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 The Brawnville Papers, being Memorials of the Brawnville Athletic Club, edited by Moses Coit Tyler. Fields, Osgood & Co.Boston.1869  Invitation, Ticket and Dance Card for First Annual Kansas City Flambeau Club . Lisk's Print.Kansas City.February 16, 1885
215 page book, with gilt stamped covers. Twelve essays written on the subject of 'physical culture'. First appeared as articles in the Herald of Health Journal. While it might have first have been indended to be essays on 'physical culture' these articles have snowballed into commentary on life, as well as memoirs of the Brawnville Althletic Club. Measures 7 x 5 1/4".. Edge wear, partially on the spine. The book is missing one page, it is evident that it was torn from the book. However it appears to have been the blank page before the title page. There is a small stain on the top corner of the first 25 pages or so, does not affect readability, A group of ephemera from the first annual ball for the Kansas City Flambeau  Club.  It includes an invitation with a "flambeau" or torch image at center, a lavender color ticket and a single fold dance card with an illustration of a scroll on the front cover with cherubs and elaborate decorative border design. The unused card includes 22 dances in the order of dance.  The back cover is bordered with cherubs in a garden with another flambeau in the cartouche. The dance card measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4". . Predecessor event and organizers for the Priests of Pallas parade and festivities. The Flambeau Club was a civic promotional group that was initially led by a now obscure businessman named L.E. Irwin.   They envisioned an annual parade and ball that would draw thousands of visitors and enliven the City Market area. The Priests of Pallas parade continued through 1905.
 Menu Dinner to the Officers of The Pilgrims of the United States. Tiffany & Co. .New York, NY.1480  Certificate - Council Appointment as Councillor of State  Earl Chesterfield  Order of Cincinnatus. .Cincinnati, OH.1876
A menu for the dinner celebrating the officers of the 'Pilgrims of the United States', also known as simply the Pilgrim Society, which was a society founded to promote the good will and fellowship between the United States and Great Britain. Among its members were politicians, diplomats, businessmen, famous writes, and even members of the British Royal Family. The dinner took place on January 19, 1904, and was held at the Union League Club, another social club in New York. The menu was designed and made by Tiffany & Co. and features illustration of both the American flag and the flag of Great Britain, surrounded by  wreath of green foliage. At the center of the wreath are two forearms holding champagne glasses, toasting one another. The sleeves worn by the forearm reflect the design of each countries flag. At the base of this illustration is an image of a large ship sail across the ocean. The interior lists the dinner options for the night, such as 'ape cod oysters' and 'squab chicken au jus'. Accompanying the menu is a the seating card listing each guest and their table numbers. Additionally, there are two name cards for a Mr. Duncan and Mr. Ogden (W. Butler Duncan and Robert C. Ogden) both of who were seated at table 1. The names cards feature and embossed design of the Pilgrim Society's logo surround by both countries flags. The logo itself depicts an ancient mounted pilgrim besides a lion that represents Great Britain, and an eagle representing the United States. Above this is an image of a motor car, bicycle, steamship, train and airplane that the pilgrim glazes at in awe. The moto 'Hic et Ubique', which translates to "Here and Everywhere" is at the base.  Printed on heavy white card. Ribbon binding. Measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" (menu), 6 3/4" x 5" (seating chart), 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" (name cards).. A 17 1/2" x 12" certificate with images of an anthropomorphic pig in fancy attire and a horse as a police officer.  The King of the Carnival certifies that Thomas L. Jones, a judge,  is appointed to Councillor of State with the title of Earl Chesterfield for the entry and duration of their royal and triumphant entry into our loyal Capital city of Cincinnati.  Signed "Rex".  Rex's embossed seals at base joined by a ribbon.  Letter folds.. Order of Cincinnatus may refer to: The Society of the Cincinnati, an organization in the United States and France founded in 1783 to preserve the ideals and fellowship of the Revolutionary War officers who fought for American independence.