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A forty (40) page watercolor sketch book created by a child c 1850s

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Price: $1,100.00

Product Code: 24013175

A 40 page handmade book consisting completely of watercolors created by a young child. Although never a particular skillful artist his naïve creations clearly tell the story. Appears to have been created over a period of time as his illustrations become more complex and detailed as you progress through the book. His illustrations are activities he perceives in daily life. Includes multiple exterior scenes as a log cabin with a large tree(s), a volcano, a ship, a church and trees, an ostrich or similar exotic bird, a multi-tiered what appears to be adobe church or similar structure, a horse drawn snow sleigh (interesting perspective no. 12), a man wearing a hat standing in a tree dropping limbs near a bull, a barn with some sort of elevated farm machinery ascending on a track to the second story, a paddleboat, a girl through to the ground when her horse broke loose from her wagon, people in the rain with a large black cloud over head and a rainbow to the left, a pulley mechanism lifting equipment to the second floor of a barn, a sailing vessel, a man whipping a bull, a boy flying a kite, a man falling trees, a dog chasing a rabbit, a horse (first captioned image), an outdoor auction (no. 30), a train, a man placing a ladder on the side of a building while asking another to climb up and get his hat—second talk bubble “I won’t do it”, a cat and a chicken, a stack of firewood adjacent a giant tree being cut down with talk bubble “It is a comming (sp)”,a pilgrim shooting a musket, a townscape across a lake with a sailboat, a boy and girl courting in the woods, a man walking up the hill adjacent a fence, a man on a ladder against a tree about to chop off a dead limb, large branches falling from a tree in a storm (dark clouds) One or two pages may be lacking at the front of the book - no page 2 or 3. Measures 3 1/8” x 3 ¼”. .