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A Victim of Woman's Rights Quarto Handcolored  Lithograph Valentine
A 9" x 7 3/8"  hand colored lithograph.  It is titled "A Victim of Woman's Rights".  It depicts a gentleman in an apron with his hands in the wash tub while a disapproving wife looks on.  It is captioned "That's right, Old Dad, stir up the suds,  And haste to purify the duds; But ere I'd have a wash-tub lover, I'd take and whitewash him all over".   Letterfolds and discolorations. A hand colored lithograph printed quarto valentine depicting a stately gentleman at the garden’s gate being advised by Cupid.
Valentine with Eggwash Quarto Color Stipple engraving of cupid blowing bubbles.
Finely embossed lace paper w color lithograph  eggwash hand finish depicts an early Victorian couple while strolling through a garden – he plucks a pink rose matching her costume. An 8 1/4" x 11" stipple engraving capteioned at base "Cupid Blowing Bubbles.  London. Pub. June 8, 1808, by H. Sintrenich (Pupil of Bartolozzi) 29 New Bond St.  Whimisical imagery. .
Illuminated Calligraphy with Flora Embellishments - Our Darling Elsie Cupid's Bower Hand-colored Advertisement. ..
A 13 1/2" x 10 3/4" card with illustrated  calligraphy reading "Our Darling Elsi __ Mors Janua Vitae--Talitha cumi"  Translating to Death is the gateway to (everlasting) life -- and Little maid, arise (a Syriac or Aramaic expression.  Crests of Agnus Dei and IHS.  Adorned with dried forget-me-nots, daisies, fern and lily of the valley.   Well executed in vibrant colors. Reverse has pen and ink of The Ruin - Mt. Edgcumbe.  with a Milton verse.  Dated Aug. 24, 1887. An 8" x 10 3/4" advertisement for "Cupid's Bower". Official title - Cupid' s bower, or The poetical garden of love: a collection of original valentines calculated to convey the sentiments of the heart in language neat, chaste, and expressive.  It features a courting couple at center seated on a bench as he applies a floral wreath on her head.  This is surrounded by four (4) vignettes of courtship - with Cupid playing a hand in each scene.  Hand colored..
 Original Pen & Watercolor Eternal Knot of Love Extra Illustrated with a man and a women, pairs of hearts and hands and flowers and lovebirds c1840s
A 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" hand penned  and watercolor eternal knot of love with a continuous intersection verse committing one's affection.  Of particular note in this love knot is the paired illustrations in the central grid.  They include pairs or couples;  a man and a woman, hands, hearts, love birds, roses, forget-me-nots and trees.  Floral  embellishments amidst the   wandering and twining verse reads: This is love and worth commending still beginning never ending like a love knot that is twining in a round still up at squaring in and out whose ever angle more and more doth entangle still hath a measure still in moving never fair but always loving twining arms extending kisses each partaking others blisses true love is a precious treasure loves aching weeping still together both in one bliss in either never breaking ever bending this is love worth commending. . Letter folds. Single separation on fold line. Light toning.