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The Jolly Jig-Saw Book - 1939
The Jolly Jig-Saw Book, Packed with Jig-saw Puzzles and Story-rhymes. John Leng & Co., London. 1939. A hardback book that includes five (5) different rhyming verses with a relevant actual jig-saw puzzles as part of the book. Each has a small black and white illustration of the completed puzzle, that the child was encouraged to paint. Includes No Dogs Allowed, The Good Ship “Cheese-Straw”, Piggy and the Pantry, The Monkey’s Puzzle and Mouse Mountaineers. 7 ¼” x 10”. Puzzle are complete with illustrations unpainted. Four of five retain the original fold-out cellophane shield to prevent the puzzle from falling from the book as the pages are turned.
Jennie Album of Friendship, Friendship Album of Jennie, New Jersey.    . .Rahway, NJ. 1874
A friendship album, aptly titled "Album of Friendship", belonging to a woman by the name of Jennie. Her last name is never mentioned. The album is mostly blank, but the entries date from 1874, and when a location is noted, it is Rahway, NJ. One of the entries of note is a poem about "six sisters fair". The title of the poem are the six names: Dora, Jennie, Lillie, Eva, Pauline, and Gertie. The six names surround another word, "Freddie", and within the poem is the line "I have seen six sisters fair, Oh, that I were but a Freddie, In such sisterly love to share." Based on this line, it is possible that Jennie's last name is Frederick, but that is a hypothesis. Another unique entry is a short rebus, which is not deciphered. Please see the photographs. Below are a few excerpts from the entries:
"Jennie, on they album's page
Yet hath fallen no darkening [sic] stain
Type of thine own guileless age,
May that guileless age remain!"

- Juus Amicus [Jus Amicus is Latin for 'The Right Friend'], January, 1st, 1874. The poem is originally by Re. J. H. Clinch, and is from a 1842 Ladies Companion
"This is the second rhyme today, Both very poor in there way:
The sooner I stop, the better it will be
For your autographical company"

- S. R. Ryno, Rahway, NJ, July 22, 1874

Blue gilt blind stamped cover. Frontispiece, 3 plates. Gilt edge pages. Measures 8 1/4" x 7"
Morgan's Dioramic View of the Coronation at Westminster Abbey.
A novelty print, one of a series of transparency prints.  Scene of the interior of Westminster Abbey fitted up for the coronation of Queen Victoria. When held up to the light, depicts the queen on the throne. Both prints adhered to a window mount, with English inscription adhered below, including publisher's address . June 28th, 1838.  Image 9 3/4" x 7"  at center of mount paper.   Caption at base reads "This print at first represents a View of the Interior of the Abbey, the day previous to the Ceremony of the coronation of her most gracious Majesty Queen Victoria and on gradually raising it before the light, the Galleries will become occupied.  In the foreground the Queen will be seen sitting in the chair being crowned, with her Nobles  around her and the whole effect of this splendid scene will present itself to your view.
Prophetic Flowers - Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion & When to be Married
At first glance one sees an artfully executed watercolor stem with leaves topped by blue and yellow polished paper pinwheel flowers.  Upon close examination one sees that the flowers open to display a different hand penned answer beneath each of the petals.   The reverse explains this Victorian key to one's fate and love life.  It is a Prophetic Flower.  Each of the five (5) flowers foresees ones Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion and When to be Married.  It measures 8 3/4" x 7" and is on heavy stock card.  c1850s.
Hand Made Rebus Menu, December 25, 1900. ..1900
A 2 3/4" x3 1/4"  ten page menu cut in the shape of a leaf with a ribbon tie 'binding'.   The first page is a verse by Burns beginning with"some hae meat that caan' eat And some could eat that want it:..."  A rebus on each page identifies the dish being served. My personal ability to solve this particular rebus are limited, but I can say they are having some sort of gravy and pie... Pen and ink and watercolor.. Slight toning due to age, otherwise fine.
 9 Different Picture Story Book Get Well Greeting Cards featuring Activities, Rebus, Inventions Behaviors and More.. ..
A grouping of  9 different 1940s and 50s get well greeting card booklets, each with a different slant on hospitalization and recovery.   They all measure approximately 6" x 5" and have multiple pages with 18 pp (including covers) the longest.  They include: 12 Rube Goldberg style inventions for the bedridden including automatic back scratcher, medicine tester, book holder, "ah" recorder, etc. Sorry Yer Sick - with a barnyard themed picture story The Tale of Little Nell -  comic enactment of Nelly, the Villian, Marmaduke and poor old Pa. A Big Dose of Fun for the Convalescent -  Crossword puzzles, number and word games, tricks and quips and best of all---an envelope on the inside back cover with an answer booklet. A diary to cheer you up (ready made) Good Luck - Fix-em Shop -a doctor and nurse repair a patient as though it were a wrecked car "getting gears adjusted". To One Who is Ill - The Answer to the Big IF - picture story describing why you should hurry up and get well. The House that Cheer Built for a Convalescent -  The house that Jack Built style book.  Characters include Cheer, Friend, Germ, Doc, Nurse, Wish, Luck, Card and Pal. A Rebus -in letter form to "Deer Convales - Ant" exceptionally  charming. .
Boxed Set - Early Litho Puzzle Blocks or Cubes- Bizarre Imagery -  Children Trampled by Animals & Children at War. ..c1860s
A 7" x 4 1/2" x 2"  litho on wooden box with sliding top.   Includes 15 six-sided cubes to create the puzzles.  Includes five (5) litho sheets illustrating the puzzle.  Additionally, the box cover has the sixth puzzle.  Five of the six are images of children either being trampled by farm animals or children with weapons, as though perhaps pretend "war"...  Box wear; minor wear on cubes. .
Fine and Delicate Cutwork Parrot on a Perch. ..
A 7 1/4" cut paper parrot mounted on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The body is constructed of scallop cuts and pinprick while the layered feathers with fine cut tendrils along both edges of each feather.  The blades of grass and flowers are all cut from a single sheet.  Feet constructed of brown fabric. The eye and beak are cut from polished paper.  Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..
 The Boob Wheel Co., Circular Letter Head. The Boob Wheel Co..Cincinnati OH.1909
A 9 1/4" in diameter letterhead printed on paper die-cut in the shape of a circle, with wheel and spoke border design. The company sold wheels, poles  and shafts, so the wheel shaped letterhead was a natural promotion for product awareness. Reverse is blank.  Accompanied by file note responding to the correspondence..
Kellogg's Jumbly Jungle Book - Metamorphic Sliced Pictures. Kellogg Company.Canada.1948
The brightly colored book filled with forty-two (42) animals dressed up in various costumes. Six (6) pages are cut in 6 pieces to provide a numerous hilarious combinations of heads, bodies and feet. In fact there are over 335 different animal combinations! Below each section of animals is a short verse that serves a duel purpose of describing what the animals are doing and advertising Kellogg cereals.  Measures 8" x 6"..
 Sand Toy for Grands Magasings Du Printemps. .Paris, France.1890s
This paper toy depicts a woman on one side milking her cow and a little girl drinking milk at the table on the other side. Both the little girl's glass of milk and the stream of milk produced by the cow are tissue paper with a capsule of sand behind it. This means that as you turn the postcard over, the sand gives the illusion of milk gushing from  the cow's utter into the pail on one side, and the milk disappearing from the glass as the girl drinks it on the other side. The toy was sold by Printemps, a French department store, sometimes called Grands Magasings Du Printemps, with 'Grands Magasings' (translates to big store) being the class of store it was. The store focused on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and men's wear. It was founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot and Jean-Alfred Duclos. Printemps is credited with revolutionized retail business practices as they marked their goods with set prices rather than the haggling style (that started the price based on the customer's appearance) that was predominate at the time. The store is still open today. The product itself was made in Japan. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4".
Selick Krigstein Mono-Rote-Kriculator. Merriam Paper Co. .New York.1938
A three-layer volvelle made by the Merriam Paper Co. meant to help determine the equivalent weight, count or bulk between two different sizes of paper bundles. The wheels have four different color-coded sections: yellow, green, white, and tan. On the front of the volvelle, in the center there is an example given to show one how to use the wheel. On the back there are four different sets of instructions on how to use the wheel to determine count, bulk, weight, and reductions. Diameter 8"..
Raggedy Ann and Andy Paper Dolls and Coloring Book. Saalfield..1944
A large format book with heavy stock litho covers.  Includes four (4) pages of paper doll clothes for Marcella, Raggedy Ann and Andy.  There are three (3) paper dolls plus toys to be punched out on back cover. The remainder of the book is an unused captioned coloring book of scenes of adventures with the two dolls and the young girl.  Measures 14" x 11". .
 The Rumba, as Taught by Arthur Murray , Flip Book. Bromo-Seltzer..1940s
A flip book produced by the Bromo-Seltzer Company in conjunction with Arthur Murray, the American Dance instructor, in order to teach the dance know as the Rumba. Each page as a photograph and corresponding instructions, so that when you flip through the book, you can see the dance. Two sets of dances; starting from the front of the book and turned over and started from the back. The back cover has an advertisement for that states "You feel like dancing when you Relieve Headaches with Bromo-Seltzer, Keep a Bottle Handy!" The entire book is done in a blue ink, and is bound by a single staple. Measures 2 1/2" x 2"..
Fine and Delicate Cutwork 3 Birds on a tree branch. ..c1810
A 6 1/2" cut paper scene with three (3) birds perched on tree branches  on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The bodies are constructed of razor feather cuts and pinprick feet. Miniature feather cuts around the eye.   Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..
 Everything is Card Magic, A Trade Catalogue. Kard King Studios.Carmel, CA.16681
A trade catalogue about the "art" of card magic. Published by Kard King Studios, a magic shop that specializes in magic done with a deck of cards. The catalogue itself is a single fold blue heavy stock cover, with four legal size pages attached onto the interior with staples. These pages are then folded so that the catalogue is flat. These interior pages list each item currently in stock at Kard King Studios along with a short explanation of the item and the magic trick.  There are approximately forty-five (45) items on the list, such as the X-Ray deck (, Miracle Card Trick, Sterlings Walking Card, and the New Queens Mystery. The catalogue is careful to explain the magic trick each item performs without telling the reader how to perform the magic trick itself. The reader would need to purchase the item to receive detailed instructions. For example, for an item called 'The Haunted Desk', the catalogue provides the following instructions: "The performer has three different spectators select and replace three different cards and replace them in three separate [sic] positions in the deck. The performer then places the deck on his outstretched palm of his Hand. IN a mysterious and haunted fashion the deck begins to move first sideways then backwards to its original position but a card has been left protruding on each side. Again the deck moves forward and then backwards, leaving a card protruding in front. The spectators are asked to remove the protruding cards and they are found to be the previously selected cards. Complete, ready to work, full instructions. Price..... $1.00" The front cover states "This is a copy, No. 112". Measures 9 1/4" x 5 1/4" (folded catalogue), 14" x 8 1/2" (unfolded interior pages).
Know Your States Volvelle for Tip Top Bread. Enriched Tip Top Bread..[1959]
A vibrant colorful volvelle created by Enriched Tip Top Bread, both to advertise their bread and also teach the user interesting facts about the individual states. This double sided volvelle, has five openings on each side that reveals a fact about each state as you turn the wheel. For each state you learn its nickname, population, size in square miles, capitol, state flower, and what it is noted for. For example the state of Wisconsin, aka the Badger State, is noted for vegetables, dairying, furs and iron. The volvelle is double side as it only twenty-four states on each side of the wheel. The background of the volvelle has an image of the Statue of Liberty against the night sky. Each side of the wheel has a box of quick facts about Alaska and Hawaii with the note that their admission to statehood is pending. At the base of the volvelle is  Tip Top Bread's motto "If it's still fresher than TIP-TOP -it's still in the oven!" Measures 5 1/4" x 4 1/2".
 Original Pen & Watercolor Eternal Knot of Love Extra Illustrated with a man and a women, pairs of hearts and hands and flowers and lovebirds c1840s
A 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" hand penned  and watercolor eternal knot of love with a continuous intersection verse committing one's affection.  Of particular note in this love knot is the paired illustrations in the central grid.  They include pairs or couples;  a man and a woman, hands, hearts, love birds, roses, forget-me-nots and trees.  Floral  embellishments amidst the   wandering and twining verse reads: This is love and worth commending still beginning never ending like a love knot that is twining in a round still up at squaring in and out whose ever angle more and more doth entangle still hath a measure still in moving never fair but always loving twining arms extending kisses each partaking others blisses true love is a precious treasure loves aching weeping still together both in one bliss in either never breaking ever bending this is love worth commending. . Letter folds. Single separation on fold line. Light toning.
Our Next President - Select your Favorite Mechanical Trade Card - Garfield or Hancock. A. Thompson..1880
A two-part mechanical trade card held together with a grommet. The die-cut top layer is captioned "Our Next President" at top and "If not your choice, turn the bottom card around".  When the instructions are followed one sees either an image of Garfield or Hancock.  Compliments of F. W. Brewster & Co., Dealers in Fine Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, Mills Block. Pittsfield, Mass.  Reverse is blank. Measures 4" x 4 3/4". .
La Place de Vendome. A. Giroux & Cie..Paris.[c1833]
An accordion-folding peepshow with four cut-out panels. The front with three (3) peepholes. Hand colored engravings.  Central view and alley views both sides. The front-face label consists of a view of railings and open gates with sentry boxes and staffage. There is a peep-hole in the center and a small peep-hole on either side.   The view in the peep seems to be from the north looking south across the Place de Vendome, and then down the Rue de Castiglione towards the Jardin des Tuileries.  A man on the first cut-out panel views the statue of on the top of the column through a telescope.  On the left can be seen the Theatre Royal.
The column, made from bronze of canons captured at the Battle of Austerlitz, is shown crowned with the figure of Napoleon in military uniform, as reinstated by Louis-Phillipe on July 29 1833, the third anniversary of the July Revolution.  Most probably it was this occasion that prompted this peep-show's publication.  
There is a German plagiarism of this peepshow in the David Robinson Collection.  It has the title: 'Der Vendome Platz in Paris. La Place de Vendome. The Vendome Place'.  It measures 145x200mm.

Gestetner (Hyde) pg. 106
Handmade Pith Paper Woman with Overlay Costumes - 8 Nationalities. [1860s]
A 3 1/8" somewhat naive watercolor paper doll drawn and cut from pith paper and applied to a plain paper backing. Also includes eight (8) different costumes of various nationalities including Old English, Bohemian, Polish, Circassian, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Prussian.  Each in traditional attire with head ware. Each captioned at base.Reverse is blank.  Overlays measure 5" x 3 1/2".
US Naval Training Device Center Hand Semaphore Trainer Volvelle. Huntington Specialties Company..1964
A volvelle for "hand semaphone" or otherwise known as flag semaphone, which is a telegraphy system used to convey information across distances by means of visual signals. While the system can be used with bare or gloved hands, generally speaking flags or flashlights (at night) are used. Produced for the US Naval Training Device Center by the Huntington Specialties Company, this two side volvelle has instructions both for signaling and receiving hand semaphone. As one turns the wheel the the sailors 'arms' reflect the proper signal for each letter in the alphabet. For some reason they are 29 letters on each side as three letters (D, R, and L) are repeated. Measures 4 1/4" x 4"..
B.F. McDonald Co. Double Sided Insta-Aid - First Aid at a Glance Volvelle or Wheel. Davis Emergency Equipment Co., Inc.Newark.1932
A 4" volvelle printed on both sides with assistance for twenty (20) emergency situations from  Asphyxiation and Alcohol Posiging to Arteries Bleeding, Fractures, Heat Exhaustion and Wounds. Each side include two die-cuts  one for the injury and the other for Symptoms and Treatment.  One side has an illustrations  depicting a skeleton with the vascular system, denoting Arteries and Points of Pressure for Controlling Hemorrhages.  This side also includes  basic eight (8) points of first aid for most vascular related first aid.  The reverse illustrates Artificial Respirations along with the information on the wheels. In original sleeve. .
 The Baseball Batting Averager, Finds Averages in a Jiffy, A Volvelle . Atlantic Specialties Company.Boston, MA.1950
A volvelle or wheel that helps the user find the batting average of any baseball player "in a jiffy". The user needs to turn the wheel until the arrow is pointing to the the number of times a player was at bat, this number appears through the opening on the top disk. Then one can read the battling average of the player on the top disk directly opposite the number of hits made, which is on the bottom disk. The volvelle can calculate the batting average of a player, as long as they have been at bat between 35 to 640 times. In the center of the volvelle is a black and white illustration of a man at bat, swinging and missing the ball, with the catcher and umpire behind him. The back of the volvelle is blank with the exception of a stamped "39 cents". Dated through "Catalogue of Copyright Entries: Third Series", which is a book found on Google Books that lists the copyrights of items by year. Measures 8 1/4" (diameter).
 3 Volvelles from Educational Series. Dvorine, Israel.Baltimore MD.[1928]
Three (3) different 3 1/2" x 7" early learning educational volvelles with mirror images  both sides. They include a circus that various animals occupy, a magician's box with different objects appearing and disappearing and a fish tank with various tropical fish.  Marked B14, B24 and B 37.
Multiple scenes -  In all Climates - A Dubonnet Restores. ..
A 7" x 7" volvelle or wheel depicting a big game hunter as he traverses as he rounds the world being refreshed by Dubonnet where ever he goes.  The illustration has him seated at a table requesting a Dubonnet with his leashed prey sitting near by.  Six (6) two part scenes of him wrestling an animal and then refreshing with Dubonnet. Suggests it should be served with quinine water. Souvenir de l'Exposition Coloniale..
 Calendrier Perpetuel with - Perpetual Calendar - Double Wheel  Volvelle with 7 Points of Information. Maglia.Lyon, France.[1810]
Allegorical hand colored engraving titled "et au passage des Celestins" (passengers of Celestins) depicting a gondola with a mermaid figurehead on mast manned by Cupid while Satin sits at the back of the craft. with three women representing nature at center with  an elderly nun warming her hands above two flaming hearts at the temple of Hymen. A tower in the background is captioned "love makes time go by" followed by "the time to pass Seasons".  There are seven (7) active calendar points including  one for the date and day of the week,  the month, the Zodiac sign, the length of day, sunset, length of night, sunrise.  There is an opening in the back of the frame allowing access to the wheels to make the adjustments.  There are two (2) additional cut-outs that seem to serve no purpose. Housed in 9" x 11" wooden frame..
1958 Quick-Chek Trouble Finder. Reliable Selection..1958
A volvelle designed by the Reliable Selection Company that allowed the user to diagnose what Radio Tube within their TV was malfunctioning as "80% of your TV troubles are tubes. Save money on unnecessary service calls with this amazing dial wheel." A TV radio tube would translate the received signal into a picture on the screen as well as the audio, and generally speaking their were a variety of tubes housed within a television that translated different parts of the signal, be it sound or visual. This volvelle had 28 (14 on each side) ways a TV could be malfunctioning due to a faulty tube. The volvelle had three die cut openings: the first is in a shape of a TV that provides an illustration of the type of error one might see on the screen, such as 'snow' or wavy lines, the second opening was immediately below that and had a written description corresponding to the above illustration of not only how the screen was malfunction, but possible corresponding sound issues as well, the third and last opening was on the bottom have of the volvelle, and listed the corresponding tubes that might need to be replaced to fix the malfunction Printed in three colors withdetailed instructions on using the volvelle and changing a TV tube. It proclaims, "Can you change a light bulb?... Then you can change a tube!". Accompanying this text are two illustrations, one on each side. The first one is of the box the tubes come in, and the second is of what looks like to be a type of vending machine, which has emblazoned on it "Do it Yourself!  TV Radio Tubes Quik-Chek Tester". At the top of the wheel is hole so that one could hang it on the wall. Measures 7 1/4" (diameter)..
A Collection of 12 Novelty Advertising Pieces Directed towards Children. .United States.1890-1948
As the advertising market became flooded with an overwhelming amount of material all competing for the consumer's attentions, companies began to come up with a variety of different ways to get and keep the attention of the public. One of these ways was this was achieved was to add a gimmick or game to the advertisement. From hidden images to pop-ups, sliced metamorphic animals and movable pictures, these advertisements were colorful and eye-catching. This collection features twelve (12) items that date from 1890 to 1948. Below is brief description of a few items of note, as well as a list of the rest of the items within the collection: New England Red School House, c1890, C. M. Henderson & Co. The Little Red School House was a trademark of the C. M. Henderson & Co., and an image of it was stamped on the bottom of one of each pair of shoes it sold. In order to promote the company's 'Red School House Shoes', this cut out school house was given out to any boy or girl found wearing or purchasing a pair of the Henderson shoes at participating stores. Printed in red and black the uncut sheet includes the red school house, plus cutouts of people, a chimney, trees, and a fence, all which could be assembled with a series of folds and a bottle of glue in order to "construct in miniature the famous little building." Measures 12" x 61/4", uncut. Links of Goodness, 1905, Armour's Star Frankfurters The front panel features a drawn colored illustration of men, women, and an automobile waiting in line for Armour's Star Frankfurters. The inside panels features a colored illustration of a pop-up roll revealing a frankfurter inside a bun. Below the pop-up are a few paragraphs promoting the hot dog. The rest of the inside panels are dedicated to six recipes that utilize Star Frankfurters in them. The recipes listed are: Star Frankfurters and Potato Salad, Star Frankfurter Rolls, Cooking Star Frankfurters, Star Frankfurters and Baked Potatoes, Casserole of Star Frankfurters and Potatoes, and Roasted Star Frankfurters. Next to the recipe is another colored illustration depicting a plate of frankfurters and an unopened a package. On the back cover the numbers 120722 are printed along with "patent pending." Measures 5" x 3" (folded), 11 1/2" x 3" (unfolded) The Little Gingerbread Man, 1923, Royal Baking Powder Company This book tells the story of a King, and how on the eve of his daughter, the Princess, he bans any sort of cake or tart in the land because he can't stand his cook's baking. In near by kingdom, the Queen of all the Flour Folk, along with a gingerbread man come up with a plan to overturn the King's edict. Beside the text of the story are several recipes for desserts that use Royal Baking Powder. The recipes in these book, can also be found in t the 'Royal Cooking Book', also published by the Royal Baking Powder Company. At the end of the story there is a note that tells the reader that then can send in for their own copy of the cookbook. The illustrations in this book are colorful and full of whimsy. The artwork is by Charles J. Cory, while the story itself has been attributed to Ruth Plumly Thompson of Oz fame. Measures 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" Kellogg's Nursery Rhymes, 1928, Kellogg Company This fabric book is a part of a series called the Nursery Rhymes or Fairyland Doll Series. There were four dolls in the series: Tom, the Pipers Son, Little Bo Peep, Mary and her Little Lamb and Little Red Riding Hood. Each uncut fabric sheet came with a 12" to 15" cloth doll and two pages of a nursery rhyme book. The book in the collection only has two pages, telling the classic nursery rhyme of Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son. In addition to the text there is a small, red illustration on the bottom of each page. No doll is included in the collection, just the book. 4 pp. (including covers) Measures 3 3/4" x 3" Cococubs Race Game Board, c1934, Cadbury Bros. Ltd. This board game was a promotional gimmick by Cadbury to help sell their drinking chocolate just as Britain was coming out of an economic depression. The game pieces were called Cococubs, which were hollowcast hand-painted lead figures of various anthropomorphic creatures. The game board could fold in half for easy storage. One side had the instructions, and the 'Story of the Game' with illustrations of Cococubs around border, and the other side featured the colorful playing boar. This collection does not come with any of the game pieces, just the board. Measures 15 1/2" x 7 1/2" (folded), 15 1/2" x 15" (unfolded) Hires Magic Story, 1934, The Charles E. Hires Company The Charles E. Hires Company produced Hires Root Beer, which was first introduced in 1876 and is considered the second longest continuously made soft drink in the United State (now owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group). Charles Hire believed firmly in the power of advertising, famously stating, "doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does." This particular book has a series of invisible pictures that once rubbed with either 'a coin, spoon, or pencil' would be revealed. The story is about three children, White Birch, Ginger and Rooty, and how they discover the different flavors of root beer: Birch Beer, Ginger Beer and the original Root Beer. On each page is a colorful illustration, story text, and a magic square that, when rubbed would reveal another picture. None of the hidden images have been revealed. There is an offset printing error on several of the interior pages that only effects the illustrations. 12 pp. (including wrappers) Measures 6" x 4" The Ivory Caste Game, 1935, D & W Gibbs, BOARD ONLY Produced in 1935 to advertise D& W Gibbs "Dentifrice" Toothpaste, this board game is a variant of Snakes and Ladders. Gibbs slogan was “Your teeth are Ivory Castles – defend them with Gibbs Dentifrice.,” and as such the board game also served as a way to promote dental hygiene, as the goal of the game was to be the first player to reach the “Land of Health and Happiness.” Along the way there are various difficulties to help and hinder the player; for example, the Gibbs Fairy helps, an Imp hinders, and a Giant (called Decay!) handicaps the player at the start of the game. Various spaces have actions associated with them that send the player to other squares. Such as “Here’s my plane, I’ll take you to 49” and “It’s a nice puddle – miss a turn and stay in it”.  Printed on cardboard, designed to fold in half, the board also has two holes at the top to allow it to be hung up as an advertising item. Rules are printed on the back of the board. The game came with a dice and 4 colored counters. This collection contains ONLY the game board itself, nothing else. Measures 18” x 14” (unfolded) and 14” x 9” (folded) Kellogg's Jumbly Book, 1948, Kellogg Company The brightly colored book filled with forty-two (42) animals dressed up in various costumes. Several of the pages are cut in 6 pieces to provide a numerous hilarious combinations of heads, bodies and feet. In fact there are over 335 different animal combinations! Below each section of animals is a short verse that serves a duel purpose of describing what the animals are doing and advertising Kellogg cereals. Minor penciling on back cover. Measures 8" x 6" Other items in this collection: Little Red Riding Hood Star Rhymes (1890, Schultz & Co., Star Soap), Pied Piper Cut Out Story Book (1930s, Pied Piper Shoe Co.), Kellogg's Story Book of Games: Book #4 (1931, Kellogg Company), Kellogg's Funny Jungleland: Moving Pictures (1932, Kellogg Company), Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat (1932, Kellogg Company), and Mother Goose (1935, Kellogg Company, Illustrator Vernon Grant). To view this collection, please click on the following link: .
Boxed Litho on Wood Puzzle Set and Architectural Blocks
Four (4) different litho on wood jigsaw picture puzzles (Two puzzles printed on both sides). What makes this particularly interesting is that the pieces can also be used to create the architectural elements  noted on the  inside of the box lid. Housed in a wooden box. Also includes three of four of the picture guides. Measures 6 1/2" x 16".  Marked D.R.G.M. 77392.
The Universal Star Finder
"A novel, accurate, and simple device for locating and naming the prominent stars and constellations... A mirror of the Heavens." A die cut volvelle star chart that allows the user to correctly identify the stars in the northern sky. The volvelle is housed with in a folder with a die-cut circle in the cover exposing the star chat beneath. It is surrounded by illustrations of the night sky with the moon and other planets. The top left corner of the cover also has be purposely cutaway by the printer to reveal the edge of the volvelle and some illustrations of the moon over clouds, along with the world "West". The interior of the item contains instructions on how to use the star chart, and surrounding the volvelle itself are the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West, so that one can correctly oriented themselves to use the chart. The back side has a list of fourteen "first magnitude stars", otherwise known as the brightest stars in the sky. "Emerson L. Frost", presumably the original owner of the star finder has been inscribed on the back. Volvelle within a single fold housing case. Measures 7" x 7" (case, folded), 14" x 7" (case, unfolded), 5 3/4" (diameter of volvelle).