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Tally - Woman with Blue Hoop Dress Bridge Tally Victorian Woman Strolling in her Gardens
Price: 18.00
Price: 18.00
Tally - Woman with Blue Hoop Dress Bridge Tally Victorian Woman Strolling in her Gardens
Two Colorful Daffodil Nut Cups Invitation and Menu to a 7 Year Olds Birthday Party 1885. ..
Price: 18.00
Price: 35.00
Two Colorful Flower Nut Cups A single-fold 4 1/4" x 3 5/8" invitation with what appears to be a Kate Greenaway knock-off illustration on the front cover.  The invitation is to celebrate the Seventh Birthday of Master Earl E. Davidson, on Feb. 2, 1885, Jamaica Plain (MA).  The reverse has the menu for the special Birthday Supper.  Fare includes Mellin's Food, Escalloped Oysters, Apple Marmalade and more.  . 1" separation at fold.
Dance Card with Embossed Basket, Grand Reception of the Liquor Dealers, Brewers and Bottlers Beneficial Association of Philadelphia, Academy of Music, March 29th, 1875 Invitation to Exhibition to view Pastels of Isadora Duncan, 1910.
Price: 55.00
Price: 60.00
A 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" dance card with deeply embossed picnic basket on the covers with the letters LDBBBA  (Liquor Dealers, Brewers and Bottlers Beneficial Association) at the base of the basic. There are 30 dances in the Order of Dance followed by Supper in the Foyer. Silk string tie with tassel for attaching to wrist or chatelaine. . An invitation to view over 100 pastels of Isadora Duncan to be held at Courrier Francais from January 20 through February 8, 1910.  Line drawn illustration of Duncan at top.  Measures 5 3/8" x 8 5/8". .
Harvard Cooperative Society - "Beaux Arts" and "Reliable" Series Christmas Cards c 1915. Ticket to Bankers' and Merchants Presentation Enterprise held at Irving Hall c1867, presented by Clark Webster & Co. NCY. ..
Price: 75.00
Price: 75.00
Single-fold5 1/2" x 3 1/2" brochure promoting the Harvard Cooperative Society, Inc. Harvard Square - Cambridge MA. The interior describes the products advising that they are limited additions and will not be reprinted.  High quality greeting cards with sample books available. 1915. A 2 3/4" x 5 1/4" thin paper ticket for a lottery  to be held sometime it 1868.  An elaborate swindle that took money from hopefuls for approximately 6 months. Each ticket was $1.   It was promoted as a $1.2 M give away ...  Some of the agents were arrested while Clark Webster was never found. Each ticket was numbered.  This ticke tis 1191793..
Invitation - Luther Hill Camp No.64. Sons of Veterans, USA in Camp at Luther Hill 1894. .. Invitation and Ticket to The New York Republican Association of Washington DC, 1870. . Gibson Bros. ..1870
Price: 75.00
Price: 90.00
A center opening vertical card printed as a ribbon on a package on the covers.   When opened it depicts an image from a photograph  (perhaps Major D.W. Whittle) .  Includes pertinent event information and two day program.   Also includes a paper tepee that opens, however nothing was found inside the tepee.  Measures 14" x 4" when opened flat.. A single-fold 7" x 4 3/4" invitation for The New York Republican Association of Washington, DC on Wednesday Evening, April 27, 1870, at the Masonic Temp.  Also includes A 2 3/8"x 2 3/8" thin paper ticket that reads "Republican Ticket Judiciary" on the front and lists the 6 judges on the Court of Appeals on reverse.  Ornately decorated.  With original envelope addressed to W. Martin Jones Esq. An Amendment to the New York Constitution, adopted in November 1869, re-organized the Court of Appeals. In April 1870, a new city charter for New York City was enacted by the New York State Legislature under instructions from William M. Tweed. The first municipal election under the new charter was scheduled for the same day, with the intention to swamp the strong upstate Republican vote with a heavy Democratic/Tammany vote in New York City. Boss Tweed's plan worked, and all five Democratic candidates were elected, leaving only two judgeships to the Republican minority. . Slight soiling due to age, otherwise fine.
A Ticket to and "Entertainment" given by Abiel Abbot Low (A.A. Low), Esq. 1867. ..1867 Program for City Council Celebration, signing of the Constitution of the United States of America. Independence Square. September 1861. .
Price: 100.00
Price: 150.00
Upon his return from a Voyage round the World, at the Fifty Avenue Hotel, New York City, on Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 1867.  Low was an American entrepreneur, businessman, trader and philanthropist who gained most of his fortune from the China trade, importing teas, porcelains and silk, and building and operating a fleet of clipper ships.  He was President of the New York Chamber of Commerce in 1846.  Heavy stock ticket measureing 2 3/4" x 4 3/8" . Printed in blue and red on white paper. Graphic depicts clasped hands, the Constitution and the American flag with a field of stars in the background.  Contents include a Memorial, the resolution to hold the celebration, Order of Exercise, and Music.  Single-fold 8 ½ x 11. Light surface soiling on cover page; edge wear and letter folds.  
Souvenir Booklet with Menu and Dance Card for Inauguration of The Alexander Hamilton Hotel, Paterson NJ, 1925.. Dance Card, Mysterious Pilgrim Club, Social History, Die-cut dance card for the reception of the Mysterious Pilgrim Club, Philadelphia, February 27th, 1873. ..
Price: 175.00
Price: 175.00
An unnumbered 34 pp booklet with embossed cameo of Alexander Hamilton on the front cover.   It is the souvenir for the opening of the hotel and includes a description of the hotel with pictures and sundry remarks on Paterson and the district thereabout, together with a succinct historical account of the doings of Alexander Hamilton.  Images from photographs and illustrations throughout.   It also includes a rather interesting menu with a page for each course including the fare, and a song with music and words. The booklet concludes with a dance card with 14 dances in the order of dance.  Unused. Meausres 6 3/8" x 3 3/4". . LIght cover wear Die-cut to outline a human image the 8 pp is held together with a braided silk string with elaborate. tassel with attached ivory topped pencil for filling in the card. The front cover depicts a fine gentleman opening champagne, captioned 1873. The back cover depicts a Pilgrim holding a large book and leaning on a sword, captioned 1620. The order of dance includes thirty-two (32) dances. M.P. Club Reception Program printed in red at the top of each page. Measures 3 x 6 .  . The Pilgrim Club was originally a non-sectarian organization of men meeting for social, intellectual and moral uplift.
Union Ball at H. B. Vail's Hotel, Danby, VT, 1855 -- Coated Stock- Fine Engravings. .. Fine two-sided die-cut invitation to the Grand Dress Fancy Dress and Military Ball of the Continental Guards at the Exposition Palace, New Orleans, LA, February 22, 1881.
Price: 225.00
Price: 700.00
A 2 3/4" x 4 1/4"  engraved invitation printed on coated stock for the Union Ball at H. B. Vail's Hotel, Danby, VT., Thursday Evening, September 20th, 1855.  Fine border decorations of couples and women dancers, floral garlandsand a putto holding festoon of ribbons closing the circle on the border. Reverse not visible.  Housed in 8" x 9 1/2" frame with double mat.  Modern frame.. A 10 x 4 chromolithograph ticket Complimentary to National Lancers and Charlestown Cadets of Boston. One side announces the ball with two vignettes from the battlefield and two from the ball. The central vignette on the reverse depicts General Washington with a Lancer and a Guard. Othervignettes include Washington monuments and floral arrays. This is accompanied by an envelopespecially designed for the invitation featuring the Continental Guards insignia with reference to the particular event. Pinhole at top of invitation. Surface wear on envelope. .