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This page includes albums with an emphasis on style and design as well as content.

Creative pursuits such as designing and completing scrapbooks liberated the Victorian woman from the obedient formalities which had long frame the conventions of so much of Victorian culture, as she came to find out her scrapbook had no rules.

Scrapbook interpretation both obliges and enables the creator to perceive things differently because at the core scrapbook time removes the demands of everyday life. Scrapbooks shuffle and recombine the coordinates of time, space, location, voice and memory--anonymous.
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"Your Favourite Walk" Photo and Memory Album created by Cissie, UK. 1909
Price: 65.00

Handmade, hand tied album with photographs and a handwritten letter from a niece, Cissie, to her uncle. Addressed 473 Carlton Place Oswaldtwistle, there is a photograph from Douglas Harbor  Isle of Man and the niece refers to her uncle getting settled in the "land of the free and the home of the brave" while referencing her travels in the UK Names mentioned include Peggy, a new niece Lizzie, brother Dick, and Aunt Maggie. 5" x 6 1/2" some staining from photograph and mounts
1909 Autograph and Friendship Album for S. B. Rubbell, Eastman College, 1909.
Price: 125.00

Signatures and sentiments embellished with flourishes of colored ink on many of the pages. There is also a Stamps page where postage stamp photographs of the students were placed. Autographs from individuals throughout New England and New York, Chicago, Ill, Lima Peru, Tokio Japan, Pittsburgh PA, Grosbeck Texas, Newberry S.C. Additional postage stamp photographs throughout. Given the uniform style and character of the colored ink and watercolor embellishments, it appears they were executed by the same person, perhaps the owner. Some cover deterioration.
Commonplace Book of George W. Rich, Portland ME 1861 includes Gem photos and autographs of Friends. 1861.
Price: 325.00

Includes original and copied verses, Gems of life fill the geometric designs of the author e.g. An eight point floral type design with thoughts on Faith, Hope, Charity, Trials, Duress and A Contented Mind.  Statements on how to live one's life among other verses and finally, gem size photos autographed and dated by  presumed friends and colleagues.  Last but not least a cut-out photo of a dog with "I am Andrew J. Reich's dog! Whose dog are you?" penned below.  Housed in 8" x 6 1/2" album with applied marbled paper on cover.
Photo Album: I Corp Solider during Occupation of Japan includes Orphans and Red Light District, 1946
Price: 475.00

A photo album with over 70 photographs taking during the occupation of Japan ranging from August 1946 to Christmas of that same year. The album itself has no publishing marks, but the embroidered scene on the cover of a Japanese outdoor theme suggests that it was originally purchased in Japan. All the images are held in place by photo corners, and there is only missing photograph.
Contents include several pictures of the Brock’s superior officers but most are either of his bunk mates or of scenes around Honshu. Of note are several pictures of Japanese orphans on Christmas outside of the Red Cross building. There are also pictures of Brock and his fellow soldiers having Christmas Dinner in the mess hall. Throughout the album there are numerous street scenes filled with the local Japanese people, there is even one of a Japanese monk. Several pages of the album are full of pictures from Japan’s Gion District, otherwise known as the Red Light District. There quite a few pictures of humorous signs, either advertising the district or attempting to ensure that no soldier entered it. For example, there is a photo from inside the Grand Kyoto Cabaret (obviously the signs attempting to deter Brock did not work) that states: “Soldiers Remember!!! Public displays of affection by men in uniform towards the women of any nation are in poor taste.” Other images in the album are from when Brock was able to visit other parts of Japan, including Mt. Fuji, Mt. Hai, and a zoo. Measures 11 1/2" x 9".

Memory Album - Phililp Bethel Boude - His Book - Wawonaissa (NH) Photographs of a Camp with Wilderness Theme Watercolor Border Decorations. ..1911
Price: 475.00

Suede cover with pyrography decorated cover reading "Wawonaissa" with wildflower decoration. The hand penned title page reads "Philip Bethel Boude - His Book - 1911 with drawings of candles at the base.  The next page is a penned verse by Agnes L. Tierney that begins "When the rapture of summer has set the pulse athrill...Most pages have a photograph of life at the "camp" or the surrounding water, all embellished with hand drawn watercolor border decorations of items relevant to the photograph. Approximately 50 pages.  Few with watercolor decorations but with out photo, few with remnants of a lacking photo (2-3?). Measures 7 1/2" x 10".  Cover wear. .
Autograph Album and Sketch Book created by Employees of the Ministry of Munitions, Drawing Office, includes Women's Advancement, Fine Watercolors and Sketches - some Chinese Characters. Town Hall Anerley, S. E. London 1918
Price: 550.00

Town Hall Anerley, S. E. London.1918. An autograph album with sentiments and sketches created by various employees of of the Ministry of Munitions, Drawing Office.  Predominantly populated by women, as it was the type of work women did in wartime.   Includes sentiments such as "Nature, impartial in her ends, When she made Man the strongest; In justice too to make amends, Made Woman's tongue the longest". Also another titled "Woman" discussing woman's skills, etc. It also includes a hand penned "Each in His Own Tongue" originally by William Hubert Carmuth. A French and English translation on Friendship.  Also comments about working in the Drawing Office.  Also includes fine watercolors and pencil drawings. (.
Hand Made Birthday Album - A Tribute to Our Grandmother on her Eightieth Birthday, January 12, 1886. from her ever affectionate Grandchildren.
Price: 600.00

Velvet covered album with handmade works demonstrating penmanship, stitchery, watercolor and pencil drawing, etc.  Each created by a different child.  Includes an Acrostic Prayer surrounded by a watercolor of the Holy Bible, Three (3) pen and ink drawings of a sail boat, a pier, a sack of flour, Charcoal of harbor scene, Three (3) watercolors of birds, nests, foliage and flower, sAn embroidered horseshoe on silk.  Measures 5" x 8".  String tie has been replaced.  Otherwise fine.
Large Format Commonplace Album Comprised by a Gentleman in 1828 and Another in 1900. Miniature Lord's Prayer, Sketches1828
Price: 900.00

This rich album includes a number of miniature watercolors and pencil drawings. The title or frontise page is an illustration done in pencil and watercolor depicting a toddler and an elderly gentleman, perhaps symbolizing the “New Year passage”.   The first 85 pages of this album were the musings and excerpts from an English gentleman in the late 1820s. Includes some calligraphy and several miniature pencil drawings.  His works are finely penned and neatly arrayed and among many other entries include • Pyramid of Drink e.g. from sober to tipsy to dead drunk and all of the stations in between explaining man’s thoughts along the way. • Properties of a Gardner – Why is a Gardener the most extraordinary man in the Word – Answer addressed to a Lady, which is a play on words with the help of homophones relating to gardening • A Bachelor’s Soliloquy • The Voice of Love – Drawing • Many excerpts from Lord Byron • To a Lady on a Swing • To Miss H…On her saying that I could not be in love because I was so cheerful • Origins of the Flower Forget-me-Not with watercolor • On a Lady sending a tongue and a hare as a present. The hand changes, with an early entry being 1903.  This section is also reach in small pencil works mostly of landscapes. Includes a miniature Lord’s Pray.  A few items of note include • Photo of a home in New York 1901 x 2 • Pencil work of a church fortress • Naïve pencil sketch of a soldier • Full page watercolor of shells • Lord’s Prayer in miniature • Full page watercolor of chrysanthemum • Pen and ink of dogs • Applied watercolor of bird • A stick figure series illustrating Shakespeare – Life is but a walking shadow – Oh that his too, too solid flesh would melt… • Iroquois Chief in pen and ink • Pencil drawing of H. M. S. Boscawen A fine collection.  Contains approximately 250 pages.  Measures 10” x 8”. .
1835 Album Assemblage, Christopher Aldridges with Dresdin Scrap decorated pages1835
Price: 1,150.00

A collection of works created with a central engravings on each page, often hand colored, each hand decorated with Dresden scrap and border decoration.  Decorations are often thematic to subject matter in engraving.  A wide variety of subjects from hunting, to landscapes, grieving, fashion, mourning, religion and humor.   Two (2) additional pages decorated with intricate embossed die-cut produced by premier lace paper makers of the day.  One page by Dobbs, with die-cut discs with concentric circle borders and relief scenes at center; the other by Mansell with intricate decorative devices in multiple color.   8vo. .