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Francis L Woodworth Woodworth's Youth Cabinet, Volume 6, No. 1. D A Woodworth.New York.January 1851 Ninth Annual Report, of the Managers of the New York Institution for the Blind, to the Legislature of the State, Made in Conformity to Law.  January, 1845.
42 pp, paper wrappers with black and white illustrations. Originally published as an anti-slavery newspaper, entitled the "Youth’s Cabinet", the magazine changed drastically when it was purchased by Francis C. Woodworth in 1846. Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet focused on geography and history, or on Christian morality. While there are some illustrations throughout, the pages are general dense with text and its stories are subjects are viewed through a narrow moral aperture. Some stories in this volume are: 'Cousin Helen and her Pets', 'The Deserted College', and 'Conscientious Obedience'. Measures 9" x 5 3/4" . Paper covers show some wear, particularly around the edges. There is a small tear to the top of the binding. Moderate foxing and toning, the last few pages have heavy foxing. Minor penciling on a few interior pages. 36 pp  Ninth Annual Report, of the Managers of the New York Institution for the Blind, to the Legislature of the State, Made in Conformity to Law.  January, 1845.
The New Jersey Medical Reporter: A Monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical,.  Whole No. 57.  January 1855.  Vol VIII. No. 1. New England Botanic Medical & Surgical Journal.  Semi-Monthly.  Calvin Newton, M.D., Editor and Proprietor.  Vol. III. No. 9. Worcester.  Printed by Henry J. Howland. 1849.
50 pp   Whole No. 57.  January 1855.  Vol VIII. No. 1.  The New Jersey Medical Reporter: A Monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical Science, edited by S. W. Butler, M.D New EnglandBotanic Medical & Surgical Journal.  Semi-Monthly.  Calvin Newton, M.D., Editor and Proprietor.  Vol. III. No. 9. Worcester.  Printed by Henry J. Howland. 1849.
Preston's Complete Time Table (A Perpetual Calendar), and Preston's Tables of Interest  Menu and Bio - A Luncheon in honor of His Excellency Senor Doctor Don Francisco Castillo Najera, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mexico to the United States. .New York.1943
54 pages, Green cloth over board. This item is two books in one: Preston's Complete Time Table, and Preston's Tables of Interest. There were bound together by the publisher. The first is a perpetual calendar which allows the reader to figure out the "number of days from any dat in any given month to any date in any other given month. The second book allows the reader to figure out the "interest on any sum from one dollar to five hundred dollars" when that interest is computed at 6 percent. Measures 10 1/2" x 8". 8pp. Illustrated wraps with crossed United States and Mexican flags. Held in place with red, white and blue tasseled string tie. The event was given by Thomas J. Watson at the Union Club. Includes a full page image from a photograph of the honoree. 4 pp of his biography, focusing on a multitude of honors.  The following page is a list of Mexican aviators, graduates of the United States Naval Advance Training Course.  The final page is the menu. - a simple three course meal. . Francisco Castillo Nájera (25 November 1886 in Durango, Dgo. – 20 December 1954 in Mexico City) was a Mexican diplomat and politician. He was president of the Assembly of League of Nations from 1934 to 1935, ambassador to China and the United States, also as the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in the last year of his tenure, 1945, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 1945 to 1946.
 Penityrol Synergie Antibiotique, Patent Medicine Advertising Postcard. .Paris, France.19694 Kellam & Moore, Opticians Optician Illustrated Billhead Promoting Crystal Lenses. .Atlanta, GA.1899
An advertising postcard for a patent medicine called Penityrol.  It was a synthetic antibiotics created to help combat diseases that are transmitted through the air or to help minimize the possibility of an infection after a surgery. What makes this advertisement extremely charming are the anthropomorphic lab rats featured on the  front of the postcard. There are two rats just outside a doctor's office (the Doctor's name is Ratibus). The first rat is standing on his hind legs and is holding a checkered handkerchief, either blowing his nose or holding in a sneeze. The second rat is again standing on his hind legs, but hunched over in pain. He has a red handkerchief tied around his head, and his hand is clenching his jaw on one side. Presumably this rat is suffering from a tooth ache. The back of the postcard has information about the product in French. There is also an address for a Dr. Kohn, whose office is located in Paris. The postage stamp provides the date, December 26, 1953.  Measures 6" x 4 1/2".. A 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" billhead with a woodcut at top depicting an optician holding a phoropter and a pair of spectacles. Bought of Kellam & Moore Opticians, Manufacturers of Crystal Lenses, Spectacles and Eye-glasses, Jobbers of Mathematical & Philosophical Instruments, Opera Glasses, U.S. Signal Service, Field & Marine Glasses, Etc. "The Only Lens Grinding Plant in the South". This particular bill is for eye-glasses - priced at $12.15. Reverse is blank..
Hobart Bradstreet Spine Motion. .Chicago.1922 Dr. S. H. Monell Announcement for The Coil and Static Club of the United States. .New York, NY.[1900]
Ever wondered why your body starts to slow down as you age? According to Hobart Bradstreet it is due to the settling of your spine. In this short book walks the reader through his theory and provides a series of stretches that he has developed and called 'Spine Motion' to help combat this settling of the spine. .  The book has three black and white illustrations of the part of the human spine, as well as one printed photograph Bradstreet himself. Included with the book are 5 heavy stock cards, with images from photographs, in which Bradstreet is shown performing the stretches described in the book. Green cloth over board, 27pp. Measures 7" x 5".. A single-fold brochure announcement of a medical society Monell was forming, called the Coil and Static Club, whose purpose was to "carry out a practical plan for keeping an up-to-date revision of clinical methods and new work constantly at the command of all physicians who use Therapeutic Apparatus." At the charge of a $1 initiation fee and annual dues of $5, the society would provide the members five benefits. First, a "year book", which was a bound copy of all relevant literature and articles published on electro-therapeutics that year. Second, a quarterly bulletin to review the new work of the society's members. Third, an annual convention which the doctors could gather and discuss new developments in the field. Fourth, free access to a laboratory for clinical research (mostly likely to be located in New York). Fifth, and last, access to a "first class laboratory expert [who] will be employed by the Society, competent to conduct physiological and pathological investigations". It is unclear if this society every really got off the ground as there appears to be no record of it, and the announcement also does state that "it is the common interest of all to enlist a large membership, as no other course will permit the benefits to be gathered and placed before each of us as needed." . Measures 6" x 3 1/2" (folded), 7" x 6" (unfolded).. Dr. Samuel Howard Monell was a doctor who promoted and practiced electro-therapeutics, which uses electricity as a means of alleviation and curing of diseases. Monell specifically used static electricity in his treatments, and he claimed that it could cure acne, lesions, insomnia, abnormal blood pressure, depression and hysteria. Electro-therapeutics is actually still a therapy used today, though mainly in the field of physical rehabilitation.
 The  Horoscope Prepared for George A. Coffman, Ft. Worth TX. .Chicago IL.1904  Trade Catalogue - Washfountain, an Industrial Wash Basin for Multiple Users. Bradley Washfountain Co..Milwaukee, WI.1924
8 manuscript page report. Begins with a birth chart and Aspects nad Positions of the Planets followed by Delineation of Character, etc: you know how and what to aim for, Faults to be corrected: guard against losing your temper), Matrimonial Prospects: partner shall be your equal soically and intellectually, General Life Reading: Old people will be your friends mostly during life. The first three (3) pages are general overview of those born on that date and their characteristics followed by General Observations: To illustrate, George Comb, a very learned Professor tried for seven years to master the multiplication table and be able to remember it over night, but could not. Therefore it was time wasted for him to study mathematics..." This is followed by a page titled Health: based on the information this person was born at the most unfortunate time and will have numerous health problems. This followed by a quarter sheet inserted advertisement printed in red ink titled Four Reasons Why You Should Have the $25.00 Life Reading. The final page is titled Recapitulation which indicates caution is required in this individuals life and concludes with a statement indicating that this person should really have the $25.00 that will provide much more information....Measures 11" x 7 1/2. The writer of the horoscope is not identified. Embossed illustrated card stock wraps depicts image of a group of women washing their hands under a washfountain.  Spidered tissue free end papers.  Tipped in page atop cover page with images of certificates of approval and department of labor acknowledgments. Color exterior of the building.  The introduction describes the three year old companies success  with placement of it's products in factories railway and comfort stations, clubs, hotels, schools, orphanages, office buildings and more.  This is followed by an explanation on how they are used and what they really are.   Essentially a wash basin or sink that can be used by a number of people at one time. This is followed by product specifications, composition materials such as marmorite, granite and ceramic, plumbing diagrams and much more.  Images from photographs throughout of operational washfoutains and their locations.  All are top[ed] with soap dispensers.  Measures 11" x 8"..
Professor C. M. Holway, Manuscript Horoscope erected for Mr. William Hill, Born Monday, Nov. 26th 10:45 pm, 1877, Moosup, CT. Scientific Astrologer.Providence RI.Nov. 26, 1900 Bethesda Sanatorium Bethesda Sanatorium, an Advertising Folding Brochure. The Smith-Brooks Press.Denver, CO.1917
8 manuscript page report. Begins with a birth chart and Aspects nad Positions of the Planets followed by Delineation of Character, etc: you know how and what to aim for, Faults to be corrected: guard against losing your temper), Matrimonial Prospects: partner shall be your equal soically and intellectually, General Life Reading: Old people will be your friends mostly during life. Questions to be answered: four (4) specific questions answered about business and travel, Special Caution: during the next two years you should be very careful..., Prospects for the years 1901 and 1902...: During the first three weeks in May, 1901 and the first three weeks in June of the same year be very cautious...  Measures 10" x 8". . An eight page folded brochure for Bethesda Sanatorium, a Christian Institution specializing on the treatment of tuberculosis. Located in Denver, CO, overlooking the Rocky Mountains, the institution sits at about five thousand feet above sea level. This high altitude, that is 'light and dry' was supposedly "not so irritating to the respiratory tract, and [it] gives a better opportunity for healing of the diseased tissues." What is interesting about this sanatorium in particular is that it stresses that "the institution is not a hospital in any sense of the word. The Sanatorium is a Health University, where patients are taken and taught methods of living by which they are able to effect an arrest of the disease." Most of the sanatoriums around this time consistently made claims that they could 'cure' all types of diseases, including tuberculosis, rather than stressing teaching their patients how to manage and live with chronic diseases. The brochure also includes nine (9) printed photographs of the facility, grounds and staff. 8 folding pages. The institution is still open today, but is now known as the Bethesda Christian Counseling Midwest, Inc. Measures 9" x 4" (folded), 16" x 9" (unfolded).
Recipe and Plan to Manufacture The Excelsior Cream Soda B.M. Harding Chemist's  Manuscript Recipe Book, The Psychology and Chemistry of Odors in relation to the Art of Perfumery and detailed information of the formula for "Lemon Creme". ..1890s-1920s
A 3 1/4" x 7 3/8"  Recipe and Plan to Manufacture The Excelsior Cream Soda. A cut of a young girl upper left followed by a fill in the blank printed recipe.  The quantities of sugar, egg whites, water, bicarbonate of soda and tartace (sp) acid (tartaric??)  This solution would be divided into parts for making different flavors.  Add flavoring extract and Red Fruit Food Coloring as appropriate. A collection of materials presumably owned by B. M. Harding, a perfume chemist for United Laboratories, makers of synthetic flower oils and concentrated perfume bases.  It includes the following: 2 typed pages of equations and graphic formula for violet ether with manuscript inscription on reverse reading - The Psychology and Chemistry of Odors in relation to the Art of Perfumery. 2 page manuscript  with ingredients and instructions for preparing Lemeon Creme, Lemon Flavored disto Water and Lemon Oil Boquet, house in an envelope titled Lemon Creme formula - B. M. Harding A typed page on United Laboratories letterhead titled U-L Ideal Lemon Cream to make 50 lbs. 5 pages of hand written notes with various formula A newspaper cutout for Ideodis Parum Exquise 3 business cards from pharmacists and a newspaper clip entitled "Sound and Smell are Real Things, New York 1894. Finally, an indexed booklet  presented by Creme de Treko Hygienic and Invisible., Maricatte et Cie Parfumeurs.  Within are found over 64 manuscript formulas for various perfumes including Ideodis, scented Witch Hazels, Bay Rum, Jasmine and much more..
Visitor's Guide to the Smithsonian Institution and National Museum, Washington DC Master Walter Willison Stephens A 12 year old boy's journal with in-depth reporting on all fires in his town and baseball stats.. .Moberly MO.1903, age 12 years 4 1/2 months
94 pp.  Tan wraps.  Begins with the floor plans for both the museum and institution.  This is followed by an overview of the history and founder of the Smithsonian and some of its early secretaries.  This is followed by an overview of the National Museum with summaries of all.  Essentially an overview of the entire holdings.  Measures 9" x 6". A 56 pp composition book with an accounting of Master Stephens in 18 chapters.  A drawing of fire equipment with crossed axe and nozzle is captioned No. 7 Nozzle (with dyslexic Zs). The first 17 deal strictly with intricate details about what appears to be every fire in his town of Moberly for quite some time.  The first chapter describes the advancements of the town and their fire equipment, moving from steam engines.  His writes about company's 1-7 with an emphasis on No. 7, a company started by three teenage boys, Jack Reynolds a lad of 15 and two of his chums Will Hathaway age 18 and Clement Robbers , 15.  The narrative describes their equipment in great detail including information on stopcocks, the length and diameter of their hoses and much more. Chapter 2 begins the detailed recollections of the fire starting with the sound of the alarm bells, through the hitching of horses to equipment, who was working, the distance to the fire and comprehensive details of the events at the fire. "About 12:15 on a mild spring day the alarm rang out no. 17.  The roar of horses hoofs rumbled to it and the doors snapped open.  The hitch was quickly made and so the company leaped into their places, the wagon tore off.  Jack had the reins and he skillfully guided the...."   In Chapter 15 he begins with "Company 7 received its monthly (sp) salary that week and all the bills were paid off and the members of the company received $60 a piece for themselves.    Also two 6-gallon chemical Babcock fire extinguishers to be cared on one's back by modern shoulder straps were bought and placed in a rack in the wagon:.  The accountings continue through Chapter 17 and abruptly on page 37 his interest turns to baseball beginning with a table of pitch counts for Baton Rouge, Mobile, Meridian, etc. The remainder of the book is dedicated to grids of hits by player by inning on various teams, with the exception of two drawings of distressed baseball players. Measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".. Although meticulous in detail, penmanship is scrawling.  Misspelling throughout.  A fine 12 year old's accounting.
A group of 33 Correspondence from Various Automobile  Manufactures to an Albany, NY area Auto Distributor/Dealer, all from 1914-1915. .. Marjorie E Bullock Artistic Anatomy, Drawings and Notes Penned by Marjorie E. Bullock. .Missoula, MN.c1920-1923
Content includes manufactures' handling of dealership requirements, commissions, handling of consumer matters; both sales and complaints. Companies represented include:The Enger Motor Car Co., The Selden Car, Marion Motor Cars, Lewis Cars, Regal Motor Cars,Ford Motor Cars, Oakland King Regal, Pierce Arrow, Skinner Motor Cars (Packard, Chalmers, Dodge), General Electric (Maxwell-Briscoe car) and Sutdebaker. Related merchants include: Kenwell & Brown - Garage and Repair Shop and Exide Battery Depots.
Content includes Negotiated price on a Studebaker was $14,000; that on a lingering Marion "Six $1,400.
Lack or delays in replacement parts
Cost of a battery $199--complete with rubber jars
Negotiation of an agency territory for Saratoga, Washington & Warren counties (NY state)
Details on the Selden passenger bus including various vehicle specifications and financing arrangements.
The possible change from a 12 to a 6 cylinder care for Selden in 1917.
The University of Montana's Department of Freehand Drawing offered a course called "Artistic Anatomy", and in the course description catalogue stated that the class "will be found profitable, and even necessary to the student who intends to pursue the study of art." This class was a blend of science and art, which is reflected in the notebook Marjorie Bullock used for this class. The notebook consists of notes on the scientific names of each part of the body as well as their shape and how they are connected to the surrounding tissue and limbs. Predominantly focuses on bones and musculature, all intricately drawn in full detail with all parts identified. Accompanying these notes are drawing (done in black and green ink)  exemplifying these bodily features. While there are studies done of the entire body, most are smaller sections, such as "the skull", "Back view of Trunk", and "Outer view of the upper Limb". There are approximately 44 pages of drawings contained within the notebook. Additionally 4 pages of pencil drawings done on tissue paper. Annotated on the drawings are page numbers, that most likely correspond to what every text book she was using as reference to draw from. Housed in a 1" Black fabric, 2 ring binder with embossed border. 146 pages.  Measures 11" x 8 1/2". . Marjorie Elizabeth Bullock was born on January 7, 1902 in Shell Lake, WI to William Loring Bullock (1873-1941) and Nellie Earnestine Nelson (1873-1940). The family moved to Montana shortly thereafter and her father, William, eventually become the County Attorney. Marjorie attended the University of Montana from 1920 to 1923 where she was a member and Vice President of the Delta Phi Delta Art Society and a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta She married Capt. John Henry Ringe (1895 -1943 in September 1923.  They had one daughter together, Joanne Ringe (1924-2010). Her husband, a Colonel in the Army by this point, unfortunately died in a plane crash in September of 1943. At the time he was stationed at Camp Harahan, LA, and he and a pilot were on maneuvers when the plane crashed into the \Mississippi River. Marjorie died in October 1974. Both her and her husband are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.