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Burr Wendell. Thoughts of a Young Boy, Four Essays - Summer, Honest, Perseverance and Work. ..c1860s
Price: $100.00

A young boy during the civil war writes his thoughts on "Summer", "Honest", "Perseverance" and "Work". "Summer" is a simple recounting of what the season of summer is like, from children at play to the slow ripening of apples on the trees. In "Honest" the boy comes to the conclusion that if one starts to lie about the 'little stuff', that leads to lying about the 'big stuff'. "Perseverance" emphasis the importance of never giving up. Perhaps the most interesting of the four pieces, is the boy's thoughts on "Work". He starts off the missive by emphasis the value of hard work, but then continues on to describe the types of work the men around him are doing. Such as an unnamed fort that they are building to protect them from the rebels and their "bullets and cannon balls". Along with others making, rifles, pistols, cannons, drums and shoes. He continues on to mention that some of the men have fought in previous Civil War battles, including Battle of Roanoke Island, Battle of Fort Donelson, and Battle of Fort Sumter (the note actually mentions Fort Johnson which was involved in that battle). The front of each letter is named "Burr Wendell" # 1, 2, 3, or 4.. All but #4 (Honest) have little drawings on the front. Largest Measures:12 3/4" x 8".. The letters have some stains on them, due to the writer trying to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes.
Naive Child's Art - Dog or Sheep or Sheep Dog. ..
Price: $110.00

A 7" x 9"  naive crayon and pencil  drawing presumably by a child with a unique perspective.   A first glance it appears to be a dog, however... the face looks somewhat like a lamb, the front feet cat's paws, the hind legs dogs and the body...  Dear.  Anonymous..
Child’s Sketch Book Profusion of Children with Hidden Faces, 1884
Price: $250.00

The first page of the album is a pen and ink sketch that reads Grandma’s Xmas 1884. The predominant theme of the album is girls in oversized bonnets or with their heads turned so the face is not visible, similar to the Sunbonnet Babies. One pen and ink drawing depicts a woman in a garden, another with a little girl feeding horses a garland of flowers. A pencil drawing of a classroom shows the back views of children observing a boy in a Dunce cap; he holds a book over his face. On pencil drawing has been finished in watercolor and depicts a young girl seated on a high chair, holding her dolly close, exposing the back of her head. Other works include floral arrays. The work in the book is done in a naïve yet refined hand. Two or more pages appear lacking. Measures 4 ¼” x 6 ¾”. .
Child's drawing book with forty-four (44) graphite drawings. C1880
Price: $450.00

Thirty-one (31) school girl drawings of girls and women in Grecian bend bustle style costumes. Many of the images have been named by the artist. Thirteen (13) additional drawing by a different hand, most likely a boy, Native Americans, Soldiers. All naive. Three (3) finished in watercolor. Delightful. Measures 7" x 4". Fragile.
A River Story - To Ada Hudson on her 16th Birthday from Agnes Hornung 1892
Price: $450.00

A handmade book constructed with plain paper and stock covers and a ribbon binding to hold the pages in place. "A River Story" is penned on the cover and title page.  The story of the life of a river from its infancy as a tiny stream and how it grows to meet life's challenges including waterfalls and  powering a waterwheel and growing weary from toiling long and hard.  It concludes with "My life has been long and happy and many wonderful and beautiful scenes awit me in the other higher broader life (which in this instance is flowing into the ocean to be free from worry and overwork)...And last farewell to you, my dear readers. Every page of text is accompanied by a relevant pen and ink drawing. Measures 7 1/2" x 8 1/2".. Cover wear with chip from top margin and corner chips. Light toning. Accompanied by a note from Agnes Hornung giving this book to Ada Hudson on her 16th birthday, March 11, 1892, as a token of love and remembrance from her friend.
A grouping of Three (3) Drawing Books by Ethel Pratt c1910. 1910
Price: $500.00

Three (3) carefully constructed homemade books with pencil drawn sketches of the day to day life of one young girl, Ethel Pratt. The books appear to span a period of time beginning when a young talented girl created simple naive sketches, some embellished with crayon. A loose page depicts a young girl reading a book to a bunny with other rabbits looking on. Others depict her friends, often with dolls. One scene shows a horrified young girl watching a dog carrying her dolly away. As she matures the drawing become more complex and boys begin to appeal..
Kindergarten Art Album with 40+ Design Pages, each with numerous intricately folded papers, snowflakes, string design and patterned paper weavings
Price: $650.00

Constructed of heavy card stock with paper works on both sides. The inside cover has an applied Raphael Tuck paper doll with a hand constructed crepe paper dress and hat, complete with lace paper petticoat. This is adjacent a white snowflake design on a black background. Also found tucked on this page is a little envelope with fourteen (14) different cut snowflakes. The book begins with art created from circles of paper that have been arranged and folded in various designs and shapes. After the circles, squares are introduced using far more intricate folding techniques to create designs. Folded paper starbursts are the next design element to appear with the introduction of the applied cut paper snowflakes. To the best of my observations, no two snowflakes are alike… To this point the colors have been somewhat muted, harmonious or complimentary. Half-way through string art is introduced with various techniques and designs. The colors become far more vivid and in many instances contrasting. The book concludes with intricate paper weavings, many in geometric patterns, two with images of birds incorporated in the design. The final page is elements constructed of paper folded into 3/8 or ¼” strips and folded at various points to create corners for the geometric elements. A photo sampling of this album is available at Housed in a Waterbury Howard Album. NYC. Coverall condition of content is excellent with three (3) intact tears identified on paper weavings. The cover has a book tape or passe-portout reinforcement along the backstrip. .
A forty (40) page watercolor sketch book created by a child c 1850s
Price: $1,100.00

A 40 page handmade book consisting completely of watercolors created by a young child. Although never a particular skillful artist his naïve creations clearly tell the story. Appears to have been created over a period of time as his illustrations become more complex and detailed as you progress through the book. His illustrations are activities he perceives in daily life. Includes multiple exterior scenes as a log cabin with a large tree(s), a volcano, a ship, a church and trees, an ostrich or similar exotic bird, a multi-tiered what appears to be adobe church or similar structure, a horse drawn snow sleigh (interesting perspective no. 12), a man wearing a hat standing in a tree dropping limbs near a bull, a barn with some sort of elevated farm machinery ascending on a track to the second story, a paddleboat, a girl through to the ground when her horse broke loose from her wagon, people in the rain with a large black cloud over head and a rainbow to the left, a pulley mechanism lifting equipment to the second floor of a barn, a sailing vessel, a man whipping a bull, a boy flying a kite, a man falling trees, a dog chasing a rabbit, a horse (first captioned image), an outdoor auction (no. 30), a train, a man placing a ladder on the side of a building while asking another to climb up and get his hat—second talk bubble “I won’t do it”, a cat and a chicken, a stack of firewood adjacent a giant tree being cut down with talk bubble “It is a comming (sp)”,a pilgrim shooting a musket, a townscape across a lake with a sailboat, a boy and girl courting in the woods, a man walking up the hill adjacent a fence, a man on a ladder against a tree about to chop off a dead limb, large branches falling from a tree in a storm (dark clouds) One or two pages may be lacking at the front of the book - no page 2 or 3. Measures 3 1/8” x 3 ¼”. .