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Ladies of the Sunday Supplements 1895-96
Ladies of the Sunday Supplement - Paper Doll Idenfication Guide
Ladies of the Sunday Supplements 1895-96

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Introduction courtesy of Cynthia Erfurt Musser, Precious Paper Dolls pg. 30

In 1895, The Boston Herald and a number of other newspapers began a series of paper dolls to promote the sale of fashion patterns and increase their Sunday circulation.  This series has often been referred to as the “Boston Herald Ladies” because it was first researched in that newspaper.  The early costumes were numbered and dated but as the series continued, it appears that not every newspaper used all of the supplements, so after number 30, the numbers do no appear in all of the newspapers and many of the plates carry only a date.  To make it even more confusing, different papers used different numbering and dating depending on when they began the series and which plates they chose to run. 


Unfortunately, once the costumes are cut out, all of this information is lost.  It appears that all of the plates were lithographed by the G.H. Buck Company of New York and were sold to the various newspapers who then printed their own banners and other information on the sheets.  To date the series is known to have appeared in The Boston Sunday Herald, The Brooklyn Times, theCincinnati Commercial Gazette, The Chicago Record, The New York Mercury,  The Philadelphia Press, theCleveland World,  theSaint Louis Republic, The San Francisco Chronicle andThe Washington Star.  The fashion figure in pink has also been found with advertising for imported Prima Donna Corsets printed on the back indicating that these ladies were also used as advertising premiums.