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The Youth's Dayspring. January, 1851American Board of Commissioners for Foreign MissionsBoston1851
16 pp. Green illustrated printed paper cover, monthly periodical, Vol. II, no 1 for January 1851, contains 2 illustrations. Inside cover lists ordering information and donations to Children's Educational Funds. Content titles include: The New Year, Julia the Heathen Girl, Hindoo Blacksmiths, Blacksmiths worshiping their Tools, The Hindoo Pilgrim, More Blessed to Give than to Receive, The Temple of Siva, The Great Pagoda of Tanjore, The First Siberian who Loved Jesus, The Rejected Idol,  and A Thought for Older People. 6 3/4" x 4". Slight staining, small tear on back cover
The Lady of the Light House.  Helen S. Woodruff George H. Doran Co. New York 1913
89 pp. Green and blue illustrated boards, hard cover, illustrated end pages, frontispiece, author's other books advertisement, first page of each chapter decorated by Griselda M. McClure, paper glued to half title page states that royalties of the book will go to the New York Association of the Blind. A sweet story of a blind boy and his "mammy" who is helped by the lady in the lighthouse. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" binding loose, spine torn, slight staining
Bernard H Martin and William L. Martin Jr.. Silver Stallion, Sequel to Lighting: A Cowboy's Colt. Tell Well Press.Kansas City, MO.1949
29 pp. (unpaginated) children's book, tells the story of Danny Morgan, his cousin Melissa, and their friend Eagle, an Indian boy, as they solve the mystery of the phantom silver stallion. Called a "corking good story", it is chalk full of vibrantly colored, or charming black and white illustrations on nearly every page. A must for any child horse lover. Measures 10 3/4" x 8". Both the board covers and the dust jacket show edge wear, particularly on the lower end of the back strip. There is a small piece of missing surface litho on the back of the dust jacket as well as a small stain. The covers themselves have a several small stains on the lower corners. Interior pages are fine.
Jane Andrews. The Seven Little Sisters Prove Their Sisterhood, by Jane Andrews. Lee & Shepard Publisher.Boston.1892
A 162 paginated book tells the story of seven young girls, each representing seven different nationalities in order to showcase how different people around the world have different mannerism and customs.  The book is divided into six parts: Agoonack, and Her Sail Upon the Ice Island, A Long Journey Through a Strange Island, What Was Gemila Doing All This Time?, New Work for Pen-se and Lin, Can the Little Brown Baby do Anything? and Christmas-time Again for Louise. There are seven, including the cover page, charming black and white line drawings throughout the book. This book is a companion to 'The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball that Floats in the Air and' 'Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now,'  also by Jane Andrews, and is  intended as an elementary text book, with pronunciation and vocabulary lists in the back. Copyrighted in 1877. Measures 7" x 5". Covers show edge wear. There is a top piece of the cover missing on the backstrip and there are some minor stains on the back cover. The inside front cover is inscribed by a previous owner. Interior pages are slightly toned and soiled due to age. Otherwise fine.
Fairy Moonbeam's Series: Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. McLoughin Brothers.New York.c1870
12 pp. (including wrappers) The covers depicts a servant bringing food to Aladdin and his mother. It is printed in red and black ink. There are 7 half page color illustrations. The book is a part of the Fairy Moonbeam's Series, which are "little fairy stories that have been household joys for generations." Binding is sewn. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" . Missing surface litho on front cover. Minor toning due to age.
Chang Chee
Chang Chee
Price: $25.00
6 preliminary leaves, 137 pages including frontispiece, with illustrations by Laura Bannon. First Edition. This book tells the story of Chang Chee, a young Chinese boy. The marketing material that was distributed when this book was published describes Change as a boy “…with the eyes of an artist, whether in the rice fields where he helped his mother, or on the green hills where he took the water buffalo to graze. Colors for him were like magic, and he hopes some day [sic] to become a great artist. Beautifully told, and for children who do not always demand an exciting plot.” Measures 8 1/2" x 7"
Betty S. FixThe Adventures of Idabell and Wakefield: Dolls Around the World, Volume 4The Crosby HouseOklahoma1946
32 pp. Blue hard cover, color and black and white illustrations, black and white illustrated end papers, each page has decorative borders, illustrations by Edith E. Buhler, part of the Idabell and Wakefield Adventures. Each section has a color illustration of a doll in a country's traditional dress and a letter from the doll. 11 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Daniel DeFoe. The Illustrated Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Of York, Mariner, As Related by Himself . Thomspon & Thomas.Chicago, IL.1872
A 'profusely illustrated' version bound in publisher's gilt stamped and pictorial blue cloth boards. The novel also has an autobiographical memoir of the author, and a life of Alexander Selkirk, to whose residence on the island Juan Fernandez inspired the novel. There are over 40 wonderfully rich and detailed full and half sheet black and white illustrations are found throughout the 528 page novel. Measures 10" x 7".. Edge wear to the covers as well as minor stains. The front cover is partially detached. The cloth binding is slightly worn and there is a very minor tear on the backstrip. Binding is loose, but intact. The interior pages are toned due to age. There is a previous owner's inscription on the front inside cover.
Ann Lange The Eskimo Store. wear on cover edges, slightly loose binding,  1950
28 unnumbered pp. color illustrated applied cover, blue. Story about two Alaskan girls preparing for Christmas, contains color and black and white illustrations by Gladys Rourke Blackwood. Copyright 1948.  Measures 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". wear on cover edges, slightly loose binding,
Leonora Pease. Four and Twenty Dollies. Hamming Publishing Co. Chicago. 1914
94 pp. Applied printed color cover, verses by Leonora Pease with vibrant color illustrations by Ella Dolbear Lee. A collection of verses and illustrations of different dolls. Does have stereotyped derogatory comments and images common to the time period. Has dolls including, the little bisque belle, the little jap man, the pickaninny dolls, the calico girl and worsted boy, little eskimo doll, candy mermaid, sailor boy blue, and Chief Zula Lu OCLC: 4 (10/10/2016) 9 3/4" x 8". some wear and staining on cover, inside binding split on title page-all pages are still intact , occasional finger prints on pages, spine material has come off in spots, ex libris sticker over inscription
Stories about Indians. Merriam & Merrill.Concord, NH.1854
24 pp. with in-text and full page woodcut engravings throughout. Content includes A Pawnee Brave, Indian Gratitude, Indian Observation, Indian Stratagem, Red Jacket, Indian Shrewdness, An Indian's Joke, Indian Character, Indian Integrity and Indian Politeness. Excellent imagery depicting Native American of the time. Measures 4" x 6 1/4". . Surface soiling from handing, some toning. Old glue repair.
The Romance Of Indian History or Thrilling Incidents in the Early Settlement of America. Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.n.d.
24 pp. wrapper with 8 illustrations. This chapbook is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the fourth series, No. 12. On the back cover it lists the names of all the books in all for series. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856, and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. This tells two stories, "Kiodago and his Christian Wife" and "Adam Poe and Bigfoot." The cover is yellow with some soiling and a few intact tears. There is an inscription written on the title page to the original owner of the book. There is general wear around the edges, and some slight foxing, especially around the string used to bind the book. Measures 6" x 3 3/4"..
Paul Fenimore CooperTricks of Women & Other Albanian TalesWilliam Morrow & Co. New York1928
205 pp. Black embossed cover, frontispiece, illustrations, plates throughout. Paul Fenimore Cooper is the translator of these tales and woodcuts are by Ilse M. Bischoff. The Stories are of the southern, or Tosk, dialect and come from two collections made by  Auguste Dozon and Holger Pedersen. 9 1/4" x 6 1/4"
Fern Bisel Peat, Illustrator  Snow-White and the Rose-Red, and Other Stories. . The Saalfield Publishing Co.Akron, OH.1936
12pp. Softcover, front and back covers have a brightly colored illustration of Snow-White against a light blue background. Profusely illustrated, with 6 in-text illustrations, either 4" x 4 1/2" or 8" x 4 1/2" in size. This short story collection includes the story "Snow White and Red-Rose,", "Magpie's Nest," "Lambkin" they attribute to "East India", "Sleeping Beauty" attributed to The Brothers Grimmm, "Why the Bear Has a Stumpy Tail, "Three Little Kittens They Lost Their Mittens," and "The Hare and the Hedgehog," described as an "English Tale." Measures 10 1/2" x 12 1/2". .
Edward A. Kennard Little Hopi Hopihoya. United States Indian Service..1962, 1948
201pp. Illustrated wraps. Albert Yava, Hopi Text; Charles Loloma Illustrator.  Hopi reader comprised of tales for children printed in both English and Hopi. Full page black and white illustrations throughout.    Contents includes The Bow (Hoohu), the Hunter (Maamakyam), The Little Warriors (Qaleetaqhoyamu), Hunting With Girls (Neyangmakiwa) and more. Concludes with information on Bilingual Reads, The Artist and The Hopi Alphabet.  Measures 10" x 7".. ex libris -The Indian & Colonial Research Center, Old Mystic, CT
 Fiesta Paper Dolls. Saalfield, ArtCraft, No. 1723.USA.c1960
A 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" book with six (6) paper dolls to cut out from the the covers.  Each is dressed in Hispanic influenced attire.  Includes four (4) pages of festive traditional costumes to cut for the dolls.  Each garment is labeled with the country of origin.  The countries include Uruguay, Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Dutch Guiana, Paraguay, Ecuador, Columbia, panama, Mexico, Peru, Chili and Bolivia, .
Noh Programme : Specially Arranged for the Delegates to the 7th World Conference of the World Fed. of Education Assns
A program for the performance of a Noh play, which is a Japanese traditional masked drama that uses dance and song. This play was performed to celebrate the Seventh World Conference of the World Federation of Education Associations in Tokyo, in 1938. The program provides a brief summary of the play Funa-Benkei or Benkei in the Boat, list the cast members and the music performed, as well as the full script of the play, both in Japanese and English. At the front of the program are two mounted plates of printed black and white photographs of two of the play's characters; Taira no Tomomori and Shizuka. 25 numbered pages. Red wrappers with gilt lettering. Two mounted plates. Japanese. Ribbon binding. OCLC 9 (Jan. 2020). Measures 9 3/4" x 7 1/4".
 Chief Yellow Thunder Lecturer, Indian Legend, Race and Antiquity of the American Indian. .Wisconsin Dells, Wis..1930
A single-fold 7 3/8" x 4" brochure with an image from a photograph of the Chief Yellow Thunder in traditional attire on the front cover.  The grandson of the original Yellow Thumder. The brochure provides historical information on the Chief and the "Thunder Clan".  His topics for discussion include Race and Antiquity of the American Indian The Educated Indian and What He is Doing Religion of the Northern Indian The Indian Childhood The Indian Philosophy The Winnebago Indian of Wisconsin The Medicine Man Herb Practitioner Witch Craft Among American Indians The Indian Present Day Problems Indian Sign Language, Pictographs and Ideographs Missionary Work Among Indians Also includes testimonials and lists of clubs, organizations and institutions where he has appeared.  An additional leaflet indicates he has addressed religious congregations, student bodies of grade schools and institutions of higher learning, groups of Boy Scouts, Campfire Girls, clubs and others organizations. He boasts he makes an earnest effort to portray Matthew Arnold's interpretation of the word "lecture" in all of his appearances..
 Confederate Ball, Annual Pageant of the Natchez Garden Club Program - Step into the Past with Natchez. Natchez Garden Club .Natchez, Mississippi.1936
Single-fold program for the Confederate Ball, a pageant put on by the Natchez Garden Club in Natchez, Mississippi. Since 1932 the garden club has done a fall and spring pilgrimage, where owners of historic homes in the area open their homes for guided tours. Accompanying this is a pageant, where members of the garden club dress in historic antebellum attire and put on a show, at the end of which a new King and Queen is crowned. The 1936 pageant  was named the Confederate Ball and performed five different times during the Spring Pilgrimage. It was broken into ten acts: Step into the Past with Natchez, Penelope's Birthday, Young Romance, The Dancing Master, The Tattlers, The Garden Party, Ready for the Hunt, The Sewing Bee, Before the Wedding, and Entrance of the King, Queen and Court of 1936 Ball, followed by the Royal Ballet. To this day, each spring and fall the Natchez Garden Club puts on a pilgrimage to help raise money for the preservation of various historical sites and homes in the area. The fold of the program has an image of two young ladies greeting each other on the steps in full costume. Measures 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" (folded), 10 3/4" x 6 3/4" (unfolded).. The foreword begins: In the far-off golden days before the War Between the States, Natchez reigned serenely in a kingdom of cotton, of vast plantations and stately houses where a united family life was the center of all activities.  It concludes: The happy hours were while away in the many celebrations of a tranquil country life, which will be depicted for you in the tableaux following the opening of the ball I guess they left out the part about the slaves...
Uncle Tom and Eva Promote Uncle Tom's Cabin Smoking Tobacco. Donaldson Brothers.Five Points NY.
A 5" x 3 1/4" advertising trade card promoting Uncle Tom's Cabin Smokin Tobacco, manufactured by Wellman & Dwire, Quincy, Ill. Depicts characters from Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Eva is holding a plug of tobacco while seated on Uncle Tom's shoulder.  It is cpationed "O Uncle Tom! T'was Eva spoke, Why do you alwys this kind smoke? "O Missy, I hab understood Dat you must Lub Whebber's Good.  And sartain sure Ob all de rest, Dis yer tobacco am de best'. Reverse promotes Hasbrouck & Mix, in Syracuse and other Wellman & Dwire Tobacco Company products. . Light toning on reverse.
 Uncut Indian & Cowboy Cutouts. The Platt & Munk Co., Inc...[1950s]
A 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" pressed board box with applied litho with images of "Indians and Cowboys" in traditional attire on the box top and side aprons.   Includes 8 uncut  sheets with 60 pieces of Native American in traditional attire presented in what appears to be historically accurate images (vs. stereotypical).  It also includes 7 uncut sheets with 45 pieces of "cowboys", again presented in what appears to be historically accurate images.  Printed on one side only.
Helen Bannerman, Fern Bisel Peat, Illustrator Little Black Sambo . The Harter Publishing Company.Cleveland, Ohio.1931
Softcover, illustrated in bright color: front and back cover have the same drawing of the titular character Little Black Sambo, wearing his distinct bright orange shirt, blue pants, purple shoes, and carrying a green, polka-dot umbrella, illustrated by Fern Bisel, Peat.  Bottom left corner has "No. H-105" printed in small black type. Profusely illustrated, with 7 full page, color illustrations, and 6 pages with large, in-text illustrations in black-and-white. This book includes the stories 'Little Black Sambo', 'Black Mumbo', 'Black Jumbo' and 'the four Tigers' [sic]. Last page has a short biography of the author, and gives details about the story's origin and this book's creation. States that this book is to be used in an educational setting, and the typeface has been chosen based on studies about how to develop "the correct eye movements." Children are also encouraged to color in the black and white illustrations. 14pp. 9 1/4" x 13".
 Financing the American Family, 100 Years of Progress in Family Finance with Promotional Flyer for United Charities of Chicago. Household Finance Corporation.Chicago, IL.1933
In 1933 Chicago hosted it second World's Fair in forty years, and it was called "A Century of Progress". It was held at the lake front from June 1st to November 1st in 1933 and May 26th to October 1st in 1934. The 'Household Exhibit' produced by the Household Finance Corporation, told "the story of Family Finance in beautiful paintings, sculpture, and talking pictures", and it contended that "modern economic difficulties requires quite as high courage and as much enterprise as was displayed by men and women of covered wagon days." The item is the 16 page advertising booklet for the exhibition which showcases some of the paintings used to juxtapose different financial realities between 1833 and 1933. Such as two colorful paintings of families from each era in their homes, with the two captions: "The pioneer family of 1833 built its own home out of materials bountifully provided by nature." and "The average city family of 1933 rents the home it occupies from a speculative builder." The booklet continues on to further describe the differences of family life, delving deeper in the financial difficulties families might now face getting a loan. The last section provides advice on how to get a personal loan for your family. The booklet also comes with a large insert, advertising the Untied Charities of Chicago, which features two black and white before and after images -  one poor family without help from the charity, and the family once it received help. 6 pgs. Staple bindings. OCLC 7 (Jan 2020) Measures 9" x 6" (booklet), 14" x 8 1/2" (insert).
 The Crinoline Hoops; Or, Who's Your Cooper. W. Pratt.Digbeth, Birmingham, UK.c859
Woodcut of a well dressed yet sizable woman obviously wearing crinoline beneath her dress. Yet another parody on the oft maligned crinoline, but worse yet discrimination as it relates to size.. The chorus reads What dresses now the ladies have, It really is surprising, Who is your Cooper, Poll? It must be agonizing,-- That you can't find a Crinoline; Kick up a jolly row there, Knock the hoops from off the washing tubs To swing below your trousers Printed in two columns.  Marked 767 at lower right. T.M. Gresley, June 1859 penned upper left. Printed on tissue. Reverse is blank. Measures 9 3/4" x 7 1/2". .
Vance Bourjaily The Girl in the Abstract Bed. Tiber Press.New York City.1954
Large folio with title page and thirteen silk screen prints by Tobias Schneebaum tipped on to heavy card stock with printed text by Vance Bourjaily at base. Loose pages housed in red printed folio, no. 250 of 1500, not signed, vibrant colored abstract illustrations. The humorous tale of a young girl and the unique and abstract items in her life; "kidney-shaped playpen" "British sports carriage" then  the encounter with her "reactionary Grandmother." 17" x 11". toning on card stock, repair on reverse of folio
The Jingle of the Jap, by Clara Bell Thurston
Pictorial fabric covers with paste down title and small bisque doll dressed in traditional attire attached to cover.
Mary PhippsLiza Jane and the KinkiesJ.H. Sears and Company, Inc.New York1929
91 unnumbered pages. Illustrated applied tri-color hard cover, black cloth spine, illustrated by author in black and red, illustrated end papers. Story about a little girl, Liza Jane, who lives on a plantation where her parents work. She tries to entertain herself and at a moment of quiet the stone she is sitting on bursts open and four little fairies emerge. They tell Liza about their history and they take her to their land. Although a pleasant story does contain stereotypical vernacular and some derogatory comments. 11" x 8"
Color Japonesque Advertising Broadside - Heron & Toads Holiday Goods . A. Stowell & Co..Boston.[1870s]
A 10 1/2" x 9 1/2" rice paper broadside  with an illustration of toads among the bamboo reeds as a heron flies overhead.  It is captioned Holiday Goods  and titled "Some of Our Inducements for the Holidays".   Followed by a list of various novelty, fancy goods and jewelry.  Printed in red, green and black. .
Female National Costumes of Europe Paper Dolls. ..c1840s
A set including two (2) single-sided 6 3/4" female paper dolls and eight (8) costumes depicting regional variances from various nations in Europe.  Each of the costumes is lithograph with an egg wash finish.  Also includes a 6" x 8 1/2" sheet depicting all eight costumes, again with egg wash finish and the name of the country printed in English, German, French and Italian.  The countries include Spain, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and France.  The original box is lacking. .