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Nursery Primer
Nursery Primer
Price: $28.00
24 pp primer with color illustrations of children at work and play on covers. Woodcut on inside cover depicts older child playing teacher in a classroom setting. Title page depicts a ring of children around the world.  Includes 18 different lessons. Printed on pulp or short fiber paper.
Mozart The Alphabet. ..c1890
A single fold page of sheet music entitled "The Alphabet". The song is exactly as the title implies, it is simple the letters of the  alphabet set to music. There are three parts, 1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano and Alto. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2".. Partially separated, minor toning due to age. The bottom edge of the sheet has minor tears and is missing a small section.
 Clark's ABC Almanac or Anti-Bilious Compound. R.C & C. S. Clark, Operative Chemists..1877
32 (unnumbered) pp including standard almanac information  and information on numerous diseases and maladies with presumed cures by using the anit-bilious compound.  Some of the conditions addressed include Digestion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Chronic Diarrhoea, The Liver, etc.  Additional testimonials on the back inside cover. Measures.
Picture Primer
Picture Primer
Price: $40.00
8vo. 8 pp with wraps with red printing  First page is upper case alphabet followed by lower case. page. Five (5) lesson pages, concluding with a child praying as he has lost his parents. All pages hand colored. Scarce item.
Little ABC Book. ..c1880
A wonderful example of a nineteenth century linen ABC book featuring a wonderful cover design with block printed with letters colored in red. The covers depict varies designs meant to appear as though they stamped designs. Addtionally the front cover depicts a young blond hair girl reading, and the back cover shows the same girl playing with a doll. The interior pages are printed in a 2 x 3 grid, with letter printed in one square and the corresponding image in the one next to it. The book covers everything from Anvil to Zebra. Has the appearance of a McLoughlin Brothers books, but no publisher is listed. 12 pp (including wrappers) 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". Covers are soiled due to age. Edges are fraying. Binding is held with a pin. Bottom corners are curled and folded.
The Brimful Book, Mother Goose Animals A.B.C. illustrated by Eulalie, C. M. Burd and G & D Haumann. Platt adn Munk Co Inc.New York.1939
A charming children's book full of Mother Goose Rhymes and colorful illustrations. In addtion to the classic rhymes the book also features several short stories, such as "Good Doggies" and "The Quack Quack Family". There is also an ABC section to the book as well. Red cloth backed covers, with a pictorial cover attached.  Pictorial end papers depicting characters from the rhymes.   Unpaginated. This book was copyrighted in 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1939. It is the 23rd edition. Edited by Watty Piper. Measures 12 1/4" x 10". Edge wear to cloth covers, the boards beneath the cloth are exposed in the corners. The pictorial cover is worn on the edges, and has some small sections of missing surface litho. Back cover has some stains. Inside endpaper is torn in two places. Tape repair to binding. There is an inscription down by a previous owner. Minor stains and toning on interior pages, does not affect readability.
 Alphabets for Embroidering on Canvas, No. 36. ..1860s
Concertina style booklet with 7 pages. Five (5) pages of upper case elaborate letters plus 2 pages of decorative element. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Light foxing within; cover wear and repair. .
Needlework Copy Book Toilette Present for Ladies No. V. ..1860s
16 pp. Decorative wraps. Sets of alphabets and numbers in various fonts, both upper and lower case. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Cover wear..
 Apple Pie, An A B C Book. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1891
An ABC and nursery combination book that alters between the alphabet and various nursery rhymes. The ABC section has two-color illustrations (black and red) that depict each letter, with three to four letters on each page. It also follows a single story thread, that of an apple pie and what one can do with it. For example, B is for Baked it, D is for Danced for it, P is for Peeps at it, T is for Tastes its. While all letters of the alphabet are represented in the book, the letters I and Z do not have separate phrases. After two pages of letters, the book switched to two pages of nursery rhymes, and vise-versa. The nursery rhyme pages feature full color illustrations depicting scenes from the following nursery rhymes: Jack and Jill, I Had a Little Husband, King Cole, Little Miss Muffat, Little Boy Blue, and A Cat Came Fiddling. The front cover features a color illustration of a mother cutting an apple pie with her daughter and doll seated at the table. 16 pages, including covers Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/4"..
ABC Book
ABC Book
Price: $55.00
No. 923. Large format ABC picture book with cover illustrations of bookseller with children curiously looking through his wares.  Picture book with illustrations K for Kangaroo, S for Seasaw, Z for Zebra. Measures 10" x 14"
Little Boys and Girls ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1884
12 pp (including covers). Each page has three to four letters on it. Each illustration is accompanied by a corresponding letter. On the bottom of each page is the description, such as "N Nosegay. O Owl. P Parrot." On the front and back interior covers there is a more detailed alphabet poem that matches the illustrations. "N is a Nosegay Besprinkled with dew, Picked in the morning, And given to you. Measures 9" x 6". Covers fully detached. Previous owner inscription on the first page. Interior pages show moderate foxing and toning, with some small stains that do not impact either the text or the illustrations.
 The Schoolmaster, a Favorite Glee for Three Voices, As sung at the Salem Glee Club. C Bradlee.Boston.1834
4 pages, This song helps children to remember their ABCs. There are five versus to the song, teaching the alphabet and how to pronoun the different common sounds of some letters, such as "B A Ba".  Measures 13 1/2" x 9 3/4". Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on binding and edges along tears. Inscribed with page numbers 229- 231.
The ABC in Verse for Young Learners. Kiggins & Kellogg.123 & 125 William St. New York.1856-7
This alphabet is as charming as it is tiny. 16 pages, paper wrappers. The first two pages has the alphabet listed in capital and small letters. The remaining pages have two letters each, with one woodcut illustration representing one of the letters. Each letter gets two lines, and the two letters on the same page are rhymed. "A was Aunt Agatha, A benevolent nun; B was a Butler, Who was fond of his fun" "W was young Walter, Who met with a fall; X was Xtravagant, And so he spent all" Publisher's address given on front wrapper as 123 and 125 William St, they were at that location from 1856-7. Measures 3 1/2" x 2".
B. H. Rand Rand's Introduction to Penmanship: New Series, In Eight Numbers, Number 8. B. H. Rand.Philadelphia, PA.1855
A copy book, apart of B. H. Rand's series, "Introduction to Penmanship". This copy book is full of practice penmanship, both  in regards to letters of the alphabet and signatures. These exercises are often on the margins of the pages, or over top of other text as the pages themselves are often full of lyrics to a variety of songs, such as "Zula Zong" (spelled Zuola Zong), "When You and I were Young Maggie", and "Home Again". These songs appear to have been either religious in nature or folk songs, most of which appear to have been published circa 1860-1870. These copy book appears to have been used by numerous people to practice their signatures. The majority of the names within the book appear to be connected to the Hemphill family of Due West, South Carolina. The signature most often found in the book is James Calvin Hemphill (1851-1927), but members of his family to appear also appear (mainly siblings and in-laws): John Lind Hemphill (1838-1899), Robert Reid Hemphill (1840-1908), and Eugenia Cornelia Brewton Hemphill (1847-1935). It is also possible that the book originally belonged to James' father, Rev. William Ramsey Hemphill as towards the end of the book there is what appears to be an original 5 page sermon on the bible verse Hebrews: Chapter 4, Verse 9, "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God". Additionally there are two short, single page essays on on respect and the bible verse, Revelations Chapter 21, Verse 7. Lastly, one of the last pages has an incomplete alphabet of words. Each letter is given four or seven words that start with the corresponding letter. For example the letter 'M' has: Money, Monkey, Music, March, May, and Mr. This alphabet only goes until the letter 'P'. Brown printed wrappers with penciling. String binding. OCLC 3 (March 2020) Measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". Maj. James Calvin Hemphill was born on May 13, 1851 to Rev. William Ramsey Hemphill (1806-1876) and Hannah Smith Lind Hemphill (1808-1895) in Due West, Abberville County, SC. He had several siblings: John Lind Hemphill (1838-1899), Robert Reid Hemphill (1840-1908), Isabell Hemphill (1845-?), and Mary Elizabeth Hemphill (?-1840). He graduated from Erskine College in 1870, where is father was a professor.  He married Rebecca Mariner True Hemphill (1855-1923), in 1878 and it is unclear if they had any children together. James was a journalist, mainly for South Carolina local newspapers, but at one point was a Washington correspondent. He was perhaps most well know for his attempts to discredit then Presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson. He died from injuries resulting from a fall from a train car on November 20, 1927 in Abbeville, Abbeville County, SC.
The Ladder to Learning,
8 pages. Paper wraps. Hand colored woodcut ABC book. X stands for Xerxes, the great Persian King. Z stands for Zany, a foolish Young Fellow. Sewing repair on spine. Crayoning on reverse of pages. Charming.  Well used.
Home ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1880
14 pp (including wrappers, linen book) The cover depicts a boy and girl, playing a drum and a toy horn respectively. The first two pages of the book have each page divided up into 12 squares, with one letter and small illustration in each square. The words used for each letter are basic, such as 'D Ducks' and 'T Tub'. The letters 'I' and 'J' are combined into one square, with the descriptor as "In Jail". There is no letter Z. Besides the alphabet, there are eighteen short lessons, often listing a few new words and a short poem to go along with the. There are six half-page color illustrations that go along with the lessons and illustrate the short poems. Measures 10 1/2" x 7" . Covers show surface wear, particular some cracks in the illustrations. Pages are soiled and toned due to age, particularly on the top edge. There is a faded inscription made by a previous owner on the front cover.
 Uncle Sam's ABC Book, Printed in Linen, 1897. W.B. Conkey Company.Chicago ; New York.1897
12 pp unpaginated book printed on linen. Two color illustrations(red and blue) on wrappers; alphabet and words printed in color, accompanied by black and white illustrations. A delightfully charming ABC book which pairs each letter with three words, as well as using creative illustration to include each object in the drawing. For example A is for Acorn, Axe, and Angler; B is for Bicycle, Boy, and Balloon, etc. Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/2". OCLC 1 - (3/2017). Book has wear and fraying. Pages are soiled and toned. The color accented ink (mostly red) has started to bleed through the pages. The blue ink has faded oddly in some areas.
E. Mack A.B.C. No. 2 Bella Waltz  Sheet Music. Lee & Walker.Philadelphia.1865
5 pp including covers. Cover illustration depicts engraving of by Lauderbach, of a young child learning from and ABC book.  It is the No. 2 song from Recreations for Young Pianists. Twenty-six Progressive Pieces.  The individual selections adorn the border of the illustration.  Caption at base reads Respectfully dedicated to Miss Bella Lee by E. Mack.  Measures 13" x 10 1/4".  Light toning/foxing on margins. .
ABC De Los Niños [Children's ABC]
Luis Acosta Moro [Illustrator]. 1960. A Spanish ABC book for young children. As this is the Spanish alphabet, it includes their extra letter 'ñ' as well as two common Spanish sounds, the 'ch' and 'll'. Each letter has one to three examples of a word that starts with it, as well as corresponding bright and colorful illustrations. Some examples of the words used are ballena [whale] for 'B', chino [Chinese] for 'CH', huevo [egg] for 'H', ñandú [rhea, an ostrich like bird] for 'Ñ', and vaca [cow] for 'V'. Yellow illustrated hard covers, with the front depicting a young boy dressed as king with a sword (used within the book as rey [king] for 'R'), and the text "sueños infantiles" [childhood dreams]. The end papers also feature colorful illustrations of objects and people, most of which are not seen within the book. The book also has a page listing other children's books by the same publisher. 28 pages, with yellow pictorial hardcovers. Spanish. OCLC 2 (Mar 2020). Measures 8"x 6".

The Religious Tract Society  Alphabet House. Religious Tract Society, Kronheim and Co..London.c1870
New Series Toy Book. 12 leaves, plus covers. This alphabet book incorporates the letters into their own little story, as an opening poems explains that the 26 letters went on holiday together and to find out what they saw. 12 pages, with yellow card wrappers, print on one side of page only. There are six full pages of brilliant color illustration, which depict the scenes of the letters. There are four little scenes per illustrated page, with the letter they represent in the upper corner. It is paired with a full page of text, four letters a page, with a few rhyming lines each. The letters "Q" and "R", "V" and "W", as well as "X" "Y" and "Z" respectively share scene. Around the text, acting as a boarder, are varying Bible quotations as well.   "F fed the Fowls: how eager they came/Clucking for food: it would fill me with shame/ If children, forgetting themselves did the same" "X, Y, and Z, were sorry that they/ Had found little to see, to hear, or to say;/ But hoped to do better the next holiday" Measures 10 1/2" x 9" .  OCLC - none (October 2018).
Fairy ABC. Sheldon & Company.New York.c1863
14pp.  Yellow card cover has a lithographic illustration of three children, one of which is balancing the letters 'A' 'B' and 'C' on her fingers and nose, and surrounding them is an ornate decorative border - all are printed in green, black or red ink. Make-do binding - dark blue fabric, and stitched with black thread.Back cover has a similar ornate border, printed in red and black; at its center is a circle with an ad for other books published by Sheldon & Company printed inside. Hand colored illustratoins. Profusely illustrated: each page has half-page illustrations of fanciful alphabet letters , with 4 rhyming lines telling a story related to that letter - drawn alongside the letter is a character or image related to the story. Every illustrated page is blank on the reverse. Many notable children's characters are mentioned, including: Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and her Beast,  Humpty Dumpty, Robin Hood, the Ugly Duckling, Puss in Boots, and Sinbad the Sailor. Meausures 7 1/4" x 7 1/4". OCLC - 2 (October 2018).
Toni Wagner-Schilffarth. das Einmaleins (Multiplication Tables) in cheerful verses and images. Verlag der Kinderwelt.Leipzig, Germany.[1935]
18 pp. Illustrated board. Rhyming multiplication verses with relevant illustrations displaying the appropriate number of multiples described in the verse.  Witty and charming.  Printed in German.  Cover and title page only in Sutterlin script.  Art Deco influences cheerful illustrations. Measures 10" x 8 1/4'. .
 Child's Picture Primer. Davis, Porters, Co.Philadelphia.c1865
16 pp (including covers) This is a primer meant for young children. It starts with the alphabet, printed in upper and lower case, and continues on to numbers and vowels, and eventually from sight words to small sentences, to short descriptions. There are thirteen hand colored engravings (including the cover illustration which is repeated later in the book). There is a rather unusual page towards the beginning of the primer. After the pages of the printed alphabet, but before the page showing numbers and vowels, there is a page of what appears to be random letters. At first glance, one would assume the letters are the consonants, (especially considering that the vowels are on the next page) however, there are several vowels among the letters. Additionally the letters appear to be in a random order. The image depicted on the page is of four Scottish men in kilts, brandishing swords.  OCLC- none (4/20/18).  Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2.. Cover and edge wear, particular at the corners. Fabric repair to binding, Toned and soiled due to age. Minor tears on paper's edges. Faint water stain at center of book throughout all pages (see pictures).
The Lightning Multiplier - THE REASON WHY I know teacher! Paper Slide Multiplication Tables. The Simplicity Co..Chicago.1908
A 3 1/4" x 6" card folder with an image of a schoolmaster pointing at 13x13=? on the black board with 3 perplexed and 1 "bright" child ready with the answer.  He holds the Lightning Multiplier in his hand. The right end of the card has an index with 25 vertical numbers front and back. The same, but horizontal index crosses the top of the paper slide card within.  As the card is pulled out the answer to the multipliers becomes easy.  The reverse has an index from 26 to 50.. .