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Over the years, paper dolls have provided much more than countless hours of pleasure for children and adults alike. For centuries children have been making paper dolls by hand; commercial or mass production began in Europe in the early 1800s. Although intended as play things, every aspect of the paper doll provides insight into history, culture and life of the day; from costuming to historical events and political and economical trends. These little playthings are truly a representative slice of history.

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 12" Die-cut German Doll with 5 Real Fabric Outfits for Boys & Girls. ..c1900
A 12" lithograph boy doll with a five (5) handmade fabric costumes for both boys and girls.  With somewhat androgynous facial features he wears the costumes for both boys and girls well. The costumes are well executed  with detailed trims, ruffles, cuffs, pleats, etc. Fabrics include silk, velvet, satin and cotton. Each costume has attached die-cut printed litho arms and hands.  Costumes are attached to card stock and backed with paper for placement over the dolls head. Also, includes a die-cut umbrella, handbag with braided handle and die-cut hat; all presumably from different paper doll sets. .
 17" Handmade Articulated Movable Watercolor Jaunty Gent Pantin. ..[c1870s]
A 17" jointed movable paper doll of what appears to be a Tyrolian gentleman. Penned on his cummerbund is "Andenken (Souvenir)".  Jointed at shoulders and knees. String tie mechanisms lifts arms and legs..
 3 Hand Made Paper Dolls w 15 Costumes, A Dog & 2 Cats c1910s. ..
What appear to be three sisters from the 1910s with their two cats and a dog.  Well executed design on the paper dolls and costumes.  The 13 costumes  with 8 hats for the older sisters are interchangeable while the younger sister has two costumes. The costumes in are drawn with fine details.  The hats and dresses reflect the fashions of the day.  The taller dolls are 7 3/4"..
 48 complete sets of Lion Coffee "Nursery Rhyme", "Occupations" and "Doll House". Lion Coffee, Woolson Spice Co..Toledo OH.c1992
This series of picture story cut-outs or paper dolls each have 4 pieces that when constructed create  a scene from a "Nursery Rhyme", depict the activities of an "Occupation" or a room in a "Doll House", all with children in adult situations. Each series has 16 scenes. The pieces are between 2 1/2" and 6" in height and most scenes are no larger than approximately 6" x 6".   The sets include: Nursery Rhymes - Old King Cole, No.1, Old Mother Hubbard No. 2, Mother Goose No. 3, Little Red Riding Hood No 4, Little Boy Blue No.5, Little Bo-Peep No. 6, Jack and Jill No. 7, Woman Who Lived in a Shoe No. 8, Humpty Dumpty No. 9, Rub-A-Dub Dub No. 10, Little Jack Horner No. 11, Mary Had a Little Lamb No.12, Simple Simon No. 13, Ding-Dong Bell No. 14, The Queen of Hearts No. 15, Sing a Song of Sixpence No. 16 Occupations - The Miller No. 1, The Barber No. 2, The Gardner No. 3, The Carpenter No. 4, The Tailor No. 5, The Mason No. 6, The Shoemaker No.7, The Photographer No. 8, The Butcher No. 9, The Blacksmith No. 10, The Cooper No. 11, The Baker No. 12, The Printer No. 13, The Bicycle Maker No. 14, The Milliner No. 15, The Grocer No. 16 Doll House - The Bedroom No. 1, The Lawn No. 2, The Nursery No.3, The Bath Room No 4, The Library No. 5, The Park No. 6, The Dining Room No. 7, The Furnace Room No. 8, The Garden No. 9, The Lake No. 10, The Butlers Pantry No. 11, The Hall No. 12, The Laundry No. 13, The Kitchen No. 14,  The Stable No. 15, The Music Room No. 16.. The name Lion Coffee and a set number appears on the front of each piece, while on the reverse side there is an advertisement, and title for all three series.  Set numbers are also printed on the reverse side of the "Nursery Rhyme Dolls" and "Occupations" series.  The "Doll House" Series advertisements states that a set was given free in each package of Lion Coffee.
 5  Naive 20"  Folk Art Paper Dolls - Buster Brown, Robert, Bertha, Nan & Lenora . .Nebraska.1910s
Five (5) crayon drawn and decorated paper dolls created from 'make-do' materials-- the back of pressed board advertising signed. The first is 21 1/2" older girl in a blue dress with large white colors. Her face is drawn as profile with an exaggerated nose and chin. Her hair is curled in tendrils. Created in two pieces. Her feet and legs are applied and watercolor decorated. The second is a 19 3/4" younger fuller girl done in crayon. This doll is actually dressed with a silk bow in her hair, an islet lace neck choker and a handmade chiffon dress, banded at top with the same ribbon as used on her hair. Here gray and orange boots are crayon.   The remaining three each measures about 18 1/2". A boy and girl in sailor influenced attire. The third is a Buster Brown look-alike, wearing the familiar red suit with black neck bow and big round eyes. This dolls appear to be created by the same individual. .
 7 1/2" Dennison Jointed Paper Doll w 5 Fine Costumes & Accessories. ..
a 7 1/2" jointed or articulated paper doll unmarked, but presumably made by Dennison and her exceptional handmade paper and fabric costumes.  There are five different costumes, each with unique features.  Two of the short dresses are constructed primarily of fabric with paper or crepe paper trim and gold star or foil trim.  One with a matching peach colored hat.  Two other short dresses are also included-- one with a pleated crepe paper skirt and matching hat.  The final item is a long dress with lace paper adornments.  Also includes an umbrella.  Some of the more creative costumes I've seen.  Condition: light bends on doll-- costumes in excellent condition..
 8" Handmade Watercolor Male Paper Doll named Drake Shelbourne with 11 Costumes & 3 Hats - Contemporary and Historical Attire c1940s
A 7 3/4" tall watercolor paper doll.  A tidy gent with broad-set eyes. His 11 costumes appear to be both contemporary to the 1940s while others are vintage.  Four are labeled on reverse - lounge suit, yacht suit, full dress suit and tennis suit.  Three fine hats accompany the outfits. .
 A 6 3/4" Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll w 9 Costumes & 5 Hats. ..c1910s
A 6 3/4" young woman paper doll with day dresses,party dresses and a night gown,  The five (5) outfits with hats are a mixture of day and evening wear.  One of the outfits is a coat with a ruffled base.  Two dresses with intact tears that have been reinforced with archival tape.  Three tabs lacking; otherwise fine.  Reverse is blank..
 A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .
A collection of 16 different trade catalogues for books and games published by Samuel Lowe Company(9 from the 1940s, 5 from the 1950s and 2 from the 1960s).  Includes painting and coloring books, games, toy books, general books, toy books and games, fall and Christmas books, Bonnie books, Sturdi-Bilt books, Doll books, Linen-Like books, Lolly Pop Easter stories, doll books, wheel toy books and more. The last catalogue May of 1962 is a folio with product line sheets including such items as sticker fun pack, clean slates, animated cartoon profiles, cloth books, paper doll books and much more.  The cover includes a lenticular eye where for the "O" in the word Lowe. With the exception of the last folio with approximately 40 sheets most are approximately 14 pp .  Each measures 11" x 8 1/2". .
 Advertisement for Chandler's Paper Dolls, or the Latest Paris Fashions. Brown Taggard & Chase.Boston.
A 6" x 4 1/2" single-sided advertisement captioned "hurrah for the Little Folks!" Chandler's Paper Dolls, of the Latest Paris Fashions.  The is followed by the list of seven paper dolls produced in 1857. Published by Brown, Taggard & Chase, Nos. 25 & 29 Cornhill, Boston. And for Sale by Booksellers generally.  Reverse is blank. .
 Baby Jane, A Jointed Paper Doll That Stands, Sits, Goes to Bed & Holds a Bottle. 1927 by Gertrude Breed. A Ray-n-bo Joy-n-ted Doll. ..
A 7 ˝” x 8” uncut paper doll set for Baby Jane, A Jointed Paper Doll That – Stands, Sits, Goes to Bed and Holds a Bottle with clothes, bassinet and toys To Cut Out and Color. Copyrighted 1927 by Gertrude Breed, "on" West Medford City. A Ray-n-bo Joy-n-ted Doll. Includes the cover, a page of instruction sheet, a heavy card stock full color sheet Baby Jane doll to cut and construct, a heavy card stock baby basket to cut and color. Also includes three (3) paper weight sheets of outfits and accessories to cut and color. Each sheet advises the colors to use. Condition: excellent. .
 Back View - A 3" Magazine Paper Doll - Elderly Woman with 2 Handmade Outfits  "Polly Grey". ..c1870s
A 3" paper doll cut from an illustration in a magazine.  Depicts a back view of a slightly stooped elderly woman.  A caring chid created two handmade costumes; each with applied shawls and aprons.  Written on the verse of each costume is "Polly Grey", most likely the name given to the doll by a child. .
 Be a Li'l Miss Designer Dressmaking Kit No. 898. Neptune Plastics, Inc..Brooklyn.c1960
An unused  large format book titled  Be a Li'l Miss Designer - With this revolutionary new Colorful Self-Sticking Plastic Dressmaking Kit - No Glue No Sewing No Mess! Manufactured by Neptune Plastics, Inc. Brooklyn 16, NY.No. 898. Includes 4 different colors, 6 different styles (patterns), one 13" Model Doll that stands by itself, 4 storage bags for parts and many additional suggestions.  "Unlimited Hours of Fun for Girls of Every Age"  When opened the inside cover depict images of the various models and instructions.  Affixed with plastic spirals at center is a plastic wrapped card that includes the doll, the patterns and the material including ruffled trim pieces.  The back cover further promotes the product  Instructions on reverse read "Choose your outfit -- cut out paper pattern - cut plastic to shape of pattern -- cut ruffles to size.  Dress model with self-sticking clothes and ruffles. Dolls include Miss Holland, Miss Hawaii, Miss Western and Miss America.  Measures 13 1/4" x 10 1/2". .
 Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, Cut-Out Book. Whitman Publishing.Racine, WI.1942
Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour were famous for appearing in a series of seven films know as the "Road to." Two punch out dolls on the back cover. There are male and female outfits for each activity, such as date night and golfing. There is also a military outfit for Bob Hope's doll, and a female dress and outfit with military stylized elements for Dorothy Lamour.  Authorized Edition. No. 976 Book Size: 13" x 10 1/2" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 11 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 8 .
 Boxed Set - Little Friends. Socolu, (S C) No. 407.Germany. c1930s
An 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" litho on pressed board box titled "Little Friends" with acute accents instead of dots on the "i"s.  Cover illustration depicts children at play, with one child particularly protective of her doll as others look on. Includes three (3) of four (4) unused 6" paper dolls with costumes and accessories.  All are die-cut with original connective ladders in place.  The Dolls are A, C, and D.  Each costume and accessory is coded on the tab to indicate which accessories go with with costume.  .
 Cinderella & her 6 Costumes. Clark, Austin & Smith.New York NY.1858-1860
A 4 5/8" hand colored paper doll and her six (6) costumes. The doll is printed on heavy stock. The costumes are printed on the front  with a plain back that slips over the head to keep the costume in place . Believe this to be a mixed set of both Clark, Austin & Smith and McLoughlin Bros. paper dolls.  Both sets are identical, with the exception of the McLoughlin set having one additional costume. The doll is definitely Clark, Austin & Smith, as there is no back ground base.  The sixth dress from the McLoughlin set is the gown with the outstretched arm wearing an evening cape and gown. Guess this is the best of both worlds.
 Cinderella, Jack and Jill Story Favorite Paper Dolls. Merrill Publishing Company.Chicago, IL.1952-1957
A variety of classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes are represented in this paper doll book. On each outfit page there are tiny illustrations that depict the fairy tale the outfits are from. The tales within the book are: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill. Interior pages and dolls are the same as "Johnny, Janey, and Judy in Storybook Land, no. 1544:15", with one except. There are two less interior pages in this book. Punch out dolls, one on the front cover, two on the back. No. 1547 Book Size: 12 1/4" x 10 1/4" Number of Dolls: 3 Doll Size: 10 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Cut McLoughlin Hattie, 4 Original Costumes and 4 Handmade Costumes with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1868
A two-sided 4 " paper doll named Hattie.  Four (4) two-sided costumes the reverse is blank Also includes the original An 5 1/4" x 2 3/4"  folder with directions within.  Hats are lacking.  The reverse promotes McLoughlin Bros. Paper Dolls--Book Form priced from $3.75 - $18.00 per gross. priced at 50cents each.  Part of Series No. 2.  Additionally, a little cutout of a girl holding doll found with the other items. .
 Cut McLoughlin Little Fred, Complete with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1850s
A 3 1/2" effeminate paper doll named Little Fred.  Includes five 2-sided costumes; reverse is blank.  Also includes the original 5 3/8" x 2 1/2"  folder with directions within.  The reverse promotes McLoughlin Bros Amusing and Instructive Games for Children, priced at 38 or 50 cents.  Neck repair.  Part of series No. I..
 Dolly - Box Insert - J. & P. Coats Mending Floss. J. & P. Coats.New York, NY.c1910
A 3 7/8" x 1 5/8" uncut paper doll sheet inserted at the base of the box for mending floss. It is captioned CUT ME OUT - I Want to be Your Dolly. Reverse includes a poem and instructions to send 4 cents in stamps for 24 Hot Iron Patterns to embroider dolly's dress.  Also includes litho on paper covered pressed board mending floss box including lid.. Dolly Says Please, oh! please make me a dress Or I must stay in bed, Be sure and sew it carefully With J. P. COATS Thread
 Fairyland Sprites to Paint, Crayon and Cut-out. No 1202 - ABCs, Counting  and Paper Dolls.  1930
Unnumbered pages.  Illustrated paper covers. The first section of the book provides coloring instructions on the left page and pages to color on the right.  Some pages are text explaining h which colors are to be uses; other are colored images mirroring the black and white images on the opposite page.  This section depicts whimsical fairy and anthropomorphic animal paper dolls costumes and accessories. The second section is counting down  animals  from 10 to 1.  The final section is an ABC of animals at the zoo.  Each with relevant caption. Some pages in full color others in black and white to color. Measures 7 3/4" x 10 1/2". 0 OCLC No online copies.  4/25/16.Like new condition.
 Fiesta Paper Dolls, No. 1773. Saalfield Artcraft..1940s
Two male dolls, and four female dolls. All the outfits are  considered traditional outfits from Central and South America. Each outfit is identified by the country the style comes from. The countries represented are: Cuba, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Chili, Bolivia, and Peru. There are three cut our dolls on both the front and back cover. Note: Some, but not all, of the costume pages are the same as other paper doll books published by Saalfield in the Good Neighbors category. No. 1773 Book Size: 12 1/2" x 10 1/4" Number of Dolls: 6 Doll Size: 10" No. of Costume Pages: 4 .
 Fiesta Paper Dolls. Saalfield, ArtCraft, No. 1723.USA.c1960
A 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" book with six (6) paper dolls to cut out from the the covers.  Each is dressed in Hispanic influenced attire.  Includes four (4) pages of festive traditional costumes to cut for the dolls.  Each garment is labeled with the country of origin.  The countries include Uruguay, Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Dutch Guiana, Paraguay, Ecuador, Columbia, panama, Mexico, Peru, Chili and Bolivia, .
 Fine 6" Watercolor Paper Doll of Elegant Woman with Watercolor Wedding Gown Plus Dress w Mantle & Muff.1860s
A 6" finely detailed watercolor of an elegant woman paper doll. Captured in every detail down to the earrings and bracelet.  Also includes a well executed wedding gown and veil  and a watercolor dress with an applied polish stock mantle or cape. Adorned with watercolor muff and color.  Reverse is blank. .
 Gale Storm. Whitman Publishing.Racine, WI.1959
The actress Gale Storm was best known for her television roles in the sitcoms "My Little Margie" and "The Gale Storm Show". These paper doll book features outfits for "The Gale Storm Show",  which centered around a cruise director, Susanna Pomeroy (Storm), as she traveled the world. As such there are several international fashion outfits in this book, such as a kimono. Two punch dolls, one on each cover. No. 2089 Book Size: 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 9 1/4" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Glamour Models, Paper Dolls No. 177. Stephens Publishing Co.Sandusky, OH.
This book has four cut-out dolls, (two on both the front and back covers), and their names are: Sherry, Cynthia, Marilyn, and Pamela. Each doll is given one page of outfits, all of which are traditionally feminine. Pamela even has a bridal gown and veil. No. 177 Book Size: 12" x 10 1/2" Number of Dolls: 4 Doll Size: 8 3/4 No. of Costume Pages: 4 .
 Glamour Parade, Paper Dolls No. 184. Stephens Publishing Co.Sandusky, OH.
This book has four cut-out dolls, (two on both the front and back covers), and their names are: Adrienne, Barbara, Cynthia, and Deborah. Each doll is given one page of outfits, all of which are traditionally feminine. The clothes in this book appear to have a more sketch-like appearance. Some of the outfits are also 'career' outfits, like Deborah's nurse outfit.  No. 184 Book Size: 12" x 10 1/2" Number of Dolls: 4 Doll Size: 8 3/4 No. of Costume Pages: 4 .
 Good Neighbors Paper Dolls, No.324. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.1944
The front cover of this book shows Mariachi band playing and looking up to some windows where three woman can be seen. All the outfits are  considered traditional outfits from Central and South America. Each outfit is identified by the country the style comes from. The countries represented are: Cuba, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Bolivia, and Peru. There are four female and two male dolls. All cut out dolls, three each on the inside front cover and the back cover. No. 324 Note: This is the same book as "Good Neighbors Paper Dolls, No. 2487" just without the  die-cut front cover and the fact that these are cut-out not punch out dolls. All interior pages and dolls are the same. Book Size: 13" x 11" Number of Dolls: 6 Doll Size: 10 1/4" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Good Neighbors Paper Dolls. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.1944
The front cover of this book shows Mariachi band playing and looking up to some windows where three woman can be seen. The cover is die cut with three square openings for windows and the roof line of the house. All the outfits are  considered traditional outfits from Central and South America. Each outfit is identified by the country the style comes from. The countries represented are: Cuba, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Bolivia, and Peru. There are four female and two male dolls. All punch out, three each on the inside front cover and the back cover. No. 2487 Note: Some of the costume pages are the same as other paper doll books published by Saalfield in the Good Neighbors category. Additionally, this is the same book as "Good Neighbors Paper Dolls, No. 324" however that book lacks the  die-cut front cover and its dolls are cut-out not punch out dolls. All interior pages and dolls are the same. Book Size: 12 3/4" x 11" Number of Dolls: 6 Doll Size: 10 1/4" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Hallmark Dolls, 1990, A Collection of Ten (10) Remakes of Historical Dolls. Hallmark..1990
A collection of 10 Hallmark cards made to be paper dolls. Each doll represents a toy doll from a different era, from wood dolls, to baby dolls, to rag dolls to porcelain dolls to paper dolls. Each doll opens up as a card would. Along with the dolls came a folded sheet that has a short description of each doll in the collection, the doll's name, when the real doll might have been made, and the artist name who recreated the doll. It is unclear if each doll card in the collection was supposed to have one of theses sheets, but if so, there are three (3) out of ten still left. There are six out of ten envelopes in this collection. Card Size: 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" Number of Dolls: 10 Doll Size: 6 1/4" No. of Costume Pages: 1 .
 J & P Coats - 10 Dolls with Hats - 5 Dolls & Costumes + 3 Hats and Envelope. J. & P. Coats.New York, NY.c1895
Includes 5 die-cut paper dolls, 3 with matching costumes and hats. Two additional costumes from the set of 10. Advertising on reverse of all.  Original envelope presented by the merchant; marked Series No. 3.  Each holds and object. Although designed as individual sets the costumes are interchangeable. Each measures 5 1/4".. J.& P. Coats' Spool & Crochet Cottons offered two different sets of five paper dolls in color lithography.  These dolls were meant as  a child's plaything, but more importantly as an advertisement for the company's thread. The merchant gave the customer a doll set which the company provided free of charge to purchasers of their thread.  The set shows the doll holding an object, and the same object but is pictured differently. America's Early Advertising Paper Dolls. Lagretta Mtzger Bajorek, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen PA 1999
 Jane and Jill's New Frocks and Frills. The Regensteiner Corp.Chicago, IL.1925
A paper doll set containing two large dolls and outfits. The outfits of this doll are unique as the dresses' color serves as a hook to attach the clothing to the doll. This method of attaching dresses to dolls was patented by the Regensteiner Company. The dolls are meant to be cut out of the envelope, there is one on the front and one on the back. Costume pages are uncut. Envelope Size: 15 1/2" x 8 1/4" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 12" No. of Costume Pages: 6 .
 Junior Miss Paper Dolls. Saalfield Pub. Co..Akron, OH.1942
15 5/8" x 10 3/4" uncut paper doll book with four (4) 12" adolescent girls - Judy, Betty, Molly and Patsy.  Six (6) pages of costumes including play clothes, prom wear, school outfits, shoes with anklets, school books with a book strap and of course hats to match each of the outfits -- everything a Junior Miss would wish for. .
 Just for You - Jean and Johnnie's Country Holiday, A Story Cut-out Book c1950s w Gender Neutral Paper Doll.  1950s
Printed in the Netherlands. Large format soft cover paper doll and story  book with 12 pp story printed in black and white with relevant line drawings.  Also includes 4 full color pages of paper doll clothes for a boy and a girl to cut out.  A single somewhat gender neutral 10 ďż˝"ďż˝ paper doll on back cover to be cut-out.    Measures 12 ďż˝"  x 10 ďż˝"
 Kellogg's "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat". Kellogg Company.Battle Creek, Mich.1932
This little booklet from Kellogg features the pages cut in three pieces to allow for the flipping of only certain sections which results in the revealing and changing of the scene. There are several little verses that are rewritten or based on familiar stories, which have been changed to include the purchasing or consuming of Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal. There are a few illustration that feature the cereal box along with one of the stories. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2".   .
 Mary Martin Dolls and Costumes. Saalfield Publishing.Akron, OH.1942
Mary Martin is perhaps most famous for her role as Peter Pan in the televised stage production of Peter Pan. Outfits include a wide variety of styles, from the more modern to historical. The dolls need to be cut out from the front cover. Authorized Edition. No. 287 Book Size: 12 1/2" x 10 3/4" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 8 1/2" No. of Costume Pages: 6.
 Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, Advertising Booklet and Paper Doll. J. B. Carroll Co .Chicago.c1900
Two pieces of advertising materials for Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children. The first item is a 16 pp (including covers) booklet advertising Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, as well as other products sold by the manufacturer, including Mother Gray's Aromatic Leaf (a medicinal tea for digestive health) and Allen's Foot Ease (a powder to help with achy feet). The Sweet Powders was supposedly an all-natural remedy developed by a nurse, known as Mother Gray, who worked at the Children’s Home in New York City. While the powders were originally meant to treat pinworms, they were also soon used to treat a variety of other ailments, such as headaches, fever, and constipation. While it is unknown if there is any truth to who Mother Gray was, the product itself was distributed and marketed by Allen S. Olmstead who owned a proprietary medicine company. The powders weren’t exactly made from ‘all-natural’ ingredients, the main ingredient was actually calomel (mercurous chloride), which could be toxic if used regularly, causing mercury poisoning. Other ingredients were licorice, slippery elm, anise, sulfur, bicarbonate of soda, sugar (hence the word sweet in the name) and mandrake (also poisonous). The second item is a paper doll of Mother Gray, who supposedly was a nurse, specializing in children's health. The "walking" paper doll has feet on the bottom that rotate as you push it across a table. The pocket of the dress has an insert so that you can have something sticking out of the pocket. The back states that the doll was made by J. B. Carroll Co. Measures 5 3/4" x3" (booklet), 6" x 2 1/2" (paper doll) . Minor toning due to age.
 Naive Pennsylvania Paper Cuts - 2 Woman, a Horse and Cart with Rolling Wheels.
c1900.  Includes two approximately 5"  mirror image cutwork (folded in half and cut so left and right sides are identical), a free hand horse with vertical slices in the tail to give the appearance of hair and a folded paper cart constructed of a base, harness and wheels all held in place with straw.  Naive pencil decoration on the two woman.
 Newspaper Paper Doll of Hermann Goering  Comparing Wife, Emmy Sonnemann to the beautiful Jewess Esther, nice of Mordecai. Sunday Mirror Magazine Section.London.1935
Sunday Mirror Magazine Section.London.  A two-page newspaper spread with an image from a photograph of Emmy Sonnemann, an illustration of Esther, Niece of Mordecai and Goring as a paper doll with five (5) Nazi and other costumes.  The editor's note indicates the Sunday Mirror had recently confirmed Gorings new wife was a Jewess.  The article begins by wishfully comparing Emmy to Esther who became the bride of King Ahasuerus causing him to cease the wholesale killing and beating of the Jews in the provinces from India to Ethiopia.  It goes on to reference how the paper determined her ancestry and implications and what she could do to possibly change the course of the world events.  Obviously to no avail.   The 6" paper doll in the image of  the uniform conscious Goering to dress in his uniforms.  The costumes include General of the Reichswehr, Officer of the Nazi Brown Shirts; complete with His Pet Lion Cub, a uniform Goering would wear on the Occasion of Nazi Behadings, a costume he once wore to an event dressed as the Wagnerian "Lohengrin" and another dressed as "Siegfried.  Unrelated content on reverse. Measures 15 3/4" x 23". . Emma Johanna Henny "Emmy" Goring (nee Sonnemann 24 March 1893 – 8 June 1973) was a German actress and the second wife of Luftwaffe Commander-in-Chief Hermann Goring. She served as Adolf Hitler's hostess at many state functions and thereby staked a claim to the title of "First Lady of the Third Reich".
 Pat Boone, a Paper Doll Folio. Whitman Publishing Company.Racine, WI.1959
Pat Boone is an American singer and actor. He was a successful pop singer in the 1950s and 1960s. He starred on his own variety show, "The Pat Boone Show" (also known as The Pat Boone Chery Showroom) from 1957-1960. Both dolls included in this folio are of Pat Boone himself. Included in the outfits for Boone are a variety of accessories, including two cooking aprons. Two punch out dolls with stands. Authorized Edition. No. 1968 Folio Size: 12" x 10 1/4" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 9" No. of Costume Pages: 8 folding pages .
 Real Life in Dolly Land, for Cutting Out and Dressing. Stanton and Van Vliet Company.Chicago, IL.1913
A unique paper doll book that allows the child to color in the dolls and their costumes. The book provides first a page of a doll with its outfits in full color, while on the opposite page is a duplicate of the same doll and outfits, but just as black and white outlines. This way the child can color in the dolls and outfits by either copying the colors and styles or making their own coloring choices. There are fourteen original dolls in the book, but twenty-eight (28) in total with the duplicates. The dolls are: Mother, Nurse, Baby, Bride, Groom, Beth, Marjorie, Betty, Teddy, Tom, and four unnamed dolls. The four unnamed dolls are surround by furniture either for the playroom or the kitchen. Two of these dolls are stand alone dolls, the other two are playing on toys (a wagon and rocking horse). The cover of the book features an illustration the majority of the dolls walking in the park. The interior pages are bound by staples, so it is easy to rip out the costume pages. The book is complete except for five (5) of the printed costume pages have been torn out and the majority of the dolls and outfits on those pages have been cut out. With the exception of 4 missing outfits belonging to the dolls Teddy and Tommy, and a few small furniture/accessory items from the kitchen, all the dolls and outfits are included. All of the coloring costume pages have been colored in. See pictures.  All in all a near complete set. Book Size: 15 1/2" x 10" Number of Dolls: 28 (14 individual dolls) Doll Size: 8" No. of Costume Pages: 14 leaves (5 pages have been cut out), and 16 total leaves if title and instructional page included.
 Rhonda Fleming Paper Doll and Coloring Book, Authorized Edition. Saalfield Pub. Co. .Akron, OH.1954
Paper doll book with an illustration of  Rhonda Fleming in portrait view, surrounded by brightly colored decorative elements. Two dolls printed on back cover as punch outs, 11" tall. 4 pages of costumes, all uncut, with a decorative border mimicking the pattern on the cover. 48 coloring pages, unused, with captions on the bottom of each coloring page to create a narrative of Rhonda Fleming's life: describing a normal day for a famous actress, presenting her as an ideal for women and young girls to strive for.    14" x 10 3/4"..
 Series of Paper Dolls Created by the Family Services Agency Foundation, Dekalb IL to promote Little Brothers & Sisters and Other Agency Programs 1987-90. ..
Eight (8) different 8 1/2" x 11" paper doll sheets created by the agency.  Each of the sheets promotes well being including healthy family members, a homemaker (attendant) who was assisted by the agency in learning c.p.r, making a bed with someone in it, crisis management etc.  It also including  the elderly Lady next door who benefits from the Homemaker and  a "Little Brother" and a "Little Sister" who were partnered with a Big Sister and Brother.  Reverse is blank. Also includes a brochure outlining the benefits of the agency. .
 Shakespeare's 7 Ages of Man Advertising Paper Dolls - Kirkman's Borax Soap. Kirkman's Borax Soap.Brooklyn, Buffalo.c1890s
Includes a 4 1/4" self-standing die-cut paper doll of an infant.  Captioned 1st Age - The Seven Ages, Shakespeare' The reverse reads "First Age- THE INFANT.  Baby's clothes its little stockings -- its cunning little undershirts -- its sweet snowy dress -- should all be washed with Kirkman's Borax Soap.  Don't use cheap and nasty soaps in washing the dear child's things". Shakespeare's verse reads  AAt firt the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. The remainder of this advertising set includes six (6) different costumes and hats. They include The School Boy The Lover The Soldier The Judge An Old Man The Ancient Each captioned with age appropriate information re the Borax soap. .
 The Dolly Dressmaker, B.B. Ltd. No. 509 Printed in England. C1950s â“ An unusual twist on a paper doll book- Patterns, Swatches and Trim.
Large format soft cover book with a single page of patterns for Mary, Kitty, Billy and Sally with six (6) pages of paper âśfabric swatchesâť and one page of trims (buttons and bows).  The four paper dolls are on the covers.  The largest is 9 1/2"�� high.  The book measures 12 1/2"  x 10 1/2.
 The First Seven Year of Penny; A Doll Book. Abbott Pub. Co..Kenosha, WI.n.d c.1950.
Eight (8) punch-out paper dolls—one for the ‘baby’ and one each for ages 1-7 years. 4 pp. of age relevant pages and accessories.   Minimal cover wear. .
 The Girls' Delight Paper Dolls - Number 4 w 4 costumes, envelope & accessory. Clark, Austin & Smith.New York.1858-1860
A 5 5/8" tall paper doll.  The arms, head and upper torso are color printed, the remainder is blank by design.  She holds a folded fan in her hand. Four (4) elaborate hand finished costumes and one shawl.  With original envelope. Story with moral printed on front.. NELLIE - a young lady of the "upper ten," --- with dresses, &c. sufficient in number and elegance for a prince of "the blood." Nellie has reached the age when mothers must "look out" for their daughters, unless they wish some youngster to come along and snatch them away, and take them off out West, or some where else, just as it happened to my friend Nellie. A nice young man saw her, "was captivated by her many charms -- as will he might be -- and now she is gone.  Her mother has just discovered that she cannot spare her. MORAL.  Mothers must beware of "the Beaux," before it is too late. Illustration - Howard p.23
 The Munsingwear Family Cut-outs. Munsingwear.Minneapolis, MN.c1917
An uncut 7 fold concertina style flyer with color photographic images of people depicted in their underwear as paper dolls ,each adult with one costume, the children have two each.  The costumes  closely reflect traditional gender roles --the boys play baseball and "Indians" and the girls play with dolls and frilly fans. The narrative on the reverse promotes the product  and all of their best selling points with relevant caricature illustrations and the exterior of their factory with the caption" Munsingwear Stands for Perfection in Underwear.  Measures 6" x 3 1/4" when folded.  25 1/2" long when open flat.. Tag line: The children will enjoy playing with these pretty paper dolls.  Men Women and Children of all ages enjoy wearing Munsing Wear - Let it cover you with satisfaction.
 The Partridge Family - A Paper Doll Book. Columbia Pictures Industries, Artcraft..1971
Authorized Edition. 6pp. Cover image of the popular television singing family as segments on an LP record with a die-cut opening to the first page depicting their  touring bus.  Seven punch out dolls first and last pages. 4 pages of punch-out costumes with that special 1970s entertainment flair.  Striped and plaid bell bottoms and ruffled skirts and blouses. Note both editions have the same costume designs.. The Partridge Family is an American musical sitcom starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy. Jones plays a widowed mother, and Cassidy plays the oldest of her five children who embark on a music career. It ran from September 25, 1970, until March 23, 1974, on the ABC network as part of a Friday-night lineup, and had subsequent runs in syndication. The family was loosely based on the real-life musical family the Cowsills, a popular band in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
 The Partridge Family - A Paper Doll Book. Columbia Pictures Industries, Artcraft..1972
Authorized Edition. 6pp. Cover image of the popular television singing family with a die-cut opening to the first page depicting their  touring bus.  Six punch out dolls first and last pages. The back cover has a large punch-out of a seated David Cassidy. 4 pages of punch-out costumes with that special 1970s entertainment flair.  Striped and plaid bell bottoms and ruffled skirts and blouses. Note both editions have the same costume designs.. The Partridge Family is an American musical sitcom starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy. Jones plays a widowed mother, and Cassidy plays the oldest of her five children who embark on a music career. It ran from September 25, 1970, until March 23, 1974, on the ABC network as part of a Friday-night lineup, and had subsequent runs in syndication. The family was loosely based on the real-life musical family the Cowsills, a popular band in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
 Two Near Identical Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls - One made in 1856, the other 1905. ..
A 6 1/2" handmade paper dolls with fine brown ringlets dressed in pantaloons and a slip (pencil drawn) and brown watercolor shoes.  Her top fold costumes are pink and rose dress with a white pinafore. One with faint polka-dots; the other plain - each with different ruffle at base of  pinafore. Accompanied by a Rose trimmed bonnet with a pink ribbon. A second near identical doll presumably was created in 1906, as a note on the reverse reads "50 years old 1906"..
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book - Trudy in her Teens, Merrill 1943. ..
A young teenager in her frilly bedroom with a punch-out paper doll and dog. Sweet 1940s outfits including hair ribbons, cardigan's with pearls, knee-highs and jackets with padded shoulder.  Die-cut front cover. Measures 11" x 6 3/8"  4 costume pages..
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Eve Arden, Authorized Edition. Saalfield No. 158510..1953
Smart costumes for the statuesque actress for various roles she played.12 5/8" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls:2.  Doll Size: 11 1/2"<. No of Costume Pages: 4.
 Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Skating Stars, Whitman 1954 - 3 Dolls. ..
Skating Stars in three different poses.  All of their costumes are designed for the ice, including a hula skirts, a sailor suit, princess, rag-a-muffin and much more.  Measures  12" xc 10". 6 Costume pages..
 Uncut Joan & John Paper Dolls Promote Talon Zippers. Dritz-Traum Co., Inc. .New York, NY.1938
A two-fold sheet that depicts 7" John and Joan with their easel back stains on one sheet clothing and accessories for the twins on the other three.  The title is captioned "Tell your mother you could dress and undress yourself if she sewed in dainty flexible 'TALON' Slide Fasteners in all your clothes".  The commonality amongst all of the garments is that they all have zippers, presumably Talon Slide Fasteners.  Each item is identified as to wearer and purpose.  The reverse is blank.  Measures 20 3/4" x 16".
 Winkie Wiggle Dress-Ups - Eyes Wink, Ears Wiggle w 4 Costumes to Cut out and Fit. ..1922
A 13 1/2" die-cut rabbit paper doll with a die-cut eye hole and grommeted ears- allowing both the eye and the ears to move.  Easel back.  Includes four (4) uncut costumes.-- US military, golfer, hunter and tennis player. Housed in a pressed board box with blue and white checked litho.  No maker identified. .
12 Embossed Victorian Scraps - British Royals
A group of 12 early Victorian embossed die-cut scraps depicting English royalty through the ages.  Each  measure approx. 2 ˝ x 6””, depicting a full body image of the ruler. Three include a second small scrap that includes name, information on life span, reign and significant events during the reign.   Condition: excellent.  Some light edge wear at base.
13” Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap of Young Boy in Sailor Suit with Fishing Net, Probably Tuck
A 13 1/4" embossed die-cut Victorian scrap depicting a young boy in sailor suit and red cap with fishing net.  Holds a small tin in his hand.  Not marked but most likely Raphael Tuck & Sons.  Condition: very light neck bend and light edge wear along left leg.  Overall fine.
2 2-Sided Articulated Dollies Up to Date with 8 Front and Back Costumes. Misch & Co..London.[1910]
Two (2) 12" card stock articulated or jointed paper dolls that move at the neck, shoulder, hip and knee. The limbs and head are attached to the body form with unique circular inserts.  The costume bodices slip beneath the arm joints and the sleeves slip over the arms.  This was originally part of a boxed set with two sets of dolls and a car. Designed in England, printed in Germany. . Photocopy of poem found in original box titled Up-to-Date Domes.
2 finely executed paper dolls with 2 costumes and 2 hats done after 1850s Brave Boy and Little Girl . All Two-sided.. ..c1940s
A 7 3/4" male and slightly shorter female two-sided paper dolls.  They are drawn in the style of the Brave Boy and the Little Girl  He in dashing finery with a sword and feathered hat, she in her outing attire with her dog at her side.  Both with creative license, but well executed in the style of. .
Paper Dolls & Costumes Dearie Dolls 1915
Toddler boy and girl  approx. 18 1/2" tall heavy card stock paper doll, each with two (2) costumes and two (2) hats.  Believe they are Dearie Dolls, published by M.T. Shehan in 1915 or perhaps Tippy Toes or Curly Locks produced by Charles E. Graham -- all were the same dolls, produced by one of two publishers. They are similar to "Woolworth" paper dolls in size and style. Condition: neck and knee bends; generalized light/moderate wear.  Soiling on reverse.
2 Sisters -  Naive Handmade Paper Dolls. ..[1950s]
Two (2)  pen and ink and watercolor paper dolls depicting sisters. The older sister is 5" with 9 costumes for school and play.  The younger sister is 3 1/4"  with 6 costumes.  Each includes night ware.  Well drawn and colored in an array of 1950s fashions. .
3 S.H. & M. Bias Velveteen Skirt Bindings Head and Shoulders Advertising Paper Dolls. Sackette & Wilhelms Litho Co..NY.c1895
Three (3) different die-cut advertising head and shoulders paper dolls compliments of S.H. & M. Skirt binding tape.  Each depicts an elegant lady of means, dressed for various social events.  Perhaps designed as an aspiration the for average child.  The reverse of the dress promotes the various bindings available for sale. Printed on the reverse of the front of the dress is information on obtaining the three figures shown by sending five 2 cent stamps to the S.H. & M.  Co. NYC.  Each measures 8 1/2"..
3 Uncut Series No. 0100 - 3 Young Girls with costumes. McLoughlin Bros..New York NY.1911-1913
Three (3) different 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" uncut sheet with a 6" paper doll  with 5 costumes and 3-5 hats or wigs for each. Each costume is holding an object and includes a school outfit, party dress, night shirt, a coat and  additional type of garment specific to the individual. The hats are two-sided for placement on the dolls head. Matching letters provide instructions for easel assembly.  Instructions upper right. .
3 Uncut Series No. 0104 - Mother and 2 children and costumes. McLoughlin Bros..New York NY.1911-1913
Three (3) different 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" uncut sheet of paper doll  with costumes and hats for each. Sheet A is a 2 1/2" infant with 7 outfits a carriage, bath tub and many accessories.   Sheet B is a 5" little girl with 5 costumes and two-sided hats and numerous toys relevant to the costumes. A charming approx. 5 year old redhead.  Set C  is 6 1/2" mother with a wedding gown and 4 elegant costumes, 2 tiaras and a hat..
Grandmother Handmade Paper Doll
A rather unusual hand made paper doll.  The 3" paper doll is a cutout from a magazine and depicts a rear profile of an older woman.  Her two hand made costumes, each have applied shawls and aprons.  Costumes constructed of polished and coated paper. Appear to be from the 1860s.  Condition: horizontal crease on paper doll waist level.  Nice addition to any collection of early paper dolls or as a doll in a miniature doll house.
4 Bizarre appearing Infant Toddler Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scraps
Four (4) different 6" embossed die-cut Victorian scraps of infants or young toddlers.  Each with a different flowing gown.  Three of the four hold objects. One is in a high chair with the tails of the gown tucked under the legs of the chair.  What makes these items particularly unusual is the maturity of their faces and the deep set eyes.   REverse is blank.
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.
Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
4 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with a Dolly and Profusion of Costumes, created by Mary Hale Cutler, 1894.. ..
Four (4) approximately 4" paper dolls neatly and compulsively created by Mary Hale Cutler who writes in the handwritten note on the envelope in which they were found  "The dresses for all the family. Hat, Dresses, Coats". Dated 1894.  Note the wax on the chest of the one doll--this was used to affix the costumes without having to use tabs.   Last but not least, not the 1" dolly presumably shared by the girls..
5 Fine Snow Angel Scraps - White Winter Wear Toys & Holly
Five (5) different 6 1/2" x 3 1/4" embossed die-cut Victorian scraps.  All are snow angels in white fur trimmed coats and hats, with white leggings or boots, standing in the snow.  Each with a different object or group of objects.  Two with toys and presents, one with a French horn, one with a basket of holly and the final holding a book of carols with a single lit candle.   Condition: overall excellent.  The last described angel, is missing a small portion of the base; otherwise fine.
5" Handmade Paper Doll with 10 Costumes c1870s. ..
A 5"  watercolor paper doll with hand cutaway to properly position it on costumes.  The costumes are constructed with plain, polished and 'make-do' paper.   Intricate detailing with applied lace paper, pleated paper, handcut 'fringe' and last but not least applied fur.
7” Dressed Victorian Scrap Paper Doll Sailor Girl with Pond Boat - Lace Paper Ruffles & Red Tissue Paper Sash c1890s
A 7” handmade paper doll  constructed of an embossed die-cut Victorian scrap bodice of a young girl holding a pond boat.  Note the anchor on her sleeve.   A heavy card stock body form and legs with red and black watercolor stockings and boots. She is dressed in a tissue paper skirt with lace paper trim. All pulled together with a large red tissue paper sash with  with fringe tassel.  Applied easel back to allow doll to stand.  Condition: excellent.
9” Late Victorian Newspaper Paper Doll with 9 Elaborate Handmade Costumes  c1903
A 9” newspaper paper doll with nine (9) two piece handmade paper costumes.  Many are interchangeable.  Late Victorian period transitioning to Edwardian fashion.   Each costume has it’s own charm, many with applied layers of paper ruffles polished paper trim, applied or cut wallpaper and more.   Condition: the doll has some wear and is lacking a hand.
A booklet collection of 25 Cut Paper Characters with Numerous hand made costumes. .France.c1860
Housed in an 8 1/2" x 6 3/4" plain blue booklet that when opened reveals a collection of 25 cut-out paper characters from fashion plates.  Each of the characters has been affixed to a page and captioned with the name of an individual and their age. The child who created the book then created hand made costumes for each of the characters.  They are meticulously constructed with applied or hand drawn details. - one doll or character Mathilde Louise Baumgarten, 13 years old has 6 costumes.   Many are constructed from printed papers while others are watercolor or pen and ink. A charming selection of dolls and costumes..
A fine hand drawn and watercolor Victorian Fine Lady Paper Doll with 3+ Costumes and Accessories
A 7 " well executed handmade papers depicting a fine Victorian lady along with her three costumes, 3 hats and night jacket. A formal white gown, appearing as a wedding gown, and two additional day dresses. Loop tabs on reverse of costume slide over the paper doll to keep the clothing in place.
A fine hand drawn and watercolor Victorian Gentleman Paper Doll with 2 Costumes
A 7 1/2" well executed handmade papers depicting a graying Victorian gentleman along with his tuxedo and what else pajamas and robe. Loop tabs on reverse of costume slide over the paper doll to keep the clothing in place.
A Large Family of 19 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls c1890s
This rather large late Victorian family includes a mother and father and 11 girls and 6 boys.  Note that each of the boys is wearing a hat of some form.  The older girls are also wearing hat and the younger boys are in short pants.. The dolls range in size from 5 3/4” high to 1 1/2” high.  The dolls have simple yet expressive faces. Various emotions portrayed -- just like a real family A charming group of folk art paper dolls.  Few small imperfections with minimal detraction.
A. W. Macy Women's World Magazine, Promotional Booklet - Horoscopes - An exposition of Occult Laws of Stars and Planets Affecting the Lives and Destinies of Men and Women. Cruver Manufacturing Co..Chicago.1913
28 pp. booklet. Illustrated wraps. The cover depicts an astronomer gazing at the heavens.  Designed with advertisments printed on the left and the introduction and horoscopes by sign printed on the right hand page.  The horoscope pages are in color and present an overview for those born under the sign.  The advertisements are for premiums available from the magazine with the purchase of a subscription.  Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2".
A.W. Scribner  Our Annual Sketch Book: Souvenir of the Exhibition . Heliotype Printing Company.Boston.1889
The sketchbook combines advertisement and a year end exhibition to show the work of the students from a free evening drawing school. 10 pages with paper wrappers. The inside front and back covers have the names that correspond with the works of art that were being presented, as well as the graduating class. Each page has several, highly decorative and elaborate advertisement works from various local businesses in or around North Adams, Massachusetts. 7 3/4" x 4 3/4"    .
Advertising Paper Doll for The New Home Sewing Machine Co.. Forbes Co. .Orange MA.c1895
A front and back paper doll created by Forbes Co. consisting of multiple parts to be joined to create the object. The 81/2" x 5" card Compliments of The New Home Sewing Machine Co has a main figure of a sewing machine that folds at top for insertion of head and shoulder component of one of two women - a young lady or an older woman--your preference.  It is accompanied by a 9 1/2" x 3 1/2" card is to be cut and constructed to create a back drop for the sewing woman.  It is an image of a house and is captioned "Our New Home".  Reverse of both cards blank..
Advertising Premium - 3 S&C Die-cut Paper Dolls with Die-cut Clothes - Unused - Promoting Sorosis Shoes Hunters. S & C.Germany. Printed in Austria.[1930]
A four-page folded booklet with die-cut heart on the cover exposition one of the paper dolls.  It promotes  Sorosis Shoes Hunters, most likely a shoe emporium.  When opened it reveals three (3) die-cut 4 3/4" paper dolls, each with 3 costumes and hats all arranged on a die-cut sheet.  The sheets are intact--all of the ladders still attached.  The dolls are believed to be made by S & C, German paper doll maker. The tabs on each of the costume sheets  have numbers on the tabs of corresponding hats and costumes;  2, 4 and 6 - a, b, and c .  The dolls are easel back.  The folders are cleverly designed with two horizontal slits  at center to insert the dolls easel, thus holding the doll and costumes in place.  Folded measures 5 1/2"' x 3 1/2> .
Air Hostess Push-Out Paper Dolls and Dresses. Saalfield.Akron OH.1947
A 13 3/4" x 10 5/8"  book with six (6) punch out paper dolls on the covers including an Air Hostess.  Six (6) costume pages.  Note that the costumes are formal, as one would have worn on an airplane in the 1940s.  Additionally the costumes are for an affluent family vacationing.  Notably there is only one additional costume for the Air Hostess, which is an additional uniform (all work and no play).  Airplane motif background decoration. .
Angela Tuite Price Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Pretty as a Picture . Saalfield  No. 2703..1948
The cover of the book depicts proper young girl of yesteryear reading an album, with a die-cut frame above with a cellophane window showing portraits of the dolls on the second . The next page shows the to characters i a room scene. The costume pages show fashions of the day for young girls in the late 1940s with stylish accessories including a double locket with faux pictures and elements of charm including a "Gone with the Wind".  Of note is a riding outfit with jodhpurs. A mixture of sentimental and 1940s modern. The actual punch-out dolls are on the back cover. 11 1/2" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls: Size: 10".  No of Costume Pages: 5 with a 6th page depicting the girls posing on stage...
Anon. Manuscript Adaptation of The History of Little Fanny . C1810s
Wraps. 8 pages. Each page is a different scene from the original book of the History of Little Fanny, Exemplified in A Series of Figures. This manuscript adaptation paraphrases the original toy  book with different original watercolor costume for each scene.  it focuses on the morality lessons.  A single head and neck is moved from scene to scene. Includes five (5) of the seven (7).  Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". . come all ye little ones, and quick draw near. A gift I offer for the approaching year. A little doll who boasts a prety face, And wondrous strange! her clothes a moral trace"
Army and Navy Wedding Party Cut-out Dolls . Saalfield Pub. Co. No. 2446..
6 pp with ten approx. 7" - 8" paper dolls.  Patriotic themed throughout with stars and a V for Victory and die-cut bells exposing some of the paper dolls on the next page through the front cover.  Punch-out paper dolls. Each doll and outfit are identified with a message in a shield.   The individuals are identified as to wedding party role.  The costumes are identified as to military role.  The first page includes female roles include AWUS outdoor worker, WAAC auxiliary, OCD canteen worker, Am. Red Cross aide, WAAC officer etc.  The page is captioned -- All working for Uncle Sam.  This is followed by wedding clothes where all of the men are attired in appropriate rank dress coats.  Also includes civilian clothing.  Measures 13" x 11"..
Art Tanchon - Illustrator Circus Day - Cut-out Book No. 135.. Stephens Publishing.Sandusky, OH.n.d. c1950s.
6 page paper doll book with heavy stock covers.  Paper dolls printed on back cover.  Each character has a page of costumes and accessories.  They include Bosco the Bear,  Monk (monkey), Elmer the Elephant, George the Giraffe and Laffie "the Clown.  The final costume page is the circus ring and animal cars. Measures 10 1/2" x 10 3/4"..
Au Bon Marche 3D Movable  Die-cut  Toddler Paper Doll in High Chair with Toy Wheeled Lamb
A 3” x 4 1/2” advertising trade card for Au Bon Marche department store in Paris.   A first glance it has the appearance of a die-cut card of a child in a high chair.  By pushing the base upwards and side flaps inward it creates a 3D chair with a child in a high chair with a standing wheeled lamb toy at front    Light wear.  Few areas of missing surface litho. The reverse promotes the department store.    One of a number of exceptional novelty cards created by the store.
Barbara Plummer & Barbara Barnett A Collection of 28 Paper Doll Sets by the Jones Sisters. 1987-2011
This collection of 28 paper dolls by the Jones Sisters, a pair of women, named Barbara Plummer and Barbara Barnett, who designed paper dolls. The majority of the collection are limited edition runs that were sold at the yearly Paper Doll Convention. The collection date from 1987-2011, with the bulk of them dating from the late 1980s. What is unique about these paper dolls are the outfits, as the majority of them are constructed from wall paper. The wall paper is used as 'fabric patterns' to form the base of the design, and are flushed out with ink and color markers. The collection has been organized into four categories: Military, Career,  Fashion and Miscellaneous. Each paper doll set contains one, uncut paper doll and a variety of cut (by the designer) outfits and accessories. Two of the sets have two dolls - a mother and daughter pair, and a child and doll pairing. Each set comes with a title page with the name of the doll, its series (were applicable), date (three of the dolls sets in the collection are undated) and designer. Often times the title page would also list if any portion of the sales of the dolls were going to a charity, such the American Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Breast Cancer Research and Multiple Sclerosis. The sets are stored in a custom made wallpaper folder. Three of the paper doll sets in the collection, under the Military category, do not have the same design aesthetic and packaging. One was made in 2002, and feature uncut outfits, not made with wallpaper. The doll itself has its look based off of a real female combat pilot, and her outfits span several centuries, and comes in pairs. Each period represented include one fashion outfit and one combat or nursing outfit. The other two were made by Barbara Barnett in 2011 for the Paper Doll Convention in Dayton, OH. They both are Military women, (WAC: Women's Army Corp & SPAR: Semper Paraus Always Ready, the USGS Women's Reserve Force), and each set features two uncut pages of a paper doll, and her outfit/accessories. These pages are printed copies of dolls that look like they were drawn by ink and marker, without the use of wallpaper like the rest of the sets in the collection. During the over thirty year span Barnett and Plummer worked together, they alternatively worked under the names of the Jones Sisters and Two Bs' Design. Some of the items in this collection are made solely by Barnett. A database of the dolls is available upon request. Measures (wallpaper folder) 8 3/4" x 5 3/4" .
Betty Blue and Patty Pink, A "Look-Thru" Book - Wrap-A-round Dresses - A Look-Thru Book
This book has four (4) punch out dolls. Two of the dolls are named, Betty Blue and Patty Pink, and the other dolls are just numbered, 3 and 4. Each doll is attached to a stand. The outfits for the dolls are either mostly blue or pink, and are labeled with their corresponding doll number. Some of the outfits are wrap-a-round dress. The front cover is a "look-thru" cover, which means that it has two die cut holes into it in order to see the faces on the dolls on the interior page. No. 1556-15. Uncut. Largest Doll Size: 10 1/2" 12 3/4" x 10 1/2".
Betty Sue clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll. slight wear on cover
Betty Sue, a curly blond with blue eyes, has outfits that include a skating outfit and sled, golfing equipment, and a school dress. There is a cut out suitcase with her name.  Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.  slight wear on cover
Bobby Blair - Uncut Boy Newspaper Paper Doll by Dan Rudolph 1923
A 17 ˝” x11 5/8” uncut color newspaper paper doll sheet.  It is 10” Bobby Blair, a bit of a stout little lad with his New suite, hiking shoes, cap, cane, his beany, and his bath robe.  The paper doll depicts Bobby in his “undies”.  Edge wear
Boxed Set - Nellie and Her Costumes. Saml Gabriel Sons & Co. No. D-95.New York.c1920
A 7 3/4" x 5" attached lid side opening box designed to appear as a steamer trunk with a luggage label reading "Nellie".  Content includes a 7 3/4" easel back Nellie and four (4) numbered costumes and hats.  Costumes for school, play, party and a coat. Die-cut .
Boxed Set - Stitchart - Sewing for Girls
A litho on paper pressed board covered boxed set play set encouraging young girls to learn to sew, embroider, make a tapestry, play with paper dolls and of course launder clothing. The complete set includes three (3) articulated or jointed 10 1/2" paper dolls and their stands, eight (8 ) cut dresses to be sewn for the dolls (includes thread, but no needles), a wooden embroidery hoop for decorating the doll's dresses, a wooden frame and a tapestry set with two patterns (a village scene & swans on a pond) complete with frame and yarn. Finally there is a card with wooden clothes pins and a clothes line. It reads "Dolly's Clothesline - No Dolls Outfit Complete without one.  Will be Essential for Many Purposes. "This is the day we wash dolly's clothes And when they are finished we have no more Woes Her Clothes are then so nice and sweet To Look at her is quite a Treat" .  Measures 13" x 20"
Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) 100 Years of Bridesmaids 1892-1992 No.33782
A collection of 9 loose sheets of paper, featuring a doll and eleven different bridesmaid dresses, one design for each decade from 1892-1992. The illustrations are done in black and white. It appears that this collection was made as a wedding favor, by Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) for her wedding. Sheet Size: 11" x 8 1/2" Number of Dolls: Doll Size: 1 No. of Pages: 9 (1 title page, 1 doll sheet, 7 costume sheets) .
Brenda Sneathen Mattox 18th Century Hollywood. ..2002
This set of uncut sheets features 18th century costumes made for various Hollywood movies in the 1900s. Film costumes included are: Dubarry was a Lady, Madame Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, Unconquered, The Glass Slipper, Tom Jones, The Rebels, Dangerous Liaisons, and Jefferson in Paris.  Black and white drawings on heavy white card stock. Two pages each are placed in a plastic sleeve, all the plastic sleeves have been stapled together.  One cut out doll on first page. Uncut Sheet Size: 11" x 8 1/2" Number of Dolls: 1 Doll Size:  8 3/4" No. of Costume Pages: 9 .
Bruce Patrick Jones Leyendecker: The Look, A Tribute to Joseph Christian Leyendecker. ..2010
Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951) was a German-American illustrator who was considered to be one of the foremost American illustrators of the early 20th century, best known for his poster, book, and advertising illustrations. This paper doll set by Bruce Patrick Jones is done in the style of Leyendecker as a tribute to him. It contains two cut out dolls. A Leyendecker was most known for his advertisements for men's fashions, there is only one outfit for the female doll and four outfits for the male doll. One is a football jersey, the second is a business suit while holding an old fashion telephone, third is a jacket and cane, while the fourth and last look is a tux which also features a woman dancing with him in a red dress. Comes in an envelope with a clear window. Envelope Size: 12" x 9" Number of Dolls: 2 Doll Size: 10" No. of Costume Pages: 4 folded pages (booklet stapled) .
C.M. Henderson & Co. Cut Out New England Red School House Cutout Village. C.M. Henderson & Co. .Chicago.1890s
The Little Red School House was a trademark of the C. M. Henderson & Co., and an image of it was stamped on the bottom of one of each pair of shoes it sold. In order to promote the company's 'Red School House Shoes', this cut out school house was given out to any boy or girl found wearing or purchasing a pair of the Henderson shoes at participating stores. Printed in red and black the uncut sheet includes the red school house, plus cutouts of people, a chimney, trees, and a fence, all which could be assembled with a series of folds and a bottle of glue in order to "construct in miniature the famous little building." Measures 12" x 61/4", uncut.  The cut-out compliments of J & A Van Kuren, Whitehall, Mich..
c1700 Dressed Picture Cutwork Mezzotint Engraving with Fabric Background - Iosephus Leopoldus

A “dressed picture” of Iosephus Leopoldus I Hungaria Et Romanorum Resc . G. Valek engraver. c1700. A cutwork mezzotint engraving with fabric in background, illustrating the fashion of the day. A precursor of the paper doll… Measures 11” x 7 ľ”. Fragile condition. Scarce

Iosephus Leopoldus I , House of Habsburg (Austria) son of Ferdinandus III 1658–1705

VALCK (Gerard) a Dutch engraver, who died about 1684. He came to England with Booteling, and was some time employed by Logan.
Candy and her Cousins
A total of 4, uncut, litho print punch out dolls and their pets. The dolls names are Candy, Patti, Gigi, and Mimi. There are 4 folded costume pages, with each doll having three cut out dress, one winter coat, and various accessories.  The skirts of the dresses are 'wrap-a-round'. No. 2581. Minimal edge wear covers, and the folded costume pages have started to separate along the perforated edge in-between the pages. Measures 12" x 10", largest doll is 7".
Chanticleer Paper Doll. J Ottmann Litho Co.New York.[1905]
Chanticleer is a character in a variety of tales, but perhaps most known for its appearance in the Aesop fairy tale "Reynard the Fox". The character is an anthropomorphic rooster. The set comes with a die-cut doll, a rooster costume with bird head hat, and three additional outfits with hats. All the outfits and accessories have been cut out. Missing the hat that corresponds to the red dress. The envelope the doll comes in a has black and white illustrated rooster on the front. Envelope Size: 10" x 5" Number of Dolls: 1 Doll Size: 9" No. of Costumes: 3 dresses with 2 hats, 1 bird costume with bird head hat .
Childhood Letters of Emily Hockaday Blair (Henrotin). .Missouri.1888-1894
A wonderful collection of over 40 items of a child's letters to her parents. Emily Hockaday Blair was only five years old when her mother and father sent her away to her aunt's house in 1888. Emily spent at least several months there a year while her parents were traveling between various cities in Missouri, Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York. Eventually it appears she also began to go to school year around near her Aunt's house. For the next six years Emily sent letters to her father, Francis Preston Blair III, and mother, Florence Price Blair, keeping them updated on her education and constantly asking to see them soon or if they were sending her any dolls. The collection includes correspondence and drawings done by Emily Hockaday Blair. The letters written by Emily are addressed to Faver and Mudgie, presumably pet names for her father and mother. The envelopes within the collection are either addressed to Florence Price Blair or Francis Preston Blair. The first few letters are from 1888 when Emily would have been about five years old. These early letters mostly consist of Emily practicing her writing on one side, normally writing either her or a family members’ names or the alphabet. Occasionally there are also some drawings accompanying her practice letters. The actual letter on the other side was written by her Aunt Lizbeth. However they are the words of Emily herself as the letters end with "this is just as she dictates." As Emily grows and begins to become more proficient in her writing she begins to write to her parents herself. These letters mostly consist of her stating her wish to see her parents soon and either requesting a new toy or thanking them for one they sent. By 1893 she has started writing more detailed letters about her education and the time she was spending with her cousins. She even sent them two maps she drew of the United States for school. The last two letters in the collection were sent in 1894. They were written on the same day, August 23, with one addressed to Faver and one to Mudgie. They are the only two letters not handwritten, and were produced by a typewriter. In addition to the letters there is a hand embroidered handkerchief that was Emily's New Years gift in 1892 to her parents. There is also a photograph of Emily herself. Based on the stamp on the back it taken by Joseph L. Douglass, a commercial photographer in Columbia, Missouri who was active from the 1890s into the early 1900s. She is wearing a large hat and appears to be about six years old. Additionally, there is a small name card/visiting card, with Emily's name printed on it and a note stating to "Mudgie and Faver". Lastly there is a poem "The Queen's Gift" written by Rose Hartwick Thorpe, which was transcribed by Emily at some point. There are 8 envelopes in the collection. Based upon the address present, it is obvious her parents traveled a great deal. Several of them are to Kansas City, Missouri. Two others were sent to Muskogee and South McAlister in Indian Territory (now known as Oklahoma). The last three are addressed to two different addresses in Chicago, presumably from when her father started to set up his law practice there. Additionally several of the letters themselves make reference to her parents travel to New York and Washington DC. To view this collection please click on the following link: . Emily was born on November 16, 1883 in Missouri. Both her mother and father were a part of well-known and prestigious families in the 1800s. Her mother was from a prominent, pioneering Missouri family, the Prices. Her grandfather Robert Beverly Price was a well-known banker and gentleman farmer, who was active in local politics. He was also greatly involved in the financial success of his alma mater, the University of Missouri. He served as Treasurer for the university for over forty-five years. Emily herself attended the university in 1907. On her father's side of the family, she was a part of one of the most powerful political families of the 19th century, the Blairs. Emily was the granddaughter of Francis Preston, Jr, and the great granddaughter of Francis Preston, Sr. Preston Sr. was an American journalist, newspaper editor, and influential figure in national politics advising several U.S. presidents across the party lines. He was an unofficial adviser to presidents Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and Abraham Lincoln. Preston Jr. was an American jurist, politician and soldier. During the Civil War he held the rank of Major General, and commanded a division at Vicksburg under Sherman. He even took part in Sherman's March to the Sea. He was a Missouri Senator, and in 1868, he was Horatio Seymour's vice-presidential candidate for the Democratic Party losing presidential ticket. The Blair family was particular close to Mary Todd Lincoln's family and therefore Abraham Lincoln. In fact, Emily's father, Francis Preston Blair III, reported even played 'town ball' with Abraham Lincoln during his visits to their family's estate in the mid-1860s. Emily's father, Francis Preston Blair III, unlike his forebears and siblings, did not follow in his family's footsteps of national political ambitions. As a young man he graduated West Point and was stationed at Fort Hamilton. Later he studied law at Columbia University in New York. After receiving his degree, he met and married Florence Price. After his marriage, he opened up a law practice first in St. Louis and later Chicago. Emily herself would eventually marry into a prominent Chicago family, the Henrotins. Her in-laws were the Chicago power couple of Ellen Martin Henrotin and Charles Henrotin. Ellen was a writer, activist and staunch suffragette, while Charles was a prominent banker who founded the Chicago Stock Exchange and eventually became an influential person in global politics as he was Consul to both Belgium and Turkey. Emily married their elder son, Edward, and would eventually move to Cherryplain, New York, where she and her husband were involved in farming and sheep breeding. Emily H. B. Henrotin would die in 1965.
Children as Advertising Pawns - Larkin Products Promotes Premium Clothing with Alice Thrifty Paper Doll. ..
A 6" x 2 1/4" heavy stock paper doll named Alice.  The caption at top reads "Call mother's attention to the fact that the clothes which the Thrifty family wear are exact copies of real clothing, given as Premiums in the Larkin Spring and Summer Catalog.  The two costume sheets for Alice further promote clothes premiums that replicate the costumes..
Collection of 20th Century Paper Dolls used in Fashion Advertising to Children Directly. .United States.1917-1996
In the 1880s companies saw a way of reaching a wider audience by creating advertising material that was directed towards a young audience. The hope was that children might help to direct their parent's spending habits. By the early 1900s, advertisers had perfected this technique and had come up with a wide variety of paper games and toys meant to attract a child's attention. One such paper toy that was used by advertisers was paper dolls. With the combination of cheap printing and a surge in the popularity of paper dolls, manufacturers of all kinds of household goods took advantage by using them to promote their wares. The fashion and clothing industry in particular used this to great effect, as these ads were designed to mainly target young girls, and encourage them to desire to dress like their favorite paper doll. This collection consists of 11 items (25 dolls) of advertising paper dolls. Below is a brief description of the items within the collection. Dandyline Company Paper Doll (1917) The Dandyline Company, based in Chicago, IL, made dresses for young girls in the early 1900s. It then sold them to retail stores across the country along with an advertising paper doll. While the two dolls in this section are extremely similar, they are slightly different. This is mainly seen in the details of the yellow dress they are both wearing. The back of the doll had a space for the retail store to print its name and address.  This is the "Little Sister" series and includes two dolls and 14 costumes. Note the gender specific objects being held by the costumes. The back of each out had a Lot No. so that one could order the exact outfit. The two stores on the back of the dolls in this collection are E. M. Devine in Philadelphia, PA, and Hirsch D. G. Co. in Decatur, IL. 2 Dolls + 13 outfits, CUT, Measures 7" x 2 1/4" (Doll) FA Quality Family (c1920) During the 1920s a company by the name of FA Quality Trimmings, which sold various ribbons and trimmings meant to accent clothing, started a line of dolls called the FA Quality Family. It was a set of 4 dolls- Mother, Sister, Betty, and Buddy (Buddy is missing from this collection) with three outfits each.  On each sheet is the advertising phrase: "These cut out dolls serve two purposes; to amuse the children and to give you the style suggestions designed by experts." 3 UNCUT SHEETS (3 dolls + 9 outfits), Measures 7 3/4" x 5" Stories and Fashion (1934) Like the title suggests, this 16 pp. black and white booklet contains both paper dolls and short stories. Published by Mabley & Carew, a prominent department store in Cincinnati, Ohio, its goal was to help sell the clothing available at its store. The book contains six dolls: Mary, Tommy, the twins Betty & Bobby, Billy and Baby Jane. Beside each outfit is the price and department store floor in which it can be found on. The stories in this booklet are: The Little Boy and the Brook, My Fairy, and the Baby Stuart. Cover is detached. 6 Dolls + 10 outfits with accessories, UNCUT Booklet, Measures 7 1/2" 5 1/4" Miss Sunbeam Paper Doll Set (1949) Sunbeam Bread used their Miss Sunbeam doll to not only encourage the purchase of their baked goods, but also as a mean of selling their "Simplicity Printed Patterns". These sewing patterns allowed mothers to recreate the dresses Miss Sunbeam wore for their daughter. Next to each outfit was a product code that correlated to a specific sewing pattern. There are two pages for this item, the first page, with the doll, is in color, while the second page is in black and white. This would allow the child to have even more fun with the toy by coloring in the outfits. These two sheets are stapled together. 1 Doll + 9 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 8 3/4" Miss Sunbeam Paper Doll Set (c1950) The same paper doll as mention in the previous item, but with new outfits, mean for a new season. These outfits, along with the product code also gave an age range. Additionally this version had a teddy bear paper doll as well. 1 Doll + 9 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 8 3/4" Gibbs Kids Paper Dolls (c1950) Produced by Gibbs Underwear Company, based in Philadelphia, PA, Gibbs Kids was a series of paper dolls intended to help local retailers sell their clothes. The doll featured is the "10 year old Sister", and it showcases 4 outfits. What is unique about this item is not all the outfits paired with the doll are made or sold by Gibbs. Additionally, on the back of the sheet is a stamp that says "Compliments of Paperdoll Gazette, Shirley Hedge, Editor, Route 2, Princeton IND. 47679" 1 Doll + 4 outfits, 1 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 12" x 9" Carter's School Wise Cut-Ups (Sept 1952) Printed in the September 1952 issue of McCall's, a monthly American women's magazine that ceased publication in 1992, was a printed ad for Carter's. Carter's was a clothing store for children selling clothes from 'cradle through school'. This ad features two dolls, a Big Sis, and a Baby Sis, each with their own outfit. The ad speaks directly to the child stating that their outfits mean that "Daddy saves dollars galore!" 2 Dolls + 2 outfits, 1 UNCUT SHEET, Measures 13 1/2" x 5 1/4" Pretty as Picture (1961) In a children's magazine, entitled 'Jack & Jill', a paper doll was printed for Vogue Patterns, a company that sold patterns for fashionable clothes. This doll was designed by Betty Jaxon and was meant to capitalize on the Easter holiday. In two sheets, a doll named Jill (there are two version of the same doll, each in a difference stance) is surrounded by colorful, fashionable outfits. Each outfit has the pattern number printed on its tabsThe Pretty as a Picture sheet was a store give-away, the second sheet is a proof presumably for future designs. 2 Dolls + 10 outfits with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 14" x 10 1/4" (Larger sheet) Bendel's Cut-Out Dolls (1962) Henri Bendel was an innovator when it came to high end luxury fashion and his boutique shop in New York City soon became a beacon of luxury for the cities elite. He also was a strong proponent fashion-centric illustration, and since paper dolls are a natural progression of that he soon had several books of them that he used to sell his clothes. The item is a 12 pp. booklet with paper wraps. The cover is an illustration of a cut out sheet of paper dolls. The book includes three (3) paper dolls and four (4) pages of outfits. The reverse of the page provides a narrative description, sizing information and pricing for each of the paper doll costumes. There is even an introductory note in the beginning of the book that asks the children not to cut out the dolls until mother has ordered the desired outfits. 3 Dolls + 21 outfits with accessories, UNCUT Booklet, Measures 9" x 7" Vind Garn Til Vinterens Dolls (1966) Published in Familie Journalen, Denmark's longest running weekly family and women's magazine (it was started in 1877), are two paper dolls. The advertisement is for Dale Crepe, a yarn company in Europe. The dolls are meant to help selling knitting patterns, and each sweater is a pattern you can purchase. There is a both a boy and girl doll, each with fours knit sweaters, and at least one knit hat and pair of mittens.  In Danish. 2 Dolls + 8 sweaters with accessories, 2 UNCUT SHEETS, Measures 13 1/2" x 10" Look Book Holiday (1996) This advertising pamphlet was aimed directly at both young boy and girl fashionistas. This is evident even in the title, as a 'Look Book' is a collection of designs compiled to show off a style or clothing line. Even the names of the outfits advertised in this accordion folded pamphlet are titled to reflect that. Such as "Glamor Girl", "Updated Classics", and "Long, Lean Look". Published for the holiday season by The Children's Place, an American specialty retailer of children's apparel and accessories since 1969. It comes with two dolls, a boy and a girl with several outfits each. The pamphlet is printed in color and is double sided. As such, it is impossible to cut out both dolls and all the outfits from the same pamphlet. 2 Dolls + 13 outfits with accessories, UNCUT, Measures 5" x 3 1/4" (folded), 26" x 5" (unfolded) To view this collection, please click on the following link: .
Demorest's Family Magazine -  Advertising Paper Doll with 2 Costumes. ..1895
An 8 1/2" paper doll attired in corset and petticoats with printe d message on reverse "Please remember that a new dress for this doll will be given to you each month.  It will be presented to you by the dealer as a gift from DEMOREST'S FAMILY MAGAZINE.  All the favor they request of you in return is that you will ask your mother, or the grown people of your family, to read the "Contents" of the Magazine that will be printed on the back of the dress each month.  Our object is to interest them in the Magazine; so, after calling for a new dress each month, be sure to perform this little duty, and then you will feel at liberty to call for another dress the following month."   Compliments of Ames and Bates Newsdealer & Stationers, Boston. Accompanied by two dresses cut from Demorest's promotions from 1819.  Guess the child didn't appreciate being used as an advertising pawn after a couple of months....
Doris Davey after Helen Waite My Dolly's Home (a paper doll house with characters). Arts and General Publishers Ltd. London.1921
12 pp. story. 26 leaves "doll house". 2 leaves characters to cut. Applied litho on board. Illustrated by Margarethe Stannard. A charming  interactive children's book.  Begins with  a 12 pp story titled Betty's Adventure - The Story of My Dolly's Home". A story of Betty, her mother, her nannie and Betty's Birthday doll Priscilla.  The story also references the character's to be used "In Dolly's Home". This story with relevant in-text black and white illustrations is the basis for pretend play associated with the 26 leaf "house" that follows printed in full color with illustrations on both sides.   Fine design with die-cut pages and die-cuts within a page. Most of the pages are a room or yard scene and include a door that opens to the next page.  The last two leaves of the book are the uncut characters to cut-out and interact with the house including Cook, Alice, Nurse, and Dolly's family and her dearest friends including her self, parents, brother and cat and dog.  Dolly's Home is rather elaborate - gated with a fountain,  formal parlors, play rooms, dining room, nursery, a crochet field and much more.  The inside back cover has an applied envelop for placing the characters once they have been cut.  Measures 9" x 11 3/4"..
Dr. Miles Paper Doll - Katrina Knickerbocker - I talk for Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. Dr. Miles Medical Co. .Elkhart In..1902
A 20 3/4" tall die-cut easel back paper doll depicting Katrina Knickerbocker holding a bottle of Dr. Miles New Heart Cure. The reverse introduces Katrina, a character in Rip Van Winkle and of course promoting the various Dr. Miles with brief narratives and a complete product listing including pricing.  Also includes three costumes and hats.   The costumes are identified e.g. for a stroll on the Bowling Green.  Each costume has product information on the reverse. The paper dolls were offered as premiums for a product label and five 2 cent stamps.  .
Dr. Miles Paper Doll -Dorothy (Dolly) Quincy - Holding a Bottle of Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine. Dr. Miles Medical Co. .Elkhart In..1902
A 20 3/4" tall die-cut easel back paper doll depicting Dorothy (Dolly) Quincy  holding a bottle of Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine. The reverse introduces Dolly, the future wife of John Hancock and of course promoting the various Dr. Miles with brief narratives and a complete product listing including pricing.  Also includes three costumes and hats.   The costumes are identified e.g. the gown she wore when first she met John Hancock.  Each costume has product information on the reverse.  Includes original mailer from Dr. Miles Medical Co. The paper dolls were offered as premiums for a product label and five 2 cent stamps.  .
Eliza Leslie Miss Leslie's Paper Doll Overlay. Miss Leslie's Magazine.Philadelphia, PA.1843
This doll is supposedly the first paper doll in a magazine. It was printed in "Miss Leslie's Magazine" which was a monthly women's magazine of literature and fashion that ran from January 1943 to July of 1846. In its first year of publication it was edited by Eliza Leslie before Timothy Arthur Shay took over. The magazine also underwent several name changes after its first year (The Ladies' Magazine of Literature, Fashion, and the Fine Arts in 1844 and Arthur's Ladies' Magazine in 1845) before it merged in 1846 with Godey's Lady's Book. The doll itself is known as the "City Bell", and is an overlay. The doll itself features a woman in white dress with floral accents, and overlay piece is her shawl and overcoat. This doll was published in "Miss Leslie' Magazine, Volume 1, 1843".  This doll has been cut away from the original overlay. Number of Dolls: 1 Doll Size: 5 1/4" No. of Pieces: 2 (Doll + outfit) .
Elizabeth S. Tucker (Artist) Famous Queens and Martha Washington Paper Dolls. Frederick A. Stokes Co..New York, NY.1895
This pressed board box with applied litho cover depicting all 7 of famous queens, along with Martha Washington. With applied label promoting G. A. Schwarz Toys, Phila.  Each of the cut paper dolls is approx. 7 1/2" tall, single sided and identified on the reverse of each doll, costume or hat. Each women has 3 costumes and headpieces or bonnets. Included in the set are Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Margherita, Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen Isabella, Queen Victoria, Queen Louise, and as stated previously Martha Washington. The original art used for this set was drawn and water-colored by Elizabeth Tucker. An single fold introductory pamphlet is included with a statement of accuracy and directions for use It describes in some detail the cutting an placement of the  costumes and accessories. Box measures 10" x 8".   Also includes original clipping promoting the paper dolls from the Ladies Home Journal, Dec. 1895. . Touted as historical features of great value, which will at the same time entertain and instruct any child. Especially recommended for Kindergartens and schools of children.
Elizabeth S. Tucker A Year of Paper Dolls . Frederick Stokes Company .New York.1894
A cut paper doll set, lacking original wrapper. The passing of the year can be joyfully marked with the help of this doll. A cardboard double-sided, paper doll that is meant to be dressed according to the month of the year. Drawn and water-colored by Elizabeth Tucker. All twelve costumes are included in this set, however it is lacking a few of the accessories. This set does not include the calendars. Four (4) hats lacking.  7" doll.. This set does not include the monthly calendars printed on the costume; a second version has a calendar month per costume.
Elizabeth S. Tucker Princes and Princesses Paper Dolls. Frederick Stokes Company.New York.1895
This set of seven, single sided, paper dolls represent princes and princess. Illustrated by Elizabeth Tucker.  A popular subject matter of the time. Each with several costumes, as well as some with a few accessories. Wilhelmena - 3 costumes 1 hat Marguerite - 3 costumes Princess - 3 costumes 3 hats Friedrich - 3 costumes 2 hats Prince of Wales - 3 costumes 1 hat Louis - 3 costumes 1 hat Mary - 3 costumes (1 with hat included) Dolls measure 7" each. . Illustrated by Elizabeth Tucker.
Elizabeth S. Tucker Queen Victoria of England Paper Doll . Frederick A. Stokes Company.New York.1895
A single paper doll set with the same character and costumes as included in "Famous Queens and Martha Washington" a larger boxed set. Illustrated by Elizabeth S. Tucker. It includes Queen Victoria and three period costumes.  The doll is wearing a white petticoat covered with a white peignoir tied with a blue bow. the costumes include a walking gown, court robe, and reception robe. Additionally the set includes a booklet with a brief introduction to the doll and instructions on use and play. and the original box top with an applied litho of the queen.   Doll 7" tall and booklet and box lid approx. 10" x 8”. .
Embossed Die-cut Paper Toys - Wild Animals -  Lion Family & Hyaena
An intricately detailed little group of embossed die-cut card stock toys.  Includes a lion, lioness and two cuts, who appear somewhat docile with a nearby dish of milk.  It also includes a less then docile  hyeana who has presumably grabbed meat from the wagon.   c1900.  Light wear. The lion measures 4 1/2” x 3”.
Ethel Hays (illustrator) Cinderella Paper Dolls. Saalfield.Akron OH.1950
Measures 12 1/2" x 10 3/4" with four (4) 7 1/2" paper dolls on the back cover - Cinderella, Prince Charming and the not so ugly step-sisters.  Note the Cinderella on the front cover looks like a statuesque movie star.  Six (6) costume pages with costumes for Cinderella before and after, her step-sisters and the prince  and of course an array of slippers with "question marks". .
Ethel Hays Cinderella Paper Dolls No. 1817. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.N.D.
A Cinderella paper doll book featuring Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the two step sisters. All four dolls are cut outs, and located on the back cove. Included are Cinderella and Prince Charming's wedding outfits, as well as a variety of formal and casual wear.  Designed by Ethel Hayes. No. 1718 Book Size: 12 1/4" x 10 1/4" Number of Dolls: 4 Doll Size: 7 3/4" No. of Costume Pages: 4 .
F. Gere, Illustrator.  13 Anna Belle Newspaper Paper Dolls. ..1908-1913
Color newspaper paper dolls series of a good little girl who is always very careful about her dress.  Printed on newspring. Each segment includes at least one paper dolls with costumes and accessories and a narrative promoting good behavior, caring and living in a perfect world.  A segment captioned New Fall Clothes - Fall 1911 is a narrative on how being proper requires wearing nice new clothes and organizing a sewing society  and instead of making things for ourselves we will give them to poor little girls and boys who never have nice things. Anna Belle was unexpectedly elected president and know they will make children happy with the clothes they make. All an interesting approach to socialization.   Titles include Anna Belle goes to the seashore, Anna Belle's Grandpa, Anna Belle Visits Sister Mary, Anna Belle's school furniture, new fall clothing, playing moving pictures (Native American costumes), Anna Belle's brother Harold and Baby Sister (note his rifle and sword), Brother Harold's Birthday, School Gymnasium, Getting Ready for School, Anna Belle's Dining Room Furniture, Anna Belle Visits Arabia and Anna Belle's Valentine Party. Several mention the Sewing Circle.  Each measures approximately 10" x 7 3/4", cut from a newspaper. . Anna Belle newspaper paper dolls first appeared May 1908 in the Seymour Daily Republican Newspaper, Seymour Ind.
Faith Jaques Tilly's House. Margaret K. McElderry Book.New York.1979
32pp. Dust jacket. Both written & Illustrated by Faith Jaques, the book tells the story of a doll named Tilly, who leaves the her doll house in search of a place of her own. Along the way she befriends a teddy bear named Edward, who helps her find her way in the world. Tilly shows herself to be a strong, independent individual who is not afraid of hardwork. The illustrations in this children's book are the real gem, as they are extremely rich and detailed and make Tilly's world come to life for the reader. Measures 10 x 8 1/4" . Very minor edge wear, due to rubbing. A small amount of brown speckles on the front cover.
Fanny's First Flirtation - Dressed Paper Doll.  Peterson's Magazine 1872 . ..
A copper engraving cut-out from the February 1872 Peterson's Magazine that has been dressed in both paper and fabric.  It is captioned "Fanny's First Flirtation".   Sight view 7 3/8" x 6".  Housed in period frame which measures 9" x 8". When researching the image an editor's note from Peterson's reads "This charming engraving, published in our February number, receives praise everywhere.   The New Jersey Enterprise says, 'What a Frenchman would call, but what some of our juvenescent Americans translate 'the piece of resistance'...
Female National Costumes of Europe Paper Dolls. ..c1840s
A set including two (2) single-sided 6 3/4" female paper dolls and eight (8) costumes depicting regional variances from various nations in Europe.  Each of the costumes is lithograph with an egg wash finish.  Also includes a 6" x 8 1/2" sheet depicting all eight costumes, again with egg wash finish and the name of the country printed in English, German, French and Italian.  The countries include Spain, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and France.  The original box is lacking. .
Fern Bisel Peat The 8 Ages of Judy. Lowe.Kenosha, WI.1941
A 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" uncut paper doll book with seven (7) different paper dolls.  Each of the punch out dolls with age appropriate accessories depicts Judy at a different age. .Eight (8) pages of costumes.  Each page and doll page with printed signature Fern Bisel Peat.   Light edge weaer..
Fine Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll - Marie Antoinette w 3 costumes and hats. ..c1900
An elegantly designed 6 1/8" handmade watercolor paper doll in the style of Marie Antoinette and her eight (8) elaborately detailed costumes, six (6) with accompanying hats.  Predominantly court dresses; one is "playing a guitar". Reverse is blank.. "Marie Antoinette paper dolls - Costumes copied from portraits and paintings" penned on envelope the paper doll was found in.
Fine Statuesque 7 1/2" Watercolor Paper Doll with 14 Lovely Outfits
A 7 3/8" watercolor paper doll of a finely executed statuesque Victorian woman, presumably of means given her fourteen (14) fine costumes. Clothing for all occasions from formal to lounge wear. Some of the costumes hold objects as a feather fan, a parlor fan and a tennis racket. Reverse is blank.

A small bit of paper lacking (accident while detaching from a backing board...) A small piece of card stock is affixed to the reverse of each item (instead of risking additional damage from backing board removing a small piece was cut away and was left in place.

Among the finest we've seen with fine attention to detail.
Four (4) Uncut Penny Paper Dolls -  Series
The paper dolls were part of a series of uncut small format penny paper dolls each with one doll and three costumes with matching hats and a cover.  This group includes Alice, Mary Bell, Rhoda, and Sallie. They are all uncut and complete sets. Closed measures 4 1/2" x  2 3/4".  Doll measures 4".  Reverse is blank.
French Paper Dolls - Pauline Baby and Annete. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1895
A 7 1/4" cut-out two-sided Annette the nurse paper doll and baby Pauline.  In original envelope with additional two-sided costume a cloak for baby Pauline.   Printed on heavy stock.  Note that these are only so-called "French Paper" doll, just an advertising promotion by McLoughlin of a nurse in French regional attire.  The set is believed to be complete. See Howard pg. 191..
Paper Doll 1933 Wenonah Indian Friend
One of two different Friendship Press paper dolls we are offering.  They are Friendship Paper Dolls - United States.  Friendship Press, 150 Fifth Avenue.  New York.  Illustrated by M. Pugh.  Copyright 1933 by G.Q. Le Sourd.  Each paper doll is a vividly colored depiction of an American minority of the day.  The doll is in "American" attire with the costume in a more traditional or stereotypical attire.  Fine cultural Americana.  This listing is Wenonah, our Indian Friend.  Depicts an 8 1/4" Native American girl with braids.  His "traditional" attire is a fringed colorful Native American costume complete with "papoose".   Sheet measures 8" x 10 1/2".  Condition: light surface soiling otherwise
Front and Back McLoughlin style paper doll promotes Brook's Spool Cotton - 3 Costumes. ..1890s
A 5 1/4" front and back paper doll stylized after McLoughlin's 1890s Clara and Alice. She holds a card that reads Brook's Spool Cotton is the best.  There are spools of thread at her feet.  Her three (3) costumes appear to be regional attire from various countries, perhaps Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. Appear to be cut from a sheet with advertising on reverse.  Missing surface litho on the reverse of back side of each costume and doll presumably had been glued down at one point and carelessly removed..
Ginn Basic Readers Cut Outs/Paper Dolls - Teaching Aid . Ginn Basic Readers.Boston.1950s
The five dolls consist of three children, Tom, Betty, and Susan, along with two animals Flip, the dog, and Pony, the horse. The included instruction sheet gives suggestions as to how the paper dolls might be used in a classroom to ready children for and begin reading. Along with the Ginn Basic Readers books of course. Some possible skills that can be learned using the characters matching them to chalkboard outlines, practice eye-hand coordination, developing language growth and listening ability. The characters also pair up with characters in several of their beginner reading books is but a fun coincidence and coincidentally be used as physical representations of stories and exercises. The original envelope is also included. Dolls vary, largest measures 10" and the smallest 6".   .
Group of 9 Gouache Wentzel (?) Paper French Infantry Soldiers 1870s
A group of nine (9) different 8 3/4" paper soldiers that have been cut an applied to heavy card stock.  Believe them to be French Infantry Soldiers. c1870s. Most like printed by F. Wenzel in Weissenburg.  Vibrant color with gouache finish.  Condition varies.  Three with broken bayonettes.  Come neck and ankle bends. Fine group of soldiers.
H. E. J. Handmade Jenny Lind Paper Doll w 5 Handmade Costumes. ..
A 6" handmade pen and ink and watercolor Jenny Lind paper doll with 4 cut and one uncut costume.  The uncut costume has two guards pencils in the background.  Fine replicas copied from the Albert Davis Collection of prints. . Johanna Maria Lind (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.
Handmade Pith Paper Woman with Overlay Costumes - 8 Nationalities. [1860s]
A 3 1/8" somewhat naive watercolor paper doll drawn and cut from pith paper and applied to a plain paper backing. Also includes eight (8) different costumes of various nationalities including Old English, Bohemian, Polish, Circassian, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Prussian.  Each in traditional attire with head ware. Each captioned at base.Reverse is blank.  Overlays measure 5" x 3 1/2".
Hedwig Jo Meixner  - Designer Uncut Pollyanna Cut-out Doll with Jimmy Bean, Aunt Polly, Nancy, Snuffy and Buffy. L.C. Page & Co., Whitman Publ. Co..Racine, WI.1941
A die-cut cover exposes the heads of Pollyanna and Jimmy Bean.  Two card stock pages of punch out dolls and six (6) costume pages to cut.  Each page is themed with a caption at base that references the costumes on the page. Also includes four (4) easel backs.  Measures 14 1/4" x 10 1/2"..
Helen Page Marie Antoinette Paper Doll. ..[1990]
A cut put paper doll of Marie Antoinette with thirteen elaborate dresses. One of the outfits also includes an  Indian servant boy holding a basket of flowers. All pages are loose and are different sizes based on the size of the outfits. Additionally there is one page that is a portrait of Marie Antoinette in a pink dress with flowers and butterflies. The dress shown in the portrait is not among the outfits in the collection. In the style of Helen Page. Largest Sheet: 12" x 7 1/2" Number of Dolls: 1 Doll Size: 10" No. of Costume Pages: 13 loose pages plus one portrait .
Hilda Miloche & Wilma Kane Teen Gal Cut Out Dolls, Around the Clock with Peg and Dot. Whitman Publishing Co..Racine , WI.1943
Two punch out dolls, Peg and Dot, with six (6) uncut color costume pages. Each outfit on the pages is label the correct corresponding doll. The outfits are designed around the appropriate attire for teens to wear at different times of the day. Each page has an illustration of a clock with the time on it to denote when the fashions on the page can be worn. The outfits include everything form bath robes in the morning, dresses for afternoon tea, school and dance class outfits, evening wear, before dinner playtime outfits and sleep wear. Die cut front cover of an ornate clock. Peggy is the doll beneath this die cut, while dot is on the back cover. 6 costume pages. 2 dolls measuring 11 inches. No. 980. Measures 13" x 10 3/4"..
Jane Langton Original Art - 2 Watercolor Paper Dolls and Costumes in Stylized 1850s attire. ..
Four (4) original watercolor designs are attributed to Jane Langton while a graduate student at Radcliffe. Although not signed they were given to the previous owner by Ms. Langton as her work. Finely detailed well executed art. Created on art board, each measures 12" x 8 1/2".  . Jane Gillson Langton (1922-) is an American writer and author of children's literature and mystery novels. She both writes and illustrates her novels. Previous owner indicated they came with a note "I made these tiresomely stylized dolls when a graduate student at Radcliffe, about 1946"
Jay Kissinger, Jay and Peter Palazzo  Bendel's Cut-out Dolls.  1962
12 pp.  Paper  wraps.  Images of paper dolls on the cover.  Includes three (3) paper dolls and four (4) pages of outfits. The reverse of the page provides a narrative description, sizing information and pricing for each of the paper doll costumes.  The introductory note asks the children not to cut out the dolls until mother has ordered the desired outfits. Additionally with an order from the book a little Bendel gift scissors is given to the child... Measures  9" x 7".  Light staple rust.
Jennie June. McLoughlin.New York.1892
Two-sided printing.9 1/2" cut paper doll with  five (5) two-sided dresses and  four (4) hats    With original envelope with directions for making the doll on envelope flap. . Not pictured, nor described in Howard.
John Axe Queen Alexandra's Georgie Pets.1993
Queen Alexandra was the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and wife of King Edward VII. This paper doll collections features not her, but rather her 'Georgie Pets', which was the nickname Queen Alexandra's grandchildren, Price Albert, Price Edward, and Princess Mary. Comprised of four loose pages, one page containing three dolls, and three pages of three outfits each. One of Prince Edward's outfits has him holding his baby brother, Prince George. This book was designed by John Axe for the 1993 Paper Doll Convention in Newport, RI. Signed by John Axe, with a note address to the original owner, "To my 'Pet' Diana with best wishes." Page Size: 12" x 9" Number of Dolls: 3 Doll Size: 7" No. of Costume Pages: 3 .
Juke Box Paper Dolls. Saalfield No. 2586.Akron OH.1948
A 14" x 11" uncut paper doll book with scene of soda shop with juke box  on the front and back covers.  Four (4) punch out dolls (2 each cover). Six (6) costume pages -- with all of the typical 1940s iconography - the jock football costume, the kitchen frock complete with apron, hats with most dresses and of course the prom dress..
La Belle au Bois Dormant et le Prince Charmant (Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming) Paper Dolls. Unknown.France.c 1890s
No. 74350. An embossed die-cut litho on heavy card paper doll or pretend play set.  It includes two (2) 8" dolls Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming.  They are shown in scenes as adolescents and young adults. The adolescent scene he sleeps adjacent she on a fainting couch. They each have three (3) full costumes with additional hats and collars.  Also includes back drops, spinning wheel and other accessories.  Appears complete. .
Light neck bend.  Ankle repair.  Separations to envelope. Small area of paper loss lower front.  The base has been glued by a previous owner to create "a pouch" for storing the doll and costumes.
Two-sided printing. 5 1/2" cut paper doll with with five (5)two-sided dresses and two (2) hats. With original envelope. Instructions within. Also includes advertisement for other McLoughlin Toy Books, Games &c.

Mary Jane clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll.
Mary Jane is a blue eyed blonde that comes with clothing to go skiing, paint, have tea, and go out and about. There is a punch-out suitcase with her name attached.Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.
Mary Lee clothes and playthings to cut out: A Cut-Out Doll.
May Lee, a brunette with brown eyes, can be an aviator with gear or can dress up in a sailor dress among other outfits. She comes with a punch-out suitcase with her name.Measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2": Whitman Publishing Co. Illustrated: Florence Winship1941. 1 Doll, 4 costume pages.
McLoughlin Bertha Blond 1875 Paper Doll
McLoughlin Bros. 1875. This doll is the same doll later used in the Dolly Varden Series for Betsey Brunette and Bertha Blonde. As stated on page 95 of Those Fascinating Paper Dolls - An Illustrated Handbook for Collectors, Marian B. Howard, an excerpt from the 1875-76 catalog reads "DRESSED PAPER DOLLS". These are a new feature in the Doll Line, and make attractive and salable gifts.  In the different series, the figures vary in size and in style and beauty of the toilets.  They are made of fine imported papers, in imitation and moire antique and coded silks, elaborately trimmed in imitation lace and are only excellent by the original fabrics.  the dresses are full plaited skirts with slight trains. DOLLS WITH TISSUE DRESSES - Series 1 - Three Kinds: Baby - Brunette - Blond.  "The figures are eleven inches in height, made of pasteboard and give front and back views.  The dresses are made of tissue paper tastefully trimmed with sash.Condition: some wear to costume.  Doll in excellent condition.
McLoughlin Betsey Brunette 1875 Paper Doll
McLoughlin Bros. 1875. This doll is the same doll later used in the Dolly Varden Series for Betsey Brunette and Bertha Blonde. As stated on page 95 of Those Fascinating Paper Dolls - Ann Illustrated Handbook for Collectors, Marian B. Howard, an excerpt from the 1875-76 catalog reads "DRESSED PAPER DOLLS". These are a new feature in the Doll Line, and make attractive and salable gifts.  In the different series, the figures vary in size and in style and beauty of the toilets.  They are made of fine imported papers, in imitation and moire antique and coded silks, elaborately trimmed in imitation lace and are only excellent by the original fabrics.  the dresses are full plaited skirts with slight trains. DOLLS WITH TISSUE DRESSES - Series 1 - Three Kinds: Baby - Brunette - Blond.  "The figures are eleven inches in height, made of pasteboard and give front and back views.  The dresses are made of tissue paper tastefully trimmed with sash...|n||n|Condition: some wear to costume.  Doll in excellent condition.|
Mechanical 'Copper' #14 Looking Tough on Valentine’s Day - I want to COP your Heart

 A 5" x 2 3/4" mechanical, die cut valentine card.  This is officer #14 looking mean. He has on a full uniform and he is carrying a Billy club. The verse is simple 'I want to COP your Heart.' If you move his head you will see a young boy's smiling face. Above his right arm is a heart with a sentiment ‘My Valentine.’ The condition is good. Reverse has pencil inscription.

Military Movable Rocking Paper Doll - Little Folk’s Play Friends, LHJ - Baby Tank Corps, June 1919
A 10 1/2” x 15 1/2” sheet from the Ladies Home Journal.  It is one of several in a series of rocking or movable paper toys or dolls to cut and construct.  Each has a military theme to advance the war effort.  Illustration by Henry Anson Art.   This sheet is  The Baby Tank Corps - Terry Tupper commands the tank America, with his friend Billy Blithe, and Ruff, the cat.  Condition: edge wear.
Military Movable Rocking Paper Doll - Little Folk’s Play Friends, LHJ,  Uncle Sam’s Fighters - Dickie  A. Medalwinner 1919
A 10 1/2” x 15 1/2” sheet from the Ladies Home Journal.  It is one of several in a series of rocking or movable paper toys or dolls to cut and construct.  Each has a military theem to advance the war effort.  Illustration by Henry Anson Art.   This sheet is Uncle Sam’s Fighters with Captain Dickie A. Medalwinner and Miss Polly Pitcher, the World’s Smallest Soldier. 1919.  Condition: light edge wear.
Military Movable Rocking Paper Doll - Little Folk’s Play Friends, LHJ, Uncle Sam’s Figherts 1919
A 10 1/2” x 15 1/2” sheet from the Ladies Home Journal.  It is one of several in a series of rocking or movable paper toys or dolls to cut and construct.  Each has a military theme to advance the war effort.  Illustration by Henry Anson Art.   This sheet is Uncle Sam’s Fighters - a new sereis of cut-out toys that move.  The first set: Wig-Wag Willie, the waggish sailor, and Knit-Knot Nettie, his sister.  Condition: overall excellent.
Mother Goose CutOut Picture Book . National Art Co. .New York.c1930s
A four leaf book including the covers. Wraps  Images of Little Bo Peep on the front and Little Red Ridinghood on the back.  The inside covers of have the Little Bo Peep rhyme and story of Litte Red Ridinghood.  A costume page for each character. Directions included.   The head of the Bo-Peep on cover is die-cut for proper placement of the costumes.  Each has die-cuts for costume tab placement.  Measures 13 3/4" x 7 1/2".  .