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240011123   1961 Handwork or Sewing Decorating Technique Student Sample Book , Belgium . .Bocholt, Belgium.1961
26008678   "An Address from an Instructor to his Scholars, March 27, 1811. Significant wear; some staining.
26008478   "Executed Beauty with a Pen " Portrait in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Embellishmentsby A. Thurber.
27003526   "The Hollywood Hat" Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Reading PA. Fall-Winter 1894-5. ..
201281201   1851 General Store Ledger of ?? H. Patterson & 1880 Cotton Book of Dillahunty & Sons, Henry County TN . 1851
23001100   1869 Valedictory Address of Toland Medical College, by L.C. Lane Professor of Anatomy. Published at the Request of the Class; Spears & Co. San Francisco. 1869. . ..
23006200   1915 Catalogue The Tablet & Ticket Co., Willson's Paper Letters and Figures (Gummed). .New York.1915
26002236   2 Naive works promoting the celebrated "Superior Glossy Inks"-- with color samples and illustrations--Now for Sale Only by Druggist. ..c1890
26017452   3 Hand Made Paper Dolls w 15 Costumes, A Dog & 2 Cats c1910s. ..
26002375   3 Pamphlets- How to Treat Seed Corn,Seed Potatoes and Truck and Garden Crops with Bayer Dipdust and Disinfectants.
26007345   4 Fine Menus from the Americus Republican Club of Pittsburgh, Annual Dinners Honoring Ulysses S. Grant. 1892, 1899, 1900 and 1904. . ..
27003652   5 Promotional Photographs - featuring Italian Women from Hudson Park Library Class,- Committee on the Education of Non-English-·Speaking Women . ..1923
24019134   8" Handmade Watercolor Male Paper Doll named Drake Shelbourne with 11 Costumes & 3 Hats - Contemporary and Historical Attire c1940s. ..
25016942   A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .
20128564   A group of 33 Correspondence from Various Automobile Manufactures to an Albany, NY area Auto Distributor/Dealer, all from 1914-1915. ..
25026234   A Hand Constructed Promotion with Calendar and Card for a Baker and Caterer, Sanford ME with Real Cake Icing Adorning the Cover. c1902. . ..
26000122   A Pair of Photographs – Before and After - Who was Left without a Mate? Litchfield CT., 1888.. ..1888
2600333   A pencil drawn kimono pattern with ornate decoration including serpents, coy, a stormy sea, heron overhead and more. .c1920s.
23032345   A Ticket to and "Entertainment" given by Abiel Abbot Low (A.A. Low), Esq. 1867. ..1867
21005136   A. D. F. Randolph Bookseller, NYC1855 - Vignette of Mother Reading to Child.
27007425   Advertising Cover promoting Edwin S. Stuart, Leary's Old Book Store - The Largest Old Book Store in America. .Philadelphia.1886
20135101   Agent’s Sample Book of Visiting Cards from Keystone Printing Co., North Branford, Conn. . ..c. 1905
27000302   Album with Original Art and Hand Colored Lithography, musings and verse. .England. c 1830-1850s
26013369   Alice Woodforde Calligraphy Book in multiple German scripts including Gothic, French, English and more..
2600031   American Fashionable Letter Writer, Original and Selected, containing a variety of Letters on Business, Love, Courtship, Marriage, Relationship, Friendship, Etc... Merriam, Moore & Co. Troy, NY. 1850
25026437   An album titled " A Book of my copies of Old Records especially of Biddeford Maine - Revolutionary Soldiers etc., etc." .
26000134   An archive of ephemera, books and photographs from the estate of a member of the class of 1908, Amherst College, including Chi Phi Fraternity memorabilia.. c1908
26008125   Anayltic Workbook including Textile Specimens, Philadelphia Textile School, Pennsylvania Museum & School of Industrial Arts by Adolphe Rusch, Jr. Pioneer in Lightweight Aviation Fabrics.
26000202   Art Nouveau Blank Advertising Menu Sheets, B. Leon Croizet Grande Fine Champagne and St. Meme Cognac, ca. 1900. ..
24020108   Autograph Album from 1866, Eastern United States. ..
24020106   Autograph Album, Maine and New Hampshire, 1887 and 1888. ..
27009532   Benefit of the Manufactures' and Village Library! Miss Helen F. Brigham, Of Boston Presents "Deestrict Skewl" . .Great Falls, NH.1890
26017231   Body Builder Posters for Coloring, Illustrated by Danny Webster, No. 605. Ideal School Supply Co..Chicago.1932
21005135   Brown, Taggard & Chase - School Books, Medical Books, Stationary. Brown, Taggard & Chase.Boston.
20128301   Business Card – Arthur A. Waite, Children’s Chalk-talker . ..c1880s
26008234   Business Card and Book Publisher's List - Newman & Ivison Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers,. c1854
24000308   Can't Be "Beet" Die-Cut Beet shaped advertisement for Bay State Papers. ..
24015100   Casino de Paree Menu and Wine List, . ..
260023132   Catalogue and Price List of Original Label Designs, Talcum Wraps and Sachet Envelopes in Stock with Chromolithograph Images. . The Harden Lithographing Co..Phhiladelphia.1909
26000201   Champagne Binet Blank Advertising Menu, ca. 1890's. ..
201281302   Chauncey Buell's Book - Ludlow Massachusetts, 1834 -1841.
27000300   Commonplace Book belonging to Jane - Poetry and Verse, Watercolors. ..1830s
26020100   Daniel Warner's Day Book - Payment Records, Days in the Moon's age, Math Problems, Remedies for Man & Beast and much more.. .Henry County, Indiana.1846
26000116   Diary of Young Girl, Frankie Brown, Daytona Florida, 1919. ..
25021328   Die-cut Calendar for 1901 titled "From Jap Land". Misch & Co.London .
24000308315   Die-cut Promotional Book in the shape of Foot Promoting Wayne Knitting Mill, Full Matchless Fashioned Hosiery. "Something on Foot".. ..1990
25010115325   Documents associated with the early development of the Holyoke to South Hadley Falls Bridge including pledge petition, receipt for survey and plans, and bill heads for material printing and Bridge Committee dinner receipt 1870. . ..1870
26000232   E. C. Spink's Classes for Dancing, . T.S. Hammond.Providence RI.
26000126   Edith Beatty's "Aldine Autograph Album with Decorated Spaces and Lines for Sentiment and Name", Conshohocken, PA, 1880-1898. ..1878
22023200   Eight (8) Mounted Photographs of the Phineas Bemis House in Dudley, MA, 1805-2005. .MA.c. 1880
240003412   Engraved trade card with a dried sheaf of Italian wheat and a sicle promoting Le Moult's Natural Flower Preserving Laboratory, c1876. ..
1240129   Envelope containing hair from A. Porrer, Artist in Hair & Jewellery "By Appointment of the Queen" Regent Street. ..
21025125   Ephemera pertaining to a dinner honoring William H. Welch, MD, "the Dean of American Medicine". first Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, founder of Johns hopkins' School of Public Health, 1910..
26012347   Fairyland Sprites to Paint, Crayon and Cut-out. No 1202 - ABCs, Counting and Paper Dolls. 1930
25017100   Fifth Avenue Hotel Menu, Hitchcock, Darling & Co. New York City. C1890s. . ..
26013375   Fine Made by Hand Geometric Designed Paper Hearts with Woven Hair with Flower at Center with Surrounding verse titled Star of Memory. ..April 14, 1861
26017146   Framed engraving - Watch paper for M. O. & N. Randall - Watch Maker, Silversmith & Jeweler, Woodstock VT. T. H. Cushman Sc. .Albany, NY.
25017234   Francois French Restaurant, 46 E. Colorado St., Pasadena with homespun charm c1950s. ..
23016238   Friendship Album for Mabel Cavalier with sentiments and 22 plus full page drawings, watercolors and novelties. .Forest Gate, London.1930
230003148   Friendship Letter with eternal ring plaited hair from Emma to John Van Syckel. .Mount Pleasant, NJ.1818
26008200   Grocery and Wine Price List, H. Gogard, Paris, ca. 1900. ..
24024323   Hand made Teaching Aids and Lesson Plans for Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Robinson. .Snowhegan, ME.c1950
26017456   Hand Penned The Old Oaken Bucket to Messrs Doherty Bros, Respectfully inscribed and executed by John C. Crowley with Pen and Ink--Elaborate Decoration. ..c1880
25012978   Hank Hart Pals on Our Farm. New York,Animated Book Company,1944 . ..
26005123   Harvard Cooperative Society - "Beaux Arts" and "Reliable" Series Christmas Cards c 1915.
23006224334   Herbick & Held Type Specimen Book belonging to Violet Symons, Pittsburgh, Pa. c1950s . Herbick & Held Printing Co..Pittsburgh.c1950s
26006197   Hut isch wider Fasenacht, wo-n-is d'Mutter Chuechli Bacht. n.d. Bern: A.. Francke,.
26004564   In search of a job - Letters of Recommendation & Certificates for Josephine Smith, West Gardner ME 1864. . ..
1240087   Intricate Paper Cutwork, either by or in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold c1800, Ipswich England.. ..
26000118   Inventory Book for Builder, 1903-1906 . ..
60360   Invisible Guest Dinner, 1921Montclair European Relief Committee, NJ for Czecho-Slovakia Children .
26002354   Invitation - Luther Hill Camp No.64. Sons of Veterans, USA in Camp at Luther Hill 1894. ..
26024253   Invitation, Program and Menu for Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington, Lawyers' Club, NYC . Tiffany & Co...April 29, 1889
26014100   J. O. Bentley's French Stamping and Designing Depots - Stamping Done Whiole you Wait, Philadelphia. ..
21023101   Jas. R. Adams, Pantaloon Business Card. ..
26000128   John White and his Lottery Ticket-pair with make-do repairs. Merriam, Moore, & Co.New York.n.d.
24016325   Just for You - Jean and Johnnie's Country Holiday, A Story Cut-out Book c1950s w Gender Neutral Paper Doll. 1950s
25026175   Le Lilliputien . A Rouyer, Editeur, Paris. No. 359 - Handwork Patterns Secular Subject Matter, April 1877. ..
24002564   Ledger of a merchant and Francis Haskell, Deer Isle, ME--Accounts of Early Inhabitants, Schooner Constitution and Schooner Victory, 1835-1850. ..
26000146   Letters of John H. Wells to Miss Julia Tracy, 1828-1829. ..
26000145   Letters of Mary Adeline in Holliston to Lovina Emerson, 1848-1849. ..1848-1849
2201853   Liberator, April 1918 Edition, Vol. 1 No. 2. Liberator Publishing Company.New York.6666
2201856   Liberator, August 1919 Edition, Vol. 2 No. 8 (Serial No. 18). Liberator Publishing Company.New York.7153
2201854   Liberator, November 1918 Edition, Vol. 1 No. 9. Liberator Publishing Company.New York.6880
27005121   Liquor Catalog and Price List, The Yellow House, Curacao, D.W.I. Die-cut in the Shape of Luggage. .Curacao, D. W. I. .c1935.
21033100   Macullar Parker Company, Fashionable Clothing for all Occasions, 400 Washington Street Boston Selected Views of Boston. Moses King..1898
240247   Menu and Program for the October Meeting of the Pittsburgh Club of Printing House Craftsmen in honor of our guest Norman T. A. Munder, printer Extraordinary. ..Oct 18, (1922)
25017105   Menu and Receipt for 7 smaa hjem (7 small houses), Denmark . ..
26009457   Menu card for New Years, Moseley's New Haven House, 1908. ..
20135100   Menu-Christmas 1909, Hotel Koch, Hartford, CT. ..
25017102   Menu-German-American Rathskeller, New York, ca. 1961. ..
25017103   Menu-H. Hicks & Son, America's First and Foremost Fruit Shop, New York , ca. 1936. ..
25017106   Menu-Palmer House, Chicago, 25th Annual Reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, 1893. ..
25016437   Merry Christmas Charm String by Irene Marcellus, in Original Box, Nister Dutton, No. 2131.
26000144   Mill Book for day by day Accounting of Wood and Labor, Trenton, NY, 1834-1835. .Trenton, NY.1834-1835
26006324   Miner's Make-up Catalogue, Henry C. Miner, NY. c1910s .
20128321   Miscellaneous Extracts, During the year 1837. ..
26000534   Mode & Roman, Weekly French Art Deco Fashion Magazine - Patterns, Novellette, Features July 1934. ..
21034213   Musings, Verse and Sentiment by an Unidentified Gentlemen Embellished with Whimsical Illustration Snippets. 1825. ..
9000234   Naive Pennsylvania Paper Cuts - 2 Woman, a Horse and Cart with Rolling Wheels.
25002138   Newspaper Cover Handmade Commonplace Book, June 4, 1809.
22018964   OPERA PRIVa DE PARIS, 1929 Premiere Saison Program. ..1929
23006323   Pamphlet - Prof. Shaw’s Antiseptic Solution – An Invaluable Household Requisite! For the Preservation of Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Jellies, James, Honey Preserves, Sauces, Syrups, etc.(Spiritus Acetose). Union Job Printing Co..Detroit.c1878
10128100   Personal Account Book for Charles W. Bartlett, 1873-1877. ..
26025478   Pocket Map of New York City, Compliments of Broadway Central Hotel. 1890s. ..
27006563   Preserving Food - 7 Cook Booklets demonstrate improvement in 'Putting Up" or Home Canning and Preserving. ..1910-1930s
25026231   Price List & Catalog Awnings, Tents, Flags, Window Shades, Boat Covers... Catalogue No. 24.. c1910
27008313   Price List and Illustrations of Butchers' Machinery, Tools and Fixtures, . B. Staubach.New York City .c1870s
24026513   Probabilities - An Edwardian era guide to signals used by the Government Weather Bureau, the implications on house paint and other Prognostications indicating changes in the weather. Lowe Brothers Company.Dayton, OH.c1910
23032478   Program for City Council Celebration, signing of the Constitution of the United States of America. Independence Square. September 1861. .
26004138   Promotional Card and Measurement Card - The Flynt Waist, or True Corset, Boston 1876.
24005339   Promotional Piece Image from Photograph of Pupils at the Eastern Branch of the Lewis School for Stammerers. Boys and Girls, Men and Women, eight to fifty years.. .Boston.1907
30058   Rebus with Buster Brown & Tige, Outcault, Tuck 1906
27005365   Sapoli-o-lic" Promotional Booklet features Selections from E.M.S. Pinafore . Enoch Morgan Sons Co. (E.M.S).New York.1879
24020110   Scrap Album for Selina Lawrence, 1873-1875, possibly England. ..
2600093   Series of Family letters from Rebecca (Morton) and Gideon Carpenter of Vermont to Phebe (Morton) and Peter Vaughan of Middleborough, Massachusetts, 1827-1848 . ..
25010200   Seven (7) Razor Cut Engrossed Salesman Samples, Howard C. Rice,1912. ..1912
26015501   Sketches of Revolutionary Worthies with Fine Portraits. Jonathan Grout, Jr..Worchester.
27008594   Small Advertising Flyer - Joseph and Old Carlos. Turner & Fisher, NY, Keller, Baltimore..1840s
26011251   Spooner's Protean Views No. 5. The Royal Rose of England "The Expectancy and rose of the fair State" Shakespear.
25027134   Stallions for Service "At the Pastures", Belfast, ME - John Ward, Edgemark, Stiletto C.
2010257   Stephen E. Quayle. Georgia State High School League Debate - Position, NEGATIVE Resolved, that the federal government should subsidize the southern states for education of Negroes. ..924
26000123   Tailor Album,Saison D'Hiver (Winter Season), Vol. XXII, No. 7, 1901-1902. H. & B. Sirotta.New York.1901-1902
24016798   The Big Book For Peace Book Cover, Illustrated by Maurice Sendak as a Jigsaw Puzzle.
27005643   The Declaration of Independence Portfolio, Compiled and Published by The Ladies' Patriotic Society Co., . The Ladies' Patriotic Society Co.,.Buffalo, NY.1899
24016326   The Dolly Dressmaker, B.B. Ltd. No. 509 Printed in England. C1950s â“ An unusual twist on a paper doll book- Patterns, Swatches and Trim.
25003123   The Greely Plum, printed in plum colored ink.. ..
20128200   The Mother's Assistant and Child's Friend, July, 1856, Vol. XXXI No. 1 . ..1856
20128201   The Mother's Assistant and the Young Ladies Friend, January 1855, Vol. IX No. 1. Stone & Halpine..1855
25006868   The Story of the Merriam Family - George, Charles, Lewis and Homer - Printers, Publishers and Men of Progress. Springfield, MA, Clark W. Bryan, 1887. ..
26015107   The Tadwinkle Twins. stapled binding, some wear on spine 1921
24400308   The Young Ladies’ Journal, Gratis Supplement, Christmas, 1892. Acrostic Charade, and Character Analysis.. ..1892
23016341   Third Annual Announcement and Catalogue of the New York Free Medical College for Women Session for 1873-74.. Poole & Maclauchlan, Printers and Bookbinders.New York.1873
240054522   Ticket to Bankers' and Merchants Presentation Enterprise held at Irving Hall c1867, presented by Clark Webster & Co. NCY. ..
26016486   Un-Cut Paper Doll Book - At Our House; Mothers & Daughters, Saalfield 1960s. ..
26016235   Un-Cut Paper Doll Book - Trudy in her Teens, Merrill 1943. ..
26016636   Un-Cut Paper Doll Book Skating Stars, Whitman 1954 - 3 Dolls. ..
26000138   Uncle Sam's ABC Book, Printed in Linen, 1897. W.B. Conkey Company.Chicago ; New York.1897
26017147   Union Ball at H. B. Vail's Hotel, Danby, VT, 1855 -- Coated Stock- Fine Engravings. ..
26000124   VendOmeter News journals and pamphlet, 1928. ..1928
21000342   Wooden Wool Scrapers - used as "Tally Pad".
22018-70   "Abendblatt: Der Arbeiter Zeitung c1918
2303327   "Frederic W Goudy: American Typographer" . Paul Johnston . The Heuron, No.7 . . C. 1930
55800   "Wood" Lace Paper Valentine with Mirror and Scrap Horse C1850
2600040   "Your Favourite Walk" Photo and Memory Album created by Cissie, UK. 1909
24005125   $100 Reward – Confidence Man and Probably White Slaver. C1920. . ..
55802   'To Greet You' Openout card w Blue Daisy Diecut, Hearts, Flowers and Path with Cabin
1240114   . Autograph Album and Sketch Book created by Employees of the Ministry of Munitions, Drawing Office, includes Women's Advancement, Fine Watercolors and Sketches - some Chinese Characters. . .Town Hall Anerley, S. E. London .1918
1240062   [Historical Memorabilia] [Railroad] Report on the southern route of the proposed railroad from West Chester to Philadelphia by Edward F. Gay, civil engineer, January 8th, 1851.
240251   [Promotion with Child as Audience] Further Adventures of Jim, John and Jane
30031   “A Token of Sincere Regard” Scrap w Silver Sailing Vessel and Winged Cherub
20128245   “The Wreath of Wild Flowers”. Editresses Miss Laura Scott, Miss Laura Stillman, Miss August Hyde and Miss Jennie Reandall. Students at Cortland Academy, Cortland NY c 1870s. ..
24011-116   1. A collection of five (5) Betrothals finely printed on porcelain or coated stock cards c1850s.
11390   10 Little Negroes
55895   10" Embossed Die-cut Scrap Lion in Jungle Setting Setting
55896   10" Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap Snow Angel in Rose and Winterberry Wreath - Mica Enhanced
55583   10tholympiadlosangeles19311-5
31621   11 Die-cut Placecards w Box Stereotypical Chinese Children w Lanterns, Fans & Pigtails
26013395   11 Vinegar Valentines backhandedly promoting Sapolio Soap c1910.
31558   12 Embossed Victorian Scraps - British Royals
55025   12" Pantin type Mechanical Paper Toy - Ethnic Dancer? c1880s
55786   12" Scrap Sailor Boy Leaning on his Big Great Dane
31599   12” Die-cut Embossed Victorian Scrap - Father Christmas Santa Claus
55823   13" Scrap Hunting Boy with Four Hungry Dogs and Plate of Steak
55587   13” Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap of Young Boy in Sailor Suit with Fishing Net, Probably Tuck
31604   13” Paper Dollhouse Room Scenes w Moveable Dolls & Accessories c1890s
26005137   16 Cut Horses, Carriages and Wagons with Saddles and Bridle, Mary Lapham, NY 1867 , plus Copybook
8006123   1818 Hand penned and illustrated booklet - Um 24ten Weinmonat -24 Wine Month (October).
25025338   1827 Schrenscnitte style Cut Paper--Abstract Imagery with the appearance of hats and shoes and decorative devices. ..
21002321   1830s Scherenschnitte Cut-work Valentine & Punch Paper Sampler Rose Bookmark John Ripley, Putnam-Houser House, Belpre, Ohio
55863   1832 Prang Valentine - Brids, Branches, Snow and Young Girl
240038   1835 Album Assemblage, Christopher Aldridges with Dresdin Scrap decorated pages1835
55812   1840's Strong - Sweet the Breath of Early Morn, Couple in the Garden
240039   1843 Watercolor & Pen and Ink Album for Jayne Lloyd Haines from her Father, Wm Haines, January 26, 1843
21008312   1844 Friendship Album or Piece Book with Wallpaper Cover belonging to Philena Kendall, Wilmington, DE.
21002123   1883-84 Sketch Book Diary in Graphite & Watercolor, Ashburnham, MA.
50026   1889 Catalog, Standard Stallions (Mambrino WIlkes, etc.)
55040   1896 Chromolithograph Calendar - Fine Imagery Forbes
20116100   1897, A Joyful Christmas to All Menu for the Hotel Colson..
55871   1903 Comic Post Card - Girl Giving Boy a Big Kiss with Billowing Smoke Outcault
22003100   1903 Hand-drawn Watercolor Menu for a dinner honoring Le Prince Maha Valirauvudh, Prince Royal de SiamBurapha PalaceFevriar 14, 1903 ..
24020314   1909 Autograph and Friendship Album for S. B. Rubbell, Eastman College, 1909.
55221   1912 Trade Catalog, Suspenders, Woman Golfer on Cover
26000121   1924 Vassar Calendar with Leather Cover. ..1924
23006-149   1930-31 Catalog No. 31 - G. ED Trebing - General Merchandise
55231   1936 Promo Book, “New York Stock Exchange”
55811   1940's Strong - Broken Hearted Women Sitting in a Garden
25019165   1947-48 Camp Fire Girls Leader Archive -Arlington MA.
31541   2 1/2” Handmade Paper Doll w 8 Costumes Plus An Apron & A Pinafore c1880s
31607   2 Different Marx Molded Plastic Campus Cuties - Lodge Party & Stormy Weather 1964
55220   2 Early 20th Century California Greeting Cards, Tipped-in Illustrations.
55892   2 Embossed Victorian Scaps - 5" Toddlers at Play
55052   2 Large Format Paper Dolls & Costumes Dearie Dolls 1915
55711   2 Valentine with Couples Under Umbrellas with Moving Secret Message
26024436   29 Advertising Trade Cards Promoting Books, Magazines and Newspapers. ..
31544   3 3/4” Watercolor Toddler Paper Doll With a Curl in the Middle of Her Forehead...
27006562   3 Cookbooks - Streamline Your Figure --The New Mid-century Hourglass. ..
55708   3 Heart Shaped Cards For Your Valentine Friends
55706   3 Heart Shaped Cards Women w Winter Ware Forget-Me-Note Wreaths
55712   3 Mechanical Valentines - Girl w Mirror, Chalk Board and Bouquet

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