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A Lady of Cincinnati The Child's Bible. with plates. Fisher & Brother.Philadelphia.1834
Price: $75.00

192 pp, embossed cloth board covers. Miniature book. Stereotyper: Joseph A James  Written by a 'lady of Cincinnati', this item is a rendition of the bible simplified for a child audience. There are 27 beautifully detailed  black and white illustrations in the book. Inscribed on end paper front cover  and was given to a student by their teacher (Reward of Merit ?). There is a a lock of hair inserted in-between two pages (68 & 69). Measures 2" x 1 3/4". Covers are soiled and have a few stains. In particular there is one on the front cover. Covers are partially separated from the text block. Interior pages are toned and slightly soiled due to age. Missing last page (191-192)
Love Token with 4 woven hearts for Mercy Land Brown c1850s. ..
Price: $275.00

A dear 3" x 3 5/8" slip of paper with four woven hearts at the corners created from a piece of paper that was printed ornately but for another purpose ("make-do").  Pencil decoration creates 'saw-tooth' border around the hearts plus two naive intertwined hearts and a flower. with the name "Mercy Land Brown" below.  Reverse is blank. .
2" Cut Paper Love Token with Hair Heart, Eternal Love Circle & Fragments of Plaid. ..1850s
Price: $350.00

A 2" scalloped edge paper heart love token created from a young girls hair and clothing; given as a personal remembrance.  A hair heart has been hand stitched around the border with a hair circle of love stitched at the center. Embellished with plaid bows created from the givers own clothing.  An everlasting gift. Reverse is blank. .
Fine Album with 78 Identified Plaided Hair Works including 16 Doubles (Husband & Wife Entwined) and Woven Hearts. .Livingston, Columbia County NY .1848
Price: $2,450.00

A 7" x 8 1/2" handcrafted album with wallpaper covers and satin ribbon border.  An interesting arrray of plaited hair from numerous families in the Livingston, Columbia County NY area.  Of particular note - 16 of the works include hair from a husband and a wife, each woven or looped  in a different manner and joined with a ribbon at center.  An array of ribbons adorn the hair. The first page includes several members of the Potts family.  A verse reads "Why gaze you on my hoary hairs Ye children young and gay Your locks beneath the blast of cares May bleach as white as they.  Remember they That used to wear Upon their heads These locks of hair.  The following two pages also include verses referencing hair.  Additional verses scattered throughout the book.  A single pair of woven paper hearts near the end of the book.  The final page includes a single lock of hair and is captioned "Maria Potts.  This lock of hair was cut at the time of her death at the age of 91.  Members from the following families appear Potts, Bachman, Handerson, Hermans, Shear, Wilteie, Plags, Denninger, Pierce, Rockefeller, Gardner, Decker, Ham, Simpson, Rote, Wright, Genon, Wright, Cole, .
The Hair Album of Lydia J. Ensign,with 159 Identified and Adorned Hair Plaits, New York State. . ..1840-1850
Price: $9,250.00

8vo. silk fabric covered book with hand stitched lining. The penned title page  reads "Some lasting mementos my friends, That shall tell me of days gone by,  Of friendships commenced, or as may be, grown strong.  And respect, or affection, imply.  Though small the gift it speaks esteem, Which years I hope will not impair, A lock of hair, though a trifle you deem Is not without Our Father's Care.  Lydia J. Ensign.A fine album with 159 different identified adorned plaits of hair.  All varieties of plaiting and looping adorned with ribbons, wafers, seals, woven hearts, woven hearts and hands, die-cut gilt scrap elements and more.   Includes a number of families including the Ensign, Winegar,  Burrows, Witherell, Phillips and many more individual and small family units. Locations seems to be scattered about New York stae and include Springport Cayuga, Mechanicsville, North East Dutchess, Dobbs Ferry and many others.  Also includes the hair of several Reverends, all affliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church.  A fine piece of Americana. This is perhaps a companion piece to the Capron hair album, with similar design and works.