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The Jointed Paper Doll Family Uncut Lion Paper Toy Kitchen Klenzer Circus 1932
The Jointed Paper Doll Family Series by Carolyn Chester was found in The Woman’s Magazine in 1913. Unpunched premium for Kitchen Klenzer by Fitzpatrick Bros. Inc - Lion.
Uncut Zebra Paper Toy Kitchen Klenzer Circus 1932 Embossed Die-cut Paper Toys - Wild Animals -  Lion Family & Hyaena
Zebra - Kitchen Klenzer by Fitzpatrick Bros. advertising premium cut out. An intricately detailed little group of embossed die-cut card stock toys.  Includes a lion, lioness and two cuts, who appear somewhat docile with a nearby dish of milk.  It also includes a less then docile  hyeana who has presumably grabbed meat from the wagon.   c1900.  Light wear. The lion measures 4 1/2” x 3”.
Walt Disney StudiosMickey Mouse Waddle Book: The Story Book with Characters that Come Out and WalkApplewood Books.Bedford, MA.1992 Peterli rat! c1890s German Lotto Style Counting Game c 1900
unpaginated. Illustrated applied hard cover, color illustrated end pages, black and white and color illustrations by Walt Disney Studios, color punch out characters for Mickey Mouse, Tanglefoot, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse (Mickey Mouse has been removed). An exciting story of the new horse, Tanglefoot, that Mickey and Minnie  buy. They accept a bet that he can beat Farmer Goat's horse 10 1/4" x 7 3/4". Mickey Mouse character punched out and not included A 10” x 13” boxed game with applied litho label.  It is Peterli rat! – Lustiges Gesellschaftsspiel fur grosse u. kleine Kinder (social game for children young and old). c1900.
Who Knows? A Scripture Game.  Published by Milton Bradley Co. Springfield, MA. Divided Proverbs, A new, Amusing, and Instructive Game for Everybody, But Especially Intended for Teachers and Students of the English, German, French and Spanish Languages. Published and for sale by The Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati, O.   Copyright
Scripture Game of WHO KNOWS by Mrs. J. A. Thurber 1869. Biblical parlor game. 2 sets of cards--each printed in 4 languages. Set 1 is the first half of the proverb; Set 2 contains the conclusion to the proverb.
 Kellogg's Funny Jungleland: Moving Pictures . Kellogg Company.Battle Creek, Mich..1932 Armour's Star   Armour's Star Frankfurters Links of Goodness - Mechanical Hot Dog Bun. ..1905
The book features six (6) pages of sliced animals in 6 pieces to provide numerous, hilarious combinations of heads, bodies and feet when flipped about. There are also little verses that pair with the illustrations that give some context, which also happen to mention Kellogg's various cereal products as well. Measures 8" x 6". . The front panel features a drawn colored illustration of men, women, and an automobile waiting in line for Armour's Star Frankfurters. The inside panels features a colored illustration of a pop-up roll revealing a frankfurter inside a bun. Below the pop-up are a few paragraphs promoting the hot dog. The rest of the inside panels are dedicated to six recipes that utilize Star Frankfurters in them. The recipes listed are: Star Frankfurters and Potato Salad, Star Frankfurter Rolls, Cooking Star Frankfurters, Star Frankfurters and Baked Potatoes, Casserole of Star Frankfurters and Potatoes, and Roasted Star Frankfurters. Next to the recipe is another colored illustration depicting a plate of frankfurters and an unopened a package. On the back cover the numbers 120722 are printed along with "patent pending." Measures 5" x 3" (folded), 11 1/2" x 3" (unfolded).
 Art Supplement - Play House. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896  Art Supplement - Coaching Party - Grit's Story Companion. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896
A 9 1/2" x 8" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for June 14, 1896 depicts children and animals to occupy a series of play houses designed from wooden crates. Multipart characters and animals to be placed into slots corresponding with numbers and letters on the individual cut-outs.  3-D scene created when cut and completed.   Commentary on reverse advises this part of a series of 6 supplements accompanied by a handy Pamphlet with a complete story (not included in this listing).. An 8" x 9 1/2" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for July 26, 1896 depicts eleven (11) cut-outs to be inserted in the slots on and about the coach.    Commentary on reverse advises this is a Grit's Story Companion. One of a series of 16 supplements presented by an illustrated family newspaper popular in every art of the United States and Canada..
 Art Supplement - Theatre to be used in Exhibiting the Boston Sunday Globes Series of Historic Tableaux. Boston Sunday Globe.Williamsport, PA .1896 My Smallest Doll's Room
The Forbes Co.  Boston, MA. Supplement for March 15, 1896. It is the two-fold theatre to be used with the series of five historical tableaux.   Patriotic decoration with scene of Capital building at side.  Uncle Sam is in the audience.  Also includes a few cut pieces from one of the tableaux. Measures 7 1/2" x 22" when flat.. An uncut four fold paper doll set and it's original envelope. Made in Germany 10305.  In the uncut state measures 3 1/4" x 13 1/2".
Uncut Playset Set of 5 Die-cut Alpine Figures with Horse & Donkey Decorated for a Festival c1900
Six heavy card stock mechanical toys in a paper wrapper.  Kut-up Toys, All Mechanical  for Boys and Girls, New, Novel, Durable by Mechanical Kut-Up Toy Co., Manufacturers, Los Angeles, CA. 5 different embossed die-cut Alpine figures dressed in festival attire.  All appear to be poised to dance. The women in dirndl skirts and the men in lederhosen all adorned with flowers
My Smallest Doll's Room - Fishery Seaside German c1930. .. 4 Bizarre appearing Infant Toddler Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scraps
An uncut four fold paper doll set and it's original envelope. It is the Furnished Fishery with Several Dolls for Dressing and nice toys for same. It is one of six different designs for the My Smallest Doll's Room.  Made in German.  In the uncut state measures 3 1/4" x 13 1/2".  The two fold scene has six "slits" for placement of the dolls, their costumes and accessories.  Includes a boy and girls  transporting fish from the shore. 3 costumes plus accessories and twofold shore scene.   Most likely from the 1930s.  This is a scarce item. Four (4) different 6" embossed die-cut Victorian scraps of infants or young toddlers.  Each with a different flowing gown.  Three of the four hold objects. One is in a high chair with the tails of the gown tucked under the legs of the chair.  What makes these items particularly unusual is the maturity of their faces and the deep set eyes.   REverse is blank.
 Art Supplement - Noah's Ark - Grit's Story Companion. Pennsylvania Grit.Williamsport, PA .1896  Sand Toy for Grands Magasings Du Printemps. .Paris, France.1890s
A 9 1/2" x 8" card stock art supplement printed for the Pennsylvania Grit newspaper. Copyright 1896, by Forbes Litho, Boston, MA. Supplement for July 12, 1896 depicts seven cut-out pairs of animals and an elephant to be inserted in the slots at base surrounding the ark.    Commentary on reverse advises this is a Grit's Story Companion. One of a series of 16 supplements provided to all subscribers to help promote the paper's giveaway of " the Best Fiction of America and England. . This paper toy depicts a woman on one side milking her cow and a little girl drinking milk at the table on the other side. Both the little girl's glass of milk and the stream of milk produced by the cow are tissue paper with a capsule of sand behind it. This means that as you turn the postcard over, the sand gives the illusion of milk gushing from  the cow's utter into the pail on one side, and the milk disappearing from the glass as the girl drinks it on the other side. The toy was sold by Printemps, a French department store, sometimes called Grands Magasings Du Printemps, with 'Grands Magasings' (translates to big store) being the class of store it was. The store focused on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and men's wear. It was founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot and Jean-Alfred Duclos. Printemps is credited with revolutionized retail business practices as they marked their goods with set prices rather than the haggling style (that started the price based on the customer's appearance) that was predominate at the time. The store is still open today. The product itself was made in Japan. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4".
Do-A-Zoo consisting of 12 Anthropomorphic Animals to Trace and Draw. Empire Lithographic Co Inc.New York.1931 Boxed Set - Nellie and Her Costumes. Saml Gabriel Sons & Co. No. D-95.New York.c1920
A set of twelve animals (printed two per sheet) meant to comprise a zoo. These anthropomorphic characters are: a pig, a cow, a rabbit, a cat, a fish, a parrot, a rooster, an eagle, a donkey, a dog, an elephant, and a duck. The animals are dressed and often holding props, such as the rooster who is carrying an umbrella and smoking, or the eagle who is wearing a top hat while holding a spyglass or the donkey who is wearing glasses and smoking a pipe. On the front of the envelope provided to store the characters, it states "you may make innumerable others on enclosed tracing and drawing paper". Since these animals were meant to be used as a basis to also create additional animals the bodies of the characters (such as the position of their limbs) are the same or similar across the board. The front of the envelope shows a smiling pig and fish holding a sign that says "Do-A-Zoo". The artist has signed this with his initials, L. C. The back of the envelope has a silhouette of three dancing animals, a cow, an elephant, and a donkey, all holding hands. The interior of the envelope has a die cut geometric element. This item was created by Juvenile Graphic Productions, a division of Empire Lithographing Co. No tracing and drawing paper, but all 12 animals are included. The each sheet with the animals on it measures 9 1/2" by 6". The envelope used to store the sheets measures 9 3/4" x 6 1/2" (folded), 12" x 9 3/4" (unfolded). A 7 3/4" x 5" attached lid side opening box designed to appear as a steamer trunk with a luggage label reading "Nellie".  Content includes a 7 3/4" easel back Nellie and four (4) numbered costumes and hats.  Costumes for school, play, party and a coat. Die-cut .
 Van Housen's, Paper Favors and Accessories Specially Designed for Costuming and Decorating in a Pageant and Club work, Playlets, etc., A Trade Catalogue, No. 81. Van Housen.Chicago, IL.1920 Group of 9 Gouache Wentzel (?) Paper French Infantry Soldiers 1870s
A trade catalogue for the company call Van Housen, based in Chicago, which sold paper, mostly crepe paper, party favors, costumes and accessories. This items were intended for short time use, either as a Halloween costume, theater costume, or any sort costume parties such as Carnival Celebrations, Masquerade Dances or Football parades. While some of the items sold are complete costumes, such as the Chinaman, Merry-Go-Round Girl, King's Jester, and Spanish Girl, the majority are meant as accessories, such as hats, umbrellas, wants and wings. Several of the costume accessories sold are: minute man hat, farm straw hat, drum major hat, police office cap, puritan hat and collar, Chinese hat, Indian hat, Japan maid hat, and a bird hat. Each item is drawn in black and white, and featured on a model. For most of the culturally based costumes, such as Chinese or Indian hat, the model appears to have been drawn to represent that culture (or the stereotypical view of the culture), however the exception is the Japanese maid hat, which is clearly worn by a white woman. Other paper items sold are paper baskets, flowers, paper lanterns, paper decorations, and paper doilies. Additionally some of the items sold by Van Housen's were not made of paper such as small metal bells, noise makers, and waxed butterflies. The covers of the catalogue are in color and shows images of various costumed people at a party. On the back cover its states "Catalogue No. 81". 22 pgs. Pictorial wrappers. OCLC 0 (Dec. 2019). Nine (9) gouache paper soldiers Believe to be French Infantry Soldiers. c1870s. Most like printed by F. Wenzel
Punch and Judy Die Cut Embossed Die-cut Story Scrap. ..1890s McLoughlin Bros. Game of Bear Hunt Board 1870
Tells one of the classic Punch and Judy stories in a die cut.multi-panel picture book.  The story is meant to be read through a series of windows reading left to right. The story starts with several small children surround a toy theater. Each subsequent second is the stage of the toy theater. There are ten scenes shown with small text descriptions of each one. The story starts of with Punch and Judy happily holding their baby while their dog, Toby, looks on. As the story progresses, various other classic characters show up, such as the policeman, the doctor, and Joey the Clown. The last scene show him meeting a ghost, where on his knees Punch claims "I'll never do it again, Mr. Ghost!" In each section the characters are shown in colorful outfits and props and sections of the back ground have been cutout to emphasize the action in the foreground. Embossed die-cut scrap story sheet. Measures 8 3/4" x 2 1/2".. The front has an applied label depicting a bear and cubs in the woods with a hunter in the tree.
 Hank Hart Pals on Our  Farm. New York,Animated Book Company,1944 . .. My smallest doll's room - Furnished Nursery with several dolls for dressing and nice toys for same. In six different designs. Germany, c1930s.. ..
Diorama-style children’s book with ten (10) die-cut movable animals A 11 1/2" x 9' ” heavy card stock fold-out diorama-style barnyard scene. Includes ten (10)  different easel back, mechanical animals, each with a printed verse. They are Wooley the Sheep, Gobbie the Turkey, Dobbin the Farm Horse, Hissie the Goose, Gruntie the Pig, Shep the Dog, Rex the Pony and Mooey the Cow, plus a die-cut donkey with a duck and a goat with a chicken. Complete. . Wear from handling, intact tear at base of fold-out. An uncut four-fold paper doll set with its original envelope. It is the Furnished Nursery with Several Dolls for Dressing and nice toys for same. It is one of six different designs for the My Smallest Doll's Room. Made in Germany 10300. When uncut measures 3 ¼” x 13 ½”. The two fold scene has six "slit marks" for placement of the dolls, their costumes and accessories. light toning on envelope
My Real Doll House, with Cut-Out and Stand-Up Illustrations and Colored Lithograph. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, Ohio.c1910 Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat Let's Play Store No. 971. Saalfield Pub. Co..Akron, OH.1933
My Real Dollhouse is an activity book where each page when cut out and properly folded makes one room of the doll house. Along with the directions the following rooms are included the Kitchen, the Garden, the Play-Room Circus, the Living-Room, the Nursery, the Dining Room. The rooms are wonderfully charming colored lithographs depicting scenes in each room. The covers There are no dolls with this book. Measures 13" x 10". Heavy edge wear. The covers themselves are soiled and partially detached and the back cover has a section that is fully detached. The interior pages are fully detached, and the direction sheet is toned and brittle due to age. The rooms themselves have some edge wear and  are tone, and cut out. There are crease marks where they were folded in order to make them stand, and in some cases there are slight tears along these folds. Grocery store themed punch out activity book activity. 7 pages of grocery store pieces and 206 total pieces that, when assembled, create a complete grocery store including produce, shelves, money, customers, and more. Each character and food stand has a corresponding easel back stand  Characters include the Store Keeper, a child with a hat, a boy and a woman. A myriad of tiny display pieces to help develop fine motor skills including tiny box, jar and bundle facsimiles to be placed on shelves.  Measures  10" x 13 1/2". .
 Little Folks Menagerie: Animals to be Cut out, Package No 1. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1883 Valentine Marionette - Leprechaun
A set of 4 mostly uncut sheets of animals, both domestic and exotic for children to cut out and play with. The animals were designed so that once cut out, they can stand on their own with its outline as support. Some of the animals depicted are a tiger, an alligator, a rabbit, a dog, a toad, a giraffe, and a gorilla.  The sheets come in an envelope with an elephant depicted on the front. The envelope also states that this is "Package No. 1" and as such all of the sheets of animals have a large number "1" on them. It is unclear if the four sheets included are the complete set or not. No OCLC. (June 2019). An 11" x 9" embossed die-cut mechanical marionette paper toy by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Ltd.
Unpunched Boxed Set - Puppet Parade - “The most Fascinating and Beautiful Toy in Existence”,  Reed Toy 1943 Neues Carricaturen Spiel [New Caricatures Game]. .Germany.1870
An 18” x 12” x 1 1/2” box containing “ Puppet Parade - The  most Fascinating and Beautiful Toy in Existence” A Reed Toy, Paper Products Division,  Electric Coproration of America,  Copyright 1943.  The set includes A t22” high x 25” wide x 18” deep Puppet Parade Stage with 12 different acts and scenery for each.  The 25 characters include The Terrific Trio, Mr. . and Mrs. Bones, Pete and Repete, Midnight Masters, Comrade Borscht, Han ‘n Eggs, Smoothie Smith, Shirley Screech, Professor Discord, Madame Lotta Song, Honeybelle Lee and Henry Highpitch..  Lacking one sheet - Honeybelle Lee and Shirley Screech., otherwise complete including promotional paper wrap on box.  Some wear.   There is also an instruction sheet for assembly and narratives regarding the characters and a play.  The characters  as designed in various forms and would be of interest to those who collect mechanical paper.  Some have articulated joints, others movable eyes, “3-d” bodies, etc.  Quite a charming set. A 15 1/2" x 12" hand-colored lithographic German board game with anthropomorphic characters. Originally illustrated by Jakob Schmitt some time between 1820-1830, this is a reprint on thick board from around 1870. There are are forty-one (41) numbered squares, half of have characters in them. Square #41 is the large drawing in the center that depicts anthropomorphic characters at a banquet. There are instructions at the bottom, in German.. Minor edge wear and toning due to age.
7” Watercolor paper doll w 15 handmade costumes.  C1900. ..  Movie Theatre for 'Fighting with Buffalo Bill', A Package of Fun and Entertainment for Children. Jacobsen Hodgkinson Corporation.New York.c1926
Lovely well executed young women paper doll dressed in a slip, black stockings and a hair bow.  Costumes with a wide array of design elements and style.  Includes one tissue paper dress – the remainder are watercolor.  Includes all of the fashion of the day including a middy dress with bloomers, sailor dress, pleated and flounced dress with bead decoration, dress with geometric design and pleats, one with a pinafore, lace color and ruffled base and many others. . An uncut paper movie theatre with the characters from "Fighting with Buffalo Bill" a 1926 American Western film serial (totaling over four hours) staring Wallace MacDonald, Edmund Cobb and Elsa Benham.  The paper theatre consists of the original carrying envelope, a movie theatre set with a curtain, a landscape  background, one sheet of characters, and one single fold instruction page that includes a verse about men roaming the plains. On the character sheet there nine characters that one can cut out a and fold at the dotted line in order to make them stand on their own. Of these nine characters, four stand-alone men, one stand-alone woman, three men on horses (two of which are Native Americans) and one man standing behind a teepee. The scenes and curtains are in black and white. The characters are black and white images from photographs, presumably of the characters from the movie.  The envelope the movie theatre comes in, incorrectly states that there are 10 characters to play with. This was presumably a printing mistake as the 10 has been crossed out and a 9 was written in. 4 black and white pages, all pages are uncut. Measures 12 3/4" x 10 1/2". Unfortunately this film is now considered to be 'lost film' (a film that is no longer known to exist in any studio archive, private collection, or public archive).
Boxed Set - Early Litho Puzzle Blocks or Cubes- Bizarre Imagery -  Children Trampled by Animals & Children at War. ..c1860s Metamorphic Valentine - Rifleman's Call. Mansell.London.
A 7" x 4 1/2" x 2"  litho on wooden box with sliding top.   Includes 15 six-sided cubes to create the puzzles.  Includes five (5) litho sheets illustrating the puzzle.  Additionally, the box cover has the sixth puzzle.  Five of the six are images of children either being trampled by farm animals or children with weapons, as though perhaps pretend "war"...  Box wear; minor wear on cubes. . Single-fold 7" x 4 3/4" with lace paper cover and solid cartouche.   At first view one sees a lithograph of a rifleman with a verse titled "The Rifelmans Call".  It reads Roused by the bugles pealing call Into the warlike ranks you fall, But when your sailor calls, I hear, Bys some back door you disappear." The bottom half of the rifleman flips up a gent with a tipped hat and a list of "Town Traitors" appears.  Marked Mansell. Back page embossed "Collection of Helen Benson Matthews"..
Mechanical Lotto Cards. .. Our Peepshow. Ernest Nister.London.1897
Each card from a French lotto set has four (4) mechanical parts, that move to reveal the lotto numbers. Great whimsy.Measures 5 ¼” x 8 5/8”.  Light edge wear. Unpaginated. Introduction by F.E. Weatherly. c1897. Three (3) double page pop-ups including Neddy’s Friends (farm scene), Bunny-kin Town, and Wild Indians. The first scene has creases in donkey's head and dog leashes at fold. Second (center) pop-up detached (pulled away from staples) from book, but present.  Rhyming verse throughout with line drawn in-text relevant illustrations.  Measures 7" x 7 1/2"..
Boxed Set - Au Bon Marche - Vehicles with Children Les Enfants en Voiture (4 Equipage Varies) Hand Made Game of Old Maid - Gender Roles Occupations. ..c1940s
A 4" x 6 1/4"  box with applied litho label.  It includes four (4) different easelback litho on card carts being pulled by animals.  The carts are designed to "seat" (paper slates on reverse) two (2) children each.  There are a total of eight(8) children. Can be arranged in any order.   Each cart with animals approx. 5 1/2" long. An interesting take on the game of Old Maid. A set of 39 numbered cards. The cards are numbered in pairs (1-18) with each set depicting a different occupation with a card for a man and another for a woman. A true study in gender roles -- 1 - A priest and a nun 2 - Circus Performers - burly male clown with an ax and a delicate woman tight rope walker in pink 3 - Wait Staff - a male in tails with a menu and a female cafeteria worker 4- Tailor designing pants and a seamstress hemming a dress 5- Hair Dressers - man styling hair and women washing hair 6- Street Merchants - Man with an ice cream card and woman selling vegetables 7 - Gardening - man digging and woman with watering can 8 - Cleaners - man with vacuum and woman with feather duster 9 - Artists - man carrying finished works and woman with paints and an easel 10 - Cookery - man sampling and preparing a dish and woman rolling dough 11 - Office Workers - man executive with brief case and woman typing 12 - Playing - boy on a hobby horse with a toy gun and girl playing with doll 13 - Beggars - man organ grinder with  monkey and woman (waif) begging with her apron extended 14 - Musicians - man conductor and woman plays harp 15 - Sports - man down hill skiing and woman diving 16 -  Butchers - man chopping meat with clever and woman twists sausages 17 -  Farming - man wheels a  scythe and woman milks a cow 18 - Leisure time - man whittles a man and woman plays with  toy village 19 - Medical Profession - man is a doctor setting a bone and woman is a nurse pushing a dinner card. 20 - The old maid and her cat... Drawn with pen and crayon. Reverse is blank.  Measure 5 3/8" x 3 1/2".   Housed in a plain white box  with "Old Maid" crayoned on the top. .
Scarce - The Virtuous Girl  with 2 Two-Sided Paper Dolls and 8 Costumes . H. F. Muller.Vienna Austria.1840-1850 Paper Doll Family  No. 1. McLoughlin Bros. NY.1875-76
In the traditional German manner of the day the the set includes two (2) identical 6 3/4" paper dolls and eight (8) two-sided costumes. Each costume is printed on polished paper and involves an activity.  Light egg wash finish. The costumes were dubbed Pretty, Diligence,  Applications, Patience, Clemency,  Mansuetude, Candor and Sincerity.  The costumes depict woman with exuberant baby in cradle holding a book holding a satchel and hanky holding a watering can and garden rake holding a pot with a seated shepherd boy on reverse with a dog at her feet holding a lamb with lamb at her feet on reverse. holding a dove Includes two (2) hats. Each of the costumes is numbered. Charming and dear.. Information found in Howard p.279  An example of this doll was found in a German museum in the 1960s and included information on the publisher and costume labeling. A set of six (6)  paper dolls created from embossed die-cut scraps with textured paper skirts, trimmed in lace paper. Housed on original backing.  Title reads "Paper Doll Family -- No. 1. Captions below each include Susie, Charley, Rosey, Harry, Lilly and Willie.   Dolls and stands affixed to card with string ties.   Reverse is blank.   Each doll is approximately 5 1/3 " tall.  The card measures 12 1/2"x 9 3/4". Pictured in 'Those Fascinating Paper Dolls", Marian B. Howard, pg. 193.  Note some of the names on the set from the 1875-76 McLoughlin catalog are different. .
Gebroeders van Arum De Schalkse Willem in Zesderlei Gedaante of de Verrassingen - Een Onderhoudend Geschenk voor Jongens. Met Zeven Gekleurde beweegbare Plaatjes La Belle au Bois Dormant et le Prince Charmant (Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming) Paper Dolls. Unknown.France.c 1890s
(De Schalkse Willem in the Sixth Form or the Surprises - A Entertaining Gift for Boys. With Seven Colored movable Pictures). Gebr Van Arum. Amsterdam. 1827  49 pp. litho paper on board.  Printed in Dutch. Accompanied by a 4 1/2" x 3" hand colored engraving on card of young Willem with 4 of the 6 original costumes to be applied to the boy to correspond with the stories in the book. His costumes include a gardener, an entertainer, a monk and a soldier.   Each engraved and hand colored.  The costumes lay on top of the doll, insert tab into slit on the left side of  card and then insert tab at base in slit.   All  housed in folio inside back cover. No. 74350. An embossed die-cut litho on heavy card paper doll or pretend play set.  It includes two (2) 8" dolls Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming.  They are shown in scenes as adolescents and young adults. The adolescent scene he sleeps adjacent she on a fainting couch. They each have three (3) full costumes with additional hats and collars.  Also includes back drops, spinning wheel and other accessories.  Appears complete. .