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J E Powers A Book for Boys. D Lothrop & Co.Boston.1886 H C Cradock Josephine Keeps House. Blackie and Son.Glasgow.c1920s
16 pp, red paper covers. An advise book for young boys hoping to succeed in business. The book is broken up into categories: One thing at a time, the way to win (all on one page), the things explained, and hard to understand. On the first page of the book, it describes 'the chance' each boy takes in business. It states "a boy can do some things better than a man. These are given to boys to do; but boys who do them well are scarce.... A girl is a boy in business." The interior cover page lists the author as "by a man who was once a boy himself and knows what boys are good for and what is good for them", however the author, J E Powers, appears under the copyright notice. Title Cover: How a Boy Had Better Behave in Business and What is Going to Come of It. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".. Minor edge wear. Toning due to age. A 64 page paginated book with applied litho cover.  It  tells the story of when Josephine and her family move to a new house. There she teaches her dolls to play house. There are five chapters, "Josephine Plans a New Game", "Josephine Tells the Children", "They All Go to the New House",  "They Settle Down", and " The Princess Comes to Call". There are eight, full page color illustrations, and 16 B&W illustrations throughout the story. The covers are tan boards, with yellow cloth spine and a color illustration mounted on front cover. There is a crease on the front cover, reaching from the top left corner to about two thirds of the was down the right side of the book. Additionally, there is a small stain on the back cover, in bottom left corner, and a dent on the bottom edge. There are few intact tears on the interior pages, including one color illustration, however they do not effect either the text or drawing. Measures 10" x 7 3/4"..
Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) 100 Years of Bridesmaids 1892-1992 No.33782  Remnant Circular, Spring Season, 1888. Hood, Bonbright & Co. .Philadelphia.
A collection of 9 loose sheets of paper, featuring a doll and eleven different bridesmaid dresses, one design for each decade from 1892-1992. The illustrations are done in black and white. It appears that this collection was made as a wedding favor, by Brenda Sneathen (Mattox) for her wedding. Sheet Size: 11" x 8 1/2" Number of Dolls: Doll Size: 1 No. of Pages: 9 (1 title page, 1 doll sheet, 7 costume sheets) . A single fold circular with information on lengths, manufacturer and fabric type and price per pound or yard.   Special attention is invited to Remnants of Wool Cassimers and Dress Goods, which we sell at a very large concession below list prices. Terms included.  The back page is an illustration of the buildings exterior, located at  11th & Market Streets.  Measures 9 1/4" x 5 3/4".  Letter folds..
Junior Joys for Girls & Boys - Women's Work Calendar and Little Polly Flinders Paper Doll Angela Tuite Price Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Pretty as a Picture . Saalfield  No. 2703..1948
A 14 3/4" x 10 1/2"  children's page from People's Popular Magazine.  It is the Junior Joys for Girls and Boys.  This is the Girl's page.  It features the story of The Sad Bird-House and a 5 1/2" x 2 3/4" "jolly calendar" for little girls to trace or draw outlining women's work by day of the week i.e. Monday is wash day, Tuesday is ironing day.  At the base of the page is Polly Flinders, a 1 3/4" paper doll with 3 outfits and a doll plus a  she also has an anthropomorphic or dressed bird with a sinlge outfit.  Edge wear and toning. The cover of the book depicts proper young girl of yesteryear reading an album, with a die-cut frame above with a cellophane window showing portraits of the dolls on the second . The next page shows the to characters i a room scene. The costume pages show fashions of the day for young girls in the late 1940s with stylish accessories including a double locket with faux pictures and elements of charm including a "Gone with the Wind".  Of note is a riding outfit with jodhpurs. A mixture of sentimental and 1940s modern. The actual punch-out dolls are on the back cover. 11 1/2" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls: Size: 10".  No of Costume Pages: 5 with a 6th page depicting the girls posing on stage...
Christmas Greeting - Kiss a Pretty Nurse and a Dose of Kiss to treat you...  Treatise on Art Needle Work with Twenty Color Plates, Series # 8. M Heminway Sons Silk Co..New York.c1900
A 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"  heavy stock card with an applied embossed scrap of a young nurse.  The card is titled "May Christmas Fine You Well and Hearty".  The verse reads "But if you're sick of everthing and want some dainty coddling, Never mind the Doctors, with  their wrangling and their muddling, Get a pretty Nurse, such an one as here you see, Who's treatment will, I'm sure, with your system quite agree, She's got a charming method for male patients, simply bliss,  For she cures ev'ry ill with a nice 'dose of Kiss'.   Reverse is blank.  Light wear. 107 pp. A comprehensive guide to various patterns for needle point utilizing the manufacturer's products to make them. This catalog is the 8th in the series. It starts with a beginners guide to needlepoint, along with B&W photographs of the various stitches used in needle work. The treatise includes B&W illustrations of the designs, and templates for them, as well as 20 color illustrations of completed designs. The templates are for a variety of nature inspired elements, including plants and animals, as well as decorative styles, such as eyelet stitching. Measures 8" x 5 1/2".. Front cover fully detached, back cover partially detached, with most of the back strip missing. The interior pages are toned, with some stains.
 Red Cross Promotional Brochure - 10,000 Women needed now for the service that must not fail!. ..  Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Eve Arden, Authorized Edition. Saalfield No. 158510..1953
Single-fold brochure with images from photographs of nurses, volunteers and soldiers.  Requesting women to volunteer using the following points Bandages you roll may save a life You keep the wheels rolling (speaker's bureau) You may say that cheery farewell that means so much! You can reach the necessary aid You may help fighters "come back" You can assure the peace of mind of the boys at the front! Presented by the Chicago Chapter.  The back page is an appeal for Nurse's Aides, to volunteer to ease the civilian hospital workload aid release graduate nurses for work with the armed forces.  Measures 8" x 5". . Smart costumes for the statuesque actress for various roles she played.12 5/8" x 10 3/4".  Number of Dolls:2.  Doll Size: 11 1/2"<. No of Costume Pages: 4.
 "Death is Waiting for You", A Fire Safety Blotter shows death near by. Ministry of Public Works.Quebec, Canada.1940s N. E. Sanitarium, Training School for Missionary Nurses Graduation Invite for the Missionary Nurses Class of 1905 . .Melrose, MA.1905
A fire-safety postcard distributed by the Ministry of Public Works in Quebec. The blotter is specifically warning against cooking fires. On the right side of the postcard is a black and white illustration of a woman cooking on the stove as she appears to be pouring something into the pan. Behind her, surrounded by smoke, is death (a skeleton) reaching out towards her. On the left side of the card is the phrase "De vous servez pas de petrole pour allumer ou raviver un feu car la mort vous guette", which roughly translates to "Do not use oil to light or rekindle a fire because death is waiting for you." Artist printed signature illegible. Measures 6" x 3".. A three page invite for the graduating class of 1905 for the New England Sanitarium, Training School for Missionary Nurses. Located along the border between the two Massachusetts towns of Stoneham and Melrose, the sanitarium and nursing school were apart of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The sanitarium would later become known Boston Regional Medical Center before it closed in 1999. This formal invite to the graduation of the  class of 1905 has thick stock paper covers, with yellow string binding. The front cover of the program is has gilt school seal and text. The interior pages features the event details, the school motto- "Not I, But Christ"- and includes a list of graduates, eleven total- three men, and 8 women. Measures 5 1/4" x 4".
 Caledonia Country, Vermont Written Examination of Common School Teachers. L W Rowell (St. Johnsbury, VT).Caledonia Country, Vermont .May 6, 1883 The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review. Lakeside Publishing Co.New York.9741
The printed questions for the written exam for common school teachers in Caledonia Country, Vermont. The took place on Saturday, May 6, 1883, and when from 9:30 AM to 2 PM. The printed exam starts by listing the regulations and standard of qualifications for the exam before continuing onto a section called 'General Questions', which is essentially the biographical information of the test taker. From the the exam is divided into four sections: Geography, Grammar, Arithmetic, and History. Each section has ten questions. Some examples of the questions asked are: Which as the greater area, Europe or the United States? Define Etymology. Compare goo, little, round, and honest. Divide .34 by .0034. Who would be President of the United States if the present chief magistrate should die? Printer Measures 9 1/2" x 5 1/4".. Original crease marks. Minor toning and staining due to age. 111 pp journal on nursing. The 'Trained Nurse and Hospital Review' was the pioneer nursing publication in American and it ran from 1893 to 1950. This item is the September 1926 issue. The front cover features a photograph of Stella Boothe Vail (a prominent nurse of the times and a specialist in children's health and hygiene) done by H. W. Simmons. Some of the articles in this issue are: "The Nurse's Part in Prenatal Care", "Helps in Pediatric Nursing", "Nutrition Forum: Food to Tempt Children's Appetites", and "A Guiding Code of Ethics in Nursing Relationships." Item includes a newspaper article on Stella Booth from the NY Sun Globe, March 1924. Measures 10" x 6 3/4" (journal), 9 3/4" x 7" (newspaper article) . Minor cover wear. Pages are toned due to age. The article has red pencil on the bottom detailing the name and date of the newspaper.
 The Steam Washer, or Woman's Friend. ..c1880s  Give as a Mother Gives, A Charity Fund Booklet. Cleveland Community Fund.Cleveland, OH.1929
An 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" illustrated two-sided flyer promoting the Women's Friend Steam Washer. "The latest, the cheapest, the best--no rubbing, no pounding, no turning or tearing, no clumsy cylinder, and no twenty or thirty dollars expense. Steam does it all.  This is followed by instruction on use- essentially soaking the clothes overnight followed by an elaborate series of washes, rinses and steam. The reverse depicts before and after illustrations of the miserable life before and the life of leisure after acquiring a steam washer.   This is followed by five reasons why the steam washer is a woman's friend including that lace curtains, and all fine fabrics, are washed in a superior manner...."It is truly a Labor and Clothes-Saving Invention.. A booklet of the Cleveland Community Fund containing there annual report, list of charities helped, and the start of their 1929 annual community fund campaign. The Community Fund's goal was to help support organizations that "deemed by public opinion promotive of the well-being of this community." The booklet starts with a summary of last year's campaign, which brought in almost $4.6 million dollars, and continues on to describe some of the charities who benefited from that money, and how that money was used by them. Some of the charities mentioned were: the Salvation Army, Charity Hospital, and Children's Fresh Air Camp. This year, the fund is campaigning for $4.65 million dollars, and included in the booklet is the projected budget that includes a full list of the charities to be helped. Throughout the booklet are several black and white illustrations that illustrate the importance of mothers and charity, often with the campaign's slogan, 'Give as a Mother Gives' next to it. The last page of the booklet lists the current members of the Board of Trustees. The front cover depicts an illustration of a woman cradling a baby and kissing their forehead. This piece was done by the artist Hans Busch (1880-1954), an American painter. The Cleveland Community Fund is still in existence today under the name 'United Way of Greater Cleveland'. 6 pages (including wrapper). Illustrated wrapper. Staple binding. Measures 9" x 6".
 Our '98 Book: A Combined Catalogue and Instruction Book on the Subjects of Silk Embroidery and Popular Fancy Work. The Brainerd & Armstrong Company.New London, CT.1898 A Treatis on the Frank Sidalls Soap and Its Methods of Using for Bathing, Shaving, Treatment of Skin Disease and The Frank Siddalls Way of washing ClothersFrank Siddalls Soap.Philadelphia.c1905
76 pp. A guide with comprehensive descriptions of items sold and instructions on how to utilize them in order to make embroidery or the like. The cover is in color, designed to look like an embroidered rose. There are 21 color plates illustrating finished embroidered designs, such as the Japanese Chrysanthemum, and the borders for the designs. The rest of the book has numerous B&W illustrations of different items to create using embroidery, such as picture frames. The last few pages of the book are the price list, and that is printed in red. Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4". The covers have edge wear, with some intact tears and a piece of the top right corner missing. Additionally, they were printed off center. The interior pages have general toning 10 pp. paper wrap.   Begins with why Sidalls Soap has better effects on the skin, use in burns and scalds,as a disinfectant, for all housework and most importantly the Family Wash.  It begins with a disclaim "Each little direction in the Frank Siddalls Way of Washing Clothes is important or it would not be given. Folded 14" x 11" tipped in two-sided chart with woodcut illustration of a happy famly washing and explicit information on use of the soap with specific information on the reverse for different audiences including Ladies, Men and Physicians. The product could also be used for washing dogs and as a dentrifice.  Larger version of the chart illustration inside back cover. . staining and wear on cover
Business Card - Mrs. Meudekin's Lace Laundry, Window Shades a Specialty, Chicago, ILL c1900 Victor H Lindlahr [Editor] Set of Three Issues of Journal of Living, No. 21,25,38. Journal of Living Publishing Corp.New York, NY.1943
A 2" x 3 5/8" business card for -Mrs. Meudekin's Lace Laundry, 587 Wentworth Avenue , part of Hawthorne's Laundry, Chicago ILL.  Window Shades a Specialty  Decorative devices accent "Lace Laundry" giving it a particularly feminine touch. Reverse is blank. . These three issues, all under 25 pages, help the reader stay healthy through eating properly, and often provide meal guides or lists of food items that provide specific nutrients, like rice contain vitamin B1 or Brussels sprouts containing vitamin C. The issues in this set are: No. 21 For Women after 40, No. 25 Eat to Stay Young, and No. 38 How to Use Vegetables as Medicines. All of them are edited by Victor Lindlahr (1897-1969) was an American radio presenter and health food writer. He is perhaps most famous for authoring a book in 1940 called "You are What You Eat". Measures 7 1/4" x 5 1/4"..
Mimeographed Female Liberation Newsletter. .Boston.c1977  The Young Cook, or a Thousand Practical Ways to Make Good Cakes, Pies, Pudding, Tarts, Custards, Ice Cream, Water Ices, Jellies, Pyramids, Webs, and All Kinds of Confectionary, Etc. Fisher & Denison.New York.c1870
An 8 1/2" x 11" two-sided typewritten and mimeographed newsletter.  Includes information on New Study Groups, Equal Rights Panel, M.O.R.A.L. Teach-In, Females and Self-Defense, Washington Conference, Street Rallies, B. U. Women's Center, and Self-Defense.  This is followed by a Calendar of events for October 13-18. The group was located at 1126 Boylston, Boston. . The group was established in 1970. 112 pp, with hand colored illustrated covers. A cook book focusing on baking with over a 100 recipes for such items as meat pies, pudding, Spanish fitters, and ginger bread. The front cover illustrations has been hand colored. Measures 5" x 3 1/4".  OCLC - 1 only (March 2018). Heavily cover wear. Both the front and back covers have detached, but the front cover was reattached with tape. Both cover are missing small sections. Pages age toned. Minor water stain on the edge of approximately last five pages.
Lady's Laundry List - Items Dropped off to be Laundered.... ..1920s  Preserving Food - 7 Cook Booklets demonstrate improvement in 'Putting Up" or  Home Canning and Preserving. ..1910-1930s
A hard cover folio  with a watercolor of an elegant lady holding a feather fan on the front cover.   The insert is a Ladies' Laundry List booklet.   It includes approximately 75 unused pages of items to be laundered. The left side is the laundry list to be retained by "The Lady" and the right side list to go with the laundry.  The form includes the date number of items to be laundered and the cost of laundry.  In it's original blank box.  Measures 4 1/2"  x 5 3/4".  . Bend, front cover insert booklet. A collection of 7 booklets and a leaflet relating to innovations in preserving of food for the American housewife.   The booklets include Canning Preserving & Jelly Making Made Easy by Using a "Wear-Ever Aluminum Canner and a "Wear-Ever" Preserving Kettle with a 'so easy a child can do it' on the cover.   Good Luck in Preserving promoting Good Luck Fruit Jar Rings.   Peaches and Cream the Whole Year promoting The Atlantic Col-Pac Canner  "gives better results with less labor and less expense: round by Atlantic Stamping Company.  How to Can Fruits and Vegetables Promoting Ball Fruit Jars by Ball Brothers Company.  A chart or leaflet promoting Ball Perfect Seal Rubbers.  Recipes for making better James Jellies & Marmalades with Certo (1928).   Cold Pack Canning with images from photographs and instructions on canning all sorts of vegetables, meats, etc presented by Good Luck - The Original Cold Pack Rubbers.  Better Home Canning with Presto Canning Supplies, presented as a booklet that opens to  Canning Time Tables on one side and narrative on the reverse. All include information on the process, why their products are superior and how they are safer and save time.  Only two reference pressure cooking.    Imagery of the women canning is consistently meticulous, well-coifed women with starched aprons canning without fuss.   The largest measures 8" x 5". .
A Victim of Woman's Rights  Instructions for using the Dressmakers' Magic Scal, Improved and Simplified for Cutting Ladies' and Children's Wearing Apparel . The Rood Magic Scale Co..Chicago. ILL.1897
A 9" x 7 3/8"  hand colored lithograph.  It is titled "A Victim of Woman's Rights".  It depicts a gentleman in an apron with his hands in the wash tub while a disapproving wife looks on.  It is captioned "That's right, Old Dad, stir up the suds,  And haste to purify the duds; But ere I'd have a wash-tub lover, I'd take and whitewash him all over".   Letterfolds and discolorations. 32 Edition. 24pp.  Includes a description of scale and definition of technical parts, taking measures,notes for beginners, for drafting the back, for drafting the front, tracing front, drafting sleeves, etc.  The tool allowed the cutting of all styles of patterns without refitting.  Illuistrated. Measures 9" x 6".  .
The Experienced American Housekeeper, or Domestic Cookery: Formed on Principles of Economy for the Use of Private Families.  Theatre de la Mode - "Hidden Hands"  Touring Miniature Mannequin Exhibitions - War Relief-  Program and Photo Postcards. Meriden Gravure Co. (Meriden CT).Paris, France.1946
216 pp  6 leaves of plates. Yellow cloth hardcover.  Blind stamp.   Diagrams of cuts of meat.  Begins with Observations for the Use of the Mistress of a Family of a Family. Systematic goes through various types of meats, fish and other food categories. Includes index.  First published 1807.  Measures 6 1/2" x 4". Single fold program and nine black and white photo postcards. The Theatre de la Mode was a touring exhibition of fashion  mannequins crafted by some of Paris' top fashion designers after the war.  Presented by American Relief for France for the benefit of L'Entr'aide Francaise.  The program is a letter from the French designers and others in the French fashion industry to American. The postcards feature black and white photographs of the miniature mannequin dolls wearing designer fashions in scenes before and after the war. Program measures 7"x 5" -  5 1/2" x 3 1/2" (postcard). Letter fold on program . Minor edge wear. Light toning.. After World War II, the French fashion industry was suffering, as as the rest of the French economy. In order to help raise funds to both help war survivors and revive the French fashion industry, top Paris fashion designs and  couturiers joined together to create an exhibit of fashion for nearly 200 doll size figurines. They had decided to use doll size figurines rather than normal sized mannequins due to the short supply of a materials. Large, elaborate sets were created to house the dolls by some of France's leading artists. Jewelry designers created minute necklaces and accessories for the dolls to wear. This exhibition showcased an extreme attention to detail, the buttons were real buttons, the zippers zip, and purses were fill of miniature wallets and compacts. The exhibit opened at the Louvre on March 25 1945 and raised over a million francs. Shortly there after the exhibition tour the rest of Europe, before the dolls were outfitted with new outfits for the 1946 fashion season and sent oversea to American. It toured in two major US cities, New York and San Francisco. Today the majority of the Theatre de la Mode is owned and displayed by the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA, though parts of the original exhibition often go on tour throughout the world
W. R. Williams New Instruction Book (11th Edition) giving full and complete instructions for using the New Perfection Tailor System of Dress Cutting.. .Lawrence, Kansas.1891 Advertising Paper Doll for The New Home Sewing Machine Co.. Forbes Co. .Orange MA.c1895
32 pp. Information on Perfection Tailor Body System, Perfection Tailor Sleeve Rule, Perfection Tailor Skirt and Collar Rules. Illustrations throughout.  Includes instructions for women's and children's garments.   Measures 9" x 5 3/4". . A front and back paper doll created by Forbes Co. consisting of multiple parts to be joined to create the object. The 81/2" x 5" card Compliments of The New Home Sewing Machine Co has a main figure of a sewing machine that folds at top for insertion of head and shoulder component of one of two women - a young lady or an older woman--your preference.  It is accompanied by a 9 1/2" x 3 1/2" card is to be cut and constructed to create a back drop for the sewing woman.  It is an image of a house and is captioned "Our New Home".  Reverse of both cards blank..
Kay SwanThe Kay Swan Sew-Sew BookBarse & Co.NY.1929 Good-Will Soap The Busy Housemaid Paper Dolls. Geo. E. March Co., M.F. Tobin (litho).Lynn, MA.c1888
Unnumbered pages includes both color and black and white illustrations. Few with captions suggesting that the items may make a nice hanky, etc. A note on the title page indicates this is a Needlework Book with Silk-Patterns-Needle and Transfers Fourteen (14) different pattern pages' each in black and white and color.  The designs include nursery rhyme characters, chicks, puppies, and circus performers. Each page has numerous transfer images.  Dust jacket with some repair. Measures 8" x 6 1/2".. some wear on dust jacket, Two (2) uncut 7" x 4" advertising paper doll sheets and three (3) cut paper dolls from the Busy Housemaid series presented by Good-Will Soap. Beneath the Busy Housemaid title is a list of days and related activities for the Housemaid Monday - Washing Tuesday - Ironing Wednesday - Mending Thursday - Visiting Friday - Cleaning Saturday - Baking Sunday - Praying Each of the head and shoulder two-sided paper dolls is engaged in the activity associated with the day of the week. The reverse provides brief product information and information on acquiring the set of seven(7) dolls for the price of 5 cents.  This group includes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. .
 The Charter and Constitution of the Providence Female Charitable Society, 4th Edition. John Carter.Providence, RI.1804 12 Letters to Lizzie Hughes - a traveling seamstress . ..1870s
The Providence Female Charitable Society was first formed in 1800, to help 'indigent women and children'. One of the key conditions to a woman receiving aid from the Society was that any children of theirs deem to be 'of proper age' had to be in school. The Society's first charter and constitution printed in 1801, this item is the 4th Edition of that charter was printed in 1804. Along with the by-laws of the Society a list of members and donors are included. The Society is still in existence today. Replacement blue wrappers. 12 pp. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".  OCLC - 5 paper copies.  April 2019.. Twelve manuscript letters predominantly from clients requesting that Lizzie come and sew for them.  A traveling seamstress in who moves from town to town having clients forward her mail to the next location.  Envelopes in this group of letters addressed to Russian Corners, Russia, Brocketts Bridge, South Trenton and Gosway--all in New York and one from Iron Ridge Wisconsin.  three letters are from a family member with family news plus information warp used for 30 yards of carpet with enough left over to make her rags into a colorful fabric including a red flannel shirt and a brown dress.  It also advised there is lots of sewing work waiting for her when she returns "home".  Two letters and a postal card from Annie  advising a project in her head for a new summer dress, a second urging for Lizzie to come and sew and a third advising she has nothing to wear and the Mrs. Eads would like her to sew as well. A letter from her sister Saillie re vignettes that were delayed but now enroute, they hadn't heard from her since Albany--probably now in Utica p.s. Ma wants you to send your recipe for hard soap.  One letter is to Blessed Lizzie and reads "Does this overskirt look any as though I had any senses when I cut it? The remaining are sewing engagements, a note regarding the sending of a token of remembrance and finally a customer long waiting for her home address to contact her instead of sending letters to her other clients.  Most with covers.. An interesting glimpse into the life of a woman entrepreneur in the 1870s.
P.S. 86 Tooled Copper Cover Remembrance Scrapbook Given to Mrs. Nufer by her Students upon her retirement. .New York.1949 The Little Embroider - Boxed Set . Unknown..[1850]
Anna Louisee Nufer retired as Principle of New York PS 86 on September 19, 1949. On that day she was presented with a scrap book made by the teachers and students of PS 86. The covers are green leather with a tooled copper illustration of the story "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe." The dedication page of this scrap book is also tooled copper affixed to wallpaper, which states the date the book was given to Mrs. Nufer. The scrap book is 23 leaves, and consists of thank you notes in general written by the teacher and signed by all of the students in their respective classes. Each page was done on a colored construction paper often with hand drawn borders. One page that stand out in particular has a water color of the world and a poem full of plays on words: "The world is you 'Erster' and see what's inside You made your 'cherse ter' While you feel better Instead of 'Worster' " Attached to the back inside cover is a hand made card filled with poetry across 22 pages. The front of the card has a painted silhouette of a sailboat. The first page of this card has an adorable crayon drawing of children marching holding flags along with the inscription "Testimonial Dinner to Mrs. Anna L Nufer, Hotel Madison, November 7, 1949." Within the card are little missives and poems written on each page from fellow friends and teachers. Green leather covers, rope binding. Tool cooper cover and dedication page. Measures 13 1/4" x 11 1/2" . Anna Lousie Nufer nee Kaelin, was born on September 23 1887 in Manhattan, NY to Herman Kaelin and Anna Genevieve Becker (1867 -?). She married Christian F. Nufer (1891 - 1970) and had one daughter named Doris Rose Nufer Fisher (1917-2006). She started teaching in 1913 at PS 71. Eventually she would become principle at PS 86, and retire in 1949. She died on January 4, 1979 in Needham, MA. An 8 1/2" x 10" pressed board box with applied paper label depicting a mother and her daughter seated at adjacent tables working on embroidery or cross stitch. Egg-wash embellishment; embossed Dresden border. The Little Embroiderer is printed in three (3) languages.  Within the box is the actual embroidery frame complete with mesh work and a partially worked pattern.  Sample bits at the bottom of the box.
D.A.R - members Knitting for Victory. Wint Studios.Allentown PA.6673 Agnes Anne Cureton Hoffman Extensive Scrap Album - League of American Pen Women, Society of Natural Sciences, Women's Clubs, etc/ . .Buffalo, NY.1922-26
Three different 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" photos on larger mounts.  The first photo depicts six women seated around a table knitting with a wall size American flag in the background. Each of the women is knitting.  The women are identified.  The secondis the same room with a much larger group of woman and captioned D. A. R. in Assembly Room, Trout Hall, April 8, 1918.  Not the posters on the mantel; one an honor roll of women who will work to win the war. The second is "Are You 100% American? Prove It!  Buy U.S. Government Bonds.  The third photo depicts the first group of woman sipping tea.   This was part of the Knitting for Victory campaign were women in America were encouraged to knit socks, scarves and sweaters for the soldiers --  middle and upper-class women were carrying their knitting with them everywhere. Sponsored by the Red Cross.. The photo with the group of six women appears in Images of America - Allentown, Bartholomew and Front. 2002. A jam packed 45 leaf large format scrap album created by a women portraying her professional and social activities for four (4) years. Well constructed.  Contents include correspondence, programmes, menus,  invitations, brochures,  tickets, place cards, bridge tallies and more.  Agnes became a member of the American Pen Women's Club in 1922, the album includes her acceptance letter and articles throughout of activities, conferences, newspaper accounts and  a mimeographed Animated Pen Women's Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 (1922), etc.  She was also a member of the Society of Natural Sciences with various programmes, etc. from that society.   The album includes memorabilia from many local events  including Nichols School, a private co-educational school. It appears she had interest in social welfare  as she donated to the Buffalo Branch American Committee for Devastated France and purchased shares in the Women's Home Missionary Society.   Numerous newspaper clippings from women's social and political events. The album includes several pieces of memorabilia for the Sons of the American Revolution.    She was also active in the Persian (Cat) Society.   Additionally, it includes travel brochures and from locations and events including the Federal Guild of Women's Club at Chautauqua, brochures, one die-cut from the British Convict Ship "Success" of the infamous Felon Fleet and menus from various locations in New England for the most part.  One particular newspaper article of note  was a report from March 29, 1923 relating an incident in Breslau where village women .  The primary offense: formed a phalanx, linking themselves together by interbraiding their hair and tying their hands together to protect the village priest who had committed some minor offense. Second Line Formed: When finally a charge of the (200 soldiers) cavalry crushed the human wall beneath the hoofs of the horses, a second line formed about the door of the church, hurling hot and burning salt in the eyes of the soldiers.  Other articles of women's achievements.  Fifty-six were arrested.  Additional content includes political and religious memorabilia.   Measures 14 1/4" x 12 1/2". . Agnes Anne Cureton Hoffman. 1873 1963
Barbara Plummer & Barbara Barnett A Collection of 28 Paper Doll Sets by the Jones Sisters. 1987-2011
This collection of 28 paper dolls by the Jones Sisters, a pair of women, named Barbara Plummer and Barbara Barnett, who designed paper dolls. The majority of the collection are limited edition runs that were sold at the yearly Paper Doll Convention. The collection date from 1987-2011, with the bulk of them dating from the late 1980s. What is unique about these paper dolls are the outfits, as the majority of them are constructed from wall paper. The wall paper is used as 'fabric patterns' to form the base of the design, and are flushed out with ink and color markers. The collection has been organized into four categories: Military, Career,  Fashion and Miscellaneous. Each paper doll set contains one, uncut paper doll and a variety of cut (by the designer) outfits and accessories. Two of the sets have two dolls - a mother and daughter pair, and a child and doll pairing. Each set comes with a title page with the name of the doll, its series (were applicable), date (three of the dolls sets in the collection are undated) and designer. Often times the title page would also list if any portion of the sales of the dolls were going to a charity, such the American Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Breast Cancer Research and Multiple Sclerosis. The sets are stored in a custom made wallpaper folder. Three of the paper doll sets in the collection, under the Military category, do not have the same design aesthetic and packaging. One was made in 2002, and feature uncut outfits, not made with wallpaper. The doll itself has its look based off of a real female combat pilot, and her outfits span several centuries, and comes in pairs. Each period represented include one fashion outfit and one combat or nursing outfit. The other two were made by Barbara Barnett in 2011 for the Paper Doll Convention in Dayton, OH. They both are Military women, (WAC: Women's Army Corp & SPAR: Semper Paraus Always Ready, the USGS Women's Reserve Force), and each set features two uncut pages of a paper doll, and her outfit/accessories. These pages are printed copies of dolls that look like they were drawn by ink and marker, without the use of wallpaper like the rest of the sets in the collection. During the over thirty year span Barnett and Plummer worked together, they alternatively worked under the names of the Jones Sisters and Two Bs' Design. Some of the items in this collection are made solely by Barnett. A database of the dolls is available upon request. Measures (wallpaper folder) 8 3/4" x 5 3/4" .