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McLoughlin Collection Completers
How to Use this Price List

How to use this price list: The alphabetical list includes prices for each individual doll, envelope, price per dress or hat or other paper toy item for the listed doll. e.g. the Adelaide doll is $75,the envelope is $45, each dress (except the bride dress) is $22, each hat is $20 and the bride dressis $45.  The final column on the right is the page number for the illustration of the doll in Those Fascinating Paper Dolls, An Illustrated Handbook for Collectors by Marian B. Howard. 

Complete the order form using the following guidelines:
To identify individual costumes or hats for a particular doll turn to the page in Howard noted on the grid and begin counting from the upper left corner, continue counting from the left to right by row. 
  • If you were to place an order for
    • Paper Doll Name - American Lady with Something to Wear
    • Page No. - 60
    • Location - second row
    • Item(s) - second hat and third costume
You would receive the items outlined in red below:

Once we receive your order and verify that the requested items are available we will send you an invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: not all items are available, but should you request an item not in stock, we will advise you when it is available.