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Captain Big Bill the Pelican.  Leah Gale Samuel Lowe Company Wisconsin 1956
Applied board cover, three color illustrations by Elsie Darien and Jo Poehlmann throughout, cardboard penguin with grommet head and feet that can be moved in front cover to simulate different clothing for the pelican. The story of Bill who never encountered another pelican. He wandered around trying to find a job and what his pouch was for. 8" x 6 1/2" some creasing and discoloration
Knerr. The Katzenjammer Kids, an animated novelty book. John Martin's House, Inc. Kenosha, Wisconsin 1945
unpaginated. Metal spiral bound printed color paper cover, movable parts and pop ups, book 1864. A movable book about Hans and Fritz Katzenjammer and their uncle, the Captain. Something is always happening to them. The book includes pop-up, a movable wheel, and sliding activity. 8" x 8 1/4". wear on cover, possibly missing a movable part-the legs of the Captain on the page with the alligator
The Birth of Jesus.   Folding book Ltd Amsterdam
Applied board cover, peep show book-can fold out into full circle that has pop ups, color illustrations by R.T. Cowern. The story tells the tale of Jesus in a visual way by creating a 3D image. Detailed with pop up and cut out images. 7" x 5" slight wear from folding and unfolding, a few small tears in pop up
Laurent De Brunhoff Babar's Moon Trip. Random House.New York.1968
The classic children's character Babar got a fun pop-up twist in this story of his adventure to space. 19 pages. The books starts with the announcement of Babar's plan to go into space to the moon, and as the story follows through the preparations and the trip, there are a variety of pop-up structures, pull tabs, and other movable pieces meant to involve a child in the story. 8 1/2" x 6".
Price: $110.00
25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "The Story of Bunty.   Pop-ups include "Here I am Bunty",  Punch and Judy and Bunty with a policeman.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" 7 3/4".
The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
Price: $110.00
12 pp. paper covered board spiral comb bone book.  Excerpt from the original story by L. Frank Baum.  Created and Produced by the Duenewald Printing Corp., New York. Sole Agent for Wehr Animation.   Includes six (6) movable pages--when tab is slid to and fro, three-animations move. Charming imagery as when the wizard is filling the scarecrows head with "bran brain"...Nice copy with strong color.  Some corner and edge wear.  Light wrinkling on tabs from use. Measures 6 3/4" x 9".
 Au Bon Marche, Changing View Card of a Servant Girl into Queen . .Paris.c1900
A chromolithography trade card from the famous French department and Curiosity Store, named Au Bon Marche. The front has a gold and floral frame with shutters that when moved, alter the image of a servant girl into that of a Queen. The back of the card features an advertisement for the store. Printed on cardboard. Printer: Leopold Verger. Measures 5 1/4" x 3 3/4".
Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, the Circus Elephant
22 pp. litho on board book printed in black and white with full page and in-text illustrations and three (2) two-page full color pop-ups of Orphan Annie with two elephants, Annie with a dog jumping through a hoop and Annie balancing on a seesaw between a dog and a pig. Copyright 1935 Famous Artists Syndicate.  Harold Lentz paper engineer.
Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill
Price: $125.00
25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "Blinky Bill"  Story of a discontented koala bear.   Pop-ups include "Blinky with Frogs, Blinky at Miss Prim refreshments and Blinky in the Peppermints.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" x 7 3/4".
The Tinder Box - Animated by Julian WehrStephen Daye, Inc..NY.1945
Spiral bound litho on board. Includes five (5) tab operated moveable plates- a soldier, a queen (crone) a princess and gold in a tinderbox.  All mechanisms work well.  Measures 8 3/4" x 7". . slight wear on cover edges
 Movable Wiggling Pig, 1934 Chicago's World Fair. Wig-L-Rol.Chicago.1934
A fun piece of souvenir created for the 1934 Chicago World's Fair by the company Wig-L-Rol. This item depicts a smiling pig, wiggly on top of a barrel. The item is made of cardboard with a window cut out in the center. If one holds it up to the light and move your hand slightly, the pig appears to be wiggling. Measures 4 1/2" x 2 3/4", Pig Measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2".
Lightning Arranger - Device for arranging orchestrations and transposing music. Lightning Arranger.Allentown PA.1931
An oblong 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" celluloid device with two (2) side by side wheels, with a eight (8) window openings on each side.  One side  is designed to find dominant and sub-dominant chords by setting both wheels to key. It includes Seventh Chords and Major Chords.  The reverse is for all instruments including pianos and violins tuned in C.  One wheel represents Ninth Chords, the other Minor Chords.   Originally had a booklet explaining chord progression and instructions for transposing and outlines chord structure.. Invented by Samuel "Skip" Rapoport, the Lightning Arranger, was a device for arranging orchestrations and transposing music. Rapoport said his device arranges music mathematically, the way music is arranged. It works by turning a wheel on the device, which in turn reveals the appropriate information on another part of the cardboard unit. It sells for $6 and was manufactured for him by a New Jersey company. The arranger comes with a booklet that explains chord progression, provides instructions for transposing and outlines chord structure. It claims to be a simplified method for arranging orchestrations. Literature on the device claims it's good for musicians, arrangers of music, band and choir directors, orchestra leaders, music instructors, supervisors, students of music, singers, accompanists, music teachers, beginners and composers.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Illustrated by CCarey Cloud and Harold BLentzThe Illustrated Pop-Up EditionPleasure Books, Inc..Chicago.1934
Illustrated boards.  Unpaginated. Frontispiece and in-text black and white illustrations throughout. Three (3) double page pop-ups in fine condition. Measures  9" x 8". Light edgewear covers..
The Lightning Multiplier - THE REASON WHY I know teacher! Paper Slide Multiplication Tables. The Simplicity Co..Chicago.1908
A 3 1/4" x 6" card folder with an image of a schoolmaster pointing at 13x13=? on the black board with 3 perplexed and 1 "bright" child ready with the answer.  He holds the Lightning Multiplier in his hand. The right end of the card has an index with 25 vertical numbers front and back. The same, but horizontal index crosses the top of the paper slide card within.  As the card is pulled out the answer to the multipliers becomes easy.  The reverse has an index from 26 to 50.. .
 Movable Marionette - Little Red Riding Hood. Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.London, Printed in Bavaria.
A 12" x 8" embossed die-cut marionette of articulated paper doll comprised of three parts.  The doll is wearing the traditional red riding hood.  At first view her arms are tucked behind her cape. When the green string on the reverse is pulled downward it exposes her arms, carrying  a basket of bread, butter and tea in one hand and bouquets of flowers in both.   Instructions on the reverse advise to keep her arms extended  pull down on the cord and fix it into the slit at the foot of the model.   A verse on the back by Clifton Bingham reads "Little Red Riding Hood.  I'm little sweet Red Riding Hood, Who met the Bad Wolf in the Wood,  But he is killed, and if I stay With you, I'll never lose my way"..
Pals on the Farm
Pals on the Farm
Price: $275.00
Diarama-style childrenâ™s book w Eight (8) die-cut movable animals A 9âť x 11 ½❠heavy card stock fold-out diorama-style barnyard scene. Includes eight (8) different easel back, mechanical animals, each with a printed verse. They are Wooley the Sheep, Gobbie the Turkey, Dobbin the Farm Horse, Hissie the Goose, Gruntie the Pig, Sheep the Dog, Rex the Pony and Mooey the Cow. Complete. Cover wear with original price in grease pencil. Interior in excellent condition.
2 2-Sided Articulated Dollies Up to Date with 8 Front and Back Costumes. Misch & Co..London.[1910]
Two (2) 12" card stock articulated or jointed paper dolls that move at the neck, shoulder, hip and knee. The limbs and head are attached to the body form with unique circular inserts.  The costume bodices slip beneath the arm joints and the sleeves slip over the arms.  This was originally part of a boxed set with two sets of dolls and a car. Designed in England, printed in Germany. . Photocopy of poem found in original box titled Up-to-Date Domes.
Ruth Upham (Illustrator) Walking Paper Doll Family. Saalfield No. 1074.Akron OH.1934
A rather unusual uncut book with an affluent family of six, plus a nurse for the children and Bim the cat and Pal the dog.   Each of the punch-out characters  has only one leg attached with a second to be attached according to instructions using a needle and thread.  This allows the dolls to both "stand alone" and "walk".  Total of three (3) character pages and four (4) costume pages.   All of the costumes and accessories were designed to give the appearance of wealth and privilege  to the degree of each child's costume is holding a different toy.  Unique in many ways the characters are quite tall, Father is 15" tall.  The book measures 15 3/4" x 10". .
Our Peepshow. Ernest Nister.London.1897
Unpaginated. Introduction by F.E. Weatherly. c1897. Three (3) double page pop-ups including Neddy’s Friends (farm scene), Bunny-kin Town, and Wild Indians. The first scene has creases in donkey's head and dog leashes at fold. Second (center) pop-up detached (pulled away from staples) from book, but present.  Rhyming verse throughout with line drawn in-text relevant illustrations.  Measures 7" x 7 1/2"..
European Pocket Time-Keeper complete with instructions and protective sleeve. J. W. Delamere & Do..New York.1865
A 3 3/4" x 2 5/8" card with a ring on a string the is to be repositioned across a line of months.  The card is to be positions so the A flap faces the sun to create a shadow line.  If properly aligned the string will point to the correct time of day.  Unfortunately the device can only be used with sun light. Reverse is blank except for patent information. Also includes two fold instruction sheet and original slip case with applied label reading "European Pocket Time-keeper". .
Jacob's Ladder - Napoleon III (Bonaparte) . ..c1850s
A four-part hand colored litho on board with white laces and a wooden handle. When twisted the scene changes and Napoleon changes his costumes..
A. Meenut, etc. A collection of 12 hand colored lithographs-- each with a door that opens often revealing one or more people - risqué! . a Paris.Paris.c1831
A grouping of twelve hand colored lithographs each with a movable element; mostly doors or related items.  Each depicts a somewhat innocent scene and a relevant benign caption (in French).  When the door is opened it often reveals one or two people in a somewhat compromised or unexpected scene.  Eight (8) scenes approx. 10" x 8" with varying sized margins; four (4) smaller format. .
Light - c1940s - A Diorama Created by a 4th Grader
Handmade Diorama or Pop-up Book Created by a child as a school project.  Titled “Light” by John Crocker c1940s. Includes three (3) of four (4) original multi-dimensional pop-ups hand cut and water colored scenes constructed to demonstrate the evolution of light through the ages. These scenes include: Scene 1. Prehistoric Man – Torch – depicts prehistoric men in dimensional cave setting; one holds a torch; the other writes hieroglyphs of sorts. Scene 3. Pioneer Home – depicts a dimensional log cabin setting; pioneer woman pouring hot wax in a candle mold, while a candle burns on the table. Decorated in early American style. Scene 4. Edison’s Laboratory – Incandescence Light – depicts the interior of what most likely the Menlo Park laboratory; Thomas Edison seated at a table, feverishly at work in a room illuminated with incandescent light. Shelves are lined with scientific supplies and instruments. Measures 9” x 12”. Paper cover with applied lettering. Cover and edge wear. Unfortunately one scene is not present. .
Pantomime Pictures; "A Novel Colour Book for Children" NO. 635. Nister.London.1896
Introduction by E. Weatherly and black and white in-text illustrations by E. S. Hardy.  Fanciful cover illustration "The Queen of the Bird Fairies', originally from book "Peeps into Fairyland".  Verses include Pantomime Picture, Billy Amos, Hero.,A Little Boy's Pocket, The Other Donkey, Pussycat Street,  How the Letter was Posted, The Brave Circus Boy, Polite Polly and  Honey Pot Farm.   Includes five (5) double page pop-ups.  One text page detached, but present. Edge soiling on pages from handling. Edge of end paper front cover lacking.  Measures 12 1/2" x 10"..
Poupee Modele Magazine Supplement - Theatrical troupee paper dolls and costumes -  22 dolls 32 costumes.[1880s]
Poupee Modele Theater Set, including four side panels for theater, ten (10) cut female actors, five (5) cut male actors and seven (7) cut Greek gods and goddesses.  Costumes include: eight (8) queen costumes eight (8) female historical costumes two (2) religious costumes. six (6) male military costumes, eight (8) male historical costumes The dolls are all cut, two-sided and measure approx. 4 1/2" tall.  The theater panels are 7" tall.  Includes two (2) wooden stands..