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Angel Strumming A Tune on her Mandolin Heart Shaped Art Nouveau Valentine with Nesting Birds
Angel Strumming A Tune on her Mandolin Art Nouveau Valentine with Nesting Birds
Rivet and Parchment Valentine - Flower Pixie  Surrounded by Purple Pansies Cupid Skipping with Garland of Flowers
Rivets and Parchment - Colonial Girl
An 5" x 5 1/2" die cut, easel backed valentine depicting an embossed cupid skipping with pink floral garland. The heart is applied parchment with edge design of hearts and flowers. Art Nouveau Influenced design. Some edge wear; overall good condition. Reverse has pencil inscription also marked with E.

Young Sailor walking with Pretty Girl Art Nouveau Style - Young Girl Holding Big Valentine Card
Young Sailor walking with Pretty Girl Art Nouveau Style - Young Girl Holding Big Valentine Card
Art Nouveau Three Tiers - Shoulder view of Young Girl Surrounded by Roses Heart Shaped Parchment and Rivet Art Nouveau Valentine w Clover Flowers & Brundage Image
Art Nouveau Valentine Shoulder view of Young Girl Surrounded by Roses Heart shaped valentine, applied parchment with clover leaves and flower design held in place with rivets.  Clover flowers held in place with rivets with a pretty young girl dressed in green at center.
Young Girl w Pink Lacy Parasol Stands Beneath Horse Shoe with 4 Leaf Clovers and Forget Me Not Garlands Sailor holding Valetine Heart
A sweet young girl in yellow and blue finery stands beneath a horseshoe wound with forget me not garland accented with four leaf clovers. Sailor holding Valetine Heart
Tulip and Rose Art Nouveau Rivet and Parchment Valentine with Die-cut of Brundage girl with Hoop Art Nouveau Parchment & Rivet Valentine w Poppies & Iris – Frances Brundage Illustrations
Art Nouveau influence with tulip and rose background and applied iris on parchment, held in place with rivets.  Brundage girl with hoop. Art Nouveau influenced pink poppy background decor with hinged die-cut with purple flower at top and image of girl by Frances Brundage at center.  Parchment iris with rivets.
Unusual Purple and Blue Forest Hinged Valentine with Brundage Boy Daisy Flower Child.  Feathered Quill and Valentine Art Nouveau Influence  Our Jungle Friends . Saalfield Publishing Co..Akron, OH; New York, NY.1927
Blue foliage and purple tree trunk forest frames diecut of boy daisy flower child holding a giant feather quill pen and a valentine. A whimsical book that teaches the reader about a variety of different animals, even those that don't live in the jungle. The book itself is die cut into the shape of a seated tiger. Each page features several beautiful colorful illustrations of multiple animal with accompanying rhyming text for each animal. The animals pictured and described within the book are: bears, camels, alligators, deer, hippopotamuses, kangaroos, elephants, giraffes, quicca possums, rhinos, sea lions, tigers, monkeys, lions, ostriches, porcupines, vultures, walruses, yaks, and zebras. An example of one of the rhyming texts for the animal is: "Out for a sunning and an airing is this old Rhinoceros; Beware his ugly temper, for he is always cross! But though he is so spiteful, he has a friend - how queer, A little bird who tells him when any danger's near." It appears as though this book was a part of the series, as written on an interior page is "Saalfield's Cut-Out Picture Books", with a list of the three other books in the series: "The Owl and the Bee", "Topsy Tabbykins" and "Little Froggie Green". It is unclear how this book is a cut out book though, since this pages are double sided, and if you cut out one animal, you would ruin the illustration of the animal on the backside. 16. pages. Die cut covers into the shape of a tiger. Staple bindings. OCLC 0 (Apr 2020, does have earlier versions) Measures 10 3/4" x 6".