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The Electro-Chemical and Specialty Company Trade Catalogs
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: The Electro-Chemical and Specialty Company Location: New York Date: c1890s Pages: (3 total pieces) 2 are single fold sheets, 1 is a single page Subject Matter: Batteries There is a total of three pieces: The Atlantic Primary Battery Catalog (the" best and most economical battery for running fan motors, sewing and dental machines, and phonographs"), a catalog for various batteries, and an order form. The two catalogs have a comprehensive description and price list with some B&W illustrations of the products. The pages are toned, and the Atlantic Battery Catalog was folded at some point. Largest: 11" x 8 1/2"
Cutter Price List
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Hitchcock Manufacturing Location: Cortland, NY Date: September 1st, 1892 Pages: Single Fold Subject Matter: Sleigh, Industrial A price list for various parts to a sleigh. The cover has an illustration of a sleigh in three colors: yellow, pink and black. The text is black with accents in pink. There is some general toning to the price list, as well as crease marks from where it was original tri-folded. Additionally there are some intact tears along those fold marks, and some missing surface litho. 9 1/2" x 6 1/4"
Notes on New Remedies and Price List
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: F. W. Schoonmaker, Manufacturing & Dispensing Pharmacist Location: New York, NY Date: c1890 Pages: 10 Subject Matter: Medical Supplies and Medicine A price list of all the goods offered. New items include a description and B&W illustration. Covers have edge wear and are toned, and is reinforced with tape in one location. Some of the edges are missing pieces. Interior pages have general toning and soiling. 9" x 5 1/4"
Filter Papers Trade Catalog
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: Carl Schleicher & Schull; Sold by Fisher Scientific Co. Limited (Montreal, Canada) Location: Duren, Germnay Date:1925 Pages: 48 Subject Matter: Industrial, Filter Papers A catalog for high grade analytical filter paper that was the recognized 'standard' for filter paper in chemical laborites all over the world. Comprehensive description of materials sold, as well as sizing charts for the filters. Prices not listed. Samples of filter papers are in pockets on the interior front and back covers. There are a minimal amount of B&W illustrations of the products as well as B&W illustrations of  the company's registered Trademark and Watermark, so that the consumer can tell what is a genuine product of the company. The covers for have minimal edge wear and toning to them, additionally the insert tab on the front cover is slightly bent. The interior pages have toning, and there are some indents to the pages corresponding to the placement of the samples pockets. 5 1/2" x 4"
The Deister Concentrator Company: Manufactures of Concentrating Tables for Every Purpose
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer: Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana Date: 1915 Pages: 72 Subject Matter: Mining Tool, Industrial Comprehensive descriptions provided for their concentrating tables. B&W illustrations of the table, and its individual parts are included. Prices not listed. Covers show some wear, with a few intact tears along the edge. The first few interior pages have foxing on the lower portion, additionally at some point the catalog was damaged by water, some pages show a faint water stain, all are slight crinkled, but this does not effect the legibility of the catalog. One page is missing some surface litho as it stuck to the corresponding page. Some paper chalking. 9"x 6"
Associated Tile Manufacturers, Details of The House of Tiles Portfolio at Architectural and Allied Arts Exposition. 1925
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer:  Associated Tile Manufacturers Location: New York Date: 1925 Pages: Subject Matter: Tile, Architecture The Exposition was held in conjunction with American Institute of Architects Convention, Grand Central Place, NYC, April 20 - May 2, 1925. A list of Associated Tile Manufacturers at base on cover.  A paper portfolio with 12 plates with images from photographs on the front and designs on the reverse.  Includes images and plans for Tudor Fireplace, Venetian Breakfast Nook, Tudor Living Room, Colonial Bathroom, Craftsman Sun Room, Exterior Spanish style decor, Spanish Dining Room, Colonial Kitchen, Spanish Patio, Italian Hall, Roman Bathroom and Shower and Spanish-American Bathroom. Measures 7 1/2" x 10 1/2".
Paper Box Machinery
Price: $80.00

Manufacturer: Stokes & Smith Co. Location: Summerdale, near Frankford , Philadelphia, PA Date: c1916 Pages: 36 Subject Matter: Machinery for Sealed Wrapped Packages Comprehensive descriptions with B&W illustrations of the machines and their various parts. Additionally there are 3 color plates of illustrations of sample boxes, as well as one printed sample of a gilded and embossed box wrapper. Each page has a yellow triple-line border on it. Some cover wear, with a small stain on the front, and small indents on the bottom. Minimal toning and soiling throughout. 9 3/4" x 7.
Walter L Smith: Die Sinker and Engraver Trade Catalog with Samples
Price: $120.00

Manufacturer: Walter L. Smith Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: 1890s Pages: 3 (plus covers) Subject Matter: Engraving, Die Sinker This is a specimen catalog from Walter L Smith, an expert and high grade workman on die sinking, engraving and fine carving on gold. He worked for noted jewelers Simons, Bro. & Co. for ten years before starting his own company. The first pages gives a brief description of Smith's career and noted worked, the last two pages have 14 samples of his work. Blue covers with a red embossed sealed on front. The blue of the front covers have faded slightly in some places, and the interior pages have some stains corresponding to the gilding used on the sample seals. Otherwise fine. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2"
Stirling L Bemis. Two Flight Logs of Stirling L Bemis, Pilot during the Burma Campaign of WWII, 1937-1944. Air Associates INC.Melrose, Massachusetts.1937-1943
Price: $125.00

Two flight log books from a pilot named Stirling L Bemis from Melrose, Massachusetts. The first log book goes from July 1937 through June 1941. The first several lines of the book summarizes his flight times from 1937 to July 1939 as this log book is a replacement for a lost log book. Afterwards the book continues to detail Bemis' almost daily flights. The second log book picks up where the first one left off in June of 1941 and continues to June 1944. With each entry the following categories are normally filled in: Date, Make and Model, Certificate Number, Engine, Locations, Remarks & Rating, Hours, Instruction Time, and Dual or Solo times. Some of the types of planes flown by Bemis are as follows: Stinson, Piper Cub, Cub Coupe, Curtiss Robin, Travelairc, Luscombe, Taylorcraft, J5 Cub Cruiser, Pitcarin,Aeronca, Army Fairchilde PT19, Army Fairchilde PT19A, Culver Cadet, Link Trainer,  Curtiss C-46 Commando (aka Condor III), and a  Douglas C-47 Skytrain. While the majority of the flights in the first book are local flights in and around Massachusetts and the surrounding states, it also details the various flight tests Bemis took as he received various different classes of pilot licenses. He went from Private, to Limited to Commercial. Of note is a forced down on take off that Bemis managed due to some damage to the gasoline line. In the back of the log it list his total hours of the log book and his employment record along with his salary. He worked for King Aviation, Atlantic Airways, C.D. Bemis, US Department of Justice, US Treasury Department, and Maritime Shipping Corp. Additionally there are two small photographs. The first is presumably of Bemis and his two children, and the second of two unidentified men standing by a military aircraft denoted by the insignia of a star with a stripe on either side.   Click on the following link to view the item: The second log book continues on in a similar manner until December of 1941. On December 7, Bemis notes the attack on Pearl Harbor. These small remarks continue as war is declared on December 8th, and on December 9th he filed for a certificate of reinstatement in the Armed Forces. As of January 1942 it appears as though Bemis was working for the Air Corps Ferrying Command, flying supplies, personnel, and the delivering the planes themselves for Allied forces. By February 1944 Bemis was participating in the South-East Asian theater of World War II, more specially the Burma Campaign on the Northern Front. It does not appear that Bemis was a fighter pilot as according to his logs he flew both the C-46 and C-47, which were military transport aircrafts. Of note during this time is when on May 13 1944 he had to bail out over North Burma and face a 17 day walk back to the base. The log abruptly stops on June 29th 1944, however Bemis did survive the war. Captain Stirling L Bemis, died in November 1958 in Alaska. The logs have a black cloth cover with "Pilot's Flight Log" stamped on the front. Both logs measure 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" and were published by Air Associates INC. Both logs have some very minor edge wear due to rubbing, and a few small stains. One of the interior pages of the first log has some toning on it due to a pasted in new clippings of an article discussing his forced down on take off. Otherwise fine.
Seeley's Hard Rubber Specialties
Price: $175.00

Manufacturer: I. B. Seeley & Co. Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: 1884 Pages: 78 Subject Matter: Medical Appliances Comprehensive descriptions, some prices, and B&W illustrations of medical devices made from rubber used to relieve various ailments, such as abdominal pain, rheumatic affections, and the 'falling of the bowels.' Covers show heavy wear, along with general soiling and toning and several stains. The front cover is signed.  The string binding is loose, and there is a burn mark on the right side that continues through the majority of the book (this does not effect any text or illustrations).  There is also a faint water stain on the top corner of approximately the last 15 pages. 9" x 6".
Police Signal Telegraphs c1888.
Price: $275.00

22 pp catalogue, illustrated wrapper.  A promotional booklet with information on existing cities with  police telegraph system, illustrations of the various models including the Lamp Post Box, street stations and boxes and individual calls.  Also includes patrol wagon.  A comprehensive narrative describes all aspects of the police signal telegraphs, it's purpose and uses.  The book concludes with testimonials from police commissioners in major cities using the systems.  Fine illustrations throughout. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2".
Electric Cars and Trucks. 1892
Price: $400.00

Hard cover. 115 pp. Restored binding and end papers.  ex.Franklin Institute Philadelphia. Large format.  A comprehensive guide of electric cars and trucks available from the Brill Co.  Each product includes a comprehensive spec sheet and full page fine line engraving of the product including product name and number. Exceptional catalogue.  Measures 9 1/2" x 12".  Cover wear and discoloration.  Text block in excellent condition.
Der Bierbrauer, beer brewing magazine Germany1898-1904
Price: $900.00

Collection of 237 beer brewing magazines plus 7 individual separate supplements. 29 are issued monthly and 208 are weekly. Promotion brochures inserted into some magazines with narrative description, imagery and testimonials. Covers depict brewing machinery.  Extensive advertisements included descriptions and imagery of products.   Content predominantly  technical journal articles. Der Bierbrauer Monthly Reports (Berichte) January-July 1899 no. 1-7 (missing 6) Weekly supplement (Beiblatt) January-December 1898 (missing 1, 5, 7, 9, 14, 18, 22, 27, 31, 36, 40, 45, 49, 51) Monthly Reports March-December 1898 (missing 1, 2) Weekly Supplement January-April 1899 no. 1-17 (missing 1, 5, 10, 14) Weekly Reports October-December 1900 no. 41-52 Weekly Reports November-December 1901 no. 48-51 Weekly Reports January-December 1902 no. 1-52 (complete) Weekly Reports January-December 1903 no. 1-52 (missing no 40) Weekly Reports January-December 1904 no. 1-52 (missing no. 51, double of no. 52) . All content in German, covers are flaking, some staining and water damage