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Boy Holding Spoon and Fork "Can She Cook?" Man in Black Tuxedo
Laughing Mechanical Boy Small Girl Holding onto Big Yellow Flowers
Roses with Applied Silk Purple Ribbon O'Neill - Kewpies Valentine Post  Card
1903 Comic Post Card Girl polishing her Nails, Boy Brushing his hair.
Broken Hearted Women Sitting in a Garden Sweet the Breath of Early Morn, Couple
Valentine Cards - Young Girls at the Beach Valentine Girl Going Fishing for Men or Fish?
Pansies with Silver and Gold Embellished Leaves Elaborate Lace Valentine with Winged Cherubs
Civil War Valentine Small Boy Wearing Top Hat Presenting
Tiny Valentine Card – Applied Scrap Dutch Girl Man and Woman Strolling, "I love thee!
Valentine -Two Mechanical Bonnet Girls with Dresses Dandy Walking with Pretty Maiden
Silver Winged Cherubs Nister - Double Heart Valentine
Baseball Valentine Gril Blowing Hearts
Colorful Valentine Card Tuxedo, Top Hat, and Umbrella
Prang Valentine - Brids, Branches, Snow and Young Girl "Wood" Lace Paper Valentine
Girl with three Faces, Happy, Mad, and Surprised Small Girl with Parrot in Valentine Box
Mechanical Valentine Magician x
Couple Hiding  under Mechanical Umbrella Mechanical Valentine Girl with Baby Carriage
xClown Girl Declaring her Devotion to Her Valentine Mechanical Fly Boy Valentine Holding Hearts
Tier Charm String - "My Hearts Gift" Mechanical Turtle on the Beach
Romancer on his Knee Holding a Flower Ward Valentine - Man and Women Standing on Bridge
Mary in Blue Dress Touching Flowers Nouveau Style of Woman with Flowers, Leaves and Vines
Big Red Poppies, Flaming Heart, and Cupid Elaborate Lace Design with Scrap Flowers
Cloth Image of Stitched Verse Lacey Cupid in a Heart with Small Scrap Face
Boy Running With Football x
1920's Style Girl Sending out Valentine Wishes Cupid with Wings Whispering
Colonial Girl Surrounded by Pink Intricate Lace Pattern Heart
Ward -Lace Valentine Card with Dandy Lace Colonial Valentine with Scrap Flowes
Vibrant Purple Violet Place Cards Being Too Shy for Her Valentine
Here Lies Bill, Extgremely Still, Died From . String Young Women Seriously Looking for Love
Two Cherubs on a cloud, One Playing the Horn Humming Bird Valentine
String - War, Sea, Girl and Flowers - Brundage Style Mechanical Hat Valentine Dandy -Tuck
Four Tier Charm String -  Pink Flowers, girls and Birds Charm String - Style of Martha Washington Look-a-Like
Nester - Duch Girl with Valentine Message Car- Girl Looking For Her Valentine Man
Police Man Stops Speeding Valentine Car Girl Writing to her Sweetheart on Valentine's Day
Cupid's Gift Card - Style of Frances Brundage Motorcycle Side Car of Valentine Love
Driving To "Love Land" Avator Flyboy
Sailor Sailing wiht Important Valentine Message Lady in Purple
Spoon - Spooning over a Cup Black Terrier Serving Up Valentine Wishes
Farmer Brown ,Girl with Surprised Look,Girl with Fan Goose Chasing Cheif Looking For Dinner
Girl Holding Basket of Hearts with Buzzing Bees Valentines Day Cards For The One You Love
Three Mechanical Valentine Cards Roller Babies Valentine Card
Chalk Board Valentine Greetings Nister Valentine Heart Shaped Cards
Three Cards For Your Valentine Friends Valentine Couples with Moving Secret Message
Pastel Flower Rolls Royce With Playing Cupids. Dump Truck Filled with Hearts and Hiding Girl.
Boy and Girl Driving a Green Model A. Cupids Taking A Valentine Joy-Ride
Flower Power Valentine Girls Cupid At Work with Saw
Boy Strumming His Banjo Cupid Ridding Shotgun On Top Of Car
Cherub driving a Love Chariot. Valentine Boy Licking A Pop
Peachy Valentine with Girl Holding Pooch Rocker Valentine Girl with Roses
Comical Courting Couples Driving her car to meet her mysterious valentine.
Cupid on Tail of Flying Airplane. Bucking rodeo horse with a riding girl.
Racing valentine pigs Policeman driving a motor cycle with a side car.
Cupid Riding Bike with Cart of Hearts. Boy Sitting on a  Motor Cycle.
Valentine Solider Boy World War I. Sharp Dressed Elephant Valentine.
Small Mansell  Lace Paper Valentine with Blue Accented Dresden Adornments and Dresden Skep c1870s
Midi Sailor Girl Fold Down Valentine Lace paper valentine with gaudy inside page displaying through lace. Popular 1860s - 70s style.
Octavo Lace Paper Lace Paper
An octavo size valentine with lace paper cover backed with fine silk mesh and watercolor red roses with green vines and gilt embellishment.  It depicts a woman standing in a garden setting. A 5” x 3” elaborate and intricate lace paper with Cupid in a sail boat as the center cartouche.  C1860s.
Octavo Lace Paper Elaborate Lace Paper Octavo
A lace paper only applied to what was once the top of a valentine.  It is unidentified, but elaborate lace paper with gilt embellishment.  This is topped with an applied silk ribbon border and a center cartouche with embroidered silk roses captioned “To My Friend”. A 7” x 4 ¾” embossed die-cut valentine with elaborate gilt enhanced lace paper in a mirrored shape hinged to the front.  Embellished with feathers and a silk flower.
A Vinegar Valentine Victorian Valentine Die-cut Scrap of Bouquet of Roses with Bright Red Honeycomb Basket, Germany
A pulp paper comic valentine, also known as Penny Dreadfuls or Vinegar Valentines.  It is captioned “A Pick-Pocket” An 11” x 9 ¾” embossed die-cut Victorian scrap of a large bouquet of red roses and forget-me-nots
Victorian Die-cut Paper Doll Valentine c1890s—Your Voice is Music… Elaborate Victoiran Boxed Valentine
A charming paper doll valentine – a 10 ¾” die-cut chromolithograph scrap torso of a young lady holding a song sheet. 1860s hinged box valentine with   Cameo scrap of woman holding dove.
Art Nouveau Easel style Valentine
Multi-tier hinged valentine - transitional piece from Victorian to Art Nouveau