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George Whitney was a New England valentine maker who started The Whitney Valentine Co. in 1865 . In 1869 he formed a a partnership with his brother, the name of the company was then changed to Whitney Manufacturing Co.  Like all others he imported his lace paper from England, and his colored scraps and ornaments from Germany.  In the early days, the valentines were marked wtih red 'W', which matched the 'H' of Esther Howland in size and style.   Some valentines only have a numeral and no numbers.  His embossed envelopes bear the embossed imprint of 'Whitney, Worcester'.  For more information on Whitney see The Valentine & Its Origins by Frank Staff.
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Stire & Lyon, Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods  Featuring George C. Whitney Lace Valentines,  Valentine Envelopes, Comic Valentines etc. mid18880s. ..
4 pp. wrapper.  The trade catalogue is produced by Stirn & Lyon, Importers and Commission Merchants, Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods, No. 16-20 Park Place, NYC.  n.d. mid 1880s. Content includes Valentines and Envelopes manufactured by George C. Whitney, Worcester MA., featuring Lace Valtines by the dozens with two illustrations and numerous narrative descriptions with size and pricing information includes.  Also includes Valentine Envelopes, Comic Valentines including Long Jokers, Fault Finders, "Hit 'em Hards", Sharp Dartsd, Trade's and Ordinary (which I thought were published by MCloughin...hmm?)  Final page is Assortments for convenience at $6, $10 and $20, each with Show cards.   Stamp on cover indicated 50 & 10% Discounts on this List, except for Comics -- 10 % only.  Measures 7 1/2" x 5".. Corner chips on cover; generalized light wear.