, the Surrender at Yorktown, Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, and Osceola Drives His Hunting Knife Through the Treaty: Seminole Ware of 1832), and claims that it is a "complete story of American History from the discovery of the New World by Columbus in 1492, down to the year 1901, written in simple, story-telling style as delightful as any instructive to both children and parents." The backside of the poster advertises for the book "Beautiful Stories about Children" by Charles Dickens, which was first published in 1898. These series of stories were originally by Charles Dickens, but in this book, they are retold by his granddaughter (among others) and others. As the poster advertises, the book is superbly illustrated with “nearly 100 new color plates, half-tones and pen sketches made especially by famous artists for these stories, [and] this book contains the most charming portrayals of child-character from the immortal works of the great author.” The poster features five of these new illustrations: The Death of Poor Jo: The Street Sweeper, Florence and Little Paul, The Toy Maker and His Blind Daughter, The Little Runaway Couple, and Little Neil and her Grandfather Meet Mrs. Jarley. Measures 18" x12" . Toned and soiled due to age. Crease marks along original folds, with some small tears at edge. Tear along the original folds at the top, as well as the top right. Reinforced with archival tape.
 Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, Advertising Booklet and Paper Doll. J. B. Carroll Co .Chicago.c1900
Two pieces of advertising materials for Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children. The first item is a 16 pp (including covers) booklet advertising Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, as well as other products sold by the manufacturer, including Mother Gray's Aromatic Leaf (a medicinal tea for digestive health) and Allen's Foot Ease (a powder to help with achy feet). The Sweet Powders was supposedly an all-natural remedy developed by a nurse, known as Mother Gray, who worked at the Children’s Home in New York City. While the powders were originally meant to treat pinworms, they were also soon used to treat a variety of other ailments, such as headaches, fever, and constipation. While it is unknown if there is any truth to who Mother Gray was, the product itself was distributed and marketed by Allen S. Olmstead who owned a proprietary medicine company. The powders weren’t exactly made from ‘all-natural’ ingredients, the main ingredient was actually calomel (mercurous chloride), which could be toxic if used regularly, causing mercury poisoning. Other ingredients were licorice, slippery elm, anise, sulfur, bicarbonate of soda, sugar (hence the word sweet in the name) and mandrake (also poisonous). The second item is a paper doll of Mother Gray, who supposedly was a nurse, specializing in children's health. The "walking" paper doll has feet on the bottom that rotate as you push it across a table. The pocket of the dress has an insert so that you can have something sticking out of the pocket. The back states that the doll was made by J. B. Carroll Co. Measures 5 3/4" x3" (booklet), 6" x 2 1/2" (paper doll) . Minor toning due to age.
 The Browder Life-Savings Net:  A Wonderful Invention - Adopted by the Government at Washington D.C. and Every Truck Carries a Net. The Cory-Patterson MFG. CO.Greenfield, 1910
30pp.  Gray-brown paper cover with stapled binding. Cover has a a decorative illustration of a flower arrangement on a small table, with a border around the outside edges. This marketing pamphlet was made by the Cory & Patterson manufacturing company to promote their product 'The Browder Life-Saving Net'. Invented  around 1901, the net consists of a large, circular metal frame with  tightly stretched canvas across it. When unfolded, the canvas can catch a falling person and, by attaching the canvas to the hoop with hinges, the weight falls towards the center, protecting those holding the net from the accumulated force. This pamphlet is filled with testimonials from all around the United States, telling stories of the net in action, accompanied by numerous photographs. All praising  the Browder Life-Saving net, the excerpts from letters and news articles talk about the new invention, and the numerous public demonstrations of its capabilities, many of which consisted of a man jumping off of a building to prove that the net was safe.   Measures 9 1/2" x 6"..
Camp Carolina  Camp Carolina For Boys Brochure and Envelope . Queen City PTG. Co..Brevard, N.C..1935
40pp.  Embossed cover illustration of boy golfer. Includes original mailing envelope with image of stereotypical Native American. The Camp Carolina brochure provides details about the general life and activities that can be expected for boys to experience. There is a description of the grounds, the surrounding scenery, and the general organizational structure of the camp's groups. The campers are divided into four groups by age range, and are able to participate in a multitude of activities, from horseback to riflery, golf, swimming and many more to engage the interest of the boys. All aspects of camping life are discussed including Sunday and Religious Services with a note indicating Catholic boys may attend mass in a nearby town if their parents desire, as only Sunday School and dusk vesper services were available at the camp. There are images from photographs showing views of the camps, as well as the boys going about the camp. Most of the pages also have a illustration of a Native American doing various activities.  Measures 12 1/4" x 9".      .
 The Montgomery Patent Gauge Cock, A Flyer. Ripley & Kimball, Agents.St. Louis, MO.[1881-1887]
A circular for the Montgomery Patent Gauge Cock, which is a mechanism on a boiler that helps to determine and relieve the steam/water pressure in a boiler. This flyer has a fine color illustration of the actual gauge cock on the top of the page, along with a detailed description of the part itself. Also included at the base of the flyer is a list that details seven points as to why the Montgomery Patent Gauge Cock is better than any on the market, such as "its simplicity, great strength and handsome finish," and "the packing cannot be blown out". The flyer is aimed at "engineers, boiler makers and users of gauge cocks", and was produced St. Louis agents Ripley and Kimball. The flyer is dated based on newspaper advertisements by Ripley & Kimball that show that they were in business together from October 1881 to February 1887, when the business changed partners and became Ripley & Brouson. Single sided. Measures 10 1/2" x 8".
D. A. Cleaveland, M. D. Atlantic Side Sanitarium, 'Glencroe'. .West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA.[1900]
Single fold pamphlet advertising a newly built sanitarium called Glencroe, in the small town of West Tisbury located on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The proprietor, Dr. D. A. Cleaveland, of the sanitarium starts by praising the weather, which apparently in winter is only "five degrees colder than Old Point Comfort, VA", and then continues on to state the numerous diseases which are not a problem for the islands residents. "Diphtheria is unknown in this part of the island. Malignant Scarlatina, typhoid fever, cholera infantum, or any inflammatory intestinal disease, together with phthisis, are rarely met with..." Cleaveland spends some time describing the "modern conveniences" of Glencroe, before addressing the types of patients he wishes to receive, "with the present accommodations he can only care for a certain class of cases, viz., some forms of neurasthenia, insomnia, diseases characterized by deficient nerve force, malaria, surgical convalescents, and those convalescing from acute non-contagious disease; but for the present he is unable to accommodate cases of insanity, epilepsy, or any other malady that would shock the sensibilities of the most delicate and refined invalid." Single fold. Measures 7" x 4 1/4" (folded), 8 1/2" x 7" (unfolded). .
 A Plea Pennsylvania Society to Protect Children from Cruelty, Donation Day, Thanksgiving Day. Pennsylvania Society to Protect Children from Cruelty.Philadelphia, PA.1904
The Pennsylvania Society to Protect Children from Cruelty (SPCC) was founded in 1877 with the aim was to effect improvement in children's lives, specifically those "who are cruelly treated, or neglected physically, mentally, or morally." They did this through several methods, first by warning the child's parents and letting them know they were on probation. Second, by using the courts to temporarily remove the children until the parents could prove their improvement in living conditions or temperament. And lastly, if all else failed, permanently removing the children to a new home with either relatives or a unrelated "loving family". This pamphlet was their Thanksgiving Day advertisement for donations, and it even includes a pasted in donation envelope for use. The front of the pamphlet features a black and white image from a photograph of over a dozen young children on clustered steps. The captions reads, "A few of the children living in one courtyard. From typical homes needing supervision." Based on the photograph and accompanying text, it does appear as though the charity society viewed that only the urban poor could be cruel to their children, (and therefore needed supervision), and that their cruelty was a symptom of their poverty and/or lack of morals. Other information provided within the advertisement is a list of the society's board of directors, current expenses, work that needs to be done and work that has been done since the society's founding. On a side note, the printed photograph on the cover is to be view vertically, while all the text in the pamphlet is to be view horizontally. Single fold pamphlet with a pasted in donation envelope. Measures 6" x 4 1/2" (folded), 12 1/2" x 6" (unfolded), 4 1/4" x 2" (envelope).
 Warner's Safe Dictionary - Comprising over 5000 Words with Definitions and Pronunciations plus testimonials for Warner's Safe Cure.. H. H. Warner & Co..Rochester, NY.1889
32 pp. combination dictionary and promotional brochure for Warner's Safe Cure remedies.  The book is structured with Warner's Safe Dictionary in three columns on the verso and testimonials and promotion.  The booklet begins with a table of contents for the promotion organized primarily by disease system.  The front and back covers depict full page illustrations of their products including Kidney and Liver Cure, Log Cabin Sarsaparilla and the Warner's Safe Remedies with the image of the safe and Warner's Log Cabin Remedies on the back cover.  Measures 11" x 6'. .
 The Berger Family Swiss Bell Ringers. A Daily Post Print.Detroit, MI.[March 1871]
A Detroit Daily Post Print advertising the Berger Family Swiss Bell Ringers at their start of their touring season, with their Grand Opening in March.  Includes bell ringing, character sons, facial portraitures, character impersonations and the Silver Cornet Band. The balladist, William K. Lavake, on the program only began touring with the group in the fall of 1870, (from a Detroit Free Press article on October 7, 1870), and Louisa Berger Russell died in March of 1872 right as their touring season would have begun. Also due to the lack of emphasis placed on the female members of the family, this is most likely from the beginning of the 1871 touring season. Single sided. Measures 10 x 3 3/4". The Berger Family consisted of the parents Henry and Anna Marie, and their five children: Frederick, Louisa, Anna Teressa, Henry George, Bernhart, and Henrietta. This Daily Post features a list of the performances which range from various singing solos and duet bell medleys to cornet solos (played by Anna Berger) to Facial Portraitures and Character Impressions done by humorist Sol Smith Russell. The Berger Family had immigrated from Germany to the United States around 1850, and the patriarch of their family, Henry Berger, made a career out of building organs. After a fire burned down his organ factory in March of 1861, his children, all of whom possessed extraordinary musical talent, began performing in small concerts. Between 1863 and 1868 the family toured with a variety of groups. First In 1863 with MacFarland Dramatic Company, during which time  Henry Berger died. Then with the Carter Zouave Troupe (a juvenile vaudeville company) between 1864-1866, and, lastly, with the Peak Family for several years. During their time touring with the Peak Family, they become well known for their Swiss Bell Ringing, and in 1869, they launch their own company. To round out their act, a popular humorist Sol Smith Russell also joined the group. Shortly thereafter in September of 1869 Russell would marry the eldest daughter of the group, Louisa Anna Marie Berger. The Berger Family Swiss Bell Ringers soon become extremely popular mostly owning to the novelty of female performers, especially female performers who played brass instruments, something that was almost unheard of at the time. Indeed by 1872 most of their advertising centered around the female members of the Berger family, often declaring "Lady Orchestra" and "Lady Cornet Players". This hype was particularly centered around Henrietta Berger who was an excellent cornet player and, eventually, Ester "Etta" Morgan, the first woman concert saxophonist, who joined the group in the mid 1870s. The Berger family would tour the United States for the better part of a decade before retiring. By this point in their lives, two of the Berger children had died (Anna and Bernhart) and the rest of the children were looking forward to settling down. They performed their farewell concert in May 1880 at the Academy of Music in Troy, NY.  After their retirement Frederick Berger married Etta Morgan in 1881 and would also eventually become become Sol Smith Russell's manager until his retirement. The Item itself, in addition to the list of performances features a decorative border consisting of flowers and a smaller engraving of a violin and cornet.
A Grouping of Six (6) Advertising Trade Cards Made of and/or Relating to Wall Paper or Window Shades. ..c. 1932
Two of the trade cards are actually made of wall paper, while a second two display wall paper designs. A fifth is constructed of and advertises window shade material. The final is a card with a tinted lens for viewing a solar eclipse (Aug. 31, 1932) advertising wall paper as good for your eyes after the eclipse. largest measures 6" x 3 1/2". one cards with corner chip
Salemen's Sample Book - International Selection of Silk Fabric Labels for Clothing. ..
22 page sample book with 5-10 different woven silk examples of silk and cotton fabric labels for garments.  Printed in a variety of styles, shapes, languages, etc.  Some with illustrations.  Others designed to be written on. A city in the Netherlands is penned on the inside cover. The labels are printed in Greek, Portugeuse, Spanish, French and English.  Labels from countries throughout Eurasia. Measures 7 1/2" x 10 1/2"..
Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Co. --Jaeger the Standard Underwear of the World.  Nineteenth Edition
48 pp. catalogue.  Illustrated  Concludes with index.  A full system of woolen underwear made suitable for summer wear.  Includes clothing for men, women and children. Men's items a and includes such items as the men's normal sanatory combination suit, chest protectors, smoking jackets and camel's hair velour slippers.  Women's items include Sanatory undervests, normal sanatory drawers,  woolen knitted negligee corset and woolen hosiery.  Children's wear includes infants bandages, Gertrude Suit, sleeping combination suits and  knitted knee warmer.  Also include medical devices such as abdominal and girder belts.  Many other products, all include sizing and pricing information and a narrative description.  Measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".
M. Kucera Catalogue of The Glove Industrie of Prague - International Exhibition.Philadelphia.1876
Illustrated coated stock covers with 20 unnumbered pages -- each promoting a different Austrian glove maker present in the Austrian Department at the Centennial Exhibition.  Contents printed in black and white on pulp paper. Measures 3 3/4" x 5 3/4". . Light cover wear, separation.
S. H. Benson A Guinness Sport Folio - Whimsical Promotion. Guinness.Dublin.1950s
A humorous and colorful advertising booklet for Guinness Stout. The booklet contains a series of illustrations featuring people doing different sports activities in late Victorian/ Edwardian dress. The activities has been organized by month, so for example, in January the figures are ice skating and in September they are hunting. The illustrations themselves are quite humorous, for example, the illustration of the ice skating shows the same man in the variety of ways he fell down on the pond. In addition to the illustrations each page has a corresponding poem. Below is an example: "Describing his win, with a Guinness in hand, The Rider, who's still fun of beans, Says he won by a head, and we all understand It's the head of a Guinness he means." - March, a horse racing scene Illustrated covers. Stapled Booklet. 16 pages. Designed by S. H. Benson. Printed by John Waddington Ltd. Illustrations by Antony Groves-Raines. Measures 9 1/4" x 6 1/2".
Illustrated Letterhead with specifications for "turned stuff" for hoops with handles. The Princess Hoop Manufacturing Co..Bound Brook, NJ.1882
The letterhead has two vignettes printed in red of children with hoops with handles identified as The Normandy and The Princess. It is for the Princess Hoop Manufacturing Co, office of J. L. M. DuFour and I. R. Edgar.  The letter is written to Messrs H. B. Smith & Son of West Chesterfield Ma. Mr. DeFour is requesting samples of  "runed stuff" numbered from 1 to 12 including prices by product and specifications for dimensions on each model and desired quantities.  Also includes illustrated postally used cover.. A letter with both graphic appeal and interesting content requesting samples for a wood turner to create a variety of hoop handles.
La Calculateur Suchard Milka - Candy Container and Calculator. Suchard.Switzerland.[1900]
A two-part cylindrical litho on pressed board candy container for Sucha Milka milk chocolate. The box promotes the product and is also a handy multiplication calculator.  The exterior cylinder has staggered die-cut squares that align with a fixed multiplier.  The multiplicand is printed at the end of on the inner cylinder. The product is displayed through the die-cut shapes. As you turn the cylinder the multiplicand and the product change. 1 3/4" in diameter. 5" long..
 A New Location, Wm. R. Cardy Co. Succeeding Herschman E. Cardy, Printers Embossers, Engravers, Binders. Wm. R. Cardy Co.Chicago, IL.[1930]
Wm. R. Cardy Co. was a printing company owned by William Robert Cardy (1872-1933), that was located in Chicago and also did embossing, engraving and binding. This brochure is advertising a new location and change of business name. Cardy had had a partner in the past, Hershman, but now he owned the company outright. The front cover features a beautiful, ornate, and colorful lithographic border done in a medieval style with an image of a printer at a press on the bottom. The design is done in a combination of blue, red, green, and some gilding. The font chosen is also highly stylized and reminiscent of a font used in the medieval ages. This same style of border is continued on the interior page of the brochure along with a drop cap letter and information about their new location and printers. On the bottom of the back cover it says "printed on medieval parchment". Single fold brochure. Measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4" (folded), 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" (unfolded) .
Color Broadside - Soda Checks and Amusement Co's Tickets. Keller Printing Co..New York.[1900]
An 11" x 8 1/4" full color broadside depicting eighteen (18) different examples of soda checks and amusement co's tickets available through Keller Printing Co. Each with a different imagery and style; a unique model number at blank..
 A Sketch-Book for Everybody, The Pig Album. A. C. Yates & Co..Philadelphia, PA.1888
This sketch album is meant to be used by a group, where on each page someone can take a turn drawing a pig, however there is a catch! One is supposed to draw the pigs blindly, either with your eyes closed or with a blindfold, so that "everyone present will be amused by the queer illustration of an object that never existed on earth." Opposite each blank sketch page, is a short poem or riddle on pigs. The album was produced by the A. C. Yates & Co., a clothing store for men and children in Philadelphia. The front cover has a four different sketches of pigs, one in each corner. The back cover has a black and white illustration of pigs escaping a barn with an advertisement for A. C. Yates & Co on the barn's side. 48 pgs. Pictorial covers. Staple binding. OCLC 0 (Jan 2020).  Measures 6 1/4" x 3 1/2" "I have a literary turn of mind, I get my living from a PEN; My tale (tail) is short and seldom read (red), But I am liked by most of men.".
 Sweet Potato Slips!. A. J. Green & Bro. & Byers & Fain.Nashville, TN.[1876]
An 18" x 12" broadside promoting Sweet Potato Slips! and All Other Plants in Season.  Provides pricing information for a variety of Sweet Potato Slips, Cabbage, Tomato and Pepper Plants and prices for quantities of 100 and 1000 plants. Plant's include Brazil Yam, Pumpkin Red, Nancemont cabbages, Landreth's Large York Cabbage, Improved Fejee Purple Tomatoes and many more.  Prices start at $2.50 per 1000 for select yams and sweet potatoes. A partnership between Byers & Fain and A. J. Green & Bro., a practical gardener.   Includes original envelop with fancy cancel postmark..
 The Famous Original Black Water Baths. The Famous Original Black Water Baths.Alden, NY.1915
The town of Alden in New York became famous in 1891 due to the discovery of black mineral water, more often referred to as black water, a thick, rotten egg smelling water with supposed healing properties. This booklet is advertising for the "Famous Original Black Water Baths" and its opening of our their new modern bath house. This new bath house was "thoroughly equipped with every convenience for the treatment and comfort of our patients." In addition to the baths themselves it had: sun parlors, sanitary drinking foundations, heated swimming pool, billiard room, tennis courts, steam and electricity. The booklet describes the town of Alden, Old Faithful (the original well used to drill for the black water), a description of the facilities, a scientific analysis of the black water (which was mostly chlorine, bromide and sulfuric acid), description of the care and food received there, expenses (both of your stay and price of bottle black water for at home use), and their hours of operation. They claimed that the black water helped mostly with rheumatic cases, and was "good for the stomach", liver and kidney issues, (unnamed) skin diseases, and nervousness. Apparently it was a "common occurrence to see people arrive in Alden on crutches, in wheel chairs, and on cots, and within a few days walk from the bath house to their boarding houses." The water itself was so heavy that one would "float like a cork" while taking a bath in it and the water left the "pores of the skin filled with pure salt". Interesting, unlike other bathhouses of the era that used a more traditional mineral water, patients here were required to bring their own sheets and towels. The booklet includes twenty-two (22) black and white printed photographs of the bath house, its grounds and the town of Alden. Additionally there are two printed maps, one a map of Buffalo, Alden and surrounding towns, and the second, is a larger map of western New York detailing its paved highways. The front cover has a colorized photograph ?? of the bath house itself. The resort had originally opened in a much smaller bath house in 1904. Operation continued in their new bathhouse until 1964 when it closed and the building itself was converted into a church. Printer: Ashby Printing Company. Staple binding. 20 pages.  Measures 8"x 4".
 The Japanese Marriage Ceremony Promotional Brochure by Department Store . William Rae.Kobe, Japan.?1930?
This tri-fold pamphlet details the Japanese wedding ceremony, starting from the arrangement of the couple by their family, to their wedding ceremony and what life for the bride is like after the wedding. The pamphlet was created by William Rae as a way of stirring interest in Japan and its culture in order to sell items from his store in Kobe, Japan. He sold a variety of household goods, such as table wear, kitchenware, jewelry, cabinets and screens. While the store was located in Japan, the store sold items that were decorated in a variety of 'oriental' motifs, mainly directed towards a western audience. The front of the pamphlet has a colorful and stylized engraving of the Japanese wedding ceremony. The back has a list of items the store sold, as well as a directions on ordering items either by mail or in person at his store in Japan. The advert emphasizes that he had "over 1000 different sets, always kept in stock.  Measures 7" x 5 1/4" (folded)..
[Promotion with Child as Audience] Further Adventures of Jim, John and Jane
16 pp with litho wrapps.  Cover depicts three young children behind a vignette of a plane.  A story of on how with the aid of Dennison's Glue the children were able to sail round the world.  It begins with the children cutting and pasting colorful Dennison's paper using Dennison's glue when their mother introduces them to Affable Aeroplane Man who will take them to the Tropical Zone and China and on to Alaska.  Dennison products saved the day throughout the adventure.  The back cover is for the "grown-ups" explaining how and what to buy from Dennisons.  Measures 7 3/4" x 5 1/4".. Beginning in the second half of the 19th century advertisers began using children as a way of inticing parents to buy products.  Initially advertisers printed children's stories as premiums.  Interpersed in the story pages were pages of promotion and testimonials for the product.  This form of advertising used the children's story as a vehicle to promote to parents. By the early part of the 20th C advertisers were taking it to the next level by promoting with the child as the audience by incorporating the products into the story and encouraging the children to have their parents purchase the products.
A Collection of Political and Human Rights Campaign Ephemera
A collection of eight stickers/ bumper stickers and one poster. Below is a brief description of each item. "Peace, Let it Shine", Poster The poster was published by the Peace Corps and it states "Peace, Let it Shine, help make it work through the Peace Corps". The images depicted is that of a boat on a river at sunset. Measures 22" x 17" "Tolerance", Sticker Created by 'A Project for Southern Poverty Law Center', located Alabama, this sticker features four hands of varying colors, grasping each other to form a circle. The sticker states "Tolerance, Worth Reacting For." Measures 3 1/4" x3" "Stop Apartheid - Boycott Shell", Bumper Sticker This bumper sticker issued as part of an international campaign to boycott Shell because of the company's involvement in South Africa and Namibia. This involvement mainly consisted of the company helping those two countries get around an oil embargo. Measures 14" x 3 3/4" "Kids Need Love AND Child Support", Bumper Sticker Printed by the Child Support Enforcement Group, this is a simple bumper stick, black text on a light blue background. Measures 12" x 3". "I am a Pro-Choice American", Sticker Two circular stickers printed in red and blue with a white background. They were distributed by Planned Parenthood. Measures (Diameter) 3". "Feed the Cities - Starve the War Machine", Sticker This large sticker was for a particular protest in New York on June 12, 1982. It was a disarmament campaign whose goal was to abolish all nuclear weapons. The sticker is printed with a bright neon green background, and black text, with a large peace symbol on it. Measures 6 3/4" x 4". "Abolish Nuclear Weapons", Bumper Sticker A red and blue bumper sticker for the disarmament campaign. What is interesting about this item is the illustrations of a broken war head in the corner. Measures 7 1/2" x 3 2/3". "Amnesty International", Sticker Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty or AI) is a London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights. This sticker was for their New York office is printed in gold, black and white and features an image of their logo, a candle with barbed wire ensnaring it. Measures 3 1/4” x 3 1/4" . "Stop Hate", Bumper Sticker The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States. It is a civil rights organization that dedicates itself to fighting against not only anti-Semitism but all forms of bigotry through education. This bumper sticker is basic, but striking. In only red and white, it states, in bold font "STOP HATE." Measures 9” x 2 3/4". To view this collection, please click on the following link:
 Lampe Fumivore Hygienique, a bout de platine incandescent pour purifier l'air des appartements [Fumivore Hygienic Lamp, Incandescent platinum end to purify the air of apartments]. Muller, L..Paris.c1889
This booklet is a deco advertisement for patent medicine, which in this case is a crystal falcon meant to purify the air. It was sold in a wide variety of colors and styles, as depicted on the back cover, along with several scents. It was advertised as being great at clearing out bad odors and tobacco. The seller of this item was L. Muller, who was a pharmacist in Paris. The covers are done in three colors, blue, red and black. The front cover depicts a single, large crystal falcon while the back cover depicts 11 different ones in all shapes and sizes, even one that looks to be about the size of a lipstick tube. Lithograph wrappers. 12 pages. OCLC -2 (Feb 2019). Measures 5 1/2" x 4"..
Cyrus J. Lawrence, Importer and Wholesale Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Fancy Goods, Combs, Brushes, Buttons, Threads, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instruments, Stationery, &c., &c. . Baker & Godwin, Printers.New York.1860
New York: Baker & Godwin, Printers, 1860. Catalogue. Good. A 212 pp hard cover catalogue for July 1860 through June 1861. Gild fore edge The first 80 pp. are catalogue, the remainder is for Memorandums – Goods to Purchase, Notes, Invoices and Cash. Two (2) gusseted pouches within back cover. Slot for Railroad Tickets affixed to back cover. Frontispiece is a color illustration promoting the store with black and white vignettes depicting various means of import and products for sale. Yearly calendar follows title page. This is followed by a list of principal hotels in New York City, Rates of Fare and the Index to Catalogue. The index is a comprehensive four page list. This is followed by listings of product by category without prices. Also includes a full color illustration of Cyrus J. Lawrence's Oriental Cologne Water. Fred Mayer & Co. Lithographers. N.Y. Listings include Sealing Wax and Wafers, Gold and Steel Pens, a section on Perfumery, Musical Instruments, Buttons and much more. Memorandum pages 203-212 are lacking, as well as pages 82-98. Measures 5 ½" x 3 ½". Cover wear. Top and bottom of back strip lacking. There is a severe break in the spine, with the book nearly detached in half. . Cover wear. Top and bottom of back strip lacking. There is a severe break in the spine, with the book nearly detached in half.
The Non-fouling and Self-canting Reliance Anchor, Joseph T. Williams, Philadelphia. June 1, 1875
A single-fold illustrated circular containing a narrative describing the product and the (16) Points of the Old Anchor and the Reliance Anchor Contrasted. The back page is directed at the yacht owner now having access to the best anchor. Letter folds..
An embossed die-cut menu in the shape of a book for a Banquet in honor of Frederick W. Geissenhainer, philanthropic citizen and attorney. Sea Cliff, L. I., NY 1901.
The banquet was held under the auspices of the Tax Payer’s Association. The first page of the menu is an image from a photograph of Geissenhainer. The second page is a tribute acknowledging Geissenhainer’s philanthropy, civic interests, broadmindedness…welfare and prosperity of the community in which he dwells…” The next page is a menu and the final page is Toasts by other citizens of Sea Cliff. All held in place with a silk string tie. Measures 7” x 5 ¼”. .
Advertising Fan - Restaurant de la Cascade - Boin de Boulogne. ..
Twelve wooden blade paper hand fan depicting a c1920s French woman holding a parasol and stopping to smell the roses.  The reverse reads Restaurant de la Cascade - Bois de Boulogne.  Presumable a promotion provided by the elegant outdoor restaurant for patrons.  Measures 10" x 8" when one.. Some wear; one blade partially lacking.
 Printer's Proof -- Pen company - Gladiators - Pen is Mightier than the Sword. Meyer, Merkel & Ottmann.New York.
A 5 5/8" x 4 3/8" proof for  Aikin Lambert & Co. New York.  Logo in upper left corner "Pen is Mightier than the Sword".  Scene depicts gladiators in the Coliseum dueling with pens instead of sword.   Layered color, almost appears as split-fountain.   Gold vs. Steel at base  Reverse is blank..
 Santa Claus & I  will open the store for the Christmas season on December 15th. Warren News Steam Press.Warren, NH.1894
12 1/2" x 9"  with bold letters at the top reading "Santa Claus and I are prepared to show the most Satisfactory Line of Christmas Goods Ever Shown in Town" with a vignette at left of Santa about to descend the chimney while the reindeer look on. Doors open at 7 o'clock in the morning (don't come before!).  Promoting December 15th as "opening day' for the holiday season.  Promoted Decorated China, Books, Music, Dolls, Games, Plush, Leather and Celluloid Goods, Writing Desks and an Illustrated Dictionary.  Of interest is "an Illustrated Dictionary containing nearly 1000 pages will be given to the school scholar guessing nearest how many times the store door opens during Christmas.  It costs nothing to guess, only each scholar must record their own guess at the store."  Fred C. Gleason, proprietor.   Reverse is blank..
3 Promotional Items Le Thermogene: Capsicum Cotton wadding to treat  ailments. Le Thermogene.Paris.c1900
A collection of three items (in French) advertising 'Le Thermogene' a patent medicine product that was meant to help with a variety of ailments such as coughing, bronchitis, flue, sore throat, colds, joint pains, and rheumatism. The product was a heating pad that was composed of soft cotton wadding that had been treated with capsicum and could be placed on various parts of the body. The first item in the collection is flyer (measures 8 1/4" x 5 1/4") featuring a fire-eating circus performer in a green body suit holding the product (represented as large orange objects) and breathing out fire. This artwork was designed by Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942) who was an Italian and French poster art designer who is nowadays often referred to as the "father or modern advertising." This was due to the fact that he was the first to use bold figures that popped out of their contrasting black background. The second item in this collection is a single-fold pamphlet (Measures: 6 1/4" x4 3/4" folded, 9 1/4" x 6 1/4" unfolded). This pamphlet provides simple, and to the point information about the product as well as depicting 6 illustrations of figures show how the product can be used on a variety of places on the body. On the front is the same circus figure by Cappiello found on the flyer, however this time the only color used is in the product the figure is holding, and the fire coming out of his mouth. The last item in the collection is a small 12 page staple booklet that is chalk full of more detailed information about the product. The back of the booklet actually has the image of the circus performer, while the front of the booklet has a roaring fire in a fire pit.  .
Patrick Joseph Carmody Fruit Growing in Victoria . Advertising and Intelligence Bureau, Lands Department .Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.1909
An advertising booklet meant to attract farmers into establishing fruit farms in the Victoria, Australia. The main portion of the booklet is written by Patrick Joseph Carmody who was the Chief Inspector of Orchards for the Department of Agriculture in Melbourne. He asserts that "Victoria, compared with all other countries stands unrivaled for the last few years in the expansion of the industry of fruit production." The rest of the booklet discusses the suitability of Victoria for fruit growing, how to dispose of the produce, state assistance offered to growers, the approximate cost to set up, the variety of fruit one can plant (Jonathan Apple, Cleopatra apple, Winter Nelis pear, etc.), pruning, and future development in the industry. Additionally, there is a smaller section dedicated to the 'Lands Administration in Victoria', where it provides information and advise on how to get land by various means, such as auriferous (rental) lands, lands by auction, and swamp/reclaimed lands, as well as the different types of land sites (business, garden, or residential). It also provides information on the various licenses one might need, such as grazing and bee farm licenses. Lastly there is a small section on the agricultural laborer's allotments as well as their home allotments. Approximately fifteen (15) printed black and white photographs. Advertisements on the inside covers. 16 pg. Pictorial wrappers. Staple Binding. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".
 Promotional Booklet - "The only House in America that sells exclusively for CASH in Every Instance - Prices Bear Evidence of it.. R. H. Macy & Co..New York.1890
32pp. unnumbered. Illustrated cover with a young lad holding a promotional sign while leaning out a window in a brick wall. Foreign offices and manufacturers are printed on the several of the bricks.  The inside cover shows a grid with groupings of products with a narrative that includes "There is only one Macy's." It begins by discussing the enterprise and then explains the store floor by floor  followed by 13 full page illustrations of the interior of the store and one image from a photograph of the glass-cutting shop. These are followed by additional information on services provided and 8pp of advertisements for other New York businesses. The inside back cover has an image of the exterior from the shipping department view on 13th and 6th, the outside cover has a view of the 5th avenue view. Measures 5" x 7". .
 Photograph of Group of Men in Costume, Surrounding the Parade Wagon of E. A. Bloser Wholesale & Retail Jeweler. Elias Alexander Bloser.Newville, PA.[1890]
A black and white photograph of a large group of mostly men and young boys standing in front of E. A. Bloser Wholesale and Retail Jeweler store. In the center is a wagon with the stores name in front, with men in bizarre costumes standing around and on the wagon. One of the costumes appears to be a dog face. The wagon also appears to be carrying various small grandfather clocks. There numerous flag and other patriotic decoration on both Bloser's store front and that of Swope's Drugs next store. While this photograph was most likely taken during a parade, It is unknown exactly which holiday the parade was celebrating. The photograph has been dated to circa  as E. A. Bloser founded his store in 1873 in  Boserville, PA before moving his store from Newville, PA, where this photograph was taken. In 1892, Bloser again move his store to New Keningston, PA. As Bloser was involved in a number of fraternal orders - Free and Accepted Masons, the Patriotic Order Sons of America, the Knights of Malta, and the Local Encampment of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow- and the photograph mainly depicts men, it is possible that the photograph is of one of these fraternal orders.   The photograph itself is mounted on white card. Measures 8"x 5 1/2" (photograph), 10" x 8" (board). Elias Alexander Bloser was born on May 27, 1857 to Simon Peter Bloser (1815-1885) and Catharine Alexander (1824-1895) in Bloserville, PA. He had several siblings: Soloman B. Bloser (1851-1934), Mary E. Bloser Stover (1854-1910), Henry Mohler Bloser (1861-1934), James W. Bloser (1865-?), and George F. Bloser (1867-?). He married Catharine "Kate" A. Stine (1858-1931) in 1877 and had three children: Frank John Bloser (1878-1948), Annie Catharine Bloser Douglas (1879-1975), and Clarence Alexander Bloser (1891-1957). He died on October 26, 1936 in Carlisle, PA.
A Mass Meeting!  Of the Friends of the Sabbath School Cause, A Broadside
A broadside for a meeting to discuss the "Sabbath School Cause". The meeting took place at the Langdale Grove on the Georgetown Ridge in Dearborn County, IN, on a weekend in August. All were welcome to attend, "Let all come -- come for the cause of education -- come for the benefit of youth -- come for the men and women of a future age." However people had to bring their own "provisions for each day". There were several men, mostly Reverends, who were invited to speak at the event, such as B. W. Chidlow, H. Hoyt, Esq. of Boston, Rev. Mr. Golliday and Rev. J. B. Sparks. Single sheet, single sided. Measures 12" x 11".
H. A. & G.M. Church Ephemera Relating to H. A. & G.M. Church - Manufacturers of gold Chains, Bars, Hooks, Swivels, Split Rings &c.. .New York.1878
A group of ephemera including a manuscript letter with corresponding advertising cover to a colleague regarding the  designs of chains and "drops".  An engraved business card for Church's gold chains.   Finally, includes are two (2) style of tags (six total) o affix to the chains warranting every link hard soldered.  Letter sheet measures 8 1/4" x 5 3/8". .
George H. Crouch Illustrated Broadside - The Star Spring Bed! featuring Jonathan and Job. Republic Leg-Power Print.Geneseo, ILL.[1880s]
A 12" x 8 1/2" illustrated broadside demonstrating how a spring bed will give you a better nights sleep.  An image of Jonathan sleeping peacefully on a spring bed and a vignette of Job, who can't sleep because his bed is sagging. Promoted as the best  Spring Bed in the Market -An Elastic Bed - Cheapness, Durability, Elasticity and Beauty.  Reverse is blank..
 Le Cercle: The New and Fascinating Field Game. J. E. Tilton & Co. D. B. Brooks & Bro. .Boston, MA.[1870]
A two-sided magazine supplement for a new game called Le Cercle, a field game similar to croquet. In fact it was meant to be a competitor to the popular game of croquet, and one of its advantages was that it could be played on a smaller field then croquet. The front side has an idyllic black and white illustration  of a couple and young woman playing the game in a small field next to a pond with a forest in the background. There are instructions on how to play the game as well as testimonials from people who have played. Such as "the set which we have used at our home has become so popular that it is now going the rounds of our friends' houses", and "my children have played a great deal with it. It is a very nice game." On the bottom of the back page is a price list for the various items one needs in order to play a game of Le Cercle. Double sided leaflet. Measures 8 1/4" x 5 1/2".
K. P. Sawyers (Illustrator). Greenwich Village (FL)- Atlantic Shores From the Dixie to the Sea. c1920s
A three-fold promotional brochure with a painters palette, brushes and paints on the cover with a development in the background.   The brochure starts with"beggining just 700 feet from the ocean adjoining Hollywood on the south and blending into the beautiful Lake and Boulevard Sections of Atlantic Shores, is Greenwich Village".  Also describes the Waterfront lots,  Florida's unique community, the history of the development presented as an "Evolution Tour".  The reverse is a stylized plat, followed by a promotional narrative.  Greenwich Village Lots were priced as low as $1995 and Waterfront Sites aas little as $2,995.  No date c1920s-30s based on automobiles in the imagery.  Measures 19" x 14 3/4".  1 1/2" separation at base on two folds..
Framed engraving - Watch paper for M. O. & N. Randall - Watch Maker, Silversmith & Jeweler, Woodstock VT. T. H. Cushman Sc. .Albany, NY.
A 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" intaglio engraving of a watchpaper depicting an angel chiseling an inscription in stone for the watchmaker.  It is captioned "FAME".  Housed in 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" modern frame. Matted with 3" x 3" sight view. .
Bilbille & Co. Sample Books for Silk Shades for 1948. .Paris.1948
A single-fold folio with swatches of forty (40) different shades of silk introduced by Bilbille & Co. in 1948. The cover is adorned with a sleek and elegant woman and captioned echantillons de nouveautes (samples of novelties).  Measures 7 1/2" x 10".
Bilbille & Co. Sample Books for Silk Shades for 1960. .Paris.1960
A single-fold folio with swatches of forty (40) different shades of silk introduced by Bilbille & Co. in 1948. The cover is adorned with a sleek and elegant woman and captioned echantillons de nouveautes (samples of novelties).  At center top upper right card includes an open-out envelope with an additional array of swatches. Measures 7 1/2" x 10" . Some toning and surface wear
 3 Lg Format Sample Swatch Folios for  Dimity, Voile and Batiste Cottons. Bedford Mills.New York .1920s
3 single-fold cards with fabric swatches or sampled of various types of fine weave cotton.  The larger two are from Bedford Mills and include 35-36 Inch Turin printed Dimity (2009)  and 34-40 Inch Orduna Viole Printed (3019), each with a 12" x 7 1/2" sample and five smaller triangles of the fabric in various colors.  The third is from an unidentified company and is 38-39 inch Blossom Batiste Tub Fast (327) with a slightly smaller rectangular smaple and 4 triangles in various colors.  The larger measure 13 3/4" x 8 1/2". . Fading and corner chips on Bedford covers.