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x Basket of Valentine Hearts
Boy in Gazebo Surrounded by Love Birds 'To Great You' Hearts, Flowers and Path with Cabin
Valentine Girl Waiting For Tennis Partner Colonial Women Sitting Outside by a River
Pop Up Girl with Daisy's Country Gent and His Girl
Cherubs, White Doves, Broken Arrows, Winged Cupid, Paint Pallet with Brushes
Angel Strumming A Tune on her Mandolin Pair of Sun Bonnet babies
Dandy giving his Sweetheart a Cornucopia Cupid Playing the Heart with Broken Arrow
Chauffer Driving Truck Load of Hearts Red honeycomb sits on the base
Forget-me-not with Dresden leaves and a verse. Honeycomb Hourglass With Charming Girl
Colorful Valentine Card With Boy Playing Golf x
Valentine w Kitten Stands on Honeycomb Ball of Yarn 7”
A die-cut kitten stands atop a double opening red honeycomb ball of yarn. The base has a verse 'Love's Choice'
A charming series of love scraps in a floral setting Winged Cowboy Cupid
Open out Die cut Flower Cart w Love Birds Roses & Red Honeycombs
Die cut Victorian push cart with roses, love bird and honeycomb. A Six Tier Valentine Card
Roses and Hydrangeas in a Wooden Brown Cart. Sailing Ship with Three Children Aboard
3 Tier Die-cut Valentine –Rose Basket, Cherubs with Hearts & Arrow & Sail Ship Masts 8”
Three part 9” die-cut valentine with baskets of roses, cherubs and sail boat masts. An embossed, die cut, heart with a fairy and cupid
Pink Steamship with Dove Birds and Young Girl open-out love birds, wedding wagon
Valentine Steam Ship Ready To Set Sail. Gazebo Valentine Bliss
Open-out Valentine w Pretty Girl in Blue Cape with Blue Honeycomb Mushrooms
Forget-Me-Not Sail Boat with Scrap Boy A pretty young girl gathering flowers in her apron with a love bird at her side.  Front tier is a blue honeycomb mushroom, adorned with cherubs.
Raphael Tuck Valentine – Kneeling Revolutionary Gentlemen with Open-out Parcel
A Revolutionary era gentleman on bended knee with a large package captioned ‘From Heart to Heart’.  It opens to reveal a row of love birds and blue birds amidst vining roses.   A small paper honeycomb at front. A three (3) tier fold-down valentine