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Mary Stevens . "Just Some Girls" Seven Drawings of Woman. 1910
Price: 25.00

This is a handmade, unbound, book of seven drawings and a cover page. Each page features a drawing, done in pen, of a woman wearing the fashions of the day. Each drawing is signed with the initials M.S. On the back cover there is the inscription "Mary Stevens to Wynna, 1910" This book was obviously meant to be bound, as there are two wholes drilled at the top of each page. Whether the binding was lost, or never completed is unknown. The front and back cover are slightly soiled, but the interior pages of drawings are in great condition.
Grandmother Handmade Paper Doll
3” Grandmother Handmade Paper Doll with 2 Costumes c1860s
Price: 40.00

A rather unusual hand made paper doll.  The 3" paper doll is a cutout from a magazine and depicts a rear profile of an older woman.
Topsy Turvey Black & White Rag doll
Topsy Turvey Black & White Rag doll 1920s Black Americana
Price: 45.00

A homemade hand stitched Topsy Turvey rag doll.  One end is a white face girl with the other is a chocolate brown face.
Charming Handmade Christmas Letter Album with Family Photos and color Landscape photocards c1910s.
Price: 50.00

A 6" x 4 1/2" handmade album.  The covers are constructed of a deeply embossed card with floral border and a photograph of the writer at center. The first page is a printed Christmas greeting , perhaps from a Victorian gift book.  Contents includes snippets from and full size color photocards interspersed with manuscript pages and additional  pictures; one of the writer, a second of a young relative.  The correspondence is from Oswaldtwistl, Lancaster England.  The photocards are scenery from the area. The correspondence is newsy with word of family doings. Ribbon tie binding. Cover separated and repaired with new ribbon.
Handwritten Letter from Mrs. Frances Hall to Mrs. Heagy Regarding Help with Clothing her Children. ..1952
Price: 50.00

A pencil written letter from Mrs. Frances Hall to Mrs. Heagy writing to seek her assistance in clothing her children. 1952. The note was delivered to Mrs. Heagy by Johnny Hall, her son who apparently worked for Mrs. Heagy. Written by a poorly educated woman in partial sentences first praising the recipient for being so nice to her son and then asking for old clothes she may have for children “I have got girles and boy all size”. She then discusses the need to work “to pay up my Bill it takes so much to clothes the children”. Envelope included. .
Paper Doll or  Toy Ethnic Dancer
12" Pantin type Mechanical Paper Toy - Ethnic Dancer? c1880s
Price: 55.00

A seven (7) part paper litho on wood articulated, mechanical pantin style jumping jack toy or paper doll.
Bruxelles Friendship Album and Sketch Book, 1887-1916
Price: 55.00

Embossed color cloth cover,hand drawn original artwork cut and glued onto pages, some with  verses and signatures.A few pages say "to Flo", dates range from 1887-1916. Detailed and beautiful artwork; pencil sketches, pen and ink, watercolors, and paints, create a unique album. Verses included on some pages, credit to original authors. Some artwork is signed or initialed. Locations are not listed. 7 3/4" x 5". wear on cover, spine broken, some pages loose; one leaf separated from spine foxing and staining from rust  from stapled binding
Writing Book by Esther Merrill - Imagery of School Children --One with Dunce Cap. L. S. Learned.Cambridgeport, MA.n.d. c1870s
Price: 60.00

Illustrated paper wraps with school days border vignettes and center imagery of a group of children; some with books --one wearing a dunce cap.  The copy exercises were written by Esther M. Merrill  of Falmouth, Maine.  Complete and well penned.  Measures 8 1/2" x 7". .
Wooden Wool Scrapers - used as "Tally Pad".
Price: 65.00

A pair of 3" x 8" wooden wool scrapers with a pencil drawn grid filled with numbers.  The horizontal captions are dollar and cent signs.  The vertical captions are numbers. The reverse of the scraper has additional ciphers.  Waste not; want not. Note reads Wood scrapers Tally Pad used by Grandpa Sam Florens Years Ago
Autograph Book, Boston area, calligraphy and sketches, Edward T. Turner, 1881Boston1881
Price: 75.00

Album with gilt decorative fans on front cover, blind stamp fans on back cover. Most pages are blank, some have brief name and location and date, there are 7 watercolor sketches and finely detailed calligraphy pages. Autographs from 1881, mostly Boston, Mass. Watercolor drawing, calligraphy bird signed "The Burdett Commercial School", drawing of a quill pen, and a decorative page reading Teacher o f Penmanship. 5" x 7 1/4". wear on cover, discoloration on cover, pages intact, artwork vibrant
Scrap book for Harriet (Hatty) Rowley by her friend Irene ca. 1904
Price: 85.00

Asian themed linen blue and white fabric on board cover  with applied image from photograph of path with floral decortion. printed paper picture glued to front, hand written note of creation  and penciled inscription. An album created by Irene H. for her friend Hatty Rowley. Contains cut outs from magazines of writings, poems, verses and pictures and cartoons. circa early 1900's. Hans written note at front explains the book is " a foolish little scrap book". 6 1/2" x 8 1/4". some wear, discoloration on pages, appears hand made, all papers solidly affixed to pages
A Hand Constructed Promotion with Calendar and Card for a Baker and Caterer, Sanford ME with Real Cake Icing Adorning the Cover. c1902. . ..
Price: 85.00

A 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" single fold heavy card stock promotion with real cake icing adorning the front cover. The inside has an applied calendar pad for 1902 at left and a promotional card featuring an image from a photograph captioned "Tebbett's and his "Six Little Bakers' (depicting his family at work).  It promotes the Baker and Caterer, with wedding cakes a specialty. Sanford Maine.  Back page blank. Wm. Miller & Bro., Acworth, N.H. Printer. . Surface wear.  Fold reinforced with archival tape.
A Charming Letter from a Father to a Daughter with Illustrations. 1921. . ..1921
Price: 85.00

A playful yet instructive letter from a father to a daughter who presumably is away with her mother.   Perhaps she is recovering from an injury.  It begins with the father acknowledging how his daughter’s improved use of her hands and encouraging her to continue.  It proceeds to discuss a crying baby and how unbecoming crying is to older children.  He discusses his experiences sleeping in a conch hammock, under the stars and an itemized list of items he found in a drawer.  Written in a lighthearted manner with naïve illustrations. . letter fold creases
String Ball & Wooden Cup
Folky Victorian Toy - String Ball & Wooden Cup
Price: 100.00

A Victorian child's cup and ball toy.
Naive Child's Art - Dog or Sheep or Sheep Dog. ..
Price: 110.00

A 7" x 9"  naive crayon and pencil  drawing presumably by a child with a unique perspective.   A first glance it appears to be a dog, however... the face looks somewhat like a lamb, the front feet cat's paws, the hind legs dogs and the body...  Dear.  Anonymous..
A Letter to Santa Claus – written in rhyming verse and asking for more for the poor children. A pen and ink letter written on two 9 ½” x 4 ½” stock cut in the shape of a stocking. . ..
Price: 125.00

Two (2) stocking shaped pages tied together with string. Written in pencil at the top is "Robert B." The first paragraph asks Santa “While you are planning for everything nice. Pray let me give you a bit of advice”. The next two paragraphs read: Don’t take it hard, if I say in your ear, Santa, I think you were partial last year Loading the rich folks with everything gay Snubbing the poor ones who came in your way: Now, of all times in the year I am sure This is the time to remember the poor. Plenty of children there are in our city, Who have no fathers nor mothers to pity; Plenty of people whose working and heeding Scarcely can keep all their dear ones from needing Now if I came every year in December, They are the ones I should surely remember. Little red hands, that are aching and cold, You should have mittens your fingers to hold; Poor little feet, with your frost bitten toes, You should be clothed in the warmest of hose Continues for three more verses on reverse. The verse appears as early as 1878 in Christmas Chimes, Nelson & Phillips, NY. The second page has two additional verses one about a new baby that Santa shouldn’t miss and the second on Robbie’s wants. . slight discoloration
Seven (7) Razor Cut Engrossed Salesman Samples, Howard C. Rice,1912. ..1912
Price: 125.00

Seven (7) made by hand salesman samples featuring razor cut art and engrossed calligraphy penmanship. Beautifully decorated cards with penman's samples of engrossing and razor cuts. 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". slight fading on one card
1844 Friendship Album or Piece Book with Wallpaper Cover belonging to Philena Kendall, Wilmington, DE.
Price: 150.00

Hand constructed book with various pastel paper sheets and wallpaper covers. The paper sheets were most likely hand cut as they are slightly different sizes. Only four (4) penned sentiments and well wishes from friends and family. One page with calligraphic border design. Measures 6" x 8".
Newspaper Cover Handmade Commonplace Book, June 4, 1809.
Price: 150.00

8 pages of laid paper stitched in place between a portion of a newspaper page from 1809.  Includes Bible verses and quotes, bills sent to Bridgeport Bank, Mohawk Bank and several to  Manhattan Bank.  This is followed by additional devotionals and banking notes.  Articles on the covers include petitions of the New York state assembly, buildings to be sold or leased,  want ads and advertising and a partial editorial on a letter written by John Adams.  Measures 7" x 4 3/4".
Naive Pennsylvania Paper Cuts - 2 Woman, a Horse and Cart with Rolling Wheels.
Price: 150.00

c1900.  Includes two approximately 5"  mirror image cutwork (folded in half and cut so left and right sides are identical), a free hand horse with vertical slices in the tail to give the appearance of hair and a folded paper cart constructed of a base, harness and wheels all held in place with straw.  Naive pencil decoration on the two woman.
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.
Price: 150.00

Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
The History of Love - Penned as an Eternal Knot of Love c1840.. ..c1840
Price: 150.00

A hand penned verse written as a continuous or eternal figure-eight knot begins "This is the place where love begins until you die it never ends". It concludes "Still beginning and never ending this is love worth recommending --- by her humble servant the Authority".  The verse concludes where it began. Two (2) small hearts at the base.  Verse most likely from a valentine writer.  "The History of Love" penned on reverse.  Measures 8" x 9". . Letter folds.
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.. ..
Price: 165.00

Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
c1860s Naive Woven Polished Paper Friendship Token. ..
Price: 175.00

A saw-tooth border leaf shaped hand cut polished paper leaf (4" x 3 1/4") with stripped of blue, pink, navy and yellow paper decoratively woven through the leaf creating a geometric design.  Housed in a 7"x 5" oval what appears to be gutta percha frame.  Framed at a later date. .
A pencil drawn kimono pattern with ornate decoration including serpents, coy, a stormy sea, heron overhead and more. .c1920s.
Price: 175.00

What appears to be a complete handmade paper pattern for a kimono complete with hand penciled design for embroidery or appliqué that includes scenes of a violent sea, sea serpents, herons flying above a sailing vessel and more.  Proposed colors have been penciled on the pattern. The back piece measures 48" x 32". Reverse is blank.  Appears to be from the 1950s.  .
Twelve (12) Ink and Gauche Illustrations of Cartoon and Comic Characters of 1926. . ..
Price: 175.00

Done on heavy card stock and include characters from Bringing up Father and others they are “Father, Maggie, Spark Plug, the Captain, Buttercup, Jiggs, Happy Hooligan, Barney Google, Mac two (2) different views of Tillie and Dolly Dimples.   Dated in 1926.  Measure 11” x 7”.  Vibrant color.  Naïve yet well executed. .
Hand Made Rebus Menu, December 25, 1900. ..1900
Price: 175.00

A 2 3/4" x3 1/4"  ten page menu cut in the shape of a leaf with a ribbon tie 'binding'.   The first page is a verse by Burns beginning with"some hae meat that caan' eat And some could eat that want it:..."  A rebus on each page identifies the dish being served. My personal ability to solve this particular rebus are limited, but I can say they are having some sort of gravy and pie... Pen and ink and watercolor.. Slight toning due to age, otherwise fine.
1845 Friendship Tokens – Woven Paper Scalloped Heart Shaped Pocket and Acrostic Verse, August 4th, 1845. SARAH E RIEB.
Price: 200.00

Includes a 4” x 6 ¾” acrostic dated August 4th spelling out the name of Sarah Rieb and reads as follows: S hepherd of Isreal, Thy fold extends A round the dwelling of my youthful friend. R ecipient of graces ‘O may she be A n honor to her sex, the world, and Thee. H er every step in wisdom’s paths direct, E rase her sins, her soul from death projet R eprove her when she errs, guide her aright, I nfuse into her mind celestial lights E xulting, may she triumph in the ends B e Thou her God, her Father and her Friend. August 4th ‘45 Accompanied by a pink and yellow woven paper heart measuring 6” x 6 ½”. “Sarah Rieb” Marietta “ penned at upper edge. .
A Group of Japanese Pochoir Design Sheets and Decorative Envelopes .
Price: 225.00

A group of pochoir designs purchased by a woman while traveling in Japan, presumably in the 1930s or 1940s.The group includes four (4) 9 1/2" x 7" design sheets, five (5) 6 1/4" x 2 1/2" envelopes, four (4) 4" x 2" envelopes and three little origami folded items.  The envelopes have images of objects All of the design sheets and the larger envelopes have information printed in Japanese characters at the base or on the reverse, presumably the artist or design.
32 Different Marbalia Wallpaper Samples from Laverne Originals.
Price: 225.00

Thirty-two (32) 6" x 6" paper swatches from the Marbalia serie.  Pochoir.  Variety of colors and marbling. The Marbalia wallpaper has bee handpainted according to the descriptions. The prices have been removed from the price list in the front of the item. Portions of some samples have been cut out. A label taped to the front cover reads "Showroom copy only." E.C. Bondy is the distributor.
Handmade Perforated or Punch Paper Needlepoint “patch” envelope. ..
Price: 225.00

Measures 5” x 3 ½” with needlepoint strip across that top that has a handmade patch or court plaster envelope attached.  Needlepoint floral array on each side of base.  Floral decoration at top.  c1860s. .
Child’s Sketch Book Profusion of Children with Hidden Faces, 1884
Price: 250.00

The first page of the album is a pen and ink sketch that reads Grandma’s Xmas 1884. The predominant theme of the album is girls in oversized bonnets or with their heads turned so the face is not visible, similar to the Sunbonnet Babies. One pen and ink drawing depicts a woman in a garden, another with a little girl feeding horses a garland of flowers. A pencil drawing of a classroom shows the back views of children observing a boy in a Dunce cap; he holds a book over his face. On pencil drawing has been finished in watercolor and depicts a young girl seated on a high chair, holding her dolly close, exposing the back of her head. Other works include floral arrays. The work in the book is done in a naïve yet refined hand. Two or more pages appear lacking. Measures 4 ¼” x 6 ¾”. .
An original Get Well Story and Whimsical Drawings to a hospitalized child by Sidney Ernestine Warfel. .Chicago.1946
Price: 250.00

A two page typed story to Virginia Whitley at St. Joseph's Hospital , Joliet IL. 1946. The story begins with I do not know you and you don't know me, but what difference does that make? She had heard she was ill and needed something to bright her days, so Sidney wrote a nonsense story  with the characters Ellalulu, Lally Dee, the Dog --Beauty Belle, Ellalulu's cat- Sput and the moneky.  Accompanied by sitck figure drawings each measures 2 1/2" x 3 3/4".  With original envelope. Charming. .
1903 Hand-drawn Watercolor Menu for a dinner honoring Le Prince Maha Valirauvudh, Prince Royal de SiamBurapha PalaceFevriar 14, 1903 ..
Price: 275.00

1903 Hand-drawn Watercolor Menu for a dinner honoring Le Prince Maha Valirauvudh, Prince Royal de Siam.  Burapha Palace. Fevriar 14, 1903 Illustration depicting a procession presumably for the prince.  Printed fare includes both Western and Thai cuisine.  Printed in Siamese on reverse. 6 3/4" x 5 1/4". staining
Cutwork Endless Knot of Love. ..
Price: 275.00

A folded paper cutwork measuring 2 3/4" x 4 1/4"  endless knot of love with a continuous verse that begins "Fairest of creatures to thee I send this note of love which hat no end to let you know my love is true and that so none aloive but you therefore my humble mind is ..."  The reverse is blank. .
Japanese Kimono Stencil
Katagami Stencil KA15
Price: 300.00

KA15    Measures 13”x 17”  with hair reinforcements.
A Water Color Chart for honor pupils c1910.
Price: 300.00

A 25  1/2" x 20 1/2:"  art board with an impressionist-style watercolor basket of flowers at center with "Honor Pupiles" on either side.  The bottom half of the board has two rows of names - next to the names are accumulations of gold stars demonstrating the   achievements of the individual child. The majority of honor pupils are girls.  Few names lacking.
7” Watercolor paper doll w 15 handmade costumes. C1900. ..
Price: 300.00

Lovely well executed young women paper doll dressed in a slip, black stockings and a hair bow.  Costumes with a wide array of design elements and style.  Includes one tissue paper dress – the remainder are watercolor.  Includes all of the fashion of the day including a middy dress with bloomers, sailor dress, pleated and flounced dress with bead decoration, dress with geometric design and pleats, one with a pinafore, lace color and ruffled base and many others. .
Interfoliata - Woven Heart Bookmarks from Same Sheet of Paper Found in 1830 Book from One Owner and an 1823 From Another. ..
Price: 325.00

A typewritten message on The Licking County Museum, Newark Ohio.  It is dated Valentine's Day 1963.  Priscilla S. Scheffler, Great Great Granddaughter of Mary Shirley Shove and Dudley Whitney.   Affixed to the top of the page are a pair woven hearts,  the paper remnant from one of the hearts and finally a third heart cut for weaving.  The text is an acocunt of Scheffler who found one of the hearts in the pages of a book owned by Mrs. Mary Shirley Shove-Whitney that she received as a gift from Catharine Brighman.  Later when looking through a book previously owned by Brighman in 1828, she found the paper remnant of the blue and white heart and the third heart matching one of the hearts found in the 1830 book..
A collection of five (5) immediate post WWII typewritten letters embellished with watercolor illustrations superimposed on the letter sheets and/or applied at the top of the page. . .California.1945
Price: 325.00

The content is politically oriented and tongue-in-cheek.  The letters were addressed to Miss Eleanor Langlois of Guernewood Park, CA from J. E.  Langlois and Oscar Smith, both of San Francisco.   J.E. is Eleanor’s father.   The letters are dated August 13-20, 1945. August 14, is labeled V-J Day when Japan surrendered after WWII. The letters mention riots in San Francisco, food rationing, and  refers to their dog Geep. The letter writer mentions his tiring of meat loaf and his excitement to get eggs and lists the many ways he would like to cook them. He questions of they have gotten sugar yet. He is on edge and mentions how he jumps when ever he hears a noise. He has a sarcastic air and references times significant to the time such as Aunt Jemima's pancake mix and Seely mattresses. .
Dear Plaited Hair Family Keepsake. ..
Price: 325.00

A 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" piece of paper with six (6) different hair ornament remembrances from FAther Mother, Sarah, Emma, Marion and Hatty.  Each a slightly different design. Marion's circular plaits are adorned with a saw-tooth cut paper heart.   No further identification. c1860s..
Japanese Kimono Stencil
Katagami Stencil -KA01
Price: 335.00

Measures 10”x 16 1/2”  with hair reinforcements.
Japanese Kimono Stencil
Katagami Stencil KA07
Price: 350.00

KA07    Measures 11 1/2”x 17 1/2”  with hair reinforcements & rice paper backing.
Pencil & Watercolor Sketches Promoting F. S. Streeter Marble Works, Reading PA. ..
Price: 350.00

Four (4) different naive pencil and/or watercolor drawings promoting the marble works. Three of the four are mounted on what appears to be a page from an album with embossed frames.  Also includes a watercolor cameo at center when lifted exposing a watch paper with his name and location in pen.  Miniature writing of Mutat Terra Vices at base.  Imagery includes heraldic lion, pyramid, Cupid and an angle.  Sheet measures 10" x 8"..
Album with Nine
Album with Nine (9) Original Abstract Black Silhouette Scenes Mostly Whimsical– Some with Poetry. Signed W. S.
Price: 400.00

A collection of various original cutwork silhouette works, each signed W. S.  Subject matter ranges from whimsy to fantasy and somberness.
A Loving Gift of Two (2) Handmade c1860s Paper Dolls with Numerous Decorated Paper Costumes Presented as a Valentine to a Young Child
Price: 400.00

A 6 ½” pencil drawn adolescent girl paper doll with 19 handmade costumes and 15 pinafores.  Note the cut bow closure at back and a 3 ½” infant with 11 layettes, 4 dresses and 2 mantles.  Many constructed of decorated paper.  They were given with a hand constructed  pop-up valentine note for Myra H. Gould of Vermont, presumably the receiver of the paper dolls.  The dolls were most likely made by the giver at an earlier time in her life. Dolls appear to be c1860s-70s and note from the 1880s..
Animal Ten Pins- Cover Art Anthropomorphic Rabbit Plays the Back Pipes c1900. .
Price: 400.00

20 " x 10 1/8" watercolor applied to a mount board.  Captioned "Animal Ten Pins" an anthropomorphic rabbit plays the bagpipes in a woodland setting.  The art is in three sections-presumably the center portion had to be repainted(?).  Each section marked L701 on backing board.
Large format Watercolor ex libris Margaret O. Mark
Price: 400.00

A 10” x 13” mount board with watercolor of a young woman seated while reading a book. Elaborate border decoration reflecting the sky and seasons. Artist signature at base III. G. Fall..
Intricate Paper Cutwork, either by or in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold c1800, Ipswich England.. ..
Price: 425.00

A 10" x 7 1/2" sheet with a cutwork depicting  a woman riding a horse, all cut from a single sheet of paper.  Note how the horses' front left hoof attaching the ground to the horse and rider.. Elizabeth Cobbold(1767-1824)  She gave elaborate valentine parties and created a cut-works, some with verses, with  a copy to keep for herself. A descendent of Edmund Waller, Elizabeth Knipe lived in Manchester and published two books of poems before her brief marriage to William Clarke of Ipswich (1790). She was a friend of Clara Reeve, author of The Progress of Romance, under whose influence she wrote a novel set in Norman England. In 1792 she married a wealthy brewer, John Cobbold; in addition to his fourteen children by a previous marriage, they had seven more together. In Ipswich she was a leader in literary and charitable organizations. Her son, the Rev. Richard Cobbold (1797-1877), was also a poet.
Prophetic Flowers - Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion & When to be Married
Price: 450.00

At first glance one sees an artfully executed watercolor stem with leaves topped by blue and yellow polished paper pinwheel flowers.  Upon close examination one sees that the flowers open to display a different hand penned answer beneath each of the petals.   The reverse explains this Victorian key to one's fate and love life.  It is a Prophetic Flower.  Each of the five (5) flowers foresees ones Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion and When to be Married.  It measures 8 3/4" x 7" and is on heavy stock card.  c1850s..
Fine Trinket Box with Delicate Cutwork Under Glass– Naïve Alter boy . ..
Price: 450.00

3” x 4 ½” x 2” glass topped trinket box with straw decorated exterior and paper lined interior. Depicts a Naïve Alter boy with a Cross among the Flowering Trees, Vines, and Shrubs.  All handmade paper cuts.  Boy with halo dressed in real fabric dress with lace topper. . some wear on straw, slight staining inside box
Correspondence from Christopher Greaves, who had attended Yeates Institute, Belmont, Lancaster PA to Ludwig F. C. Haas, of Lancaster PA while attending Phillips Academy, Andover MA. . ..1901-1903
Price: 450.00

June 25, 1901 – South Lowestoft Discussion: · Birthday wishes · Bird egg collection · Lots of questions on classmates and activities · Attending games in motor cars · The New English Stamps · The ferry rockets Illustrations: · Greaves at his desk composing letter with lots of questions · Bull ramming ostrich with head in the sand; bull about to be hit by a cattle catcher on a train · Two views of a cherry tree before and after damage Five (5) crests. January 6, 1902 Discussion: · Discussion about a photo he’d received with the last letter · Christmas holidays and presents · Putting up two new bird boxes · Playing golf and bicycle riding · Hunting and other sports Illustrations: · Man riding a horse · Scared cat · Students escaping from lecture · Bicycle riders · Birds’ nests · Golfers · Self-portrait Six (6) postage stamps March 18, 1902 Discussion: · News in previous correspondence · Request for US stamps School football (soccer) · Crow’s behavior in the UK and US and spending time on the Conestoga with friends seeing the many blackbirds and finding three (3)dead crows in a nest · Discussion on where-abouts and disposition of previous classmates Illustrations: · Baby birds in a nest – mama bird hovering above · Haas McDevilt Champion figure staking day – series of views · Boy and man chased up a tree by dogs · Prof. Lader Shands of Harvard “How to raise potatoes” · Mc Briggs alias Christopher Greaves (letter writer) August 15, 1902 Discussion: · Thanks for splendid stamps, sharing with friends · Didn’t get the eggs his birthday, bird nesting · Comments on Haas’ hideous nightmarish pictures · Congrats as treasurer of Athletic Association; teasing about bagging the money · Crew races and how funny friends looked with head’s shaved Illustrations: · Treasure of Athletic Association collecting fees · Bicycle riding and tricks · Bird nesting in the meadows “keep your eyes open” · Bird scooping fish out of water · Men hunting rabbits One (1) stamp August 20, 1902 – Forest Hill, Oxford Eng. Discussion: · A school chum had accused him of getting married · Discussions on bird migrations cross the Channel, Mediterranean sea N. Africa, Southern Spain · King’s illness before coronation · Summer guest and their activities while in town · Bicycle touring in country side · Attending Coronation Procession in London – lots of Americans; naval review mostly foreign warships were away · Boating picnic at Oxford · Boer generals in London · Big railway races in America · Questions on classmates Illustrations: · Man reading NY paper looking for marriage announcement · Birds dressed in vacation attire approaching a train to S. Spain · Man in knickers playing golf · Fishing from a canoe · Man eating watermelon · Little girls · Man with umbrella atop airship with balloon tied to a pig February 1903 Discussion: · “royal shoot” with Prince Wales, · Collecting stamps or crests · Collecting “English Eggs” and updating the collection · Many terrible rail accidents in the US , wonders if the “flying machins will come in fashion” · The wonders of the Marconi system · Playing golf · Re Ludwig’s picture in long pants—a new sensation getting old · Bluebirds’ nests and wondering about their habits · Football (US) and Sir Thos. Lipton “lifting” the America Cup. Illustrations: · Boy sneaking an egg from a nest · American football · Granny peddling an air balloon · Series of views of an ice skater racing and falling November (no year) Discussions: · Collecting Crests · Playing football · Two vessels driven ashore due to rough weather Illustrations: · Golfer · Boys falling on ice while skating · A rabbit Four (4) crest, two (2) postage stamps. .
Fanny's First Flirtation - Dressed Paper Doll. Peterson's Magazine 1872 . ..
Price: 450.00

A copper engraving cut-out from the February 1872 Peterson's Magazine that has been dressed in both paper and fabric.  It is captioned "Fanny's First Flirtation".   Sight view 7 3/8" x 6".  Housed in period frame which measures 9" x 8". When researching the image an editor's note from Peterson's reads "This charming engraving, published in our February number, receives praise everywhere.   The New Jersey Enterprise says, 'What a Frenchman would call, but what some of our juvenescent Americans translate 'the piece of resistance'...
Hand-crafted Student Notebook created by Esther T. Tuttle - Using Kindergarten Art to Solve Problems -c1920s.
Price: 475.00

A 11" x 8 1/2" book hand crafted by a student.  The cover reads Notes with the initials ET.  The first page includes the name Esther T. Tuttle and a red letter grade of "2+".  The book includes over twenty (20) Problems described in the students hand along with a narrative solution and the completed 3-D solution.    Some of the problems are to create a Portfolio, a Notebook, an Envelope, Wall pocket, Picture Frame, a fan, a bonbon box, triangular catchall, a portfolio, a match scratcher, and projects in weaving including a straw and a woven paper fiber mat.  A final page includes addresses of what are assumed references included in the project, including three names and addresses; one being Milton Bradley, 120 Boylston St., Boston. The other two are Boston and Cambridge addresses. .
1827 Schrenscnitte style Cut Paper--Abstract Imagery with the appearance of hats and shoes and decorative devices. ..
Price: 475.00

A 6 1/2" x 8"  schrenshnitte or cut paper design. Although a somewhat abstract and mainly decorative piece.  Upon pondering has the appearance of feathered hats and shoes.  Dated 1827 in pencil at base.  Cut from laid paper..
Memory Album - Phililp Bethel Boude - His Book - Wawonaissa (NH) Photographs of a Camp with Wilderness Theme Watercolor Border Decorations. ..1911
Price: 475.00

Suede cover with pyrography decorated cover reading "Wawonaissa" with wildflower decoration. The hand penned title page reads "Philip Bethel Boude - His Book - 1911 with drawings of candles at the base.  The next page is a penned verse by Agnes L. Tierney that begins "When the rapture of summer has set the pulse athrill...Most pages have a photograph of life at the "camp" or the surrounding water, all embellished with hand drawn watercolor border decorations of items relevant to the photograph. Approximately 50 pages.  Few with watercolor decorations but with out photo, few with remnants of a lacking photo (2-3?). Measures 7 1/2" x 10".  Cover wear. .
Souvenir Album: Written by husband and wife Joseph and Susan Miller 1855-1860 w Watercolor drawings and punch paper bookmark love token. Thornton IA.
Price: 500.00

A brown gilt stamped album of what appears to be Jesus and "the woman at the well" on front cover and large lidded ewer on the back cover. Five full page engravings depicting somber scenes of  people and places.   The album begins with a Preface and an array of writings by Joseph including Apostrophe ot my Happiness, The Nice House Keeper, The Highland Chief, The Out-going and In-coming Year (1855-56).  This is followed by a single entry from his departing cousin in 1857.  This is followed by  the Inagural Address of the President Of the New Paris Congress. The next entry is by Susan and surrounded by a hand drawn watercolor floral wreath or eternal ring of flower.  Also includes two full page floral drawing by Susan.  In addition Susan has added little watercolor floral spray in the upper right corner of Joseph's writings.  On the Preface page she penned "Susan Miller Joseph Miller" beneath the floral display.   Interfoliata includes a pressed dried flower and a punch paper and ribbon bookmark with "Forget me not Joseph" cross stitched on the punch paper. Measures 7 3/4" x 6". Moderate wear; top and bottom portion of back strip lacking; edge wear on covers.
Fine Made by Hand Geometric Designed Paper Hearts with Woven Hair with Flower at Center with Surrounding verse titled Star of Memory. ..April 14, 1861
Price: 500.00

An 8" x 10" piece with geometrically positioned saw-tooth cut hearts in various colors with a plaited eternal ring of hair at center with a cut-out embossed flower at center. A verse in faint ink in background is titled Star of Memory.  Dedicated to Mrs. Jennett L. Johnson by Mrs. H. C. Barney  Includes transcription of the verse. .
"Executed Beauty with a Pen " Portrait in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Embellishmentsby A. Thurber.
Price: 525.00

A portrait of a woman  done predominantly in black and brown inks with an interesting addition of stippling on parts of the face and neck. Watercolor decorated flowers in her hair, delicate earrings and hair comb complete the scene. Well executed in a naive manner. Calligrahy caption on mat with circular opening reads "Executed Beauty with a pen By A. Thurber".  Sight view 10 3/8" x 8 1/4".  Housed in period frame.  Light toning.
A Business Archive of Fannie Howe, Engrosser, with Samples of her Work in Various stages 1960sPhiladelphia
Price: 550.00

Fannie Howe was the widow of Charleton Howe, a well known and admired engrosser.  After his death his wife assumed responsibility for their engrossing business.  This archive includes -approximately twenty (20) letters with correspondence requesting engrossing by Fannie Howe, -specimens created by Fannie Howe in black and white and color, a business check register, design for Howe Engrossing Studio Stationery,  11 mockup for use as examples and/or works in progress, six (6) original works accompanied by printed copies of the work and 13 original completed pen and ink works and Howe Engrossing Studio paper sign.  Mostly large format pieces..
Watercolor Hand Made Birthday Album
A Tribute to Our Grandmother on her Eightieth Birthday, January 12, 1886 - From her Ever Affectionate Grandchildren
Price: 600.00

Hand Made Birthday Album – A Tribute to Our Grandmother on her Eightieth Birthday, January 12, 1886.  from her ever affectionate Grandchildren.
Fine c1820 PinPrick Art Watercolor Embellishments.
Price: 600.00

A 10" x 8 1/2"  pinprick work depicting a nomad or perhaps a shepherd. The costume is pinprick with watercolor embellishments. Pin-prick pictures were just one of many ways in which paper was used without paint or pencil to create images as a genteel way to pass the time. By the end of the 18th century it was a favorite pastime to work in paper using a variety of techniques to create images and decorative effects. Special shops sprang up to cater for this taste, most famously Rudolph Ackermann's 'Repository' in London's Strand. and Fuller's 'Temple of Fancy', stocked materials for amateur painters but also what were called fancy papers: coloured and embossed paper designed to allow amateurs to create decorative work in paper.
Commonplace Book Illustrated in Pen and Ink and Watercolor- Birds, Spelling, Greek Architecture, The Eye, Trees, Joan of Arc
Price: 600.00

A 21 page commonplace book complete with index and profusely illustrated in black and white with color embellishments. The index page is boarded by patriotic scenes of an eagle atop a shield and three American flags bordering the side. The subjects include Birds, The Tailor Bird, Wood Pecker, Spelling, Greek Architecture, The Eye, Trees, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Joan of Arc and finally Ar.  Concludes with a lone canoer on a lake.  Anonymous.  Appears to be the work of a senior elementary or high school age child. Measures 8 1/2" 8".  Housed in a school composition book. c 1910s..
A Cutwork Depicting Sea Captain, Young Woman and Soldier and more c1850s . ..
Price: 600.00

An intricate little scene comprised of multiple layers of polished and textured paper. A young woman and a sea captain stand hand-in-hand in a clearing. A rifle is laid atop a large rock in the foreground. A rabbit and two birds lay nearby (perhaps having been shot). A small dog looks on while at water's edge. A myriad of greenery with a trellis flanks the border of the image while a large tree with intricate leaves creates the background. Beyond the tree is a soldier with saber in hand. To the sailor's left are evergreens, rock and a snow cap or rapid water flowing between the soldier and the couple. There is a third man lurking to the left (head lacking). The detail on this work is exceptional with individually applied leaves, pearls and ruffles and everything else to be seen. Matted and framed in 7 ¾" x 5 ¾ " gold frame. . Few specks for cut work lacking.
Fine Early Slightly Naive Watercolor Cutwork c1820s
Price: 650.00

A 3 3/4" x 3" cutwork that depicts a ship at sea carrying a heart. IHS at top of mast. A fortress skyline in the background shore.  Cutwork border decoration with flaming heart at base..
Kindergarten Art Album with 40+ Design Pages, each with numerous intricately folded papers, snowflakes, string design and patterned paper weavings
Price: 650.00

Constructed of heavy card stock with paper works on both sides. The inside cover has an applied Raphael Tuck paper doll with a hand constructed crepe paper dress and hat, complete with lace paper petticoat. This is adjacent a white snowflake design on a black background. Also found tucked on this page is a little envelope with fourteen (14) different cut snowflakes. The book begins with art created from circles of paper that have been arranged and folded in various designs and shapes. After the circles, squares are introduced using far more intricate folding techniques to create designs. Folded paper starbursts are the next design element to appear with the introduction of the applied cut paper snowflakes. To the best of my observations, no two snowflakes are alike… To this point the colors have been somewhat muted, harmonious or complimentary. Half-way through string art is introduced with various techniques and designs. The colors become far more vivid and in many instances contrasting. The book concludes with intricate paper weavings, many in geometric patterns, two with images of birds incorporated in the design. The final page is elements constructed of paper folded into 3/8 or ¼” strips and folded at various points to create corners for the geometric elements. A photo sampling of this album is available at Housed in a Waterbury Howard Album. NYC. Coverall condition of content is excellent with three (3) intact tears identified on paper weavings. The cover has a book tape or passe-portout reinforcement along the backstrip. .
C1830s Watercolor Overlay Transformation Set – Lovely Woman with Six (6) Overlay Personae in Handcrafted Box
Price: 700.00

A 4 ½” x 4 ½”  sheet with profile view of lovely lady accompanied by six (6) different watercolor costumes that overlay the woman creating a different personae with each overlay.  Some as men, others as woman of different age and class,  or travelers from different lands. Found in a handcrafted box with a marbled  paper silhouette of the woman on the cover..
3 Small Watercolors Attributed to A.C. Beaman, 1852
Price: 700.00

Three (3) different scenes of family life at home with loving scenes of parents, grandparents and children. Well excecuted with fine detail  Vivid Color. .
Fanciful 15" Articulated Dresed Matador
Price: 750.00

A truly fanciful fellow with a printed face,and card stock body parts that have been decorated with applied and layered polished and foiled papers. His exaggerated hat has a large applied flower.  His bodice begins with pleated paper dickey and velvet bow tie; a crest is applied beneath the dickey.  His waistcoat is constructed of various foiled papers with red embellishment and embossing. His topcoat is velvet with studded border trim topped with a large red silk bow.  The arms and legs are jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees..
Original Art - A personal interpretation of Complete Trump Suit or Major Arcana including 22 Cards 1930s
Price: 825.00

Each card was created in pencil and crayon and/or charcoal.  They are drawn on 10" x 15" art board with an applied black border. Each card or Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements. This deck has a number and a name and a single illustration reflecting the name.  The artist is unknown.  Believed to have been made in the 1930s.  Although the artwork is somewhat naive, an unusual and interesting interpretation. .
Hand Penned The Old Oaken Bucket to Messrs Doherty Bros, Respectfully inscribed and executed by John C. Crowley with Pen and Ink--Elaborate Decoration. ..c1880
Price: 825.00

15" x 12" Bristolboard card with The Old Oaken Bucket done in  fine calligraphy. The caption at top reads "To Messrs Doherty Bros. Respectfully Inscribed. A pen and ink drawing of a young boy dropping the oaken bucket into the well with gilt border.  Elaborate floral border decoration. A charming putto at the base bearing a banner reading "In remembrance of our home.  "Executed by John C. Crowley Boston with Pen and Ink at base. Reverse is blank. . Border stains and additional small area of discoloration.  Note on reverse Rebacked by W. Torrey Lutter, Marshfield 2/21/78
16 Cut Horses, Carriages and Wagons with Saddles and Bridle, Mary Lapham, NY 1867 , plus Copybook
Price: 1,000.00

Sixteen (16) different paper-cuts and accessories.  They are 'make-do' as previously printed publications were used to cut the paper.  There are 8 horses, 2 dogs, coaches, wagons,  Finally they is an array of saddles, blankets and bridles to 'accessorize' the animals.  The copybook was found with the paper-cuts and belonged to Mary Lapham, May 30, 1867.  . Identified Mary A. Lapham, Taghkanic, Columbia, County, NY 1857 - 1930
Four (4) Portrait Miniatures of German Linen Weavers
Price: 1,000.00

Each of the four is a silhouette profile of an individual linen weaver with penciled inscriptions identifying each by name and with the profession of linen weaver.  Dated 1853, 1854, and 1855.  The fourth is undated.  Speculation is that these may have been given as an annual honor or acknowledgment for service. Largest measures 4” x 4 ¾”.   Housed in heavy board and glass  self frame.  Two corner cracks on one glass. .
Light - c1940s - A Diorama Created by a 4th Grader
Price: 1,100.00

Handmade Diorama or Pop-up Book Created by a child as a school project.  Titled “Light” by John Crocker c1940s. Includes three (3) of four (4) original multi-dimensional pop-ups hand cut and water colored scenes constructed to demonstrate the evolution of light through the ages. These scenes include: Scene 1. Prehistoric Man – Torch – depicts prehistoric men in dimensional cave setting; one holds a torch; the other writes hieroglyphs of sorts. Scene 3. Pioneer Home – depicts a dimensional log cabin setting; pioneer woman pouring hot wax in a candle mold, while a candle burns on the table. Decorated in early American style. Scene 4. Edison’s Laboratory – Incandescence Light – depicts the interior of what most likely the Menlo Park laboratory; Thomas Edison seated at a table, feverishly at work in a room illuminated with incandescent light. Shelves are lined with scientific supplies and instruments. Measures 9” x 12”. Paper cover with applied lettering. Cover and edge wear. Unfortunately one scene is not present. .
A forty (40) page watercolor sketch book created by a child c 1850s
Price: 1,100.00

A 40 page handmade book consisting completely of watercolors created by a young child. Although never a particular skillful artist his naïve creations clearly tell the story. Appears to have been created over a period of time as his illustrations become more complex and detailed as you progress through the book. His illustrations are activities he perceives in daily life. Includes multiple exterior scenes as a log cabin with a large tree(s), a volcano, a ship, a church and trees, an ostrich or similar exotic bird, a multi-tiered what appears to be adobe church or similar structure, a horse drawn snow sleigh (interesting perspective no. 12), a man wearing a hat standing in a tree dropping limbs near a bull, a barn with some sort of elevated farm machinery ascending on a track to the second story, a paddleboat, a girl through to the ground when her horse broke loose from her wagon, people in the rain with a large black cloud over head and a rainbow to the left, a pulley mechanism lifting equipment to the second floor of a barn, a sailing vessel, a man whipping a bull, a boy flying a kite, a man falling trees, a dog chasing a rabbit, a horse (first captioned image), an outdoor auction (no. 30), a train, a man placing a ladder on the side of a building while asking another to climb up and get his hat—second talk bubble “I won’t do it”, a cat and a chicken, a stack of firewood adjacent a giant tree being cut down with talk bubble “It is a comming (sp)”,a pilgrim shooting a musket, a townscape across a lake with a sailboat, a boy and girl courting in the woods, a man walking up the hill adjacent a fence, a man on a ladder against a tree about to chop off a dead limb, large branches falling from a tree in a storm (dark clouds) One or two pages may be lacking at the front of the book - no page 2 or 3. Measures 3 1/8” x 3 ¼”. .
Fine 12" Watercolor Dressed Scotsman with Articulated Legs c1890s
Price: 1,200.00

A 12" Scotsman dressed in a traditional kilt with with shoulder sash and belt.  Embellished with feathers on his hat and belt.  Finely detailed facial and hand features.  Not the detail on his stockings. A simple string mechanism allows him to dance..
1830s Scherenschnitte Cut-work Valentine & Punch Paper Sampler Rose Bookmark John Ripley, Putnam-Houser House, Belpre, Ohio
Price: 1,300.00

A grouping of materials belonging to John D. Ripley found by a descendant among papers in the  of the Putnam-Houser House in 1981. Contents include:A 12” x 15” scherenschnitte or cut-workpaper valentine with elongated floral design and circular decorative elements at border. Center has a hand-penned verse reading “This Valentine I sent to You As evidence of high respect, And when you read if e’er you do,  Don’t treat this missive with neglect.  Intricately cut from one sheet of paper. Few separations and light water stains. Housed in mahogany frame. It is accompanied by a silk punch paper sampler bookmark depicting a rose and the name John Ripley. The punch work measures 2 1/4” x 5”. The bookmark was found in the family Bible, 1857. Also includes a polished stock visiting card and embossed envelope addressed to John Ripley Esq.  Accompanying the material  is a note card signed by J. H. Houser Jr., describing the materials.   This is all accompanied by a typewritten genealogy of John Putnam, 1580-1662 and his wife Priscilla Gould.  .
Family papers including hair genealogy – “My Children’s Hair” (1808-1833) & Northwest Territories (1856-1859)
Price: 1,600.00

Also includes correspondence between a mother and her sons as they explored the Northwest Territories (1856-1859) for the James Rogers’ family, New Castle Delaware, New Castle, Delaware, chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas, Attorney General and Secretary of State of Delaware.

James Rogers (1789-1870) married Maria Booth in 1807. Materials include: a. Genealogy and snippets of each of the children’s hair. Two pages attached at top. The first has an affixed 2 ¾” x 2 ½” embossed envelope that reads “My Children’s Hair” on a 4 ½” x 7” sheet with thirteen (13) snippets of hair sewn to the page. Each is captioned with a child’s name and date of birth. The reverse lists specific genealogical information including birth and marriage information about the parents and the specific day and time of birth for each child. This list ends after 1827. The children were born between 1808 and 1831. b. A scrap album page with hair with plaited hair held in place with gold hearts from the parents James and Marie while they were courting in 1804. Also includes a snippet from a newspaper announcing their wedding. Additionally there is the top of this page, which has separated from the hair that has a woven paper wreath with a hand-penned verse” Accept my dear flower which time cannot fade …emblem of my love for you”. Dated 1806. c. A letter with transcription from Maria to son Robert, an attorney in San Francisco in 1856 containing family news and reference to an unfortunate incident that had occurred in San Francisco in the recent past. d. A letter with transcription to Maria from son Julian, while serving as clerk to Major Franklin E. Hunt; Camp Floyd’s First Army Paymaster, August 12, 1857, Fort Kearny N.T. Discussing the trials and tribulations of traversing geography to reach the soldiers and give them their pay describing the frontier prairies destitute of all kinds of game and seeing where a herd of buffalo had been killed. A report on Southern Californians complaining of the overabundance of buffalos trying to get to their cattle. He continues by describing Fort Kearny and its surrounding landscape. He then asks after family members and concludes with a postscript “The Cheyenne Indians run off with 840 beef cattle a few days ago, belonging to the contractor and intended for the Utah Expedition. They killed one of the herdsman and wounded another. They are more the boldest Indians of the plains and it is a pity Col. Sumner did not meet them. This occurred only thirty miles from the fort.” e. The final item is a letter with transcription from Maria to son Julian from Boothhurst, New Castle, Delaware on September 17 through 18, 1857. Laments her concern for the safety of Julian as the papers are discussing those “horrid Mormons and are raising troops to occupy narrow passes in the road and how Brigham Young laughs at the idea of government send in troops to Utah as late in the season, when in all probability could weather will catch them before they cross the mountains”. Then discusses the passing of an aunt. This is followed by father (James) going to town to get letters from a steamer that is not insight. James returns without the letters. Additional news from the following day James returns from town with no letters and melancholy news of the loss of the Steamer. .
A collection of Twenty-five plus pre-Victorian Intricate Cutworks of Flora Housed in an Album for Mary Graves Lawle "The Gift of her Mamma", August 22, 1832.
Price: 2,400.00

The first few pages of this album include the types of writings expected to be found in an 1830s English album.   After a few pages the remainder of the book is blank.  Tucked into each page is an intricate cutwork or two designed as elements from nature.  The larger of the group measure approx 4-5" in length with the smallest at approx 1 1/2".  Constructed from laid, plain and foiled paper.  All intricately cut and appearing to be intact.  Each enveloped in protect paper. A true labor of love.
Fine Miniature 18th C Delicate German Watercolor Cut work.
Price: 2,500.00

A delicate 2" x 3 1/2" with a variety  of cut decorative  devices  surrounding an inner border with lilies and a rose .  Imagery at center depicts a pair of flaming hearts amidst environmental elements. Caption at base in German.  Naive yet delicate handpainting.
Fine Original Art Watercolor - Napoleonic Era Woman with 14 Watercolor Overlays Depicting Fashions from 1599-1815. Cover detached. Back strip lacking. Scattered foxing and old marginal stians, not affecting images.
Price: 4,500.00

A 9" x 7 1/4"  card with a watercolor profile view of a bust of a woman.  Penciled inscription at base reads "Painted by Mad-elle Angelique. (unintelligible) 1815 (unintelligible).Fourteen (14) original striking watercolor overlays.   The costumes are numbered and captioned and include an English Dresss by Vandyke in 1599, an English Headdress at Court 1814, a Quaker, Welsh peasant, the Time of Lewis 14th, Toque a la triumphant worn in France about 30 years ago 1785, The French dress in 1814, Joysanne de Normandie, Swiss, Polish, this head Dress is meant for jewels - it is "Rufian(?)", Turkish, a Grecian costume and a Vestal Virgin.  Scattered foxing and old marginal stains, not affecting images.  Finely executed.  A rare fine.