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Get Well Card with recipe for Easy Cherry Tarts.... ..1940s
Price: $25.00

A 6" x 5" french-fold greeting card with applied die-cut of cherries on the front cover. Captioned "Cheery" Get Well Wishes" with printed cross-stich cherry orchard.  The inside depicts additional cherry trees and a wish As bright as a bowl of Cherries for a prompt recovery.  The back page, somewhat surprisingly has a recipe for eAsy Cherry Tarts.  Marked 1140.  No publisher. Unused..
Mode & Roman, Weekly French Art Deco Fashion Magazine - Patterns, Novellette, Features July 1934. ..
Price: $38.00

A 19 pp. weekly publications with paper wraps. Art Deco influenced fashion magazine with fashion pattern with imagery and narrative description.  A previously unpublished novellette follows the fashion section. Weekly features last section of the magazine.  Color covers.  Printed in French. Measures 11" x 7 1/4". . wear on cover, toning
Tallyit - Fun with Numbers - Image of Magician standing on Cards tossing "Tally Totals" in the Air.
Price: $45.00

A 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" litho on pressed board box with a smilar number of  discs. The cover illustration implies math can be magical.  The box sides boast -age 8 to 80 play TALLYIT - an educational game.  The cards have images of the discs on the front and multiplication problems on the reverse.  The discs represent the product of the problems. The instructions are lacking but the objective seems that one cards are drawn and the opponent needs to solve the problem.  A total of 52 cards although not equal numbers by color.  Approximately 60 discs.   . Edge wear on box.  Area of missing surface litho on box apron.   The Maxim Game Co. produced only 3 games; all educational in nature.
3 Greeting Cards Featuring Cigarettes. ..c1940s
Price: $45.00

3 different greeting cards featuring cigarette smoking as part of birthday or valentine wishes Note the use of cigarettes for the letters in "Brother".  On particular note is the heart shaped box of cigarettes as a valentine greeting with a heart shaped ashtray... Largest measures 6" x 4 3/4". .
Un-Cut Paper Doll Book - At Our House; Mothers & Daughters, Saalfield 1960s. ..
Price: $55.00

The front cover depicts a little girl playing on a porch in front of a door with a die-cut window, exposing her mother on the next page.  The last two pages have an additional mother and daughter--could be two sets of twins. There names are Dawn, Celia, Amy and Bonnie. Punch-out dolls and costumes to cut.  Measures 12 1/2" x 8 1/2". 6  Costume pages..
Songs, Jokes, Definitons of Dreams, Language of Flowers, Etc. Etc,. Grafton Medicine Co..St. Louis Mo..
Price: $55.00

A 32 pp booklet printed by the maker of Dr. Henry's World's Tonic and Blood Purifer and Dr Henry's Root and Plant Pills. Available for two three-cent postage stamps. An array of popular interests of the day including wood-cut engravings with children's verses, songs with music and verse, Language of Flowers, Marriage Guidance, Facts about the Bible, Language of the Handkerchief, Definition of Dreams and of course many testimonials for the products.  Back cover is a wood cut of a stylized bird with a talk bubble that reads "Quack"  creating a potent while chanting a verse about quackery and why you should use Dr. Henry's instead. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 1/4"..
They Are Coming: The Ideal Entertainers. ..1904
Price: $60.00

An advertising pamphlet for an entertainment group in the early 1900s know as "The Ideal Entertainers". It was actually a comprised of over 14 groups of the same name that traveled all over the country. This particular brochure is from February 1904, from a show at Evans Hall, in West Swanzey, NH. The show had several acts including "Impersonations and Monologues", "Life- Motion Pictures", "Richly Illustrated Songs" and "Magic and Comic Pictures" to name a few. While the interior pages of this brochure are in black and white, the covers are printed in tri-colors (black, red & white). The interior pages have several B&W photographs, in including two full pages of two of the head actors in the group, James Emerson and Alvah Green. There is a crease down the center of the cover page, along with some light toning on the back cover near the spine and an intact tear..
Souvenir Ticket - The Scales of Des Grands Magasins du Louvre - c1900
Price: $60.00

A 1 1/4" x 3 7/8" heavy card stock souvenir ticket from Balances des Grands Magasins du Louvre, Paris. The front depicts a cherub holding up a banner reading "Souvenir Des Grands Magasins du Louvre".  The background is an ornately contrived fantasyland filled with toys. Ch Van Der Daele sc. The reverse has a grid of weights.  The card was apparently inserted into the scale before weighing resulting in the scale embossing your weight in the card.   Light surface soiling.. Just what I want as a souvenir from my trip to Paris- a card that tells me how much I weigh...
Promotional Brochure - The Florence Wright Company with Images from Photographs. c1912
Price: $65.00

An 11" x 8"  single-fold promotional brochurefor The Flroence Wright Company. The company consists of three woman. The program consists of Readings, Violin and Harp Solos and Duetts, Pantomines and Readyings with Harp and Violin accompaniment.  Includes images from photographs for the women, Miss Florence Wright, Miss Sims and Miss Neal.  It begins with a bio and promotional piece on Ms. Wright  and images are accompanied by   reviews from various publications in Texas, Tennessee and Indiana.
Charles D'Albert. . The Sorcerer by Lancers. Metzler & Co..London.c1879
Price: $65.00

9 pp sheet music only with cover illustration depicting a sorcerer putting a spell on the soldier and his bride.  On Arthur Sullivan's Opera, includes music for Aline, Alex, Constance, John Wellington Wells and Lady Sangazure.  Back cover promotes other Popular Operas and Musical Works.  Measures 14" x 10 1/4.. Minor edge wear and toning. Faded penciling on front cover from old price mark.
Sapoli-o-lic" Promotional Booklet features Selections from E.M.S. Pinafore . Enoch Morgan Sons Co. (E.M.S).New York.1879
Price: $65.00

An 18 pp booklet using altered selections from HMS Pinafore to promote Sapolio polishing and cleansing soap.  Illustrations from the  comic opera  and altered verses to include Sapolio thoruhgout interspersed with testimonials for the product.  Also inlcudes words and music for The Merry Maiden and the Tar and I'm Called Little Buttercup.  Measures 5" x 3 3/8". .
Mrs. Inchbald. Mr. Cooper, the Popular Tragedian: and Miss Cooper in the popular comedy Wives as they Were! and Maids as They Are!. E.G. House.National Theatre, New York City.1838
Price: $75.00

A 14 3/4" x  6 3/4" broadside or playbill promoting a comedy starring the Coopers with additional comedy by C. Dance called Naval Engagements. Monday Evening, September 10, 1838.  Also includes information on future events, pricing information on single appearance to seasonal tickets.   Edge wear and surface soiling. The National Theatre had a larger fire in 1839 and was demolished in 1841.. Minor edge wear and toning.
Shakespeare. Mr. Cooper and Miss Cooper in Much Ado About Nothing. E.G. House.National Theatre, New York City.1838
Price: $75.00

A 12 1/4" x  6 " broadside or playbill promoting a comedy starring the Coopers concluding with a farce titled Advice Gratis! Wednesday Evening, September 12, 1838.  Also includes information on future events, pricing information on single appearance to seasonal tickets.   . The National Theatre had a larger fire in 1839 and was demolished in 1841.. Edge wear and surface soiling.
The Charmed Circle of Good Dressers- Victorian Maze
Price: $85.00

An 8 1/4" x 10 1/4"  Victorian parlor game intended to be given as a promotion by a clothier. A fashionable couple is the price at the center of the maze.  The text indicates that it looks harder than it actually is "to enter the circle of good dressers forever after. " Directions suggest a pencil tracing to mark the route. Light wear and water stains on margins..
Complete - The Boston Post Witch (Fortune Teller) with Holiday Compliments of the Boston Post. ..n.d. c1890s
Price: $85.00

A 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" envelope with  an image of a witch.  When opened, one finds a thin tissue paper printed 'Witch" with a likeness to the one on the envelope and a single-fold sheet promoting the paper and advising how to use the use the "Witch".  One is instructed to place with witch on a slightly moist left palm. The witch's reaction to your palm will divulge your personality traits e.g. If the head and feet rise at the same time you are CHANGEABLE; no sign of movement you are COLD, INDIFFERENT..
Fort Worth Frontier Centennial , 1936 Amusement Attractions covering 162 Acres, Billy Rose, Director General
Price: $95.00

A two-fold pamphlet profusely illustrated vibrant brochure providing an overview of the events accompanying the Forth Worth Frontier Centennial event. Emphasis on an array of scantily clad or nude women.  Western motif.  Includes a coupon for room reservations; rates run from $1.50 to $5.00 per person.  Stage coaches, Casa Manana and Jumbo. Measures 8 3/4" x 11". .
W. S. Haven & Co. Priners, Stationers, Binders, & Blank Book Manufacturers, Pittsburgh. c1865 - with Presidential Votes. ..
Price: $95.00

A 2 3/8" x 4" business or trade card for a printer printed in red and black. It promotes the printer and provides the Electoral Vote counts by state for the Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan.  The reverse depicts the popular vote. .
"The Hollywood Hat" Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Reading PA. Fall-Winter 1894-5. ..
Price: $95.00

A 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" cabinet card size advertising trade card promoting the Hollywood hat with a photograph of a model wearing the hat and narrative describing the hat including pricing information on the front.  The reverse promotes Mourning Millinery for the firm. .
VendOmeter News journals and pamphlet, 1928. ..1928
Price: $100.00

Three (3) VendOmeter journals January-February 1928, Vol. 2 Nos. 1-2: features the "New Automatic Vendometer Serve-Yourself Drinking Fountain", photographs of the New York Executive Offices, and articles on company. March-April 1928, Vol. 2 No. 3-4: features information about their first store "In Process of Construction at 42nd Street & Sixth Avenue New York", articles on production, upper management, and company relations. September 1928, Vol. 2 No. 3: the new store is open and "operating Sixteen Hours Daily", information on public response, manufacturing, and production. Also included one (1) pamphlet on the story of VendOmeter with a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Rice Electric Refrigerator. 11" x 8 1/2".
Raphael Thomson, Lith. . La Fille De madam Angot, Quadrille by Charles Coote. . Boosey & Co. .London.c1870
Price: $100.00

11 pp sheet music with illustrated cover depicting revelers at the Carnival. Music within. The back cover lists new dance music available through Boosey & Co.. Measures 14" x 10 1/4. . Minor edge wear and toning. Cabinet card covers are detached.
Manuscript Cures for Hydrophobia & Cancer. ..
Price: $110.00

A 10" x 6" page that appears to have been removed from a ledger or journal with two entries that appear to be in different hands. The first is a cure for hydrophobia that entails mixing elecampane root, a puff of madder and a quart of new milk brought to boil in a water bath.  This mixture is taken multiple times for several days. The second is a cure for cancer using white ash branches that have been burned to ash, making a strong lye boil as strong as possible, with lard and flour to make a plaster.Applied to Cancer for 48 hours "the torture endured by the patient is something horrible".  This is followed by a half-strength plaster for three weeks, at the end of which "the cancer can be drawn out with ease and the patient is cured" Reverse is blank.  No indication as to author, date, local etc.  c1880s..
S.J. Stone, M.A. The First Problem: The Soliloquy of A Rationalistic Chicken. 1873
Price: $115.00

Single-fold circular.  Quote on title page reads "Most suitable for wide circulation wherever ir-rationalism is prevalent.  One of our Bishops says it si 'both wise and witty'".--Our Own Fireside.  Reprinted from thirty-fifth thousand of English Edition.  Inside illustration of hatching chicks and the words to The First Problem: The back page promotes other Dutton publications including Some Elements of Religion, Vaughn on the Liturgy, Rock of Ages and more. Note publishedby E. P. Dutton & Co., Church Publisher. Measures8 1/4" x 6 1/4".  Letterfolds.
Maude Adams in L'Aiglon; A Pictorial Souvenir published with the authorization of Mr. Charles Frohman with Cabinet Card of Adams. Russell.New York.1900
Price: $125.00

Unnumbered. Paper wraps. Pictorial souvenir of Maude Adams in L'Aiglon.  Cover illustration by Ernest Haskell. Accompanied by a cabinet card of Adams as L'Aiglon. 12" x 9 1/4" 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" (cabinet card). Edge wear on cover.
Menu for Dinner Honoring Academic Painters Edouard Detaille De Neuville and T. G. Vibert at the Cercle De La Presse, March 7, 1882
Price: $125.00

A 6 7/8" x 10 1/2" menu card for a dinner honoring the two academic artists.  De Neuville was considered the "semi-official" artist of the French Army.  Fine illustrations of the two honorees.    Fare includes Potage, hors-d'oeuves, Releve, Entrees, Rot, Salade, Legumes, Entremets, Dessert, Vins, Cafe et Liquers.   Printed by Motteroz.   Reverse is blank..
Benefit of the Manufactures' and Village Library! Miss Helen F. Brigham, Of Boston Presents "Deestrict Skewl" . .Great Falls, NH.1890
Price: $125.00

An 11 1/2" x 6" playbill announcing a performance of "Deestrict Skewl" lead by Miss Helen F. Brigham to benefit the Manufacturers' and Village Library in Somersworth, NH.  A popular play of the day created by Brigham who produced the 'skewl' consisting of twenty scholars who must "prove themselves"  Cast of pupils usually comprised of known locals and include such Q & As as "What are the races of men? - A Civilized, half-civilized and savage ... Letter folds and light wear. . Helen F. Brigham b. 27 Dec, 1844; attended the famous Sanderson Academy in Ashfield, where fitted for Mt. Holyoke Sem., which she attended in 1865; taught school chiefly in Boston, and retired after 35 years; res. in Cambridge, Mass., with a summer home  at Brant Rock, Mass. Has been a loyal supporter of the B. F. A., and the History of the Brigham Family,
A group of 11 fine chromolithograph Motto Cards each with a cross as the central theme. ..c1880
Price: $125.00

Eleven (11) 4 1/4" x 2"  chromolithograph motto card sprinted on heavy stock.  The central theme of each card is a cross adorned with various ribbons and flora.  Each with a religious in nature motto.  Reverse of cards is blank. .
OPERA PRIVa DE PARIS, 1929 Premiere Saison Program. ..1929
Price: $225.00

Profusely illustrated 1929 program for the Opera Priva de Paris production of "Prince Igor" by Borodine. 28 pp. Nine tipped-in color plates, including a portrait of its star singer, Maria Kousnetzoff; and, by Konstantin Korovine, six character costumes and two stage sets. The color cover is by J. Bilibine. 12 1/2"  x 9 3/4".
A collection of 8 Hand colored Engravings with Risque or Somewhat Off Color Proportedly from the Collection of Jonathan King
Price: $300.00

Eight different 4to. hand colored prints proportedly from the collection of Jonathan King. The subject matter is mostly risque or offcolor for the day and includes a man spying on a courting couple through a peephole, a woman raising her skirt for a better price on a chicken, another for fish, young lady soaring on a swing with skirts flying, boys with fishing pole hook a woman's skirt exposing her bloomers and more..
STOP THE BOMBING! US Planes are carrying out massive bombing raids of Hanoi and Haiphong poster c1972. ..
Price: $325.00

An 11" x 17" poster mounted on linen.  The verbiage describes the massive bombing raids on Hanoi and Haiphon  and concludes with  STOP THE BOMBING!   Graphics depict planes headed in one direction with boots on the ground  in the opposite. Possible the work of one of the East Bay workshops. .  Thumbtack imprints on corners.
Merry Christmas Charm String by Irene Marcellus, in Original Box, Nister Dutton, No. 2131.
Price: $375.00

A 5"  in diameter box with a poinsettia on the cover with a pretty little girl at center titled "Merry Christmas".  When opened  it reveals a charm string with six (6) different girls at the center of die-cut poinsettias.  Verse on reverse.  The final die-cut is affixed to the base of the box bottom. c1890s.  Edge wear on die-cuts.  Restrung.
A collection of 8 Hand colored Engravings with Risque or Somewhat Off Color Proportedly from the Collection of Jonathan King
Price: $400.00

Eight different 4to. hand colored prints proportedly from the collection of Jonathan King. The subject matter is mostly risque or offcolor for the day and includes a man dressed as a woman while embracing another man, a woman lifting her skirt to a man"holding her yarn, a woman with outstretched bosom showing her legs while chatting with a soldier, a couple caught wooing on the battlefield, , a woman lifting a man's watch while he sleeps and more..
A collection of approximately 40 Satirical Caractures from Les Hommes 'aujourd and other publications. 1880s . ..
Price: $450.00

The grouping includes images of feminists, journalists, philosophers, doctors, actors and more including • Roselia Rousseil • Deaubray Juliette • Lamber • Madame M. - L. Ganeur • Clemence Royer • Arthur Mery • Victor Meunier • Tony Revillon • Pantheon-Meyer • Emile Littre • Earnest D' Hevilly Smaller images measure approximate 10” x 8”.  Mounted on pages. . André Gill , co-founder of the magazine, Émile Cohl , Coll-Toc , Manuel Luque , FA Cazals , Frédéric Régamey , Demare; episodic collaboration Robida , Lucien and Camille Pissarro , Maximilien Luce , Toulouse-Lautrec , Signac , Seurat , Steinlein , Raffaelli , Grevin . The woodcuts were executed among others by Charles Decaux.
Menus and Invitations for the Societe Archeologique, Historique & Artistique le Vieux Papier our l'etude de la vie & Des Moeurs d'autrefois (Archaeological Society, Historical and Artistic Old Paper for the Study of Life & Habits) 1910-
Price: $500.00

Includes three (3) invitations from to attend the annual dinner of the French Old Paper Society for 1910, 1911 and an unknown year and four (4) menus for 1911, 1912, 1914 and 1926. Fine printing and imagery. The society celebrated its 100th dinner on April 28, 1914.   A predecessor to The Ephemera Society (UK) and the Ephemera Society of America.  One year's menu featured humanity towards animals..
Orthochromes by Majeska, (Yna). New Yorkc1930s
Price: $500.00

8 prints showing women in various poses, most with an erotic element, by the lesbian artist and illustrator whose work is reminiscent of Beardsley, housed in original decorated wrpps. folder. Large 4to. Wrpps., sl. bent at edges. (Privately published by Vera Sundelson) .
Approx. 50 Art Deco Influenced Greeting Cards with Accompanying by their Original Envelopes with Decorative Paper Liners 1930s
Price: $525.00

This grouping is a pleasure for the eye.  It is comprised of approximately 50 different Art Deco influenced greeting cards for various occasions, all elegantly designed in vivid colors, many with gold embellishment, raised print, deckled edges and more. Each of the cards has it's original envelope with a decorative paper liner; some foiled paper, others pochoir, all significantly enhancing the appearance when the card is opened.   Additionally many of the envelope flaps are die-cut in unusual shapes.  An array of printing styles employed.  . The largest cards measure approx 6" x 7". .
Lovely Victorian Box of Fumigating Pastiles with Woven Metal Pastil Censer or BurnerLondon
Price: $600.00

A fine set of fumigating pastiles and burner for freshening the air.  The 3" in diameter circular paper covered box of  cone shaped fumigating tablets has applied label with an illustration of a fumigator. Marked H. Silverlock. Sc.  Content within. The second paper covered box is 1 3/4" in diameter and contains a woven wire burner.  The paper label depicts an image of the burner with a pastile in place. Captioned C. F. Buckle's Pastil Censer. Gold foil edging on box.  Burner enclosed.  Inscription on bottom of the box reads "used first time Feb. 3rd '76--Dining Room".
Original Art - A personal interpretation of Complete Trump Suit or Major Arcana including 22 Cards 1930s
Price: $825.00

Each card was created in pencil and crayon and/or charcoal.  They are drawn on 10" x 15" art board with an applied black border. Each card or Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements. This deck has a number and a name and a single illustration reflecting the name.  The artist is unknown.  Believed to have been made in the 1930s.  Although the artwork is somewhat naive, an unusual and interesting interpretation. .
Collection of Cigarette Wrappers- A walk through the history of Common and Scarce Cigarettes1930s-1950s
Price: $900.00

A collection of two bound volumes of cigarette wrappers representing 31 different companies and 113 brands.  The brands include the standard commercial brands most are aware ofothers such as Debs, Dominos, Home Run, I Like Ike, Listerine, O-Nic-O, Sensation, Sensible, Spud, Yankee Girl and MacDonald's among others.  The collection is indexed by company by brand and by location alphabetically.  Some of the wrappers are accompanied by hand penned dates, information on the variations on a brand e.g. "long' , "crush box".  On the Julep Cigarette a noted indicates it was the 1st wrapper found before 1941. Some indicate the price paid..
Four (4) Programs from Cabaret Nachtlicht. Ballgasse 6. (Night Light Artist Cabaret) . .Vienna.1906-1907
Price: $1,600.00

Four (4) unpaginated 4to. Cabaret theatre programs for the Night Light Artist Cabaret, Ballgasse 6th.   Dates range from November 1906 to May 1907.  Publisher J. Wiener, k.u.k. Hoflieferant, Wine. The illustrations are by Carl Hollitzer, who was also a performer.   Other performers included Marry Delivered, M. Henry,  Hanses Ruche,  Peter Altenberg,  Felix Doorman,  Dr. Eon Frilled, Ludwig Starve, Hans Strike,  Heinz Lebrun and more.   Holster created caricature illustrations for each performer that accompanied each act along with associated verse. Vienna’s cabaret history in the early 20th century is brief.  One opened in 1901 for a total of seven performances and closed.  There were no cabarets in Vienna until 1906 when three opened including the  Cabaret Nachtlicht that existed in Vienna from 1906 to 1907.   Scarce in the trade.   . cover wear