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Religious Tract Society. The Widow's Lamp. Reed & Pardon, Printers.London.1840
8 pp. wrapper, 1 woodcut. This is from a series of 32 booklets, all 8 pages each. Three short religious stories about how one person can make a difference. Produced for the Religious Tract Society, at 56 Paternoster Row; 164 Piccadilly, London. Slight soiling and toning, intact tears along binding. Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"..
Nursery Primer
Nursery Primer
Price: $28.00
24 pp primer with color illustrations of children at work and play on covers. Woodcut on inside cover depicts older child playing teacher in a classroom setting. Title page depicts a ring of children around the world.  Includes 18 different lessons. Printed on pulp or short fiber paper.
Nursery Tales Children Love
New York: The Platt & Munk Co Inc, 1933. Hardcover. Good +. Eulalie. 77 pp. profusely illustrated with full page color numerous colored and some B&W in text illustrations. There are eight stories told in this book: The little red hen and the grain of wheat -- The Tale of Peter Rabbit -- The Three Little Pigs -- The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen -- The Story of Little Black Sambo -- The Gingerbread Boy -- Chicken Little -- The Three Little Kittens. The cover shows some general wear, and damage to the top of the binding. The inside pages show light toning, and two illustrations during the story of The Three Little Pigs have blue crayoning. 12 1/4" x 10".
Trott et L'escargot
Trott et L'escargot
Price: $35.00
16 pp including covers illustrated French reader. n. d. c1930. Profusely illustrated with charming imagery depicting daily adventures of a small child. He encounters strangers, the mysteries of a a garden, a flock of sheep, a bull and much more. Muted tones.  Dear. Measures 71/4" x 10 3/4". Edge wear.
Alfred Guttmann and Karl Lutge Kinder Lieder [Children's Songs]. Deutscher Arbeitersängerbund [German Workers' Singing Association].Berlin.1926
24 pp, Kinder Lieder: Erstes Heft, zwei- und mehrstimmige lieder und Kanons für kleine und große kinder, which roughly translates to: First Edition, two- and three-part songs and canons for young and old children. The front cover is printed in two colors, with the title and border design in blue and a line drawing of three children of varying ages singing in red. Each song in the book also has illustrations depicting the song. Some of the songs in this book are: Alle Vögel sind schon da [All the Birds Are Already Here], A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee [A, B, C, The Cat Ran in the Snow], Ein Männlein steht im Walde [A Little Man Stands in the Forest], and Der Kuckuck und der Esel [The Cuckoo and The Donkey].  In German. Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2'.. Minor toning and soiling due to age.
Noah's Ark.  Dorothy Bell Briggs Rand McNally & Co Chicago 1946
Applied cover board book, colorful illustrations, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book, 8026. A brief story of Noah's Ark with vibrant cartoon images. Large simple words for early readers. 6 1/2" x 5"
Grandmother Goose's Series: Nursery Jingles. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1882
16 pp (including covers) The book contains several nursery rhymes as well as corresponding imagery. Some of the rhymes included are Little Tom Tucker, Hot Cross Buns, and Peter White. Six full-page and one double color illustrations. Many of the illustrations are novelties (having several subjects in one picture). Dated through advertisements on back that were new items in the McLoughlin 1882 catalogue. A part of the Grandmother Goose Series. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" . Covers partially detached. Moderate cover wear. Toning. Missing surface litho on bottom of some pages along backstrip due to the fact that they were stuck together (one still is). Inscription on front cover from previous owner. Toning and soiling due to age.
Grandmother Goose's Series: Nursery Songs. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1890s
16 pp (including covers) The book contains several nursery rhymes as well as corresponding imagery. Some of the rhymes included are Up Piccadilly, Little Jack Horner, Tom the Piper Son.  Six full-page and one double color illustrations. Many of the illustrations are novelties (having several subjects in one picture). Variant issues: some issues begin with the poem, "Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat." This item begins with "Up Piccadilly." A part of the Grandmother Goose Series. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" . Cover wear. Homespun fabric repair to binding. Repair to binding done with a string on top, otherwise some pages would be fully detached. Missing surface litho on near backstrip some pages where pages glued and pulled apart (one still is). Inscription on front cover from previous owner. Toning and soiling due to age.
 Cinderella, Jack and Jill Story Favorite Paper Dolls. Merrill Publishing Company.Chicago, IL.1952-1957
A variety of classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes are represented in this paper doll book. On each outfit page there are tiny illustrations that depict the fairy tale the outfits are from. The tales within the book are: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill. Interior pages and dolls are the same as "Johnny, Janey, and Judy in Storybook Land, no. 1544:15", with one except. There are two less interior pages in this book. Punch out dolls, one on the front cover, two on the back. No. 1547 Book Size: 12 1/4" x 10 1/4" Number of Dolls: 3 Doll Size: 10 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
Das Frohe Kind
Das Frohe Kind
Price: $48.00
Hardcover. 8vo. Illustrated litho cover.  German language rhyming nursery book. Illustrated in black and white. Anthropomorphic animals interact with small children throughout.
The Brimful Book, Mother Goose Animals A.B.C. illustrated by Eulalie, C. M. Burd and G & D Haumann. Platt adn Munk Co Inc.New York.1939
A charming children's book full of Mother Goose Rhymes and colorful illustrations. In addtion to the classic rhymes the book also features several short stories, such as "Good Doggies" and "The Quack Quack Family". There is also an ABC section to the book as well. Red cloth backed covers, with a pictorial cover attached.  Pictorial end papers depicting characters from the rhymes.   Unpaginated. This book was copyrighted in 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1939. It is the 23rd edition. Edited by Watty Piper. Measures 12 1/4" x 10". Edge wear to cloth covers, the boards beneath the cloth are exposed in the corners. The pictorial cover is worn on the edges, and has some small sections of missing surface litho. Back cover has some stains. Inside endpaper is torn in two places. Tape repair to binding. There is an inscription down by a previous owner. Minor stains and toning on interior pages, does not affect readability.
The Most Popular Mother Goose Songs.
Unpaginated fully illustrated child's song book with words and music. Illustrated by the author. Charming imagery relevant to each song. Content included familar songs such as Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Measures 10" x 11 1/2".
Learning to Count: or, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe." With 10 illustrationsPrinted in Oil ColorsEngraved by Hoppin.Hurd and Houghton.New York.
21 unnumbered pages. Yellow pictorial cover, illustrated by Hoppin, engraved by Fay and Cox. The nursery rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" arranged with black and white engraved illustrations. 8" x 6 1/2". text block detached from cover, some staining and wear
Uncle Ned's Picture BooksThe Nursery Play BookMcLoughlin Bros..New York.
8 unnumbered pp. Printed paper cover, 8 text pages with 4 full color plates. A collection of verses including Table Rules For Little Folks, The Dunce of a Kitten, The Noah's Ark, and Idle Ben. Lovely color plates that coordinate with verse.  10 1/2" x 7". slight wear on cover, some discoloration
Uncle Ned's Picture Books: Ditties for Little Children. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1870
20 pp (including wrappers), blue cover with printed litho design depicting one of the stories found within, 'The Pet Hen.' Other stories included in this book are: 'The Star', 'The Cow', 'Dolly's Tea Party', 'The Little Girl Who Was Unkind to her Sister', 'Mary's Little Lamb', 'Robin Redbreast' and 'The selfish child.' Stories are written in verse. There are four full page color illustrations. A part of the 'Uncle Ned's Pictures Book' series. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 3/4". Some edge wear, particularly on the front cover's bottom left hand corner. There a stain on the front cover on the top left hand corner. Previous owner inscription on first page.
 Mother Hubbard and her Dog, Marcus Ward's Royal Illuminated Nursery Rhymes. William P Nimmo.Edinburgh, Scotland.1873
6 leaves (2 unnumbered text leaves, 4 unnumbered leaves of plates of color illustrations). Tells the classic poem of "Mother Hubbard and her Dog". One interior front and back cover is printed music for the poem. The four leaves of color illustrations are illuminated and each showcases a different verse of the poem. The images are captioned with phrases like "Ye Dame Bryngeth Hys Coffyn[sic]" and "Ye Doggie Readeth Ye News[sic]". Measures 7 3/" x 5 1/2". . Edge wear and toning due to age. Sewing repair to binding.  Inscription by previous owner. Back interior cover page has partially separated from the wrapper.
Je Sais Lire -  Deanâ™s Rag Book
12mo. 12 pp linen picture book. Vibrant colors with descriptive title for each. Measures 4 5/8" x 8 7/8: Vibrant color. Machine stitch along fold.
Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes
Unpagenated. Litho on board covers. Full page illustrations with rhyming verse at base. Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Front free paper detached but present. Hinge is loose but attched. Intact tears last two pages 3in. along back strip. Measures 5" x 7".
Rambling Rhymes For Little Ones. McLoughlin Bros.New York.
8 leaves, one-sided; white paper wrapper with illustrations and decorative elements on the front cover, printed in green, brown and gilt. Includes four stories: The Little Man and His Gun --  The Selfish Old Woman -- A Capital Cure For Rats -- How Lady Butterfly Spent the Day. Total of 4 full-page color illustrations, with one for each story. Back cover lists the titles in the "New Picture Books For Little Children" series. 6 3/4" x 10 1/4" .
 Five Little Pigs, A Linen Book. Saalfield's Publishing Company.New York, NY; Akron, OH; Chicago, IL.1910
This charming linen book tells the classic finger and toe counting nursery rhyme 'This Little Piggy'. Each page features a line from the rhyme, such as "This little pig has some nice roast beef", with a corresponding colorful illustrations of anthropomorphic pigs. The book is a part of the Saalfield's Muslin Books series. The covers depicted the same pig from the front and back, wearing a plaid bid and holding silverware. 8 pgs (including illustrated covers). Stitched binding. OCLC 2 (July 2020, there is another catalogue record of a linen book of the same name, publishers, and date, however it has cut outs, and this one does not). On the back cover is printed, "G500". Measures 11" x 6"..
Good Morning and Good Night
Soft pictorial cover picture book with rhyming verse. Mounted on linen. Six (6) leaves. Dean's "Pinafore" Toy Books Series.  Imagery in the style of Kate Greenaway Strong color and imagery. Chromolithograph.  Last page and back inside cover include advertisements. Although book was originally printed 1870, a testimonial at back dated 1879. Cover wear with corner chip.
Old Mother Hubbard and Her Wonderful Dog
16pp nursery rhyme picture book.  Includes six (6) full page chromolithograph images and numerous in-text three color line drawing. Charming anthropomorphic or humanized dog.  Measures 10 3/4" x 9 1/4"
Warne's Large Picture Toy Books: Old Mother Hubbard. Frederick Warne and Co.London.c1870
18 pp (including wrappers), blue covers with printed blue and red illustration of a dog holding a bouquet.  Tells the classic story of 'Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog". The book is printed on paper pasted over linen. Measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/4" . The bottom left corner of the front cover has started to detach from the linen.
Story of Simple Simon from the Susie Sunshine's Series. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1900
8 plates, litho on linen covers, with linen interior pages. Tells the classic story of Simple Simon. In verse with charming color illustrations on each page. A part of the Susie Sunshine's Series. Measures 7 1/2" x 5".. Cover wear, particularly on the back strip. Inscription from previous owner. A few minor stains on the edge of the page, that do not affect the images or text.
This is the House the Jack Built. McLoughlin Brothers.New York .c1879
This book beautifully illustrates the classic and popular British nursery rhyme and cumulative tale, "The House that Jack Built." This is apart of the Cinderella Series, printed by the McLoughlin Brothers. The cover is printed on yellow wrappers, and the front cover depicts a boy standing at the gate of a house. The back cover has printed advertisements for other series offered by the publishers. Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/4". Small piece of missing surface litho on front cover. Binding has minor cracks along front cover. Minor toning/soiling due to age. There is a signature and date from a previous owner on an interior page (Charles T Bishop., 1879)
Little Songs Of Long Ago "More Old Nursery Rhymes"
Unpaginated. (65p.) Stamped Illustrated Hard Cover. An illustrated collection of traditional nursery rhymes with accompanying music. Full page relevant illustration verso with muscia and verse recto. Measures 11 1/2" x 8 3/4".
Mother Goose CutOut Picture Book . National Art Co. .New York.c1930s
A four leaf book including the covers. Wraps  Images of Little Bo Peep on the front and Little Red Ridinghood on the back.  The inside covers of have the Little Bo Peep rhyme and story of Litte Red Ridinghood.  A costume page for each character. Directions included.   The head of the Bo-Peep on cover is die-cut for proper placement of the costumes.  Each has die-cuts for costume tab placement.  Measures 13 3/4" x 7 1/2".  .
The Patchwork Poster Book of Mother Goose
No. 900.   18 unnumbered pages with heavy stock litho covers. Nine (9) of the pages are on heavier stock and are outlines of Mother Goose rhyme scenes, the remaining pages are paper weight colored pages of the parts of the scene designed to be cut and pasted on the black and white pages. Rhyming verses re the Mother Goose stories  on reverse of black and white illustration including Hot Cross Buns, Ride a Cock-Horse, Ding Dong Bell, Where are you Going, My Pretty Maid? and Polly Put the Kettle On.. Helene Nyce illustrator.   Measures 8 1/2" x 12 1/2".
Mother Goose
Mother Goose
Price: $175.00
24pp. heavy card stock accordion or concertina style book. Illustrated by Mary La Fetra Russell. Printed front and back. Each page depicts and illustrates a different nursery rhyme with a portion of the rhyme at the base of the page. Charming imagery.  Includes all of the favorites plus a few less known including Tommy Snooks and Baby Brooks; Daffy-down-dilly and Wooley Foster has gone to sea. Generalized light to moderate wear. Measures 9 1/4" x 11" when folded.
Charles T. Miller Frog Opera with Pollywog Chorus, A Musical Extravaganza. J. A. & A. Reid.Providence, RI.1880
A burletta (brief comic opera) based on the nursery tale and song 'A Frog He Would A Wooing Go'. The opera consists of  three acts: Banks of the Danube, The Gypsy Camp, and The Old Mill, with fifteen (15) anthropomorphic characters along with a chorus of 'pollywogs gypsies, rats and mice. The characters in play are: Prince Frog, Simon (Prince's squire), Baron Rat, Sir Thomas Cat, Robber Kitten, Gipsy Chief, Frog Sentinel, Queen Frog, Baroness Rat, Miss Mouse, Child Frog, and Four Brave Frogs. There are several black and white line drawings throughout. 24 pgs. Two color printed pictorial wrappers. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 3/4".