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Grandmother Handmade Paper Doll
A rather unusual hand made paper doll.  The 3" paper doll is a cutout from a magazine and depicts a rear profile of an older woman.
Album with Nine
A collection of various original cutwork silhouette works, each signed W. S.  Subject matter ranges from whimsy to fantasy and somberness.
String Ball & Wooden Cup
A Victorian child's cup and ball toy.
A Water Color Chart for honor pupils c1910.
A 25  1/2" x 20 1/2:"  art board with an impressionist-style watercolor basket of flowers at center with "Honor Pupiles" on either side.  The bottom half of the board has two rows of names - next to the names are accumulations of gold stars demonstrating the   achievements of the individual child. The majority of honor pupils are girls.  Few names lacking.
Fine c1820 PinPrick Art Watercolor Embellishments.
A 10" x 8 1/2"  pinprick work depicting a nomad or perhaps a shepherd. The costume is pinprick with watercolor embellishments. Pin-prick pictures were just one of many ways in which paper was used without paint or pencil to create images as a genteel way to pass the time. By the end of the 18th century it was a favorite pastime to work in paper using a variety of techniques to create images and decorative effects. Special shops sprang up to cater for this taste, most famously Rudolph Ackermann's 'Repository' in London's Strand. and Fuller's 'Temple of Fancy', stocked materials for amateur painters but also what were called fancy papers: coloured and embossed paper designed to allow amateurs to create decorative work in paper.
 Wooden Wool Scrapers - used as "Tally Pad".
A pair of 3" x 8" wooden wool scrapers with a pencil drawn grid filled with numbers.  The horizontal captions are dollar and cent signs.  The vertical captions are numbers. The reverse of the scraper has additional ciphers.  Waste not; want not. Note reads Wood scrapers Tally Pad used by Grandpa Sam Florens Years Ago
Charming Handmade Christmas Letter  Album with Family Photos and color Landscape photocards c1910s.
A 6" x 4 1/2" handmade album.  The covers are constructed of a deeply embossed card with floral border and a photograph of the writer at center. The first page is a printed Christmas greeting , perhaps from a Victorian gift book.  Contents includes snippets from and full size color photocards interspersed with manuscript pages and additional  pictures; one of the writer, a second of a young relative.  The correspondence is from Oswaldtwistl, Lancaster England.  The photocards are scenery from the area. The correspondence is newsy with word of family doings. Ribbon tie binding. Cover separated and repaired with new ribbon.
 Newspaper Cover Handmade Commonplace Book, June 4, 1809.
8 pages of laid paper stitched in place between a portion of a newspaper page from 1809.  Includes Bible verses and quotes, bills sent to Bridgeport Bank, Mohawk Bank and several to  Manhattan Bank.  This is followed by additional devotionals and banking notes.  Articles on the covers include petitions of the New York state assembly, buildings to be sold or leased,  want ads and advertising and a partial editorial on a letter written by John Adams.  Measures 7" x 4 3/4".
 "Executed Beauty with a Pen " Portrait in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Embellishmentsby A. Thurber.
A portrait of a woman  done predominantly in black and brown inks with an interesting addition of stippling on parts of the face and neck. Watercolor decorated flowers in her hair, delicate earrings and hair comb complete the scene. Well executed in a naive manner. Calligrahy caption on mat with circular opening reads "Executed Beauty with a pen By A. Thurber".  Sight view 10 3/8" x 8 1/4".  Housed in period frame.  Light toning.
 Naive Pennsylvania Paper Cuts - 2 Woman, a Horse and Cart with Rolling Wheels.
c1900.  Includes two approximately 5"  mirror image cutwork (folded in half and cut so left and right sides are identical), a free hand horse with vertical slices in the tail to give the appearance of hair and a folded paper cart constructed of a base, harness and wheels all held in place with straw.  Naive pencil decoration on the two woman.
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.
Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
1830s Scherenschnitte Cut-work Valentine & Punch Paper Sampler Rose Bookmark John Ripley, Putnam-Houser House, Belpre, Ohio
A grouping of materials belonging to John D. Ripley found by a descendant among papers in the  of the Putnam-Houser House in 1981. Contents include:A 12” x 15” scherenschnitte or cut-workpaper valentine with elongated floral design and circular decorative elements at border. Center has a hand-penned verse reading “This Valentine I sent to You As evidence of high respect, And when you read if e’er you do,  Don’t treat this missive with neglect.  Intricately cut from one sheet of paper. Few separations and light water stains. Housed in mahogany frame. It is accompanied by a silk punch paper sampler bookmark depicting a rose and the name John Ripley. The punch work measures 2 1/4” x 5”. The bookmark was found in the family Bible, 1857. Also includes a polished stock visiting card and embossed envelope addressed to John Ripley Esq.  Accompanying the material  is a note card signed by J. H. Houser Jr., describing the materials.   This is all accompanied by a typewritten genealogy of John Putnam, 1580-1662 and his wife Priscilla Gould.  .
3 Small Watercolors Attributed to A.C. Beaman, 1852
Three (3) different scenes of family life at home with loving scenes of parents, grandparents and children. Well excecuted with fine detail  Vivid Color. .
Commonplace Book Illustrated in Pen and Ink and Watercolor- Birds, Spelling, Greek Architecture, The Eye, Trees, Joan of Arc
A 21 page commonplace book complete with index and profusely illustrated in black and white with color embellishments. The index page is boarded by patriotic scenes of an eagle atop a shield and three American flags bordering the side. The subjects include Birds, The Tailor Bird, Wood Pecker, Spelling, Greek Architecture, The Eye, Trees, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Joan of Arc and finally Ar.  Concludes with a lone canoer on a lake.  Anonymous.  Appears to be the work of a senior elementary or high school age child. Measures 8 1/2" 8".  Housed in a school composition book. c 1910s..
16 Cut Horses, Carriages and Wagons with Saddles and Bridle, Mary Lapham, NY 1867 , plus Copybook
Sixteen (16) different paper-cuts and accessories.  They are 'make-do' as previously printed publications were used to cut the paper.  There are 8 horses, 2 dogs, coaches, wagons,  Finally they is an array of saddles, blankets and bridles to 'accessorize' the animals.  The copybook was found with the paper-cuts and belonged to Mary Lapham, May 30, 1867.  . Identified Mary A. Lapham, Taghkanic, Columbia, County, NY 1857 - 1930
Prophetic Flowers - Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion & When to be Married
At first glance one sees an artfully executed watercolor stem with leaves topped by blue and yellow polished paper pinwheel flowers.  Upon close examination one sees that the flowers open to display a different hand penned answer beneath each of the petals.   The reverse explains this Victorian key to one's fate and love life.  It is a Prophetic Flower.  Each of the five (5) flowers foresees ones Fate, Character, Wish, Ruling Passion and When to be Married.  It measures 8 3/4" x 7" and is on heavy stock card.  c1850s.
Four (4) Portrait Miniatures of German Linen Weavers
Each of the four is a silhouette profile of an individual linen weaver with penciled inscriptions identifying each by name and with the profession of linen weaver.  Dated 1853, 1854, and 1855.  The fourth is undated.  Speculation is that these may have been given as an annual honor or acknowledgment for service. Largest measures 4” x 4 ¾”.   Housed in heavy board and glass  self frame.  Two corner cracks on one glass. .
III. G. Fall Large format Watercolor ex libris Margaret O. Mark 1930
A 10” x 13” mount board with watercolor of a young woman seated while reading a book. Elaborate border decoration reflecting the sky and seasons. Artist signature at base III. G. Fall..
Hand-crafted Student Notebook created by Esther T. Tuttle - Using Kindergarten Art to Solve Problems -c1920s.
A 11" x 8 1/2" book hand crafted by a student.  The cover reads Notes with the initials ET.  The first page includes the name Esther T. Tuttle and a red letter grade of "2+".  The book includes over twenty (20) Problems described in the students hand along with a narrative solution and the completed 3-D solution.    Some of the problems are to create a Portfolio, a Notebook, an Envelope, Wall pocket, Picture Frame, a fan, a bonbon box, triangular catchall, a portfolio, a match scratcher, and projects in weaving including a straw and a woven paper fiber mat.  A final page includes addresses of what are assumed references included in the project, including three names and addresses; one being Milton Bradley, 120 Boylston St., Boston. The other two are Boston and Cambridge addresses. .
Bruxelles Friendship Album and Sketch Book, 1887-1916
Embossed color cloth cover,hand drawn original artwork cut and glued onto pages, some with  verses and signatures.A few pages say "to Flo", dates range from 1887-1916. Detailed and beautiful artwork; pencil sketches, pen and ink, watercolors, and paints, create a unique album. Verses included on some pages, credit to original authors. Some artwork is signed or initialed. Locations are not listed. 7 3/4" x 5". wear on cover, spine broken, some pages loose; one leaf separated from spine foxing and staining from rust  from stapled binding
Interfoliata - Woven Heart Bookmarks from Same Sheet of Paper Found in 1830 Book from One Owner and an 1823 From Another. ..
A typewritten message on The Licking County Museum, Newark Ohio.  It is dated Valentine's Day 1963.  Priscilla S. Scheffler, Great Great Granddaughter of Mary Shirley Shove and Dudley Whitney.   Affixed to the top of the page are a pair woven hearts,  the paper remnant from one of the hearts and finally a third heart cut for weaving.  The text is an acocunt of Scheffler who found one of the hearts in the pages of a book owned by Mrs. Mary Shirley Shove-Whitney that she received as a gift from Catharine Brighman.  Later when looking through a book previously owned by Brighman in 1828, she found the paper remnant of the blue and white heart and the third heart matching one of the hearts found in the 1830 book..
 Intricate Paper Cutwork, either by or in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold c1800, Ipswich England.. ..
A 10" x 7 1/2" sheet with a cutwork depicting  a woman riding a horse, all cut from a single sheet of paper.  Note how the horses' front left hoof attaching the ground to the horse and rider.. Elizabeth Cobbold(1767-1824)  She gave elaborate valentine parties and created a cut-works, some with verses, with  a copy to keep for herself. A descendent of Edmund Waller, Elizabeth Knipe lived in Manchester and published two books of poems before her brief marriage to William Clarke of Ipswich (1790). She was a friend of Clara Reeve, author of The Progress of Romance, under whose influence she wrote a novel set in Norman England. In 1792 she married a wealthy brewer, John Cobbold; in addition to his fourteen children by a previous marriage, they had seven more together. In Ipswich she was a leader in literary and charitable organizations. Her son, the Rev. Richard Cobbold (1797-1877), was also a poet.
Naive Woven Polished Paper Friendship Token c1860
A saw-tooth border leaf shaped hand cut polished paper leaf (4" x 3 1/4") with stripped of blue, pink, navy and yellow paper decoratively woven through the leaf creating a geometric design.  Housed in a 7"x 5" oval what appears to be gutta percha frame.  Framed at a later date. .
Schrenscnitte style Cut Paper--Abstract Imagery with the appearance of hats and shoes and decorative devices. 1827
A 6 1/2" x 8"  schrenshnitte or cut paper design. Although a somewhat abstract and mainly decorative piece.  Upon pondering has the appearance of feathered hats and shoes.  Dated 1827 in pencil at base.  Cut from laid paper..
 A pencil drawn kimono pattern with ornate decoration including serpents, coy, a stormy sea, heron overhead and more. .c1920s.
What appears to be a complete handmade paper pattern for a kimono complete with hand penciled design for embroidery or appliqué that includes scenes of a violent sea, sea serpents, herons flying above a sailing vessel and more.  Proposed colors have been penciled on the pattern. The back piece measures 48" x 32". Reverse is blank.  Appears to be from the 1950s.  .
 Fine Made by Hand Geometric Designed Paper Hearts with Woven Hair with Flower at Center with Surrounding verse titled Star of Memory. ..April 14, 1861
An 8" x 10" piece with geometrically positioned saw-tooth cut hearts in various colors with a plaited eternal ring of hair at center with a cut-out embossed flower at center. A verse in faint ink in background is titled Star of Memory.  Dedicated to Mrs. Jennett L. Johnson by Mrs. H. C. Barney  Includes transcription of the verse. .
 Hand Penned The  Old Oaken Bucket to Messrs Doherty Bros, Respectfully inscribed and executed by John C. Crowley with Pen and Ink--Elaborate Decoration. ..c1880
15" x 12" Bristolboard card with The Old Oaken Bucket done in  fine calligraphy. The caption at top reads "To Messrs Doherty Bros. Respectfully Inscribed. A pen and ink drawing of a young boy dropping the oaken bucket into the well with gilt border.  Elaborate floral border decoration. A charming putto at the base bearing a banner reading "In remembrance of our home.  "Executed by John C. Crowley Boston with Pen and Ink at base. Reverse is blank. . Border stains and additional small area of discoloration.  Note on reverse Rebacked by W. Torrey Lutter, Marshfield 2/21/78
Memory Album - Phililp Bethel Boude - His Book - Wawonaissa (NH) Photographs of a Camp with Wilderness Theme Watercolor Border Decorations. ..1911
Suede cover with pyrography decorated cover reading "Wawonaissa" with wildflower decoration. The hand penned title page reads "Philip Bethel Boude - His Book - 1911 with drawings of candles at the base.  The next page is a penned verse by Agnes L. Tierney that begins "When the rapture of summer has set the pulse athrill...Most pages have a photograph of life at the "camp" or the surrounding water, all embellished with hand drawn watercolor border decorations of items relevant to the photograph. Approximately 50 pages.  Few with watercolor decorations but with out photo, few with remnants of a lacking photo (2-3?). Measures 7 1/2" x 10".  Cover wear. .
A collection of five (5)  immediate post WWII typewritten letters embellished with watercolor illustrations superimposed on the letter sheets and/or applied at the top of the page. . .California.1945
The content is politically oriented and tongue-in-cheek.  The letters were addressed to Miss Eleanor Langlois of Guernewood Park, CA from J. E.  Langlois and Oscar Smith, both of San Francisco.   J.E. is Eleanor’s father. The letters are dated August 13-20, 1945. August 14, is labeled V-J Day when Japan surrendered after WWII. The letters mention riots in San Francisco, food rationing, and  refers to their dog Geep. The letter writer mentions his tiring of meat loaf and his excitement to get eggs and lists the many ways he would like to cook them. He questions of they have gotten sugar yet. He is on edge and mentions how he jumps when ever he hears a noise. He has a sarcastic air and references times significant to the time such as Aunt Jemima's pancake mix and Seely mattresses.
A Charming Letter from a Father to a Daughter with Illustrations.  1921.. ..1921
A playful yet instructive letter from a father to a daughter who presumably is away with her mother.   Perhaps she is recovering from an injury.  It begins with the father acknowledging how his daughter’s improved use of her hands and encouraging her to continue.  It proceeds to discuss a crying baby and how unbecoming crying is to older children.  He discusses his experiences sleeping in a conch hammock, under the stars and an itemized list of items he found in a drawer.  Written in a lighthearted manner with naïve illustrations. . letter fold creases
Fine Trinket Box with Delicate Cutwork Under Glass– Naïve Alter boy . ..
3” x 4 ½” x 2” glass topped trinket box with straw decorated exterior and paper lined interior. Depicts a Naïve Alter boy with a Cross among the Flowering Trees, Vines, and Shrubs.  All handmade paper cuts.  Boy with halo dressed in real fabric dress with lace topper. . some wear on straw, slight staining inside box
Correspondence  Yeates Institute Student  Belmont, Lancaster PA to student attending Phillips Academy, Andover MA. 1901-1903
Correspondence from Christopher Greaves, who had attended Yeates Institute, Belmont, Lancaster PA to Ludwig F. C. Haas, of Lancaster PA while attending Phillips Academy, Andover MA. 1901-1903
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.. ..
Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
Handmade Perforated or Punch Paper Needlepoint “patch” envelope. ..
Measures 5” x 3 ½” with needlepoint strip across that top that has a handmade patch or court plaster envelope attached.  Needlepoint floral array on each side of base.  Floral decoration at top.  c1860s. .
Twelve (12) Ink and Gauche Illustrations of Cartoon and Comic Characters of 1926.. ..
Done on heavy card stock and include characters from Bringing up Father and others they are “Father, Maggie, Spark Plug, the Captain, Buttercup, Jiggs, Happy Hooligan, Barney Google, Mac two (2) different views of Tillie and Dolly Dimples.   Dated in 1926.  Measure 11” x 7”.  Vibrant color.  Naïve yet well executed. .
Fanny's First Flirtation - Dressed Paper Doll.  Peterson's Magazine 1872 . ..
A copper engraving cut-out from the February 1872 Peterson's Magazine that has been dressed in both paper and fabric.  It is captioned "Fanny's First Flirtation".   Sight view 7 3/8" x 6".  Housed in period frame which measures 9" x 8". When researching the image an editor's note from Peterson's reads "This charming engraving, published in our February number, receives praise everywhere.   The New Jersey Enterprise says, 'What a Frenchman would call, but what some of our juvenescent Americans translate 'the piece of resistance'...
Writing Book by Esther Merrill - Imagery of School Children --One with Dunce Cap. L. S. Learned.Cambridgeport, MA.n.d. c1870s
Illustrated paper wraps with school days border vignettes and center imagery of a group of children; some with books --one wearing a dunce cap.  The copy exercises were written by Esther M. Merrill  of Falmouth, Maine.  Complete and well penned.  Measures 8 1/2" x 7". .
A Letter to Santa Claus – written in rhyming verse and asking for more for the poor children. A pen and ink letter written on two 9 ½” x 4 ½” stock cut in the shape of a stocking. . ..
Two (2) stocking shaped pages tied together with string. Written in pencil at the top is "Robert B." The first paragraph asks Santa “While you are planning for everything nice. Pray let me give you a bit of advice”. The next two paragraphs read: Don’t take it hard, if I say in your ear, Santa, I think you were partial last year Loading the rich folks with everything gay Snubbing the poor ones who came in your way: Now, of all times in the year I am sure This is the time to remember the poor. Plenty of children there are in our city, Who have no fathers nor mothers to pity; Plenty of people whose working and heeding Scarcely can keep all their dear ones from needing Now if I came every year in December, They are the ones I should surely remember. Little red hands, that are aching and cold, You should have mittens your fingers to hold; Poor little feet, with your frost bitten toes, You should be clothed in the warmest of hose Continues for three more verses on reverse. The verse appears as early as 1878 in Christmas Chimes, Nelson & Phillips, NY. The second page has two additional verses one about a new baby that Santa shouldn’t miss and the second on Robbie’s wants. . slight discoloration
 Seven (7) Razor Cut Engrossed Salesman Samples, Howard C. Rice,1912. ..1912
Seven (7) made by hand salesman samples featuring razor cut art and engrossed calligraphy penmanship. Beautifully decorated cards with penman's samples of engrossing and razor cuts. 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". slight fading on one card
An original Get Well Story and Whimsical Drawings to a hospitalized child by  Sidney Ernestine Warfel. .Chicago.1946
A two page typed story to Virginia Whitley at St. Joseph's Hospital , Joliet IL. 1946. The story begins with I do not know you and you don't know me, but what difference does that make? She had heard she was ill and needed something to bright her days, so Sidney wrote a nonsense story  with the characters Ellalulu, Lally Dee, the Dog --Beauty Belle, Ellalulu's cat- Sput and the moneky.  Accompanied by sitck figure drawings each measures 2 1/2" x 3 3/4".  With original envelope. Charming. .
A Cutwork Depicting Sea Captain, Young Woman and Soldier and more c1850s. ..
An intricate little scene comprised of multiple layers of polished and textured paper. A young woman and a sea captain stand hand-in-hand in a clearing. A rifle is laid atop a large rock in the foreground. A rabbit and two birds lay nearby (perhaps having been shot). A small dog looks on while at water's edge. A myriad of greenery with a trellis flanks the border of the image while a large tree with intricate leaves creates the background. Beyond the tree is a soldier with saber in hand. To the sailor's left are evergreens, rock and a snow cap or rapid water flowing between the soldier and the couple. There is a third man lurking to the left (head lacking). The detail on this work is exceptional with individually applied leaves, pearls and ruffles and everything else to be seen. Matted and framed in 7 ¾" x 5 ¾ " gold frame. . Few specks for cut work lacking.
Pencil & Watercolor Sketches Promoting F. S. Streeter Marble Works, Reading PA. ..
Four (4) different naive pencil and/or watercolor drawings promoting the marble works. Three of the four are mounted on what appears to be a page from an album with embossed frames.  Also includes a watercolor cameo at center when lifted exposing a watch paper with his name and location in pen.  Miniature writing of Mutat Terra Vices at base.  Imagery includes heraldic lion, pyramid, Cupid and an angle.  Sheet measures 10" x 8"..
Hand Made Rebus Menu, December 25, 1900. ..1900
A 2 3/4" x3 1/4"  ten page menu cut in the shape of a leaf with a ribbon tie 'binding'.   The first page is a verse by Burns beginning with"some hae meat that caan' eat And some could eat that want it:..."  A rebus on each page identifies the dish being served. My personal ability to solve this particular rebus are limited, but I can say they are having some sort of gravy and pie... Pen and ink and watercolor.. Slight toning due to age, otherwise fine.
A S Van Eerde. Collection of Artwork, Drawing, and Sketches by A S Van Eerde, c1920s - 1940s. ..c1920s - 1940s
A collection of over seventy (70) pieces of artwork by A S Van Eerde. The work is in various stages of completion, such as notes, outlines, sketches, illustrations, and completed works.   A S Van Eerde was a commercial artist that designed advertisements for clients. He also sold his own fine art and was a writer/illustrator that did covers and interiors for magazines like "American Legion Weekly", and comic books. He had a short-lived comic strip called "2038 AD: An Excursion to Mars", that ran only four installments in "Amazing Mystery Funnies" comic book series published by Centaur between 1938-1940. Among the collection is a series of six (6) watercolors that depict what "Daddy & Bruce" did during their day together, such as visiting the Museum of Natural History, and the zoo. Another series of six (6) watercolors depict several hilarious moments, such as a young girls 'sensible winter outfit' and an early morning conversation at the bus stop. There are several one off pieces (in ink, pencil or watercolor): rides at an amusement park,  a master painter painting using paint by number, a professor putting helium in his car tires instead of air, and sketches of different advertisements, as well as some finished products or possible reference pieces. Please view the collection by clicking on the link: . The collection is overall in good condition. On some pieces there are glue stains on the back. The sketches and notes are on a finer paper, which as caused some very minor tears along the edges on some pieces. Some of the paper is toned and soiled. But overall fine.
The Lord's Prayer: Children's Coloring Book, c1940s. ..c1940s
This is a handmade coloring book, depicting "The Lords's Prayer". The interior pages were created using a mimeograph, then the outlines were colored in by a child. The name Virginia is written on the back of the majority of the pages. The pages were then bound together using brad clips The imagery is a reflective social commentary  Mostly likely this book was made during Sunday School. 9" x6". Very minor edge wear, The interior pages are slightly toned due to age.
 Friendship Letter with eternal ring plaited hair from Emma to John Van Syckel. .Mount Pleasant, NJ.1818
Affixed to the top of the single-fold note lettersheet is a quadruple plaited eternal ring of hair with an applied ribbon demonstrating the affection of the writer known only as Ella.  The letter reads. Friday June 17, 1818 Dear John, Should misfortune on you fall and the cold world pass you by and still proudly stand the test and meet each Scornful eye or should any dare to whisper a word tho name & would it back to those from Whence it came. Ever Yours Ella Accompanied by an envelope addressed to John (illegible last name) Mount Pleasant, New Jersey. Letter sheet measures 6" x 4". Letterfold. .
Plaited Hair & Hearts - Friendship note between cousins. ..c1820s
Single-fold 5" x 3  3/4" sheet with sentiment and circle of plaited hair and decorative hand cut paper hearts.  The verse reads: "Dear Cousin will you accept this book, Ts all I have to send, And as often as you read it Please Remember your friend.  Eliaz Ann Nittleton To her Cousin Ann Nettleton." Paper cover lacking. . Bristol CT - Married 1839
  1961 Handwork or Sewing Decorating Technique Student Sample Book , Belgium . .Bocholt, Belgium.1961
Large format with pen and ink cover decoration. Includes ten (10) pages with seventeen (17) different samples. Each sample is captioned identifying the work and is accompanied by a magazine cut-out showing an example of the work on a garment. 11” x 14 ½”. Meticulous work. Minimal cover wear. .
 8" Handmade Watercolor Male Paper Doll named Drake Shelbourne with 11 Costumes & 3 Hats - Contemporary and Historical Attire c1940s
A 7 3/4" tall watercolor paper doll.  A tidy gent with broad-set eyes. His 11 costumes appear to be both contemporary to the 1940s while others are vintage.  Four are labeled on reverse - lounge suit, yacht suit, full dress suit and tennis suit.  Three fine hats accompany the outfits. .
 3 Hand Made Paper Dolls w 15 Costumes, A Dog & 2 Cats c1910s. ..
What appear to be three sisters from the 1910s with their two cats and a dog.  Well executed design on the paper dolls and costumes.  The 13 costumes  with 8 hats for the older sisters are interchangeable while the younger sister has two costumes. The costumes in are drawn with fine details.  The hats and dresses reflect the fashions of the day.  The taller dolls are 7 3/4"..
 Album with Original Art and Hand Colored Lithography, musings and verse. .England. c 1830-1850s
An artist's scrap book filled with over fifty (50) pieces of original art work and hand colored lithography and other pieces.  What makes this scrap book a unique find, is the consistent fine quality of the work within. Some of the hand-colored lithography is so expertly done that it becomes hard to tell whether or not it is a lithographic print. Pieces of note are: the portrait of a young girl with ringlets, and another portrait of a man in a turban. Some beautiful landscapes of farmland (rendered in pencil), an old stone bridge (watercolor), a boldly colored butterfly  (color pencil) and bird (ink & color pencil), and  'A Pas de Deux' of crabs (ink).   Additionally includes a pith watch paper with a thistle. A finely detailed tropical bird on a rose stem with nearby butterfly adorned with dried flora. Along with artwork there are several original pieces of music and poetry. There are two pieces of music, a ballad and a round, along with their music score. The poems are both original pieces, and quotes from other notable poets of the day. Once such quote, written in beautiful calligraphy, is from the poem entitled "Woman" by Eaton Stannard Barrett. "Would Woman govern tyrants? she concedes In slight concerns, and hence in weight, leads. Opposes first, to make surrender prized, And while she gives advice, appears advised" Gilt and blind stamp leather. The pages are  gilt-edged. The majority of the book has tipped in art work that has been secured to the page by glue and/or thread. Furthermore the majority of the lithographic prints within have been hand colored, but not all. Most of the artwork is unsigned, however when it is, the initials are general the same three names, E.B., E.T., and A.C. Wigan. There is reference to the Armstrong famil as well. A letter is included with the note "To my sister Daisy Armstrong, from my mother Mrs. Armstrong".  The bulk of the material in the album dates from the 1930s. Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show some wear, and the back strip and edges are slightly damaged due to rubbing. The binding is partiallyA few interior pages are loose and/or detached. There is some glue residue on the interior pages as well, due to the original owner pasting in prints, but nothing that affects any of the artwork.
Charlotte nostrand Decorative Arts Project - Finnish influence on today's styles . ..1940
Heavy board with yarn bounding.   Typewritten commentary describing each watercolor illustration beginning with fashions from 1810 through 1870 (Plates I-IX) depicting Finnish garb or "Sulkava". The remaining plates (X-IVX) are modern adaptations of the earlier styles.  The final plate is cut paper silhouettes.  A well executed and informative project completed by a University of California student.  Measures 12 1/2" x 9 1/2"..
DeBale 4 Original Works - Vibrant Splatter Art  - Africans & Ostriches. ..
Vibrant splatter art watercolors.  Three (3) of the four (4) watercolors are abstract stylized stereotypic Africans; two are drummers and dancers, the third a group of hunters.  The final image is three (4) pair of ostriches.  Each measures 10" x 13". .
 Autograph and Sketchbook of Dorothy Borrajo, 1907-1915											. .England.1907-1915
A lovely autograph and sketch book given to Dorothy Borrajo by her classmates as a souvenir when she left school in 1907. The interior cover has a pasted in list of all of Dorothy's classmates. Throughout the sketchbook there are numerous drawings and poems written by her friends from 1907 to 1915. Drawings are in pencil, ink, color pencil and watercolor. Some of the poems and drawings are quite humorous. One depicts a mother by the ocean with her two swimming daughters, glaring at a man, with the caption, "Momma disapproves of mixed bathing." 9" x 7 1/2". Well executed images reflecting all walks of life including racial stereotypes, daily life and more. To view images, please click on the following link: . Minor wear. Binding reinforced.
Love Token with 4 woven hearts for Mercy Land Brown c1850s. ..
A dear 3" x 3 5/8" slip of paper with four woven hearts at the corners created from a piece of paper that was printed ornately but for another purpose ("make-do").  Pencil decoration creates 'saw-tooth' border around the hearts plus two naive intertwined hearts and a flower. with the name "Mercy Land Brown" below.  Reverse is blank. .
Anonymous My Marvelous Album -  Pen & Ink  and Watercolor Tongue in Cheek Picture Puzzles Drawn by One Hand. .United Kingdom.c1860s
The tone is set for this album containing 59 pen and ink and/or watercolor drawings by the verbiage on the image on the inside cover of a scroll with a whimsical lad at top reads: In Truth it is not every Book, That's suited to the Mind, In some for ever you may Look, And no Amusement find... But seldom does an Album fail, To please both grave and Gay, It teems with many a joyous dale, And many a mournful Lay. So Reader Learn, Who'er you be, Wise, Witty, Grave, or Lad, 'Tis like the World in some degree, Made up of Good and Bad. Neatly executed. Some done after Cruikshank. Measures 8" x 11".. Covers separated but present.
 Miniature Sand Painting - Brading Ecclesiastical Parish, Worked on Lace Paper. ..
A 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"  scene created using applied color sand with watercolor background.  It depicts the Ecclesiastical Parish in Brading, the 'Kynges Towne'. Created on 2 5/8"x 3 3/4" die-cut card with lace paper border.. Portion of sand lacking.
 Miniature Sand Painting - The Dairyman's Cottage, Worked on Lace Paper. ..
A 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"  scene created using applied color sand with watercolor background.  It depicts The Dairyman's Cottage.. Created on 2 5/8"x 3 3/4" die-cut card with lace paper border..
 Friendship Album" To Susan"  with Asian and other themed Decoupage,  Imagery, Watercolors, Drawings, Sentiments, Enigma, etc.. .UK.1847-1854
Gilt stamp brown leather cover. The introductory page is comprised of a finely executed cut-out handcolored floral spray with a lithograph verse at center.  It is titled "Album" and begins "To Poets, Painters, Enigma and Conundrum Makers and all those who wish to shine in this Literary Society..." Includes numerous applied engraved scenes throughout. Off special note is the decoupage of cut-out Asian themed imagery throughout. Additionally there are watercolors and drawings.  Many sentiments, verses, enigmas, a verse titled 'on the Death of a precious Child', 'The Slave's Dream', 'the Nightingale'.  The majority of the entries are from 1847-1849.   However it appears that someone added a few rather whimsical Victorian scrap embellishments c1880.  Measures . Covers reinforced.
Autograph Album of Miss Lena Spray. .New York.1870 - 1901
A partially filled autograph album from the late 19th century, with the bulk of the autographs dating to the 1870s. Hidden among the autographs are a few gems. There is one expertly rendered water color depicting flowers. Additionally there is one embossed die cut Victorian scrap pasted to a page. Lastly there is s a pressed flower pinned to a page beside a poem. Leather embossed stamped covers with gilded lettering. The interior pages are gilt-edged, and the title page is a graphic design in gold and blue with the text 'Autographs'. Some of the autographs within the album are faint, as they were done in pencil. Most are in ink though. Measures 7 1/2" x 5". To view the album please click on the following link: Detached front cover, and semi detached back cover. Taper repair to binding. Partially missing and detached back strip. Covers show wear due to rubbing.
 5  Naive 20"  Folk Art Paper Dolls - Buster Brown, Robert, Bertha, Nan & Lenora . .Nebraska.1910s
Five (5) crayon drawn and decorated paper dolls created from 'make-do' materials-- the back of pressed board advertising signed. The first is 21 1/2" older girl in a blue dress with large white colors. Her face is drawn as profile with an exaggerated nose and chin. Her hair is curled in tendrils. Created in two pieces. Her feet and legs are applied and watercolor decorated. The second is a 19 3/4" younger fuller girl done in crayon. This doll is actually dressed with a silk bow in her hair, an islet lace neck choker and a handmade chiffon dress, banded at top with the same ribbon as used on her hair. Here gray and orange boots are crayon.   The remaining three each measures about 18 1/2". A boy and girl in sailor influenced attire. The third is a Buster Brown look-alike, wearing the familiar red suit with black neck bow and big round eyes. This dolls appear to be created by the same individual. .
Hand Crafted Wedding Shower Album for Louise Constructed Entirely of Wrap & Gifts Received.Norwich VT.1943
An ingenious remembrance constructed completely from the gift wrap and tags received at a Miscellaneous Shower at Pearl Roger's, Norwich, Vermont, November 17, 1943 penned on the front cover.  The entire album (with the exception of the inside cover boards) are created of wrapping paper from individual gifts presented at the shower; each with the gift card affixed to the page. The center pages include the names of the attendees and a summary of the evening.   The last page has an applied birthday greeting. Interfoliata: Two snap-shots of a young girl with a basket and a paper umbrella, the back captioned advising this is the show basket that contained these gifts. Also includes a silhouette of a boy named Bruce. Ribbon tie binding. Charming.  Measures 6 1/2" x 5'. .
Watercolor Silhouette of Elegant Lady holding Nosegay. ..c1848
A 3 3/4" x 2 1/2" card with a  finely detailed 2 1/2" watercolor silhouette of a proper women.  Note the detailing of her hair, earring, finger ring and nosegay bouquet.   Applied paper on reverse is written in German and dated 1848..
A Pair of Event Advertising Posters by Anna Louise Falk. .Connecticut.c1925
Two hand-made posters by Anna-Louise (Rudin) Falk. She was an artist who lived in Connecticut and was known for portrait and still-life painting, illustration. These two posters are advertisements for events, the first a play and the second a charity event.   "Nothing But The Truth" appears to be the play based on novel of the same name by Frederic S. Isham. The play is a comedy about a stockbroker who must tell the truth for a whole day. The illustration accompanying the poster appears to be the logo for the performers, 'Parish Players', as the eyes are two 'P's. Measures 18 3/4" x 14" "Tulip Tea" is a poster advertising a benefit hosted for the Branford Visiting Nurse Association in May 1925. Tickets were 35 cents each, and there was food, candy, dolls, baskets, toys, and a picture gallery. The poster itself has two whimsical renditions of tulips on either side of the text, in color (red, yellow, orange, and green). The title of the poster, Tulip Tea, is done in a gradient of red, yellow and orange. There are pencil marks seen beneath the text and drawing and was obviously used as a guide for the design.  Measures 22" x 14".. The 'Tulip Tea' poster has a tear on the bottom right corner, approximately 3". As well as 4 small pin holes from when it was displayed. "Nothing but the Truth" has one pin hole at the top center. Minor toning/ fading due to age/light damage.
 Intricate Canivet or Nun cut Cutwork, with decorations on both sides. ..c1780s
A 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"  intricate and delicate cutwork presumably from France, created by nuns in the 1780s or 1790s.  Note the razor slits and pinprick at base. Watercolor decoration with  AB or NB seated on a green grass with flowers above.  The reverse has the Eye of Providence above a Flaming Heart atop the landscape.  Intended to foster good will. .
Fine and Delicate Cutwork Parrot on a Perch. ..
A 7 1/4" cut paper parrot mounted on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The body is constructed of scallop cuts and pinprick while the layered feathers with fine cut tendrils along both edges of each feather.  The blades of grass and flowers are all cut from a single sheet.  Feet constructed of brown fabric. The eye and beak are cut from polished paper.  Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..
 Folk Art Decorated Drawing of flowers and birds - excerpt from a Pastoral titled of Morning, Noon and Evening  by John Cunningham,. ..
Naive fraktur style with vining border and wreath created by Harriet Young, September 29, 1809.  A large basket  adorns the top of the page filled with fruit and flowers.  Birds on the edges of the baskets and nearby tree stumps.  At center is the  hand penned "Noon" portion of Cunningham's Morning, Noon and Evening.    Measures 7 3/4" x 9 1/2".. Surface wear and corner chips.
 Alphabets for Embroidering on Canvas, No. 36. ..1860s
Concertina style booklet with 7 pages. Five (5) pages of upper case elaborate letters plus 2 pages of decorative element. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Light foxing within; cover wear and repair. .
Needlework Copy Book Toilette Present for Ladies No. V. ..1860s
16 pp. Decorative wraps. Sets of alphabets and numbers in various fonts, both upper and lower case. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Cover wear..
Rennee Kellett & Gwen Divison Typescript & Illustrations: Unpublished Book - Grannie's Book of Fairy Stories. .London.c1960s
Includes two stories titled The Story of King Hippus-Woppus & Queen Lovely Lady and The Strange Adventures in the Forest, of Little Diamond-Eyes. The first is 44pp long. The characters include King Hippus-Woppus, Lovely Lady, Kim Dymo (Lovely Lady's Father the King), Katta-Wann-Shee (sorcerer), Princess Dream-of-Delight, Araminta (the Cat) and Mr. Whiskers, Prince Braveheart, Princess Happy-All-the-Day, King Kee-Hiley, Queen Lotus Blossom, Prince Ti-Yemminnots, Chinnamooni (sorcerer), Robert the Raven, Prince Kiska and the Great Scientist.
True Stories by the Chain Gang - Told in 7 Parts-- Hijinx at Summer Camp
The retelling of camp pranks on typewritten cut-outs artfully arranged in seven (7) pages.  The pages are titled A Hot Pie Party - Pizza , beer and dancing The Bottle Brigade - bottles and wet sheets for 2 campers Professor and the Springs - springs removed from a tipsy professors bed The Rocks and the Two Frogs- rocks in the shape of a man & live frogs in their beds The Two Missing Shoes - shoes nailed to a tree The Missing Bed - professor's bed hidden in the woods The Steak Barbeque - open fire with steak sandwiches chased by Manhattans... The work of a talented young man from Stratford, CT documenting his days at camp near Boonton NJ. Mischievous and at times somewhat mean spirited pranks.  Measures 11"   x 15"
Original Art - Children are the World's Most Valuable Resource and its Best Hope for the Future
A 12" x 23" original tempera work.  A stenciled orange naive paper doll chain across the page backed in yellow with green accents.  John F. Kennedy penned at top.  "Children are the World's Most Valuable Resource and its Best Hope for the Future" penned at base.  The vibrant colors of the mid to late 1960s.   Unidentified. 1/4" x 1/2" water stain bottom margin with minimal detraction.
Illuminated Calligraphy with Flora Embellishments - Our Darling Elsie
A 13 1/2" x 10 3/4" card with illustrated  calligraphy reading "Our Darling Elsi __ Mors Janua Vitae--Talitha cumi"  Translating to Death is the gateway to (everlasting) life -- and Little maid, arise (a Syriac or Aramaic expression.  Crests of Agnus Dei and IHS.  Adorned with dried forget-me-nots, daisies, fern and lily of the valley.   Well executed in vibrant colors. Reverse has pen and ink of The Ruin - Mt. Edgcumbe.  with a Milton verse.  Dated Aug. 24, 1887.
Typed Autobiographical Accounting of Childhood with 11 Original Watercolors - Charles Henry Kingsley-Baille
Housed in a contemporary box with the watercolor monogram (IC) for his sister Ivy Clifford. When opened one finds a 55 pp. typewritten autobiography of the childhood recollections of Charles Henry Kingsley-Baille.  Dedicated to his wife, Ethel and his sister Ivy.  Kingsley-Baille had moved to Canada as a young adult. The foreward describes the occasion for writing the memoir being the death of his wife's grandmother and the regrets of her granddaughter on not having recorded her life's recollections.  Signed by the author at the end of the Foreward. Written in three parts with 11 relevant watercolors.  Charles was the third son of Edmund John Baillie, a successful nurseryman, the three parts centering on the three Chester (England) houses the family lived in, all named Woodbine.  The story concludes with the death of his father in 1897.  Although he refers to it as an autobiography, the author remembers local characters, scenes and events as his family grew ever larger. His "father interested himself in several societies - the Chester Society of Natural Science, the Kingsley Memorial Society, the Ruskin Society, the Archaeological Society of Chester, and several others. He was most active in promoting the erection of the Grosvenor Museum in Chester, which was made possible by the generosity of the Duke of Westminster, who donated the building site, and started the fund with a cheque for £10,000". Charles also remembers an original watercolor by Ruskin given to his father by the artist which hung above his mother's desk, as well as other pictures and letters of Ruskin and "an immense brown and white decorative panel by Walter Crane". Among the other works owned was an immense picture by Dame Clara Knight and one of a Pomeranian dog "by an artist friend of father's - Arthur Boddington - a very strange man - and a confirmed agnostic.   One of his personal accounts was cataloging approximately 8,000 volumes  of his father's books.   There is discussion about his father's beliefs on running a business, the landscape of the three Woodbines and the  characters referenced.   It concludes on a bit of sad not with a postscript from his sister advising that the house which was sold to become a girl's school upon their monther's death had overgrown weeds where the daffodils once flourished. The watercolors include Mike Stout, Fisherman and Wife Beater,  Waverton Church from a watercolour by William Welsh,  The Shocked "Pastor", Baddy,  Father's Coachman, John Huxley,  A view of Woodbine with Daffodil's taken from a Photograph., The Old Town Crier,  La Vinia, Wardell making his bow  and Old Jess (the dog) From a photograph. Measures 7 1/4" x 4 1/4".
 Our '98 Book: A Combined Catalogue and Instruction Book on the Subjects of Silk Embroidery and Popular Fancy Work. The Brainerd & Armstrong Company.New London, CT.1898
76 pp. A guide with comprehensive descriptions of items sold and instructions on how to utilize them in order to make embroidery or the like. The cover is in color, designed to look like an embroidered rose. There are 21 color plates illustrating finished embroidered designs, such as the Japanese Chrysanthemum, and the borders for the designs. The rest of the book has numerous B&W illustrations of different items to create using embroidery, such as picture frames. The last few pages of the book are the price list, and that is printed in red. Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4". The covers have edge wear, with some intact tears and a piece of the top right corner missing. Additionally, they were printed off center. The interior pages have general toning
Helen Jill Fletcher The See and Do Book of Dolls and Doll Houses. H. S. Stuttman Company.New York.1959
128 pp. Brown hard cover book, with illustrated book cover. This book gives detailed instructions on how one can make both their own dolls and their own dollhouse filled with homemade doll furniture. The book jacket states, "One does not have to be gifted to make a doll or doll house or doll clothes.... Mother and child together- and even brother and father, for there are boy dolls too- will find making a doll or doll house a game that the whole family can enjoy." The book starts with a simple rag doll, before showing the reader how to take that design and change it into dolls from all around the world, such as a French doll, an Eskimo doll, and a Chinese boy doll. The book continues on to different types of dolls, such as twig dolls, and sock dolls, before moving on to doll clothes and finally doll furniture. The furniture is all made from various, cheap and easy to find materials. Such as a canopy bed that uses a bit of fabric, empty candy box and four pencils. The book is full of black and white illustrations (often with the background of the drawing showing an accent of color) that show the reader how to put together the various items. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4".. The book jacket shows minor edge wear due to rubbing. It also has a few small tears along the edges.
 Treatise on Art Needle Work with Twenty Color Plates, Series # 8. M Heminway Sons Silk Co..New York.c1900
107 pp. A comprehensive guide to various patterns for needle point utilizing the manufacturer's products to make them. This catalog is the 8th in the series. It starts with a beginners guide to needlepoint, along with B&W photographs of the various stitches used in needle work. The treatise includes B&W illustrations of the designs, and templates for them, as well as 20 color illustrations of completed designs. The templates are for a variety of nature inspired elements, including plants and animals, as well as decorative styles, such as eyelet stitching. Measures 8" x 5 1/2".. Front cover fully detached, back cover partially detached, with most of the back strip missing. The interior pages are toned, with some stains.
Wenzel H.Kreb's work in the "Kindergarten" School
19 leaves with works on both sides. Presented in a lined hard cover copy book.  The inside cover has an applied folded paper work with an image of George Washington at the center.  The remainder of the book includes yarn works, woven paper with several types of weaves, and envelope folded by Wenzel, circle art an embroidered butterflies on a 1986 calendar etc.   Several of the pages have been dated, which aids in seeing Wenzel's progress as he matured through the year.   Includes an embroidery of the American flag, concentric circles, concentric lines,  and an embroidery of a potato complete with 'eyes'.   The woven papers are rather complicated with opposite color weaves at the woven intersections. Few loose items and supplies at back.  Measures 8" x 7".
Lady's Laundry List - Items Dropped off to be Laundered.... ..1920s
A hard cover folio  with a watercolor of an elegant lady holding a feather fan on the front cover.   The insert is a Ladies' Laundry List booklet.   It includes approximately 75 unused pages of items to be laundered. The left side is the laundry list to be retained by "The Lady" and the right side list to go with the laundry.  The form includes the date number of items to be laundered and the cost of laundry.  In it's original blank box.  Measures 4 1/2"  x 5 3/4".  . Bend, front cover insert booklet.
Repurposed 1878 Diary -  Manuscript Lace Patterns & Potpourri Recipes. ..1881-1902
The diary through mid-March is absent and begins with a short news clipping for Torchon Lace.  This is followed by manuscript instructions for Drusella Lace followed by a random pencil sketch of a farm house.  This is followed by Hansom Wide Lace, Knitted Diana Lace, Pretty Knit Lace.  Mid-April through November is blank. The next entry is Filling for Rose Jar, Green Pot-pourri and another drawing of a farm house.The final page has sketches for signs for a Boarding House and a Dentist.   Brief but interesting content.  Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/4".  .
E Hertwell  Handmade Book of Children's Songs with Words, Verse & Illustrations. ..1940s
A handmade song book with over 50 songs. The book has been divided up into seven categories: Traditional, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Animals, Special Occasions, People, and Games . The majority of the songs in this book are short nursery songs, such as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', 'Rock-a-bye Baby', and 'Rain, Rain, Go Away'. The book is made from construction paper which each page a different color. Pasted onto the page is the handwritten song, with the music and lyrics. Additionally, on the top right, the author has written the origin of the song. Adding even more charm to this book, relevant pictures or cutouts are added to each page. For example, a cut out of an umbrella on the page with the 'Rain Song' or an image of a church's steeple on the page for 'Glad Easter is Here'. At the front of the book is a page that lists all the songs found within. The book is bound together with two metal rings. Measures 9" x 6". To view this item, please click on the following link: The front cover is detached, as well as a few interior pages. The color of the construction pages is sometimes faded along the edges.
H. E. J. Handmade Jenny Lind Paper Doll w 5 Handmade Costumes. ..
A 6" handmade pen and ink and watercolor Jenny Lind paper doll with 4 cut and one uncut costume.  The uncut costume has two guards pencils in the background.  Fine replicas copied from the Albert Davis Collection of prints. . Johanna Maria Lind (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.
 Wigmaking - A Comprehensive Hand Made Large Format Album complete with hair, mesh, weaving, knotting and instructions.. ..c1940s
Large format folio with 35 leave. The index is divided in two sections - Weaving and Knotting.  Includes actual hair, caps, weaves, etc.  The topics include Weaving Broadwork: Origin and use Weaving diagrams Weaving sample Marteau digrams Marteau sample Pin curl diagrams Pin curl sample Two stem switch diagrams Two stem switch sample Diamond mesh diagrams Diamond mesh samples Half crepe and full crepe Crepe Pads Curling hair diagrams Method of curling hair Knotting Knotting sample diagram Knotting sample Types of net used in boardwork Chignons Tension springs and positional springs Bracing Ladies toupet pattern Ladies toupet pattern sample Gents scalpette Gents toupee sample Wig measurements Pattern for semi-transformation Pattern for a full wig Mounted transformations Sideburns and mustaches Drawn through parking Knotted parking Hand penned.  Measures 11 1/2" x 16 1/2". .
 A 6 3/4" Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll w 9 Costumes & 5 Hats. ..c1910s
A 6 3/4" young woman paper doll with day dresses,party dresses and a night gown,  The five (5) outfits with hats are a mixture of day and evening wear.  One of the outfits is a coat with a ruffled base.  Two dresses with intact tears that have been reinforced with archival tape.  Three tabs lacking; otherwise fine.  Reverse is blank..
2 finely executed paper dolls with 2 costumes and 2 hats done after 1850s Brave Boy and Little Girl . All Two-sided.. ..c1940s
A 7 3/4" male and slightly shorter female two-sided paper dolls.  They are drawn in the style of the Brave Boy and the Little Girl  He in dashing finery with a sword and feathered hat, she in her outing attire with her dog at her side.  Both with creative license, but well executed in the style of. .
Cahier de Couture  (Sewing Book)  A School Girl Sample book accompanied by watercolor illustrations. ..300
18 leaves, including covers. A watercolor decorated  sewing sample book.  The book is designed with page cut-out for textile display with the remainder of each pocket fold page sealed. The sample is visible on both sides of the page.   Each textile sample is accompanied by a relevant watercolor.  Sewing samples include various stitches, blind seams, flat fell seams, sleeve plackets, various laces, mesh fabrics, cross stitch of a young girl with a watering can, cuff gathers, button holes, pleats, embroidery,an alphabet sampler, an embroidered illustration of a coach with coachman, a princess collar and puff sleeves. Illustrations include early aviation, horseless carriage, a bone crusher bicycle, a rocket shipe and an angry moon and early illumination  (a campfire, a candle, a fireplace and a lamp).  Also includes depictions of Egypt, Greece and Rome, middle age Gothic,  the Renaissance,  Empire period, stages and coachmen, bonnets and other finery, a flapper girl and concluded iwht a girl from the 1950s.  Measures6 1/2" x 10".. Few pages with inking on ssewing sample.
Monday's Child Interpreted by Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. 1880s
Seven (7) 4" x 2 3/4"  embossed advertising trade cards promoting Clarks ONT thread. One for each line of the Monday's Child verse depicting an illustration of a young girl relevant to the verse.  It also includes Clark's response to the verse e.g. Thursday's Child is Sour & Sad - Tho' Thursday's child be sour and sad Clark's ONT will make her glad. the reverse promotes the product..
 Remnant Circular, Spring Season, 1888. Hood, Bonbright & Co. .Philadelphia.
A single fold circular with information on lengths, manufacturer and fabric type and price per pound or yard.   Special attention is invited to Remnants of Wool Cassimers and Dress Goods, which we sell at a very large concession below list prices. Terms included.  The back page is an illustration of the buildings exterior, located at  11th & Market Streets.  Measures 9 1/4" x 5 3/4".  Letter folds..
Front and Back McLoughlin style paper doll promotes Brook's Spool Cotton - 3 Costumes. ..1890s
A 5 1/4" front and back paper doll stylized after McLoughlin's 1890s Clara and Alice. She holds a card that reads Brook's Spool Cotton is the best.  There are spools of thread at her feet.  Her three (3) costumes appear to be regional attire from various countries, perhaps Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. Appear to be cut from a sheet with advertising on reverse.  Missing surface litho on the reverse of back side of each costume and doll presumably had been glued down at one point and carelessly removed..
Advertising Paper Doll for The New Home Sewing Machine Co.. Forbes Co. .Orange MA.c1895
A front and back paper doll created by Forbes Co. consisting of multiple parts to be joined to create the object. The 81/2" x 5" card Compliments of The New Home Sewing Machine Co has a main figure of a sewing machine that folds at top for insertion of head and shoulder component of one of two women - a young lady or an older woman--your preference.  It is accompanied by a 9 1/2" x 3 1/2" card is to be cut and constructed to create a back drop for the sewing woman.  It is an image of a house and is captioned "Our New Home".  Reverse of both cards blank..
3 S.H. & M. Bias Velveteen Skirt Bindings Head and Shoulders Advertising Paper Dolls. Sackette & Wilhelms Litho Co..NY.c1895
Three (3) different die-cut advertising head and shoulders paper dolls compliments of S.H. & M. Skirt binding tape.  Each depicts an elegant lady of means, dressed for various social events.  Perhaps designed as an aspiration the for average child.  The reverse of the dress promotes the various bindings available for sale. Printed on the reverse of the front of the dress is information on obtaining the three figures shown by sending five 2 cent stamps to the S.H. & M.  Co. NYC.  Each measures 8 1/2"..
Student Work - Problems in Descriptive Geometry drawn by W. A. Prentiss - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). ..1871-1872
Two (2) sets of manuscript student exercises created by a Frist Year MIT student. The first is titles Problems in Descriptive Geometry drawn by W. A. Prentiss with five (5) plates and 50 problems.  Measures 9 1/2" x 13 1/2".  The second is 12 of 13 plates (No. 7 lacking) with an array of drawings including  Rivets drawn full size,  Angle and T iron,  Eccentric, drawings from models and Problems from Projections.  Measures 13 1/2" x 20". .
 Journal of Flowers and Poetry, Reinterpretations of Old Tales. ..c1880
68 pg. journal filled with poetry and watercolors of flora. There are a total of 25 poems in the journal, as some cover multiple pages, however this is a watercolor piece on every page depicting various flowers. At times one can see the pencil the artist used to sketch the flowers before using paint. The poems are reinterpretations of old stories, for example "What the Old Man Does is Always Right" by Hans Christian Anderson. On the front inside cover, it album has been self -titled, "Monty, Getty, with the Author's Love." The artist has number each page themselves and created an index at the back of the book listing each poem and its corresponding page. Some of the poems included are "The Tame Seagull", "The End of Two Black Beetles", and "The Story of a Greedy Crow". 9" x 7 1/2".
Geraldine S Kurnentz Schrier Ladieswear Garment Patterns: Coursework of Gerri Kurnentz from the Fashion Institute of Technology. .New York, New York.c1957
This binder belonged to Geraldine "Gerri" Kurnentz during her time as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The binder contains two distinct courses on ladies wear garments and their corresponding work. Each section starts with the syllabus for the course, followed by Gerri's work and various handouts. These typed syllabus and instructional handouts provided by the school are often stamped with her teacher's name, such as N. Angelier (Nancy L Angelier) and F Leto. The two courses featured in this binder are Pattern Drafting and Design taught by Angelier and Apparel Design, taught by Leto. The coursework often consists of hand-drawn miniature patterns- drawn to scale- which are pasted or pinned onto graph paper. On particularly difficult tasked, such as the inclusion of a notched collar, multiple tiny pattern pieces are affixed to the drawn pattern with straight pins.  At times these patterns are also made from canvas or tracing paper which has been pinned into the graph paper. Along with the patterns are her notes and magazine cutouts of illustrations of the articles of clothing she was attempting to make. Interspersed between all of this are a few newspaper articles she found interesting and a few fashion sketches. It is unclear if these sketches are Gerri's original designs or simply sketches of the dresses she was trying to create. Some of the techniques and/or patterns she learned in these two courses are:  a Notched collar, a Dolman Sleeve, a Ragian Sleeve, a elongated armhole, a petal skirt, and a princess dress. 2 in, 3 ring binder with blue fabric covers. The pages of the binder are encased in plastic sleeve inserts, of which there are 67 (including the one on the front cover).  As such there are approximately 134 (a few plastic inserts are single sided). The binder dates from the mid 1950s, but no later than 1958, as Gerri was married in that year and her name changed to Schrier.  Measures 11 1/2" x 10 1/2". Geraldine "Gerri" S Kurnentz was born on September 3, 1938 to Sidney Kurnentz and Bessie Kurnentz nee Schwartz. She married Richard Schrier in New York in 1958. She eventually moved to New Jersey and had at least two children. Gerri died on July 3 2017.
Children's July 4th Hand Made Fireworks Package Prototype . .c1940s.
This proto-type fireworks packet for children is in celebration of the Fourth of July. It features a child outside on some grass holding a firecracker container with five small bursts above him in the sky, and "July 4th" written next to it. The handcrafted card is done on black paper with the details in white, behind the paper has been painted various colors and is backed by foil, which would result in the color coming through when the light catches the card correctly. Measures 7 1/2" x 3 1/2".
Helen Maria Imrie, etc. A Fine Ladies Album and Commonplace Book - Helen Maria Imrie . .Scotland.1839-1866
34 leaves.  Two rows of elaborate stamped decorative devices on cover; outer border gilt stamped. An array of different colored pages, some with Dobbs Patent embossed border decoration including French love sentiments. A fine lady's book.  The content is complete and the book is filled with the exception of two pages.  The content includes an array of art including eight (8) cut-out and applied original floral arrays, two (2) near full page watercolors in charcoal and watercolor featuring a pair of grouse signed W. Gunton 1832, a small perforated paper  with  watercolor of a bird, pencil drawing of Portrait of Rembrandt,  pencil drawing of lads around camp fire, pen and ink of Lord Byran, fine miniature penwork titled "Affection" with laurel wreath and a pair of love birds,  pencil drawing of a male dancer and his shadow, an applied 2 1/4" x 4 1/2" hand penned eternal love knot, a loose fine cutwork depicting a shelter with a shepherd and sheep, applied pencil and pen work of shoes through the ages from 1544-1830, tipped-in  watercolor of floral array and a provocative pencil and watercolor of a young woman. The writings, mostly by the owner with a few entries by others, mostly women include A Friendship Wreath (poem), Boarding school Notice - interpretation of what was needed, Character of Napoleon Bonepart as drawn by Wm Phillips 1814 narrative,  character of Madame de Stache as drawn Lady Morgan of France (narrative),  Retrospection by J.A.S. in 1866, Translation of some French verses to Lord Byron, Copy of "A Maltese Woman's Petition" original sent to Ladies Malta Charitable Society, The Cost of War, The Answer, Character of James the First of England, A Stranger, "Since your honor is so good", Love of God, Recipe - a Cure for Love, Oh moralists, who heard of happiness and self-respect, When did personal variety listen to the suggestions of Prudence, Luther - A Fragment (26 verse poem), miscellaneous verses and writings. Measures 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". . Most likely Helen Maria Imrie 4 Aug 1820 - 24 Jul 1904, Ferry-Port-on-Craig, Fife, Scotland.
A booklet collection of 25 Cut Paper Characters with Numerous hand made costumes. .France.c1860
Housed in an 8 1/2" x 6 3/4" plain blue booklet that when opened reveals a collection of 25 cut-out paper characters from fashion plates.  Each of the characters has been affixed to a page and captioned with the name of an individual and their age. The child who created the book then created hand made costumes for each of the characters.  They are meticulously constructed with applied or hand drawn details. - one doll or character Mathilde Louise Baumgarten, 13 years old has 6 costumes.   Many are constructed from printed papers while others are watercolor or pen and ink. A charming selection of dolls and costumes..
A Victorian Album with 78 Works comprised of album cards, hand penned poetry and verse and original art and design
Large format album with 39 leaves with applied fine chromolithograph album cards and illustrations on both sides of the page, in other words 78 decorated pages.  At the center of each page is an applied album cards surrounded by watercolor illustrations and elements relevant to the card and elaborate watercolor border designs. Some pages also include manuscript verse done for the most part in artistic writing styles. The decorations vary widely from a chain link necklace,  to arching stalks of corn and a hand fan.   One set of pages includes a verse with little pen and ink scenes from nature with anthropomorphic animals and a large gold man in the moon.  Another set of pages has an Aesthetic movement theme with appropriate cards and a tiny pen and ink drawing with a woman and an Oscar Wilde character admiring a sunflower.  A full page is dedicated to the verse "It's Vera Weel" with the appearance of a page of illuminated manuscript.  Each page frame worthy, although a much stronger impact as a single work. The cards,verses and decoration are an interesting study in social history and visual culture Album measures 14 1/2" x 11 1/4".
A Young Boy's sketch book - patriotic & military. ..1850s
A 5 3/4" x 10 1/2" hand made book by a little boy  Initials W. B. R. The book is structured with brown paper on verso and pencil drawn illustrations on the right.  Includes 8 pages of sketches including the cover. The cover depicts a saltbox house with lightening rods  and a fenced in pasture.  This is followed by allegorical images of an anchor and a Masonic symbol at the top of a page where a wolf chances a deer.  The next page is a village skyline with both a small British and larger American flag flying overhead.  A train is at the station --stick figure characters.  The following page is a marching band of soldiers ; one with a sword, a drum, bugle, fife bayonette and American flag.  This is folled by another page of page of solders with packs and bayonets.  And so it goes additional patriotic symbolism including American flags, firing cannon, eagles, etc.  Concludes with a calf nursing while a bull looks on....
Artistic Penmanship - Master Richard Clarke - Burnham School -Poetry with Illuminated Letters. .Northampton, MA.1865
4 leaves. Elaborately decorated cover with gilt enhanced illustrated of boy conquering a mountain. He carries a flag reading "Excelsior". He has penned "Master Richard Clarke Burnham School. June 1845" in the cartouche. A large format album with decorative border designs printed in different colors with different flowers and flourishes. Master Clarke has copied four (4) verses each with some illuminated and otherwise accentuated letters.
Hand Made Inspirational Commonplace Book - Hand Penned Thoughts for the Year c1909. .Massachusetts.c1906
Watercolor heavy card covers with polka-dot silk ribbon binding.  An endearing and thoughtful hand penned daily inspirational book. Each page represents a day of the year with a daily inspirational passage from poets, notables such as Florence Nightingale, Beecher the social reformer and abolitionist, philosopher, Bible passages and more. Some are original thoughts.  Measures 4 1/2" x 6".  .
15 Paper & Fabric Hand Made Multilayer Whimsies - Red White and Blue. ..c1865
In two (2) shapes and sizes.  The first are 2" in diameter sawtooth cut circles with graduated circles of white paper and red fabric.  The larger are 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" heart shapes.   All of the layers are stitched in place with thread..
Folded Paper Pocket Love Token - Miss A. Hill with Plaited Hair. ..
A paper pocket with four sides and a back paper closure.  Borders edges in light blue watercolor. An watercolor eternal wreath of flowers adorns the cover  Miss A. Hils is penned in the center. May love & friendship peace unite, and fill our days with sweet delight; And when, O when we close our eyes, May we be blessed above the sky... It concludes "Remember me your Friend. Enclosed is a finely plaited circle of hair. Measures 2" x 2". .
Original Art - Watercolor of Lovely Woman with 14 Overlay  Costumes. .France.1830s
A 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" watercolor bust of a women - side profile on a 9 1/4" x 7 1/8" card stock.  This is accompanied by fourteen different overlays of costumes for women ranging from high fashion to region costumes.  Intricate designs, all with hats.  The hats may be adorned with flowers, upswept hair, feathers or ribbons.  The costumes are intricate with fine details including ruffle features, polka-dots and variegated pinstripes.  All fashions are well executed.  The overlay watercolor drawings are busts and include only the hat and bodice,  each with a cut-out for the face of the woman.  Appears to be French..
Two (2)Thread Samples Sets with 63 Different Colors. J & P Coats and Gudebrod Brothers Company..c1880
The first sample thread set in this collection was produced by J & P Coats, and has 21 different shades of spool cotton thread. On the front cover is an image of two women seating in a field, with one sewing something in her lap. On the back cover is a spool of thread tied to a flowering branch with tiny birds flying around it. The sample set is a single fold booklet, with the samples wound around hard chips of paper. The thread is done so tightly that the thread samples almost look like they are paint samples. Additionally instead of numbers to identify the shades of thread, they have be named. For example: Van Dyke Brown, Dark Steel, Dregs of Wine, Light Prune, and Sapphire. Single fold with manufactured tape binding. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". The second of the sample thread sets was made by Gudebrod Brothers Company (successors to Cutter Silk Manufacturing Company) and has 42 different shades of spool silk and twist  thread. The front of the sample set has the company information on it while the back cover lists some information on the product, along with the tag line "leading spool silk for generations". On the front cover, written in pencil is "April 1902". The Gudebrod Brothers renamed their company in 1895 (several years after purchasing Cutter Silk Manufacturing Company), so it is unclear if this is the date of the sample set or if it was written on at a later date. 4 pages. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/4"..
 Two Near Identical Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls - One made in 1856, the other 1905. ..
A 6 1/2" handmade paper dolls with fine brown ringlets dressed in pantaloons and a slip (pencil drawn) and brown watercolor shoes.  Her top fold costumes are pink and rose dress with a white pinafore. One with faint polka-dots; the other plain - each with different ruffle at base of  pinafore. Accompanied by a Rose trimmed bonnet with a pink ribbon. A second near identical doll presumably was created in 1906, as a note on the reverse reads "50 years old 1906"..
P.S. 86 Tooled Copper Cover Remembrance Scrapbook Given to Mrs. Nufer by her Students upon her retirement. .New York.1949
Anna Louisee Nufer retired as Principle of New York PS 86 on September 19, 1949. On that day she was presented with a scrap book made by the teachers and students of PS 86. The covers are green leather with a tooled copper illustration of the story "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe." The dedication page of this scrap book is also tooled copper affixed to wallpaper, which states the date the book was given to Mrs. Nufer. The scrap book is 23 leaves, and consists of thank you notes in general written by the teacher and signed by all of the students in their respective classes. Each page was done on a colored construction paper often with hand drawn borders. One page that stand out in particular has a water color of the world and a poem full of plays on words: "The world is you 'Erster' and see what's inside You made your 'cherse ter' While you feel better Instead of 'Worster' " Attached to the back inside cover is a hand made card filled with poetry across 22 pages. The front of the card has a painted silhouette of a sailboat. The first page of this card has an adorable crayon drawing of children marching holding flags along with the inscription "Testimonial Dinner to Mrs. Anna L Nufer, Hotel Madison, November 7, 1949." Within the card are little missives and poems written on each page from fellow friends and teachers. Green leather covers, rope binding. Tool cooper cover and dedication page. Measures 13 1/4" x 11 1/2" . Anna Lousie Nufer nee Kaelin, was born on September 23 1887 in Manhattan, NY to Herman Kaelin and Anna Genevieve Becker (1867 -?). She married Christian F. Nufer (1891 - 1970) and had one daughter named Doris Rose Nufer Fisher (1917-2006). She started teaching in 1913 at PS 71. Eventually she would become principle at PS 86, and retire in 1949. She died on January 4, 1979 in Needham, MA.
Marjorie E Bullock Artistic Anatomy, Drawings and Notes Penned by Marjorie E. Bullock. .Missoula, MN.c1920-1923
The University of Montana's Department of Freehand Drawing offered a course called "Artistic Anatomy", and in the course description catalogue stated that the class "will be found profitable, and even necessary to the student who intends to pursue the study of art." This class was a blend of science and art, which is reflected in the notebook Marjorie Bullock used for this class. The notebook consists of notes on the scientific names of each part of the body as well as their shape and how they are connected to the surrounding tissue and limbs. Predominantly focuses on bones and musculature, all intricately drawn in full detail with all parts identified. Accompanying these notes are drawing (done in black and green ink)  exemplifying these bodily features. While there are studies done of the entire body, most are smaller sections, such as "the skull", "Back view of Trunk", and "Outer view of the upper Limb". There are approximately 44 pages of drawings contained within the notebook. Additionally 4 pages of pencil drawings done on tissue paper. Annotated on the drawings are page numbers, that most likely correspond to what every text book she was using as reference to draw from. Housed in a 1" Black fabric, 2 ring binder with embossed border. 146 pages.  Measures 11" x 8 1/2". . Marjorie Elizabeth Bullock was born on January 7, 1902 in Shell Lake, WI to William Loring Bullock (1873-1941) and Nellie Earnestine Nelson (1873-1940). The family moved to Montana shortly thereafter and her father, William, eventually become the County Attorney. Marjorie attended the University of Montana from 1920 to 1923 where she was a member and Vice President of the Delta Phi Delta Art Society and a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta She married Capt. John Henry Ringe (1895 -1943 in September 1923.  They had one daughter together, Joanne Ringe (1924-2010). Her husband, a Colonel in the Army by this point, unfortunately died in a plane crash in September of 1943. At the time he was stationed at Camp Harahan, LA, and he and a pilot were on maneuvers when the plane crashed into the \Mississippi River. Marjorie died in October 1974. Both her and her husband are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Einar S A Collection of 23 miniature pen and ink landscapes created by one woman - elements of nature. .Sweden .1909
A collection of 23 small format cards featuring landscapes. The subject matter reflects nature in a particular locale throughout the year. It includes three (3) seasons of a sparsely treed country lane, an array of water scenes through the trees, just trees and just water.   While contemplating the images one conjures a sense calm, peace and serenity. Each illustration in done in black ink, on the blank side of a note card. The majority of the images are of landscape scenes featuring forests, mountains, or lakes. Three of the illustrations have accents of red ink as well. One unique card in this collection depicts on the lined side of the note card, a head of a donkey with the caption, "That's me." Several of the note cards have "Minum Kultani" on them, which is Finnish for "my love". One card features the below quote: "I feel today as if life were at an end. I guess that my window faces  west. Cohen was right in his saying that 'life is very funny proposition after all' - but I don't see where the fun comes in, not even on pay-days and I wonder." Another: "There is more summer in Sweden than any place else (in the hearts - written on reverse)" This quote is signed with the name Einar, a Scandinavian boy's name meaning warrior or leader. The illustrated note cards in the collection often have either Einar or the initials E. S. on them. Additionally a few times the illustrations are dated. It is clear that some of these note cards were originally used for study purposes as on the back of some cards are some notes, such as exogamy (a scientific term)  or Schweizerisches Rechtslexikon by K. Brodtbeck (Swedish Legal Dictionary). Previously used as note cards and repurposed for drawing. The note cards themselves are 5" x 3" with a single hole punch at the bottom. Four of the cards in the collection have been done on smaller trimmed note cards, the smallest of which is 3 1/2" x 2". One of these smaller cards has been done in pencil rather than pen. .
Do-A-Zoo consisting of 12 Anthropomorphic Animals to Trace and Draw. Empire Lithographic Co Inc.New York.1931
A set of twelve animals (printed two per sheet) meant to comprise a zoo. These anthropomorphic characters are: a pig, a cow, a rabbit, a cat, a fish, a parrot, a rooster, an eagle, a donkey, a dog, an elephant, and a duck. The animals are dressed and often holding props, such as the rooster who is carrying an umbrella and smoking, or the eagle who is wearing a top hat while holding a spyglass or the donkey who is wearing glasses and smoking a pipe. On the front of the envelope provided to store the characters, it states "you may make innumerable others on enclosed tracing and drawing paper". Since these animals were meant to be used as a basis to also create additional animals the bodies of the characters (such as the position of their limbs) are the same or similar across the board. The front of the envelope shows a smiling pig and fish holding a sign that says "Do-A-Zoo". The artist has signed this with his initials, L. C. The back of the envelope has a silhouette of three dancing animals, a cow, an elephant, and a donkey, all holding hands. The interior of the envelope has a die cut geometric element. This item was created by Juvenile Graphic Productions, a division of Empire Lithographing Co. No tracing and drawing paper, but all 12 animals are included. The each sheet with the animals on it measures 9 1/2" by 6". The envelope used to store the sheets measures 9 3/4" x 6 1/2" (folded), 12" x 9 3/4" (unfolded).
M. P. Stickney Watercolor Handmade Reward of Merit - Floral Vine Border Decoration for Nethaniel Kimball. ..c1850s
A 2" x 2 1/4" record of merit that reads "Nethaniel Kimball by excelling those of his class in spelling merits the approbation of his Instructor - M. P. Stickney.  Delicate watercolor border decoration with eternal vine and  purple and pink flowers. .
A Manuscript, Watercolor, Pen and ink Work - A Book of Ships. ..c1928
A hand crafted paper book with 24 leaves. It includes 10 watercolors of ships throughout the ages from the first log canoe to a 1920s passenger liner. Each full page watercolor is accompanied by an informational narrative. The center of the book includes a center-fold of a printed illustration by Charles S. J> Delacy - Section of the 'Revenge'.
 Sinful Pleasure, a Poem for Youth. ..c1830
A poem regarding the 'pleasures of youth'. The poem has been titled "Sinful Pleasures" but appears to be derived from a poem called "Irregular Pleasures" with only minor alterations. On either side of the poem are two birds  created with calligraphy flourishes  drawn in ink. Flourishes surround the title. Below are the first few lines from the poem: "By the unhappy excess of irregular pleasures in youth, how many amiable dispositions are corrupted or destroyed. How many rising capacities and  powers [are] supposed. How many flattering hopes of parents and friends are totally extinguished..."  Measures 10" x 8 ..
Delicate and Fine Floral Wreath Cut Paper Collage – Cut by Miss Stevenson from Colored Paper in the style of Mary Delany c1850
An array of intricately cut and decorated tiny colored paper leaves, petals, stems and bows arranged as a floral wreath.   Most have been individually embossed, note the detail on the tiger lilies at top right and the applied stamen on many on flowers less than 3/8” in their entirety.  Also note the daisy at top constructed of individual rice paper leaves with a painstakingly crushed paper stamen.  The collage measures 5 ½” in diameter. Captioned “Cuts by Miss Stevenson from Coloured Paper. Age toning on backing paper. . Mary Delany (nee Granville) (14 May 1700-15 April 1788) was an English Bluestocking, artist, and letter-writer; equally famous for her "paper-mosaicks" and her lively correspondence.
Learoyd Brothers & Co Advertising Show card for Learoyd Brothers & Co. Huddersfield England, with woven silk inset of Trafalgar Mills.Huddersfield, England.
A 14 3/8" x 11 3/4 easel back heavy stock show card with  diecut and woven silk inset of the companies factory in Huddersfield, England, known as Trafalgar Mills.   The fine silk weaving measures 3" x 6" and is referred to in the advertisement as "A Woven Masterpiece".  Learoyd Brothers & Co., is renowned the world over as Makers of the World's finest worsted cloths all 100% pure virgin wool.. Trafalgar Mills in Huddersfield were built in 1896.  The building was designed by the founder of the firm, Mr A E Learoyd, and its basic layout was so modern in concept that, apart from the introduction of new types of machinery, no changes were necessary to maintain its reputation as one of the best planned mills in the industry. This sound planning, combined with the use of the best machinery available and the high standards of the workers employed, enabled the company to establish itself as a manufacturer of some of the finest worsteds in the world.
2 Cards  Nouveaute Seam Binding with vibrant blue Labels . Nouveaute.c1880s
Two (2) cards wrapped with different cotton lace seam binding with original Nouveaute labels printed in vibrant blue  on coated stock. The binding was used .
Friendship Token with 2 Pair Paper Woven Hearts with Plaited Hair and Verse. ..
A 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" scrap of paper with a pair of woven paper hearts with a plaited hair adornment are found at the top and bottom of the page.  Above the top ornament is penned Hannah P. Roberts and B. Wheaton in the loop of hair at base. The verse reads This little token of respect My youthful friend I give to thee Great not the give er with neglect But do  friend remember me Hannah.   Reverse is blank. .
Master Walter Willison Stephens A 12 year old boy's journal with in-depth reporting on all fires in his town and baseball stats.. .Moberly MO.1903, age 12 years 4 1/2 months
A 56 pp composition book with an accounting of Master Stephens in 18 chapters.  A drawing of fire equipment with crossed axe and nozzle is captioned No. 7 Nozzle (with dyslexic Zs). The first 17 deal strictly with intricate details about what appears to be every fire in his town of Moberly for quite some time.  The first chapter describes the advancements of the town and their fire equipment, moving from steam engines.  His writes about company's 1-7 with an emphasis on No. 7, a company started by three teenage boys, Jack Reynolds a lad of 15 and two of his chums Will Hathaway age 18 and Clement Robbers , 15.  The narrative describes their equipment in great detail including information on stopcocks, the length and diameter of their hoses and much more. Chapter 2 begins the detailed recollections of the fire starting with the sound of the alarm bells, through the hitching of horses to equipment, who was working, the distance to the fire and comprehensive details of the events at the fire. "About 12:15 on a mild spring day the alarm rang out no. 17.  The roar of horses hoofs rumbled to it and the doors snapped open.  The hitch was quickly made and so the company leaped into their places, the wagon tore off.  Jack had the reins and he skillfully guided the...."   In Chapter 15 he begins with "Company 7 received its monthly (sp) salary that week and all the bills were paid off and the members of the company received $60 a piece for themselves.    Also two 6-gallon chemical Babcock fire extinguishers to be cared on one's back by modern shoulder straps were bought and placed in a rack in the wagon:.  The accountings continue through Chapter 17 and abruptly on page 37 his interest turns to baseball beginning with a table of pitch counts for Baton Rouge, Mobile, Meridian, etc. The remainder of the book is dedicated to grids of hits by player by inning on various teams, with the exception of two drawings of distressed baseball players. Measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".. Although meticulous in detail, penmanship is scrawling.  Misspelling throughout.  A fine 12 year old's accounting.
Charles Arthur Hannaford RBA (1887 - 1972) An Watercolor Typescript Album Created to commemorate parents-in-law Rank Albert Allchin and Emily Cooper 1879-1929. .Wroxham,Norfolk, England.1972
A large format album reconstructed album  illustrated and narrated by   Charles Arthur Hannaford. The majority of the content, excluding the narration was created by his father in law and reflected the life of Frank Albert Allchin and his wife Emily Cooper, between the years 1879 and 1929. The cover of the album has applied steel initials of the couple handwrought by a member of the Blacksmiths' Guild. This fine  album contains  16 typescript pages of commentary, preceding each of the 16 watercolor pages.  Each page is noteworthy and in most instances includes some original watercolor(s) from the original album. They include a galleon at Fowey with the Allchin's family of ·St. Willow· in the background; St. Albans, 1925 "St. Albans" Holborn - sketch made in 1929 - of particular note as the background created by Hannaford was done after his mothers-in-law wedding veil.  The white flowers at top are cut away from the background page and the watercolor is tucked beneath it. A copy of their marriage certificate precedes this page. A view of Tredudwell Manor, Cornwall, with accompanying letters (1972) from Colonel Shakenley who lived at the Manor, embellished with farm animals, bees, etc. The Royal Fowey Yacht Club, embellished with the yacht clubs pennant A series of seven (7)small watercolors telling the story of mending the torpedo . Caricatures of Figures in Weymouth, 1916; Emily in her Cornish garden Frank's Pro bono work Two (2)  fold-down pages of family tress illustrated with nine (9) small watercolors and photographs A miniature deck of individually made watercolor cards laid out as a game of Patience with a flap when lifted revealing a devil seated atop the ace of hearts A watercolor of a rowboat at sea, about 1879 embellished with a pictorial map of the route to their first country home in Cornish Houses of Parliament Frank in his Cornish garden A child's pencil drawing of his/her siblings with a watercolor of same, presumably created by Charles     identifying each of the children A miniature handmade watercolor book signifying Emily's love of reading and a photograph of Frank at his desk. the marriage certificate of Frank (born Frederick) and Emily. Presented in a beautiful leather bound album with initials on the front Measures 10 1/2" x 15". Exceptional remembrance in both composition and content.. Charles A Hannaford, born on 4th August 1887, was the son of the renowned landscape and coastal painter, Charles E Hannaford (1863 – 1955). Charles A Hannaford was educated at Devonport High School and studied art at Plymouth Art School. Although he inherited his father’s artistic talent he went into the banking profession. On retiring from Lloyds Bank in 1935, he settled in Wroxham,Norfolk where he founded “Broads Tours Ltd”. As well as running the business, he used his talent in producing delightful watercolors. Many of his painting were illustrated in the small booklet he produced entitled “The Charm of the Norfolk Broads”. This also featured a centerfold map with drawings of mills, inns and all the landmarks showing places of interest along the waterways and the larger Broads. Charles A Hannaford painted right up to his death on 8th August 1972 age 85, the year this book was created.
Louis Gansler Manuscript Wedding Album Presented to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wagner as a Souvenir of their Wedding. .Mill Hill, Barnet, England.1897
A 27 page half-bound album with gilt stamp front cover reading Souvenir July 6, 1897 with the bride and grooms initials and a pair of love birds. A manuscript remembrance of the wedding embellished with hand drawn watercolor imagery. The dedication page dated Easter 1898 reads "To my dear Cousins as a token of Love and Esteem - Louis Gansler, Followed by a Preface and Presentation Page including particulars about the wedding. It was the marriage of Lizzie Meadows and Fred Wagner.
Fine and Delicate Cutwork 3 Birds on a tree branch. ..c1810
A 6 1/2" cut paper scene with three (3) birds perched on tree branches  on a 10" x 8 1/4" backing sheet.  The bodies are constructed of razor feather cuts and pinprick feet. Miniature feather cuts around the eye.   Done in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold..
2 Sisters -  Naive Handmade Paper Dolls. ..[1950s]
Two (2)  pen and ink and watercolor paper dolls depicting sisters. The older sister is 5" with 9 costumes for school and play.  The younger sister is 3 1/4"  with 6 costumes.  Each includes night ware.  Well drawn and colored in an array of 1950s fashions. .
 Rhode Island School of Design Saturday Morning Class Brochure. Rhode Island School of Design.Providence, RI.[1910]
A single fold informational brochure for the Rhode Island School of Design's Saturday Morning Classes which were for students of all ages. This brochure focuses on the drawing courses offered by them: freehand drawing, design, and mechanical drawing. As the focus of this brochure is drawing classes, it is ironic then that the illustration on the front cover is a photograph of a hand made pitcher and bowl. The interior pages of this brochure provides some general information on the program, and although it is stated that this program is for students of all ages, the text emphasizes elementary school children. For example it states, "children have a natural love for form and color, and this sense is often lost in later years if it is not encouraged and developed." The back cover of this brochure provides a brief outline of the ground covered in each of the courses. Single-fold brochure. Measures 6 1/4" x 4 x1/4" (folded), 8 1/2" x 6 1/4" (unfolded)..
 Original Pen & Watercolor Eternal Knot of Love Extra Illustrated with a man and a women, pairs of hearts and hands and flowers and lovebirds c1840s
A 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" hand penned  and watercolor eternal knot of love with a continuous intersection verse committing one's affection.  Of particular note in this love knot is the paired illustrations in the central grid.  They include pairs or couples;  a man and a woman, hands, hearts, love birds, roses, forget-me-nots and trees.  Floral  embellishments amidst the   wandering and twining verse reads: This is love and worth commending still beginning never ending like a love knot that is twining in a round still up at squaring in and out whose ever angle more and more doth entangle still hath a measure still in moving never fair but always loving twining arms extending kisses each partaking others blisses true love is a precious treasure loves aching weeping still together both in one bliss in either never breaking ever bending this is love worth commending. . Letter folds. Single separation on fold line. Light toning.
Hand made calendar 1897 . ..
A 4" x 6 1/2"  thirteen (13) leaf calendar including the cover.  The cover drawing depicts three (3) bells  swinging to and for.  It is captioned "1897 Ring in a Happy New Year.  Each page is a complete month calendar with seasonally relevant illustrations. January is a rabbit running through the snow adjacent a tree bare of leaves. March depicts the wind with a boy flying a kite, trees blowing in the window and a runaway umbrella. August is camping at the ocean and October is leaves falling from the teas.   Pen and ink and watercolor.  Ribbon tie. .
Joan and Nan's Book Of Cho and Patricia, Hand-drawn Anthropomorphic Drawings, a collection of picture stories about a pig and a bird. ..1924-1925
A album featuring a series of drawings depicting the characters Cho and Patricia, a song bird and pig respectively. A collection of series of pictures telling the story of their unusual friendship.  They include Cho going to church; a series of misadventures, building a brick wall, moving to a new flat, Pat trying to sing, Waiting for results, Spring 1924; featuring Pat leaving in her new spring bonnet because of Cho's continuous singing followed another series of Cho's misadventures, Pat and Cho playing tennis and concluding with a letter applied to the album - A "Sonit" sent from Cho to Pat about a "buteous" pig with intentional phonetic misspellings through out; truly charming. Each page features a small drawing, mostly done in black ink, featuring one if not both of the characters. Cho is a small bird who loves to sing, and is often seen lamenting when the weather is bad. Patricia, the pig, appears to follow Cho around, taking care of the bird and worrying that Cho is exhausting herself with all that singing. Sometimes, in addition to the drawings, there is written commentary with the images. On the inside covers (both front and back) there are two large drawings of a young girl wearing glasses. Additionally the title of the album is inscribed on the inside front cover: "Joan and Nan's Book of Cho & Patricia". The drawings are done on small to medium pieces of paper, sometimes lined, that have been pasted on to the album pages. A few of the inserts have been stapled onto the album pages. Most are either undated, or dated to 1924-1925.18 leaves, with predominately blank reverse. String binding. Measures 10" x 8 1/2"..
Victorian  Skirt Lifter to hang from a Chatelaine. ..c1870
A 5 1/2" x 2" brass clip of sorts with a lock in the shape of a decorative heart . A brass circle at top to attach to a chain on a chatelaine.  . Used by Victorian women predominantly from the 1840s-1880s. Most often hung from a chatelaine for easy access.  It kept the hem of the skirt from dragging in the skirt when the occasion warranted and allowed for easy release to avoid risk of exposing the ankles and the scandal this may create.
Warja Honegger-Lavater (illustrator) Little Red Riding Hood, A Modern Artist Book. The Museum of Modern Art.New York.1971
Little Red Riding Hood is an accordion style folding book that tells the classic tale using abstract symbols rather than written language. At the beginning of the book there is a legend of  symbols- colored dots or geometric shapes- used to tell the story. For example Little Red Riding Hood herself is a red dot, the wolf is a black dot, the house is a brown square and grandmother is a blue dot. By using these pictorial symbols, the artist, Warja Honegeer-Lavater, reinterprets the tale into a brightly colored abstract book that allows the tale not to be constrained by the text. The original book done by the artist and published in France in 1965 by Ateliers Arte Paris. MOMA recreated the artist's book in 1971. This book is considered to be one of the first known 'modern artist books', was a part of a fairy series done by Honegeer-Lavater that included such works as: Little Tom Thumb, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Maroon boards slip case and covers. Paper cover labels on slip case and covers. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2".. Warja Honegger-Lavater was born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1913 to Emil Lavater and Mary Lavater-Sloman. She studied at Zurich School of Applied Arts, and after graduation she became a successful graphic designer. She married Gottfried Honegger in 1940 and had two daughters, Bettina and Cornelia. She moved to New York in 1958. She died on May 3, 2007.
 17" Handmade Articulated Movable Watercolor Jaunty Gent Pantin. ..[c1870s]
A 17" jointed movable paper doll of what appears to be a Tyrolian gentleman. Penned on his cummerbund is "Andenken (Souvenir)".  Jointed at shoulders and knees. String tie mechanisms lifts arms and legs..
Lindley Murray Abridgment of Murray's English Grammar...Designed for the Younger Classes of Learners decorated with dear folk art by student Sally Philbrick. Hill and Moore.Concord, [NH].1819
106 pp.  paper on board. Abridgment of Murray's English Grammar, with An Appendix, containing exercises in orthography, in parsing, in syntax, and in punctuation. Designed for the Younger Classes of Learners.  The reverse of the title page has a 3" pen and ink and ochre watercolor heart with the initials S. P. at center.  Sally Philbrick, Deerfield [MA] penned on end papers.  Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". .
Handmade Pith Paper Woman with Overlay Costumes - 8 Nationalities. [1860s]
A 3 1/8" somewhat naive watercolor paper doll drawn and cut from pith paper and applied to a plain paper backing. Also includes eight (8) different costumes of various nationalities including Old English, Bohemian, Polish, Circassian, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Prussian.  Each in traditional attire with head ware. Each captioned at base.Reverse is blank.  Overlays measure 5" x 3 1/2".
 Decorative Beadwork on Victorian Playing Card Holder - Flute, Lyre, Music Book. ..
A 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" litho on pressed board box with inner sleeve for holding playing cards. The top surface is perforated or punch paper (20 punch holes/inch) with embossed die-cut gilt border.  The beadwork design is created using miniature glass and metal beads.  The scene depicts a lyre, flute and music book..
 Decorative Beadwork on Victorian Playing Card Holder - Sword, Axe and Shield. ..
A 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" litho on pressed board box with inner sleeve for holding playing cards. The top surface is perforated or punch paper (20 punch holes/inch) with embossed die-cut gilt border.  The beadwork design is created using miniature glass and metal beads.  The scene depicts a sword, axe and shield..
Fine Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll - Marie Antoinette w 3 costumes and hats. ..c1900
An elegantly designed 6 1/8" handmade watercolor paper doll in the style of Marie Antoinette and her eight (8) elaborately detailed costumes, six (6) with accompanying hats.  Predominantly court dresses; one is "playing a guitar". Reverse is blank.. "Marie Antoinette paper dolls - Costumes copied from portraits and paintings" penned on envelope the paper doll was found in.
Florence L. Smith A Children's Letter to President William McKinley after his Assassination Attempt. Washington Locating Club.Chicago, IL.[September 6-15, 1901]
A manuscript letter sent to President William McKinley by a children's club wishing him health and recovery after the assassination attempt on his life on September 6, 1901. The club was the "Washington Locating Club", which was located in Chicago. The children had met President McKinley the year prior "during inaugural week under the auspices of 'Heart's Chicago American' school children's excursion." McKinley was apparently going to meet with the school children again on October 5, 1901, but due to his death, obviously never made it. At the top of the letter is a drawing done in pen of the US Capital Dome. The letter is signed by six children, though the letter appears to have been written by the Secretary of the club Florence L. Smith (1887-?), who based on census records (confirmed by her address), was thirteen at the time of the letter. Pasted onto the side of the letter is a card with Florence's name and address. Measures 13 1/2" x 8".  President McKinley would die from his injuries on September 14, 1901.
J. T. Melchior A Comprehensive Manuscript Three Volume Language Series Set of Saxona, the Teutonic Element in the English Language, or A Primer of Anglo Saxon Words . .Jasper, IN.1915-1920
A three volume set that explores in depth the etymology of the English Language, in particular the Teutonic (Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, of which Anglo Saxons spoke) element found within the language. These three volumes were hand crafted by J. T. Melchior, and include the history of the Germanic Tribes invasion of what is now the United Kingdom, language charts, vocabulary lists, and mathematical analyses of English writing samples (mostly derived from newspaper clippings) to exemplify how many English words origins are Teotonic. The author's passion for this subject comes through from the very first page, the forward, where he states: "The bold Anglo-Saxon folk who settled in the merry England at a time now long agone [sic]; and their hearty speech - OUR MOTHER TONGUE - as it was in ye olden time and as it is spoken now, herein are told about in homely self-written words. JTM (all Saxon words)". The titles of the three volumes are as follows: Language Series Volume 1 "Saxona": The Teutonic Element in the English Language, A Primer of Anglo Sazon Words (1915, 120 pages), Language Series Volume 2, "Teutona", Anglo-Teutona, The Teutonic Element in the English Language (1920, 89 pages), and Language Series Volume 3, Indo-European Words, Language Charts (no date, 30 pages). The books also come with three printed maps, one hand drawn map, and five hand drawn language diagrams. J. T. Melchior is most likely John T. Melchior from Jasper, IN, who was a teacher for eight years before taking over his father's general store. Upon his retirement from his business, he dedicated his time to studying history and literature. Volume One has green marble covers with red accents while volumes two and  three have green covers with black accents, with a brad binding. The back cover of volume two has an embossed decorative design. Measures 9" x 8".. John T. Melchior was born on March 25, 1858 to John Baptiste Melchior (1823-1883) and Anna Schuler (1829-1906) in Jasper, IN. John was a sickly child, who due to a chronic affliction, was invalid from the age of seven to eighteen. He became a teacher and taught in the Ackerman adn Buechler (Indiana) township schools for eight years, before having to leave the profession due to a serious throat infection. He then worked at his father's general store, before taking over the business in 1907 upon his father's retirement. He married Mary Catherine Jochim (1862-1957) on November 22, 1881 and had four children: Nicholas Robert Melchior (1882-1912), Edward D. Melchior (1887-1916), Hugo Melchior (1890-1983), and Marcella C. Melchior (1899-1930). John retired from the general store (which was then taken over by his sons) in 1913, at which time he focused on his life long passion of history and language. He died on May 21, 1939 have a long illness, and is buried in Jasper, IN.
Margarete Hoenemann A Collection of Seven Art Class Lesson Plans on Drawing Outlines for Grades 1-8. .Salem, MA.1931-1932
A collection of seven different lessons plans of art teacher Margarete Hoenemann for the 1931-1932 school year. The lessons plans include typewritten notes and artwork either intended to be used as samples for the lesson or as artwork decorating the lesson plan itself. The artwork includes drawings, constructed images, colored pencil, watercolor, silhouettes, and stencils. Six of the seven lessons plans, include lessons for Grades 1-8, while the the last one only has a lesson plan for grades 1 &2. The lessons plans are hand bound using brads, and with one exception, have covers with small pieces of artwork on them. Margarete Hoenemann was an art teacher who worked in or around Salem, MA. By the 1960s she would become the Art Director for Salem Public Schools. Measures 12" x 9" To view this collection, please click on the following link: Margarete M. F. Hoenemann was born on October 4, 1907 to Theodore Emil Hoenemann (1870-1948)  and Bertha M. Bertais Hoenemann (1875-1955) in Boston, MA. She had one sibling, Gretchen Hoenemann (1908-?). Her father was a sculptor, and was perhaps where Margarete gain her artist interests. It is unknown when she died.
 10 Scherenschnitte Scissors Cuttings Done after those of Hans Christian Andersen. Caroline Stokes.Sandy Hook, CT.[1980]
The whimsy and fantasy found in many of his stories can be seen in these reproductions of works originally created by Andersen.  In the first scherenschnitte you will see a character in his likeness unable to attain the ballerina at the top of the tree with Cupid in the tree giving him advise. The next cutwork depicts an overwhelmed fellow with an entire village atop his hat.  And so they go with ballerinas, hearts, swans and more throughout.   The approximate 3" to 5" cutouts are affixed to a concertina folded card stock folder. . Andersen often fell in love with unattainable women, and many of his stories are interpreted as references
Schnittmuster für eine Porzellan-Badepuppe - templates sewing patterns & instructions for making doll's beachwear wardrobe. Unknown.Printed in Germany.[1890]
Gilt stamped portfolio with  silk ribbon closure and including an uncut folded sewing patterns, color illustration of the costumes and an 8 pp instructions for making an 18.5 cm porcelain doll's beachwear. The portfolio measures .
Charming Naive Watercolor Napoleon. ..
An unknown artist's naive cut-out rendering of 8 1/2" watercolor Napoleon Bonaparte. Executed in great detail to the individual braids on his epaulets to the spurs on his boots.  .
Ida E. Williams Hoff Album, A Friendship Album Belonging to Ida Williams. .Candor, NY.1876-1880
A friendship album belonging to Ida E. Williams of Candor, NY. The album entries comprise of her friends and family members from Candor, NY, and surrounding towns between 1876-1880. The entries are, generally speaking, short quotes, either from poetry or plays. Of note in the album is a wonderful, multifaceted black and white ink drawing done by Rudolph C. Oakley, attorney at law, in Candor, NY in the Spring of 1880. There is a large silhouette of a young child smoking a pipe and four smaller drawings surrounding it in circles: the first is of two couples walking in the woods, the second is of two cats meeting on a wall at night, the third is a couple bent over in a garden coughing, and lastly, a little bird singing on a tree branch. The album itself has seven (7) pages with colored decorative borders, often in a floral or nature theme. Additionally, the album has four (4) double sided pages of blank sheet music. The covers are brown leather with gilt stamped decorative borders as well as a gilt "Album" at the center. Interior pages are gilt edge. Approximately one third filled. Measures 8 1/2" x 7". Below are some of the album's entries. "With wealth thou art blest and beauty is thine And with your mind to you Providence has been kind Wealth may take wings, beauty must fade, and soon disappear, But in Eternity the wealth and beauty of your mind a crown shall wear." - (Maternal) Uncle Epenetus Howe, Candor, NY, July 24, 1876 "Back on the golden hinges The gates of memory swings And my heart goes into this garden And walks with the older things The old times joys and pleasure, the loves that it used to know it meets there in the garden, and they wander to and fro." - Waca June 19, 1876, Ella H.. J., Excerpt from poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox entitled "Memory's Garden" "The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together; our virtue would be proud, if our faults whipped them not; and our crimes would despair, if they were not cherished by out virtue." - Gertrude S. Ward, Candor, NY, May 4th, 1877, Excerpt from Shakespeare's "All's Well That Ends Well" To view the album, please click on the following link: Ida was born on July 1853 in Newark, NJ to Enoch Slosson Williams Jr. (1832-1912) and Martha L. Legg (1835-1890). She one brother, Frank J. Williams (1855=1856) and one half sister Ellie K. Williams, (1898-?). She married Lewis R. Hoff Jr. (1855-?) on August 7, 1878. She died on September 17, 1880.
Lucinda M. Titus Keepsake - Rings of Hair with Remember Me message. ..[1850]
A 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" folded paper with two rings of hair held in place with a textured paper diamond. The hand penned sentiment reads "When this you see please dear cousin think of me - Lucinda M. Titus". Most likely Lucinda M. Titus, born 1836, Groton MA.
Scherenschnitte Watchpaper Love Token Cutwork. ..[1850]
A 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" cutwork or scherenschnitte love token with symmetrical hearts with sawtooth cut border decoration.  A token of love and friendship,  Most likely Pennsylvania Dutch. Endearing..
La Vada Zutter Spatter Ink Techniques. Sandford Ink Company.Chicago, IL & New York, NY.1938
A short book that describes the art of Splatter Ink, and the various techniques that can be used to accomplish different looks and designs. The book contains several examples of the types of stencils that can be used in the art form as well as ideas for what splatter ink can be used for, such as small gifts like hot pads, wall plaques, calendars, greeting cards, lamp shades, decorative plates, posters, and commercial art. Additionally there are examples and instructions for the different splatter ink techniques, such as positive and negative units, figure illustration, silhouettes, cartooning and layout, stick drawing, crayon resist, paint brush stenciling, tempera resist, and lettering. Additionally there are examples of finished works, from art to advertising posters. The majority of the book are these printed examples with minimal text used at the base of the pages for instructions. 22 pgs. Illustrated covers. OCLC 13 (May 2020). Measures 11" x 8 1/2".
Fabric Weaver's Journal and Spec Book
1845-1856. Textile weaving, Journal, textile patterns, business and industry. A total of 14 manuscript pages organized by year and including the article that was woven, the weave pattern including colors, the number of biers in the weave, the size of the fabric, specific weaving techniques, knots, etc. -- Any design element associated with the particular fabric. It begins in 1845 and is titled "Cotton" that continues for 6 pages. The next page is titled "SHAG". This completes the run of pages in the "front of the book". When turned upside down and opened from the back, it begins with information from 1848 - 1856 and includes the same time of information. The format may be accounting either for multiple weavers or materials types. Some of the articles mentioned include horse blankets, striped trousers, diapers, towels, pocket handkerchiefs, neck kerchiefs, mixed blankets, jacketing, full cloth, cheese cloth and more. There are four blank pages. Measures 6 3/8" x 4".

Surface wear. An interior page has been used at a much later date for jotting a note or two without relevance. Additionally the blank pages adjacent the last pages of weaving information have been inexplicably glued to the reverse.

A Sewing Sample Book Belonging to Marion Taylor
sewing, composition notebook, education, Hawthorne avenue school, made by hand, educational

An 1889 sewing sample book belong to a Marion Taylor of Newark, NJ. It includes both the actual hand-stitched works and a narrative on the individual steps for a variety of sewing techniques entitled: Hemmed Patching, Flannel Patch, Gathering, Securing Gathering to Band, French Corset Cover, Felled Patch, Material Needed, Hem Stitching, and Darned Patch. Additionally, there are six (6) fabric samples depicting the techniques described, though two of the fabric samples have no descriptive information with them. On the front cover is states "Board of Education, Newark, N.J., Sewing.", with a place for the name of the student, Marion Taylor, and school they attended, Hawthorne Ave, 1889, to be filled in. A Hawthorne Avenue School in Newark, NJ did exist, but it was erected in 1898 as a three story building, and is still in existence today. It is unclear if the school existed on the street in a separate building prior to then, or this book is from a different school all together. Completely filled (not including pages that have been cut out). Measures 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

General wear. Offset from fabric samples. Pages have been cut out (most likely by original owner). Water stain on cover and first few pages. Penciling on one page. A number of pages have been cut out of this journal, it is unclear if those pages contained penmanship mistakes or they were removed for an other reason. The content appears complete.

Describing Circular Embroidering & Ornamenting Machine for Rug Patterns. E. S. Frost & Co.'s Turkish Rug Patterns.Boston, MA.1881
An advertising booklet for E. S. Frost & Co.'s Turkish Rug Patterns which starts out by promoting the employment options involved to all persons, men, women and children, in the field of rug making. Men can become official agents of the company selling patterns and supposedly can earn enough that they can hire children to help sell the patterns. By doing this the children are reportedly able to make up to two dollars every day after school. Women on the other hand, after purchasing the patterns, can make and sell the rugs themselves. The patterns are meant to imitate the Turkish Rugs, that were becoming exceedingly popular, but rather expensive. The booklet provides a brief description of how to make the rugs using their patterns, as well as supplies you will need to make the rugs. The tools needed to do so, a rug hook and yarn, are also sold by the company. The booklet then describes the 132 rug patterns they sell. Each pattern has a description of the design of the rug itself, size of the rug made, and cost of the pattern. One of the company's main selling points for their patterns was that the patterns were printed on cloth not paper, like other patterns of the time. Additionally patterns for slippers or ottomans. Concludes with testimonials from people who have sold the rugs, as well as information on the Bronze Metal the company won at the 1878 American Institute Fair of New York and the Diploma given to them by the 1878 Mechanics Fair Boston. There are several black and white images throughout, including two rug designs: one a standard oriental design, and the second of large lion. The front cover has a black and white images of a women in a white dress sitting and embroidering a rug which has been stretched out on a wooden frame and is leaning against a table. This image is enclosed in a decorative border which looks like a wooden frame held together with slim nails. The back cover has a black and white engraving of a women in black dress sitting and embroidering a rug that has been set within a standing wooden frame. binding. OCLC 0 (July 2020). Measures 5" x 3 3/4". E. S. Frost & Co.'s Turkish Rug Patterns was founded by Edward Sands Frost. He was original a tin peddler who started his company in Biddeford, ME, in 1868 by creating zinc stencils to transfer rug designs to burlap. He sold his company in 1876 due to ill health to James A. Strout, who kept the business running until the early 1900s when interest in the designs waned. Afterward the Newbury Yarn Company continued to sell Frost's designs well into the 1930s. 24 unnumbered pgs. Illustrated covers.

 3" Handmade Autograph Album Cut in the Shape of a Boot. ..1878-1880
A 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" handmade autograph album cut in the shape of a boot.  Heavy textured paper covers.  Pages in various colors of paper mostly blank; few with printed lines.  Over 20 autographs; few with verses.  Mostly from Connecticut.  Ribbon tie at top.  Rather charming. .
George Foster Hand Drawn Diagram Possible New Levee Along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. .Louisiana.[1870]
A hand drawn diagram of a portion of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. As this drawing is done on a letterhead for "Geo. Foster, Cotton Planter, and Dealer of Plantation Supplies", it is possible that Foster is the artist. The diagram focuses on the possible new levees needed to stop the Mississippi River from carving and flooding into undesirable locations. The drawing shows the river from Gen. McMillan's house and store all the way down to Lake Providence, LA. Small notations have been made beside the river detailing the possible locations for the new levees, where the river has carved before, and where planting is good. Along with the diagram is a short note explaining the diagram and the reasoning behind the proposed locations for the new levees. This illustration has be tentatively dated to circa 1870, as the letterhead has a printed date of "187_". Measures 10 3/4" x 8 1/2". .
Marian Beattie Teaching As My Career: A School Project About A Young Female Student's Future. .Kalamazoo, MI.1937
women, teaching, education, made by hand A school project done by Kalamazoo's Woodward Junior High's 14 year old Marian Eleanor Beattie (1923-2007) on what her future life and career would look like. The result of the project is a large, 81 page hand made book. As the title of the project gives away, Marian wanted to be a teacher as she liked children and "always thought it would be fun to give an assignment and correct the papers afterwards." When she was younger she had aspirations of being a music teacher, but since she couldn't play the piano, she decided on being an Elementary school teacher instead. The assignment was divided up into several different sections entitled, "Autobiography", "Why I Chose My Career", "History", "Nature of the Work", "Qualifications", "Advantages and Disadvantages", "Rewards and Opportunities", "Preparations", "Self Analysis", "First Interview", "Second Interview", "Letter of Application", "Biography", "My Hobbies", "My Future Home", "Pursuing My Career", "My Measure of Success", and "Bibliography". Each section is a mixture of her past, current, and possible future, and is a wonderful look into a young girl's fantasies of what her future would be. The first half of the book, up till just before the 'Interview' sections, as well as the "My Hobbies" and "My Measure of Success" sections, tells the story of Marian's past, why she wants to be a teacher, what she believes a teaching career is, and an analysis of herself. It is in these sections she states that she wishes to go to Western State Teachers College (now known as Western Michigan University) to receive her degree. The two interview sections, are interviews she conducted with two of her teachers at school about teaching. The letter of application is an imaginary letter written by a 'future' Marian, and essentially is a cover letter for a fictional job. The "Biography" section has several short biographies on historical figures that were influential in the field of education. "My Future Home" and "Pursuing My Career" are both sections in which Marian lets her imagination run wild with fantasies of what her future could be. Her ideal house would have a library, sun porch, tennis court, and  three bedrooms; one for her, one for guests and one for the help. The "Pursuing My Career"  section is written in diary format, and details how in the course of six days, Marian gets her first teaching job, meets a boy, gets married, and is now off to France since her husband was promoted to US Ambassador to France. One entry in the diary starts with "I woke up this morning to find my self in a new home not far from the capital of the United States. I looked down on my left hand. Instead of my gold signet ring I saw a wedding ring and my diamond." At the end of the book is a bibliography and several pages of signatures of her fellow classmates and teachers, just like a yearbook would. Of note with the student signatures is that the career they selected for themselves for the school project is also written. Some of the future career goals of her fellow classmates, which very much split along gender norms, are: acting, aeronautical engineering, designer, acting, journalism, lawyer, nurse, private secretary, aviation and librarian. The book has been hand made with fuchsia colored covers with black accents. All the pages have been bound with hand sewn thread. The book contain numerous printed illustrations, both in color and black and white, most likely taken from magazines. These images are used to enhance the story she is telling, and often feature young children either at play or in the classroom. In the section about her ideal house, she has an example of what she would like each room in her house to look like, most of which appear to be in the modern art deco style popular in the 1930s. There are two loose pieces in the book which were most likely added after the project was graded. The first is a large black and white photograph of her classmates and teachers, that on the back lists all their names. The second is a newspaper clipping of Woodward Junior High's 1937 city championship basketball team. The title page of the book has an ink drawing of a head shot of a fashionable woman in a cap and gown. Unfortunately Marian Beattie would not fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. According to her obituary she worked as an administrative assistant for most of her life. 81 pages. Pink hard covers. Sewn binding. Handmade. Measures 12 1/2" x 9". . Marian Eleanor Beattie was born on May 25, 1923 to John Harrison Beattie (1889-1950) and Ethel Morris Beattie (1895-1982) in Kalamazoo, MI. She had one sister, Martha Beattie Reed (1923?-?). She was a life long resident of Kalamazoo, MI and died on August 24, 2007.