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Fine Quarto Hand Colored Lithograph Hymen's Temple Reveals Secret Desire - Wedding Proposal 1840s
Price: $500.00

A 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" single-fold valentine with intricately embossed fine border design. Large image of hand colored lithograph Heymen's Temple.  The verse at base reads "In Hymen's Temple you see above, Sacred to Constancy and Love; Look within and there you'll see What pleases you and pleases me.  For there at that holy shrine I will join my hand with thine And may you ne'er live for repent, The day when you gave kind consent."  When the door of the temple is opened it reveals a wedding ceremony. Inside page is blank.  Condition; overall excellent.  Very slight margin toning..
The Nonpareil A New and Much Admired (Pear) Pair to be introduced to the Royal Table. c.1837-42
Price: $650.00

As described by the Royal Collection Trust: Lithograph with hand-colouring of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as queen and consort. A novelty print, one of a series of prints with integrated movable flaps. View of a pear, which when moved, contains a portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. With English inscription below, including publisher's address, 'C. Tilt, Fleet Street, Reeves & Sons, Cheapside, Riddle & Co. P.N.Row.' Not in O'Donoghue. . One of a number of novelty prints produced between 1830 and 1860, which utilise flaps, tabs, or rotating wheels to create integrated movable parts. These prints were popular in the first half of the nineteenth century and were produced by a number of printmakers.