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Le Petit Ourson Qui Crie (The Little Bear Crying). Mulder & Zoon.Amsterdam.1940s
14 pp. soft cover.  French language. An endearing book about a mischievous little bear, named Michou, and the trouble he gets into both at school and at the pool.  Illustrations are in both color and black and white. Measures 8 1/2" x 7 3/4" . There is a large stain on the cover mostly on the front left corner, but some of it is also on the back cover. The covers are also partially detached in this area. Additionally, there is some missing surface litho on the front left corner. Edge wear. The interior pages are toned due to age.
Die Kleinsten Schon am Telefon (The Youngest on the Phone). Junior International.Germany.1970
This book was intended for toddlers, and would show two children having a make believe conversation on a phone. Such as a young girl ordering food from the local baker for her guests - a group of her dolls. The illustrations are colorful and bright. On boards, 6 pgs. In German. Measures 9" x 8" . Cover wear, particularly on the back cover where there is a scratch all the way across. Edge wear due to rubbing. Minor soiling on interior pages. Binding is cracked on center interior page.
Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne An Anthology of Babyhood. Hutchinson Co.London.1912
A collection of poetry and lullabies for a child. The book has been divided into twelve different sections, with only a number as a title. At the start of each section is a small black and white charming illustration. There are also a few random illustrations throughout the book. The only illustration in color is the frontispiece, and it showcases a baby in her baptism dress and cap. The end papers are a whimsical piece in pink, of "The Week of Babies". This book was edited & compiled by Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne, and illustrated by T.J. & E.A. Overnell. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". . Light surface wear and fading on cover.
American Sunday School Union The Fearful Child .American Sunday School Union . American Sunday School Union.Philadelphia.1857-1859
8 pp. wrapper, with 3 woodcuts. Written for the American Sunday School Union, and revised by the Committee of Publication. Apart of a series published by the American Sunday School Union, called Child's Home Library. It tells the story of a little boy over coming his fear of the dark. Some wear, cover is tearing at edge, slight toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"..
American Sunday School Union Little Henry. American Sunday School Union.Philadelphia.1857-1893
16 pp. wrapper, with one illustration. Apart of a series published by the American Sunday School Union, called Child's Home Library. The book tells the story of Henry, a little boy, who learns that even children can do the Lord's work, in every day small acts of kindness. Ends with a hymn. Slight foxing and toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"..
The Medley . Bailey & Noyes.Portland.1860
16 pp. wrapper with 11 illustrations. Cover is a light pink with the number 2 in the top right. The book is a 'medley' of items and their descriptions. Normally relating back to the United States in some manor. The objects discussed are an Anchor, a Windmill, a Flag, a Tent, a Cannon, a Clock and a Barge. All entries are accompanied by at least one illustration. Sewing repair on binding. Intact tears along binding on the cover. Foxing, soiling and toning throughout. .
A.L.O.E (Anne Renier and Fernand Gabriel Renier) The Children's Treasury New Stories: No. 2 Grasping the Apple. T. Nelson and Sons.London, Edinburgh, and New 1870
16 pages, bound in yellow wrapper. Cover printed in red ink, with decorative border and floral backing on title. Decorative element on title page with "Packet B" printed  in the bottom left corner of the page, engraved frontisepiece.  Decorative border on page 3 surrounding box of text.  Back cover has a "List of the Series" with the names of the other titles in this series. 4 3/4" x 3". OCLC-1 (Aug, 2018).
The Picture Book; with Stories in Easy Words: for Little Readers . Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.1856-1857
8 pp. wrapper with 6 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the first series, No. 7. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856, and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. The books tells the story of a little boy who goes to visit his sister and what he sees along the way. The cover is a light pink with some soiling. There are some very faded stains on towards the edge, it does not effect the text or images in the book. Measures 3 1/4" x 2"..
Little George; or Temptation Resisted. Kiggins & Kellogg.New York.1850s
16 pp. wrapper with 7 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the third series, No. 4. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856 (like this book), and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. At the end there is a poem entitled, "Schoolboy Days." The book tells the story of a young boy named George who is tempted by a classmate to steal a farmer's fruit. The cover is pink with a light faded stain on the top left, and a few splotches on the back. The string used to bind the book is loose, and can be seen through the binding. As a result the pages are the book are loosened from the cover, but they are still attached. There is a stain on the top left of the first few pages, but it has faded and doesn't not effect the text or images of the book. There is some soiling and toning throughout. Measures 4 1/2" x 3"..
George Coolidge Shade and Sunshine . Brown, Taggert & Chase.Boston.1859
16 pp. wrapper, 6 woodcuts. Part 3 of the series "My Own Little Library", Tells the story of a little girl named Ellen, who learns the beauty of nature, it ends with a moral. Decorative engraving on every page. Wear on edges of cover, slight foxing and toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 1/4"..
Zelia Margaret Walters The Message of the Tree . David C. Cook Publishing Co..Elgin.1916
14 pp. wrapper, with 2 illustrations. It tells the story of two children who try to get a Christmas tree for the village, even though all the men who would haul the tree are off at war with a neighboring Lord. Eventually their journey leads to peace between the two warring Lords. There is some slight wear to the edges of the covers, and the binding is has several intact tears. Slight toning. Measures 6" x 4"..
Rufus Merrill The History of Joseph . Rufus Merrill & Co..Concord.1843
16 pp. wrapper with 9 woodcuts. The book tells a brief history of Joseph, and ends with a moral for the children. This is apart of a series called "New and Amusing Toys". This book is number 12 in the second series. The cover is green with some tears in the corners. The back cover lists all the books in the series. The corners are slightly folded throughout, along with a little bit of foxing. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"..
H C Cradock Josephine Keeps House. Blackie and Son.Glasgow.c1920s
A 64 page paginated book with applied litho cover.  It  tells the story of when Josephine and her family move to a new house. There she teaches her dolls to play house. There are five chapters, "Josephine Plans a New Game", "Josephine Tells the Children", "They All Go to the New House",  "They Settle Down", and " The Princess Comes to Call". There are eight, full page color illustrations, and 16 B&W illustrations throughout the story. The covers are tan boards, with yellow cloth spine and a color illustration mounted on front cover. There is a crease on the front cover, reaching from the top left corner to about two thirds of the was down the right side of the book. Additionally, there is a small stain on the back cover, in bottom left corner, and a dent on the bottom edge. There are few intact tears on the interior pages, including one color illustration, however they do not effect either the text or drawing. Measures 10" x 7 3/4"..
 John White and his Lottery Ticket-pair with make-do repairs. Merriam, Moore, & Co.New York.n.d.
12 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations. A pair of books both John White and his Lottery ticket. One has hand sewn binding and repair with hand colored illustration on cover. The other has most of the cover missing but has a unique cloth hand sewn binding  attached. The story of John White, a formerly prosperous farmer, who tried to get rich quickly by buying a lottery ticket. He did not win but decided to try again and fro then on took to drinking, smoking, and hunting. He tried to get back on track but began drinking and gambling which led to a disastrous ending. 5 1/2" x 3". one book missing cover and hand sewn cloth spine, the other is colored in and hand sewn repairs and heavy staining, both have heavy wear, small tears on edges, inscribed
American Tract Society What is a Star? . American Tract Society.New York.1800s
16 pp. wrapper with 3 illustrations. The number 28 appears on the cover and title page. Covers decorated in read ink. Teaches astronomy through a conversation had between mother and son. Ends with a discussion on God and how we should thank him for everything. The last page has a poem on it "Night comes with every start,/ Making the streams, that on their noonday track./ Give but the moss, the reed, the lily back,/ Mirrors of worlds afar." Intact tear on binding. Two drop stains on cover and title page. Slight foxing. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2"..
Mary Martha Sherwood History of Henry Milner, Abridged . Merriam & Moore.Troy.1851
48 pp. wrapper with 14 woodcuts. Contains an abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. This book appears to have been made from several of the series about Henry Milner called Milner's Toys. The hard cover binding is entitled "The Child's Museum". The stories included in this version are Master Henry's Arrival, The Great Alarm, The Evil Temper, Application and Idleness, Master Henry's Lesson, The Visitors, and Hay-making. It is a hardcover book with portions of the front cover colored in, the back has a list of the titles in the Milner Toys Series. The binding tape used is cracking and peeling along the edge. A few intact tears and toning throughout. Measures 6" x 3 3/4"..
Joseph Lee  Play and Playgrounds . .1908.
A reprint of an essay written by Joseph Lee, the man considered to be the grandfather of the playground movement. It was published after he was named the chairman of the Playground Association of America's Committee on State Laws. The essay covered not only his philosophy of play, but the types of play recommended for various ages, the importance of variety in play, the necessity of leadership and supervision, and the character values that come from play. Measures 9" x 6"..
 Flowers for the Nursery or a Good Child's Nosegay;Containing Alphabets, Easy Lessons & a gift from Mamma to her Best Love . Atwood & Brown.Concord.1837-1839
16 pp. wrapper. with 14 illustrations. The cover is yellow, and the title page states this is the Seventh Series -- No. 5. The cover states this was published in 1839 in Concord by Boyd & White, while the title page says 1837 in Concord by Atwood & Brown. There are two pages devoted to woodcuts of the letters of the alphabet. Then for every letter there is a slight verse. For example, the letter 'K', "Was Miss Kitty, born in Kent, Her other name was Knight." At then end of the book are six easy lessons. They are morals, told in verse, with each word only having one syllable.  . Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/2"...
 Your Rights and the Police, an ACLU Pamphlet. American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Rhode Island.Providence, RI.[1965]
A 'Q & A' pamphlet provided by the Rhode Island American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLU) on what to do when you are stopped by the police. The pamphlet has been broken up into three sections: 'If You Are Stopped by the Police', 'Your Rights' After an Arrest', and 'Your Rights in Front of a Judge'. Each question and answer is stated in simple and direct terms. Some of the questions asked are: 'What should I do if the police harass me?', 'When can the police search my home?', 'What rights do I have after an arrest?', 'Is there anything I should sign at the station [after an arrest]? (on the inventory list of your belonging at the time of your arrest), and 'What will happen when I appear before the judge?'. The pamphlet also emphatically states at the beginning that "these [answers] are just general guidelines, and that the law in this area is complex and constantly being modified." The last section of the pamphlet has what appears to be a cut out card on can put in their wallet that provides a couple of quick facts and advise about what to do if you are arrested.  While the ACLU was founded in the 1920s, the Rhode Island branch was founded in 1959. It is still in existence today. 8 page pamphlet. Measures 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" (folded), 13 3/4" x 8 1/2" (unfolded) .
Playgrounds Association of Philadelphia - Why? Document No. 3.. .Philadelphia.1909
15 pp. Illustrated wraps. This booklet includes a few short essays extolling on the benefits of playgrounds for children's physical and mental health. The photographic image on the front cover depicts children playing in muddy water in the street gutter.  It was the prevalent thought of the time that outdoor play was essential in helping prevent the spread of tuberculosis and enforcing moral character. There are five black and white images from photographs (both full and half page) meant to help illustrate the various points of the essays. Each photograph comes with a caption, one of which hilarious states, "Craps, a game of chance, in which character has no chance." The booklet was also meant as a means of soliciting donations to the Playgrounds Association of Philadelphia. The back cover has a section that could be torn off and mailed in with a donation. Includes the Objectives of the Association, The Advance of the National Playground Movement, In the Playground Movement Philadelphia has not taken its Rightful Place, Philadelphia and the Playground Movement, How Can Playgrounds be Obtained?, Play as a Citizen Maker, Play as a Preventive of Crime and Play and Health. There are two script  notes on the back cover directed to the reader imploring them to join the movement. Measures 9 1/4" x 6". . A system of supervised playgrounds is essential in order to build up a robust motherhood and a vigorous citizenship for the next generation of Philadelphians
Old Mother Bruin and Her Foolish Cubs. McLoughlin.New YOrk.1874
Gilt enhanced chromolithograph wraps. 6 leaves. 6 full page color plates. The adventures and misadventures of a mother bear and her cubs.  Back cover promotes McLoughlin products  including info on Aunt Louisa's Big Picture Series, Gilt Cover Picture Books and more. Measures 9" x 10 3/4".. Sewing repair on backstrip. First text page and plate page appear to be reverses.
A Walk in the Hay-Fields . H & E Phinney.Cooperstown.c1830s
16 pp. wrapper with 10 woodcuts. Tells the story of a boy's walk through a farmer's fields and the animals and sights he encounters along the way. There is sewing repair on the binding, as well as general soiling on the cover, some foxing on the pages. Measures 3 1/4" x 2"..
Simon Two Letters from a Mother to Her Child, with integrated naive drawings, August 1929. .Boston MA.10806
Two whimsical letters from a mother to one of her two daughters, Elizabeth Simon (nicknamed Betty). The first letter mentions a visit to their cousin Ruth, who has two cats on her roof. The missive continues on asking her how here hay fever is doing and if she has had anytime to play with the kitten next door. Lastly it mentions the mother has been so busy that morning that even though it is 11 AM, she still hasn't had time to fix her hair.The letter is embellished with four pen and ink drawing- two cats on a roof of house, little girl playing with cats, four children riding on a horse, and two children playing in the water. The second letter is longer than the first. It starts with the mother telling Betty that she has been feeling better lately, though her hip is hurting her pretty badly so she will most likely stop riding soon. It discusses a visit from their Aunt and a picnic lunch she had a Lake Waldon. There she watched several children on a water slide. She then inquires after what Betty has been doing in her spare time and if she has any stories to share, such as a stubbed toe perhaps or a bee landed on her nose? It ends with the hope that Betty will borrow her sister's, Barbara's, water wings to help her float.  In-text drawings of  a water slide, a child landing in the water, and presumably Betty with a bee on her nose. Measures 5 1/4" x 3 1/4" (folded card) . The envelope is toned due to age and the letters themselves some minor soiling, otherwise fine.
The two brothers and what Echo said to them. Dean and son.London.1852
8 leaves.  Illustrated wraps. Sixpenny couloured toy books; Aunt Busy-Bee's new series.  Six (6) hand colored engravings.  The tale of two naughty boys going to play instead of school.  The spot they chose to linger at, Re-echoed, or sent back the voice.  The echo is playing tricks on them frightening them and sending them off to school.   Back cover promotes other Dean and Son's Six-Penny Books.  Measures 10" x 6 3/4".   Fabric and sewing repair on spine. Moderate to heavy wear..
 The Turtle Islanders, a Dinner Party's Program. .Orono, ME.1902
A program from a small dinner party, entitled "The Turtle Islanders, Thursday March 16, 1905", which most likely refers to Turtle Island in Winter Harbor, ME. On one of the interior pages is a play on the poem "The Lay of the Lobster" which appeared in a Harper's Magazine (Vol 73) in the late 1880s. (See below for text of the alter poem). Additionally there is a list of guests: Dr William Rogers (1817-1896), his brother Allen E. Rogers (1855-?) and sister-in-law Hannah L. Rogers (1850-?), along Hannah's sister Linnie. S. Lord (1874-?), Lida E. Fifield (1876-1945), Gilbert M. Gowell (1845-1908) and his wife Ella E. Gowell (1849-1906), Lucius H. Merrill (1857-1935) and his wife Lydia M. Merrill (1854-1907), and Lucius' mother-in-law Lydia S. Buffum (1829-1912) and his daughter Katharine B. Merrill (1895-?). All the guests were prominent members of Orono, ME, and Lucius and Gilbert were both associated with the University of Maine as professors. The back of the party favor as a wonderful illustration of a turtle swimming near a fish. 4 pgs., including illustrated wrappers. String binding. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 3/4. "Oh I love Sardines, When boyl'd with beanes , And Mix't with ye Sandes of ye seas, And I love not lesse, Trewe Jollinesse, And Good Companie.".
Rebeckah Shearer Farewell, an Original poem at the Departure of a Friend. ..1837
An original poem written by Rebeckah Shearer in 1837. It is unclear if the poem is meant as a farewell for a loved one moving away or passing away. The poem is four stanzas long, the first of which is below: Farewell- but ever bear in mind the kindred heart you leave behind; It's throbbing fainies [sp? feigns] truth would tell, It almost bursts to say farewell Written on a single sheet of paper. Measures 4"x 3".
 Unused Set of Courtesy Posters To Color. Beckley-Cardy Co., Set 562.Chicago, IL.1929
A set of 9 twelve 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" line drawing captioned images to be colored by students. Each provides a message on courtesy and specific instructions as to the color of crayon to use for each element of the picture.  The messages include Do Errands Willingly Be Thoughtful of Others Practice Good Manners at Home Be a Little Gentleman "Speak No Ill!" Do Not Push or Crowd Never Brag or Boast Don't Wear Fancy Clothes to School Be Courteous in an Audience Courtesy Prevents Quarrels Help Older People Be Mannerly at Table The reverse of each is blank.  Two color cover depicts boy on roller skates helping a girl on skates who had fallen. . Makes me want to color outside of the lines and pick my OWN colors.   But that wouldn't be very courteous of me...
 The Cats Party, Dame Dingle's Series. McLoughlin.New York.1869
8 pgs. wraps. An illustration and rhyming verse on each page. The story of  anthropomorphic cats planning and executing a party with all it's trials and tribulations.  Concludes with a Moral.   The reverse of the pages are blank and a child has created (traced) an outline of the image on the reverse page--a charming touch.  Front cover depicts dancing cats while the back cover promotes Indestructible Toy Books by McLoughlin.  Measures 9" x 5 3/4".  OCLC -5 on 6/5/17. Cover wear with  two corner chips on cover.
Richard Pease Farmer Fallowfield's Pretty Stories for Good Girls and Boys. Gray, Sprague & Co..Albany.1857
15pp Grandmamma Easy Series. Half-page relevant hand colored engravings. Elaborate  illustration inside cover.  Contents include The Farmer's Wife, The Shepherd, The Wheatsheaf,  The Horse, The Donkey, Look at the Nobel Swan and The Child and Pirde. Back cover promotes other Gray Sprague & Co. books and Marks' Colored Toy Books. Measures 10 3/4" x 7".  . Moderate to heavy wear.
 Centennial Celebration of Separation of Danvers from Salem, Massachusetts Broadside. Salem Observer Press .Salem, Mass.1852
The Old South Church was the location of the centennial celebration of the separation from Salem to create the Town of Danvers. Of the many events, included in the schedule is a prayer by Rev. Israel P. Putnam,  an address by John W. Proctor and a Poem by Andrew Nichols. Elaborate decorative device border decoration. Measures 11 3/4" x 6 3/4"  .
Mary Martha Sherwood Master Henry's Visit at Mrs Green's and his return. Merriam & Moore. 1851
24 pp. wrapper with 9 illustrations. This book tells part of a abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. The story is broken up in to two sections, the visit and the return. The cover is pink with a very small section missing on the bottom left. The back cover is an advert for the series "Milner Toys." It lists all six books in the series, this book is number four. There is also some general toning. Measures 6" x 4"..
Mary Martha Sherwood Master Henry's Visit at Mrs Green's and his return . Merriam & Moore.1851
24 pp. wrapper with 9 illustrations. This book tells part of a abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. The story is broken up in to two sections, the visit and the return. The cover is pink with a very small section missing on the bottom left. The back cover is an advert for the series "Milner Toys." It lists all six books in the series, this book is number four. There is also some general toning. Measures 6" x 4"..
2 vinegar valentines - Maids and Bobbys - 1 original art. Unknown.England. c1870s
One printed and hand colored and one original art Penny Dreadful valentines with the same theme -- the maid is smitten with the Bobbie and he is smitten with her fare - from mutton to beer. The first, single-fold,  with the maid having the upper hand atop the wall reads "I love you, I love you, and who shall dare? To say that for cold meat I ever did care,  Ah! Juliet, dear Juliet, your Romeo's near, And would not object to a nice mug of beer". The second, a well executed original watercolor piece depicting the subservient maid offering the Bobby  hot mutton is captioned "What Robert, at your old games still?  Well, you can't be blamed 'if cooky will', For love tempt you with nice roast mutton But Robert I fear you're an awful glutton". Reverse and insides of both blank. The original art measures 7 1/4" x 4 1/2". .
John Leech Young Troublesome or Master Jacky's Holidays. Bradley & Evans.London.[1845-1850]
A humorous story of Master Jack and his adventures around the holiday. Master Jack is a rambunctious, mischievous, young spoiled boy, who often, in his attempts to alleviate his boredom around the holidays, creates all sorts of trouble for his parents, sisters, and indulgent servants. For example, while playing with a new toy theater he received, he creates a "terrific explosion in the Housekeepers room". In another scene, when he was "privileged to leave the dining room with the ladies" he promptly takes "an undue advantage of his delightful position" by stealing a kiss from a lady. This book can be acted out as a play, as there is a list of characters or "Persons Represented" in the beginning. 12 pages. Engraving with hand finishing. Linen backed. Measures 10 3/4" x 7 1/4".
 23 Select Papers on the many facets and factors surrounding the Playground. Second Annual Playground Congress.New York, NY.1908
A set of 23 booklets, mostly 8pp. in which each one is the text from speeches given at several different conferences held in 1908 discussing the importance of playgrounds. Most were given at the Second Annual Playground Congress which was held on Madison Ave in New York City from September 8th - 12th, 1908.  The congress was considered to be a huge success. In attendance were representatives, mostly mayors from large cities from thirty-one different states, and even delegates from Canada and Puerto Rico. Each booklet is numbered. Booklets included are: 22-33, 35-36, 39-41, 43, 50, 60-61, 64, and 66. Includes: Landscape Gardening for Playgrounds The Significance of Recent National Festivals in Chicago What the Playground cando for Girls The Need of a Play Organizer Winter Organization of Playgrounds Some Inexpensive Play Ground Apparatus Recent Playground Development in Chicago The Playground from the Standpoint of the Executive Officer of the City The Relation of Play grounds to Juvenile Delinquency The Playground as a Phase of Social Reform Can the Child Survive Civilization? Children of the Century The Home Playground The Playground a Necessary Accompaniment to Child Labor Restriction Why we Want Play Grounds Annual Report of Mr. Lee F. Hanmer Annual Report of Dr. Henry S. Curtis Playgrounds and Playground Equipment The Business of Play New Jersey Playground Law Report of E. B. DeBroot, Director Gymnasiums and Playgrounds South Park Commission Chicago Folk and National Dances The Playground as a Factor in School Hygiene Each booklet measures 9" x 6".. City Library of Manchester NH deaccession