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"An Address from an Instructor to his Scholars, March 27, 1811. Significant wear; some staining.

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8vo. Bede Days Writing Book, Jan 4, 1813 penned on the inside cover and Sarah M. Days,  April 11, 1817 on the first page.  The 33 page hand penned essay as titled above, begins "Dearly Beloved Pupils" It touches on all aspects of life living and how to conduct oneself for a moral existence.  A passage on page 25 reads" My youn friends, you live in a transient, changing dying world, No dependance can be placed on any, any thing; ...the serenest sky may be suddenly overcast with a tempest, and the most prosperous condition is suddenly exchanged for the most adverse...  It concludes with "Farewell....A Valedictory Address..  Significant wear; some staining.