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C1830s  Watercolor Overlay Transformation Set – Lovely Woman with  Six (6) Overlay Personae in Handcrafted Box
A 4 ½” x 4 ½”  sheet with profile view of lovely lady accompanied by six (6) different watercolor costumes that overlay the woman creating a different personae with each overlay.  Some as men, others as woman of different age and class,  or travelers from different lands. Found in a handcrafted box with a marbled  paper silhouette of the woman on the cover..
Morgan's Dioramic View of the Coronation at Westminster Abbey.
A novelty print, one of a series of transparency prints.  Scene of the interior of Westminster Abbey fitted up for the coronation of Queen Victoria. When held up to the light, depicts the queen on the throne. Both prints adhered to a window mount, with English inscription adhered below, including publisher's address . June 28th, 1838.  Image 9 3/4" x 7"  at center of mount paper.   Caption at base reads "This print at first represents a View of the Interior of the Abbey, the day previous to the Ceremony of the coronation of her most gracious Majesty Queen Victoria and on gradually raising it before the light, the Galleries will become occupied.  In the foreground the Queen will be seen sitting in the chair being crowned, with her Nobles  around her and the whole effect of this splendid scene will present itself to your view.
Uncut Engraving  Patriotic Perpetual Calendar, American Flag, George Washington.c1820-30
An 8    x 11  sheet with engraved patriotic imagery designed to be cut and assembled to create a perpetual calendar. Two (2) tabs to be cut and inserted to provide the days of the week and the months and the days in a month. Excellent. Corner clip on sheet margin.. .
Fine Quarto Hand Colored Lithograph Hymen's Temple Reveals Secret Desire - Wedding Proposal 1840s
A 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" single-fold valentine with intricately embossed fine border design. Large image of hand colored lithograph Heymen's Temple.  The verse at base reads "In Hymen's Temple you see above, Sacred to Constancy and Love; Look within and there you'll see What pleases you and pleases me.  For there at that holy shrine I will join my hand with thine And may you ne'er live for repent, The day when you gave kind consent."  When the door of the temple is opened it reveals a wedding ceremony. Inside page is blank.  Condition; overall excellent.  Very slight margin toning..
Prophetic Flowers - Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion & When to be Married
At first glance one sees an artfully executed watercolor stem with leaves topped by blue and yellow polished paper pinwheel flowers.  Upon close examination one sees that the flowers open to display a different hand penned answer beneath each of the petals.   The reverse explains this Victorian key to one's fate and love life.  It is a Prophetic Flower.  Each of the five (5) flowers foresees ones Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion and When to be Married.  It measures 8 3/4" x 7" and is on heavy stock card.  c1850s..
Rebus Puzzle Card – a Rhyme for the Children
4” x 2 ½” rebus puzzle card. Presumably part of a series as it is marked Number 3. Reverse is blank. Can you solve the puzzle? .
Hand Made Rebus Menu, December 25, 1900. ..1900
A 2 3/4" x3 1/4"  ten page menu cut in the shape of a leaf with a ribbon tie 'binding'.   The first page is a verse by Burns beginning with"some hae meat that caan' eat And some could eat that want it:..."  A rebus on each page identifies the dish being served. My personal ability to solve this particular rebus are limited, but I can say they are having some sort of gravy and pie... Pen and ink and watercolor.. Slight toning due to age, otherwise fine.
A collection of 12 metamorphic advertising trade cards promoting the use of Tobacco.. ..1880s
A group of 12 metamorphic advertising trade cards each depicting an unpleasant situation, when the card is opened flat the scene changes to a happily ever after situation,all as a result of using tobacco.   Provided an effective means of advertising the technique was used by Wilson & McCallay's, Jackson's Best, Duke of Durham, Railroad Mills Snuff, Piper Heidsieck, Allen's Jewel, Bagley's, Dime Durham and Pogue's Sitting Bull.   The use of tobacco was behind increased wealth, well-being, taming 'savage' native Americans, curing stomach disorders and heart burn and improving home life.  Two of the cards are a slightly different format; one a small child so eager to get to the tobacco she falls off a piano stool and with sliced pages showing influencers like George Washington, Bismarck and Ben Butler all promoting the product.   Various publishers. .
 9 Different Picture Story Book Get Well Greeting Cards featuring Activities, Rebus, Inventions Behaviors and More.. ..
A grouping of  9 different 1940s and 50s get well greeting card booklets, each with a different slant on hospitalization and recovery.   They all measure approximately 6" x 5" and have multiple pages with 18 pp (including covers) the longest.  They include: 12 Rube Goldberg style inventions for the bedridden including automatic back scratcher, medicine tester, book holder, "ah" recorder, etc. Sorry Yer Sick - with a barnyard themed picture story The Tale of Little Nell -  comic enactment of Nelly, the Villian, Marmaduke and poor old Pa. A Big Dose of Fun for the Convalescent -  Crossword puzzles, number and word games, tricks and quips and best of all---an envelope on the inside back cover with an answer booklet. A diary to cheer you up (ready made) Good Luck - Fix-em Shop -a doctor and nurse repair a patient as though it were a wrecked car "getting gears adjusted". To One Who is Ill - The Answer to the Big IF - picture story describing why you should hurry up and get well. The House that Cheer Built for a Convalescent -  The house that Jack Built style book.  Characters include Cheer, Friend, Germ, Doc, Nurse, Wish, Luck, Card and Pal. A Rebus -in letter form to "Deer Convales - Ant" exceptionally  charming. .
 Invitation, Ticket and Menu for Krewe of Athenians Ball. .New Orleans.11354
A grouping containing three (3) items including a 4" x 5 3/4" embossed invitation for the Krewe of Athenians Ball, to be held at "The Auditorium".  The actual 1 3/4" x 3 1/4" ticket stub for the Midnight Supper-Dance, The Roosevelt Hotel and a single-fold6 1/2" x 4 1/2" menu printed on heavy stock with the embossed emblem of the Krewe of Athenians  at the top. The cover reads "Souper Dansant in honor of Her Majesty, The Queen of 1931, Her Maids, The Debutantes, Ex-Courts". The menu within includes Crabmeat Cocktail, turtle soup and much more.  Reverse is blank. .
Boxed Set - Early Litho Puzzle Blocks or Cubes- Bizarre Imagery -  Children Trampled by Animals & Children at War. ..c1860s
A 7" x 4 1/2" x 2"  litho on wooden box with sliding top.   Includes 15 six-sided cubes to create the puzzles.  Includes five (5) litho sheets illustrating the puzzle.  Additionally, the box cover has the sixth puzzle.  Five of the six are images of children either being trampled by farm animals or children with weapons, as though perhaps pretend "war"...  Box wear; minor wear on cubes. .
 Novelty Die-cut Drum shaped pamphlet promoting Rogers Drums - Civil War - Soldiers Farewell. Rogers & Blackman.Columbus, OH.c1906
A single-fold 4" x 3 5/8" pamphlet die-cut in the shape of a drum. within is an illustration of a Civil War soldiers Farewell and the verse"Following the Drum".   At the base of the page is pricing informaion on Drums. . The Rogers company was started in 1849 by an Irish immigrant from Dublin named Joseph Rogers. Rogers came to the United States and started crafting drum heads. ... Rogers is probably most famous for its "Dyna-Sonic" snare drum, which featured a number of innovations.
Fine and Delicate Cutwork Parrot on a Perch. ..
A 7 1/4" cut paper parrot mounted on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The body is constructed of scallop cuts and pinprick while the layered feathers with fine cut tendrils along both edges of each feather.  The blades of grass and flowers are all cut from a single sheet.  Feet constructed of brown fabric. The eye and beak are cut from polished paper.  Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..
 The Boob Wheel Co., Circular Letter Head. The Boob Wheel Co..Cincinnati OH.1909
A 9 1/4" in diameter letterhead printed on paper die-cut in the shape of a circle, with wheel and spoke border design. The company sold wheels, poles  and shafts, so the wheel shaped letterhead was a natural promotion for product awareness. Reverse is blank.  Accompanied by file note responding to the correspondence..
Hidden Object Puzzle promotes Candy Store; a century ahead of it's time (no game app required). ..
A 6" x 3 1/2" stock puzzle card promoting a candy store.  The tope portion with hidden objects appears to be a young girl in a somewhat surreal scene above mountains, a stream and dead streets.  Captioned at top Hidden Away in this Curious Picture is a cat, a serpent, a lizard, a fly, a mule, an elephant, two birds, a rat, a boy, a dog, a fish and five other objects.  Caption at base reads "To find the best Ice Cream call at CURTIS Candy Store.  Reverse is blank..
Asa Bullard A Teacher's Gift . Taggard & Thompson.Boston.1863
48pp. Cloth covers.  Gilt stamp decoration on spine title.   Inscribed to Miss Phebe from Lizzie free endpaper.  Woodcut engravings throughout including frontispiece and title page.  Measures 4 1/2" x 3"..
Watercolor Cruikshank's Comicalities  reveals Curmudgeonly Patient. ..c1830
A 9" x 7" card that at first appearance looks like a watercolor of Cruikshank's Comicalities.  Upon closer view it opens to reveal a watercolor of a curmudgeonly sort.  It is captioned "THE PATIENT" What train of maladies has led To this your very sad condition... Has laid you prostrate on your bed, A prey to Surgeon and Physicians? Inscribed HC..
Cora Sprague Velvet Cover Triangular Friendship Album Of Cora Sprage, featuring secret messages. .Hackettstown, NY.Nov 1888
A unique triangle friendship album of Cora Sprague that was given to her upon her departure in November 1888 from Centenary Collegiate Institute, a preparatory school located in Hackettstown, NY (now known as Centenary University). What is unique about this album is the construction. Each note as been folded down into a triangle which was originally pasted closed. On the front of each note was a small missive that directed Cora when she could open the note. Most of them feature specific dates, but some are more ambiguous and cheeky. Such as, "Open when you so desire ", "When in trouble," "on the anniversary of your silver wedding", and perhaps most uniquely "to be opened some moonlight evening, alone in the year 1890". The majority of the notes feature well wishes for a happy and prosperous life. There are several mentions of a wedding and husband, so Cora's departure from the school might have been caused by an impending marriage to an unknown man. Most of her friends ask her to remember her time at C. C. I. fondly, or reference specific unknown events. Such as " 'Sit still my heart, sit still.' When very much excited and this quotation comes in your in mind, remember me and the circumstance under which I gave it to you." Light brown velvet covers. Ribbon binding. Triangle album, 39 leaves. Measures 10 1/2" x 5 1/4" .
H. Jannin Le Petit Poucet Lithographed Puzzle . H. Camus.Paris.c. 1870
This six piece wooden puzzle with applied depicts a critical scene in the life of little Tom Thumb. The color lithograph is done by H. Jannin depicts the two parents at a table by a fire with sad expressions, as the caption reveals that the mother and father have decided to "loose" Tom in the forest. The mother has her hands clasped beneath her chin and the father with a hand over his heart to convey the difficult decision they made. All the while, Little Tom is eavesdropping right behind them. The puzzle is simple and is doable for a small child. Measures 6 3/4" x 5". .
Fantaisie-Fantasia-Fantasie-Fancy- Scenes for Ladies of Leisure to Construct. ..c1840
A large folio with die-cut opening in cover to create a "picture frame".  It includes 2 plates and an array of cutout hand finished engraved images of  women, children and accessories.  The two 12" x 9 1/2" plates have numerous slits at the base  Each of the images has a tab at the base.  The individual women are placed in the incisions or slits creating elegant scenes from the serene to the severe.  Includes two pattern sheets with eight (8) different scenes. Endless scenes can be created beyond the scenes shown.   Twenty-four (24) images and accessories..
Kellogg's Jumbly Jungle Book - Metamorphic Sliced Pictures. Kellogg Company.Canada.1948
The brightly colored book filled with forty-two (42) animals dressed up in various costumes. Six (6) pages are cut in 6 pieces to provide a numerous hilarious combinations of heads, bodies and feet. In fact there are over 335 different animal combinations! Below each section of animals is a short verse that serves a duel purpose of describing what the animals are doing and advertising Kellogg cereals.  Measures 8" x 6"..
Exceptional Metamorphosis Overlays of a Man and Women with 97 Overlays - Clothes Make the Man. .Netherlands.1808
Comprised of 3" x 2 2/4" portrait cards of a nude woman and man in an undershirt.   The women has forty-six cut-paper watercolor overlays and the man has fifty-one cut-paper watercolor overlays.   In all ninety-seven different possible portraits, spanning professions, fashions and extraordinary hairstyle One of the female overlays (no.10) is dated 1808. . Each with a half-length or head and shoulder drawings with cut-outs to expose the face of the portrait.  Some with more intricate cuts to provide accessories for the costume or change the character of the face.   Somewhat unusual is the fact that the set represents both female and male faces in two separate base portraits.  Housed in a paper covered pressed board box with a separation at center.  The box most likely is not contemporary to the piece and added at some time in the 19th century.  Each is numbered. . Changements Inattendus, metamorphic (or protean) games are examples of early optical toys which demanded an act of interpretation, a way of looking that searched for hidden images in every day items. As part of the growing 18th Century interest in recreational science, metamorphic games also have a classical precedent , with Ovid's Metamorphosis the most famous and enduring of all the tales of transformation. "Understanding such ways of seeing - the modes of human perception - opened the way to the 'philosophical toy', devices that played with the vagaries of visual capacity and conjured images." (Quoted from Marina Warner in Eyes, Lies and Illusions, exhibition catalogue pp.113, 218-19). 
Peep Show or Tunnel Book - Maruc-Platz at Venice. .Germany.1835
A hand-colored lithographic  peepshow,  with the cover with peep hole, three  cut-out sections and a background scene. The cover scene depicts  the Marcus-Plaza.  The three (3) cut-out scenes and background depict people enjoying the square including a jester,  dancing couples, a musicians and many others enjoying the square.  Rather naive design with a few characters as caricatures with somewhat oversized heads. The back scene has commedia  del  arte  figures.  Concertina style folding papers join the scenes. The front facing surface dimensions are 3 1/2" x 5 1/4".  13" long when extended fully..
Miniature Manuscript Perpetual Calendar for the 19th Century - Volvelle. ..
A 2" in diameter miniature perpetual calendar penned in red and black with turquoise embellishment.  The interior wheel or volvelle  is attached with string instead of a grommet and includes months and days of the week, while the outer sections on the base include the dates and years.  The outer ring reads "A Calendar for the XIX Century.  Time in advance behind him hides his wings, Behold him when he pass'd by what then is seen And all mankind in contradiction strong And seems to creep decrepit with his age: But his broad pinions swifter than ye wind Rueful  aghast , cry out at his career!"  Reverse is blank..
 Sand Toy for Grands Magasings Du Printemps. .Paris, France.1890s
This paper toy depicts a woman on one side milking her cow and a little girl drinking milk at the table on the other side. Both the little girl's glass of milk and the stream of milk produced by the cow are tissue paper with a capsule of sand behind it. This means that as you turn the postcard over, the sand gives the illusion of milk gushing from  the cow's utter into the pail on one side, and the milk disappearing from the glass as the girl drinks it on the other side. The toy was sold by Printemps, a French department store, sometimes called Grands Magasings Du Printemps, with 'Grands Magasings' (translates to big store) being the class of store it was. The store focused on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and men's wear. It was founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot and Jean-Alfred Duclos. Printemps is credited with revolutionized retail business practices as they marked their goods with set prices rather than the haggling style (that started the price based on the customer's appearance) that was predominate at the time. The store is still open today. The product itself was made in Japan. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4".
Selick Krigstein Mono-Rote-Kriculator. Merriam Paper Co. .New York.1938
A three-layer volvelle made by the Merriam Paper Co. meant to help determine the equivalent weight, count or bulk between two different sizes of paper bundles. The wheels have four different color-coded sections: yellow, green, white, and tan. On the front of the volvelle, in the center there is an example given to show one how to use the wheel. On the back there are four different sets of instructions on how to use the wheel to determine count, bulk, weight, and reductions. Diameter 8"..
Raggedy Ann and Andy Paper Dolls and Coloring Book. Saalfield.1944
A large format book with heavy stock litho covers.  Includes four (4) pages of paper doll clothes for Marcella, Raggedy Ann and Andy.  There are three (3) paper dolls plus toys to be punched out on back cover. The remainder of the book is an unsed captioned coloring book of scenes of adventures with the two dolls and the young girl.  Measures 14" x 11". .
 The Rumba, as Taught by Arthur Murray , Flip Book. Bromo-Seltzer..1940s
A flip book produced by the Bromo-Seltzer Company in conjunction with Arthur Murray, the American Dance instructor, in order to teach the dance know as the Rumba. Each page as a photograph and corresponding instructions, so that when you flip through the book, you can see the dance. Two sets of dances; starting from the front of the book and turned over and started from the back. The back cover has an advertisement for that states "You feel like dancing when you Relieve Headaches with Bromo-Seltzer, Keep a Bottle Handy!" The entire book is done in a blue ink, and is bound by a single staple. Measures 2 1/2" x 2"..
Fine and Delicate Cutwork 3 Birds on a tree branch. ..c1810
A 6 1/2" cut paper scene with three (3) birds perched on tree branches  on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The bodies are constructed of razor feather cuts and pinprick feet. Miniature feather cuts around the eye.   Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..