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Set of 5 Die-cut Alpine Figures with Horse & Donkey Decorated for a Festival c1900
5 different embossed die-cut Alpine figures dressed in festival attire.  All appear to be poised to dance. The women in dirndl skirts and the men in lederhosen all adorned with flowers
13” Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap of Young Boy in Sailor Suit with Fishing Net, Probably Tuck
A 13 1/4" embossed die-cut Victorian scrap depicting a young boy in sailor suit and red cap with fishing net.
My Smallest Doll's Room
An uncut four fold paper doll set and it's original envelope. Made in Germany 10305.  In the uncut state measures 3 1/4" x 13 1/2".
Peterli rat! c1890s German Lotto Style Counting Game c 1900
A 10” x 13” boxed game with applied litho label.  It is Peterli rat! – Lustiges Gesellschaftsspiel fur grosse u. kleine Kinder (social game for children young and old). c1900.
Divided Proverbs, A new, Amusing, and Instructive Game for Everybody, But Especially Intended for Teachers and Students of the English, German, French and Spanish Languages. Published and for sale by The Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati, O.   Copyright
2 sets of cards--each printed in 4 languages. Set 1 is the first half of the proverb; Set 2 contains the conclusion to the proverb.
Scarce 24 Alphabet ABC Occupational Victorian Scraps or Reliefs c1880
A set of  Victorian Scrap or Relief alphabet or ABC occupational die-cut figures circa 1880.
Ladies of the Sunday Supplement - Paper Doll Idenfication Guide
This page is a sample page of the Identification guide. It is available for sale by download.

Introduction courtesy of Cynthia Erfurt Musser, Precious Paper Dolls pg. 30
In 1895, The Boston Herald and a number of other newspapers began a series of paper dolls to promote the sale of fashion patterns and increase their Sunday circulation.  This series has often been referred to as the “Boston Herald Ladies” because it was first researched in that newspaper.  The early costumes were numbered and dated but as the series continued, it appears that not every newspaper used all of the supplements,
S. & J. Fuller, paper toy, books,  little fanny, little henry, paper doll identification guide, eclectibles, paper dolls, paper americana, ephemera, paper toy, menus, travel americana, children's books, valentines, documents, correspondence
This item is available for download only. It is a 26 page guide:

The commercial production of paper dolls in Europe began in the 1790s with such dolls as “Englische Puppe" by Stahl in Nuremberg. The phenomenon caught on and was soon embraced by S. & J. Fuller, a London firm that operated a retail establishment dealing in paper products including paper novelties. The shop was known as the Temple of Fancy (see image at back of guide).

In 1810 S. & J. Fuller produced a small book, with a moral story accompanied by a series of hand colored little boys in various costumes corresponding to the story.
McLoughlin Betsey Brunette 1875 Paper Doll
McLoughlin Bros. 1875. This doll is the same doll later used in the Dolly Varden Series for Betsey Brunette and Bertha Blonde.
McLoughlin Bertha Blond 1875 Paper Doll
McLoughlin Bros. 1875. This doll is the same doll later used in the Dolly Varden Series for Betsey Brunette and Bertha Blonde.
String Ball & Wooden Cup
A Victorian child's cup and ball toy.
Group of 9 Gouache Wentzel (?) Paper French Infantry Soldiers 1870s
Nine (9) gouache paper soldiers Believe to be French Infantry Soldiers. c1870s. Most like printed by F. Wenzel
McLoughlin Bros. Game of Bear Hunt Board 1870
The front has an applied label depicting a bear and cubs in the woods with a hunter in the tree.
polly's paper playmate, paper doll identification guide, eclectibles, paper dolls, paper americana, ephemera, paper toy, menus, travel americana, children's books, valentines, documents, correspondence
This item is available for download only.  It is a 6 page guide:

Paper Doll Identification Guide – POLLY’S PAPER PLAYMATE
Excerpt from A Picture Book of PAPER DOLLS AND PAPER TOYS by Barbar Whitton Jendrick
“In 1910 and 1911, The Boston Post, The Baltimore American, The New York Sunday American and The Public Ledger presented the children of their readers with a delightful series called Polly’s Paper Playmates.
 7 1/2" Dennison Jointed Paper Doll w 5 Fine Costumes & Accessories. ..
a 7 1/2" jointed or articulated paper doll unmarked, but presumably made by Dennison and her exceptional handmade paper and fabric costumes.  There are five different costumes, each with unique features.  Two of the short dresses are constructed primarily of fabric with paper or crepe paper trim and gold star or foil trim.  One with a matching peach colored hat.  Two other short dresses are also included-- one with a pleated crepe paper skirt and matching hat.  The final item is a long dress with lace paper adornments.  Also includes an umbrella.  Some of the more creative costumes I've seen.  Condition: light bends on doll-- costumes in excellent condition..
Uncut Zebra Paper Toy Kitchen Klenzer Circus 1932
Zebra - Kitchen Klenzer by Fitzpatrick Bros. advertising premium cut out.
Uncut Lion Paper Toy Kitchen Klenzer Circus 1932
Unpunched premium for Kitchen Klenzer by Fitzpatrick Bros. Inc - Lion.
The Dancing Chinaman—An Amusing Cut-Out 1909, A Jointed Paper Doll
An uncut 9 ˝” x 14 ˝” newspaper comic sheet with a jointed paper doll to cut and construct.  Instructions at right on how to make the paper toy dance.; Copyright 1909 by the North American Company.
c1700 Dressed Picture Cutwork Mezzotint Engraving with Fabric Background - Iosephus Leopoldus
A “dressed picture” of Iosephus Leopoldus I Hungaria Et Romanorum Resc . G. Valek engraver. c1700. .
Au Bon Marche 3D Movable  Die-cut  Toddler Paper Doll in High Chair with Toy Wheeled Lamb
A 3” x 4 1/2” advertising trade card for Au Bon Marche department store in Paris.   A first glance it has the appearance of a die-cut card of a child in a high chair.  By pushing the base upwards and side flaps inward it creates a 3D chair with a child in a high chair with a standing wheeled lamb toy at front    Light wear.  Few areas of missing surface litho. The reverse promotes the department store.    One of a number of exceptional novelty cards created by the store.
The History of Little Fanny, Exemplified in A Series of Figures, S. and J. Fuller, 1811
A 15 pp book with original slip case.  It is The History of Little Fanny, Exemplified  in a Series of Figures. Original date 1811.  8th Ed.  Includes six (6) of the seven (7) original costumes.  Hats lacking.  The head has been replaced with a very good watercolor likeness. Wear on slip case. An important part of paper doll history.   Although not perfect, a nice introductory piece. An excerpt from a web page below nicely tells the story of S and J Fuller and how their importance in paper doll history from the UNT library. S. and J. Fuller The London toy novelty firm, S. & J. Fuller, produced a series of books between 1810 and 1816 that came with a paper doll and various outfits, hand-colored and cut-out. The small books told stories in verse, centered on a character represented by the paper doll. The character  wore a specific outfit in each episode of the verse; thus, as the book was read, the doll was supposed to be dressed in the appropriate attire. The books would often tell morality tales aimed at children. As an example, in Little Fanny, Fanny is at first an "idle" girl whose chief activity is playing with her dolls. When her mother refuses to accompany her to the park, she escapes with her maid and is soon robbed of her clothes. She appears next as a beggar girl and slowly works her way out of poverty and into different outfits until she is able to return to her mother. In the end, Fanny has learned her lesson and appears reading a book instead of playing with a doll. The Fuller paper doll design is different than the original paper dolls of the 1790s. Instead of having an entire body, the doll consists of only a head and neck. The neck serves as a tab that slides into slots in the backs of the outfits. The books were quite expensive compared to other colored children's books. Selling from five to eight shillings, they would have been marketed toward the upper class. For more information on see  Paper Doll Toy Books c1810-1823 by S. & J. Fuller and Other European Manufacturers on our website.
Embossed Die-cut Paper Toys - Wild Animals -  Lion Family & Hyaena
An intricately detailed little group of embossed die-cut card stock toys.  Includes a lion, lioness and two cuts, who appear somewhat docile with a nearby dish of milk.  It also includes a less then docile  hyeana who has presumably grabbed meat from the wagon.   c1900.  Light wear. The lion measures 4 1/2” x 3”.
Military Movable Rocking Paper Doll - Little Folk’s Play Friends, LHJ, Uncle Sam’s Figherts 1919
A 10 1/2” x 15 1/2” sheet from the Ladies Home Journal.  It is one of several in a series of rocking or movable paper toys or dolls to cut and construct.  Each has a military theme to advance the war effort.  Illustration by Henry Anson Art.   This sheet is Uncle Sam’s Fighters - a new sereis of cut-out toys that move.  The first set: Wig-Wag Willie, the waggish sailor, and Knit-Knot Nettie, his sister.  Condition: overall excellent.
Unpunched Boxed Set - Puppet Parade - “The most Fascinating and Beautiful Toy in Existence”,  Reed Toy 1943
An 18” x 12” x 1 1/2” box containing “ Puppet Parade - The  most Fascinating and Beautiful Toy in Existence” A Reed Toy, Paper Products Division,  Electric Coproration of America,  Copyright 1943.  The set includes A t22” high x 25” wide x 18” deep Puppet Parade Stage with 12 different acts and scenery for each.  The 25 characters include The Terrific Trio, Mr. . and Mrs. Bones, Pete and Repete, Midnight Masters, Comrade Borscht, Han ‘n Eggs, Smoothie Smith, Shirley Screech, Professor Discord, Madame Lotta Song, Honeybelle Lee and Henry Highpitch..  Lacking one sheet - Honeybelle Lee and Shirley Screech., otherwise complete including promotional paper wrap on box.  Some wear.   There is also an instruction sheet for assembly and narratives regarding the characters and a play.  The characters  as designed in various forms and would be of interest to those who collect mechanical paper.  Some have articulated joints, others movable eyes, “3-d” bodies, etc.  Quite a charming set.
Reward of Merit
Reward of Merit
Price: $35.00
A reward of merit presented to Laura Bcach by her instructor H. Faintor for "diligence and attention" given to her studies. The engraving depicts a girl standing infront of a church. Measures 4 1/2"x 2". Some foxing, otherwise fine.
Anker Steinbaukasten Bilder: Anchor Stone Blocks
This is one of Germany's most famous classic toys. It is a modular toy system, first designed in the  art institution in Rudolstadt by artists, illustrators and architects. One would cut out the doors and place them on the grid provided. There are two pages of uncut figures, with a total of 24 figures. These pages are numbered five and six. Additionally there is a grid, approximately 14" x 6" to place the figures on. On the back of the grid are instructions in ten different languages. The two figure pages are stapled together. At one point the grid was stapled to them as well, but it has since detached. As such there is a small piece of the outer blank boarder of the grid missing. These are crease marks on both the figure pages and the grid sheet from where it was folded. There is some soiling, and very slight foxing on one of the figure pages. Measures: 9" x 6" (figure pages), and  14" x 6" (grid page).
An Advertising Booklet for the Children's Series My Bookhouse. The Book House for Children. Chicago. 1920
An advertising booklet for the 5 book series entitled 'My Book House", edited by Olive Beaupre Miller. The five books in the series were entitled: 'Into the Nursery', 'Up One Pair of Stairs', 'Through Fairy Halls', 'The Treasure Chest', and 'From the Tower Window'. The series was a selection of the "best available stories and poems for children up to the age of fourteen, graded according to age and illustrated with remarkable beauty." This booklet features an excerpt from each of the five books in the series with several illustrations from each book as well. At the end of the booklet there is information on how to purchase the series along with the advertising phrase: "My Bookhouse Makes its Appeal to Childhood Because Into it is Woven the Spirit of Childhood." The cover has a small intact tear at the binding, along with a small missing piece along the bottom edge. So of the colored ink used in the illustrations have stained the opposite page.
Bonneville Town: Complete Set. 1920s to 1930s.
A complete set of the paper town 'Bonneville', with four attractive building and twenty five cutout figures. Comes in the original box. Punch-out houses are approx. 3" high The box is slightly soiled and toned due to age. The figures and buildings are unpunched, and each sheet has toning on the edge due to exposure.
A grouping of Three (3) Drawing Books by Ethel Pratt c1910. 1910
Three (3) carefully constructed homemade books with pencil drawn sketches of the day to day life of one young girl, Ethel Pratt. The books appear to span a period of time beginning when a young talented girl created simple naive sketches, some embellished with crayon. A loose page depicts a young girl reading a book to a bunny with other rabbits looking on. Others depict her friends, often with dolls. One scene shows a horrified young girl watching a dog carrying her dolly away. As she matures the drawing become more complex and boys begin to appeal..
A Water Color Chart for honor pupils c1910.
A 25  1/2" x 20 1/2:"  art board with an impressionist-style watercolor basket of flowers at center with "Honor Pupiles" on either side.  The bottom half of the board has two rows of names - next to the names are accumulations of gold stars demonstrating the   achievements of the individual child. The majority of honor pupils are girls.  Few names lacking.
 Just for You - Jean and Johnnie's Country Holiday, A Story Cut-out Book c1950s w Gender Neutral Paper Doll.  1950s
Printed in the Netherlands. Large format soft cover paper doll and story  book with 12 pp story printed in black and white with relevant line drawings.  Also includes 4 full color pages of paper doll clothes for a boy and a girl to cut out.  A single somewhat gender neutral 10 ďż˝"ďż˝ paper doll on back cover to be cut-out.    Measures 12 ďż˝"  x 10 ďż˝"
 The Dolly Dressmaker, B.B. Ltd. No. 509 Printed in England. C1950s â“ An unusual twist on a paper doll book- Patterns, Swatches and Trim.
Large format soft cover book with a single page of patterns for Mary, Kitty, Billy and Sally with six (6) pages of paper âśfabric swatchesâť and one page of trims (buttons and bows).  The four paper dolls are on the covers.  The largest is 9 1/2"�� high.  The book measures 12 1/2"  x 10 1/2.
The Death of Poor Cock Robin - Compliments of The Crawford Syndicate (Home Furnishing Establishments)New York State.
8pp including covers.  Illustrated throughout with relevant images and relating to the story and promotion for the furniture syndicate.  The story has not been amended to include the product, just advertising on the front, center page and back cover .  The back cover ad is for Cedarine the Standard Piano & FurniturePolish.  No date or publisher c. 1900.  Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/4".
Dick Jane and Sally Cutouts for Use in Kindergarten and Grade 1.  The New Basic Reading Program: Sixties Edition.  1963
Two-fold light stock punch-out pages.  Each of the three pages has one doll with name at base for Jane, Sally and Dick, plus accessories, also includes Puff and Spot. Original Envelope. Lacking background punch-out at base of Jane.
Morality Wooden & Litho Jigsaw Puzzle- Anthropomorphic Dog and Fox. Pellerin.Epinal. c1860s
An 8 1/2" x 13" hand finished litho on wood jig-saw puzzle with a six )6) vignette morality lesson  discussed by an anthropomorphic dog and fox.  Printed in French. Matted and framed..
Jay Kissinger, Jay and Peter Palazzo  Bendel's Cut-out Dolls.  1962
12 pp.  Paper  wraps.  Images of paper dolls on the cover.  Includes three (3) paper dolls and four (4) pages of outfits. The reverse of the page provides a narrative description, sizing information and pricing for each of the paper doll costumes.  The introductory note asks the children not to cut out the dolls until mother has ordered the desired outfits. Additionally with an order from the book a little Bendel gift scissors is given to the child... Measures  9" x 7".  Light staple rust.
Mrs. Tom L. Ketchings Mary Ann Takes Part in Confederate Balls Given In Natchez Each Spring .  1940s
A 4  page  book with paper covers. A Cut Out Doll and Dresses.  The   7 1/4" paper doll is on the cover and designed to be cut-out.  Each page is a ball gown.  Measures 8 1/2" x 7". desgined by Mrs. Tom L. Ketchings penned at base.   Accompanied by letter from the Tom L. Ketchings Co. advising the customer that the doll was created by Mrs. Tom L. Ketchings, wife of the boss. Letter dated 1948.  Scarce.
 Fairyland Sprites to Paint, Crayon and Cut-out. No 1202 - ABCs, Counting  and Paper Dolls.  1930
Unnumbered pages.  Illustrated paper covers. The first section of the book provides coloring instructions on the left page and pages to color on the right.  Some pages are text explaining h which colors are to be uses; other are colored images mirroring the black and white images on the opposite page.  This section depicts whimsical fairy and anthropomorphic animal paper dolls costumes and accessories. The second section is counting down  animals  from 10 to 1.  The final section is an ABC of animals at the zoo.  Each with relevant caption. Some pages in full color others in black and white to color. Measures 7 3/4" x 10 1/2". 0 OCLC No online copies.  4/25/16.Like new condition.
Mary Jane clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll.
Mary Jane is a blue eyed blonde that comes with clothing to go skiing, paint, have tea, and go out and about. There is a punch-out suitcase with her name attached.Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.
Mary Lee clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll.
May Lee, a brunette with brown eyes, can be an aviator with gear or can dress up in a sailor dress among other outfits. She comes with a punch-out suitcase with her name.Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.
Sally Ann clothes and playthings to cut out: A cut-out doll.
Sally Ann, a brown hair, blue eyed doll with an assortments of outfits including a riding outfit, winter furs, and coveralls with dog. Comes with punch-out paper suitcase with nameMeasures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.
Patty Lou clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll. slight wear on cover
Patty Lou has red hair and blue eyes and comes with clothes and accessories that include play clothes and toys, a fur coat, and seasonal outfits. There is a punch-out suitcase with her name attached.Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.  slight wear on cover
Betty Sue clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll. slight wear on cover
Betty Sue, a curly blond with blue eyes, has outfits that include a skating outfit and sled, golfing equipment, and a school dress. There is a cut out suitcase with her name.  Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.  slight wear on cover
Pelagie Doane Polly Patchwork and her Friends - create your own styles.
An 8 pp linen-like paper doll book with four (4) punch-out dolls; two on each cover.  A different type of paper doll boo with a page of "trimmings t6hat includes collars, bows, lace trim, belts and much more. The second page are basic dress patterns for each paper doll.  The remaining six (6) pages are essentially rectangles of printed paper.  It is up to the child to decide which fabric should be used for which costume and how to accessorize it. Measures 13 5/8" x 10 3/4".
Play Time - The Playtime Unit of the How and Why Program of Child Mental Development..  1949
A 10 1/2 x 7 1/2" box style folio with 37 Play Time booklets.  The reverse of the box indicates the series was designed for young children to learn by doing - nursery through primary grades.  This is followed by contributors and artists and a lyst of available Play Time books.    Apparently only a portion of the list is in each box and in no particular orde.  The booklets range from 4 to 8 pages and encourage learning in many different ways, from cutting and dressing paper dolls, to counting and drawing, reading, cooking, creating shadow puppets and much more. There is a  reference to an "Instant Guide to How and Why Program"  which is not present.   Partially completed by a child.
 Invisible Guest Dinner, 1921Montclair European Relief Committee, NJ for Czecho-Slovakia Children .
A single-fold promotional brochure for "Invisible Guest Dinner" Montclair, NJ, Tuesday Evening, January 18, 1921.  The menu was Stew (rice soup), Bread and Coca, which is exactly what the Hoover Kitchens in zecho-Slovakia are feeding the children they serve.  It equals approximately 700 calories a day. The children are the Invisible Guests. The brochure promotes the organization and lists the Montclair European Relief Committee officers and members. Measures 9" x 4"
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.
Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
Hand-crafted Student Notebook created by Esther T. Tuttle - Using Kindergarten Art to Solve Problems -c1920s.
A 11" x 8 1/2" book hand crafted by a student.  The cover reads Notes with the initials ET.  The first page includes the name Esther T. Tuttle and a red letter grade of "2+".  The book includes over twenty (20) Problems described in the students hand along with a narrative solution and the completed 3-D solution.    Some of the problems are to create a Portfolio, a Notebook, an Envelope, Wall pocket, Picture Frame, a fan, a bonbon box, triangular catchall, a portfolio, a match scratcher, and projects in weaving including a straw and a woven paper fiber mat.  A final page includes addresses of what are assumed references included in the project, including three names and addresses; one being Milton Bradley, 120 Boylston St., Boston. The other two are Boston and Cambridge addresses. .
Onondaga Indian Wigwam Co. Indian Wigwams and Playsuits - Holiday Supplement to Catalogue No. 11.
A two-fold holiday supplement presented by the Onondaga Indian Wigwam Co.  The cover depicts an illustration of Santa standing in front of the chimney.  Information about a men's and boys' Santa outfit below.   The remaining pages have provide product information and images from photographs for various boys' playsuits including Indian Chief Outfits, Military Outfits, Cowboy Outfits, Boy Scout and Policeman Outfits.  Also includes one page of play wigwams to construct Product information includes a product number, narrative, and price per dozen.  Measures 7" x 6 1/2" when folded. .
Tallyit - Fun with Numbers - Image of Magician standing on Cards tossing "Tally Totals" in the Air.
A 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" litho on pressed board box with a smilar number of  discs. The cover illustration implies math can be magical.  The box sides boast -age 8 to 80 play TALLYIT - an educational game.  The cards have images of the discs on the front and multiplication problems on the reverse.  The discs represent the product of the problems. The instructions are lacking but the objective seems that one cards are drawn and the opponent needs to solve the problem.  A total of 52 cards although not equal numbers by color.  Approximately 60 discs.   . Edge wear on box.  Area of missing surface litho on box apron.   The Maxim Game Co. produced only 3 games; all educational in nature.
The Nursery ChairShepard, Norwell, and Co.Boston
Advertising booklet for Shepard, Norwell, and Co. Department store, begins and ends with store information, includes, writings and illustrations aimed at children. Center pages appear to have holes where binding thread was used but the pages are no longer connected. Each page has illustrations, either color pictures or decorative page borders with prose and poetry.. pages are loose
Genevieve BurkeYoung America Serves; This Defend America Coin Savings Book is Designed to Afford Young Americans an Opportunity to Participate Actively in their Country's Defense Program..ca1940's
unpaginated. Printed board cover with metal spiral, double board pages with slots for coins, color illustrations throughout by Thomas J. Morrison Jr. Verse written by Genevieve Burke. A savings books with verse about helping the defense program by saving coins. Describes coins and how they add up, for example, "10 copper pennies make two nickel nickels". 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". staining, wear
Walt Disney StudiosMickey Mouse Waddle Book: The Story Book with Characters that Come Out and WalkApplewood Books.Bedford, MA.1992
unpaginated. Illustrated applied hard cover, color illustrated end pages, black and white and color illustrations by Walt Disney Studios, color punch out characters for Mickey Mouse, Tanglefoot, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse (Mickey Mouse has been removed). An exciting story of the new horse, Tanglefoot, that Mickey and Minnie  buy. They accept a bet that he can beat Farmer Goat's horse 10 1/4" x 7 3/4". Mickey Mouse character punched out and not included
 Hand made Teaching Aids and Lesson Plans  for Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Robinson. .Snowhegan, ME.c1950
An array of materials used by a first grade teacher including series of mimeographed work sheets (tests) to to develop Motor Skills, Motor Control, Reversals, Rhyming Words, Riddles in Rhyme, Visual Discrimination, Spatial Relationships, Completion, Identifying Opposites, and more. Some with index cards attached with hand written notes on the procedure and desired results .  Also includes handmade color flash cards to teach children colors and  color charts with color names to match.   Also includes individual alphabet letters, die-cuts of food, counting aids (using straws to count).  Additionally wall prints by Hayes school publishing, etc. Two posters on dental hygiene.   Last but not least class photos of Mrs. Robinson's AM and PM classes. .
 Hank Hart Pals on Our  Farm. New York,Animated Book Company,1944 . ..
Diorama-style children’s book with ten (10) die-cut movable animals A 11 1/2" x 9' ” heavy card stock fold-out diorama-style barnyard scene. Includes ten (10)  different easel back, mechanical animals, each with a printed verse. They are Wooley the Sheep, Gobbie the Turkey, Dobbin the Farm Horse, Hissie the Goose, Gruntie the Pig, Shep the Dog, Rex the Pony and Mooey the Cow, plus a die-cut donkey with a duck and a goat with a chicken. Complete. . Wear from handling, intact tear at base of fold-out.
 A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .
A collection of 16 different trade catalogues for books and games published by Samuel Lowe Company(9 from the 1940s, 5 from the 1950s and 2 from the 1960s).  Includes painting and coloring books, games, toy books, general books, toy books and games, fall and Christmas books, Bonnie books, Sturdi-Bilt books, Doll books, Linen-Like books, Lolly Pop Easter stories, doll books, wheel toy books and more. The last catalogue May of 1962 is a folio with product line sheets including such items as sticker fun pack, clean slates, animated cartoon profiles, cloth books, paper doll books and much more.  The cover includes a lenticular eye where for the "O" in the word Lowe. With the exception of the last folio with approximately 40 sheets most are approximately 14 pp .  Each measures 11" x 8 1/2". .
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book - Trudy in her Teens, Merrill 1943. ..
A young teenager in her frilly bedroom with a punch-out paper doll and dog. Sweet 1940s outfits including hair ribbons, cardigan's with pearls, knee-highs and jackets with padded shoulder.  Die-cut front cover. Measures 11" x 6 3/8"  4 costume pages..
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Skating Stars, Whitman 1954 - 3 Dolls. ..
Skating Stars in three different poses.  All of their costumes are designed for the ice, including a hula skirts, a sailor suit, princess, rag-a-muffin and much more.  Measures  12" xc 10". 6 Costume pages..
Mechanical Lotto Cards. ..
Each card from a French lotto set has four (4) mechanical parts, that move to reveal the lotto numbers. Great whimsy.Measures 5 Ľ” x 8 5/8”.  Light edge wear.
My smallest doll's room - Furnished Nursery with several dolls for dressing and nice toys for same. In six different designs. Germany, c1930s.. ..
An uncut four-fold paper doll set with its original envelope. It is the Furnished Nursery with Several Dolls for Dressing and nice toys for same. It is one of six different designs for the My Smallest Doll's Room. Made in Germany 10300. When uncut measures 3 Ľ” x 13 ˝”. The two fold scene has six "slit marks" for placement of the dolls, their costumes and accessories. light toning on envelope
Fanny's First Flirtation - Dressed Paper Doll.  Peterson's Magazine 1872 . ..
A copper engraving cut-out from the February 1872 Peterson's Magazine that has been dressed in both paper and fabric.  It is captioned "Fanny's First Flirtation".   Sight view 7 3/8" x 6".  Housed in period frame which measures 9" x 8". When researching the image an editor's note from Peterson's reads "This charming engraving, published in our February number, receives praise everywhere.   The New Jersey Enterprise says, 'What a Frenchman would call, but what some of our juvenescent Americans translate 'the piece of resistance'...
Writing Book by Esther Merrill - Imagery of School Children --One with Dunce Cap. L. S. Learned.Cambridgeport, MA.n.d. c1870s
Illustrated paper wraps with school days border vignettes and center imagery of a group of children; some with books --one wearing a dunce cap.  The copy exercises were written by Esther M. Merrill  of Falmouth, Maine.  Complete and well penned.  Measures 8 1/2" x 7". .
5" Handmade Paper Doll with 10 Costumes c1870s. ..
A 5"  watercolor paper doll with hand cutaway to properly position it on costumes.  The costumes are constructed with plain, polished and 'make-do' paper.   Intricate detailing with applied lace paper, pleated paper, handcut 'fringe' and last but not least applied fur.
 The Mother's Assistant and Child's Friend, July, 1856, Vol. XXXI No. 1 . ..1856
32 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal for children which includes readings, music, poems, and plates. This specific journal features a plate and writing on the Resurrection of Lazarus, a Summer Song, a writings on Indiscriminate Novel-Reading, What is Family Religion?, Christian Sympathy, and My Mother. . edge wear, toning, inscribed
 The Mother's Assistant and the Young Ladies Friend, January 1855, Vol. IX No. 1. Stone & Halpine..1855
35 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal featuring writings, plates, and music. This Volume features a New Years Address, a plate and reading on Christ Preaching on the Mount, writings entitled The Family Constitution, Honor Your Parents, Mary's Grave, Books for Parents, and The New Year's Wish. 10" x 6". toning, edge wear and chips
 Body Builder Posters for Coloring, Illustrated by Danny Webster, No. 605. Ideal School Supply Co..Chicago.1932
A set of ten 9" x 12" line drawings of different activities for children to build strong bodies.  They include Swinging, Seesaw, Climbing, Swimming, Jumping Robe, Skating, Leap Frog, Sliding, Rope Climbing and Tug o' War.  Includes asheet with Suggestions for Coloring Body Building Posters.  In original envelope.. Wear to envelope; otherwise fine.  Unused.
Naive Handmade Paper Doll  from St. Valentine - A Little Orphan Girl who Needs a Mother So...1895.. ..
A single-fold 7" x 4 1/2" sheet.  Penned verse on front reads "From St. Valentine -  I've come you see and brought my clothes, So please don't make me go, For I'm a little orphan girl And need a mother so. Within a 5 1/2" pencil and watercolor paper doll and three hand made crepe paper dresses with intricate Dresden scrap and lace paper ruffles appled trim. Doll and costumes held in place with 'paper straps' not e the pen separating the two dresses. Reverse is blank and dated 1895 in pencil.. Discoloration on folder.  Doll and costumes light wear.
Rewards of Merit, Premium Award for Regular Attendance and Good Deportment, 1856. Andrus, Gauntell & Company.Ithaca, NY.1856
A "Premium Award" given a student at public school in Ithica, NY for Regular Attendance and Good Deportment for the past week. The card is sweetly decorcated with both an out border and an inner one around the award. Along with two illustrations of a bust of a man.  The Principle's name, M.R. Barnard, is printed on the bottom right. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/4". The front of the card is missing some surface litho, particularly in the center, which makes the student's name hard to make out. The back has a square stain, most likely from past tape.
Uncut 2 Sided Adv. Paper Doll Nestle Products- French - Art Deco 1930s. ..1930s
Two-sided advertising paper doll with three costumes and hats. The two-sided doll measures 4 1/2" tall. A dolly walking at her side. She has three costumes, one a jester, the second a party dress with a white wig and the third a party dress holding a hat with a jockey dress. The top of the page promotes the product NESTLE - Farine Lactee and Lait Sucre Suisse". The reverse promotes the product with advertising on each item. Vibrant color. In French. Measures 7 1/2" x 8". Light toning, otherwise fine.
My Real Doll House, with Cut-Out and Stand-Up Illustrations and Colored Lithograph. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, Ohio.c1910
My Real Dollhouse is an activity book where each page when cut out and properly folded makes one room of the doll house. Along with the directions the following rooms are included the Kitchen, the Garden, the Play-Room Circus, the Living-Room, the Nursery, the Dining Room. The rooms are wonderfully charming colored lithographs depicting scenes in each room. The covers There are no dolls with this book. Measures 13" x 10". Heavy edge wear. The covers themselves are soiled and partially detached and the back cover has a section that is fully detached. The interior pages are fully detached, and the direction sheet is toned and brittle due to age. The rooms themselves have some edge wear and  are tone, and cut out. There are crease marks where they were folded in order to make them stand, and in some cases there are slight tears along these folds.
Bernard H Martin and William L. Martin Jr.. Silver Stallion, Sequel to Lighting: A Cowboy's Colt. Tell Well Press.Kansas City, MO.1949
29 pp. (unpaginated) children's book, tells the story of Danny Morgan, his cousin Melissa, and their friend Eagle, an Indian boy, as they solve the mystery of the phantom silver stallion. Called a "corking good story", it is chalk full of vibrantly colored, or charming black and white illustrations on nearly every page. A must for any child horse lover. Measures 10 3/4" x 8". Both the board covers and the dust jacket show edge wear, particularly on the lower end of the back strip. There is a small piece of missing surface litho on the back of the dust jacket as well as a small stain. The covers themselves have a several small stains on the lower corners. Interior pages are fine.
The Brimful Book, Mother Goose Animals A.B.C. illustrated by Eulalie, C. M. Burd and G & D Haumann. Platt adn Munk Co Inc.New York.1939
A charming children's book full of Mother Goose Rhymes and colorful illustrations. In addtion to the classic rhymes the book also features several short stories, such as "Good Doggies" and "The Quack Quack Family". There is also an ABC section to the book as well. Red cloth backed covers, with a pictorial cover attached.  Pictorial end papers depicting characters from the rhymes.   Unpaginated. This book was copyrighted in 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1939. It is the 23rd edition. Edited by Watty Piper. Measures 12 1/4" x 10". Edge wear to cloth covers, the boards beneath the cloth are exposed in the corners. The pictorial cover is worn on the edges, and has some small sections of missing surface litho. Back cover has some stains. Inside endpaper is torn in two places. Tape repair to binding. There is an inscription down by a previous owner. Minor stains and toning on interior pages, does not affect readability.
Shirley Goulden. Tales from Hans Anderson Retold by Shirley Goulden. Grosset & Dunlap Inc.New York.c1960s
A retelling of four Hans Christian Andersen classic fairy tales, "The Tin Soldier", "The Dancing Flowers", "The Wild Swans", and "The Ugly Duckling". Wonderfully whimiscal color illustrations fill every page, bringing the well known stories to life. Illustrated by Maraja. Printed in Italy by Fratelli Fabbri Editori. Measures 13 1/2" x 9 3/4".. Edge wear to covers and back strip. Both front and back covers have minor stains and soiling. There is an inscription by a previous owner on the interior cover.
The Lord's Prayer: Children's Coloring Book, c1940s. ..c1940s
This is a handmade coloring book, depicting "The Lords's Prayer". The interior pages were created using a mimeograph, then the outlines were colored in by a child. The name Virginia is written on the back of the majority of the pages. The pages were then bound together using brad clips The imagery is a reflective social commentary  Mostly likely this book was made during Sunday School. 9" x6". Very minor edge wear, The interior pages are slightly toned due to age.
L. Baum Frank. The Marvelous Land of Oz, Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Scarecrow and Tin Woodman... A Sequel to the Wizard of Oz . Reilly & Britton Co.Chicago.1904
287 pp. with green pictorial covers showcasing a whimsical illustration of the Tin Woodman shaking hands with the Scarecrow. 1st edition. Second state text block. Sixteen (16) full color plates plus black and white in-text illustrations. Features illustrated endpapers with the comedians Montgomery and Stone portraying the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, respectively, in the 1902 musical, The Wizard of Oz. Illustrated by John R. Neill. Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4".. Rubbings on back strip. Ex-Libris on reverse of frontispiece. Binding cracked but intact. One of the full color illustrations is detached. Two pages, 152 & 153, have a stain in the center of the page. This does not effect visibility of the text.
 8" Handmade Watercolor Male Paper Doll named Drake Shelbourne with 11 Costumes & 3 Hats - Contemporary and Historical Attire c1940s
A 7 3/4" tall watercolor paper doll.  A tidy gent with broad-set eyes. His 11 costumes appear to be both contemporary to the 1940s while others are vintage.  Four are labeled on reverse - lounge suit, yacht suit, full dress suit and tennis suit.  Three fine hats accompany the outfits. .
Ida Bohatta Barli the Ice Bear. ars Edition.New York.1981
Eight brief poems written from the point of view of a small white bear. The poems are: The Sold Bearskin, Little Bear Left Alone, Christmas Wonders, Keeping Warm, The Two Little Brothers, Bear's Hunger, Snowstorm, and the Dream. Each poem is accompanied by a printed water color, and a small black and white line drawing of a polar bear. This book was translated into English from the original German by John Theobald. ISBN 0-86724-007-5 Measures 5 3/4" x 4 3/4"..
Ruth E Adomeit The Happifats Cookbook, Angeleno Doll Club. Angeleno Doll Club.Los Angelos, California.1969
The Happifats cookbook, is a miniature book, 1st edition, with recipes inspired by dolls. Each recipe is accompanied charming by a black and white, with accents of hand coloring done in crayon.  Some recipes included are: Raggedy Ann Bars, Hello Dolly Dingles, and Brownies Supreme.  These book was compiled by Ruth E Adomeit and published by the Angeleno Doll Club which was a women's association in Southern California. All the illustrations in this cookbook are of a specific type of doll known as Happifats. They are bisque dolls (a doll made partially or wholly out of bisque porcelain and they are often characterized by their realistic, skin-like matte finish) that are solely inspired by the illustrations of Kate Jordon which appeared in John Martin's Books from 1913 to 1921. John Martin's Book was a children's magazine aimed at five- to eight-year-olds, and included stories, illustrations, and puzzles.  Measures 3" x 2".. Minor edge wear, otherwise fine.
 Uncle Sam's ABC Book, Printed in Linen, 1897. W.B. Conkey Company.Chicago ; New York.1897
12 pp unpaginated book printed on linen. Two color illustrations(red and blue) on wrappers; alphabet and words printed in color, accompanied by black and white illustrations. A delightfully charming ABC book which pairs each letter with three words, as well as using creative illustration to include each object in the drawing. For example A is for Acorn, Axe, and Angler; B is for Bicycle, Boy, and Balloon, etc. Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/2". OCLC 1 - (3/2017). Book has wear and fraying. Pages are soiled and toned. The color accented ink (mostly red) has started to bleed through the pages. The blue ink has faded oddly in some areas.
 3 Hand Made Paper Dolls w 15 Costumes, A Dog & 2 Cats c1910s. ..
What appear to be three sisters from the 1910s with their two cats and a dog.  Well executed design on the paper dolls and costumes.  The 13 costumes  with 8 hats for the older sisters are interchangeable while the younger sister has two costumes. The costumes in are drawn with fine details.  The hats and dresses reflect the fashions of the day.  The taller dolls are 7 3/4"..
Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne An Anthology of Babyhood. Hutchinson Co.London.1912
A collection of poetry and lullabies for a child. The book has been divided into twelve different sections, with only a number as a title. At the start of each section is a small black and white charming illustration. There are also a few random illustrations throughout the book. The only illustration in color is the frontispiece, and it showcases a baby in her baptism dress and cap. The end papers are a whimsical piece in pink, of "The Week of Babies". This book was edited & compiled by Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne, and illustrated by T.J. & E.A. Overnell. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". . Light surface wear and fading on cover.
Elizabeth T Dillingham The Rabbit Windmill: Joyful Stories for Holidays and Other Days. John C Winston Co.Philadelphia.1930
A charming book with a story for every holiday, such as "The Frost Fairies' Christmas Tree", "A Pleasent Year" for New Year's Day, and "The Little Cherry Tree" for May Day. The book is also full of little days for 'other days' such as "The Runaway Dolls" and "The Slow Little Boy." The book has an introduction written by Lucy Wheelock. A 163 pp book,  with pictorial orange cloth hard covers and illustrated end papers. Thirty-eight (38) illustrations, on either full, half, or quarter page. The majority are charming black and white illustrations, however four of them are in vibrant colors. Additionally, there are six black and white boarders with illustrations.  Illustrated by Frederick Richardson, Eunice Stephenson, Edwin J Prittie, Ruth Collins Spears, and Mary R Wireman.. This book used to belong to a library. As such the back strip has a identifying letter on it, and the both end covers have damage on them due to the borrowing card having been removed. Beyond that, there is minor damage to the top of the back strip.
A collection of 14 different 'Aesop's Fables revides and Improved by the Fairbank Canning Co. aka 'fractured fables'. ..c1885
A grouping of 14 different advertising trade cards with the captoned "Aesop's Fables - revised and improved by the Fairbank (meat)  Canning Co. Chicago.  Each an adaptation on a real fable e.g. THE BOY AND HIS UNCLE - A good Boy went to visit his Uncle who ws a very nice man.  Finally the Boy began to steal, and his Uncle beat him for it, until at last the Boy confessed that he was so fond of our meats, and thereafter had no troubel with the boy.  Moral: If you don't want your boys to  steal, give them plenty of our meats...  Each with the same sort of twisted logic.  The reverse of the cards is primarily blank; a few with promotions for grocers. . moderate wear; few with trimmed edges.
 The Declaration of Independence Portfolio, Compiled and Published by The Ladies' Patriotic Society Co.,. The Ladies' Patriotic Society Co.,.Buffalo, NY.1899
A 17 1/2" x 14 1/2" facsimile of the Declaration of Independence, about one-third in size; also a copy of Charles Carroll's manuscript additions in 1826, etc.   Compiled and Published by The Ladies' Patriotic Society Co., Distributors of Patriotic Literature.   The Society is desirous that every citizen, especially young person and boys and girls, should study thoroughly or commit to memory the Declaration of Independence.  A fee of 10 cents is proposed.   Found in original envelope.  NO OCLC or other internet reference to the Society. 3/2017. .
Promotional Brochure - Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game. Exciting and Entertaining to Adults and Children. ..
A single-fold promotional or instruction booklet for Table Tennis - The New Indoor Game.  Cover image depicts a properly attired  Mom and Dad playing in the parlor while the family looks on.  Includes Directions  and suggests using a dining-table about 6 feet by 4 feet; the larger the table the better.  This is followed by two pages of Rules.  Two are in bold - There is no Second Service as in Lawn Tennis. No volleying is allowed. Presented by the "H" company, with a logo a diamond surrounding the "H".   Measures 6" x 3 1/2".  The game was invented to bring lawn tennis indoors..
Get Well Card featuring removable Superstitious Al-o-ysius. ..1950s
A 6" x 5" french-fold card with Superstitious Al-o-ysisu attached with a yarn tie at top.  A picture story of how he is as good as any doctor and cures all ills.  The back cover is depicts a scroll with the story of how he came to be.  The son of the Goddess Fortuna...a jinx chaser. Unfortunately the top caption is lacking as a result of removal from a scrapbook. .
2 Children's Activity Game Greeting Cards featuring Nurses and a Doctor. ..c1950s
Two (2) different children's greeting cards; one a birthday card puch out nurse and hospital room scene and the other a get well card with a punch out game, featuring a nurse and a doctor.Largest 7" x 5" when folded. .
 9 Different Picture Story Book Get Well Greeting Cards featuring Activities, Rebus, Inventions Behaviors and More.. ..
A grouping of  9 different 1940s and 50s get well greeting card booklets, each with a different slant on hospitalization and recovery.   They all measure approximately 6" x 5" and have multiple pages with 18 pp (including covers) the longest.  They include: 12 Rube Goldberg style inventions for the bedridden including automatic back scratcher, medicine tester, book holder, "ah" recorder, etc. Sorry Yer Sick - with a barnyard themed picture story The Tale of Little Nell -  comic enactment of Nelly, the Villian, Marmaduke and poor old Pa. A Big Dose of Fun for the Convalescent -  Crossword puzzles, number and word games, tricks and quips and best of all---an envelope on the inside back cover with an answer booklet. A diary to cheer you up (ready made) Good Luck - Fix-em Shop -a doctor and nurse repair a patient as though it were a wrecked car "getting gears adjusted". To One Who is Ill - The Answer to the Big IF - picture story describing why you should hurry up and get well. The House that Cheer Built for a Convalescent -  The house that Jack Built style book.  Characters include Cheer, Friend, Germ, Doc, Nurse, Wish, Luck, Card and Pal. A Rebus -in letter form to "Deer Convales - Ant" exceptionally  charming. .
Wir lernen die Uhr! (We Learn the Clock). ..1950s
8 pp. Litho on board throughout. German lnaguage. A book that teaches young children how to read the clock. The cover has a clock on it with movable hands, (missing from the book), so they can change the time. The book takes a group of children through their day, and at which time they should get up, get ready, eat breakfast, etc. The illustrations are in color and absolutely charming, in every drawing each child has bright rosy cheeks.Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/2" . Missing the movable clock hands that attached to the front cover. Minor edge wear due to rubbing. Minor soiling on interior pages.
Faith Jaques Tilly's House. Margaret K. McElderry Book.New York.1979
32pp. Dust jacket. Both written & Illustrated by Faith Jaques, the book tells the story of a doll named Tilly, who leaves the her doll house in search of a place of her own. Along the way she befriends a teddy bear named Edward, who helps her find her way in the world. Tilly shows herself to be a strong, independent individual who is not afraid of hardwork. The illustrations in this children's book are the real gem, as they are extremely rich and detailed and make Tilly's world come to life for the reader. Measures 10 x 8 1/4" . Very minor edge wear, due to rubbing. A small amount of brown speckles on the front cover.
Adomeit, Ruth My Favorite Story Book, with illustrations. Fisher & Bro, Fisher & Denison.Philadelphia, PA.c1850
192 pp. Cloth stamped boards.  Miniature book. Wood-cut drummer boy frontisepiece.  This book has several short stories along with over a half a dozen charming black and white illustrations to go along with. A list of the stories found within are as follows: Little Joseph the Child of the Sea, The Bishop and his Birds, Grace Greenwood The Power of a Word, The Christmas Sheaf, Even a Child May Do Something, A Safe House to Sleep In, A Pleasure for A Child, The Ragged Boy, The Bishop's Place of Prayer, The Bear, What the Ostrich Can Eat, A Word with a Beautiful Meanings, Keeping the Rain Off, A Incident at Fort Sumter, Artlessness, and Those Boys. The stories showcase good deeds and morals for children to learn. Measures 2 1/4" x 2".. Covers show some wear, mostly on the edges due to rubbing. The embossed covers have faded, and therefore it is hard to tell the design.
Uncut Sleeping Beauty Paper Doll Sheet No. 0106. McLoughlin.New York.1911-1913
A 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" uncut sheet with a 5 3/4" Sleeping Beauty  paper doll seated at a chair with a spinning wheel attached.  4 outfits and a tiara.   Reverse is blank..
 5  Naive 20"  Folk Art Paper Dolls - Buster Brown, Robert, Bertha, Nan & Lenora . .Nebraska.1910s
Five (5) crayon drawn and decorated paper dolls created from 'make-do' materials-- the back of pressed board advertising signed. The first is 21 1/2" older girl in a blue dress with large white colors. Her face is drawn as profile with an exaggerated nose and chin. Her hair is curled in tendrils. Created in two pieces. Her feet and legs are applied and watercolor decorated. The second is a 19 3/4" younger fuller girl done in crayon. This doll is actually dressed with a silk bow in her hair, an islet lace neck choker and a handmade chiffon dress, banded at top with the same ribbon as used on her hair. Here gray and orange boots are crayon.   The remaining three each measures about 18 1/2". A boy and girl in sailor influenced attire. The third is a Buster Brown look-alike, wearing the familiar red suit with black neck bow and big round eyes. This dolls appear to be created by the same individual. .
Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Ann Sheridan w 2 Dolls - Authorized Edition.. Whitman Publ. Co...1944
1944 A collaboration with dolls by Lee Lunzer and clothes by Hedwig Jo Meixner.   Each page has a vignette of Sheridan wearing one of the costumes on the page. Stylized imagery structures as costumes hanging on display with whimsical border decoration. Caption on each page summarizes costumes on the page. 13" x 10 1/2".  Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 10".  No of Costume Pages: 8 .
Angela Tuite Price Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Pretty as a Picture . Saalfield  No. 2703..1948
The cover of the book depicts proper young girl of yesteryear reading an album, with a die-cut frame above with a cellophane window showing portraits of the dolls on the second . The next page shows the to characters i a room scene. The costume pages show fashions of the day for young girls in the late 1940s with stylish accessories including a double locket with faux pictures and elements of charm including a "Gone with the Wind".  Of note is a riding outfit with jodhpurs. A mixture of sentimental and 1940s modern. The actual punch-out dolls are on the back cover. 11 1/2" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls: Size: 10".  No of Costume Pages: 5 with a 6th page depicting the girls posing on stage...
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Eve Arden, Authorized Edition. Saalfield No. 158510..1953
Smart costumes for the statuesque actress for various roles she played.12 5/8" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls:2.  Doll Size: 11 1/2"<. No of Costume Pages: 4.
Robert Louis Stevenson A Child's Garden of Verse. M A Donohue & Co.Chicago, IL.1916
302 pp. Cloth cover with a stamped black and red illustrations of a flowering plant. Heavily illustrated and decorated by Myrtle Sheldon. The book is a collection of poems evoking the world and feelings of childhood, each paired with an illustration. Measures 7 1/2" x 6" . Covers show minor edge wear. Binding is cracked, and some interior pages are loose. Front interior cover is signed by a previous owner.
Harriet T Comstock Andersen's Fairy Tales, retold in words of one syllable. A L Burt Company.New York.1900
97 pp. green cloth covers with a stamped illustration of man and cat standing in front of door. A retelling of some of Hans Christian Andersen classic fairy tales, such as 'The Fir-Tree' and 'The Little Match Girl'. Illustrated with numerous black and white as well as color plates. Measures 8" x 6" . Covers have minor edge wear. Binding is loose. Previous owner inscription on front free endpaper. Minor toning due to age.
Francis L Woodworth Woodworth's Youth Cabinet, Volume 6, No. 1. D A Woodworth.New York.January 1851
42 pp, paper wrappers with black and white illustrations. Originally published as an anti-slavery newspaper, entitled the "Youth’s Cabinet", the magazine changed drastically when it was purchased by Francis C. Woodworth in 1846. Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet focused on geography and history, or on Christian morality. While there are some illustrations throughout, the pages are general dense with text and its stories are subjects are viewed through a narrow moral aperture. Some stories in this volume are: 'Cousin Helen and her Pets', 'The Deserted College', and 'Conscientious Obedience'. Measures 9" x 5 3/4" . Paper covers show some wear, particularly around the edges. There is a small tear to the top of the binding. Moderate foxing and toning, the last few pages have heavy foxing. Minor penciling on a few interior pages.
Uncle Ned's Picture Books: Ditties for Little Children. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1870
20 pp (including wrappers), blue cover with printed litho design depicting one of the stories found within, 'The Pet Hen.' Other stories included in this book are: 'The Star', 'The Cow', 'Dolly's Tea Party', 'The Little Girl Who Was Unkind to her Sister', 'Mary's Little Lamb', 'Robin Redbreast' and 'The selfish child.' Stories are written in verse. There are four full page color illustrations. A part of the 'Uncle Ned's Pictures Book' series. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 3/4". Some edge wear, particularly on the front cover's bottom left hand corner. There a stain on the front cover on the top left hand corner. Previous owner inscription on first page.
Jane Langton Original Art - 2 Watercolor Paper Dolls and Costumes in Stylized 1850s attire. ..
Four (4) original watercolor designs are attributed to Jane Langton while a graduate student at Radcliffe. Although not signed they were given to the previous owner by Ms. Langton as her work. Finely detailed well executed art. Created on art board, each measures 12" x 8 1/2".  . Jane Gillson Langton (1922-) is an American writer and author of children's literature and mystery novels. She both writes and illustrates her novels. Previous owner indicated they came with a note "I made these tiresomely stylized dolls when a graduate student at Radcliffe, about 1946"
Art Tanchon - Illustrator Circus Day - Cut-out Book No. 135.. Stephens Publishing.Sandusky, OH.n.d. c1950s.
6 page paper doll book with heavy stock covers.  Paper dolls printed on back cover.  Each character has a page of costumes and accessories.  They include Bosco the Bear,  Monk (monkey), Elmer the Elephant, George the Giraffe and Laffie "the Clown.  The final costume page is the circus ring and animal cars. Measures 10 1/2" x 10 3/4"..
Boxed Set - Early Litho Puzzle Blocks or Cubes- Bizarre Imagery -  Children Trampled by Animals & Children at War. ..c1860s
A 7" x 4 1/2" x 2"  litho on wooden box with sliding top.   Includes 15 six-sided cubes to create the puzzles.  Includes five (5) litho sheets illustrating the puzzle.  Additionally, the box cover has the sixth puzzle.  Five of the six are images of children either being trampled by farm animals or children with weapons, as though perhaps pretend "war"...  Box wear; minor wear on cubes. .
Collection of 20th Century Paper Dolls used in Fashion Advertising to Children Directly. .United States.1917-1996
In the 1880s companies saw a way of reaching a wider audience by creating advertising material that was directed towards a young audience. The hope was that children might help to direct their parent's spending habits. By the early 1900s, advertisers had perfected this technique and had come up with a wide variety of paper games and toys meant to attract a child's attention. One such paper toy that was used by advertisers was paper dolls. With the combination of cheap printing and a surge in the popularity of paper dolls, manufacturers of all kinds of household goods took advantage by using them to promote their wares. The fashion and clothing industry in particular used this to great effect, as these ads were designed to mainly target young girls, and encourage them to desire to dress like their favorite paper doll. This collection consists of 11 items (25 dolls) of advertising paper dolls. Below is a brief description of the items within the collection. Dandyline Company Paper Doll (1917) The Dandyline Company, based in Chicago, IL, made dresses for young girls in the early 1900s. It then sold them to retail stores across the country along with an advertising paper doll. While the two dolls in this section are extremely similar, they are slightly different. This is mainly seen in the details of the yellow dress they are both wearing. The back of the doll had a space for the retail store to print its name and address.  This is the "Little Sister" series and includes two dolls and 14 costumes. Note the gender specific objects being held by the costumes. The back of each out had a Lot No. so that one could order the exact outfit. The two stores on the back of the dolls in this collection are E. M. Devine in Philadelphia, PA, and Hirsch D. G. Co. in Decatur, IL. 2 Dolls + 13 outfits, CUT, Measures 7" x 2 1/4" (Doll) FA Quality Family (c1920) During the 1920s a company by the name of FA Quality Trimmings, which sold various ribbons and trimmings meant to accent clothing, started a line of dolls called the FA Quality Family. It was a set of 4 dolls- Mother, Sister, Betty, and Buddy (Buddy is missing from this collection) with three outfits each.  On each sheet is the advertising phrase: "These cut out dolls serve two purposes; to amuse the children and to give you the style suggestions designed by experts." 3 UNCUT SHEETS (3 dolls + 9 outfits), Measures 7 3/4" x 5" Stories and Fashion (1934) Like the title suggests, this 16 pp. black and white booklet contains both paper dolls and short stories. Published by Mabley & Carew, a prominent department store in Cincinnati, Ohio, its goal was to help sell the clothing available at its store. The book contains six dolls: Mary, Tommy, the twins Betty & Bobby, Billy and Baby Jane. Beside each outfit is the price and department store floor in which it can be found on. The stories in this booklet are: The Little Boy and the Brook, My Fairy, and the Baby Stuart. Cover is detached. 6 Dolls + 10 outfits with accessories, UNCUT Booklet, Measures 7 1/2" 5 1/4" Miss Sunbeam Paper Doll Set (1949) Sunbeam Bread used their Miss Sunbeam doll to not only encourage the purchase of their baked goods, but also as a mean of selling their "Simplicity Printed Patterns". These sewing patterns allowed mothers to recreate the dresses Miss Sunbeam wore for their daughter. Next to each outfit was a product code that correlated to a specific sewing pattern. There are two pages for this item, the first page, with the doll, is in color, while the second page is in black and white. This would allow the child to have even more fun with the toy by coloring in the outfits. These two sheets are stapled together. 1 Doll + 9 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 8 3/4" Miss Sunbeam Paper Doll Set (c1950) The same paper doll as mention in the previous item, but with new outfits, mean for a new season. These outfits, along with the product code also gave an age range. Additionally this version had a teddy bear paper doll as well. 1 Doll + 9 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 8 3/4" Gibbs Kids Paper Dolls (c1950) Produced by Gibbs Underwear Company, based in Philadelphia, PA, Gibbs Kids was a series of paper dolls intended to help local retailers sell their clothes. The doll featured is the "10 year old Sister", and it showcases 4 outfits. What is unique about this item is not all the outfits paired with the doll are made or sold by Gibbs. Additionally, on the back of the sheet is a stamp that says "Compliments of Paperdoll Gazette, Shirley Hedge, Editor, Route 2, Princeton IND. 47679" 1 Doll + 4 outfits, 1 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 9" Carter's School Wise Cut-Ups (Sept 1952) Printed in the September 1952 issue of McCall's, a monthly American women's magazine that ceased publication in 1992, was a printed ad for Carter's. Carter's was a clothing store for children selling clothes from 'cradle through school'. This ad features two dolls, a Big Sis, and a Baby Sis, each with their own outfit. The ad speaks directly to the child stating that their outfits mean that "Daddy saves dollars galore!" 2 Dolls + 2 outfits, 1 UNCUT SHEET, Measures 13 1/2" x 5 1/4" Pretty as Picture (1961) In a children's magazine, entitled 'Jack & Jill', a paper doll was printed for Vogue Patterns, a company that sold patterns for fashionable clothes. This doll was designed by Betty Jaxon and was meant to capitalize on the Easter holiday. In two sheets, a doll named Jill (there are two version of the same doll, each in a difference stance) is surrounded by colorful, fashionable outfits. Each outfit has the pattern number printed on its tabsThe Pretty as a Picture sheet was a store give-away, the second sheet is a proof presumably for future designs. 2 Dolls + 10 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 14" x 10 1/4" (Larger sheet) Bendel's Cut-Out Dolls (1962) Henri Bendel was an innovator when it came to high end luxury fashion and his boutique shop in New York City soon became a beacon of luxury for the cities elite. He also was a strong proponent fashion-centric illustration, and since paper dolls are a natural progression of that he soon had several books of them that he used to sell his clothes. The item is a 12 pp. booklet with paper wraps. The cover is an illustration of a cut out sheet of paper dolls. The book includes three (3) paper dolls and four (4) pages of outfits. The reverse of the page provides a narrative description, sizing information and pricing for each of the paper doll costumes. There is even an introductory note in the beginning of the book that asks the children not to cut out the dolls until mother has ordered the desired outfits. 3 Dolls + 21 outfits with accessories, UNCUT Booklet, Measures 9" x 7" Vind Garn Til Vinterens Dolls (1966) Published in Familie Journalen, Denmark's longest running weekly family and women's magazine (it was started in 1877), are two paper dolls. The advertisement is for Dale Crepe, a yarn company in Europe. The dolls are meant to help selling knitting patterns, and each sweater is a pattern you can purchase. There is a both a boy and girl doll, each with fours knit sweaters, and at least one knit hat and pair of mittens.  In Danish. 2 Dolls + 8 sweaters with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 13 1/2" x 10" Look Book Holiday (1996) This advertising pamphlet was aimed directly at both young boy and girl fashionistas. This is evident even in the title, as a 'Look Book' is a collection of designs compiled to show off a style or clothing line. Even the names of the outfits advertised in this accordion folded pamphlet are titled to reflect that. Such as "Glamor Girl", "Updated Classics", and "Long, Lean Look". Published for the holiday season by The Children's Place, an American specialty retailer of children's apparel and accessories since 1969. It comes with two dolls, a boy and a girl with several outfits each. The pamphlet is printed in color and is double sided. As such, it is impossible to cut out both dolls and all the outfits from the same pamphlet. 2 Dolls + 13 outfits with accessories, UNCUT, Measures 5" x 3 1/4" (folded), 26" x 5" (unfolded) To view this collection, please click on the following link: .
Alfred Guttmann and Karl Lutge Kinder Lieder [Children's Songs]. Deutscher Arbeitersängerbund [German Workers' Singing Association].Berlin.1926
24 pp, Kinder Lieder: Erstes Heft, zwei- und mehrstimmige lieder und Kanons für kleine und große kinder, which roughly translates to: First Edition, two- and three-part songs and canons for young and old children. The front cover is printed in two colors, with the title and border design in blue and a line drawing of three children of varying ages singing in red. Each song in the book also has illustrations depicting the song. Some of the songs in this book are: Alle Vögel sind schon da [All the Birds Are Already Here], A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee [A, B, C, The Cat Ran in the Snow], Ein Männlein steht im Walde [A Little Man Stands in the Forest], and Der Kuckuck und der Esel [The Cuckoo and The Donkey].  In German. Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2'.. Minor toning and soiling due to age.
L Wardell A Delightful and Easy Method for Teaching Children to Read Music with extraordinary facility, by the arrangement of a house on the piano-forte. ..1857
A way of learning how to play the piano-forte by L Wardell in which he instructs the player to image a house over the keys. Each key represents a different room or pillar of the house. Wardell claims that "this system has met with astonishing  success wherever it has been adopted."  Measures 10 1/4" x 4 1/2".. There are two separations.
Mozart The Alphabet. ..c1890
A single fold page of sheet music entitled "The Alphabet". The song is exactly as the title implies, it is simple the letters of the  alphabet set to music. There are three parts, 1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano and Alto. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2".. Partially separated, minor toning due to age. The bottom edge of the sheet has minor tears and is missing a small section.
Johann Strauss Kinderspiele Polka Française, für das Pianoforte, op. 304 [Children's Games, French Polka for the Pianoforte]. Wien, C. A. Spina..1866
7 pages, cover has a floral decoration along with the image of six children dancing in a circle. The inside cover contains a list of of other songs published by Johann Strauss and his two brothers Josef and Eduard. In German.  Measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/4".. Inscribed. Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on inside front cover.
 The Schoolmaster, a Favorite Glee for Three Voices, As sung at the Salem Glee Club. C Bradlee.Boston.1834
4 pages, This song helps children to remember their ABCs. There are five versus to the song, teaching the alphabet and how to pronoun the different common sounds of some letters, such as "B A Ba".  Measures 13 1/2" x 9 3/4". Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on binding and edges along tears. Inscribed with page numbers 229- 231.
Henri Bohlman-Sauzeau Valley of Chamouni Quadrille. .London.1855
4 pgs, On the cover is a black and white illustration of the Valley of Chamouni (also spelled Chamounix or Chamonix) a valley in esatern France by Mont Blanc. Songs include La Morne au Diable and La Vallee de Chamouny. These songs are meant for dancing,. the quardrille. At the base of the music front and back is a narrative titled "Hints for Dancing Quadrilles" by Mrs. (Frances)  N. Henderson.  Measures 13 1/2" x 9 1/2".. Toned and soiled due to age. Pages are separated. Minor stain in the shape of an arch on the back cover.
Elizabeth Est. Hamond No. 1 The Infant Vocalist, Selections from the Nursery Rhymes &c. with Original  Airs for the Pianoforte or Harp. Mitchell's Musical Library.London.1824
12 pp. The cover has the title of the item engraved in various scripts. Songs include "Dance Little Baby", "Bye Bye Little Dolly", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Little Miss Kid", "Pretty Flower, Tell Me Why?",  and "Who'll Come and Play with Me, Dialogue and Duet". The last song is a dialogue between a sparrow and a child. The last name of the composer is spelled Hamond on this item, however reviews in literary magazines at the time of publication (1824) sometimes spell it as Hammond.. Disbound from a larger item. Initials of composer on lower margin. Trimmed. Slight foxing. Minor toning due to age.
James Hook The Match Boy. R Gale.Glasgow, Scotland.1805
1 page, arranged on 2 staves for voice and harpsichord. The song is about an orphaned young boy who sells matches on the street, and the wealthy poplele who walk by him each day. Over three verses the song employs them to "Give a mite to the poor little boy." Measures 12 3/4" x 9" . Minor soiling and toning due to age.
Louise Robyn Peter Pan Pictures, Four Characteristic Pieces for the Piano. Clayton F Summy Co.Chicago.1932
4 pp, the cover depicts Peter Pan dancing with his shadow while playing his pan flute with Tinker Bell flying above him. This piece was a set of four that could be bought separately or together. This sheet music contains only one piece, 'Wendy Gives Peter a Thimble.' The other three pieces that make up the set are (not included): 'Peter Dances with his Shadow' (depicted on the cover), 'The Never, Never Land', and 'The Wendy House'. Measures 12" x 9 1/4".. Minor toning and soiling due to age.
Ezra Read Cinderella Waltz. ..c1920
4 pp, dark blue cover with a black line drawing depicting Cinderella by a fire place, with her fairy god mother and three mice. Also in the smoke created by the fire is a small drawing of Cinderella's carriage. The song is Cinderella Waltz, which was also sometimes called Dewdrop Waltz. There is no date or publisher on this item. The back list the numerous other pieces sold by the publisher and at the bottom it states "You can get any of above pieces where you got this one."  Measures 14" x 10 1/4".. Minor edge wear, with a few small tears at the fold. Toning and soiling due to age.
Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Oeuvres Enfantines: 15 Nouvelles Rondes Enfantines, Op 37 [Children’s Work: 15 New Children's Rounds, Op 37]. Sandoz, Jobin and Co..Paris, France.1904
10 pp, Cover depicts nine children dancing. The illustration is in color along with some decorative flowers. While the entire works of Oeuvres Enfantines by Jaques-Dalcroze contains a total of 15 rounds, this only has # 626, "La Ronde des Saison Fleuries', which roughly translstes to 'The Round of the Season's Flowers'. It is a song about the different seasons of flowers. A the end of the score, it also tells a teacher how to perform the song. Measures 12 1/4" x 9 1/4".. Soiling and toning due to age. Covers are partially separated.
Neues Carricaturen Spiel [New Caricatures Game]. .Germany.1870
A 15 1/2" x 12" hand-colored lithographic German board game with anthropomorphic characters. Originally illustrated by Jakob Schmitt some time between 1820-1830, this is a reprint on thick board from around 1870. There are are forty-one (41) numbered squares, half of have characters in them. Square #41 is the large drawing in the center that depicts anthropomorphic characters at a banquet. There are instructions at the bottom, in German.. Minor edge wear and toning due to age.
 Photo Album - Colonial Afternoon in Honor of George Washington Bicentennial. .Franklin, MA.1832
A 16 page photo album.  Wrappers. Second Grade, Thayer School.  With  seven (7) original mounted photographs of children and teachers dressed in "colonial" attire; some with powdered wigs.  One photo is a class shot with a young man presumably Washington with a tricon hat at center.  another depicts the children dancing a minuet.  Another with Colonial women knitting in front of a giant American flag.; Betsy Ross holding the 13 colony flag and much more. Photos measure 5" x 7". .
 Cut McLoughlin Little Fred, Complete with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1850s
A 3 1/2" effeminate paper doll named Little Fred.  Includes five 2-sided costumes; reverse is blank.  Also includes the original 5 3/8" x 2 1/2"  folder with directions within.  The reverse promotes McLoughlin Bros Amusing and Instructive Games for Children, priced at 38 or 50 cents.  Neck repair.  Part of series No. I..
 Cut McLoughlin Hattie, 4 Original Costumes and 4 Handmade Costumes with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1868
A two-sided 4 " paper doll named Hattie.  Four (4) two-sided costumes the reverse is blank Also includes the original An 5 1/4" x 2 3/4"  folder with directions within.  Hats are lacking.  The reverse promotes McLoughlin Bros. Paper Dolls--Book Form priced from $3.75 - $18.00 per gross. priced at 50cents each.  Part of Series No. 2.  Additionally, a little cutout of a girl holding doll found with the other items. .
"As the Twig is Bent" a hand drawn Childhood Labor Poster
A 17 1/2" x 14" hand drawn poster about child labor. The poster features an image of Uncle Sam hold his top hat in hand and looking down on a small stunted tree that is growing out of a rocky landscape. On a rock near by the tree is the wood 'labor' and on the tree trunk itself is the wood 'childhood'. At the base of the poster is a pasted-on quote, “As the twig is bent.” The quote is derived from Alexander Pope's Epistles to Several Persons, published in 1732 “Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.” This saying is often misquoted as “As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined” or “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” It is meant to extoll on the idea that early influences have a permanent effect and more importantly that the effects of parental, environmental and peer influences can have a huge impact on a young molding mind and will shape who they are and how they act later in life. In this instance, in the context of child labor, it is meant to make the viewer reflect on how hard labor can permanent effect a child. The image itself is drawn in black charcoal with a blue color pencil beneath that was used during the first sketch of the images. It is signed Batchelder. On the back of the poster, it is stamped “PUP Dec 2 1934.”  Edge wear.
4 Bizarre appearing Infant Toddler Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scraps
Four (4) different 6" embossed die-cut Victorian scraps of infants or young toddlers.  Each with a different flowing gown.  Three of the four hold objects. One is in a high chair with the tails of the gown tucked under the legs of the chair.  What makes these items particularly unusual is the maturity of their faces and the deep set eyes.   REverse is blank.
Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books, Edith and Milly's Housekeeping
6 leaves and 6 leaves of color illustrations plates. Yellow illustrated litho covers. Tells the story of Milly and Edith as they explore an ornate dollhouse that Milly got for her birthday. Illustrations are detailed and rich in color. Under each plate is printed “Kronheim & Co, London.”  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–1896) was a German-born lithographer and wood engraver known for founding Kronheim & Co. and working with George Baxter to create the ‘Baxter process’ of creating prints, which used zinc instead of wood blocks, which reduced the amount of time needed to complete prints, but resulted in a less shiny finish. Date comes from inscription on cover, however there is also a publisher's advertisement on the back cover which cites a review dated December 1865. A part of the Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books series. Measures 10 1/2"x 9"
Uncut Lithograph Sheet - Les Toilettes Du Bebe - Boxed  Paper Doll set
A 19 1/2" x 25 1/2" uncut sheet for the litho associated with Les Toilettes Du Bebe.  The cover art depicts a scene of 5 children,mother and nanny playing with paper dolls, is labeled "Les Toilettes du Bebe", Also includes  two 6 1/2" two-sided paper dolls with ten (10) two-sided numbered costumes, hats and wigs.  All with egg wash finish. Several of the costumes feature detail of the child clasping a toy or doll. The cover image is signed B. Collbert (Colibert?),lithographed by Jannin,and published by the premiere French game maker Saussine.
Promotional Materials - George A Beale - School Cards a Specialty
A single-fold 8 1/2" x 5 3/4"  circular with an image of George Beale on the cover.  It is addressed to Teachers and dated 1887 and provides promotional information and pricing for the cards.  Back page is blank.  Also includes order form, request for information, testimonials and the original mailing envelope.
Original Art - Children are the World's Most Valuable Resource and its Best Hope for the Future
A 12" x 23" original tempera work.  A stenciled orange naive paper doll chain across the page backed in yellow with green accents.  John F. Kennedy penned at top.  "Children are the World's Most Valuable Resource and its Best Hope for the Future" penned at base.  The vibrant colors of the mid to late 1960s.   Unidentified. 1/4" x 1/2" water stain bottom margin with minimal detraction.
Grandpapa Pease's Lady Golightly.
6 leaves plus inside covers.  Illustrated wraps.  Hand colored. Story of Lady Golightly, a grasshopper and her cousins and how they learn to make hay while the sun shines.  Text block detached.  Measures 10 1/8" x 7 1/8".
French Paper Dolls - Pauline Baby and Annete. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1895
A 7 1/4" cut-out two-sided Annette the nurse paper doll and baby Pauline.  In original envelope with additional two-sided costume a cloak for baby Pauline.   Printed on heavy stock.  Note that these are only so-called "French Paper" doll, just an advertising promotion by McLoughlin of a nurse in French regional attire.  The set is believed to be complete. See Howard pg. 191..
Helen Jill Fletcher The See and Do Book of Dolls and Doll Houses. H. S. Stuttman Company.New York.1959
128 pp. Brown hard cover book, with illustrated book cover. This book gives detailed instructions on how one can make both their own dolls and their own dollhouse filled with homemade doll furniture. The book jacket states, "One does not have to be gifted to make a doll or doll house or doll clothes.... Mother and child together- and even brother and father, for there are boy dolls too- will find making a doll or doll house a game that the whole family can enjoy." The book starts with a simple rag doll, before showing the reader how to take that design and change it into dolls from all around the world, such as a French doll, an Eskimo doll, and a Chinese boy doll. The book continues on to different types of dolls, such as twig dolls, and sock dolls, before moving on to doll clothes and finally doll furniture. The furniture is all made from various, cheap and easy to find materials. Such as a canopy bed that uses a bit of fabric, empty candy box and four pencils. The book is full of black and white illustrations (often with the background of the drawing showing an accent of color) that show the reader how to put together the various items. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4".. The book jacket shows minor edge wear due to rubbing. It also has a few small tears along the edges.
Burges Johnson Pictorial Review Theater - Cut-out Play No. IV - Cinderella with narrative and stage instructions.. Pictorial Review.New York.Feb. 1914
Two (2) 16" x 11" sheets from the Feb. 1914 edition of  Pictorial Review.  Grace G. Drayton Illustrator. The first page is seven (7) captioned characters from Cinderella to be cut out.  Self stands. On the previous page is the narrative for “Cinderella - A Story Play to Accompany the Cut-out Pictures on the Opposite Page”.  Written in two scenes with extensive dialogue and stage directions for each character.  This is followed by a note beginning Dear Children: Here is your chance to play "Cinderella" in a real theater, with Actor people to move about on a real stage"...   The reverse of the character page  has an advertisement and instructions on how to acquire the actually Pictorial Review theater for the price of One Dollar.. Irregular margins.
Fine Victorian Christmas Scraps. ..
A 7" x 6"  intact embossed die-cut scrap sheet depicting two Victorian Christmas scenes.  The first a scene of children delivering Christmas treats to Grandmother as proud parents look on.  The second is children seated around the children's table with an assortment of goodies including a plum pudding. Surrounded by leaf and gold ladder border decoration. .
Crepe Paper Border - Images of Children at Work and Play . ..c1900
Measures 6 1/2" x 128" and depicts four repeats of children at work and play.    Depicts children ice skating, gardening, playing on the shore and reading.   Vivid color..
 The Transvaal Campaign, Model Relief Series, #187. Raphael Tuck & Sons.London.1895
The Transvaal Campaign, otherwise known as the Second Boer War took place between October 11, 1899 and May 31 1902. The war was fought between the British Empire and two Boer states (descendants of the Dutch-speaking settlers of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th century.), the South African Republic (aka Republic of Transvaal) and the Orange Free State, over the British Empire's influence in South Africa. While initial Boer had success, soon they were overrun by British reinforcements. The war continued for years however with the Boers using guerrilla warfare until the British employed a variety of harsh counter-measures destroyed any Boer rebellion. This Model Relief Series (also called Gigantic Reliefs) contains six scenes of this war, #1 Baden-Powell’s Armored Train – Mafeking, #2 Bugler Sherlock Distinguishing Himself, #3 General Buller’s Balloon and Guns in Action near Ladysmith, #4 Boers Decoying British into Ambush, #5 New South Wales Lancers Chasing Boer Patrol, and #6 Field Ambulance at Work on the Veldt. Each scene in this set has a small diagram card that depicts how the large set pieces are to be arranged. This item was a part of a larger set called Military Art Novelty Relief Series produced by Raphael Tuck and Sons. This item was compared to the Tuck Database for Ephemera (, and while all of the large set pieces are in this set, at least three of the small pieces are missing. The shell and telescope are missing from the NSW Lancers and the single tent from the Field Ambulance is missing as well. Additionally, there is one piece that while appears to go with the set (see pictures for standalone piece of man with rifle taking cover under a rock) it does not appear in the database. Comes in original envelope with title and scenes printed on one side and other titles in the series printed on the other. Measures 13 1/2" x 9 3/4". To view this item, please click on the following link: . Some pieces are partially or fully detached. The envelope is toned and soiled with moderate cover wear. At least three pieces missing with one extra piece when compared to TuckDB.
 Child's Picture Primer. Davis, Porters, Co.Philadelphia.c1865
16 pp (including covers) This is a primer meant for young children. It starts with the alphabet, printed in upper and lower case, and continues on to numbers and vowels, and eventually from sight words to small sentences, to short descriptions. There are thirteen hand colored engravings (including the cover illustration which is repeated later in the book). There is a rather unusual page towards the beginning of the primer. After the pages of the printed alphabet, but before the page showing numbers and vowels, there is a page of what appears to be random letters. At first glance, one would assume the letters are the consonants, (especially considering that the vowels are on the next page) however, there are several vowels among the letters. Additionally the letters appear to be in a random order. The image depicted on the page is of four Scottish men in kilts, brandishing swords.  OCLC- none (4/20/18).  Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2.. Cover and edge wear, particular at the corners. Fabric repair to binding, Toned and soiled due to age. Minor tears on paper's edges. Faint water stain at center of book throughout all pages (see pictures).
Wenzel H.Kreb's work in the "Kindergarten" School
19 leaves with works on both sides. Presented in a lined hard cover copy book.  The inside cover has an applied folded paper work with an image of George Washington at the center.  The remainder of the book includes yarn works, woven paper with several types of weaves, and envelope folded by Wenzel, circle art an embroidered butterflies on a 1986 calendar etc.   Several of the pages have been dated, which aids in seeing Wenzel's progress as he matured through the year.   Includes an embroidery of the American flag, concentric circles, concentric lines,  and an embroidery of a potato complete with 'eyes'.   The woven papers are rather complicated with opposite color weaves at the woven intersections. Few loose items and supplies at back.  Measures 8" x 7".
E Hertwell  Handmade Book of Children's Songs with Words, Verse & Illustrations. ..1940s
A handmade song book with over 50 songs. The book has been divided up into seven categories: Traditional, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Animals, Special Occasions, People, and Games . The majority of the songs in this book are short nursery songs, such as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', 'Rock-a-bye Baby', and 'Rain, Rain, Go Away'. The book is made from construction paper which each page a different color. Pasted onto the page is the handwritten song, with the music and lyrics. Additionally, on the top right, the author has written the origin of the song. Adding even more charm to this book, relevant pictures or cutouts are added to each page. For example, a cut out of an umbrella on the page with the 'Rain Song' or an image of a church's steeple on the page for 'Glad Easter is Here'. At the front of the book is a page that lists all the songs found within. The book is bound together with two metal rings. Measures 9" x 6". To view this item, please click on the following link: The front cover is detached, as well as a few interior pages. The color of the construction pages is sometimes faded along the edges.
H. E. J. Handmade Jenny Lind Paper Doll w 5 Handmade Costumes. ..
A 6" handmade pen and ink and watercolor Jenny Lind paper doll with 4 cut and one uncut costume.  The uncut costume has two guards pencils in the background.  Fine replicas copied from the Albert Davis Collection of prints. . Johanna Maria Lind (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.
 A 6 3/4" Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll w 9 Costumes & 5 Hats. ..c1910s
A 6 3/4" young woman paper doll with day dresses,party dresses and a night gown,  The five (5) outfits with hats are a mixture of day and evening wear.  One of the outfits is a coat with a ruffled base.  Two dresses with intact tears that have been reinforced with archival tape.  Three tabs lacking; otherwise fine.  Reverse is blank..
2 finely executed paper dolls with 2 costumes and 2 hats done after 1850s Brave Boy and Little Girl . All Two-sided.. ..c1940s
A 7 3/4" male and slightly shorter female two-sided paper dolls.  They are drawn in the style of the Brave Boy and the Little Girl  He in dashing finery with a sword and feathered hat, she in her outing attire with her dog at her side.  Both with creative license, but well executed in the style of. .
 Be a Li'l Miss Designer Dressmaking Kit No. 898. Neptune Plastics, Inc..Brooklyn.c1960
An unused  large format book titled  Be a Li'l Miss Designer - With this revolutionary new Colorful Self-Sticking Plastic Dressmaking Kit - No Glue No Sewing No Mess! Manufactured by Neptune Plastics, Inc. Brooklyn 16, NY.No. 898. Includes 4 different colors, 6 different styles (patterns), one 13" Model Doll that stands by itself, 4 storage bags for parts and many additional suggestions.  "Unlimited Hours of Fun for Girls of Every Age"  When opened the inside cover depict images of the various models and instructions.  Affixed with plastic spirals at center is a plastic wrapped card that includes the doll, the patterns and the material including ruffled trim pieces.  The back cover further promotes the product  Instructions on reverse read "Choose your outfit -- cut out paper pattern - cut plastic to shape of pattern -- cut ruffles to size.  Dress model with self-sticking clothes and ruffles. Dolls include Miss Holland, Miss Hawaii, Miss Western and Miss America.  Measures 13 1/4" x 10 1/2". .
Timothy Goodwise The Portland Primer or First Book For Children. S.H. Colesworthy..1841
Fourth edition. 24 pp. wrappers with illustrations. "A is for Axe... O is for Owl... Q is for Quadruped." Morals poetry. Binding damaged, and cover detached. Foxing, intact tears. Measures 4 1/2" x 3 3/4"..
 5 Different Greeting Cards Promoting US War Savings Bonds w Inserts - "Stamp" Out Dictators. Official War Stamp Greeting Cards.USA Treasury Dept..1942
Five (5) different french-fold greeting cards with patriotic themes including American flags and shields and Uncle Sam. One of the Uncle Sam cards wishes Happy Birthday to a Young American and depicts two children saluting Uncle Sam.  Another depicts Uncle Sam "stamp"ing out stereotypical images of enemy dictators.  The verbage in this card reads "...Each added stamp will do its bit to puch "Mussi" off the map, Sink the prowling submarines, and "STAMP" out Hitler and the Jap!" Three of the five include unused 10 cent Stamp Albums for the purchase of United States War Savings Bonds.  The other two include envelopes for Savings Stamps.  Each measures approx. 6 1/4" x 4".   All unsigned..
Nancy Pritchard White Nursery Rhyme Puppet Book. Jack Built Toy Mf'g Co..Los Angeles.1957
An 11" x  13" litho on press board spiral bound book.  Edited and Illustrated by Florence and Bob Dalton,   There is  one die-cut stage page with proscenium on the front  and directions  for use on the reverse or “the behind the scenes”.  There are also eight (8) quarter page nursery rhymes pages with the verse on the left pages and an image of the backs of the heads of the audience on the right.  The stage is designed with three slots to insert the base of the stick puppets.  It includes 16 stick actors and prop puppets with a die-cut  character(s) on top of each stick. They are stored in captioned slots on the inside front cover that also displays instructions.  .  The verses include Little Miss Muffett, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Jack Be Nimble, Georgie Porgie, Little Bo-Peep, and Hey, Diddle Diddle.  Night scene on back inside cover.    . Scuffing and surface wear. Complete.
Monday's Child Interpreted by Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. Clark's ONT Spool Cotton. 1880s
Seven (7) 4" x 2 3/4"  embossed advertising trade cards promoting Clarks ONT thread. One for each line of the Monday's Child verse depicting an illustration of a young girl relevant to the verse.  It also includes Clark's response to the verse e.g. Thursday's Child is Sour & Sad - Tho' Thursday's child be sour and sad Clark's ONT will make her glad. the reverse promotes the product..
Paper Doll Family  No. 1. McLoughlin Bros. NY.1875-76
A set of six (6)  paper dolls created from embossed die-cut scraps with textured paper skirts, trimmed in lace paper. Housed on original backing.  Title reads "Paper Doll Family -- No. 1. Captions below each include Susie, Charley, Rosey, Harry, Lilly and Willie.   Dolls and stands affixed to card with string ties.   Reverse is blank.   Each doll is approximately 5 1/3 " tall.  The card measures 12 1/2"x 9 3/4". Pictured in 'Those Fascinating Paper Dolls", Marian B. Howard, pg. 193.  Note some of the names on the set from the 1875-76 McLoughlin catalog are different. .
 Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, Advertising Booklet and Paper Doll. J. B. Carroll Co .Chicago.c1900
Two pieces of advertising materials for Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children. The first item is a 16 pp (including covers) booklet advertising Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, as well as other products sold by the manufacturer, including Mother Gray's Aromatic Leaf (a medicinal tea for digestive health) and Allen's Foot Ease (a powder to help with achy feet). The Sweet Powders was supposedly an all-natural remedy developed by a nurse, known as Mother Gray, who worked at the Children’s Home in New York City. While the powders were originally meant to treat pinworms, they were also soon used to treat a variety of other ailments, such as headaches, fever, and constipation. While it is unknown if there is any truth to who Mother Gray was, the product itself was distributed and marketed by Allen S. Olmstead who owned a proprietary medicine company. The powders weren’t exactly made from ‘all-natural’ ingredients, the main ingredient was actually calomel (mercurous chloride), which could be toxic if used regularly, causing mercury poisoning. Other ingredients were licorice, slippery elm, anise, sulfur, bicarbonate of soda, sugar (hence the word sweet in the name) and mandrake (also poisonous). The second item is a paper doll of Mother Gray, who supposedly was a nurse, specializing in children's health. The "walking" paper doll has feet on the bottom that rotate as you push it across a table. The pocket of the dress has an insert so that you can have something sticking out of the pocket. The back states that the doll was made by J. B. Carroll Co. Measures 5 3/4" x3" (booklet), 6" x 2 1/2" (paper doll) . Minor toning due to age.
Julia Letheld Hahn Promotional Booklet for The Child Develpment Readers. Houghton Mifflin Co..Boston.1935
31 pp  booklet with examples of pages and teaching instructions from The Child Development Readers.  Content includes In the Store, An Orientation Picture Story, Hurry! Hurry!, Taking Pony Boy Home, Good Times in Paul's Room, The Camp, A Dictionary Page, Milk to Drink in Lapland, Our Weekly News, Shopping for Toys and a page from the unit on Cotton.  All examples from the Primer, First, Second and Third Readers.  Captions at the base of each page indicate it's book and location.  Color illustrations throughout.  The back cover lists all of the Child Development Readers.  Measures 8" x 5 1/4". .
Circular - Afternoon Dancing School. Prof. Atwood.Medford MA.c1870s
A single page 8" x 5" cirular announcing Afternnon Dancing School.  Presented by Prof. Atwood for his patrons in the Medford (MA)  intended for children, a term of fifteen lessons and a Grand Exhibition to instruct in the Art and Etiquettte of Ball Room Dancing.  Includes terms for the course and cordially invites parents to visit at any time.  Concludes with pointing finger and "please ciruclate".   The reverse is blank with unrelated penned notes. .
Demorest's Family Magazine -  Advertising Paper Doll with 2 Costumes. ..1895
An 8 1/2" paper doll attired in corset and petticoats with printe d message on reverse "Please remember that a new dress for this doll will be given to you each month.  It will be presented to you by the dealer as a gift from DEMOREST'S FAMILY MAGAZINE.  All the favor they request of you in return is that you will ask your mother, or the grown people of your family, to read the "Contents" of the Magazine that will be printed on the back of the dress each month.  Our object is to interest them in the Magazine; so, after calling for a new dress each month, be sure to perform this little duty, and then you will feel at liberty to call for another dress the following month."   Compliments of Ames and Bates Newsdealer & Stationers, Boston. Accompanied by two dresses cut from Demorest's promotions from 1819.  Guess the child didn't appreciate being used as an advertising pawn after a couple of months....
Mother Goose CutOut Picture Book . National Art Co. .New York.c1930s
A four leaf book including the covers. Wraps  Images of Little Bo Peep on the front and Little Red Ridinghood on the back.  The inside covers of have the Little Bo Peep rhyme and story of Litte Red Ridinghood.  A costume page for each character. Directions included.   The head of the Bo-Peep on cover is die-cut for proper placement of the costumes.  Each has die-cuts for costume tab placement.  Measures 13 3/4" x 7 1/2".  .
 Shakespeare's 7 Ages of Man Advertising Paper Dolls - Kirkman's Borax Soap. Kirkman's Borax Soap.Brooklyn, Buffalo.c1890s
Includes a 4 1/4" self-standing die-cut paper doll of an infant.  Captioned 1st Age - The Seven Ages, Shakespeare' The reverse reads "First Age- THE INFANT.  Baby's clothes its little stockings -- its cunning little undershirts -- its sweet snowy dress -- should all be washed with Kirkman's Borax Soap.  Don't use cheap and nasty soaps in washing the dear child's things". Shakespeare's verse reads  AAt firt the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. The remainder of this advertising set includes six (6) different costumes and hats. They include The School Boy The Lover The Soldier The Judge An Old Man The Ancient Each captioned with age appropriate information re the Borax soap. .