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Paper Doll Toy Books c1810-1823 by S. & J. Fuller and Other European Manufacturers
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ID Guide Paper Doll Toy Books c1810-1823

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This item is available for download only. It is a 26 page guide:

Paper Doll Identification Guide - PAPER DOLL TOY BOOKS C1810-1823 BY S. & J. FULLER and OTHER EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERS

The commercial production of paper dolls in Europe began in the 1790s with such dolls as “Englische Puppe" by Stahl in Nuremberg. The phenomenon caught on and was soon embraced by S. & J. Fuller, a London firm that operated a retail establishment dealing in paper products including paper novelties. The shop was known as the Temple of Fancy (see image at back of guide).

In 1810 S. & J. Fuller produced a small book, with a moral story accompanied by a series of hand colored little boys in various costumes corresponding to the story. They were somewhat unusual in that there was not a full body paper doll and the boys in the costumes did not have heads. There was a single head for the set that neatly fit in a v shaped horizontal slit on the back of each costume. Presumably one head was used to require the child to move the head from costume to costume as the story progressed, assuring the attention of the child. Or perhaps it was just a gimmick…The book was titled The History & Adventures of Little Henry. It was the first in a series of similar books that became quite popular. The second book, also published in 1810 was History of Little Fanny. S. & J. Fuller also published "The Protean Figure or Metamorphic Costumes" in 1811. An elaborately costumed 8 ˝” male paper doll (this can be found in the European Paper Doll Identification Guide 1790-1860s )

This guide includes many of the books in the series published by S. & J. Fuller, plus others produced by Chez Nepveu in Paris, Jon.Guykens of Amsterdam, etc. The books are presented in alphabetical order by character name. This is a representative sample of paper dolls of this type. The heads from these sets were often misplaced and/or mixed among the sets. I believe these to be correct, however there is some question as to the correctness of the Cinderella head.