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3 Valentines Depict Popular Culture of the 1930s--Roller Skating, Scottie, Telephones & a Crooners
Price: 25.00

Top left is a blonde girl with pigtails dialing the phone looking for a ring. Top right is a girl roller skating carrying a special message. Her Scottie dog is at her feet. Below a boy croons with a large microphone. . He has a big yellow bow tie with red hearts. The verse reads, ? I?m not SINATRA  I?m not BING but for you Valentine I sure can SING.? The final is the timeless teen on the phone. Condition: excellent. Pencil inscriptions on reverse.
Heart Shaped Parchment and Rivet Art Nouveau Valentine w Clover Flowers & Brundage Image
Heart Shaped Parchment and Rivet Art Nouveau Valentine w Clover Flowers & Brundage Image
Price: 30.00

Heart shaped valentine, applied parchment with clover leaves and flower design held in place with rivets.  Clover flowers held in place with rivets with a pretty young girl dressed in green at center.
Valentine w Kitten Stands on Honeycomb Ball of Yarn 7”
Valentine w Kitten Stands on Honeycomb Ball of Yarn 7”
Price: 30.00

A die-cut kitten stands atop a double opening red honeycomb ball of yarn.
Art Nouveau Influenced Valentine Gift Book, “Heartiest Good Wishes.”
Price: 30.00

An 8 pp booklet with embossed heavy stock covers. Art Nouveau Influenced  cover design with poppies and flowing greenery.  An applied die-cut at center of  girl while seated among the giant violets.  An anonymous rhyming valentine verse within.  In-text and full page color illustrations of a young girl harvesting violets and later holly.  Also includes scene of cats and kitten playing London Bridges --most unusual for a book of this nature. Condition: s excellent.
Tulip and Rose Art Nouveau Rivet and Parchment Valentine with Die-cut of Brundage girl with Hoop
Tulip and Rose Art Nouveau Rivet and Parchment Valentine with Die-cut of Brundage girl with Hoop
Price: 35.00

Art Nouveau influence with tulip and rose background and applied iris on parchment, held in place with rivets.  Brundage girl with hoop.
Mechanical Valentine Magician with Parrot is trying a Trick with Monkey and Mice
Price: 35.00

Mechanical Valentine Magician
Valentine With Applied Scrap Center of Colorful Flowers
Price: 40.00

A single fold embossed valentine with an applied scrap depicting an array of spring flowers.  A small floral scrap that reads, “Truthful.”  Condition: small area of discoloration upper left. Scrapbook residue and pencil inscription on reverse.
3 Tier Die-cut Valentine –Rose Basket, Cherubs with Hearts & Arrow & Sail Ship Masts 8”
3 Tier Die-cut Valentine –Rose Basket, Cherubs with Hearts & Arrow & Sail Ship Masts 8”
Price: 45.00

Three part 9” die-cut valentine with baskets of roses, cherubs and sail boat masts.
Marcus Ward -Lace Valentine Card with Dandy and His Girl Smelling a Rose under the Arbor
Price: 45.00

Ward -Lace Valentine Card with Dandy
Gold Enhanced Valentine with Lace Paper Heart Surrounding Cupid
Price: 45.00

Lacey Cupid in a Heart with Small Scrap Face
"Wood" Lace Paper Valentine with Mirror and Scrap Horse C1850
Price: 45.00

"Wood" Lace Paper Valentine
Octavo Lace Paper
Octavo Lace Paper with applied Silk Embroidered Cartouche with Silk Ribbon Trim
Price: 50.00

A lace paper only applied to what was once the top of a valentine.  It is unidentified, but elaborate lace paper with gilt embellishment.  This is topped with an applied silk ribbon border and a center cartouche with embroidered silk roses captioned “To My Friend”.
Tuck Valentine with Window that Opens to Winged Cupid
Price: 50.00

Valentine with Window that Opens to Winged Cupid
Small Mansell  Lace Paper Valentine with Blue Accented Dresden Adornments and Dresden Skep c1870s
Small Mansell Lace Paper Valentine with Blue Accented Dresden Adornments and Dresden Skep c1870s
Price: 65.00

Lace paper valentine with gaudy inside page displaying through lace. Popular 1860s - 70s style.
Gazebo Valentine Bliss
Price: 80.00

Gazebo Valentine Bliss
Victorian Valentine Die-cut Scrap of Bouquet of Roses with Bright Red Honeycomb Basket, Germany
Victorian Valentine Die-cut Scrap of Bouquet of Roses with Bright Red Honeycomb Basket, Germany
Price: 85.00

An 11” x 9 ¾” embossed die-cut Victorian scrap of a large bouquet of red roses and forget-me-nots
Octavo Lace Paper
Octavo Lace Paper Garden Scene Valentine with Gilt Embellishment and Dresden Birds in Nest with Eggs. Windsor or Wood.
Price: 85.00

An octavo size valentine with lace paper cover backed with fine silk mesh and watercolor red roses with green vines and gilt embellishment.  It depicts a woman standing in a garden setting.
Color Lithograph Valentine with Watercolor Finishing - Lovely Lady in Rose Garden
Price: 85.00

A single-fold printed color lithograph illustration of lovely woman seated in rose garden.  Enhanced with watercolor on roses and ivy border decoration.  The verse begins “Would I might kiss that crimson lip... Inside blank. c1850s. Envelope folds, otherwise fine.
Raphael Tuck Valentine – Kneeling Revolutionary Gentlemen with Open-out Parcel
Raphael Tuck Valentine – Kneeling Revolutionary Gentlemen with Open-out Parcel Revealing Love Birds & Honeycomb Frances Brundage
Price: 100.00

A Revolutionary era gentleman on bended knee with a large package captioned ‘From Heart to Heart’.  It opens to reveal a row of love birds and blue birds amidst vining roses.   A small paper honeycomb at front.
Fine Mansell Lace paper Envelope w Gilt Enhanced Valentine w Printed Silk Verse
Price: 100.00

This fine lace paper embossed die-cut envelope is marked "Mansell".  The entire envelope is lace paper.  Within is a gilt enhanced replica of the cover design with a courting couple at left and a cartouche backed with a printed silk verse entitled "A True and Devoted Heart".   Hand penned at the base of the verse is LIke Thine Dan. "We will always be friends; Little blue-eye" is penned on the front of the envelope.  Measures 10 1/2" x 7" when flat. Few dots of old glue residue; otherwise fine.
Vinegar Valentine - Cutwork Paper Heart with Hand Penned Verse Endling Relationship
Price: 120.00

A 5 1/2" x 4 3/4" paper heart with sawtooth border, edge and center with triangle cutwork, with pinprick border design. What at first appearance looks to be a love poem turns sour.  The verse reads "Venus herself is not more birght Or lovely to the view, Her Skin is like the lily white, Her eyes a heavenly blue...Tis true with sympathetic arts You once procur exchange of hearts, But since with love no more I burn, Mine I'll take back and yours return".   Light wrinkling and wear.
Art Nouveau Easel style Valentine
Art Nouveau Intricate Transitional Valentine Easel Back
Price: 125.00

Multi-tier hinged valentine - transitional piece from Victorian to Art Nouveau
Elaborate Lace Paper Octavo
Elaborate Lace Paper Octavo Valentine with Feather and Silk Flower Embellishment. Maker Unknown. C1850s
Price: 125.00

A 7” x 4 ¾” embossed die-cut valentine with elaborate gilt enhanced lace paper in a mirrored shape hinged to the front.  Embellished with feathers and a silk flower.
Fine Lace Paper Valentine with Light Stepping Gent Hand Colored Lithograph
Price: 125.00

A single-fold  valentine with  fine lace paper cover.  A hand colored lithograph at center depicts a light stepping or dancing gent in a garden.  It is captioned “Who can behold thee dearest, and not love”. Inside blank.  No maker noted.  Also includes embossed envelop addressed to Lizzie Bassett, Worcester, Mass. Condition: small corner chip upper left.  Overall excellent. c1850.
Elaborate Victoiran Boxed Valentine
Elaborate Multi-Level Valentine in Hinged Box
Price: 140.00

1860s hinged box valentine with   Cameo scrap of woman holding dove.
Octavo -Floral Lace Paper with Cupid, Dresden Heart with Butterfly at center c1860s
Price: 150.00

A single-fold 5"x 7" valentine with intricate lace paper cover with floral patters and Cupid above the cartouch. A Dresden scrap with butterfly surrounded by a heart floats at the center of the cover on silk mesh backing.  Inside applied verse shows through silk mesh. Purple wafers at base corners and center top.  Applied verse withing titled Accepted Love. No maker identified. Few specks on front lace margin and reverse; overall fine.
Octavo - Lace paper with Paper Pants - My Heart Pants for Thee Dobbs, Kidd & Co. c1850s
Price: 175.00

A 4 5/8" x 7" valentine with intricate lace paper cover.  The center opening is backed with silk besh with an applied pair of paper pants. Sentiment on inside page shows through "My Heart" above the pants and "For Thee" below the pants. Two embossed die-cut scraps of roses also adore the cover.  The inside page reads "My heart pants for thee".  Reverse is blank.  Dobbs, Kidd & Co. c1850s.  Condition: Old repair lower right corner; few areas of discoloration on lace.  Unusual item
Quarto Handcolored  Lithograph Valentine
Quarto Handcolored Lithograph Valentine with Gentleman and Cupid – Women in Yonder Window…c1830s
Price: 200.00

A hand colored lithograph printed quarto valentine depicting a stately gentleman at the garden’s gate being advised by Cupid.
Dobbs-Kidd Lace Paper Octavow with Applied Paper & Silk Flowers and Paper Glove - My Love The Glove
Price: 200.00

A single-fold 5" x 7 1/2" lace paper cover valentine marked Dobbs-Kidd. The center cartouche is backed with silk mesh exposing a verse beneath titled My Love The Glove. Applied and hand painted flowers at sides and at top. Silk leaves with Dresden fern at top accent a die-cut glove below and silk leaves at base. As you are most likely aware the glove was given as a valentine token for centuries. The verse reads
My Love The Glove

I eman not you should wear
But with your aid
My dearest Maid
We'll join and make a pair

Do say I pray
The Happy day
When if by me you'll stand
I'll promise Thee
Helpmate to be
If you'll give me a hand

Condition: overall excellent.
Valentine with Eggwash Quarto Color
Quarto Color Lithograph Valentine with Eggwash Hand Finish Depicting Courting Couple in a Garden c 1840.
Price: 225.00

Finely embossed lace paper w color lithograph  eggwash hand finish depicts an early Victorian couple while strolling through a garden – he plucks a pink rose matching her costume.
Exceptional Delicate Open-Out Valentine - Cupid Rides Swan Pulling Flower Cart
Price: 225.00

A delicate tricycle flower cart apparatus with Cupid sitting on a swan at the front wheel. The cart is comprised of gold embossed die-cut Victorian scrap with three (3) attached wheels; in the front and on both sides. Atop the cart are tiers of forget-me-nots and a note reading A token of affection.  Condition: overall fine; few repairs at the top of the forget-me-nots.  Please note: I will provide instructions on opening (it’s simple if you do it right, but could be a problem if you don’t...)
Quarto - Embossed Paper Valentine with Hand Colored Lithograph - Burk c1850
Price: 250.00

An 8" x 10" single-fold valentine with finely embossed decorative device border design.  Brightly hand colored decorative elments surround Cupid floating above a rose, lily, forget-me-not and butterfly.   Printed verse begins "How may my heart its feelings prove" and concludes "Thou art my lov'd one--smiling Maid!" Inside blank. Paper by Burk, c1850.  Condition: minor toning left margin; overall fine.