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 The Little Chap: A Small Newspaper Published During the School Year - Andover (Philips Academy) . Edward H. Williams, III.Andover, Mass.1621
The small newspaper is published one a week during the school year and includes short, often local news. The two-sided printed newspaper is roughly divide into three sections, general news, sports news, and advertising. The news includes mostly area information, this issue includes ticket sales to a baseball game and the strange fishy taste and smell to the water. The sports sections include scores of games, as well as upcoming ones, most importantly the Andover versus Exeter game that is happening in a few days. The advertisements on the reverse side are of local stores and shops. At the bottom of the first page is a little outline of a little chap. Measures 6 3/4" x 5 1/4". .
Florence L. Smith A Children's Letter to President William McKinley after his Assassination Attempt. Washington Locating Club.Chicago, IL.[September 6-15, 1901]
A manuscript letter sent to President William McKinley by a children's club wishing him health and recovery after the assassination attempt on his life on September 6, 1901. The club was the "Washington Locating Club", which was located in Chicago. The children had met President McKinley the year prior "during inaugural week under the auspices of 'Heart's Chicago American' school children's excursion." McKinley was apparently going to meet with the school children again on October 5, 1901, but due to his death, obviously never made it. At the top of the letter is a drawing done in pen of the US Capital Dome. The letter is signed by six children, though the letter appears to have been written by the Secretary of the club Florence L. Smith (1887-?), who based on census records (confirmed by her address), was thirteen at the time of the letter. Pasted onto the side of the letter is a card with Florence's name and address. Measures 13 1/2" x 8".  President McKinley would die from his injuries on September 14, 1901.
Burr Wendell. Thoughts of a Young Boy, Four Essays - Summer, Honest, Perseverance and Work. ..c1860s
A young boy during the civil war writes his thoughts on "Summer", "Honest", "Perseverance" and "Work". "Summer" is a simple recounting of what the season of summer is like, from children at play to the slow ripening of apples on the trees. In "Honest" the boy comes to the conclusion that if one starts to lie about the 'little stuff', that leads to lying about the 'big stuff'. "Perseverance" emphasis the importance of never giving up. Perhaps the most interesting of the four pieces, is the boy's thoughts on "Work". He starts off the missive by emphasis the value of hard work, but then continues on to describe the types of work the men around him are doing. Such as an unnamed fort that they are building to protect them from the rebels and their "bullets and cannon balls". Along with others making, rifles, pistols, cannons, drums and shoes. He continues on to mention that some of the men have fought in previous Civil War battles, including Battle of Roanoke Island, Battle of Fort Donelson, and Battle of Fort Sumter (the note actually mentions Fort Johnson which was involved in that battle). The front of each letter is named "Burr Wendell" # 1, 2, 3, or 4.. All but #4 (Honest) have little drawings on the front. Largest Measures:12 3/4" x 8".. The letters have some stains on them, due to the writer trying to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes.
Map of Almost the Whole World. ..
A children's map incorporating both meaningful and known locations. Very interesting in both perspective and selection of location.  The left margin has the States of America adjacent the States of Japan, which is a couple of inches from Grandma Hudson's house.  Above and horizontally across the top of the page is Our House  and  six (6)  different hotels which then turns into Nevada.  A short distance from Nevada at the crossroads is A river with trees - a cool, cool spot and a Log floating in the river. The downward road leads to a large loop--  with Fernanlld's very near the entrance and California at the center of the large loop.  The other road traverses below the hotel row and includes Korea, Georgia and Johnny's House.   Drawn in crayon in purple and red with circles and hash-marks signifying different locations and symbols.  Reverse is blank. Measures 11" x 14"..
Naive Child's Art - Dog or Sheep or Sheep Dog. ..
A 7" x 9"  naive crayon and pencil  drawing presumably by a child with a unique perspective.   A first glance it appears to be a dog, however... the face looks somewhat like a lamb, the front feet cat's paws, the hind legs dogs and the body...  Dear.  Anonymous..
Danny B. A collection of 27 book reports done by Danny B., a Second Grader (?) each with narrative and drawing. ..1960s
A series of 27 numbered book reports, presumably written through the course of a school year by a 7 or 8 year old boy named Danny B. The first report is - Quite on Account of Dinosaur By Jane Thayer "a girl loved dinosaurs and one day she found a cave in a mountain with a Dinosaur int it."  Pencil drawn illustration of a girl in a blue dress petting a dinosaurs tail. Report 22 is - Oh OH by Tom J. Crosby.  "A boy in big trublle because he has to fite someone older than him".  Drawing of male head with clinched teeth captioned "His appoint" Each page measures 11" x 8 1/2". . His reading comprehension improves somewhat over report periods  Wonderful phonetic misspellings throughout.  His concentration and  artistic skills vary throughout the period.  Charming.
 A science project by Ronnie H with 13 drawings reflecting seasons, weather, activities and holidays. ..
Thirteen (13) individual drawings that have been colored with chalk, crayon or watercolor.  Housed in a hand constructed folio titled "Our Earth" Science with the earth, sun, Saturn and clouds.  There is also an arrow or more likely a small jet at top with the initials R. H. (the initials of the student)  Based on the artistry and subject detail, probably third or fourth grade. The images are rich in detail and seasonal elements including indicators of upcoming holidays. One image depicts a young boy with his pants rolled up feet dangling in the water with rocks in the water, tall grass at the shore, numerous conifers, purple mountains (majesty...) and clouds. There are three fish on the ground next to a basket. Another in autumn colors depicts two witches; one gathering firewood while the other stirs a caldron over an open fire.  An owl is perched in a tree and behind them are amber waves of grain.  There are two drawings of the young boy flying a kite; one shows the kite soaring on high and the other is a close-up of the boy tightly holding onto the kite string. There are several that focus on elements from nature including flowers and landscapes. Lastly and of particular note  is the image of a summer scene with umbrellas and beach blankets on a beach, another boy diving into the water and the subject swimming on top of the water; a bit of a problem with perspective.  Each measures 9" x 12"..
A Young Boy's sketch book - patriotic & military. ..1850s
A 5 3/4" x 10 1/2" hand made book by a little boy  Initials W. B. R. The book is structured with brown paper on verso and pencil drawn illustrations on the right.  Includes 8 pages of sketches including the cover. The cover depicts a saltbox house with lightening rods  and a fenced in pasture.  This is followed by allegorical images of an anchor and a Masonic symbol at the top of a page where a wolf chances a deer.  The next page is a village skyline with both a small British and larger American flag flying overhead.  A train is at the station --stick figure characters.  The following page is a marching band of soldiers ; one with a sword, a drum, bugle, fife bayonette and American flag.  This is folled by another page of page of solders with packs and bayonets.  And so it goes additional patriotic symbolism including American flags, firing cannon, eagles, etc.  Concludes with a calf nursing while a bull looks on....
P.S. 86 Tooled Copper Cover Remembrance Scrapbook Given to Mrs. Nufer by her Students upon her retirement. .New York.1949
Anna Louisee Nufer retired as Principle of New York PS 86 on September 19, 1949. On that day she was presented with a scrap book made by the teachers and students of PS 86. The covers are green leather with a tooled copper illustration of the story "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe." The dedication page of this scrap book is also tooled copper affixed to wallpaper, which states the date the book was given to Mrs. Nufer. The scrap book is 23 leaves, and consists of thank you notes in general written by the teacher and signed by all of the students in their respective classes. Each page was done on a colored construction paper often with hand drawn borders. One page that stand out in particular has a water color of the world and a poem full of plays on words: "The world is you 'Erster' and see what's inside You made your 'cherse ter' While you feel better Instead of 'Worster' " Attached to the back inside cover is a hand made card filled with poetry across 22 pages. The front of the card has a painted silhouette of a sailboat. The first page of this card has an adorable crayon drawing of children marching holding flags along with the inscription "Testimonial Dinner to Mrs. Anna L Nufer, Hotel Madison, November 7, 1949." Within the card are little missives and poems written on each page from fellow friends and teachers. Green leather covers, rope binding. Tool cooper cover and dedication page. Measures 13 1/4" x 11 1/2" . Anna Lousie Nufer nee Kaelin, was born on September 23 1887 in Manhattan, NY to Herman Kaelin and Anna Genevieve Becker (1867 -?). She married Christian F. Nufer (1891 - 1970) and had one daughter named Doris Rose Nufer Fisher (1917-2006). She started teaching in 1913 at PS 71. Eventually she would become principle at PS 86, and retire in 1949. She died on January 4, 1979 in Needham, MA.
Master Walter Willison Stephens A 12 year old boy's journal with in-depth reporting on all fires in his town and baseball stats.. .Moberly MO.1903, age 12 years 4 1/2 months
A 56 pp composition book with an accounting of Master Stephens in 18 chapters.  A drawing of fire equipment with crossed axe and nozzle is captioned No. 7 Nozzle (with dyslexic Zs). The first 17 deal strictly with intricate details about what appears to be every fire in his town of Moberly for quite some time.  The first chapter describes the advancements of the town and their fire equipment, moving from steam engines.  His writes about company's 1-7 with an emphasis on No. 7, a company started by three teenage boys, Jack Reynolds a lad of 15 and two of his chums Will Hathaway age 18 and Clement Robbers , 15.  The narrative describes their equipment in great detail including information on stopcocks, the length and diameter of their hoses and much more. Chapter 2 begins the detailed recollections of the fire starting with the sound of the alarm bells, through the hitching of horses to equipment, who was working, the distance to the fire and comprehensive details of the events at the fire. "About 12:15 on a mild spring day the alarm rang out no. 17.  The roar of horses hoofs rumbled to it and the doors snapped open.  The hitch was quickly made and so the company leaped into their places, the wagon tore off.  Jack had the reins and he skillfully guided the...."   In Chapter 15 he begins with "Company 7 received its monthly (sp) salary that week and all the bills were paid off and the members of the company received $60 a piece for themselves.    Also two 6-gallon chemical Babcock fire extinguishers to be cared on one's back by modern shoulder straps were bought and placed in a rack in the wagon:.  The accountings continue through Chapter 17 and abruptly on page 37 his interest turns to baseball beginning with a table of pitch counts for Baton Rouge, Mobile, Meridian, etc. The remainder of the book is dedicated to grids of hits by player by inning on various teams, with the exception of two drawings of distressed baseball players. Measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".. Although meticulous in detail, penmanship is scrawling.  Misspelling throughout.  A fine 12 year old's accounting.
Mensuration – Part 1st Continued by Mark Brayshaw1845
(Part 1 of the study of measuring of geometric magnitudes, lengths, areas, and volumes)  Hand penned with cyphers, illustrations and calligraphy. A quarter leather exercise book with marbled paper covers for Mark Brayshaw.  Embellished with decorative lettering, design and calligraphy.  Some elements in watercolor. The book includes numerous exercises, beginning with the stated problems of mensuration followed by examples of the solution including some diagrams.  Excellent demonstration of problem solving skills as well as penmanship skills..
Child's drawing book with forty-four (44) graphite drawings. C1880
Thirty-one (31) school girl drawings of girls and women in Grecian bend bustle style costumes. Many of the images have been named by the artist. Thirteen (13) additional drawing by a different hand, most likely a boy, Native Americans, Soldiers. All naive. Three (3) finished in watercolor. Delightful. Measures 7" x 4". Fragile.
A River Story -  To Ada Hudson on her 16th Birthday from Agnes Hornung 1892
A handmade book constructed with plain paper and stock covers and a ribbon binding to hold the pages in place. "A River Story" is penned on the cover and title page.  The story of the life of a river from its infancy as a tiny stream and how it grows to meet life's challenges including waterfalls and  powering a waterwheel and growing weary from toiling long and hard.  It concludes with "My life has been long and happy and many wonderful and beautiful scenes awit me in the other higher broader life (which in this instance is flowing into the ocean to be free from worry and overwork)...And last farewell to you, my dear readers. Every page of text is accompanied by a relevant pen and ink drawing. Measures 7 1/2" x 8 1/2".. Cover wear with chip from top margin and corner chips. Light toning. Accompanied by a note from Agnes Hornung giving this book to Ada Hudson on her 16th birthday, March 11, 1892, as a token of love and remembrance from her friend.
 5  Naive 20"  Folk Art Paper Dolls - Buster Brown, Robert, Bertha, Nan & Lenora . .Nebraska.1910s
Five (5) crayon drawn and decorated paper dolls created from 'make-do' materials-- the back of pressed board advertising signed. The first is 21 1/2" older girl in a blue dress with large white colors. Her face is drawn as profile with an exaggerated nose and chin. Her hair is curled in tendrils. Created in two pieces. Her feet and legs are applied and watercolor decorated. The second is a 19 3/4" younger fuller girl done in crayon. This doll is actually dressed with a silk bow in her hair, an islet lace neck choker and a handmade chiffon dress, banded at top with the same ribbon as used on her hair. Here gray and orange boots are crayon.   The remaining three each measures about 18 1/2". A boy and girl in sailor influenced attire. The third is a Buster Brown look-alike, wearing the familiar red suit with black neck bow and big round eyes. This dolls appear to be created by the same individual. .
A grouping of Three (3) Drawing Books by Ethel Pratt c1910. 1910
Three (3) carefully constructed homemade books with pencil drawn sketches of the day to day life of one young girl, Ethel Pratt. The books appear to span a period of time beginning when a young talented girl created simple naive sketches, some embellished with crayon. A loose page depicts a young girl reading a book to a bunny with other rabbits looking on. Others depict her friends, often with dolls. One scene shows a horrified young girl watching a dog carrying her dolly away. As she matures the drawing become more complex and boys begin to appeal..
The Liliputian Writing Set
Artistic Penmanship - Master Richard Clarke - Burnham School -Poetry with Illuminated Letters. .Northampton, MA.1865
4 leaves. Elaborately decorated cover with gilt enhanced illustrated of boy conquering a mountain. He carries a flag reading "Excelsior". He has penned "Master Richard Clarke Burnham School. June 1845" in the cartouche. A large format album with decorative border designs printed in different colors with different flowers and flourishes. Master Clarke has copied four (4) verses each with some illuminated and otherwise accentuated letters.
A Young Lad's  200" long Scroll  Picture Story. .Chelsea (Boston) .
A 2 3/4" x 200" scroll picture story created by a young boy.  Created in a naive hand black crayon.  References to Chelsea (MA). The events of a young boy's real or imaginary daily life.   It begins with scenes of perhaps a school or common building, a pound with geese and swans and a home, followed by a bull in a field, a paddle boat and sailboat in water nearby.  This is followed by a scene of the horse drawn Chelsea laundry wagon and a battalion of firefighters pulling pump No. 1 to a burning house.   This is followed by a column or section marker and random animals and people.  The boy's next experience is a train with an arch reading "Look Out for Engine", another scene of the Chelsea Laundry wagon, this time on a bridge and going in the opposite direction with an approaching rider, perhaps a soldier  on a horse and a drawbridge in the background ending with a parade of soldiers followed by a cannon; Another section break.  A military vessel, sailboat and a lighthouse a ship and a vessel..
Lucius Tuttle & Helen H. Morris 2 hand made Card Games Created by Children - The Game of Birds & The Game of Animals. .New Haven, CT area..1888
Two (2) small handmade card games with  paper slip cases.Created in pencil.  Both sets are complete. The message on the first set reads Helen from Ray Xmas 1888 Game of Animals Played Like Authors.  It includes 46 cards each ordered  A-N, each card has a number at top and lists different animals and the number of cards in that letters group or set.  The animals are grouped by family or region. The top animal on the card is underlined.  The letters identifying the cards do not relate to the animal names. Letter L- Baboon, Monkey,  Gorilla; Letter B - Polar Bear, Walrus, Seal.  Cards measure 2 1/2" x 2". The message on the second set reads The Game of Birds invented by Lucius Tuttle on the front  and Helen H. Morris from Lucius Tuttle, Xmas 1888.  Dec. 25, 1888 on the reverse of the slip cover. This set includes a single fold instruction booklet.  Played like Great Battle Fields; Artists, Politics, etc. It lists the rules for play. Decorated covers.  t includes 40 cards organized in 10 groups of 4 ordered A-J.  Each card with a primary and 3 secondary birds.  Cards measure 2 1/2" x 2". Charming and dear..