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2 Early 20th Century California Greeting Cards, Tipped-in Illustrations.
Two  “Greetings from California” Cards, each with tipped-in illustrations.
Clement C. MooreThe Night Before ChristmasWestern Publishing Company, Inc.Racine, Wisconsin1969
Illustrated applied cover, "tell a tale books" illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship. The story of Santa Claus visiting on Christmas Eve. Beautifully illustrated in full color. 6 1/2" x 5 1/2". some wear on cover
George BudayThe Story of the Christmas CardOdhams Press LimitedLondon
44 pp. Color applied printed cover, frontispiece, images of cards both color and black and white. The story of the Christmas card, when and why they were created along with many examples. Some images are copied from Great Britain's Royal family collection. There is a strong focus on Victorian cards. 7 1/2" x 5"
Christmas Activity Book
A vibrantly colored unpaginated chidren's Christmas activity book complients of N. Snellenburg & Co. and Santa Claus...Printed on pulp or short fiber paper. Six (6) color pages, remainder black and white line drawings.s Begins with verse A Visit to Toyland by Maud Wood Henry, followed by story presented in the form of connect the dots, illustrations of Children of Many Lands, Christmas Eve by Emily Linslev, nursery stories Dear Santa Claus by Bessie M. Guigon, a Do-Somehting family sotry by Ruth Morton, Her Christmas Stockings by Lena B. Ellingwood, etc. It concludes with a Christmas Wishes rebus by Isla Paschal Richardson on inside back cover.  Illustration of Santa Claus holding exterior of N. Sneelenburg & Co exterior, captioned "My headquarters". Meausres 8" x 11".
Christmas Activity Book
A vibrantly colored unpaginated children's Christmas activity book compliments of N. Snellenburg & Co. and Santa Claus...Printed on pulp or short fiber paper. Six (6) color pages, remainder black and white line drawings. Begins with verse A Visit to Toyland by Maud Wood Henry, followed by story presented in the form of connect the dots, illustrations of Children of Many Lands, Christmas Eve by Emily Linslev, nursery stories Dear Santa Claus by Bessie M. Guigon, a Do-Somehting family story by Ruth Morton, Her Christmas Stockings by Lena B. Ellingwood, etc. It concludes with a Christmas Wishes rebus by Isla Paschal Richardson on inside back cover.  Illustration of Santa Claus holding exterior of N. Snellenburg & Co. exterior, captioned "My headquarters". Measures 8" x 11".
Our Holidays
Our Holidays
Price: $55.00
6 leaves with applied cutout puzzle pieces. Pictorial wraps 9 1/4" x 10 1/2".. Instructions on inside cover. Depicts busy midway with vendors and acts, farm life, the seashore, the zoo,the flower mart and the train station.  Back inside cover promotes other books in the series. Outer cover promotes the Warne's Nursery Literature books.
John Henry Bartlett II Blue Skies for Christmas. .Weston, MA.14580
A Christmas poem written by John Henry Bartlett, an eleven year old boy. According to the Note printed on the back the poem was printed by his parents, so that it could be read on Christmas morning. The front cover has a silhouette of Santa in his sleigh, being pulled through the sky by reindeer with the moon in the background. Below is a section of the poem: "Grandchildren all, like Faith and John, In child-life worlds now dwell, Still trusting us to learn upon, So woes we'll not foretell. Instead we'll talk of dolls and skates, And pleasant Christmas things, Of games of ball, of school play-mates, All  vacation brings. We'll banish thoughts of strife and war, Forget out debts to pay, In short forget all things that mar A perfect Christmas day." Single fold booklet, printed on blue paper with white text. Measures 6 1/4"  x 3 3/4" (folded), 7 1/2" x 6 1/4" (unfolded).. John Henry Bartlett II was born on May 26, 1928 in Boston, MA to Calvin Page Bartlett (1901-1976), a lawyer, and Blanche Bartlett nee Cameron (1904-?). He had one sister Faith Bartlett  Hickok (1931-2001). He attended Marlboro College in Vermont, and served in the Korean War. He died of cancer on July 21, 1992. At the time of his death he was a Vice President for investments for Dean Witter Reynolds.
 Thanksgiving, A Menu from the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics 1915 Thanksgiving Dinner. Ohio Hospital for Epileptics.Gallipolis, OH.5784
A single fold menu for the 1915 Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics. The menu is done in dark blue ink and the front cover features an illustration of an autumn scene with a turkey standing next to a pumpkin with a bunch of corn stalks in the background. Written in pencil at the top is "This was our dinner". The interior pages has an image of a pig's head on a plate on one side, with the menu on the other. Served at the dinner was roast pork, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, brown gravy, stewed tomatoes, celery, pumpkin pie and coffee. There is a game on the back cover which features seven illustrations of turkeys with the instructions: "Put one turkey in each pen by drawing three straight lines." Someone has attempted to solve the puzzle. Multiple attempts to solve the puzzle in pencil.   Single fold, double sided. Every page features a simple line border. Measures 6 1/4" x 4 1/2" (folded), 9" x 6 1/2" (unfolded).. The hospital itself was established by Ohio's state government in 1890, and was the first hospital in the United States dedicated to the care and study of epileptics. It officially opened its doors on November 30, 1893, and by 1901 it could care for up to 1,060 patients. The hospital closed in 1976 and most of its buildings were subsequently demolished with the exception of two sandstone water towers which are now on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ivy L. Wallace Pookie believes in Santa Claus. light wear on cover edges, slight loosening of binding, small amount of foxing beginning on some pages but intact pages with no tears. 1954
22 unnumbered pp. color illustrated hard cover. Beautiful detailed color and black and white illustrations by author. Pookie the rabbit with wings sees Santa Claus and his dilemma trying to convince his friends. Part of Pookie series, first printing 1953.  Measures 8" x 10".  light wear on cover edges, slight loosening of binding, small amount of foxing beginning on some pages but intact pages with no tears.
Chinese Kitchen God Holiday Card. ..c1920
This item is the paper effigy of the Chinese Kitchen God, that is placed above the fireplace at the start of the new year. The Chinese Kitchen God, who is most often called Zhang Lang, but sometimes referred to as Zao Jun or Zao Shen, would record the household's activities throughout the year and then report them to the Jade Emperor, the Emperor of the Heavens. The Emperor in return would either reward or punish the family based upon that report. This effigy depicts the Kitchen God and his wife above a roaring fire with two Chinese men beside the flames. The illustration is full of color and has a red and  gilded border. At the base of the illustration is a small description of the Chinese New Year and how the Chinese people pay their respects to the Kitchen God. On the back of this card it states "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year", with an image of a traditional Chinese Dragon on red paper with gilded specks. This Kitchen God was most likely a holiday/Christmas card meant to be given out by Chinese Americans to their non-Chinese friends. Measures 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" (folded), 12 3/4" x 9 3/4".
 A Visit to Santa Claus. Stecher Litho. Co.Rochester, NY.1919
8 pp unnumbered. Litho on tan, heavy stock wrap. Illustrations throughout by Margaret Evans Price. Part three color, part full color. 7" x 13 3/4". OCLC- 0 (Oct, 2018).
 The coming of Santason. Santason, Inc..Chicago.1928
30pp . wraps. 9 full page relevant color illustrations (1 is centerfold).  Illustrations by Helen Chamberlin.  The story of Santa Claus' desire to have a son when he suddenly appeared in the room.  He named him SANTASON who behaved and performed perfectly, just as Santa would.  Well accepted by the elves, especially SOLEM-NOME, DROLL-DOLL-NOME and DRESS-UPNOME.  They celebrate with a totem pole dance and a party.  SANTASON helped with preparation of toys and eventually Santa asked his son to accompany him on Christmas Eve.  Santa surprised SANTASON with a new plane and life was good... The story concludes with the author suggesting that children embrace and love SANTASON as much as they love Santa. (Guess it didn't catch on...) The back cover indicates it was given as a souvenir at SANTASON’S first visit to America by The Rike-Kumler Company. Dayton OH.  Measures 9 1/4" x 6".  OCLC - 1. The Rike-Kumler Company was a department store in Dayton Ohio.
Heluiz Washburne Little Elephant's Christmas. cover solid, dust jacket tearing on edges and spine, pages intact with slight edge toning. , Three pages have small edge tears. bookseller tag "Wright's Drug Store, Picton, Ontario". 1944
32 pp. Green cover with red applied with red dust jacket. Two color illustration by Jean McConnell. Story about Little Elephant's Christmas day. Fourth Printing. Copyright 1938.  Measures 9 1/2" x 7". cover solid, dust jacket tearing on edges and spine, pages intact with slight edge toning. , Three pages have small edge tears. bookseller tag "Wright's Drug Store, Picton, Ontario".
Fine Victorian Christmas Scraps. ..
A 7" x 6"  intact embossed die-cut scrap sheet depicting two Victorian Christmas scenes.  The first a scene of children delivering Christmas treats to Grandmother as proud parents look on.  The second is children seated around the children's table with an assortment of goodies including a plum pudding. Surrounded by leaf and gold ladder border decoration. .
Eloise in Moscow
Eloise in Moscow
Price: $150.00
Unpaginated.  Black stamped board book. Profusely illustrated.  In-text illustrations throughout. With the freezing wind blowing and the snow flying, Eloise, Nanny and Weenie arrive in Moscow. This first edition was published in 1959 at the height of the Cold War and unavailable for nearly 40 years, Two-color illustrations. Plus double center fold pictorial map of Moscow in four-color.
 Santa Claus & I  will open the store for the Christmas season on December 15th. Warren News Steam Press.Warren, NH.1894
12 1/2" x 9"  with bold letters at the top reading "Santa Claus and I are prepared to show the most Satisfactory Line of Christmas Goods Ever Shown in Town" with a vignette at left of Santa about to descend the chimney while the reindeer look on. Doors open at 7 o'clock in the morning (don't come before!).  Promoting December 15th as "opening day' for the holiday season.  Promoted Decorated China, Books, Music, Dolls, Games, Plush, Leather and Celluloid Goods, Writing Desks and an Illustrated Dictionary.  Of interest is "an Illustrated Dictionary containing nearly 1000 pages will be given to the school scholar guessing nearest how many times the store door opens during Christmas.  It costs nothing to guess, only each scholar must record their own guess at the store."  Fred C. Gleason, proprietor.   Reverse is blank..
Whirl-  Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game
A 9" x 7" litho on card game board with a volvelle with numbers and a spinner at center.  The number indicated by the spinner corresponds to a fortune on the reverse. It also points to a stunt to be completed by a party attendee. The volvelle is moved between each turn and the spinner is respun.  There are a set of printed instructions on the reverse plus a corresponding set of numbers between 1 and 20 for boys and for girls and provides the player with a fortune relevant to love or life.   | The stunts include tasks as "Leap like a frog and give a croak to Throw ten feet never fail Three potatoes in a pail".   Fortunes from "Hitch your wagon to a star And some day you can buy a car" to You'll meet a boy who's tall and slim And quickly fall in love with him".  Fun and whimsy.
Une Legende - A French Adaptation of The Night Before Christmas. ..c1900
A 12 fold concertina book.  Illustrated wraps.  Picture book with rhyming  verse, with a storyline similar to The Night Before Christmas. A brown coat St. Nicholas and dwarfs cutting down Christmas trees and driving St. Nicholas' sleigh. Measures 2 1/2" x 3 7/8". .
A Set of Two Photographs Depicting Christmas Displays of Butcher Stores
The first photograph is a black and white image of a Christmas display of various meat and seafood products. The caption "Jorden & Co. Meat Market, 1894" is on the bottom. The photograph shows the interior of the store with the store counter and walls behind it cover in meat products with a table in the center of the store covered in various seafood products. A "Merry Christmas" banner surrounded by foliage hangs from the ceiling. In the display are several different sizes of whole fish, lobster, rabbit, large birds such as pheasant, turkey or chicken, and large slabs of hanging meat, most like from a cow. The photograph is mounted on board. Measures 8 1/4" x 6 1/2" (photograph), 9 1/4" x 7 3/4".

The second photograph depicts a black and white image of a exterior front of a butcher store with various meat products hanging from the windows. Two men in the traditional white apron stand on the sidewalk in front, and a third man can be seen through the doorway wearing dark clothes. The sign above the door says "Bright Bros.". There are various birds (with no heads) hanging on the exterior wall, most appear to be plucked chickens, though there are two larger birds with feathers, mostly likely turkey or pheasants, on display as well. Additionally there are several whole small pigs on the window sill., seated next to a stacked display of canned meat. Also hanging of the walls are large sides of beef. In-between the various meat products are green wreaths and garlands. The photograph is mounted on board. On the back of the board is written: Photo Bright & Wile, Main St., Old Hunter Block, empty lot [as of] 1989. Butcher & grocer later Greenblath Store". Measures 8 1/4" x 6 1/4".

General wear. Minor scratches. The second photograph is missing the bottom left corner of the matte board.
Kay Whitcomb Keith A Collection of Hand Made Christmas Cards and Other Correspondence of Enamel Artist Kay Whitcomb. .La Jolla, CA.[1961-1965]
A collection of five items relating to Kay Whitcomb (1921-2015)  who was an American enamel artist who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and worked mostly in California but exhibited her work world wide. Most of Whitcomb's work was abstract, and while she most often worked with enamel, she was also known for her painting and print work. All of the items within the collection are some form of correspondence with Douglas Rowley of Massachusetts, a long time friend and printer of some of Whitcomb's photographic work. Three of the items are handmade Christmas cards from December 1963, 1964, and 1965 that feature Whitcomb's artwork. Each card features an image created by Whitcomb and a short note. The 1963 card is most likely a linocut print of what appears to be an artist rendering of a church and short generic holiday message. The 1964 card features a photograph of one of her enamel works entitled "Angel Panel, Enamel on Copper" beside a bible quote from the Gospel of Luke. Additionally there is a handwritten note describing the changes in the skyline and at a local art museum. The last card, from 1964, features what appears to be another linocut, that was printed on dark pink tissue paper and is an artist rendering of a shepherd and one of his sheep. There is also a short handwritten note in this card, updating Rowley on one of their mutual friends as well as requesting an enlargement of a photograph that Rowley had previously printed for her. The last two items in this collection are exhibition cards. The first is for an undated exhibition of Whitcomb's, "Paintings & Enamels", at the Library Gallery in La Jolla. The card is black and white set on a brown card stock, and features a collage of several drawings, most likely some of which were featured in the exhibit. The last item is for an exhibit in August of 1961. This card's information is in Italian, and appears to have been for a series of enameling workshops and corresponding exhibit of Whitcomb's in Positano, Italy at the Palazzo Murat Hotel. The card features a black and white printed photograph of what appears to be a large outdoor piece of Whitcomb's at the top of an outdoor stairway. On the back of the card is a note to Rowley, which describes several items that Whitcomb would like Rowley to print for her along with a short personal note. Measures: 8 1/2" x 11" (largest, 1963 card unfolded), smallest 7" x 5" (undated exhibition card).. Kay Whitcomb Keith was born in 1921 in Arlington, MA into a family with a long line of metalsmiths. She went to the Rhode Island School of Design graduating in 1942. In 1944 she joined the US Marine Corps Women's Reserve at Camp Pendleton, CA where she used her drafting skills. After apprenticing under artist Doris Hall, she moved to Winchester, MA, using a GI loan she opened her own studio in Winchester, MA. She briefly was married to a man by the last name of Keith and had two children. After the divorce, she and her children would move to California, eventually settling in La Jolla, CA. She eventually began teaching enamel art at La Jolla Art Museum and the San Diego Museum of Art. She continued creating art and exhibiting her art work all over the world, even celebrating her sixtieth year in enameling in 2006. She died in 2015 and is buried in Cambridge, MA.
John Leech Young Troublesome or Master Jacky's Holidays. Bradley & Evans.London.[1845-1850]
A humorous story of Master Jack and his adventures around the holiday. Master Jack is a rambunctious, mischievous, young spoiled boy, who often, in his attempts to alleviate his boredom around the holidays, creates all sorts of trouble for his parents, sisters, and indulgent servants. For example, while playing with a new toy theater he received, he creates a "terrific explosion in the Housekeepers room". In another scene, when he was "privileged to leave the dining room with the ladies" he promptly takes "an undue advantage of his delightful position" by stealing a kiss from a lady. This book can be acted out as a play, as there is a list of characters or "Persons Represented" in the beginning. 12 pages. Engraving with hand finishing. Linen backed. Measures 10 3/4" x 7 1/4".
Three Christmas Boxes. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1882(2)
A Christmas book that attempts to teach the reader a lesson on animal cruelty. The book follows the story of three brothers, Frank ,Harry and Tommy, and their three dogs. The story starts with Tommy killing Frank's dog, and Santa Claus deciding to teach Tommy a lesson on humility and animals. The story contains 4 full pages color illustrations, along with one two-page illustration. The illustrations are extremely detailed and vividly colored. The back cover depicts a variety of advertisements for McLoughlin's other books.   8pp plus 6 plates and illustrated wraps. Measures 10 3/4" x 9 1/2".
The Christmas Boy Paper Doll - Two-sided doll with 7 costumes. Unknown .Germany.c1850s
A 4 1/4" two-sided paper boy doll and his seven (7) two-sided costumes that include background scenes.  The boys costumes correlate with occupations/activities and include: Arbalist (crossbowman) scholar with a book a masquerade costume a huntsman a professor with a globe an ice skater recreating with a stick and ball (hat included) . This is the same male doll as that found in the Christmas Doll boxed set.  Interestingly the three (3) outfits (masquerade, scholar and ice skater) in the Christmas Doll are identical but images but printed in different colors.
 Song, written for the 4th of July, 1810, A Broadside Song Sheet. .Westermoreland, NH.July 10, 1810
A patriotic song for July 4th written in twenty numbered stanzas., four lines each. The poem doesn't focus on specific battles too much, but rather the bravery of our men and their Commanders, like George Washington. The song is printed in two columns with as small decorative border in-between the two. Below are excerpts from the poem: "Their hostile banners were display'd, And Yankee doodle then was play'd; But soon their troops in blood did wade, And quickly left their station." - Stanza 4 "So neatly we around them got; We played so bravely with our shot; These rogues they found the fire so hot, They were forc'd to cry for quarter." - Stanza 12 "Brave countrymen, let's drop a tear To th' memory of each friend so dear, Who fell without a dread or fear, Defending of their Nation. July the fourth, of which we sing; The day we sever'd from a king; Be ne'er forgot while time has wing, To waft it o'er the Nation." - Stanzas 19 & 20 Single sheet, printed in two columns. OCLC 1 (Oct 2019) Not in Shaw & Shoemaker. Measures 10 1/2" x 8 1/2".