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Paper Pattern for Sheep No. 3782. Imperial Publishing Co..New York.c1900
A 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" envelop with three (3)paper pattern pieces within and six (6) cut muslin pieces ready to sew and construct. Instructions on reverse.   A simple animal with pieces for the body section, inside leg and ear.  Placements for ears and a bead eye.  Light wrinkling.  Appears to be a project a child could either do or participate in.  Sheep body piece 6 1/2" x 10"..
Fun-Ful, the Playground Equipment Line, Catalog No. 13
64 pp, side stapled booklet with decorated covers. Hill-Standard Company, based in Indiana, was a playground equipment manufacturer, with over three decades worth of experience. They sold a variety of equipment such as slides, merry-go-rounds, bars, and swings, to name a few. The catalog shows out of focus printed black and white photographs with drawings of the playground equipment superimposed onto the image. Additionally there is a short description of each item, its weight and a code to located the price of the item on a separate price list (not included).At the end of the catalogue there is chart that list the approximate about of men, hours, and sacks of cement need to assemble and install each piece.
SDP Liberal Alliance The Time has Come, A British Political Booklet - SPD - Liberal Alliance. Hebden Royd Publications.West Yokeshire, UK.1987
A political propaganda booklet for the SPD - Liberal Alliance, a British political party, most likely dating from the 1987 UK General Election, were their slogan was "Britain Untied: The Time Has Come."  The cover of the booklet features a photo (and letter inside) from David Steel and David Owen leaders of the Liberal Party and SDP respectively. The rest of the booklet features messaging about their goals, particular in the arenas of education, heath and community care, and housing. It often bolds various lines starting with the phrase "the time has come". Such as "the time has come to get Britain working again", "the time has come to fight for our welfare state" and "the time has come to find a new role in the world." At the end of booklet is a small cut out donation form for the Alliance Election Fund. Yellow covers. Measures 11 3/4" x 8". The SDP - Liberal Alliance was a centrist political and electoral alliance in the UK first established in 1981 between the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Liberal Party. The alliance ended in 1988 when the two parties officially combined into the Social and Liberal Democrats (later renamed the Liberal Democrats).
String Ball & Wooden Cup
A Victorian child's cup and ball toy.
Lusterware Demitasse Chocolate Child's Set
Six small cups and saucers.  They are fine china lusterware, relief decorated and embellished with gold.