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Christmas Activity Book
A vibrantly colored unpaginated chidren's Christmas activity book complients of N. Snellenburg & Co. and Santa Claus...Printed on pulp or short fiber paper. Six (6) color pages, remainder black and white line drawings.s Begins with verse A Visit to Toyland by Maud Wood Henry, followed by story presented in the form of connect the dots, illustrations of Children of Many Lands, Christmas Eve by Emily Linslev, nursery stories Dear Santa Claus by Bessie M. Guigon, a Do-Somehting family sotry by Ruth Morton, Her Christmas Stockings by Lena B. Ellingwood, etc. It concludes with a Christmas Wishes rebus by Isla Paschal Richardson on inside back cover.  Illustration of Santa Claus holding exterior of N. Sneelenburg & Co exterior, captioned "My headquarters". Meausres 8" x 11".
Knerr. The Katzenjammer Kids, an animated novelty book. John Martin's House, Inc. Kenosha, Wisconsin 1945
unpaginated. Metal spiral bound printed color paper cover, movable parts and pop ups, book 1864. A movable book about Hans and Fritz Katzenjammer and their uncle, the Captain. Something is always happening to them. The book includes pop-up, a movable wheel, and sliding activity. 8" x 8 1/4". wear on cover, possibly missing a movable part-the legs of the Captain on the page with the alligator
Our Holidays
Our Holidays
Price: $55.00
6 leaves with applied cutout puzzle pieces. Pictorial wraps 9 1/4" x 10 1/2".. Instructions on inside cover. Depicts busy midway with vendors and acts, farm life, the seashore, the zoo,the flower mart and the train station.  Back inside cover promotes other books in the series. Outer cover promotes the Warne's Nursery Literature books.
 New Glamour for The "Glamour Girl", a Glowing Daylight Fluorescent Color Bath Beauty Letter Opener. Coast Industries.Los Angeles, CA.1952
Materials featuring a 'Bathing Beauty' novelty letter opener and the two pieces of advertising materials that go along with it. In the 1950s a company by the name of Coast Industries came up with a product called 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock', which was a phosphorescent pigment mixed with an adhesive and used to decorate plastic objects. This pigment glowed in the dark and came in three colors, bright blue, brilliant green, and bright yellow. The company coated this product onto a variety of plastic molds, such as the 'Bathing Beauty' Letter Opener, that were then sold in bulk to companies to use a promotional materials. The letter opener itself is made from a clear plastic that has been shaped into the silhouette of a female body. The 'flok-kraft fluorescent flock' had been adhered to the form so that it looks like a bathing suit. A double sided flyer containing information on the bathing beauty and a return envelope is included. The backside of the flyer showcases another one of the company's items that could be covered by the ''flok-kraft fluorescent flock', a piggy bank that would tip its hat every time a coin was inserted.  The novelty letter opener no longer glows in the dark. Measures 8" x 1 1/4" (letter opener), 8 1/2" x 11" (flyer).. The date is inferred by magazine ads found, which date to 1952, in 1954, the company's address changed.
The Patchwork Poster Book of Flowers
No. 903.  18 unnumbered pages with heavy stock litho covers. Nine (9) of the pages are on heavier stock and are outlines of flowers, the remaining pages are paper weight colored pages of the flower parts designed to be cut and pasted on the black and white pages. Rhyming verses re the flower on reverse of black and white illustration including Iris, Hollyhock, Zinnias, Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums. Helene Nyce illustrator.   Measures 8 1/2" x 12 1/2".
Uncut Handcolored Sheet -2 Jointed Articulated Ethnic Paper Dolls C. Burckardt c1890 1880
A 16 1/2 x 13 1/2 on thin stock.  Printed and hand colored in vibrant shades. Each consists of 7 pieces and when cut and constructed would measure 16 high.  They are a stereotypical Chinese and Turkish man..  Marked Druck u. Verlag v. C Burchardt s Nachf Weissenburg (Els)..   Condition: excellent.  Exceptional color.
 Au Bon Marche, Changing View Card of a Servant Girl into Queen . .Paris.c1900
A chromolithography trade card from the famous French department and Curiosity Store, named Au Bon Marche. The front has a gold and floral frame with shutters that when moved, alter the image of a servant girl into that of a Queen. The back of the card features an advertisement for the store. Printed on cardboard. Printer: Leopold Verger. Measures 5 1/4" x 3 3/4".
The Patchwork Poster Book of Mother Goose
No. 900.   18 unnumbered pages with heavy stock litho covers. Nine (9) of the pages are on heavier stock and are outlines of Mother Goose rhyme scenes, the remaining pages are paper weight colored pages of the parts of the scene designed to be cut and pasted on the black and white pages. Rhyming verses re the Mother Goose stories  on reverse of black and white illustration including Hot Cross Buns, Ride a Cock-Horse, Ding Dong Bell, Where are you Going, My Pretty Maid? and Polly Put the Kettle On.. Helene Nyce illustrator.   Measures 8 1/2" x 12 1/2".
Playtime - Drayton-like Folding Book. Cover wear with scuffs and light fading. Shelf wear. Vibrant color within.
16 pp, concertina style book applied litho on board. Brown cloth tape bind, printed on both sides.  Googly-eyed children in the style of Grace Drayton children depicted in daily activities e.g. playing, reading, and boating.  Measures 10" x 8", opens to 10" x 64". Cover wear with scuffs and light fading. Shelf wear. Vibrant color within.
 Movable Marionette - Little Red Riding Hood. Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.London, Printed in Bavaria.
A 12" x 8" embossed die-cut marionette of articulated paper doll comprised of three parts.  The doll is wearing the traditional red riding hood.  At first view her arms are tucked behind her cape. When the green string on the reverse is pulled downward it exposes her arms, carrying  a basket of bread, butter and tea in one hand and bouquets of flowers in both.   Instructions on the reverse advise to keep her arms extended  pull down on the cord and fix it into the slit at the foot of the model.   A verse on the back by Clifton Bingham reads "Little Red Riding Hood.  I'm little sweet Red Riding Hood, Who met the Bad Wolf in the Wood,  But he is killed, and if I stay With you, I'll never lose my way"..
Willy Pogany, Lionel Fabel The Children at the Pole.  1914
Litho on board concertina or accordian book.  The front side has sixteen illustrations with a story caption at the base.  The reverse includes a two page pictorial map of the Polar Region followed by 14 pp of text.  Letterpress by Lionel Fable.  Measures 6" x 5 1/4".  Cover wear.
Panorama of the Lord Mayor's Show.
When closed measures 4 1/2" x 6". Paper wraps.  Opens out to an 80" hand colored procession with the Lord Mayor concluding the procession.  Created in four sections and glued together.
Miss C. W. B. 25 Plus Hand made Silhouette Shadow Pictures. .England.1830s
Along with the 25 presumably hand cut shadow pictures ranging ins size from   The objective is to show light through the object onto a wall or white surface to show the puppet. This grouping also includes two printed sheets that were cut -  one apers to be Admiral Nelson and is captioned "A Majestic Shade of twenty years ago. 1817". Published by B. Tabart, 1817 and the other titled "The Queen" at a price of 6d. Most have penned or penciled names identifying the figure, some are as simple as Spartan Boy or Miss O'Neill.  Others are religious in nature.  Some are intricate while others a quite simple and almost naive.  A final bit of whimsy there is a cut pair of scissors.  The largest measures 8" x 8". .