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Friendship Album of Alice M. Case from Cornville, Maine, c. 1881Cornville, Mainec. 1881
Price: $20.00

Red fabric cover, pencil signatures and writings. A friendship album from Cornville Main (population 932 in 1880 census according to Wikipedia), dates range from 1880-1884 with the majority from December 1881. 2 3/4" x 4 1/2". wear on cover, the writing is in pencil and can be difficult to read
Autograph Album for Ella S. Knapp, Danbury Conn. 1878Connecticut1878-1884
Price: $40.00

Red cloth embossed Autograph album with signatures for the years 1878-1884. Inscribed "A Christmas Gift." Some pages contains a name and town while others have decorative writings as in  friendship album. Many pages have embossed die-cut Victorian scraps. Locations are primarily Danbury, CT but also list Marbledale (a village in Washington, CT), Middletown, Sherman, New Canaan, and New Milford, CT as well as Brooklyn  and Fergusonville New York. 4 3/4" x 7". wear on cover, some oxidation, scrap at beginning of book torn, missing page at beginning
19th Century Autograph Album belong to William from Westerly, RI. ..1880-1898
Price: $40.00

An autograph album from the later 19th century with a beautiful and unique cover. On cloth boards, the front and back strip is embossed with scrolls and floral designs. It is silver stamped with accents of red and black. The pages are gilded edged and the title page of the album has a wonderfully colored butterfly and fan in pink, purple, and green, along with the text 'Autographs'. The album belonged to a boy named William, often referred to Willie, and the autographs within the album date from 1880 to 1898. The majority of the pages of the album are filled with only autographs, date and location. Most of them are from Westerly, RI, though there is a few from Chicago, IL. The later portion of the album also has some poetry (including an acrostic poem) and a few illustrations. Some of the more interesting notes are quoted below: "Remember, I say when you look on these pages, That writing in albums is like working for wages." "Live so you will not be afraid to die." "Watch your thoughts and words and deeds; If you would reap a good harvest, sow good seeds. Little by little the coral insect builds up a reef; Little by little, in God's Book, we fill a leaf. In noble name and happy heart, may you excel; Eternally in the "New Jerusalem" may you dwell." "I am not old enough to write my name in your book, Uncle Willie, I get my Mother to." And on the last page of the album: "Last in your album, Last in your thought, Last to be remembered, First to be forgot." There are three illustrations in the album. One of the illustrations is a bird in flight carrying the name card of the artist. It was done in ink. Another is again the name card of the artist, but with a tree branch behind it, in ink. The last is one is painted in green, red and pink. It shows several small flowers in various stages of bloom. Measures 6 1/4" x 4". To view this album, please click on the following link: The covers show some minor edge wear due to rubbing, mainly on the corners and the back strip. The color of the embossing has also been worn off in some places. One of the interior pages has tape repair. Minor soiling due to age. Text block is semi detached from boards.
Album of Friendship, Friendship Album of Jennie, New Jersey. c 1874
Price: $45.00

Blue gilt blind stamped cover. Frontispiece, 3 plates. Album belongs to 'Jennie', one signature indicates a location of  NJ, most pages are blank, end page lists the names "Dora, Jennie, Lillie, Eva, Pauline, Gertie" and also "Freddie" the poem under mentions "six sisters fair". 8 1/2" x 7" wear on cover, some foxing throughout
Pearl Album, Autograph Album of Miss Ella M. Johnson, Northeast US (Key Port, NJ, Farmingdale, Point Pleasant, Middle Farms). Hayes & Zell Philadelphia 1857-1862
Price: $50.00

Brown gilt, blind stamped cover. Autograph album belonging to Miss E. (Ella) M. Johnson, colored pages, 3 plates, towns referenced are in northeast US and include Key Port, NJ, Farmingdale, Point Pleasant, and Middle Farms. Album well used, dedication by Johnson begins "May no indelicate thought find a place, or impure word these pages deface! May their fair virgin-purity symbolize, the thoughts of each mind as they may arise!" 7 1/2" x 6 1/4" wear on cover, spine damaged, water staining on beginning pages
Album of Gems, Friendship Album of Matilda S. Bidell, Coxsacki, New York. c 1851-1852
Price: $50.00

Red gilt, blind stamped cover. Albums belonged to Matilda S. Bidell, first entry after owner's dedication is message from her husband William, most entries from Coxsacki, NY. 8" x 6 1/2" binding loose, leather on spine has come off, some staining on front pages
Flower Tokens Friendship Album of Susan, New York and Philadelphia. c 1851-1872
Price: $50.00

Brown gilt cover. The album belongs to Susan, often referred to as Susie and once Sue, locations of signers include New York and Philadelphia, one entry begins "Fairer and purer I could not wish thee, Dearer and sweeter thou mayest not be". 7 1/2" x 6" worn spine and binding
Scenery Autograph Album belonging to "Anna", BHS class of 1883Bridgeport, CT1882-1886
Price: $55.00

Blind stamp with silver embellishments, front cover titled "scenery album". A combination of scenic color and black and white plates interspersed with autographs.  Scenes from locations across the country.  One hand drawn sketch. Autographs mainly from Bridgeport, CT in 1883 with notes and quotes. One repeating quote in foreign language. May references to "BHS '83", handwritten notes state marriage and deaths of signers. 4 1/4" x 7". wear on cover, inside binding coming apart , pages all still intact
Bruxelles Friendship Album and Sketch Book, 1887-1916
Price: $55.00

Embossed color cloth cover,hand drawn original artwork cut and glued onto pages, some with  verses and signatures.A few pages say "to Flo", dates range from 1887-1916. Detailed and beautiful artwork; pencil sketches, pen and ink, watercolors, and paints, create a unique album. Verses included on some pages, credit to original authors. Some artwork is signed or initialed. Locations are not listed. 7 3/4" x 5". wear on cover, spine broken, some pages loose; one leaf separated from spine foxing and staining from rust  from stapled binding
Autograph Album, Maine and New Hampshire, 1887 and 1888. ..
Price: $55.00

Red cloth embossed velvet cover, three (3) line drawn sketches of birds, specific towns  listed are East Rochester, NH; West Sebano, ME; West Lebanon, ME; Lebanon, ME; Milton Mills, NH. Simple verse and messages with author's name, location, and date. 5" x 7 3/4" . velvet cover worn
Edith Beatty's "Aldine Autograph Album with Decorated Spaces and Lines for Sentiment and Name", Conshohocken, PA, 1880-1898. ..1878
Price: $60.00

Stamped cloth cover, decorative pages. The friendship album of Edith Beatty, most pages signed Conshohocken, PA. Two pages mention the Class of '95. Many simple pages with brief verse or reference to schoolmates. One longer dedication at the front and the back. Class of '95 chant included, "Wee! Wee! Wee!' Wow! Wow! Wow! Conshohocken High School Bow! Wow! Wow!" 8 1/4" x 7". end papers reinforced, appear to be previously detached.
Album of Remembrance of Mrs. Loretta Mitchell. Leavitt and Allen. New York (publisher location)1863-1886
Price: $65.00

Blind stamp cover with gilt embellishment titles "Album of Remembrance". Friendship album of Loretta Mitchell. First page writing by Loretta followed by a poem by her husband, Frederick. Plates interspersed in book. Notes and writing by friends and family of Loretta Mitchell. A few writing to "Mother" signed "Lottie" and "Lillie". Locations are primarily Chicago but also mention Niles, Michigan. Penciled in front of book is " L.W. Mitchell 493 Wells St Chicago Ill."  Engraved plates of women throughout. 8" 6 1/2". wear on cover,text block separated from backstrip
Autograph Album of Miss Lena Spray. .New York.1870 - 1901
Price: $65.00

A partially filled autograph album from the late 19th century, with the bulk of the autographs dating to the 1870s. Hidden among the autographs are a few gems. There is one expertly rendered water color depicting flowers. Additionally there is one embossed die cut Victorian scrap pasted to a page. Lastly there is s a pressed flower pinned to a page beside a poem. Leather embossed stamped covers with gilded lettering. The interior pages are gilt-edged, and the title page is a graphic design in gold and blue with the text 'Autographs'. Some of the autographs within the album are faint, as they were done in pencil. Most are in ink though. Measures 7 1/2" x 5". To view the album please click on the following link: Detached front cover, and semi detached back cover. Taper repair to binding. Partially missing and detached back strip. Covers show wear due to rubbing.
Autograph Album, with 12 prints of American Scenery, c1882. ..
Price: $75.00

An autograph album with twelve scenes, six color and six black and white, from all across North America.  The autographs are dated from 1882, with one from 1883. All locations listed are Boston. Many of the signers are family members identified as cousin, aunt, uncle. A few have even have drawn quaint pictures as well. The twelve scenes are placed throughout the album, each with a caption denoting its location. Some scenes depicted are "Buffalo Hunting on the Prairie", "Lake Michigan", "Mount Washington", "Montmorency Falls, Canada", and "Residence of Washington Irving on the Hudson". The album has a red cover stamped with gold and silver decoration, titled "Scenery Autograph Album".  The edges of the pages are gilded, and the pages themselves are a variety of hues including what appears to be white, yellow, pink and blue. 4 1/4" x 7". There is moderate edge wear on the cover, as well as some missing surface area. The cardboard covers are slightly bowed. There are a minimal amount of marks on the pages, but nothing that impacts the signatures. The scenes are in great condition with no marks. The color of most of the pages have faded faded to an off white, however the blue pages are still clearly visible.
Autograph Album Miss Bertha, Late 19th Century . Aldine Authograph Album.Flushing NY.1885 - 1891
Price: $80.00

The Aldine Autograph Album with decorates spaces and lines for sentiment and name.  With maroon velvet covers this autograph album dates from 1885. It belonged to a young woman named Bertha who lived near Flushing, NY. The majority of the signers appear to have been classmates or family members. Along with their signatures, there are sometimes notes made by Bertha herself, either denoting the age of the individual, when they died or were married. There is also a list of students in the Class of 1892. The individuals who signed this album are mostly from Flushing or College Point, NY, but there are a few from various towns in Connecticut (Southington, Woodstock Valley and Hartford), Foxcroft, Maine, and even one from Oakland, California. Below are a few of the more interesting or humorous notes within the album: "It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house."        - Proverb 21:9 from the bible, Written by 'Uncle William' "You ask me to write in your album, hardly know how to begin, For there is nothing original in me, except original sin." "Leave no tender word unsaid Love while love shall last– The mill cannot grind With the water that has past.”         - From a poem by Sarah Doudney, Written by Ada May Long And at the end of the album: "Way back here, way out of sight, I write my name just for shite." One last hidden gem in this album is a full page ink illustration depicting a ribbon among flowers. The piece is expertly rendered and even appears 3D. This item is an Aldine Autograph album, and among the pages are ten printed  'decorated spaces'. There are a total of four different illustrations: a bird carrying a flower (repeated 3 times), a lily floating in a pond (repeated 3 times), birds flying under a bridge (repeated twice), and a flower boarder (repeated twice). Measures 7" x 4 1/2" To view this album please click on the following link: Rubbing on covers, Interior pages are loose in the first folio, some detached. Text block is semi detached from boards.
Scrap book for Harriet (Hatty) Rowley by her friend Irene ca. 1904
Price: $85.00

Asian themed linen blue and white fabric on board cover  with applied image from photograph of path with floral decortion. printed paper picture glued to front, hand written note of creation  and penciled inscription. An album created by Irene H. for her friend Hatty Rowley. Contains cut outs from magazines of writings, poems, verses and pictures and cartoons. circa early 1900's. Hans written note at front explains the book is " a foolish little scrap book". 6 1/2" x 8 1/4". some wear, discoloration on pages, appears hand made, all papers solidly affixed to pages
Pencil Sketches by Sophia Long Deani. c1860s
Price: $110.00

A 6 1/2" x 8 1/4" sketchbook with marbled paper wraps. Naive drawings including love birds in a basket, a church yard, a basket of fruit with a bird(in the style of a theorem), an ancient castle, a fortress on a river and more.
Friendship Album of Marie Campbell, Sentiments and Drawings; coded phrases, hidden letters, etc.. ..1907-1912
Price: $110.00

A friendship album of Marie Campbell consisting of mostly originally poems, a few illustrations, and coded phrases, the majority of which are signed and dated. The album starts in 1907 when Marie departed St. Francis Xavier School and the first half of the album are full of notes from her classmates. The rest of the album's notes occur over the next few years with the last one in 1912. The majority of the poems deal with the themes friendship, love, and well wishes. Some of the more unique or humorous verses are noted below: "When you are old and drinking tea, put down your cup and think of me." "To Dirty Mary, While you live, Why live in clovers, 'Cause when you're dead, You're dead all over." "May your joys be as great as the ocean, and your sorrow as light as its foam." "A little mouse ran up the stairs To see if Marie said her prayers And if she did not say them right The little mouse was sure to bite." "Lines to Marie. __  ___ ____ ___ __ ___ __ _______ __ From your brother Jack!" There are two coded phrases in the album. The first uses anamorphic writing, it says "Marie Campbell, Helena Sheehan, 1907". Presumably, the name of the owner of the album (as all of the other notes are address to a Marie) and the name of the person who left the note. The second coded message is in the 'Continental Code' otherwise known as Morse Code. The poems starts: " A dainty face, A slender form..." There are a total of five illustrations, either in pencil or pen. The skill level does vary between them, and most are portraits of women. However one, done in 1912 is of an airplane. The album has leather covers, with the gilded text 'Autographs'. Measures 5 3/4" x 3 1/2" To view this album, please click on the following link: The covers are damaged. Both sides show heavily edge wear and the front cover has an 1 1/2" tear down the middle. The back strip is missing. Binding is mostly intact, but the first folio is loose and a few pages have detached.
Friendship Album, New York 1893-1904. ..
Price: $150.00

A quaint friendship album with a unique cover: a wooden front cov erand a red velvet back cover. The album contains signatures mostly from Catskill, New York in 1893, with others from Eminence, NY. The center pages are signed H.H.S. 1904, which most liklely stands for Hobart High School. The first page is signed Miss Cora Huyck and three pages toward the end of album are addressed to "Cora". While most of the pages are simply signed with a date and location noted, several have verses or short notes on them. Two pages are of note, as they contain whimsical color drawings. One depicts a sailboat on a lake, and the other a calligraphy bird surrounded by flora. Color flourishes. 4 1/2" x 6 1/4". The velvet back cover shows slight wear, particular along the edge, otherwise in great condition.
Friendship Album of Louisa Stott, North Billerica, Mass. 1878-1883. ..
Price: $150.00

This friendship album has a leather cover with gilded letter and design accents on top cover and spine,and a stamped edged border. The majority of the gilded edge pages are filled with signatures and verses. Additionally there is a whimsical calligraphy color line drawing, done in pen, of a bird surrounded by flora. The verses and quotes are uplifting, such as: "The world is what we make, and if we improve ourselves, we improve the world." The entries are mainly from towns in Massachusetts such as Lowell, Chelmsford, North Billerica, Stoneham, and Lawrence. Other locations include New Hampshire, Maine, one from England, and two from Aberdeen Dakota (before it became North and South). A grouping signed "Com. College". The bulk of the signatures are from 1878. . There is slight rubbing on cover edges. The leather is discolored slighting, and the cover is slightly bowed. There a stain on the interior covers from the glue as it deteriorated. Otherwise in great condition.
Friendship Album of Minnie Brutsche filled with Poems, Victorian Cutworks, and Flower Transfers. .New York.1884 - 1904
Price: $150.00

A friendship album from the late 1880s belonging to Minnie Brutsche, a child of German immigrants. The album was given to Minnie by her aunt, Lena Brutsche. The album is full of notes, poems, and quotes from her friends and family. Approximately half the album is in German, including notes from her mother, father, and husband. There are several original acrostic poems that spell out Minnie's name throughout the album, one of which is in German. One note that at first glance appears to have been written by a child, was actually written by an 86 year old woman (she notes her age below her signature). There is even a pressed flower tucked in-between two of the pages. There are variety of illustrations in the album. There are two sketches done in pencil - one of a bunch of flowers, and the other of a sailing boat. Additionally there are three ink drawings of a dog, swan and an owl done by the same person. What is one of the more remarkable pieces of artwork in the album is a watercolor done by Minnie's brother-in--law, which features a theorem style floral design inside a decorative boarder with a quote. There are about 10 embossed Victorian cutwork scraps (many with wear), mainly floral designs. What is the real treasury in the album though are the floral transfers that can be found throughout. They range in size from about an 1 1/2" tall to 5", and there is just shy of a dozen of them scattered throughout the album.   Lastly, there are often short notes from Minnie herself. There are some notes regarding the relationship of the individual to herself, or their career (there are two notes with the phrase 'in candy business' added to them). Additionally Minnie sometimes traces a faded date or phrase. On the two notes written to Minnie by her brother-in-laws, she notes when they died and the age they were at the time of death. The covers are a tan crushed velvet, in a design meant to resemble an animal hide. The interior pages are gild-edged. Measures 8 1/4" x 5 14" To view the album, please click on the following link: The covers show some minor wear caused by rubbing, this is evident on the corners and the back strip. The binding is cracked in places and the pages are loose. There are also a few loose pages, but these appeared to have been cut out at one point and then inserted back into the album.
Scrap Album for Selina Lawrence, 1873-1875, possibly England. ..
Price: $200.00

Stamped leather cover with decorative edges and "Scrap Album" on cover. Front end paper has an ex-libris Prize award for Miss S. Lawrence for Improvement in Drawing dated July 25, 1873. The first page has  the name Selina and 1873 created with drawn flowers.  The next is an acrostic poem by Charles Steele or Sheele. The rest of the book contains drawings and sketches by various people. All are dated 1873 or 1875 except one unfinished sketch dated 1897. There is one photograph of a house by a hill. Most pages are unused. An envelope addressed to Miss Selina Leonard Clifton Bristol is tucked in the back. It contains a photograph of a young man dated October 1873 . The postmark is stamped Sheffield. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2". cover wear, back strip detaching, foxing
Personal Writings and Sketch Book of Adelaide Beebe, Lowell School of Design, M.I.T. 1890s.
Price: $225.00

A book titled Design that begins with a few sketches of elements of design.  This is followed by some factual writings on specialty fabric and design houses in the northeast, followed by numerous poetry verses and quotes from notable authors and poet.  The book concludes with ten (10) fine samples of pen and ink and watercolor design samples most likely for silk fabric.  Blind stamp Lowell School of Design, Mass. Institute of Technology.  Adelaide Beebe graduated from the Lowell School of Design in 1897.    Several blank pages, a few pages appear to have been removed.
Autograph Album from 1866, Eastern United States. ..
Price: $225.00

Stamped leather cover, elegant calligraphy throughout along with elaborate calligraphy birds and scroll. It appears that most signatures are from 1866 and include the first two initials and last name of the signer. Locations include, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and New Jersey with the bulk in New York. About a third of the way in the book, a note from Henry Blanchard Hendershott about his parents who married in 1868. 4" x 6 3/4". cover worn, toning
Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps Autograph and Drawing Album, c1915-1918 (W.A.A.C.). ..
Price: $275.00

A astonishing friendship album filled with quotes, verses, and drawings belonging to Amelia Isabel Mackenzie, a member of the W.A.A.C. The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (1917–1918), which later became known as Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps (1918–1920) was the women's unit of the British Army during and immediately after the First World War. It was formally instituted on 7 July, 1917 and between January 1917 and November 1918.  over 57,000 women served in the unit. The corps was disbanded in September 1921 and unfortunately most of the service records of the corps were destroyed during a German air raid in September 1940.   The front cover of the album is stamped with the flags of Russia, France, Britain, and Belgium. Entries consist of drawings and sketches as well as verses. The first page is a hand drawn British flag and the inscription "12th Dec 1917, Q.M.A.A.C. April 1918". An example of a verse is: "Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time" Among the verses are several drawings. For example a wonderful water color of a sunset in Gourock, Scotland,  and a whimsical drawing of a kitten playing with a glove. One page has a unique listing of names written from a central point and a sprig of flowers pressed in. Dates of the signatures range 1915-1918. 5 1/2" x 7". Covers show heavy wear, and are partially detached. Pages are still bound, but are  coming loose. The pages themselves are slightly soiled, but otherwise fine.
Sketch Book, fine illustrations in watercolor and ink,c1887-1909. ..
Price: $275.00

An album with 10 pieces of original artwork that is fine. A few illustrations appear to be draft illustrations for company advertising; one is for a Kentucky Rye. Another illustration is a stack of postcards and flowers perfectly shaded as to appear 3D. Media includes pen and ink, watercolors, paint. There are a total of ten illustrations. Cover stamped with gold and silver decorations, and the paper is a variety of soft blue, green, and off whites. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4" . Front cover and first folio detached. A few small stain marks on the blank pages, but nothing that interferes with any of the illustrations.
1818 Hand penned and illustrated booklet - Um 24ten Weinmonat -24 Wine Month (October).
Price: $350.00

Hand constructed booklet with wall paper covers. Pen and ink line drawings and text. Calligraphy script.  German language. Whimsical imagery. Perhaps a birthday book.  Laid paper.  (
Sketch Book and Verses of W. Howell, 1915-1925. ..
Price: $375.00

This sketch book is inscribed "'the Grove' Theddlethorpe, 'All Saints'" (England).  This album contains 25 whimsical drawings and watercolors as well as some humorous sayings, such as: "If your lips would keep from slips, Five things observe with care; Of whom you speak, to whom you speak, And how, and when and where." Some of the illustrations are also captioned, such as the "Ruins of Bellicourt Church, France Nov 1918". Bellicourt was site of numerous intense battles during World War I.   The sketch book that contains a variety of media-pen and ink, photographs, watercolors and includes verses and writings. Each verse or drawing is signed or initialed by a different person. The leather is cover titled "Autographs", and the interior covers are marbleized. The pages are several different light colors (pink, blue, and cream).  7 1/4" x 6 1/2" . text block is detaching from cover, tape repair on first page
Annotated Sketch book for works done by Charles William Bauhan, Landscape Artist, October 1924-July 1925.
Price: $400.00

Includes eighteen (18) original works.  Most dated and several identified.   Thirteen (13) are watercolors of landscapes, gardens and exteriors of homes including Twin Doors (NJ) and the home of Professor Stone of Cornell U, built in 1751 and located in Canaan, CT.  There are also floor plans for the first and second floors of the Canaan CT home.  Also includes landscapes of Eagle Rock and Belville, NJ.  One sketch depicts phases of an eclipse as it occurred.  Also found are notes on mileage and travel time, a bit of poetry and some annotations on the content of the drawings.  It is marked Book 30, believed to be one of a series of workbooks.
Friendship Album - To Minnie Schnaitman from Geo. DeHaven, Christmas 1883.. ..
Price: $400.00

A blue velvet cover with ornate metal elements on the front cover.  Fine decorated end papers.  Hand penned dedication page with watercolor and lacquered or enameled border decoration. This page is followed by an ornate calligraphy "MS".  Five (5) additional pages with well executed watercolor and lacquered or enameled flowers birds and butterflies as page decoration.  A charming touch on the  adjacent page of  one of the of the floral borders - a trompe l'oeil lady bug.    Additional drawing depicts stippled pen and ink country home with rushing stream. Final watercolor of two roses.   Approximately a quarter of the pages have been signed and dated mostly from Philadelphia.  A few with long sentiments. Dates range from 1883-1886.  Measures 9" x 6 3/8". . Few paged separated from text block near front of album.   Light surface soiling from handling.  Edge wear on velvet cover. Wilhelmina S. "Minnie" Schnaitman (1860-1896).  First wife of John G. Steffen. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Marriage Year: 1886
Friendship Album for Mabel Cavalier with sentiments and 22 plus full page drawings, watercolors and novelties. .Forest Gate, London.1930
Price: $425.00

Hard cover album with unnumbered pages with numerous sentiments and verses written in 1930.   Additionally watercolors that include a woman skier, an interpretation of a worker in Hong Kong, a Harlequin holding a clown, a finely executed scene from nature, a fishing boat, a sports girl and much more.    Measures 6 3/4" x 8".. wear on cover
Three Autograph Albums c.1870s -1930s. .Massachusetts.c.1870s -1930s
Price: $450.00

Three autograph albums with a few hand drawn illustrations. The majority of the autographs in the albums are from 1870s and 1880s and are from towns in or around Martha's Vineyard and are  also accompanied by a note indicting if the signer was "dead" normally followed by a year. Most of the years noted are during the latter portion of the 1910s, and therefore most likely caused by World War I. The latest death note is dated 1930. The first autograph album (measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/4"), is filled to the brim with autographs and phrases. It has a cloth cover with stamped decorations and gilded edge pages. This album was owned by Ethel Lynn Beetle, the wife of Edward Roth (the owner of the third album). She lived in San Francisco and was the niece of Judge Charles H Chamberlain. Among the autographs there is a die cut advertising card for Jay Gould, and two colored hand drawn illustrations. The second album (measures 7" x 4 1/4") is a partially filled with a leather cover that has gilded and stamped decorations on it as well as gilded edged pages. While this album is the least filled, the majority of autographs come with poetry or quotes in addition to the signature. This is the only album of the bunch without the notations in regards to the death of the signer. The third and last album (measures 7 3/4" 5") also has a leather cover that has gilded and stamped decorations on it as well as gilded edged pages. This album was owned by Edward Roth, who spent the majority of his life practicing medicine in and around Martha's Vineyard. The majority of the autographs in this album date from 1883 when he departed to San Francisco and he is wished well on his travels across the continent. He practiced for several years in San Francisco before returning to New England, first to Yale, and then Martha's Vineyard. Along with the autographs there are several newspaper clippings for important family events, such as his marriage to Miss E. L. Beetle and the first birthday party of his son Edward Roth Jr. There are also 3 hand drawn illustrations as well. Along with the notes regarding the death of the signers, there are also a few denoting whether or not they were since married. To view the images please click on the following link: Previous owner indicted that these three autograph albums were compiled at Methodist Episcopal events on Martha's Vineyard during the 1870s and 1880s. All with cover wear; loose or partially detached covers.  Some soiling from handling.
1883-84 Sketch Book Diary in Graphite & Watercolor, Ashburnham, MA.
Price: $500.00

An unpaginated sketch book executed in graphite and watercolor with occasional accompanying verse or caption belonging to N. Helen Rowley, Ashburnham, MA. It depicts various views of landscape and scenery in the area. Many of the drawings are captioned or described on the reverse. Some are associated with outings and social events On pencil sketch is a depicting approaching a large home on a hill with mountains in the background.  The reverse identifies it as the Summit House, Mt. Wachusett, Princeton Mass and includes the autographs of those in attendance.  After the 1883 social season, the medium changes from graphite to watercolor. There is also the addition of appropriate quotable verses. A more formal or structured approach. After a few pages the book reverts to the more casual presentation style. One somewhat naive yet dear image depicts a woman seated on a hammock held in place by a tree and a post, while a young girl sits on a straight back chair and reads; a second woman sits in a chair sketching --perhaps a self-depiction.  Each wearing fanciful hats. Drawings of Island on Naukeag Lake, Allen Burr taking his lunch at the pic-nic in Handley Woods, Old Tree - Handley Woods, "The Ward and Mary" (named trees) Ashburnham, The Bastile at Handley Farm, Island in Secretary Lake, Mill Dam under Jewell Hill, Naukeag Club House, Frankort Hill from the Fence, Fort Winthrop - Governor�s Island and more. Measures 6" x 9 7/8".
Album of 17 Original Watercolors Done in the Same Hand. The subject: Things Floral, The Alphabet of Angela - Language of Flowers c1870s-80s. 1870s
Price: $500.00

Somewhat naive yet elegant watercolors, all with a floral or nature theme. Each is captioned in pencil. The first is captioned Preparing for Winter showing a young girl gathering sticks. There are single floral specimens, garlands and mixtures of both. Includes flowers as Inidan Azilie, Persian Tulip and Pomegranate. A bouquet in a vase is captioned The Alphabet of Angela. Of additional note are two Flower People translations from the Language of Flowers. The first is Rose and Beauty and the second is Elgantine  Poetry. Measures 8" x 6"..
Souvenir Album: Written by husband and wife Joseph and Susan Miller 1855-1860 w Watercolor drawings and punch paper bookmark love token. Thornton IA.
Price: $500.00

A brown gilt stamped album of what appears to be Jesus and "the woman at the well" on front cover and large lidded ewer on the back cover. Five full page engravings depicting somber scenes of  people and places.   The album begins with a Preface and an array of writings by Joseph including Apostrophe ot my Happiness, The Nice House Keeper, The Highland Chief, The Out-going and In-coming Year (1855-56).  This is followed by a single entry from his departing cousin in 1857.  This is followed by  the Inagural Address of the President Of the New Paris Congress. The next entry is by Susan and surrounded by a hand drawn watercolor floral wreath or eternal ring of flower.  Also includes two full page floral drawing by Susan.  In addition Susan has added little watercolor floral spray in the upper right corner of Joseph's writings.  On the Preface page she penned "Susan Miller Joseph Miller" beneath the floral display.   Interfoliata includes a pressed dried flower and a punch paper and ribbon bookmark with "Forget me not Joseph" cross stitched on the punch paper. Measures 7 3/4" x 6". Moderate wear; top and bottom portion of back strip lacking; edge wear on covers.
. Autograph Album and Sketch Book created by Employees of the Ministry of Munitions, Drawing Office, includes Women's Advancement, Fine Watercolors and Sketches - some Chinese Characters. . .Town Hall Anerley, S. E. London .1918
Price: $550.00

Town Hall Anerley, S. E. London.1918. An autograph album with sentiments and sketches created by various employees of of the Ministry of Munitions, Drawing Office.  Predominantly populated by women, as it was the type of work women did in wartime.   Includes sentiments such as "Nature, impartial in her ends, When she made Man the strongest; In justice too to make amends, Made Woman's tongue the longest". Also another titled "Woman" discussing woman's skills, etc. It also includes a hand penned "Each in His Own Tongue" originally by William Hubert Carmuth. A French and English translation on Friendship.  Also comments about working in the Drawing Office.  Also includes fine watercolors and pencil drawings. .
Friendship Album: Sketches, Watercolors, and Poetry, 1915-1916. .United Kingdom.
Price: $550.00

A friendship album from the United Kingdom full of quotes, poetry, and twenty-two (22) original artwork pieces, from 1915-1916. The covers are leather with the word 'Album' gilded onto the front cover.  The pages are gilded-edge as well. Some notably poetry in the album is the "Hey, diddle, diddle," poem by Mother Goose, and an original poem entitled "The Taxi". Below is a line from that poem: "Hark the Taxi's at the door- Tick! Tick! Tick! Every tick a little more- Tick! Tick! Tick!" The art work in the album showcases a wide variety of skill levels, and mediums, such as ink, pencil, color pencils, and watercolors. Of note is an ink drawing of a Colonel, a watercolor of a Swedish maiden in clogs on the waterfront, an ink drawing with a poem about a little naughty bear, an watercolor and pencil drawing of "A Song for Five Fingers", a watercolor of a fairy at play, a watercolor of "Little Black Sambo", and a beautiful abstract watercolor of ballerina with a colorful tutu, Also Included is even a needle and thread with the line "A stitch in time, saves nine." Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show minor wear due to age and rubbing. Bind is loose, with a few pages semi-detached. There is edge wear on the bottom of the backstrip, and the top is missing a portion. That missing section continues onto the back cover.
Hand Made Birthday Album - A Tribute to Our Grandmother on her Eightieth Birthday, January 12, 1886. from her ever affectionate Grandchildren.
Price: $600.00

Velvet covered album with handmade works demonstrating penmanship, stitchery, watercolor and pencil drawing, etc.  Each created by a different child.  Includes an Acrostic Prayer surrounded by a watercolor of the Holy Bible, Three (3) pen and ink drawings of a sail boat, a pier, a sack of flour, Charcoal of harbor scene, Three (3) watercolors of birds, nests, foliage and flower, sAn embroidered horseshoe on silk.  Measures 5" x 8".  String tie has been replaced.  Otherwise fine.
Album with Original Art and Hand Colored Lithography, musings and verse. .England. c 1830-1850s
Price: $675.00

An artist's scrap book filled with over fifty (50) pieces of original art work and hand colored lithography and other pieces.  What makes this scrap book a unique find, is the consistent fine quality of the work within. Some of the hand-colored lithography is so expertly done that it becomes hard to tell whether or not it is a lithographic print. Pieces of note are: the portrait of a young girl with ringlets, and another portrait of a man in a turban. Some beautiful landscapes of farmland (rendered in pencil), an old stone bridge (watercolor), a boldly colored butterfly  (color pencil) and bird (ink & color pencil), and  'A Pas de Deux' of crabs (ink).   Additionally includes a pith watch paper with a thistle. A finely detailed tropical bird on a rose stem with nearby butterfly adorned with dried flora. Along with artwork there are several original pieces of music and poetry. There are two pieces of music, a ballad and a round, along with their music score. The poems are both original pieces, and quotes from other notable poets of the day. Once such quote, written in beautiful calligraphy, is from the poem entitled "Woman" by Eaton Stannard Barrett. "Would Woman govern tyrants? she concedes In slight concerns, and hence in weight, leads. Opposes first, to make surrender prized, And while she gives advice, appears advised" Gilt and blind stamp leather. The pages are  gilt-edged. The majority of the book has tipped in art work that has been secured to the page by glue and/or thread. Furthermore the majority of the lithographic prints within have been hand colored, but not all. Most of the artwork is unsigned, however when it is, the initials are general the same three names, E.B., E.T., and A.C. Wigan. There is reference to the Armstrong famil as well. A letter is included with the note "To my sister Daisy Armstrong, from my mother Mrs. Armstrong".  The bulk of the material in the album dates from the 1930s. Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show some wear, and the back strip and edges are slightly damaged due to rubbing. The binding is partiallyA few interior pages are loose and/or detached. There is some glue residue on the interior pages as well, due to the original owner pasting in prints, but nothing that affects any of the artwork.